The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1930
Page 6
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f V • PAGE SIX' 1:1 BulldogsjCome Here Friday With Spotless Record BRUSHING UP SPORTS 15 y La life r FKE BIDEFEHEO! . 'aragoulcl Has High Hopes for First Victory in Mqny Years Over Old Rivals. Paragould's undefeated Bulldo;;s ill trot out on Haljy Field lemur - iw afU'rnoon at 3 o'clock detc; 1 • incd to acid another victory lo edit with the Blythcville Clilck- aws as their victims. The Chicks ' 10 have lost buiorv in their t 15 contests, have been pro.. mnced in fair shape t-.i mm 'Mr traditional opponents. Tl>.; tlldojs have well supixirted hopes ' ' a'victory over the Mnroon and Site for the first lime in many '• .irs. Or-jif, Justlrc Injurnl ?ete Craig, fullbnck and i-purli- :•; of tfiD Chicknfaw nmchinc. i knocked out in .scrbninngc •terdny but Coacli Hudson be- vcs that his reliable veteran will ready when the- whlsllr? blows, ic blou p in scrimnja(-e yc.steidav •njiorarily impaired Craig'; vLs~- 1 but tlw learn is confident thai • Mill bu in Bood shape tomorrow, •ilice. fullback of the I'ainsoulcl ' im. is reported to bo .suffering • im a stomach injury thai mny ?p him out of the? Kainc but slice played in the Osceola same .spite the injury and will hardly :.' kept on tn.; sidelines ImnoiTOtv. Luckctl to End Wilh Hall and Wiggins, wins- en, suffering from injuries the ' 'lick mentor has been forced to • owr his squad for likely wins - -aterlal and lias been using Frank uckett.' varsity guard at on? of ' ' !e end posts. Luckctt and Urne, serve end. will probably shar.? the : ' b of guarding the wings with ' ovdon. Capt. Rayder, vctcrnii -.icman, was kept out of last week's ime because of scholastic dlfficul- ' >s has been reinstated and will robably be shifted from his r ld- osition at tackle lo Luckcit's uard while Jr.ggers, Die lunvy boy -.-ho played liayder's tackle ln::t •./eek. will continue at the post. A large group of Paragoiiid fans purred on by hiRli hopes of wit- .y>Kslng a Parngoulri victory over .. .he Chickasaws • will journey here :or the game. , Bill Merriweather will referee and 'Lloyd Stickmon, Loll m ami Oilles- •jie nnd "Frank WhiUVorth will like- ly'hold down other official Jobs. '• l>robable line-ups starling • the same: Pos LE LT U,VW£ i-2 NEUER U.JOM \ A BIG-IDFCO&MI & QLOFE60N SfATe DC> ON W> OW VARO LINE NJF> s FAMOUS CM.lFORlvil\ PRO CLUB COURSE, OMaAMD, CAU IN 15 Gooo RN 0U1FORK! L [ME ... 13 BIRO.ES, 5 PARS'. in Coirs in Biff Green Machine 'onicr Chick Is Slur'With "Bama When Army Stopped.Booth Cl licks Gordon Colston Alexander LCf MAUluws C .Rayder (c) RG . Jageers RT 'Luckett or Boue RE J. T. Craig QB Short HB Burns !1B Pete Craig FB liulldu^b . McLeuiore Klnrre . Shelby V.'alkcr Oiaves Hall ici : Singlet ary Fllppin . Spencer , Justice I On The Outside Looking In By "DUKE" Jess F.berdt. veteran center, is one of jthe reasons for the Crimson | Tide's Ri-eal onciu>ivo play in Hie line. Eberdl, who weighs 195 pounds and . halls 'from Blythevillc lAvfe.i. i.s a senior and one of. the bulw;irks in Wallace Wilde's renowned forward wall. Ebcrdt is in lii>, bi-nior year as a student at the University of Alabama. Likes LaFor^c and Craij: Pat Crawford, sports writer of the Memphis Press Scimitar in com- insmlng on the playing of Ralph Vanderbllfs desp:iate efforts at a LaFcrgc, Little Rock star, also says - killing Ilium. F.l:crdl to my minri a good word for Craig- Memphis vv , as the defensive star of the has not yet lorgotten Craig's work i>^me. in the Memphis Cenlral-Blylhc- J vllle game. Here h his comnunt: "Ralph LaForge, Little Rock back, who ran roughshod over Ceiv tral Saturday, is probably the best prep, football player sc.?n :ierc i'i • surprise you — but U it doesn't roiue . some time. The only prep grlddcr \ou may be able to trace part of' who compares with him is anoth- the trouble to the fact that Coach er Arkansas, Pete Craig, fullback Henry Hudson finding liimrelf on Blythevilb High's eleven." short on has sliiflc:! The Arkansas Gazette reprinted" Frank Luckett a p.ood Riiard mil l ' Crawford's comment on LaForgc and Craig. thc opportune moments deep in Hie , ]e jenslve territory to ward off • An III Wind j Attend the rarai;niild-Iily:hi'ville • cair.i tomorrow ami keep your eyes . i;pe» for a Hulldoi: altack tiial may . Please Don't Ask Whs- Some of the feu- readers of this column may be surprised In Hie predictions maiie below to find thai the writer ha> picked the Llttl: Rock Tigers lo defeat a team that beat 'Pine Bluff, 50 to 12. Without taking any glory au-ay from Fordyce, the writer believes that the . Tigert will win the buttle between the two teams. The elevens .undoubtedly represent the pick of wreck prediction Arkansas prep circles unless Cam- >hi: werk-eud one. of the ends. Liukell li net can tackle nnd will be a hard uun Ic circle. The Chicks have biH'M weaker on the wings Ihis year than (, r many $r-i\«nns. llere : s hO]i::ip L;ickctt may prove n real find Thr i:tiil-U|i disaviiniiifairiil nf five years nf cU-friil nill \ K tuck c-l' the nnlltloss, fn;nUnK Ihrin on • in a rtc^fcr.-Ur effnrt tn beat llu- ChicVas,1\\s hrrr Ininorrou-. Tough Ra:r,i-.s ai:d esji^rial'.y ; these, of a '.yju th:i; arc* hkeiy lo ate. en lap In;- C' den throws a monkey wrench into Carnegie Tccl-.-S. Y U.. Clucak:o- tlie race later on. The game will Princeton L. K V -Arkansas Trim be played In Little Rock. The Tig- Clcmson ard Yalp-lXirtnui'.nh ar..- ers will be pointed for th; Red fomc of ilio many :c,'.--u;>,. To r -s Bugs and the breaks — well our your coins and -,:-,.iy the lucky mar. hunch is simply that the Tigers ' win. Here is p.:; l:-!e-up «;':h ml \vill cop. Fordycc won last by one touchdown. Praises Blj-thev-llle Boy Herman J. Stegeman, member of the National Football Rules Committee and Georgia scout at the Vinterbtlt ; Alabama game last Saturday, has a word of praise for Jess Eberdt, Blytheville boy and varsity center of the Crimson Tide. ' Mary. Stegc-man writes as follows: ArkiHi.-as ; 0 i,..u i, h ."Dropping Eberdt out of the Fordham 10 brat \Ve.s- line to a breaker-up position with year a result guaranteed • Biytlicvllle to bi.r p.i:-.«i;n-.;::l Jonesboro 'o b:-:u NCV-IMI:: Little ncc'K to seal fVvrivi.- Georgia lo beat F>.-ula. Dartmouth to !x.i! Vaie. Alabama to b-'a: Kentm-kv. Tenneiiee to boa; !'l:ir.Mi:i. Tulnnc to beat M : .,« Avgirs Harvard to ben! \Viil-.ain Tl:(«c Courier NCI.--N!- \ : 1 .v crnwri th.-.t il'.i- 1 .': ; Nrw Haven. Ccr.r.. ',-.r.;•,:-.- "iirnpse c.' the little V.-.:, ,, in the second qv-ir'.n- in: - : pa^s on his 5-yjrd lir.c- .1: :'• t!;r Arniy grid^tcr-: i'.f -. •• aril in the center n:,!i:n i is seen bein? liflt'.'i fio:n :? tl;e lower plc'.ure hr i^ ••] stietclicr. He was runfiEiui Ynlc, withcut li!s aid. iu T p:c:in-rx teil the ?::i-> ii'.' r.-ln .u the V.Vir-.\r ;: . v •• A!'-n> Booth. f.oi <•.;]!>• i .':iv - '.: n; nation. En'.; x ;:r - nmr. Booth intcH-r;i-ac : . : .-'•.,:".[! al r.^c top rhow.-. s ! ;:s:n :iv :. :\:\\\ His lirsl play v-.a? !i;s :."ii'.!'ss [orm of tho th:r.ln;L::vi- • :l,iy .iv.):ind by his te.un-m.itrv '"•ir.- tarried from the (:rl:l i:'. Valf ir.nrniai}' by r, i: ::•.;. In a bitterly (ought ~,.:v-~ • and Chicago to - Cain as a defensive mate Wade Colgate to beat bra; PriiKMou. was able to ignore Vanderbilt's ef- /or1« at carrying tho ball. Van derbllt's failure to provide any son of counter line attack vindicated Wade's judgment. And be- : Jore it eicapes my mind,' it wa3 I this tame Ebtrdt that bobbed up at I S sippi C'o'.:e.:c noli lo bcft 'i:nkc to heat \Vs.-'.iinp,to:i I" Purdue to beat Il^r.cis! Kansat Aggies to l-:.« Mixsou: Northwestern to best Mmr.eso Notre Dame to I ••<,• Indiana Wisconsin to beat Ohio State, Penn to beat Kansas. 5 N5. U. to beat Texas. Army to beat North D.ik, V.inderblH to beat Ole ^ California to beat Mont- Auburn to beat Fclfur.-l H.U'S ASSritKS l;\-\( inns SAKASAC LAKE. N V. .!•]•- F'.il:ents .U the $l.fKlD.t>i,> Nrc; :: .,| The rst salary appropnaud i : . , 1:K1 the office of President of tl-.r Un- mre ilcd States WHS $25,000 a year. Tl-.a: Hays said the moving plcturf -,;i- was the amount Gco;ge W^>h-/.ic- ,-iuv.r yls behind the rnovcmeiv. 10 •ty Artists' saiiitai". 111:1 ] lo \sorry abon; Dir !i i::ii!dir,R. \\hicii Ijy -,[!;, before it wa.v o;>nir ner. Will H. Hnyj. n-.o;; magnate toW them TODEFEITWIE, Rig Green Team wild Wealth _of Backs Has Bi(j Jobs I his Work and Next 11V U'll.MA.M Nl-]i\ Scrru-e Tr^sis Kilitur Daitinotith was lo:n:i:rd. Hie •:;d lia'i it. by a v.i'll-iuraniiiEj man iiiiiiu-.l Elcnw-r Whec-lrc:-k. v,-r;o hfiiii'ht (lie lite frr t!'.i-. university ;u l!:i:iovo!' f M. 11.. trtur. the Inrii- an- for n r.cnsldi-uitL.-|i (OMSislitiy ..: . r jiW t>ari :Ls of nun. 1'i-iliaps tlie lilhioriuns arc \vron-; il,Mi! tlinl. liowi'vt-! 1 It is barely lr 1 itiat Klea/.!-] 1 \Vhetlcock t!'. • Indllins. :nslr-a<i, of '500 .- "f nun. Wi choice half:k', ol a triple ilm-.u variety. A: anv rr:te. jioji" cf [lie rum left at lf:ino\cr iiuv. 1 . L am told. icrun uuod hitlf backs am, .so :11111011 there that n is a distlnc- ti to be a ."•If-K-.'-ix'ctliils tackle aufcrd •<'< Dartinuulli. Coach i--sun Caiinell lias an uiicmploy- •.• lit |)rob...'iii en his hands iiincng :!iv lialTbaik; rivaling Hial of the :<.iiiUry':i iniltistriul centers. ')'h»> •;• IIL-!'. at Uartinouth is s>i (till of i-tcnt halfb.icks, it is said. t!u' llneiiu-n who do all ih.' m::«. sit on i!ie ^rouiind. rt:i:(-'.i:h's mos; linparlniu . .i.'lL'i 1 Yale and Cornell have 'disp-sed ol. will b? played, at Alto, with 1'0|! Warner's Car- 'Dartiiionth. l:owcv,?r. will be .M.iinst Shinlord, N'ov. 29. The :-i].-iiomary desire lo beat Yale and cv,:ne:i lias paled beside the wish ;•.- :np Pep's big boys. lucidf-nially llw journey from N..-.V llaiupsliii'P to California will Si: the Icngcst tnterscclional -jaunt '• ihe season. 1 a=t >e:n Daitniouth hoped .,ix-,i... nli to bent Yale. The Big Own tram pinned its failh in Al :•'' s inrgcly and '.he defeat at ^IJJ is keenly f-:lt. ' '." >ei,r, however. Yale is «e-:Vj A - ed upon as just another '- iki And instead of a "oilman j *.j Uaruunutl! is now repre- i •'»[» by a team that comprises \\\fl iliversificd latent. :rv now and tlien you sec a ::i'\v i:ame in the Dartmouth linc- ,:p. Investisntion rcycals lhat.'the | j;.;. playet liar, been showing ids \rares • fl)| ";hc third or forlh .learn andljlj; •r.'ii promoted. Thus, v.-hcn • " - with Columbia. Donner became other 01 ilie first string ball car-• >.V| riers. I|fn! Chirk and Frirjarri, among the >.;< leartimj halfbacks, have t.-^en out | for r.ome lime with injuries, but the ilestliiy of the Green Monn- ilain boys uiffered not at all thjve- iby. In'their places romped Mor- 'ton McCall. Woilf. Dinner. Wilkin, > v , 'Tocthaker. Porter, Sutton. Lcc and M, Smart. ' I'M Then- ar.-! so many replacements j .iS- up from the reserves, ac- Ifjj cording lo strrles coming out of ;-.; v Hanover, ilia', before the season is f|V 1 ov.?r. half a duzen, new names may ;j[|J| replace, or be added to. the list of | ,>J.> hult'backi as per above. I Til : Jaitk.-on Canncll, who presides j IJJ 'over all there halfbacks, and sun- ,|JS; j dry linemen am! ends here and 1U Ihere such as Captain Hal Andres, AJJ. Bombtrg oud others, mute the trl P|Y;» to Palo Alto laH year with tlic il!4' 'Army learn. He has jchcjled li»!'>!J; in the tomfoolery ol the War-1 A I uer system, and nil those halfbacks ( kj: jiiuO linemen are wiiil to see some- : .*•*-; ' body try ll on Itlfm - ''fit There is so much talk of beal- ..f|j in? Stanford that, it Glenn. Sco-j.;,;. -.'>• Warner could near it. lie sure- .'M •y wcuUi feel proud of the honor pj i .. Jonesboro Sunday j>---' '• For 'rournanieut | ^ • Golfers o! the lilyllievillc couu-j;J|j; • try club and the Jonesboro country i ;>* v ' •club will seek a final settlement ot I'M' : honors for the year when the local i(M !niash!e wiel'ders journey lo Jones-| ;>» ^boro Sunday. jM ! The first Inter-club tournament j ilj), j was played at Jonesbaro in the w- ! spring a'nd resulted In a decisive IJW. -,. i victory (or the Cralghead eapiul | $$ golf tcnm. Later in the summer.; 2*5: "' ' the Jonesboro golfers played ever i l[J, a '.the lilytheville course and were ds- pJ.J- the vr.-,:!ie] tented by a one-sided score. i jjv » !o;-.i. v;c j i For tile, first time tills season the i M -•j- : Blythcvil!c golfers were successful -M; . , ^011 the road when they defeated • A - ''"ithe Charleston. Mo., golfers '"•'' ; Charleston. Oct. 19. The local pa: 111 chasers believe that thsy have over- M a' come the " Jinx" t^ial ha? JiJ ii•. 'trailed them all season and thatj^;.> they will defeat, the Jonesboro team ; si Jonesboro. On their home course , " the Blytheville golfers have a spot- |\ < less record. • - E\-crett n. dec of the Blytheville club is anxious to have a big group } make the tilp Sunday in an ef- , (ort to wrest victory over the Jonc boro fairways. I Football: Paragould us Blytheville I Friday, Oct. 31st M> S&" ''vi ; 6 d^iSalftlk',;/. 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