Clarion-Ledger from Jackson, Mississippi on May 8, 1981 · Page 56
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Clarion-Ledger from Jackson, Mississippi · Page 56

Jackson, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Friday, May 8, 1981
Page 56
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4DOMjy8, 19810FWDAYDTUE CLARION-LEDGER Review 'Part 2': The money count continues Horror of horrors: 'Friday the 13th' sequel nothing new By HELEN VERONGOS Southern St) k Writer Just when you thought it was safe to go back to summer camp . . . . . . they had to make another bloody summer vacation movie, Friday the 13th. Part 2. Aside from the blood and a handful of shocks, it isn't the most frightening tale of terror ever filmed. Fireside ghost stories have been more potent than this romp through the woods just yards from the infamous "Camp Blood," scene of a series of ghastly murders and a whole lot of associated bad luck. Presumably, this all takes place on another Friday the 13th. five years after the original lakeside killing spree. The sequel tells us five years have gone by, but it never mentions the date. For all the audience knows, it could be Flag Day (which probably would have been equally significant). Part 2 opens with a lengthy red-tinged retrospective, starring the bloody head of Betsy Palmer Mrs. Voorhees. the maniacal camp cook who avenged the drowning of her son by chopping up the neglectful camp staff. Mrs. V's head makes a cameo appearance between the orange juice and the lettuce in the refrigerator of Alice (Adrienne King), the sole survivor of the first camp carnage. Soon afterward, there are no survivors. Eventually, the movie begins. The story, such as it is, involves a group of young people in training for a summer of contending with the little horrors known as campers. Lucky for them, they don't have to endure poison ivy, short-sheeted beds or blistering sunburn. They don't live long enough. Other than that, a storm, some sex and a lost puppy, Friday the 13th. Part 2 is a string of murders, all quite bloody. Most of them follow the same pattern. The victim is frightened by a sound, prepares for the attack and then, as the serene music swells to replace the heavy horro theme, relaxes in relief. The sound turns out to be, choose one: (all answers are correct), a) a hungry kitten; b) a bedraggled pup; c) her boy friend. There's no question about the identity of the killer (as if there were any question about anything). It is Jason, the now-grown, presumed drowned, overly sheltered child who has been waiting five years to finish the job his mother started. Garbed in a white head covering not unlike the Elephant Man's, he does his stuff, over and over again until the movie winds to an uneventful close. Friday the 13th, Part 2 obviously does not pretend to be any more than it is, a cheap dimestore cheap thriller aimed at the adolescent market the ones with especially screechy voices and a propensity for exercising their vocal cords. It is designed to be predictable enough to make the average fourth-grader feel sharp-witted. Too bad the average fourth-grader can't get in. The older children in the crowd react just as they are supposed to, talking back to the characters in the appropriate pauses, warning them of impending danger with unintelligible shrieks and generally having a great time. Pitching a movie to a specific audience is fine, sensible in fact. And if the members of the target audience enjoy themselves, all the better. That's what movies are for. The point is, making a horror movie was an art. once upon a time. If not for the archives of the late, late show, the art would be nonexistent for younger movie audiences. A horror movie isn't a horror movie without drama, suspense, plot and that elusive quality that doesn't spill the blood, but chills it. And anybody who thinks a movie of the Friday the 13th genre can ice down hemoglobin must have V-8 coursing through his veins. One amusing element of the grade-C blood-o-ramas is their allusions to other movies. In the post-Hitchcock era, no one makes a murder movie without a shower scene. Friday the 13th, Part 2 gives it a new twist she gets killed when she gets out of the shower. Then we have the blonde taking off after the monster with, of course, a chain saw, a la the cult classic set in Texas. The final jab is a variation on the Jaws theme while a particularly shapely member of the staff takes a quick nude dip in the lake in the middle of the woods in the middle of the night. Another similarity bad movies share is a common consequence the sequel. And just as Friday the 13th begat Friday the 13th, Part 2, so will the sequel beget another of its kind. Better luck next year. But it would have been so easy for the creature to snuff out one more healthy young counselor and put an end to this nonsense for good. I l iouier a oLJciu Buffet Ambassador Ballroom standing round of beef au jus , fried chicken .fish And shrimp en Creole sauce An Assortment ot Vegetables & Salads Homemade Desserts & Rolls Beverages 1-20 & ELLIS AVE 944-1150 Empire Ballroom STANDING ROUND OF BEEF AU JUS CHICKEN BREAST FLORENTINE SHRIMP NEWBURG WITH PARSLIED RICE An Assortment of Vegetables & Salads Homemade Desserts & Rolls Beverages I-55 & High St 969-2141 Serving 1 1:00 a.m.-2 p.m. LA. TimM Washington Pott Serv ice HOLLYWOOD Who says moviegoing has hit the skids? Despite dire predictions of the biggest box office slump in a decade, some pictures still manage to draw crowds. The latest success story is Friday the 13th. Part 2, the follow-up to last year's cutthroat camp antics of Friday the 13th. The sequel earned almost $6.5 million in just three days last weekend, thanks to an advertising campaign that promised. "The body count continues." How long the screams will continue remains to be seen (the original Friday grossed more than $41 million at 17 theaters), but to at least one person, the sounds of scared moviegoers is beautiful music. Steve Miner made his directorial debut on Part 2 of the terror tale, which once again concerns campers graphically eliminated by a revenge-minded lake dweller. Despite exper iencing some first-time butterflies. Miner said he always ex-s- pected his film to be a hit. "It's a picture that delivers, and pictures that deliver are going to make money," Miner said early this week. "I had a good , 3 idea of what the audience wanted and I tried to give it to them." , i That precious commodity is not just a string of murders' :; graphically presented, Miner insisted. "They (moviegoers) en-' joy the anticipation, not the gore. But they want it fairly con1'" stantly." " "' Miner was the line producer of Friday the 13th and knew thej,' J bloody terrain fairly well before taking the directorial reins from Sean Cunningham. A former film editor, Miner, 32,n-brought his movie in for just over a million dollars, meaning "W e re probably in the black now. E Having survived a murderous bloodbath, Adrienne King is terrified that she has been targeted for death in Friday the 13th, Part 2. ON MOTHER'S DAY... 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