The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1939 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1939
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1939 BLYTHEVILLE, (AttK.) COURIER NEWS "Bob" For Prey Submarines Their Bi £7 HCA. Service WASHINGTON, Sept. 25. — The first few weeks of the war iibroad proved the submnnne Ihe m:sl potent weapon In naval operations. because of Its comparatively smn |j size. It, Is easily mnnneeable.- because of its deslrucilve torpedoes, It ean sink a large vessel Ijefcie the, victimized cnplaln is aware of nn enemy craft in [he vicinity. A submarine moves slowly ^1 15 to n miles nn hour on Ihe surface, one. to 10 miles submevgi'il. fus value lies in Us ability to maneuver and remain hidden until its proy is in striking distance. linking ami lowering the periscope, the sub "bobs" for its victim, until ihc torpedo is driven home. The U-boat, is propelled by Iwo powerful Diesel engines, which nlso generate electricity for .storage batteries to rim electric motors for underwater travel. Most, underwater craft can remain beneath the surface IS hours wilhcul drawing on reserve, oxygen. Normally, they seldom stay down longer than two or three hours nt a stretch. In the more recent, lype.s, reserve oxygen will keep the "crew alive up to C5 hours. Submarines are built from 250 tons to 2500 tons, costing from about $2,000.000 to $0.000,000. Most popular are 250, 500 and 750- ton boats. CAN RANGE FAft FROM BASH The 750-ton craft can cruise as far as 3150 miles from its base of supply. The 500-ton submarine has n cruising radius of 2500 miles and the small boat Is used only for .coastal operations. Most, of Germany's success is fiUribulcd lo 500-ton and 750-t-n •craft, although larger models are In service. The United States navy built [\ few \uiderwatcr boats of 2300 tons; but navy experts said the best type is between 1300 and 1500 tons. A 750-ton cratt is jibsut 230 feet long. It is 13 feet wide and 20 feet high. The 500-ton model is about 200 feel long, 13 feet wide and 20 feel high; an d the coastal boat, about 130 feel, in length, 12 feet in width and 13 feet in height. Mest of the ship is filled with engines, torpedo lube;;, instni- • nienls, safety devices and oxygen nrffi- water ballast tanks. The crews of 25 to 50 incn live where t{iey can be crowded in. Usually five or six officers arc aboard. The men sleep in shifts in bunks in the maze cf valves and levers. They eat where they can find a place. A submarine commander usually has n good Iden wliere he will fine! prey through a co-ordinated system of wireless reports, aerial reconnaissance and use cf sound detectors. In some submarines ihere are as many as three periscopes in enable officers lo wntch more tliari one ship. With the periscope four feel alrve the water Ihe commander can sight PAGE NINE Hunters Drill Dogs As Quail Season Ncars rt, On. <UI')— Tin: stri- of (jointers , lm | full Diagrammed photograph showin how submarines are constructed. a ship 1.3 miles away. If the ship has a 100 foot, must, it can lie sighted as far as 13.8 miles away. This range increases as the periscope is raised, ff the periscope Is ID feet above the .surface, the range is more than 15 miles. In war, when a vessel is sighlcd, the skipper shculs orders to submerge. A siren Is sounded, hatches closed and ballast, tank valves opened. Commands are relayed by electric light signals. The commander "bobs" his periscope up and do'.ui, never more than fcur feet, above the waves. The "bobbing" cuts down the slender chance that the sub will be sighlcd before the commander wishes, If Use vessel is an enemy, the torpedo is fired. At, close range, they seldom miss. Each 1 - shot ccsts about $8000. The torpedo is propelled ihrough Ihe walcr by n turbine and has a rudder which will guide it in an arc of at least 90 degrees. Thus, a torpedo may be. fired from ; a .submarine lying parallel t<» its .victim. . . . - x . Torpedoes usually arc loaded with T. N. T. or cordite, set to explode after the torpedo has drilled a hole into the boat, not on first contact. Torpedoes can travel live or six miles. The 750-ton submarine mounts six 21-inch torpedo lubes, lour in the nose and two in the tail. The 5CO-(onncr has five tubes, four in front'and one aft; and the coastal boat, carries three t.ubcs, two in front mid cue in back. E.icli submarine is supplied with ill-lit Ijnrlt sidc.s llmmgliotic liix'li' thesi) iX lor In n few weeks (]iia!l !i))llii!{ .season will lie open Wise 1111111111* I'Miccllnir die from llii'Ji- iiu'Oilte bird' dons are ., „ Diem into condition vj when liio turns l,c x m firing spurts- men <Mii lollmv a lively, Jitird- -. brnci' liisiciul ol lust a couplo of ..o(|. | ai . v ,,|| lt , s Workouts umv ,,,,1,,,. ,„, (lfMo whether huntsmen 1 :; ilo^;; will Uiul fjtime or -just imiu." Uke llnhlors irackmrii anil foctball players' ,lic.«> rtoas must I),, ki'pl in iHHul I romlHIim, else utter nn hum's run I they will lie exhausted mid luuv no desire (o p:lm u covey. Dinlui; the Miminer. (lie doi"j Have Illlli. to o<). As ro.sull, they put on I'xi'i'ss weliihl- mill I heir muscle:-, Iji'iMmi. sutler. They huvc luul IID eciinmiiul!', lo :ur;wei- anil REAL COFFEE - ALWAYS FRESH BUY A PKG. TODAY arc still largely inulcpeiidablc. Airplanes can find an underwater boat only if the sea is not too murky, if the weather is clear and if (he rnys of Ihe sun arc not refracted at deceiving angles. Befcre the war, the British maintained they had perfected a device for locating a submarine miles away; bill if it, has been used during the past few weeks, it has been nolnbly unsuccessful. about three torpedoes for every tube. Submarines carry one or livo :i or ,( inch deck guns. Guns are sealed when Ihe under. Methods of dctectin China Sets Up Cultural Units To Curb Japan CHUNKING (UP) — Gen. Ku Chu-tiing, commander of Kiangsu and Chekiang and parts of Anhwei and Ginngsl, has formed an organization of economic and cultural committees to combat Japanese plans to finance the China cam- iWgn by utilizing the resources of ;he occupied areas, il was revealed ,ieie. Financiers. reconstruction executives and educators arc serving on the committees. Chinese reports said. The economic group is mapping owl plans to Increase agricultural production, store foodstuffs and clothing and heighten the efficiency ' submarines of transportation as well as to pur . beat ducks chase and control economic resources cf the war areas, '['he committee also will readjust currency, promote trade nful develop light Industries. Dudes of the cultural committees will be to edit and publish reading material and to open and maintain schools. The commitlees, Chinese qimi- ters said, will be under'the direct supervision of the war nrea party and Political Affairs Commission cf which Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek is the chairman and General U Chal-sun is deputy chairman. nt first are likely lo obey. lo be reluctant working 1 i)n> short- mid IOIIK- hnlred ranliies (xic-k Into hmitln<> comlltk'i), tnilneis stnrl out g m {. Hnlly, ijlvliif! (hem n half-hour's nmiimi; the first iiflernooti, HP usi'.s- Ills whistle until the ilo;j» iiK.'iln have leiuwd Ihe signals, nml In holding- them steady to iliiJol, they iisiiully use a p| s wl r>r Mimll-t'nlllwr rllle rather tluni n >ooi»lnn I'YiMii IKW un, inch (l»y will finit tin.' (miners G.'tllOplii£ aslrlde n Jiersc Ix.'hmil MIC; t |() B .| mill crniliinlly '(WHKlnit liielr course, Mtttijr Buy thnL training Hit! doijs us intidi snort in limiting vv |tu icni, They develop keen imder- stmidlns;:! with thi'lr doss und know •wily what lo expect, ol thorn. Then with season cijenlnjj, they are sure of more shots at game ruul fewer spoiled shots. An em- clciit, obedient bird dog seldom Hushes quail. Driving IRisfcr In I2vcn!nc ST. LOUIS tUW-Most nioto'rlsUi drive foslur going home from work than they do going to W k, ae- corOiiiB to Police Chief John if Olassco. He made the observation lifter reporting that during one mcnlh su ix:r cent of arreste for spewing were made during the nftfrnoon rush hours and only jj per cent were made durliv the morning. During June, 1039, I(i4,578 revenue passengers wove Ilown by the 11 scheduled iilrlincs In the United fitiites. Tills h nn Increase of 04 2j per cent, over .lime, IQ38, To ST. LOUIS KANSAS CITY & CHICAGO on iho Frisco's populof daylight Iraln "The SunnyUd " .arriving St, Louis 3:55 pm.., air-conditioned coaches tho "Snacli" car serving llio meals willi budgcl appeal,,, Coniiecririg Service to Kansas City Mlnourl Podflt Lv. Si. Louis 4:1 Opm Ar, Kansas uly.. . 9 ; 30 pm Connecting Service to Chicago Allan Lv. St. Louis 4:30 pm Ar. CMcago 9:25 pm Watxilh 4i05 pm 9:30 pm WotwiA 4:25 pm 9:35 pm FRISCO LINES '", Pot Hckeli and Information call the FRISCO TICKET AGENT «• laid a Flock of Millions Read Courier News Want Ads. ALFALFA SEED FOR SALE We have on hand n supply of New €rnji alfalfa sceil for sale. u. S. VcrllliMl and -.1)1- lirovcd tor A.A..V. payment in North C'c-nlral District. L. R. Matthews Gin Co I'liotie ll-T-2 Vartiro t'ost Office, Rlytliurillc, Arlt. home for refreshes That day of rest at home is a welcome pause from hurry and worry. Make it perfect with icc-coid bottles of Coca-Cola for the pause lhat refreshes. Put the hrnvdy six-bottle carton oa your shopping list. COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Phonc • <5(iR BlythcvlUc. Ark Von couldn't set out lo lop llie fielii, focusing on how niiich yon could put in rallicr ihiin (ukc out-and with accnstoincil equipment keep costs clown. Yon conitln't iiiicro-b.iliincc engines, licavy-up frames .and rminiiijj (Jciir, strengthen hoilies, enrich upholstery .UK! fillings, improve pcrformimcc, heller the value per inch, per pound and per tlollar-and do i( with l:is( year's methods. liniek line for 1910. W,», c ask. wlial id \ve >>el for it? Kntlier :lo yntt r;e(? I.iston. Yon i<el n hi^ ocnnlifiil hr.nvny cur slyled to knock your eye "out-the hishion p:illerii for (hem nil ntvvl year, jtisl look around and see. You jjct :i car that positively flitters in ils brilli-.uicc of action, modern us television in tlie wondrous way it things. You jjet n murvclously engineered ehussis, keeled like a hntlleship with • its torque-lube backbone. You get for your command that surging, soaring, niillr.icc power of Iho matchless Dynullush engine, now electrie-.illy balanced after assembly lo micnipoised perfection! Von get 72 new features, and more. Yon get pride, jo}', satisfaction and thrill -for here you get Ruick nt ils iiiilientiiblc best. LANGSTON-WROTEN CD.

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