New Oxford Item from New Oxford, Pennsylvania on March 25, 1920 · Page 9
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New Oxford Item from New Oxford, Pennsylvania · Page 9

New Oxford, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1920
Page 9
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NEW OXFORD ITEM, NEW OXFORD. ^ New Oxford Item. THURSDAY, MARCH 25. 1920 HERE A\D THERE Student John W. Myers, of ITrsinm College, conducted services in the Reformed church. Eist. Berlin on Sunday evening. The East Berlin Milling Company shipped a carload of flour Tuesday. Sam'l J. Meckley will erect a new- barn on his property on the Lincoln Highway, east of Abbottstown, this spring. . Hanover and McSherrystown physicians will adopt a new fee table thi* Thursday evening. Walter Craumer is enlarging and remodeling his garage in Abbottstown. The Agricultural class of the Abbottstown high school is fully prepared and ready to test seed corn and farmers desiring to have their seed com tested can have it done frea of charge, by bringing it in to the school. John Spangler, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Spangler, East Berlin, died 15 years ago Saturday. He was aged 22 years. Death was due to pneumonia. The court appointed James H. Kelly and J. Harry Mehring to fill the vacancies in the Littlestown Town Council caused by the resignations of J. Augustus Smith and Harry G. Du't- tera. John Geiselman. Sr.. c.f East Berlin, died 25 years ago Saturday. Judge McPherson will speak this evening at the fourth meeting of Ad- SALE REPORTS Geo. C. Kimmel's sale, near Round Hill on Saturday was well attended, and good prices were realized. A 7- ft. cut binder, used six seasons, brot $150, and all other goods sold high. Mixed chickens brot 42c IT).; Fat bull. $150. The total amount of sale was $4.303.67. The sale of Emory Wolf, above New Chester, on Tuesday, amounted to ?2,- 7SS.35. Best cow brot ?113; shoats averaged $13. The total receipts .of W. D. Myers' sale, at 700, on Friday, were $~,000. Horses sold for $125 and $56; pair of mules, $350 and $150 per pair; 14 head of milch cows, $S5 to $140; bulls. $40, $50 and $60; heifers. $40 to $GO; 50 head of shoats. $4 to $13; two brood sows. $40 and $gO. Andrew Bowser, East Berlin, realiz- edover $3,000 at his sale. The sale of H. A. Wolff, which was held on his farm near Gettysburg on Thursday, amounted to nearly $8,000. The family will reside in Gettysburg after April 1st. McDonnell Bros.' stock sale at Arendtsville amounted to $4.200, as did M. R. Hull's sale in Liberty township The best horse at the latter sale brot $300. others brought $253, $276 and $201. A cow brought $150 at the sale ot Max Foth. Cumberland township on Tuesday aternoon. The best horse sold or $85 and bull $75. Chickens sold for 40c Ib. High bid on a binde was $193. The sale totaled $1400. The sale of Mrs. Martha Hospelhorn ams-county League of Women Citizens. The Western Maryland passenger station, Gettysburg, was re-opened on Saturday morning. A calithumpian serenade of 200 persons was tendered Mr. and Mrs.- Chas. Thompson, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Daronc. East Berlin on Wednesday evening. They will make their home in York, where the bridegroom is employed. John Spangl-sr. an aged resident of Admire, who disappeared from about ten days ago. has returned. He secluded himself in a neighboring barn, until driven out by hunger. An entertainment and box social THE SICK. Mrs. Rachucl Pcutz. East Berih!. has jeen called to Bagley. Iowa, to I'e'-P -are for her sisirr. Mrs. McClell:ui. vho is in failing health. Jacob Breighucr. "ear Abbottstown. s convalescing from a severe 3 f sickness. Helen, little daughter of Mr. and Irs. Harry Jones, of Hanover, has contracted scarlet fever. and H i r a m ot MA/W1AGES Randolph Wolf, druggist, of Washington, son of Mrs. Sarah Wolf, of Lincoln Way. E:ist. and Miss Marie Oh-.: 1 . nor. of Umeaster will be married t h i s Thursday) afternoon at the home of thr bride. Mrs. Wolf and sou. Ross, will attend th" wedding, which wil'. K a quiet rffair. was held at White Run school on Tuesday evening for the Near East Relief. The 2-year-old bull bougrt at W D. Sunday's'sale by Butcher Shetter, East Berlin, welshed 1503 pouiuls. Dr. Gideon Noel, aged 05, a prominent physician of Bonneauville. died 15 years ago Friday, from a complication of diseases. Walter Shoemaker, of rear Littlestown, has secured a position with the State Highway Dept., and will be connected with the Gettysburg office. Albert Rvdisill, C. Mummert ond Ivan Shanebrook. Bonneauville. purchased Fordson tractors the past week. The Lutheran Sunday School of York Springs, gave an offering of S30 for Armenian relief. Tfic Lutheran choir of that place recently rendered a pleasing musical, a silver offering going for benevolent purposes. Wierman's mill may be repaired and a generator installed to furnish electricity for York Springs. King Brothers are doing a rushing business at their store at Wierman's Mill. Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Umholtz, will remain in Bermudian for another year, having rented their property in Dillsburg. Cornelius Wise, of near Bermudian, had his foot almost crushed when a log rolled on it. Mrs. Eph. Reese, Iron Springs, foil and broke her arm cue day hst v/c^k. The contract for building the. link that will connect Gettysburg and Em- m\tsbuig with a permarjsntly inv- proved highway in Fraedon and Mt. Joy townships was awarded to the. Continental Construction company, of Baltimore. near Gettysburg, Wednesday afternoon totaled $6100.54. A pair of mules sold for ?482, best horse, $1S1; best cow. $165. A brood sow brought $72.50 and shoats $19. The large sale of farm stock and machinery from two farms, held recently n^'r York Springs by E. C. Reefer, amounted to $8.743.57. The best Hol- srein cow brought $26f; mule. $290, and $1933 was realized from the sale of hogs. The sale of Elmer Slaybaugh. But- l°r township, amounted to $4625.54. \ pair of horses sold for $360 and a pair of mules $520. The best cow brought $120 and shoats $20. The sale of Frank E. Lehman, York Springs, on Saturday, amounted to^$5,789.59. Pair of mules brought $585; best horse. $278. and highest cow, $lir. Two-vcar-oM colt sold 1'or ?! and "a one-year-old colt for $90; sow and pigs S70; shoats $22; chickens 36c Miss Maude Wiennan Bream, of Wiernum's Mill, have been on he sick list. Mrs. Sarah Shadel, of Hanover, for- nerly of Littlestown. who had been se- iously ill from stomach trouble, is reported improved, Mrs. Horace Heltzel. Bonneauville, who was ill last week, is much improved. Miss Miriam Ilepler. a member the Littlestown High School faculty, was called to her home in Reading owing to the illness of her mother. Miss Esther Feiser, R. N- of this place, is attending Dr. J. W. Mehrins and daughter, near Littlestown. who are convalescing from attacks of pneumonia. The latter underwent an operation on Sunday aweek. Miss Cecelia Weaver, d a u g h t e r of Reynolds Weaver, of Hanover, who had been ill for five weeks, from typhoid pneumonia, was able to be out of doors for the first time, on Sunday. Miss Bertha, daughter of Mr. r.nd Mrs. Charles Ferry, near A b b o t t p n v n . returned home from York !^ week suffering from a mild attack of sear- let fever. She is convalescing larid- 'y. " Mr. and Mrs. Chap. P.rown. of r.ear 3ast Berlin, are both ill with the !lu. George Y. Hemler. of McSliorrys- town, is much improved afcc-r hi* '·'- cent illness. Mrs. Claude McCann. Liule.'iowu. who has been ill, i? scmcwha: imyrov- sd. Philip M. Byer and Anna B. Bowers, both formerly of Now Oxford. wei't- u i « r n f \ « ."".a ^.".r.c.a;. ;·· - burg. The bride is a daughter of Mrs. Ellen Bowers. Aspers Station. Both have "been employed in Middletown. where they will reside. Mr. and Mrs. I 1; Mt. Misery. DE \THS Following a brief illness due to grone. Amos C. Jacobs, died Fridav at his home in West York. Bjr°d 7S yoars. He is .survived by hi* wife ami several children. One b r o t h - er ami tw» sisters. Si-imiol and Miss Lr\ih Jacobs and Mrs. Sarah IKiechst. of East Berlin, also survive. H a r r y Weaver, of New C u m b e r l a n d . died rec-Mitlv f o l l o w i n g n p a r a l y t i c t-V.-okt\ ::: '.:::: 7!--t ;·'.·-. He w:^ a native of Adams county a n d last of his generation. He h a d resided in New Cumberland for the past 15 years, [Iyer spent Sunday at the hom- of the la'ttcr's sister. Mrs. Archie Wither*. Allen L. Frey. son of tre hue,. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Frey. Hanover r.nd Miss Effie I. Keagy. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Keagy of near Edge Grove, were married by Rev. of New Baltimore, on ig in their newly f u r n - ished home in Hanover. On February 2Sth. at Glenwood. near H.-iirisburg. at the home of the bride's cousin, Mr. and Mrs. J. Lloyd Haines. Miss Lorma M. Daronc, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Daronc. East Berlin, and Chas. R. Thompson, an ex- service man. and sou of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Thompson. York, formerly of East Berlin. The ceremony was performed by Rev. H. M. Miller. Walter ?.!. P-echtel. son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bechtel. and Miss Emily M. A'oble, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Noble, of Hanover, were ma"- ried Wednesday eveniim by Rev. H. A. Spook, in (he U. E. parsonage. Charles L. House, a former veriau. died Friday morning in Ha no- Baltimore, of a romplicaiion of diseases, aged 73 years. The remains wer bro'i to the homo of his d a u g h t e r . Mrs. Robert Stahl. Hanover, on S a t u r d a y morning. Miss Mary E. Alt In if!' died M o n d a y K at the home of her sis'ter. .Mrs. u n d th.- father in ISfiS. Jacob FolrtKf was a machinist by trade an'! worked in his little shop above th" Folmrr ice cream factory u n t i l Jaiiti;.- ry w h e n he v.v.-s .ikon i l l . His w i f e , i Ualtimorean, d i i ' l 21 years ago. Jacob K. S ; e : r ' , . 4!. re. '· id inn alon/ di'-il s u d d e n l y · ; c o m p l i c a t i o n m o n t h s ago h '. scions in t b · '· : t h a t t ' u i i ' I i i i ^ n · rt'covcrc;! I:M'.''. since. His wiiV, al brothers an ! · a r d a y m o r n i n g , f r o i it diseases. Son)*: .i.i f a l l e n over uucor.- ,. :i and r e m a i n e d in ! s"veral hours. H" !."! has been i l l eve- S c h i l d r e n and :uve- - i n t e r s survive. D o r o t h y J. R ''and Mr*. Rob ' t o w n s h i p , n e a r ; " day at her ho:) 1 " ralsda a f t e r an i asod ( years. Me: is s u r v i v e ^ by ;\ x of M e n d e ' - s v i l l \ !c. d a u g h t e r of Mr. Keisile. M.'iuil!";: i - l r r v i l l e . di"d Fr ; - fro'.u c.u-'l'ae n ^ i [ i t i e s s of two days. :it!-.'s he p a r e n t s , sho .-, bpi'hoi-s. E d w a r d . lid C h a r l e s . if Sneai .ist James K l u n k . York, f r o m a c o m p l i c a - tion of diseases. MUM! 7t yoars. The deceased leaves three si.U'M-s :,mi thi\v broth'.M-s as fo!!ovs: M r s . H. H o m i e r . h. S. D : -Mrs. F l a h a r t y . G e t Mrs. Klun 1 .;. Y o r i i : Fr:iuk A l - thoff. G e t t y s b u r g : W i l l i a m A l t h o i T . Hancver. a"d .lose'/h A h h o f i . York. Fi'.uer-Jl s t r \ i f e s a n d i n t i r r u n t t o o k place on Saturday in Ge'uvsbuig. W i l l i a m years, died at - t . a j i ^ d about ^ home in Paraiii .'jiv :; i'i( moon, a f t - M - a n ilhi"ss Eiser.hart i; ; s ·lysis n. c-f f r o m Hi pound. The sale of Logan Irwin. in land township, Saturday amounted to $3159. The sale of John D. Riley on Monday amounted to $5677.73. The sale of William Diehl, Cumber- lend township, on Friday amounted to $1900. HOSPITAL PATIESTS. Edward employe McSherry, Gettysburg, an of the Oyler and Spangler fertilizer establishment, was taken to the York hospital Wednesday morning where it may become necessary to amputate his left leg. All the muscles of the leg of Mr. McSherry were torn into the bone, March 15th by a pulley which he was using to uil a dead cow on a wagon at the arm of Harry Guigan. Hunterstown. vt first no serious results were ex- iccted but since then gangrene has et in despite precautions. W. H. Carbaugh, Berlin Junction/ irick manufacturer, returned hoina on hursday from the York Hospital vhere he 1 was a patient for fiv Mrs. Sarah K u h u . who her daughter. Mrs. Backer, in rystow 11. suffered a stroke ol affecting her leu side. Mrs. Aaron Spangler ami McSherrystown. have reeovi diphtheria. Miss Srclip Brown, d a u c ' i t c r of M. E. Brown, Reading township, is suf-'cr- ing from diphtheria. ^ KEAL ESTATE SALES. John rml E.lw. K liror :V'V ; ^ '.-.-·"- ed the Klias Woli'ord farm OL 1-J7 .tcrys, on the Low Dutch road, near Guldens. Possession April 1st. Jesse Sronsc-1- ler ,'cenant, will continue on the farm for this year. Paul Little, of York, rnn of Little, of McSherrystown, has pu ed four building lets on Ridge avc-:iu?, from Delone Chrostwaite. of Hanover, and a single lot on the name street from Benjamin Eiine. Humprey Miller has sold hi- houso in East Berlin to C. E. Smith, of Read ing township, for $1250. Twelve avres and 93 perches In ML Pleasant township from David J. Noel wife to Nannie B. Hamm. Mrs. Celia Eckcr purchased ;.: "ub- lic sale last Saturday the late Mrs. Kate Snydcr property, in L i t t l e K t o w n , for $3,410. George Straycr sold his Bermudian to John Speck 'Mr. Speck v»iil stay o:ic ye Harry W. Swartzbaue.h. a nent musician of Hanover, and Miss Alice B. Mumma. also of that place, ··.vere married Monday mornins at Phii- i a d e l p h i a . at the parsonage of St. I Mark's Lutheran church, by the K n v . ! Dr. J. J- Shindle. The bridegroom is i t h c son of Mrs. Ida Swartzbaugh, and !is dircc'ior of the K. of P. Hand and is i a l s o leader of the Lyric orchestra. He ' i s an employe of The E v e n i n g P u n . The bride is thf daughter of Mr. and 'Mrs. David Mumma. pulmonary t r o u b l e about a year. Mr vived by his w i f e and six c h i l d r e n . Ho is also'survived by his f a t h e r . F r a n k - lin Eis-nhart. B e r l i n , aiul t h e followine, b r o t h e r s and sisters: Elmer. Paradise · v o w n s h i p : J o h n . East M e r l i n ; Curtis. York Springs, and Paul Kisen- hart. Thomahvill": Mrs. Robert Weaver, and Mrs. Charles Joseph. East iVrlin; Mrs. W i l l i a m W a n n e r . Tho'.nas- ville. and Mrs. H a r r y I'-nshey. in Co ra do. also O w e n . ot _ t ·· " · ' i y i'.:':.· rnn |U'i V l t t ' l V P i c . - s - i u r er a'' t ; i nrd-.y ::: tl i sen M . .1. i'S M a h v r l v c,t : e a r l - - t f ' - ry oil S.:'v. ;is i l l t e I i v m a c u U te i - 'il.u- \ on · aft ill the s:, w i t h t h no' Donald X. H u d s o n , of Dr. ami Mrs. E. York S p r i n ternoc'.n. 2 - m o i t t h - o l d sun D. H u d s o n . .lr.. of oa \\\'diu'.;dav a f - er of H o v e r '.o 1 ^ i"\ir Ad""'i". D e a l l i v.'"..- c::-: !v,\es hi-, ' . i ' ' IK- also 1 . Y e s : ml si:-;. r - : J u l i u s . Spri".'. I l - n n n i " . V"i 1; but 1 .s(,i\\ -i. al. R o t h ' s 11 ;r. c h A f t " r P l a n k an d a y s . r J o h n dO]i.i D ('''.'.S u n i ' t h e i s r e p o r t e d i l l T w o s i n a ' l The f a t h e r . Beroni- of the f i r s t f r o i u t h e t l u in v e i l k n o w n tY.rrv iliei! at his houi- 1 a b o u t i7 \ e a r i ' . i i l i u e s t i o u . a f t " : a few d a \ s . I : ! several f o l l o w i n s r ;r J u l i u s . :=.. Dover; lle'i'i. · .» Px. D.; Mrs. A. i' K. E. Myers. A' 1 s. M i c h a e l M y e i -. :'-Ml Mrs \V. .-: M r s . C y r i l M y e t o w n s h i p , son and E l i z a b e t h of H u n t i i i g t o n Mr. and Mrs. of ? . ; « . M a r \ i'.i.-^'.-i:. Margaret Miller, also t o w n s h i p , d a u g h t e r of J u c o j I'chas- Amos M. M i l l e r , were m a r r i e d Saturday morning by Rev. B. F. Lightner at his Gettysburg residence. Charles L. P h i l i p s and Miss Ada L. W i l d a s i n , both of Bowlder, were married by the Rev. L. G. S t a n f f e r al the Lutheran parsonage; in New Chester on Friday. Evan Appier, of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob A. Appier. G e t t y s b u r g , was married to Miss Effio Ellenbarger. a. t r a i n ed nurse of t h e C o n n e l l s v i l l e h o s p i t a l , in the Methodist parsonage, Comi'dis- ville. yb the Rev. Harry A. Silves, a .brother-in-law of the bride. Lir.colu Hiuhv.-ay miles west of Get coin H i g h w a y i i l n 'ss of ;; s t a l e n of l h " h o m e !'. l l u L i n \ V e l n - s c l a y n i u h t . H e is s u r v i v e d by his w i f e : his f a t h e r - . V,. C It. P l a n k . H i g h l a n d t o v i i s l i i p ; ( l i r e - b r o t h e r s , C h a r l e s Plan!;. C u m b e r l . i n d · l o w u s l M p ; W i l l i a m I I . P l a n k , l l i . t ; h l a i i : l t o w n s h i p ; a n d L a w r e n c e P l a n k . Vork ; (\vo sislcrs. Mrs. A n n i e Asper. Mrs. J o h n K n n t z . ol s h i p ; one LeGoro. S l r a b a n lo\\ i -Mrs. l U r b e i " . A broker, rail a short distance north of the Table Rock station caused the front truck of the P. R. engine of the train due in Gettysburg Tuesday morning to jump the track about 10:10 o'clock. Nothing serious came as a result. Charles Bange, for manv years connected with the Mansion House. Hanover, has purchased the stock, fixtures and good will from C. F. Welsh, who now owns the Hotel Penn. York. He ·will 'take possession April 1st. The last mile of concrete highway on the Gettysburg-Harrisburg road in Straban township is under construction. On Saturday evening a thief entered the hennery of Charles Sowers near Abbottstown and took with him 10 hens. Mrs. Sowers stated that the party is known and if the hens are not returned a warrant will be sworn ouMor the party's arrest. · Miss Mary Hafer, Abbottstown, entertained at a party, Wednesday,even, ing a number of her young friends, in honor of her fourteenth birthday. Dr. T. C. Miller and Miss Fanni Kobler, were married at Abbottstown by the Rev. R. H. Clare, 15 years ago Monday. David Matthews, of near Hunterstown, had the misfortune of dislocating the bones of Ms lefc arm while see-sawing. L. E. Lawrence, inspector of the second ward, McSherrystown, will move to the residence of his son, Chas. Lawrence, on North street This will 'necessitate the appointment of a new inspector in this ward. The Rev. I. M. Lau and A Nevin Sponseller were elected delegates and George M. Conover and George Hotter, alternate delegates to attend th« Community Convention held at Washington on Saturday at a recent meeting of weeks after undergoing a delicate operation or a diseased bone in the ankle, the ·esult of an accident suffered over 20 ears ago. Donald Eckert, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Eckert, near Gettysburg, is in a condition in the Bellefonte ic-spital following an operation ' for appendices,, The young man is a Freshman at State College. home in recently. r in ''he farm, he will then have sale, and his son-in-law will movo where lr- lives. Arthur Bair recently sold Ins property in Littlestown, occupied Fissel, to Geo. H. Stewart, o Mills. H a r r v V. Mummert sold to ! Small four building lots on R enue, McSherrysiown. The transaction was ade thru the F. V. Torpor agency. One lot in by Eli . Union William M. Wise, Hanover, will undergo an operation for the removal of cataract from his right eye at the Jefferson Hospital, Philadelphia.. Miss Bemadette Small. Hanover, who has been a surgical patient at the York hospital, recently, was discharged from that institution Tuesday. STOKK NEWS. Frank H. Hoffman, son of Win. II. HoffrMii, of P a l t i i n o r e , f o r m e r l y of New Oxford, and Miss Bessie Micliac-1, of Hanover, were married on March ]0th in Baltimore by t h e Rev. J u r t - inan. Robert W. Wildasin. of Blooming Grove, a n d Miss Hattie T. ITaverstock. d a u g h t e r of Elmer Haverstock. Hm- ovc-r, were married Saturday e v e n i n g . in Trinity Reformed parsonage, bytlu; pastor, Rev. Dr. M. J. Roth. .1. Au i r i d b u s t u s well k n o w n rr- of L i t t l e s l o w u , a n d i g h t M i s s Mr. and Mrs. Curtis S. Sponseller, Nortr Peters street, on Friday aweek, a daughter. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Weaver, Hanover street, a son. Mr. and Mrs. John Gulden, of Tyrone township, a son. Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Eckert, Gettysburg, a son. Mr. and Mrs. John Kindig, of near Littlestown, a daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Starr, of Harrisburg, on Feb. 9th, a daughter^ Mr. Starr is a son of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Starr, Littlestown. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Thompson, Biglerville, a daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Shank, Hampton, on Saturday night, a. son Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kress, Liftles- town, a. daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Blocher, Harrisburg, twin sons. Mr. and Mrs. Blocher were formerly of Littlestown. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Staley, Littlestown, a son. Mr. and Mrs. A, M. Riddle, Hanover on Tuesday, a son. Mr. and Mrs. John Clapper, Reading township, Saturday, a daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Winand, Reading township^ on Saturday, a daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Emory Gise, Idaville Gettysburg fror.: t h e executor of the estate of Martin Yxir.ter to Samuel Weiser and wife. One lot in Gettysburg from Ly.'lia F. Hughes to Harry B. Bander. A deed recorded on Saturday by Horace E. Smiley, register and recorder, denoted the transfer of 271 acres in Franklin township from Valentine Barger to Jacob Stanner on June 1, 1812; and another the sale of 75 acres in Union township from M. C. Bish and Elizabeth Bish and Earl De'noff on larch 13, 1920. Dr. J. E. Mpselman and John Brehm ave purchased the Mickley property n Gettysburg. Mr. Brehm will use he first boor of the building for his ailoring establishment and Dr. Muselman will occupy the second iloor vith his dental parlors. Guy Mickey's barber shop will be moved to the ,tore room of Henry Garlacb. Harry G. Miller, administrator, to William M. Stambaugb, tract of land n Paradise township. Minnie C. Bowman to John M. Emet, property in Hanover. Charles W. Schue to Odam A. Hoffman, property in Hanover. On Saturday evening Irvin A. Resh. son of Mr. and Mrs. Xoah W. Resh. of Hanover R. D. 2. aan Miss Cora E. Trone, of Black Rock, were married n St. Matthew's Lutheran parsonage, Hanover, by Rev. R. H. Bergstresscr. lASil V*» «^»*-.«- ---- .r , the Mt. Joy Cossmanity association. ja daughter. At WATER RATE IN EFFECT Tuesday evening's special ses- Miss Emma Stavely, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Noah Stavely, of near Littlestown, and Emanuel D. Wallick. son of Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Wallick, married in Baltimore, Saturday Sir.iih. m a n -lied T h u r s d a y a f t e r n o o n a t the' f a m i l y residence, in L i t t i c s l o w u . f r o m a c o m p l i c a t i o n of diseavs. He was aged 72 y e a r s and (i m o n t h s . S m i t h wa,- bo:h in '· r m a n y t.r.v. ;:nd was t h e - son of t h e lale. : ; .'r Mrs. N i c h o l a s Si.lit h. T h i r t y years !"·( h- v.'aK r.iat'ri.'d m C l a r a S n i i l i i , L i : t I v r i t o v . ' i i , w h o ceded l i i i i ; in I ' e a t l i i':i'. .war ago. Smith for a n u m b e r of y e a i s was a member of the l i n n of Km:; and S m i t h , w h i c h c o n d u c t e d t i n : f' e d a n d K r a i n \\ L i ' i t l e s i o v v n . For a n u ' - i - ber o f years h e w a s p i v i i r i e t - r o f t h e Smith b a k e r y , t h a t place. Ho s.-rv.-d the town for a n u m b e r of years as · o u n c i l m a n . He- is s u r v i v e d by the fol- l o w i n g c h i l d r e n : T h o m a s A . S m i t h , Y o r k ; Robert J . Smi'ih, L i i i l e s t o v : i ! S. C. S m i t h . B a l t i m o r e ; Mrs. .Joseph Foiu, H a n o v e r ; Miss A i i d i e S m i t h , at home, a n d M i s s L i l l i a n S m i t h , of t h e Mercy H o s p i t a l , Baltimore;. I n t e r - ment was made; in UK; Catholic cemetery, L i t t l a s t o w u , on M o n d a y morning. school, s u p . M i . . a l t h e la h i e ; ; n d ! era I d a y s ow a a d 'i G e r m a n y , in ! S 11 v e r -c v h c t ' - d school. .;·!::. ['h. P . aivd 7''. .M · ( ' · ( ' H a n o v e r H i u l i 1 '. as 1 '. 1 '):' ton and .J' 1 --. i l n r l a y at his home c. ; - . i : t i h e a r t t r r u - :· ;i ,; K l H ' S S of sev- . s n v i v r d by a w i d . · n : i · w a s born i;i Hal 1 .! ' ' a m e '(o H a t i , n i '. ! :ne he hecanie , i : ' l n i l l - r u e r acad"!m . . -d ' · . I he l a l . - A. W. , i " i i ' ' ' ( p l a i n Eiclu'l- tl'..- h u i l d i n t ; a n d ,, s 1 ·;-:·'· to the I l a l i - ic.L. ' riii'. K a h n v, as i ; ' ' . ! · - i ' a n o v e r H i g h of t h e H a n s i l . r C ' o . f o r at Nev.poi t, was horn ill d i e d M o n d a y were evening, by the Rev. Mr. Mumphor. pastor of the Lutheran church and r pastor of the bride. Mr. and Mrs. Wallick will reside on the farm of his father, near Littlestown. Following a but only of a days, Mrs. It morning at t h over, aged 57 years, born in Baltimore. sickness of six weeks. serious n a t u r e for ten ) Fteser. died Friday f a m i l y resid'^i'-e, H a n Mrs. Fe,;r \vas She is survived by one son George Fec-ser, proprl/i of the Fc-eser barber shop. Hanover. John W. Noel and Miss Mabel A. Palmer, Hanover, were married Tuesday morning by Rev. Dr. M. J. Roh at Trinity Reformed parsonage, t h a t place. sion of Town Council, the new water ordinance was passed. Every patron in town should keep a copy of the ordinance clipped from this week's 'Item" for future reference. Secretary Sheets gives notioa that this ordinance will be rigidly enforced, with justice to all and favor toward none, as is demanded by the present council. Our water plant should be self- sustaining, and Mr. Sheets, et al., will make it so, with your cooperation. Don't sprinkle your neighbor's road, porch, or payment--Let him get a hose too--And don't go out beyond the gutter to sprinkle. Obey each and ev- crry section and you will have no trouble. The ordinance is published herewith for YOU--No excuses, for violation will be accepted later oa. Hayes T. Groft, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cbnrlcs D. Groft, McSherrystown, and Miss Ruth R. Claybaugh, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Claybaugh, Ladiesburg, were married in Frederick, Md., on March 1st, at the Methodist parsonage, by the Rev. R. S. Rupp. Mr. and Mrs. Groft will reside in McSherrystown, where Mr. Groft is ern- loyed by James Lawrence, cigar manufacturer. Mrs. Sallie Stahl and Samuel Miller, both of Aspers, were married at Gettysburg on Staurday evening by Rev. G. W. Frey. Eggs declined to 39 cents a dozen at th-a Hanover curb market on Saturday morning, and butter showed tre first drop in a long time, selling at 65 cents. Fresh radishes, rrubarb am rorse-radish were the first signs of spring vegetables. A birthday surprise party was held Friday evening at the residence of Mr and Mrs. S. Stephen Wolf, Abbottstown, in honor of their son Russell ·wiio celebrated his 17Ui birthday. Margaret. 5-year-old d i - u g l n e r of Mr. ind Mrs. Francis J. Howarth, died Saturday m o r n i n g aweok at the homo f her parents in P h i l a d e l p h i a , from louble pneumonia. Mrs. Howarth was Miss Sallie M a r t i n , of Littlestown. Phe child is survived by her parents, and ona sister, Loretta. Mrs, Loretta Vlartin, is * grandmother and Harry W. Martin, of Littlestown., an uncle ol' .he deceased. The funeral was held n Philadelphia. w h e r e . i n e n t he Following a sfckness since January 1st, from the infirmities of old age, Jacob Folmer, died Friday morning at the home of his son John Folmer, in Hanover, aged 89 years, 6 months. One daughter, of Baltimore, also survives. Despite his advanced Mr. Folmer was active until he became sick and in many ways was a remarkable man for his years. He was the son of John Folmer, who came direct to Hanovar 88 years ago from Duslinger, Wurtemburg, Germany, when Jacob Folmer was a baby. When they landed at Baltimore the family was without funds and after borrowing a dollar the father hired a Mr. O'Neill, who then p?sided along Mrs. M a r y D. ; ·: \ \ i d o w of Hr. H. Berlin, died at th or. Mrs .Anianua Yu'jsd;:y m o r n i n s Of dihC-'l.:''.:?. Ml'. teacher in the Yt- tl'.f,- ;;eve:i mother sli? leav brother. The be. East IVjrli'-i on F interment w i l l be !(.. I . t I'n iii..- ,·'·· "·"·'·· ·: ,i, : i, w i l l ·M..y t . i ·-,.·.«!(·. '.iii! daughtr.'r L e r f w , died r t - ' . i n L a t i M a v niorni.'m d i.-'s. SIv , o;li"i - s; also M i s . O. F. W i l l i a m C. h o m e in rs. H i . and 1 .' i l l ' . ( !.. R o m n ' . a vr ·-lion i ', v i l l e ; Mr.-. . l o i i n P a ' - .r, ..rn '.'.'· y e . t l S o l : . i 'is!, of Kas. of her tnoti-- k-n, in Yor.. oiinlicatio.. was :· ii' schools f ··: ilewides hf- · .i .tor, and ;.· l.. % taken t, ) the Carlisle 'pike, near Hanover, to haul the family and their possessions from Baltimore to Hanover. The father had to walk. The mother died in Da-, id Uougher. . -1 ye u -old son c f : Chas B. Dough-:/ . , K"» 'f-il matiag*".- of the Gottysburf, )· .· A- ;iti»rage plane and president oi tut? Town Council. .ccumLv.'l to pn«iii.i:tina a!, his home, Tuesday night fyli^v/iii^ two week» intenso .suffering. He contracted the disease; last Septtwin-r tr-nn a c^,uae not definitely k.i . . i i »y June ;ir 'r:*t his illness had ii-' vhat he was forci-l sition at the Firsi K be taken to the f'-jn where he remuitr.'d 1 «o r ign his po- uoiml bank and AlXo Bauiorium, foi* live weeks. Seeing that there %;«» )ii'«tctlcally chang? to .save ki^ moved him buck u» tifc, liis parents al his lEWSPAPERr lEWSPAPERf

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