The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, February 23, 1931
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Served by the United Press BIXTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI H^^ L^^JSJjUJS^y-• I •' 1 y '" VOL. XXVII—NO. 291 Blythevlll* Courier, B^thevllle Daily News, ElythevlUe Herald. Mississippi Valley Leader. A1!KANSAS, MONDAY, FUHKUAKY 215, J!W1 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS . MUSCLE HELP HILL STOP HERE British Rulers Well, Thank You End of Month Will See End of Free Foocl for Drouth Victims. been unable as yet to make credit arrangements, and those in touch with the local situation say thai March 1 will find hundreds of fam- i Hies in the Chickasawta district un.- provided for. Normal sources of • fcaye been sharply curtailed as a result of reduced bank deposits and.the general scarcity cf mon- ••ey In this territory, anct hoped for help through federal loans and state aid to agricultural credit cor- - Derations has not yet materialized. Federal feed and seed loans, the only form of government help now available, have not been regarded by farmers of this county as a solution of their problem. Less than 100 applications for such loans have been made in the Chlckasawba district, and borrowers whose applications have been approved received less than $5,000. " Nearly 2,000 four-pound packages of garden seed, designed to help those who have been dependent upon the Red Cross for food to provide for themselves, are on their way to Biytheville and will be distributed through the Red Cross as soon as they arrive. With the seed will be given orders for seed potatoes, onion sets and cabbage plants. To make certain that the seed will be put to good use the local chapter of the Red Cross has decided to Issue it only to those who can present evidence that they have been granted the use of a plot of ground sufficient for a good sized family garden. Share-croppers and others who have no land of their own must obtain signed statements from their landlords that they have been given at least. 10.000 square feet, approximately a quarter of an %, acre, for a garden. Peruvian Government Moves Against Rebels •WMA Ppru.'Feb. %( (UP)—The government's military, movement against the rebel i;nrilsoii at An." quipa continued satisfactorily to- aiiy the minister of tlic interior announced. The eencrul polUicul- i evolutionary siliiii'.lon Imwlvlug the olTuiife »' loyul hoops against ;«iraF southern insurgents hi<s not chiuig- I «i • c , i / f x r\nn r\r\i\ ed l::il •events" may be expected 1 nation 01 ' 10(J,UUK,UUl; ' :" : | nt Arcqulpii. Ihe communique said. Red Cross aid for drouth sufferers in the Chlckasawba district of Mississippi county will end this week. It is Indicated. C. R. Babcock, chairman of the disaster relief committee of the local chapter of (he American Red Cross, announced this morning the receipt of Instructions from R. H. Zlehm, Red Cross field representative, that no food or supplies of any kind other than garden seed be issued for use after March 1. As a result of this order Red Cross food requisitions throughout the Chlckasawba district were immediately reduced from a two weeks supply to sufficient for one j week, and will be further reduced as the end of the month approaches. Alt work on public projects by Red Cross beneficiaries has been ordered stopped. Credit Not Available Whether any help of any kind will be available from the Red Cross after March 1 in this county remains uncertain. State headquarters of the organization has taken the position that after y<irch 1 credit for farm operations should be available to enable those who expect to make a crop this year to go to work and take care of themselves. Many farmers, however, have Appearing in the best of health, King George and Queen Mery Into Gigantic Social Laboratory NOTE: FollctvluK Is tils first at u srritt) of stork's nil the "human" aspects uf Soviet RuisLi lcil:iy. On .the bntis of three ji-ars as a newspaperman nnd nn liiUr- w.lcil spiirtatur In Moscow and Ell the great iirmludnj! rfgiims cf Russia KuRene Lyons has written a story which will bring to the avrr.isc rrrulcr thc life of n.n nv er.iRi- citizen of the communist tlale. ,11 is ;i story stripped of the WESTERN PENITENTIARY! comiiicxiius of statistics, political ROOKVIEW, Pa., Feb. 23 IUP>— i propaganda, chargi-s and countrr- Tlie brief criminal career of Irene charges. It h a story of what Ihc Schrocder and Glenn Hague ended «'cmmunlsl believes l.cnlni-m linn lodav when they, wero electro-; <!"<>e 'or him, of the meaning of cuted in thc half light of dawn. 1 " woiklmr communist government The statD of Pennsylvania claim-j 1" Russians anrt of what II may CM! their lives for thc murder ofl '— - "" - ' "" "—•''' Corporal Brady Paul of the state j highway patrol. Promptly at 7 A.I HY EUGENE LYONS Standard Oil Tanker Aids Crippled Schooner EUREKA, CnK, I'cb. 23 (UP) — The Standard Oil tanker El Zgundo messaged shortly nfli>r noon lo- day It \vns standing by the Mune- U'on lumber schooner which scut out' distress ci\l!s uftcr 'it losts Us propeller and wiis bufluted-,by high sens. The El Keimdo was putting a line aboard the distressed vessel. It rciHiii'd. The position of the Mnii'Ecoii wns about 10 miles .south of here mid 21 miles oir shore. Mdlm is Dead Irene Schroecler and Glenn j : Die in Pennsyl-i Prison., I P05IBFFICE HERE Blylhcvillc Government Building Will-Be of Brick With Stone Trim. In <he rest of the wnrld. England arc shown above in a recent portrait made in their private apartments at historic Windsor Castle. Court physicians have reported that the, physical condition of King George, who has been M. Mrs. Schroeder was led down! United Press: Staff Correspondent thc corridor from the death cell, I MOSCOW, Pel). 23. tOP)—I have i:asECd through the gicen door of: teen In the soviet union during the executing room and was elec- three years, crucial and perhap:; troculcd at 1:05 A. M. . [decisive in the story of thc Rus- Daguc was electrocuted eighti s ' an revolution. As a newspaperman minutes Jater. iu. W ns my business to watch the It was thc first time a woman | cx citing scene with the utmost at- cver had bc-cn elcclroculed in the . tcntkui; as a human being I was absorbed in watching it quite aside from professional duty. Certainly history lias rarely serv- I ed up such on interesting and often | bewildering spectacle. One-sixth o! ' the earth's habitable surface- has been fenced off economically and the vest of the ias been hermetically Russian windows In thc wintertime—against all outslda influences and turned Into a col- state of P?i:n3ylvanla. t yc.irs ago a woman was lianged. urnr culturally in™ Hr nr• »'° rlt! - "• h|L ' ! ULIIL scalcd-llke Ri •WASHINGTON. Feb. 23 (Special) —The new Blylhevllle iwstoffice will be n basement nnd one story building, Ihc treasury announced today. It will linvo a ground area of approximately 5BOO square fftt. Brick-faced, it will be trimmed in stone and will be of fireproof, construction. The building will be used as a postoflice only. Blythevllle is Given $95,000 In the second deficiency bill for thc acquisition of a site nnd cohstruc- tion of a building. It was pointed oiit that Blythe- vllle docs not rank lilijli in iwr capita postal receipts. With the average for Ihe co'.mlry about $5 Blythevllle has postal receipts ol npproximafcly S3.10 per capita With a 1930 population of 10,098 V had postal receipts of $37,MO foi that year. eflJiLUIlL " is" subject to pulmonary afflictions In recent years, has been unaffected! by the ravages of a. severe winter In England. Both have been eagerly j following/the progress of their sons, the Prince of Wales'.and Prince Georee, now on a good-will tour-through Latin America.- .»-|ni> -»• i • i «- -ff- i ....«-. auiuciiuca uuu tunrcu - '---•' -• - : ." : ___ ! I [an Advanced to hstabllSh losal social laboratory. Proof for Uniform De- Ils ™- m - m »^- lta rasl FflCE FILIBUSTER Sebastian County Representative Talks All Morning Against Bill. LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 23. (UP)— An attempt to filibuster by opponents of the Wilson bill to lew and collect a 2-10 mill tax on all real and personal property in the .'.tate for maintaining and improving the Henderson State Teachers college at Arkadelphia occupied Inree p n rtl^n of the morning session of the house. The 'bill was called for consideration lost Friday and debate was interrupted by adjournment. Representative Henry Kaufman. Sebastian county, held the floor at time of adjournment Friday ant •under the rules resumed debit" Los Angeles Flying from j Canal Zone to Cuba; ius and accumulated traditions, ev lerything and everybody have beer. - fcnse to Tax Suits. , The regular ~i*br~unry term of'cast 1"'° "« crucibles of an 1m- WASHINGTO.N, Feb. 23 (UP)— 1 c ] lancery cout t opened here this mensc unprecedented experiment— The dirigible Los Angeles onroute ' n\o-nln a with Chancellor J. M.. tt v;ord communists dislike ns ap- from Panama to Gauntanamo Bay,. puiVell "of Paragould on thc bench. 'P"«l to their revolution. It iinplles !ub», passed Point Moraut, Jam-i The nl0 rnln" Cession was devoted tne possibility of failure and they aica, at 7:47 A. M., the navy dc-|, 0 routlne business of the court. "P not admit such a possibility. Marjorie Owen, 14, Victim Same Nellie Melbu. whose voice larnied roynl monarchs and other overs of grand opera for nearly 40 ears, died todny nt 'Melbourne. \iislnilla, her native city. Sin wus early 12 years old. This picture, no of her latest, was taken just before her retirement In 1926. •V- Australian Opera Star World Favorite (or Near ly Forty Years MELBOURNE. Australia, (UP)—Dame Nellie Mclba who i 1002 )!Ci-suntlCi| -die Londcn Piter house to give t Caruso a trial,,die here today, after an Illness of sdv cral weeks. ..... Death came to 1 tho opera star, or pnrtment was advised today. The Los Anjeles left Panama Sunday after engaging in the annual navy maneuvers there. In general discussion among New Revolution in Progress members of the bar a t,v*i to of-1 when I arrived here in February f:r proof on severa_l allegations 1928 certain processes were only fce- fcr voiding delinquent state tax ginning which since then 'have jMcs was advanced. Lawyers were gathered speed and startled the cf the opinion that proof could , vor i c i W ith their audacity and rc- te offered once and .apply to all lentiessness. similar allesaticns In a defense to revolution at that time had I suiis by thc state to confirm litle. I An agreement on thc proposal i \vill prcbably be reached at the ! May 13th adjourned session of ' :h: court. n( linnet at Cdnwav !° r thc * orTd ' s greatest Eopianos, i oi upset at v.uii\vay Unknown Girl Injured. LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 23. CUP) — Accidents over {.he wee's in Arkcm- sns resulted in the death of one and Injuries to two others, one se- Owen, H. '.vos killed riously. Marjorie just passed through what Lenin lied a breathing spell. Nep, the riod. of the new economic policy, A number of visiting attorneys was a truce with the defeated pas', by a victorious but exhausted revo- them were Wils Davis and Kenneth Red CroSS Receives 25 j attended court this morning. Amon? Carloads for Use in Aiding Victims of Drouth. lution. Private property retrieved some of ils nationalized ground LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 23 (UP) — thcville lawyers; J. Fred J. T.' Coston and Bruce Osccola. Eugene Sloan of Joncs- when a car driven by her brother Hubert, 1C, overturned at Coinvny and crushed her beneath It alter thc youth had swerved to miss another cor at an Intersection. The girl's sister, Rcda, 19, was slightly injured. The other accident o:currcd near here on thc Hot Springs highway. An unidentified girl was run over by a passing motorist who wiuies.s- wlilch belelt her In Cairo, Egyp and for which she consulted spc cialists in most parts of Europ without success. Homeward bound to her n'atl Australia she b;csmc .seriously aboard the liner Cathay'Novemb 4 before the ship docked at Frj mantle, and doctors would not permit her to land. When thc Cathay touched Melbourne she was taken to a hospital and since thai tim; hns hovered between life nnd dcntb. Her death marks ths severance of a link between the musical worlds of today and thc past t\vo generations. '«»»-«''«* ... American lines. A portion of the when; the matter came before th, , unfinished business today. I i Last W«k at Osceola OSCEOLA, Ark., Feb. 21.—South Mississippi county Is entering the last week of wholesale Red Cross food distribution and thc first of March will see a marked advance In the program of rehabilitation, local business men believed. That some aid will have to be continued Into the month of March seems certain but plantation owners are expected to begin furnishing tenants Ihe first of March, which will relieve the Red Cross of a large percentage of cases cared for dur- . . ing the past two months, and all construct a 1 applicants receiving rations here bm1dln s at Saturday were advised that in all probability no further regular issues of rations would be made from the Various distributing points In south Mississippi county. The functioning of agricultural credit corporations in Osceola, Luxor a, Keiser and Lepanto, beginning the first of March will perhaps bs the biggest single determining fac- Twcnty-flve carloads of fo-rtstiiffs! | anna . sent to Arknn??. 1 : drnu'h sufferers; frcin other Ftatc arrived here over house as unfinished business today. [ th" -,veek end. ' The Sebastian county rcprcs;n- ! All fh? cars wore cnroutc before i tative made no effort lo conceil the expiration date fixed by rail-, his purpose to delay action on thc ro^rls to discontinue lip.nlinir do-j bill and often his remarks stravc'l I nations o[ foodstuff without trans- from the subject under discussion. I :>ortation charges. Seine of the' He termed the measure a "furlher j cars were bein^ ^consigned to i Arkansas drruth sections tc.dav' while others will be unloaded and boro and R. B. McCullosh of Mar- heaping of taxes upon thc stale for communist vanguard drooped into thc comfort of permanent compromise. But early in 1928 that dream was already shattered. Under Stalin's Dame Nellie Melbn was christened Helen Porter Mitchell. She wai es said was lying in thc road. Ed i born at Melbourne. May 13, 1ESO ward Harris of Little Rock told of- the daughter of David Mitchell, : leadership abandoned the truce had been for n stronger and If an unmerited cause." Ho still had thc floor when the i house recessed at noon. ! The senate today passed- thc house bill authorizes the issue, sale and payment of $1.000.000 in state notes for financing the building program at the University of Arkansas. The bill provides that notes will be issued in eight installments to library and science. Fayctteville to cost I possible "knock-out" offensive. What followed— and Is still in full swing— amounted to a new revolution and a new civil war. They witnessed the almost total fleers he saw the girl and stopped to Investigate, but before he reached the young woman a car drivon by C. E. Illing. 20, of Collcgovlllc, ran over her. She was about 25 years o!d. officers said. Illing reported the accident to Little Rock jwlice. The Injured woman was taken to a Little Rock hospital although officers were unable to learn her name or how she happened to be lying en the highway. The relief Tganization Is drawing near the time when Arianias drouth siiffciirs can assume their dank corners, struggling hopelessly for breath. Even lndivldur.1 profes- MEMPHIS, Feb. 23. (UP)—Three slonal practice, in law, medicine Lewis Allen, Huffman, wealthy Scotch farmer. Her mother was of Spanish descent. Well known In the United States which she toured mnnercus time:: both in grand opera and in concert. Mine. Melba also was tr.5 pride of London musical circles and idol of the Parisian public. Her success In Italy, Russia, Germany and in her own native Australia was equally notable for the high honcrs accorded her. Her stage debut was made in Brussels when she appeared as Oilda In "RtgoVctto," which became ione of her favorite parts in later j years. She- was an Instantaneous Senate Adopts Proposal Quickly But Votes to : 0v- ciride President Lacking. WASHINGTON, Feb. 23 (UP) — Congressional action on lhe i governmental ' operation Of ' Muscle Shoals resolution was completed today when the senate adopted the conference report.- It-now goes-to President- Hoover for slsnalure or vrto. •• . • . '•' • '• •• '••• The latter Is expected and 'there c not enough votes lo over-ride ,e veto. The vote .was.35 to 28.. fliu senate pawed the' measure Ithcut debate-and then rcconsld- d It lo give senators Blngham, cpuMican. Connecticut, Johnson, cpubllcaii, California, nnd others i opportunity to discuss 11.. WASHINGTON, Fell. 23. CUP) — he, senate today adopted thc.con- •rencc report on Muscle Shoals, he report previously Wns adopted y the house and now goes to the resident. There wns no record vote. There remains only the formality f signatures by Vice President Its and Speaker Longworlh be- ore thc- measure, an attempt to" olvti the ten year controversy, can o to the.Wh'lto House. Many ex- wet 11 to be vetoed. Should this-'happen senate bacl:- rs : of the measure have said they vould not' attempt to override the •do as there were not sufficient otcs pledged lor the necessary two-' hirds. '•'-•' -•-.-,-. •]•' U. S. W«ld Operat: , ; :/, The senate'-acted In 15 seconds, --V after months of" delay. There was ! no debate.' ' '. ..•:•'• ...;,- "--.: The Shoals (rill sets up ft federal corporation .to-operate the "power plant" at Wilson dam, construct <.the .. to build tnuismjssldn lines.'to carry any siu'plus power to'pjirchascrs. NItiate plants wouiil be Icaied, and lesec would bo sold, power on condition that not less than 85..p=r . cent of the power be used In. the manufacture of fertilizer, Failure to lease the nitrate plants within 12 : months leaves them to the gov- . eminent corporation for the manufacture of fertilizer. Embargo Bills Vnled Down All embargo bills before.the li'oiiso . ways nnd means .committee were-- votecl'down 'for this session'.by the committee today.' . . " They included the compromise Cappcr-Gnrber oil restriction bill, the Burntness -bill for. a one year embavjo en wheat and other agricultural y.roducte, and thc Williamson bill lor nn embargo on all Russian imports. ' President Hoover in connection with his study cf the veteran's loin bill Is conducting a survey to -de- . tcrminp the amount "ci distress among World War veterans, it \vns announced today at the White House. Mr. Hoaver expected to have the results of this investigation .in timo to send a message on "the!bill to congress by the middle of trie week. It Is believed' certain he will veto ' the bill. - - Injured Near Cooler.success, and hi 1888 decided to at- cwn responsibility, and the state ' persons were dead and 18 were In and the like, has been vlrtualls headquarters of the Scd Cross to- hospitals and homes today recov- stamped out. Ntost remarkable of day besan mailing pictorial leaf- ering from automobile accidents a ". the stubbornly Individualistic which occurred in Mtmphls and . peasantry has been driven far en or S750.0SO, and the buoldlng S250.000 for laboratory and class rooms for the medical school at Little Rock. Senator Wilson. Washington county, told the senate the bill provides the machinery for the work- Ing of a measure already passed by both house* and approved by the governor which appropriates n lumn . sum ' OT , the , tKnc " t ., o! thc Tho Osceola corporation organiz-! Eas ""'vorslty building program. ed here several years ago with ai capital stock of $20,000, has a line Storms i of credit totaling approximately ^nnsi $100,000; the Luxora corporation, recently organized, has a $10,000 1 capital with a lending capacity of j PALERMO. Sicily. Feb. 23 (UP) lets to Icoal chapters. The- chap'-sr officers in turn will environs over the week-end. distribute Liiis literature to drouth; The death list Includes two chll- tne rfl; >d toward socialized farming. amazing five-year _plan, corn- victims. The leaflets crntain in- dren, James Thurmond. 10, a farm- pressing generations of Industrial structlons regarding proper care of cr's son, killed on thc highway upbuilding Into a few snort years, gardens and advice en whit food nor th of here by a machine driven 's seemingly well on the way to- COOTER. Mo.—Lewis Allen, a farmer of near Huffman, was seriously Injured near here lost night when his car crashed into a telephone pole. He was found pinned I tsmpt a part In "Lucia dl Lamm?r- inoor" at Convent Garden, London This appearance was even more brilliant than her Brussels debut had been, and was followed by $«cat Milan. Paris. Stockholm. u ier the ca; hirny after the o^ Berlin and flna.iy New York, cldenl and brought to Cooler where I I" recognition of her work on tc- h n ra^nlL-^ trjtm-nh hoff-ro hMHZ "a'f ° f «'* Br!t!sh SOltlleIS 6 ™ m * j. W. Hammock Files. for City Council Seat J. W. Hammock, manager of the. West Main Df^ig store, has nn- nounced that he will seek the office of third ward alderman in opposition to J. E. Lunsford, candidate for re-election, at tha municipal election in April.- , Mr.. Hamm.ocli; notlfipd." City Treasurer Ross-Beavers this rnprn- ... ing. in order that his name might bs placed on the baHot. .... Before moving here eight years he received treatment before bein taken to his home. He suffered cuts *<"• *"»=• »>* v;a5 ™ d ' * to raise. Second MsSl Bound Ovfir " by Frank Longinotti. secretary of the Memphis baseball club, and • Julia McClelland, 7, daughter of ward completion. Achieved Through Blood These things were not achieved a£ut the head anrscveretniisesln-'''^ «* <»e British Empire, a tit!, on the chest and possible Internal ' shc ls sa:d to hlvc valtl<;<i sccoll<1 Injuries. The car was completely demolished. »i. i n-i- />L - r - an rs - o on Nieht Riding tharge New Albany, MISS. - T-Kn H,,.~ n LI - Mr - and Jtrs - Ro >' McClelland of :by decrees or editorials in Izvestla. The little girl was struck and 1 They were won and paid for in an( j privations. A stubborn Dan Akcrs, Chiggcr Ridec farm- WUcd by an auto driven by Mrs. L resistance by those whose interests cr, was bound over to await thc A. Dick, 40, on a city street- las; wcre doomed was met with mercl- ac'tion of the grand jury Saturday night. .ifjs vigor. The strain of tlie fight by Justice Ed Walker on charges' W. C. Sullivan died In a Mom- .showed itself in a further centrall- ries re;clv- zation 0 [ the ruling party, which vas thrown ' | s today more rigid, more controlled of night, riding and assault. He phis hospital from injuries re;clv- was placed under 51,000 bond. - J r "'" J t —- " " Akers is alleged to 1: i implicated with Murlln Ray : cd Saturday when he i-from a speeding tn be buried today. Cost Lives of SlXJ A 5 kers"is "alleged to have been from a speeding machine. Hs wii: from above downward than ever bc- Will Explain Changes in Masouic Ritual Changes recently made in the ritual of the Masonic lodge will b3 Power Service Broken By Vandals Saturday Electric service hero was interrupted for a few minutes Saturday night and for longer periods In some other communities served by terrhs as slderman and later mayor of Qultman. Ark. ; The announcement by Mr. Hammock provides the first contest for an aldermanic post. Ross D. Hughes of the First Ward and Tom W. ]Jackson of the Second ward are as yet without opposition. They .are candidates for re-elccti:n. communicated to the members In (the Arkansas-Missouri Power com- People of almost ever nation or- iginally.used the human fcot as a unit of linear measurement. . . eb. 23 (UP) i the attempt io lerrorize some negro None $50,000 and a potential Increase in j —Six persons were known dead j shore croppers In the S.nidy Ridge to die. capital and credit allowed under I t~day In ravcral storms over the i community, southeast of this elf-', recent ne wrullngs of the Federal j week end. Communication llnrs! he Is also alleicd to have parti- Intermediate Credit banfes, which j were being restored slowly. Thc cfpated with Ray in an effort to • *ill also apply to the Lepanto or-; weather was improving. -' : .. . .-..- santzatlon nearing perfection and tllc school of Instruction to be held j pan y w i, en a power transmission fore. tore Tuesday and Wednesday night. i[ nc W115 short- circuited near Ken- None cf the injured are expected It' showed itself In further Ihnl- ! Grand Lecturer Baker Clark, of n elt, Mo. tations of personal freedom, in- ! Little Rock, i-'lll conduct tV.e school | According to reports, a power eluding the freedom to dlspos; of! 10 t<! attended by rcnr^enttitlvc^! company repair crew found that B WEATHER ARKANSAS—Cloudy and unsettled tonight and Tuesday. According to the official weather the contemplated Kelsor. corporation nt Numbers of farmers, eligible for (Continued on Page Three) intimlclate a white farmer, who Why all the shouting about beer? OE. There was a sharp strengthening i cf censorship and police control, reported watching Ray post a "Ginger ale Is a better stimulant vrith period when O. P. U., execii- , warning on a negro's house. : than beer." said Colonel Ben Lc- tlons listed In the press attracted tect gardens from frost by thc an-' Ray was bound ov-rr en charges, vino of Providence, R. I., who nti--no more attention than weather ' Smudge fires were used to pro- ect gardens from frost by the ancient Romans and by the Peruvian of night riding and shootinj with, riretscd thc County Indians In pre-Columbian times. I intent to kill on Feb. 14. Ginger Ale FSanks Beer ; one's labor power where cne wlsh-! of numerous points in thc tenth'heavy chain iTitr. weights had b sen j observer, Charles Phillip:, the mln- 3RIDGEPORT, Conn <UP) -• cs. There was a sharp strengthening i district of Arkansas. j thrown across the wire, causing Uv i imum temperature here yesterday - - - Supper will be served each eve- short circuit, ! was 47 degrees and thc maximum, nlng at 0:30 o'clock by members of) Officials of the company an-105 degrees; cloudy with .02 inches thc Eastern Star in the new chib! nounced a $500 reward today for of rain. On the same day a year room adjoining the main lodpe hall: InformAtton leading to, the ar.'est a;o tho. minimum temperature. ?'3S in the Elaine building at the cor- ] and ccnvlcticn of the parties who 52 degrees and the maximum, 14 ner of Main and Second streets, [committed the act. degrees with .18 inches of rain. | Ecciatlon here. .Bottlers' As-i reports. Mass suffering and dls- j (Continued on Page Three)

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