The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOLUME XXXV—r", (U). Blylhevllle HiBrJor BlythevllJo '.fcrald Rebellion In Corn Belt Mississippi Valley Lender lilythcvlllo Dally Nowa W,YTIIKVll.l,l<;, ARKANSAS, I>'UWAY, MAY i'.7, SINGLE • COPIES FWE CENTO Application for Membership Corn Belt Liberty League MACOMB, ILL. For the Purpose of Fighting Compulsory -vr> Farm Control JV° Name .... Address Lightning Kills Man On Tractor Chief figures In the corn Belt Liberty League are president, !cft, and con James, secretary-treasurer, shown as they worked over papers of the organization in their modest office Mncomb. ill. Above the heads of the men is superimposed membership card of the League, plainly .stating its purpose of "lighting compulsory farm control." ' ' • » j . The Corn Belt Liberty League Doesn't Like That Word "Must BY WILLIS THORNTON NEA Service Staff Correspondent MACOMB, 111., May 27. — Even before the new-planted com crop has had time to germinate, the rich black soil of southwestern Illinois _ Is sprouting Llie. year's first, political Macomb. a small town-island of 8CM) people in (he great surrounding sea of alternate green and black squares of rich land, is an appropriate seed-bed for Ihe Corn Belt. Liberty League, -which started here nnd which is gradually trying to unite under a single organization widespread protests against Ihe current farm program. In one room above a .local movie theater, with an improvised sign on the door, Tilden,.. Burg, president; Con James, 's^rc-tary and treasurer, and 'John F:Carlyle, corresiwnding secretary, are attempting to weld together fanners thioughout the Corn Beit, who believe that their acreage'allotments are unjust, or who fear that present farm • olicies ma,y lend on lo "dictators.i;j over llie fanner." UCF.pite widespread publicity suggesting a "1938 farm revolt," the beginnings of the Corn Belt Liberty League are comparatively rno;lest Tnousands have attended organizing meetings in four states, but the number who have signed up with State Witnesses Testify 'At Morning Sesshpn Caruthersville ;•. CARUTHERSVILLE; MO., May 27.—Preliminary hearing for Harry Bniley, charged with murder and Incident On Border Causes New Crisis In Tense Luvopcan Situation By llnllrd I'ress .Spanish rebel bombs, dropped on Die little Pi'cneli town of CVrbciv, marked a new dam;er sjiol today on the mail of KurojK', Acting swiftly in (L situation potentially as dangerous us the c/ecli crisis, the lYi-ncti {ioveriiment, ordered its frontier military commander to take all necessary defense measures, Including dispatch ol anti-ulrcrnft guns and \varship.s-. iPii'smiKibly the bombing ol C'cr- U-iv was accidental u.s the Important loyalist railroad of Dim is across the border. But tail ollk'ials contended that they could not understand how aviators could mis- lake Ihc brightly lijjlileil I'Yench town for tin- "blacked out" Spanish. Importance ol Ihe Incident lay in the fact that Ihe towns are on'llin] main route of supplies moving (hroii^h Fiance to the loyalist government at Barcelona. At present, Great Britain is irylns; desperately lo conclude an agreement with France. Italy, Germany ami Russia lo isolate the Spanish civil wnr by cutting off all supplies as well as wilhdrawing foreign volunliicrs. The Soviets have so far tailed lo agree. lo details. i Meanwhile the loyalists approred I to have received heavy shipments of essential war materials, particularly artillery, tanks and airplanes. These supplies have been the '" ( cause of friction between France a and Italy—threatening their proposed friendship treaty- and have probably been a paramount factor in the sudden loyalist counter offensive in Catalonia. Tim loyalists claimed to have isolated insurgents at Trcmp in their drive to recapture the 'Barcelona power supply center and to relieve the 43rd "lost division", which had been cut. off in a mountain trap for six weeks. The relationship between international complications in thr^ Spanish war and in the Czech crisis was emphasized by reliable reports in. •Prnr.v tJ'nt. CswiKujlpvakla had been assured of Anglo-French,.support in any generous effort, lo solve the Cienutm minority issue. . /.At-, the' ^samc time the Italian press stfo/fgly backed Berlin in the dispute rni|d urged Britain not lo act hastily., The Berlin press contended that , Llie ^charges of Nazi (lights over 'Czechoslovakia were based on inaccurate reports merely for the purpose of oii'setting Nazi charges that the Reich frontier had been vlo- OAKUTlirai.SVIU,!'.'. Mo., Muy 21. - • Hay l.llhml, ut Ootlomvood Point, was almost hislanlly killed 'slriday atleruoon about live uVlork wlii'ii llglilnlui: .struck him hi 1 was driving a Iruclor an'o^s u Held bi'l»)>i!lm; l<> UJisrlt'S \Viit- son. 'l'hi> UK year old <lny laborer was thrown irom the tniclur :,iul Into 11 ii' air but tin' iiiHi'lmu* did not "Kip and nut wild iu'ims (lift Held, l.illnr.l died wllliln u lew minutes. Mrs. l.ilhml wilm.Yial (hi' tvutj- «'dy irom I lie i'due of Ui<. (idd. ili:- f.ldes his wife, in- (s MiiA'lwrt by live sons and daiiuhlers, llie elili'sl of Whom l:, 1-1 yi'tii'ji uld. I'lllll'lal ;;i'l'Vll'l-S WVIV In-Ill this iit'lrrnmm juiii burial made ill the L'ollnnwood I'ulnL iemHi-1-y. 10 BIO LIE ON BIG IKE'S L T<> Ask For Bids Today; (i'.)Vfinor Waives Hi^h- i);miat>e Claims .9? At assault with intent to kill. ' was] latcd by Czech planes am! soldiers, underway here tills aflernoorjilbei j In China Generalissimo Chiang nd- the re- fore Magistrate D. A. Hedge, galley'] Kai-shek conferred, \v|ili 'his was arrested after'lie Is 1 alleged Uo visers in cxix:ctation that the have fatally wounded Luther Burton, employe of Hubert Utley. and to have Injurix! Utley a melee which occurrcq Jt Bailey's inodeled and army dominated, Jap- Roosevelt Will Allow Measure lo Becotue Law Without Mis Signaltirc AliTHURDAI.K, W. Vu., jiay 27. 'UPi I'resiil'.'iil Hii-.'-evi'll un- nouncei! u> this iiuiiinlain coiniiin- nit.v aiul a naliunwidc riulto nuili- euce today that lie will allow Hi new (ax revision bill lo become a law at midnighl tonlyht wlll'.ont his signature. II was Ihe TiKt lime since lie bwanic prcsldi-nl. In )!).'!:! that he had taken the unusiial coui'st? of allowing an act of congress to become law without his siKiiiiturc. The president annonneixl his action In an unprecedented siicuch. delivered to on audience of 2(10 mountain residents of this Nciv Deal-sponsored rehabilitation community on the octillion of the graduating exercises of 1:1 Insli school .students. The president declared Hint his unprecedented lux bill action was (nken for the deliberate purpuseof calling attention to "those unwise parts of the bill" to which he ob Jccts. v'lhe pr;\-iif!n..'. tu'f-'lni-t'd that Ilu* revisions of the nation's revenue, structure tax; resloiv In Ihu lulure certain forms of tax avoidance and of rionci'iitrated investment power." "We arc delighted," he said, "to remove any existing barriers aunlnst, ern'y little bi?tines.s in the tuition which is seeking to set Itself squarely on its own'feet; .seekinj; lo pay off its debts, nod 'seeking lo maki a reasonable prolit; but the ad- minislnttiou does not want Inrgo tlosfily held corporations, making large profits, lo be used iis fi vehieli by the small number of their w.i- ers in ohier lo avoid lejitlina/c in- cojno tn.ves." ' Over 100 Injured In Akron Rioting : : A Held As Plane Runs Wild iief; would,- redouble short- -ttppli to'crusn the Chinese* ;bj{ 'boosting .the invacting anese ly iL, cnfe near Holland, April 10. j army 'from; under 500,001) troops to Witnesses for the-state, who te.s-1 nt I 1 ?" 5 *! 650.000. The new Japanese tlfied during the morning, inducts cabinet was expected to reject all "" : ' ~ ' CnmiH mi ed Mr. ami Mrs. Utley, Bond Campbell. O. D. Burtoif, falher of llie slain man aiuj E. L,. German. Steele undertaker. The Utleys testified that they were seated at a able with iyfr. and Mrs. Bailey I the League and paid their $2 membership Is uncertain. Officers say Die/ have not tabulated the cards. Many Membership Cards Hut No Constitution Yet But a good guess can be made. In Ji;cDonough County, where the movement starUil a month ago, a membership of about 1000 is claimed. 'Ihe county has 3000 farms. In all, 10.000 application cards have been distributed by mail or in organizational meetings. It doubtlul that as many as 2000 signed cards have been received, but more are coming in almost daily. By the end of May, based on meetings scheduled, organization should have been effected in about 20 counties of the 5S6 counties included in Ihe commercial corn-growing area. Its constitution and by-laws are only now be ing written. The movement had its origin in disappointment and indignation at the corn allotments made to farmers in this area—that Is, the acreage each may plant to corn II lie is to share later in soil conservation benefits nnd in the con program itself. Meeting hi from or j store, a group fell to comparing notes. Mutual <lis."xitisfactio: v>as evident. Most emphatic was TiUlen Burg.' wno lives on Ills own 160-acrc corn 'farm near Sciota. and who rents anit farms nuother 540 acres. On his own quarter-section of 16-1 ncrcs, he was allowed 103.3 acres in soil-depleting crops, of which 57.4 acres was allotted to com. This was a reduction of between 10 and 20 per cent under his last year's corn acreage. Contends New Farm Program Is Too Rigid In the neat parlor of Ills well- kept white farmhouse, Burg tells what was In his mind: "It's loo rigid. They say I can plant only so much corn. They don't know my special need at any time. (Continued on Page Gj Bailey's cafe [when Burton entered he room,ami that Bailey jumped .ip from.' the table and started shootijig at Burton. They declared :hat there was no argument and icdiation proposals by foreign ua- I'hc IhliU'il tilaU'.'i distl'lit l'l)(|l- •T'!I nlHoc :il Memphis was In vnlisi' hHlay hjr bids lor con- 11,1111:1 ol approximately Kl mill's li-vn' iiu tin- rastern meander i- in 111;: Uki- wilh the work Ui 'liviilr.l iiitt} ;;i.\ .i.r.iii'i'l.'i jimi •hi'd to I'uiilpll'tlull bi'loii' ni'Xt n V. ht'.'h wain's. lh" new It'vet' will rxli'iid from tin- :.l:lli> line dlli'h, wbrrr Ihc lull, liiir Is mienrti'il by Ihe Coll>'n Hi If r;iilro.ul rii;hl. ol* way. :i-i(ti <i[ (iusiii'll. (u u point t'h:h( •inlcs below llu;hwn, No, HI hrid;;i' HIT I));,' I/ike. Thi' lust Inirrli'i- to itie bi'iilnnhi 1 ,' • <\ ;irt<iul \voik on the nev\' lever ,sys- Inn. wlili'h «lll linn ««nc II.WXI il Inw w.HKlhnil and 2,00(1 1' alluvliil I'arm linul liaek inh) (be ILo'.Hlwuy, \\as removed ji'sli'Mliiv. Oov. Carl K, llallrv and ^l:Lte ht^U'vay depaitiiient otllclals :it l.illli' Heck ii-;ri«'d lo waive all cluiius wlik'h I'lii stale ml^ht Imve a'..ilnsi. Diiilnnuc Dlslrlc.1. No. 17 or tin- U'cleiMl i;ovennnenl by virtue I'l any il;nii;n-'i' lo Highway No. li), r rvi-nuuillv Ilu'.hway No. .Jfl when tin. 1 li'vcc pro.ivc'i is I'Slcndcd fur- HHT ; julli next yr:ir, 'llie iiil'.irn nl 13 t)( ; :i iicrc:; »f land In llie llif l.aki- llmdiv.i.v. whleh riaiiri'Ai' Dlsl.rlul No. 17 has nt- IcuiiHccl lo in'otecl- with Us levee ;ysU'm. compli'lcd in Hl'il, Is part Ljaulk' Hood ronlrol project o! the federal government, Included 11 Ihe Overtoil Hood control bill for be SI. Francis river and Us tributary streams, unclllary lo Ihe Mls- •ns:,i|ipl river flood contra) system. Overtoil measure calls eventually tor a strong system ol levee protection (he (ninth of Ihc SI, Francis and Its tributaries and for the htib'c rt'.seiTOir or (irtlflrlul lake to be created in Missouri, which will cover tin 1 town of Cireenvlllc-, Mo. Drainage Uislrlvt No. 17 commls- siciiL-rs, \vlionre serving as receivers for the district under federal courl supervision, hnvr- nlreiuly (lied con- demnutlon proceedings ii\ fcdera 1 i.ouri for land- liisid'-' Ihn, district not owned bv the <lislrir(. The 11,000 acres of woods mul swamp lane nbove Ihe Highway No IS brldut across l!i'; Luke already Is the properly of Ihe district. Below Ihe lirldi;i Is the rirh land which will bo ap- Continued on Pago :i Stock Prices C'apl. Ugo V. D'Anntinrlo, •t!)-5'cnr-old aviator son of Ihe Intc tti\Ilan poet. Onbrtele D'AimunHlo, is pictured In center foreground us he. was arrested lit Hit' Sevoraky Airport., TOriiilngdalo, li. I., lifter Ills grauiKl- plane KO| nwny from him, wrecked an automobile and seriously Injured the woman occupant. The Tlnllnn World War nee, held hi $500 bull for third-degree assault, will face d Department ot Commerce nspcctor's charge Unit he hml no license to operate an airplane. _=WBlkL IUT€LL -4&^m&L-tA _ ~ _- BY - eoe BURNS_ .hat Burton did not say anything to Bailey. They further testified that there was no indication of trouble preceding Ihe arrival of Burton. They admitted that they went lo Bailey's cafe, for the first lime since it was opened more han eight months ago, lo see Bniley, and tbnl they were i accompanied by Campbell and Mary Jewel Asher. i When they arrived there, Bailey i invited them to look over the' building and after doing so. theyj were sealed at a table, having re-) freshments. when Burton entered and the trouble started, they said. Upon cross examination they denied that Burton made any threats. Campbell, in his testimony, said that he was positive that Burton had no gun. He made this statement after having testified at the inquest, [blowing Burton death, that he did not know whether or no; burton had a gun when he entered the cafe. Witnesses for Bailey were ex- ',x>cted to testify this afternoon. Gene E. Bradley Escapes Injury In Plane Gene E. Bradley, local attorney, was uninjured in an airplane crush yesterday afternoon near Spur!:!. for immediate reopening of trade i 111., which badly damaged the plane belonging to James Iloinur. The accident occurred when Mr. Bradley took Ihe machine up tor a tost, before starting home, after the c-;.£,4ne had dci-olojied n "knock," he said upon his re-tnrn here last night, Mr. Bradley had hern accompanied to Eparln by H. G. Pint- low. Ills law partner, but Mr Partlow remained on Ihe groimc while Mr. Bradley took Ihe plane up to test it. lions as well as British demands in the conquered area:;. Military operations on the northern front continued slow with Japanese chiming satisfactory sHOgress. Children Cast in Film NEWPORT. Ark, lUPI Melton Barker—Hollywood producer who soon discovered Spanky McParland will begin work at Newport, on a two-reel comedy. About 7ft local youngsters will have parts in Ihc film. NEW YORK. May 27. (UP)-I The slock market declined lo new I'.'.vs since April 7 in early trading •\y, then rallied from-.lows'nnd, fluctuated' narrowly. Trading was heavier. A. T. & T Anaconda Cop Assoc. D. O Beth. Steel Boeing Air Chrysler Coca Coin Gen. Elec Gen. Mot Int. Harvest Montgomery NVarcl N. Y. Central Packard Phillips Pel fiadio Schenly Dlsl Simmons £oeony Vac Std. Oil N. ,1 Texri.s Corp U. S. Smelt U. S. Steel 128 )-•) 21 7-H S 1-1 40 7-tl ai j-2 •ID 1-8 1)9 31 1-8 'f.l 1-1 •IB 7-8 . 27 :i-4 It) 3--1 :i 1-2 . :w i-t H 12 •H :!-! 35 4H 40 1-2 I never could see much use for illjh llvin'. It costs just so much o buy the'necessities of life and when you' i;o beyond that, you're lest buyln' a lot of slult Hint you ivc no real iwe for. My Uncle Slug's wife went Into a store one day lo buy u drlukln' trough for her dogs. The man says Well, we have some plnln ones for twenty-nine cents but I can i;1ve you one with 'dogs' written on il for seventy-five cents," My aunl sad "Well, I'll Just lake the plain one—my dngs cmi't re«d and my husband don't drink \vu- Icr." Chicago Tourist Fined For Reckless Driving Alex Perchllst. tourist from Chicago, was flncd ; $25 on a chargcio reckless driving jn municipal .court today after ho lihcl entered a plea; of guilty. He was arrested lust night uii Highway Cl by slate policemen. Four men were lined. ten dollars each on charges of public drunkcn- Bravvnmg Cracjk? Down On Crump Group, Creating Police F'qrce .MEMPHIS, May 27. (UP)—Gov, pordou Browning today tracked down on. his |political opponents here ,wheit It was revealed thai lie hixtl ordered jformntion of the Tennessee slale police to "combat lawlessness In Memphis where the lorn authorities woukl do nothing abou 1 It,." M. N. Lowry, of Memphis, was named nellnsr chief of the slate police, which will be separate fron tho Tennessee highway patrol. Creation of Ihe slate police was authorized by a sUilc law passed In 1919 designed to "suppress all alTrays riots, routs and other nets of violence to Its citlzcas." This Is the first UniD Iho law over has been Invoked. Lowry said between 30 and 40 oillcers already had been commissioned nnd that all wero sUitioucd here. The governor has power to appoint, us many as CIO special officers. > 'olicc Battle Pickets, Union Sympathizers Along Broad Front AKRON, Ohio, Muy 27, (UP) ~ Police mul pickets bullied bitterly for three hours today In a riot which caused Injury to at least 100 persons and gassing of hundreds more. Officials threatened to call nulloiNil guardsmen lo enforce order at the struck Qoodyear Tire arid Rubber company plant. Adjutant General Emll P. Marx at- Columbus ordered 3,000 guardsmen In central nnd northeastern Ohio lo "stand by" for possible strike duty. Hundreds of Akron WPA workers marched lo llie Goodyear picket lines today in o sympathy strike. Oitlccrs moved against .pickets with tear gas urn! nightsticks In the curly morning when police said (hey refused to observe a "neutral" zone set up before the plant. The pickets retaliated with stones. Tear BUS clouded a fighting front.a mlt mile long. -.'•••• iVfnny bystanders watching the Ighllng were. Injured. Some treated themselves or declined medical e)i- mlnallon and their number could, csllmalcd. General Marx, availing tiny possible mobilization call, said troops could be moved Into Akron within eight hours. iy. (Martin L. Dnvey, who'used guardsmen id preserve order In the 'LIUle Sleet" strike last summer, decided, to await developments after receiving a request for troops. United Rubber workers mean- ; while threatened a general strike; Pollco, twice attacked crowds ne?r tihe plant during mld-mornlrig, They sent 25 loiterers to bc-ver with U;iir BUS 'blast's at-a''T)ranch - 'post- olllce near the Qoodyear grounds, Ijitxsr Police Lieutenant . nctt, with 15 patrolmen, ordered ft crowd of 200 union sympathizers lo brenk up. Tho men rftrtated haltlnfly. Police hurled gas gre- ntides at them and then followed with 11 blirst of long 'range gas shells. Small children fled from porches of nearby homes as the shells whistled past. , f . !V ?>.pi-i . • Accuser, Accused and Umpires In Congressional TV A Inquiry Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. 111.. May 27. (UP)-Hogs: 6,500. Top. 8.75. 170-230 Ibs.. 8.60-8.75. HO-160 Ibs., 8.35-860. Bulk sows. 7.15-7.SO. Cattle. 2.COO. Slaughter steers, G.VS-IO.M. Mixed yearlings nnd heifers, 7.00-8.25. Slaughter heifers, Voo-9.25, Beef cows, 5,25-G.OO. Cutters and low cutters. 4005.00. Pigs and cnmels arc sakl to be the only animals that cannot swim, Decisions Uphold Governor ,-• NASHVIIiB. Tenn.. MnV 27. (UP) f-The Browning administration today won two decisions vitally affecting stale political wars as the slate supreme courl upheld validity of the crime commission nnd ruled that threciiiew :She!by county election commissioners appointed by the stale board were legally In cilice. New York Cotton Braggadocio Man Not. 5 ,, Involved In Slaying The Courier News regrets that )n reporting- the fatal beating of Nalliln Tcroy at n night club near Haytl last Saturday night It reported, through erroneous Information received, that Cleve Crowe, of near Braggadocio, was sought In connection with the attack. It Inter developed that the Cleve Crowe sought, as also reported.In the Courier News, lived near West Ridge, Ark., nnd thiit, Cleve Crowe of the'' Brnggndiclo .^community had no connection ^hatever with tliei affair. The ''Courier News Is glad- to emphasize the' fact that the Braggadocio resident was entirely Innocent of any charge or accusation. July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May Charges and counter-charges arc flying fast as the Tennessee Valley Authority Investigation proceeds In Washington with the men pictured here occupying the headline positions. In the photo at left Is David Llllenthnl, TVA director, fis he prepared to "hand It back hard" In retaliation against charges made by Or. Arthur Morgan, renter above, deposed TVA head, who testified before the Joint congressional cummitlee headed by Senator Vic Donahc-y, Ohio Democrat, left above, and Heprescnlallve James Mead, New York Democrat, right. NEW YORK. May 'otlon closed steady. ojien hlsth .. 797 803 .. 798 .. 798 .. 800 .. 80S .. 806 27. tUP> low close 781 801 183 80-1 785 785 Spots closed quiet nt 797 801, 807 R07 812 815 off 7. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. May 27. (UP) Cotton futures recovered heavy mid-session losses today to close steady, down three to five points, open high low close July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May 811 811 812 812 818 821 816 820 820 821 823 827 785 795 797 812 807 819 815 318 820 821 823 827 Walker Park Swimming Pool To Open Sunday The swimming pool at Walker Park will be opened Sunday af- crnoon for the first time this senson, and will remain open dally during the summer. Swimmers will >e admitted beginning at 1 p.'m. Operated this year by the Mississippi County Fair Association, .he pool will be under the management of James A. "Ace" Puck- ctt, Junior high school atWetlo coach. The pool has been recently painted and cleaned and filled with pure artesian water that is subjected to a constant tillering process. In addition to this health precaution the water In the pool Is chemically treated, assuring ah absolutely pure supply of water. It has also been inspected by the state department of heal 111, on leers of Ihe fair association said. closed quiet at 818. off 5. Chicago Wheat May Sept July Sept open 71 7-8 73 1-4 high 73 H 1-8 low close 71 7-8 72 73 1-8 73 3-8 Chicago Corn open 56 1-2 57 5-8 high 5fi 5-8 57 7-8 low close 56 1-4 56 3-8 57 i-a 57 3- WEATHER Arkansas — Unsettled, probably local thundershowers In north and central portions tonight and Saturday. Memphis and vicinity — Partly cloudy tonight and Saturday 1 ; not much change in temperature; lowest tohlghti 70 to 12. The mtxlmufn temperature hire yesterday was 87, minimum 99, partly cloWy Wth .24 ot an Inch rainfall yesterday afternoon, according to Samuel P. Korrls, official weather observer.

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