The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1949
Page 11
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THURSDAY, MAY 19,1949 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Tests Ordered In B-36 Dispute Check on Vulnerability ^Of Giant Army Bomber •Asked by Committee WASHINGTON, M«y 19—W)_ The House Armed Services Committee yesterday asked for tests to dccermln* whether high-flying B-38 bombors can be attacked by Navy and Air Force fighter planes. The committee unanimously adopted * resolution requesting tnat "impartUl" ttsti be made and the results reported to the committee. The resolution referred to conflicting reports that American fighter aircraft are Incapable ol effective interception ol the B-36 bomber under combat conditions at high altitudes, especially at 40.000 feet or hi if her. The committee said the public has been told th&t Navy fighters are capable of effective attack on the B-36. Based on information the Air Force has released on B-36 performance, plus what the Navy has been able to estimate, the Navy said It has four types of fiehters that It believes can challenge the B-36 under ordinary conditions. Jets Believed Capable Two are Jet-propelled: the McDonnell F2H-1. Banshee, and the Grumman F9F-2 Panther. Two other, types hive cohven- t**ial engines. They are the Oru- >Sffi«n T8F-2 bearcat and the Chance Vought F4U-5 Corsair The Navy said that the Jet- powered Banshee, for example, can take off from a carrier and in seven minutes climb 40,000 feet. Defense secretary Johnson said he would hive no comment on the proposed "duel" between the Air Force bomber and Navy fighters until he receives the official requesl from the House Committee and ha had an opportunity to study It. Springdale's "Blue Baby" To Undergo Operation SPRTNGDALE. Ark.. May 19. (/Pi —Six-year-Jld Harvetta Ann Hi?i who was born a "blue bnby" will be given a chance to live. She leaves tonight with her mother for Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, where she will undergo an operation fov her rave heart ailment. Physicians say (he operation Is her only hope. Her benefactors are the Wash Ington County Beer and Liquo: Dealers Association, who wil "jnce al! medical expenses. OShe is the daughter of Mr. «.,„ Mrs. H. W. High of Sprin^dalc. Her father is a disabled World \»ar Two veteran. fl- Read Courier New* Want Ads Bod Manners, Stupidity Big Factors *n Annual Slaughter on U.S. Highways MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., May ]»-#. »lain stupidity, b»d manner*, and are the top three cnuw* of automobile accidents, wcountlnj or three-fourth* of all f«Ulitl«», or 24,000 deaths per ye»r, according to cue analyst* by Northwestern National Lite Insurance Company. May Is (he month when the auto death toll slarls a steady climb which hits its climax on Christmas Eve ajid Christmas Day, the study points out. By far the lop killers are the 'stupid" group of driver offenses- excessive speed, ignoring trill to sigi\s or traffic officers, pa&sliig on or curves, and other mi»cel- laneoiu "dimwit" violations; the study finds that one or more of these offenses Is involved in 40 per cent of all fatal accident*, and is the principal cause of 32 per cent. Foolith actions by adult pedestrians—crossing against traffic signals, crossing Intersections diagonally, crossing betwren intersections, coming from behind parked cars, and walking in the roadway in the same direction as traffic'cause another 12 per cent of fatalities based on experience records of 19*6. 1947 and M8. the study finds. Thus 44 per cent of our annual traffic death toll results from failures by driver or pedestrian to use common sense. . Bad Manner! In Evidence Bad manners, such as road hogging—driving over the center line or actually on the wrong side ol the road, and "bargins through' when the other fellow has the right-of-way cruse another 15 per cent of traffic fatalities, the records reveal. Traffic deaths due lu alcohol ore estimated by the insurance statisticians at a linimum of 15 per cent—12 per cent due to drinking by drivers «nd three per cent due to drinking by pedestrians. This Is the most difficult group of cases to measure accurately, the study points out, because: Many drinking drivers '.ry to conceal such facts In case of an accident, and an unknown number succeed: second. - considerable pro|»rtlon of other violations such as reckless driving, which are directly blamed for certain accidents, would not be committed If the driver were fully sober and his Judgment clear. An average of state records Indicates that of all drivers Involved In fatal accidents, 20 per cent by their own admission or by testimony Of witnesses, have'been drinking— undoubtedly much less than the actual total—and cigh't to nine per cent are definitely clasied as drunk. Therefore a figure of 12 per cent of traffic fatalitle: due to drinking by drivers i s probably an under-estimate, the study says. Close to 2,000 of the 10.000 pedestrians killed each year by motrtr vehicles are found to have been drinking, and if the same propor- ion u in thl case of drinking mo- orists have their faculties deflnlU- y impaired, another three per cent of total traffic fatalities should be ascribed to the use of liquor by pedutrUns, the study uys. Official Denies Truman Delaying Army Promotions WASHINGTON. May 1». f/p) Presidential Press Secretary Charles O. ROM laid yesterday that President Truman has hot held up any army promotions Ross made this assertion when askert at a news conference about published reporL? that a Senate subcommittee investigation of delay has been urged. From other Whit* House sources It was learned that, what has been held up by the President U an eligibility list from which naiws are drawn for promotion . This list is in Mr. Truman's desk, and aides said there Is no requirement that it, be sent to the Senate Tills list came to the White House "some time »go," a hl?h- ranking official asserted, In view of published rei>orts that promotions were being held up, the President wrote a letter to Chalrmim Tydlngs (D-Md) of the Senate Armed Services Committee and told him a telephone call would have cleared up the misunderstanding. This same official Insisted the whole matter "doesn't amount (o a tinker's dam." Kansas City Woman ~ tiled from Street; Attack on Wild Ride KANSAS CITY. M«y 1». ,..,_.. 26-year-old woman told police yesterday she was forced Into * cur on R downtown street here, despite efforts of her husbund, and raped during a wild ride Ilirousb the countryside. Mrs. Cecil Marie i drugstore employe, gave this account: She and her husband. William Wyatt, 47. had b«n in a tavern eating a sandwich and having a couple of bottles of beer When they left three men were walling outside for them In * car They pulled uei tway from her husband and "lie man struck her Her husband w» 5 left on the sidewalk as the car moved away she was attacked by one of I he men on a ride out tr the countv Mrs. Wytttl got nw»y ft'om (he men when she talked mem into letting her go 'nto a tavern washroom. Arkansas Woman to Head Hational PTA Committee ST. IXHJIS. May 19. <!¥> - rtulh Powell of Little Rock. Ark., was named chairman of the School ch Standing Committee of the National Congre.w of Piirent.s ntirl Teachers yesterday by the orga- ilz-Mioii's board of managers Dr. Esther E. Prevey of Kansas AAacKenzie Continued from page i against Tito—and thus far has been beaten at its own game. In neighboring Bulgaria there have been purges of prominent Communists. Then Bulgarian Premier Gcorgi Dlmitrov—one of the big reds—recently went to Russia. One report had it that he was seeking medical treatment, hut ther' has been widespread speculation that he Is being ousted from his Job In any event, Bulgarian political waters have been troubled. There also have been many reports of dissatisfaction In other satellite coutries, including Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Poland. Numerous prominent citizens from satellite nations have been seeking refuge in Western democracies. 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Ask your dnj 8B Ut for Pcun 1 . I», H stimulant diuretic. us«J HUccr-safully njilllgrjs for over (0 ,«„. !)«„•„ riy- relief and will h*lp U» U mllei ol ,... _iut poi»onou«i»ft»tefri>m Tour blood. G«t Dota'i Pill*. PAGE ! lty wns Dinned chulnnnn ot the committee on Iiotiie nnd fmiiily life. Mrs, R, V. IVull ol Tcxiukauu. Aik., was re-clccti'd clinlmmn ot the committee on diameter nnrt Spiritual Education. Hrushlrvi Natives of Tristan di< Ciinlm, a tiny Islimrt of llio South Atliintlc, Jmvo never owned toolli Brushes, but 84 per cent of tlicm liavo perfect tcclh. Case Slicer-Baler Every liour ih;,t !,.,,. is <!„„,, it ,;.,),., <)„„,(,„ |, y r . |in> loses cnrotcuc by Wenching ;lm | k, m , s (,,, .,!,;,„„;„£ if it lies too long. Will, your own Case Sliccr-IJalcr you <•;,„ s t;,rt baling at just the ri R |,t hour, have your hay safe sooner. Sec us now about a baler or any other hay machinery you may noc( |. 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