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Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota • Page 10

Star Tribunei
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Fund Pleas Heard by High Court, Transit Company Contends New York Deposits Are Exempt. City Seeks Authority to Demand Facts of Hidden Accounts. The state supreme court yesterday heard arguments in the appeal of the Twin City Rapid Transit company from of the Hennepin county disthe order trict court directing the company to produce for the inspection city officials certain of its records of financial transactions. Simpson Appears for Company. Arguing for the company, Judge David F.

Simpson, maintained that the street car control law does not give power to city officials to carry on an inquisition or to compel corporations to disclose business transactions which have no relation to rate valuation hearings. The city mandamus proceedings in an have disclosed the started, disposition of $227,000 of the street car company's funds deposited in a New York bank. It is not within the province of the Minneapolis city attorney to examine personal records of the company, Judge Simpson said. Inspection of Book Denied. After the company submitted the proper records, Judge Simpson said, Mr.

Cronin demanded an inspection of the minute book of the street car company, and subsequent a refusal the city official applied to the district court of Minneapolis for an order compelling the defendant to submit all records. This, he said, is contrary to the intents of the state law, and he reiterated that personal transactions of the street car company have no bearing on the cost of operation or valuation fig. ures. He also argued that the requests for the list of stockholders and their addresses was not within the bounds of the city's jurisdiction and that this matter also is not relative to the question of rate investigation. "The city has no right to ask its stockholders what they did with their money," Judge Simpson said.

"This is essentially what they are doing when they ask the company to disclose what distribution was made of the $227,000 in question." Declares Lower Court Erred. Judge Simpson confined his opening remarks to an explanation of the law, and how it applies to this case. He pointed out various sections of the law to the court and said the lower court erred in ordering a writ of damus ordering the stockholders to disclose their private affairs. Court convened at 9:30 o'clock and the counsel for the streetcar company were the first to argue. Neil M.

Cronin, city attorney, and William H. Morse, and R. S. Wiggin, assistants, represented the city of Minneapolis. Judge Simpson was assisted by W.

D. Dwyer of Minneapolis as counsel for the Twin City Rapid Transit company. Mr. Cronin in his argument contended that the expenditure of the $227,000 in question is as material as any expendi00 ture of the street car company, and as such should be submitted for inspection by the city officials. He challenged Judge Simpson's statement that the street car control law does not give the power of this investigation, and read from the law where a commission or council can order the submission for inspection all records, refuse to submit this particular transaction it can likewise refuse to explain any expenditures of the company and designate which expenditures are terial or which expenditures are tive," Mr.

Cronin said. He pointed out that without the knowledge of this penditure, it is impossible to arrive at any accurate conclusion as to the costs of operation and maintenance of the Twin City Rapid Transit company. The supreme court, after arguments, took the matter under advisement. books and the accounts of the company. Taken Under Advisement.

"It the street railway company can Little Falls Bank Fire Causes Damage of $12,000 Little Falls, Dec. discovered at 1 a. m. today in the ment of the Commercial State here caused a loss of $12,000 and for a while threatened adjoining buildings in the center of the business district. The cause of the fire has not been determined.

Awakened by smoke while sleeping on the second floor of the bank building, several occupants fled to the street in. their night clothes and immediately turned in the alarm. Strenuous efforts of the fire fighters prevented the flames from spreading to buildings. Recount Cuts Majority to Four. Hastings, Dec.

tion of the recount of votes cast at the last election for Dakota county coroner yesterday showed Otto Englebert in the lead over Dr. George Ernest of South St. Paul by four votes. Englebert previously had been chosen as the successful candidate with a majority of 14 votes, but the recount was requested by Dr. Ernest.

Washington County Pioneer Dies. Hastings, Dec. Fred Gor. gus, 70 years old, pioneer resident of Washington county, died last night at his home here. Funeral services will be held at the St.

John's church at 230 o'clock Saturday, RUFF BROS. GROCERY 2700 LYNDALE South.oks. 729 WEST BROAD'Y Cherry-5638 Hy-3924 Hy. 5364 Old Time Mixed Candy, 15c Fancy Chocolate Creams, 5-lh. box New Mixed Nuts, 3 .580 Brazils and Filberts, 2 35e Almonds and Walnuts, 2 lbs.

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Washington, Dec, old fiction about Jesse James being a kindly. hearted who preyed only the desperado, officially shattered today by Representative Walter H. Newton of Minneapolis, by citing the to most stirring incidents in the early history of Minnesota. Mr. Newton's interjection in the interest of historical accuracy came durring a hearing before the House interstate and foreign commerce committee, of which he is a member, on bill to make partial return to alien enemies of property seized during the war.

Col. Thomas W. Miller, alien Archbishop Dowling Gives Indorsement of Christmas Seals and Urges Big Sale Archbishop Austin Dowling gave public endorsement yesterday to the Christmas Seal sale, urging universal buying of the "health stamps" as a means of building up the public health. "There is no more worthy cause than that for which the Christmas Seals stand and plead," Archbishop Dowling declared. "It is quite conceivable that being dian erty custodian, was under examination by Representatives Hawes of Missouri in regarding the policy of the government tary in seizing holding German prophis questions.

Hawes in sarcastic erty. Becoming, somewhat in likened the United States to Robin Hood and Jesse James who, he said he had read, robbed only the rich. Here Representative Newton Interrupted to say that when Jesse James came into Minnesota on the occasion of the Northfield raid he was no respector of persons, his chief victim ing a low man in the Northfield bank who was shot down in cold blood, leaving a dependant family in want. through private philanthropy or public taxation a very much larger sum than that which their sale produces would be raised each year to fight the ravages of the White Plague and to bring the message of healing and relief that is inseparably associated with the kindly symbol of the double barred red cross. "The larger the sale of Christmas Seals in our community, the more convincing the evidence we give of our intelligent comprehension of the value of health as the largest element in all the sanities that make a nation strong and wise." Physicians recommend King's because they have all the healthful qualities of selected fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Borah about recently brought revocation of the action taken mer by the Senate in passing the Bursum bill recognize the titles of all persons who for the past 10 held possession of lands not exceeding 160 acres within the exterior aries of any Pueblo grant in New Mexico. Secretary Fall in his letter to Senator Borah referred "the clamor the most excellent ladies and gentlemen who are besieging you and appeals for protection of their these Indians and the denunciation of the officials having in charge Indian Donaldsons Main 4140 For the Christmas Dinner Turkeys, 48c Extra Fancy Delicious Apples, BAKERY DEPT. box $3.55 Christmas Fruit Cake, California Sweet Navel Oranges. Christmas Plum Pudding, Jumbo size, dozen lb. The Famous Atwood Grapefruit.

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