The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 1934
Page 4
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THURSDAY, MAY. 24, 1934 •LTTHBVILLI, (A1KJ JPAGE SEVEN SECTION - CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION FOR KtiNl Liquor Capacity \Vtui Divorce- HIMDGEPORT. Conn. iUP> - Insertions: Hue) IOC one 06c Obc IOC (Five average words to One time ]>er line Two times per ilne per day Tluee times per lln '. per nay £lx times per lice pel day .. k>OBlh rite per line Minimum charge BOo Ads ordered 10' tnrcu or times and slopped before, explra- t'un will be cliajgto lor the number of limes the ad appeared ano adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising mibmtttcd by person.'; residing out' i!d« of '.he city ir list be aecoi u»nled by cash. Hates may easily computed from above table no respoiitiuimv win be laKet 101 more thiui one incorrect in- leillon of any classified ad. Advertising ordeu-o. Tor irrcgu- >r insertions lake the oue tirnt rate. cUmiimllni; therefrmn necessity for Annual meeiine of stockholders notice of proposed cmmgc. UNFURNISHED 5 room apartment.! of l!ljll;fville Cotton Oil Mill will \v. E. Gage, '. 1013 W Walnut. Call 30'j. JOckll be lu-!d .n WM A. M.. Tuesday, President pint nnd a mmrl of liquor every I J|]1U , j 2 ),,;,., ;U unll . c ot W. A.I I. H. Klemhib'. "">' ll " (l <IW "' 1 spo "I'lt'tmvs," n i Company, Kails llnl!illiis,| Assistant Secretary. l>--.ys!cl;m trsltlli'd ill Mrv Ki-y- Mnniihis. Trim Amony other mat-; Be kB-13 ""Ms 1 divorce hearing. She mis tors iu IK rmisidcrrd will bu pro- — (Sianlcd :i dccr«. poserl clianue of )iy-La\v prnvldint; Uinins li'i> \vet season m Africa, 1 , lor amendments ot Jly-Ijiws by 'wnter is stored in ostrich egt sholls. I Reml Courier News Wnul Ads. 2 OR HOOM FURNISIIKD apartment v.-llli ball). .Mrs. Kisk, Dally rate per- .me for coiuecu- W-i W- Kentucky. Cull HU. H-ck-li 4 room house wllli baih. Nicely furnished. Vacani June 1. Ill Division. Call G50 or WJ8. •J2ckil Nicely furnished cool 3 - room APARTMENT. Mrs. Duncan. 719 ChlcknsawlKi. ckO-17 COOL BEDItOOMS. REASONABLE MKS. WEHT, 212 W. MA1K. 3 Room ''"'I' Reynolds drank Capital Hears o! Blessed Event in Musk-Ox Family t1 ™ 1 ''" l "" u ' <1 (0 " 10 lorrttori ' WASIUNG'IXJN. i UP) — I'ilm' has been n hiesfi-d event aiiiDnnljn-^^^.^iy Hie inusfc-oxi'U in Alusk-.i the voy rc]K>iled Uml on April 20 Iwo, ,,i-i;,i c ,i f nnus r or ih c [ r rclnlrocluc- yoiniB nnlimils were bom In n licnl | tloll am i 3 . t , verc t rails r crr( , ( i rri)]ll I" I nortlieailern Greenland, via Nori wny, vln New York, vlu Seattle, viii Musk-oxen, the Ihirt'on sultl )L u'ns Inlormed by Alaskan natives, to Falrlianks. Ti:c Bureau expressed Hie that ninny another blrlti would OUR BOARDING MOUSE USED CARS Why W.ilk When You Can Buv A Good'Used Car On Our Easy l\iymeut 1'lan >32 V-8 ME Ll'XE FORD TU- DOK SEDAN S3C9 <K CHEVROLET SEDAN '3t PONTIAC COACH. A . -Bargain" 1 •29 BI!1CK COUI'E TRUCK i TRAILEK BAilGAlNh '3Z IV- TON KORD TRUCK, Dual Wheels, IXMliS ai-<i hons Good •3» DOUCE 1'ANEl Kcai Delivery liuck KABOKS THAIi.KK, 1'olc NALOUS wnn Laige Houy Tilanv Olhtis To Choose From UWll'AM Corner ibi i'hoiic BUSINESS i>iUiiCrOB\ froiii 100 ycani ajjo. llrst such omirrciici- in iviuiuy. i llB „,,„„ , t ,-rt|iiesl by Ihc tcrrl The Bureau of Illolnglcal Head Courier News "Want Ads. ul.slulurc, Conurcss 'I'll I') ONK-MAN HKAIN TLWST! .. STAND 6V,TO GRAB THIS LINE.' TIE ThV { M. KjJ END TO A TREE AN' YOU CAN COMe BACK MtrtN TO GOIN'TO TUUOW T3^CK IM 1 ? WHY, TH 1 GUYS ON THIS "PIER USE BIG6ER ONES THAN TtAKT FOR BA\T ) SKY I WAS "FISHIN' VVEKE YESTERONY, THROW HIM ft GOOD, STRONG MY r"R\EKD-L<M-l HO Wes' Ash. M!>- Duslia Mick. 1'Jc FUUNISIIBD npanmenl, M5 IJon- AN fAY BWT WORrAS WERE/ SPECIMEN OF •SIZE A BMTL.E M S ,^ E [ 1*3 I -\ CAUSWT TOK SCItNTIFIC fTI^S f ^ ^-^ ( OBSERVATriON—HOT T^J.W^^j^_ y /l_oV^_ TH£ ^m^r^fe Apartment reasonable. He kU-11 bcdruum, 1011 W Walnut, Mrs. Ed Jlindin, after 5 P. hf. Ic kit Nicely Furnished BED ROOM Mrs. Nolen, all) West Wnlnut. k5-30 CI.EANK5JS, TA1LOUS 10 )TOA;ss^ SWELL WEM. R1Q UP ANOTHER USE ,TO HANG ONTO, ' ViEVL ALU BE OVCR THERE IN A JIFFY' VJELL.VER MAJESTY-/ OKAY, BfiiOfte IS BJUX/UEOTENANT OOP.' I WII|\_E WE HME TRlCO IM CROSS THtS PIT, HE M.ONE SUCCEF-DERf SO LEAVE HIM .THERE-WE'LL 6O TO HIM- VIE HPWi; TH' COULDN'T 1 Utur.\ BRIDGE WE •niooan OF ^s NEED ED.' We t-lean and score winter clothes and brd covers. Moth-proof, lirc- proof Taults. Pay next fall. I'LL BRING UP REAR I WAN 1'KD TO BUY We buy Chickens and ESP, hij;h- cst prices jvaid. Kite 1'rice C utry, 1'hore 231. Ill E. Main. BC kG-0 Kooms with nr without board, steam 1'hore 234, Kite Trice Gro. 1>OUL,TKY & EGGS E MAY EAT -. Sell us j-onr poultry. We pay. hi e li- esl prices for hens i Iryfrs. B. T. Worll.>-515 -rn,-.i \s-\\— ~ Milk fed I'RVEHS for sale. PICK- 10M CHlckasuwba. THINKING TO HKKSK1.F! BOOTg AND HEK BUDDIES VOO DOMT V.WOW WHAT A to KIOW BOOT'b — '. OUT KV.QNE, BUT,VOO MOST VOUE TO I(OOM & BOAKD Itoonu-rs and Boarders— Home-like atmusjihrrr. I'liccs r«L.S« in We. Mrs J. F. Sanders, 510 VI. Z78-J. 1<= HC-7 1'rA WHEM \M W\TU VOO ~- \ CAW X l-'Ott SALK OR THADK OARAGE doing gootl business. Good location, excellent equipment.''Will aell cheap, or have you? J. C. CHAI'IN. Manila Atk. 23-pk-30 National Cas n Hegister. New LH Trading Post. 1'20 W. Main. 8 ckG- WANTED TO UKNT G;iuleinan wants front, bedroom in iirivaic home close in. Call 3-14. 24 ck-2l FAST AND FURIOUS! WASH TUIiliS REAL KSTATE HELLO, SOP. A STICK-UP. O iEMSWIOH/v_lS THE PRISON BREAK.THftf WITHIN HALF AM I-VJUR THE POLICE or- FIVE STATES OR6 BLOCKINb EVER.V MAIM H1GHVAV. ESCAPING VJITM A OP SUB-MACHINE 6UNS,nhMUNITIOW, TEAR (5A5 6OMBS, BULIET PROOF VESTS, AND GAS MASKS. . 10 or 15 acre tracts on Franklin Street Beat Missouri Avenue, E. M. T,ERHY rhonc 611 or 31C Tor Sale or Trane 41) av'rt-s well imprciveil licauliful section of utes from brat fishiiig Good house, plenty fruit. Will sac- rilire for S7W, part cash, balanci stock of merchandise. 'J. C. CHAI'IN, Ark. r=JuTTH6CAREFULLV PLftMNEO GETWUW UK6 CLOCKWORK CHANGE FROM CflR TO TPUCK TO NRPLAMG 7i>\NO, A Tt-W HOURS LATtl W A SHERIFF'S OFFICE WJMORE&S i-'ive Room Cottage ivi'.h tall), cor- ncr lot. gravel itrccl. 1'ritic Addn CAN UE-SWH'E THE SAKE! S550.00, 5105.00 cash, SICi.OO month SALESMAN SAiM GQ.MMfv f\s\< TM COP& T«^ StMD UP HERE., ^O "XH&/ K.IW SLUfr S'ft ECOMO TtlOU&HT, Sf»M, < CvPPRE-SO. OGfttJ ^OU LL ClfXTE. "VW FftCT TllW Vft <ioT Four Room Coll^c. I wo corner Piidc Addn. S1W.OU. S.1W.OO cash. 18.50 month. \ pHOMe Tn' ftouice Six Room Coltn!;c. Nortli incdsrn house, sliade. anil outlmildiny.-,. C>il owner Sa.80C- .00 nou-rvsidcnl. Sell tor 81,050- Tci tns. Pictly yix Hoom Stucco near Kentucky Ht. Sl.300.00. SJOO.O'. '"""' .»~.'I-K- r,-; balantu SIC.OfJ monthly, interest. His Uooin lit wen. near Da\io. car ner lot,. $2.000.00. S2W.OO casl il: of lown. $1.000 NO FOOMNCI! THOMAS LAM) CO. FKKCKf.KS ANl> HIS FRIKNDS CEE! I TRY TO 8S NICE--AWD SYMPATHIZE WITH HlM AMD LOOX WHAT 1 6ET/ i r VC1MPA LWD IWTD YoU, ^v D1DNT HE,' WELL,YoU HAVE / IT COMING TO YOL)...TiJE FIX S GOT HIM IM HAS EVERY- j BODY IN SHADYS1DE ,^S TALKING".'.' ' t-f UOM'T SAV AN7TKIMG MORF TO ME ABOUT DIRK. I'M WORRIEI3 ENOUGH RIGHT NOW (SET BUSY ANO DO SOME WORK AROUND HERE! ' f EVERYBCOY'S SAY1KX3 THAT IF YOU HA.P BRAIW. CELLYoU'O HAVE JUST ONE...OF OCXJRSE, TWAT'S ONLY CANT TELL QU)T RIDING ME,CRASH, Oft I'LL SlAP >(bua EARS DOWN! LAY OFF.'l/f TAKE THAT ORDER OVER TO JANSEN'S...AWD DONT LOSE IT I rcols. palntnis; and aoncral re- pairs. We can nrran 11OIHSSON LUMDIill KXI'KUT Typewriter ;in'l Adiiinj! Macliinn Kepairins. I' Furuilmr. ?.eiairliis— I'ulioIslcrinB Mso automohiic upholstering. We will be glad to t-clcr yon to cus- COUN'L'Y WOHKERS UNION lor men and women over iu Dues. SI per j'ear H-lpfc C-24 Ready-Malic Slip Covers Approved by lined Housekeeping. Choice of good materials. Fit Gu.uantccd— '.'• Usual Price Mrs. C. .M. Gray, agtnl HIGHEST Cxsh brass, aluminum, coj>i>er, zinc. New Deal Trading I'Kl, 120 W. Main. Ask as about the Ilajcn llnncy Center (ioif Halls. They're tcr. Ilulibard ILirdwiirc Co. WHEN you »ro fish hungry come to McFall l r lsli Market, -115 W. Ash. Fresh rteli Asain Burke Sets llic Trice Boiled Linseed Oil !>3c gal TnTpentinc Aladdcn "Lamp. Paris 30c each DURKi: 1 HARDWARE CO. The one price slore Mrs. J. J. Davis, Phono 421 Spencer Corseticre 1.5- AUTOMOTIVE Auto All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo lumber Co. 10c Start A Savings Account With Us On Everjlhinit for the Automobile Hnbbard lldw., Automotive IKpt Thonc 47U rhoue BARGAINS ill good, clean, used ice boxes Everett IS. Gee Sales Co. 22ckG-2t CHEAP—25 near Blytlicvillc, liverett IJ. Gee. Feeds, Hour, Groceries ft Meal* al Best 1'ciccs. We Hrlifcr. I'liom Z5I, Rite Price (Jroccry. kG-:< Kr Sale—I good used D=lco light lilaut, 1 hattery radio set. 1 used flcctrtc refrigerator, ne eleclric fans. Everett U. Co. UAOS. Must bo clean and frcn Iron) buttons. No panls accepted. Tire Courier News. SKKDS Wlil'itKmrwill J'ca.s for Sal" 1 Drlre aVrti«> the river for tlic tin- \VliiMKXHirill !'" s '» Tennessee. Frkes Rfasonatile. William 'i'ucker 4; Co., Klplcy, Tenn. 28-ck5-2ji tomcrs . manship. Complete line Minnies. New Lofalion 118 No. Second JENKINS i SOS 5-ck-6-5

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