The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 4, 1946 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 4, 1946
Page 8
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MABOt BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JUNR 4, "940' BETTER HOMES Exterior Walls Merit Attention Prospective Builders Urged to Exercise Especial Care. Prospective home builders, with plans still ill the dream or blueprint stage, should give careful consideration to the materials which will make up the exterior walls, experienced builders advise. Once a home ;>s finished, .decorations ami equipment can be changed—but the walls are there to slay. Thcjrdlnnry home, unless It be of solid masonry, is supported by a wooden framework. The exterior of the frimcwork is enclosed with a shea thing material and over t.he sheathing goes an exterior finish of wood siding, brick or stone veneer; shingles or stucco. To the Interior of thc'Iraming members arc applied lath and plaster, or one of the modern dry-wall finishes. The' ! sheathing is 'an important part .Hi the structure. It supplies bracing strength to the walls ant] helps 'them to remain sound am 1 stralglit despite storms and settling It forms a barrier against wind infiltration and the passage of heat. The'shcathing also can serve another "very important purpose. Insulating sheathings are available which-willi because of their low density, provide Insulation and thereby licfp to keep the home comfortably cool in summer and make it easier ; to heat in winter. This product is^' known as insulating board sheathing. It Is made of wood, cane or other vegetable fibers formed into rigid boards: Insulating board sheathing Is made in large sheets. The common four-foot size is large enough to span fijmr studs at once from floor to ceiling. These large sheets make application easy. The board is convenient to handle because it is rigid. Because large areas are covered with a single board, waste is reduced to a minimum and time and lAbor are saved. A hew series ,of laboratory tests has confirmed previous knowledge as to the strength and bracing jwwer of insulating txiard sheathing. Half- inch insulating sheathing applied vertically in 4x8-foot sheets, the> showed, has between two and three times the. strength and rigidity o narrow sheathing materials put 01 horizontally. When used in a thickness of 25-32 inch; the insiilating sheathing n.JturaUy has even 'greater strength. ''- ".* " " ""' : ' Typical Early American House Combines Space, Convenience GROUND FLOOR PLAN SECOND FLOOR PLAN To the homcseeker with an eye. comfort r;nd roominess for "or something quite characteristic tainmcnt of guests. this Early American two-story home with attr.chcd garage should have strong appeal. 1 The first floor plan combiner spaciousness and convenience. The T" shaped combination living and dining room is a very desirable feature making for family enler- The kilchen features corner windows for splendid visibility und light and the largo window in the breakfast nook gives an air ot cheerfulness. The second floor plan provides for three bedrooms and bath with ample storage spr;cc over garage. Replacement I Negroes Buy Building for Youth Center Elkins Home Is ftprivertecf TdjApar tments Mrs.' J. H.' Elkins 1 home at 1008 West Main, recently severely damaged by.: fire, is being rern.odeled into apartments. .' '' : ''' There wUl *>e three apartments, with those lor rent efficiency units with flt.bedroom, Kitchen and bath. The apartment, In which Mrs. Elkins Trill reside, is to have two bedrooms, a living ' room, kitchen and bath. Two extra rooms have been rented. Tlie apartments will be ready for rcITi as"soon as equipment is available, Mrs. Elkins said. In addition to remodeling the interior; fhe house has also been remodeled and t improved on the exterior: Costs o Factor In Insurance Most ownorg are uninsured for lire mid windstorm on their business buildings nnd' dwellings, due to the increased value of properly. This is nlso true on automobiles. Almost all proi>erty is Insured for only n fraction, of its present sales and replacement value, 'according, to]..Walter. L, .Haysj --president; pfc the American pirc bml CasualLy Company, Orlando, Florida. Mr. Mays nlso stated that it is important to increase the amount I of insurance to keep pace with tho Increase 'in values.'Most property | g witn Alcm| owners would find themselves tak-1 pcrvlsor of The Lwa buildings at the corner of First and Cleveland streets, purchased by the Royal Brotherhood Negro Club oml the Blythevillt Negro Federated - Women's Club will be used for n tiny care centei i;nd a recreation program for tlu. Negro youth of Blytheyille. . These programs will begin soon as necessary repairs fire made on the buildings. All parents interested In having their children a 1 tend the clay cave center fire asked to register June Wiley, Jeanes Su. .,, , ,, .. , . • i "• ••• «i."Si.isippi County, 120 ing a terrific loss if their property, E Jig t Mathis were d est royed by f ire or w i nd- . " _.._ storm. 2,000,000 Farm Homes Rated as Beyond Repair 'About 2,000,000 fftrm families live in 'houses which are "beyond repair" and almost 4,GIK),CpO tjf the total of 8,500,000 American farm families arc , ill-housed, according to a report of the National Committee on Housing. One reason for this deficiency is that farm housing receives less at- teptipn than urban housing. Mrs. Samuel I. Rosfinman, ^chainnan of. the conimittce, says. The figures lire part ' of a report on the proceedings of a recent conference by the national committee and the committee for Kentucky. Small Gymnasium Easy To Build in Basement Building a small gymnasium in the basement can be simple and inexpensive. To separate it from the rest of the basement, just put up some 2 by 4's and nail on enough insulating board to make the walls. Put in a set of pulleys, mul for wrestling, some Indian clubs or dumbbells and you're all set. other equipment, such punching bags or .stationary bicycles, nitty be added to suit the owner's preference. Builders Stress Fuel Economy Added Initial Costs Pay Good Dividends As Winters Roll By. Professional home planners ore ylng more aim more attention to structural aids whlcli will mean greater comfort to those who will live In the houses erected todiiv, nncl those being planned for tomorrow. •One of those comfort Items Is a cool room In summer, nncl \\ room thnl Is warm In'winter. Proper Insulation, aim there Is ft wide variety of types of Insulation U> use, Is the answer. The added cost need not cause nlnrm, for prpporly Insulated house will pay dividends in fuel saved winter after winter. Insulation saves so much on fuel bills and adds so much to comfort Hint it Is poor economy to leave it out of the building si>ecifieaUons. Its value was dramatically proven during ihe war years when the addition of Insulation permitted adequate heating In thousands of homes ilcspile curtailed fuel supplies, Promotes Comfort An important point about resl- Icntlal Insulation Is Unit it not Jtily keeps the inside of the build- ug cooler in summer and warmer 11 winter, but it makes the occu- uints feel niore comfortable than he temiMjratures would indicate. That is because of its effect on be temperature ^of the inside walls, iody heat is lost less rapidly to i warm wall than to a cold one- Tnsulation keeps: the walls warmer winter and cooler In summer. Houses can be insulated in several ways. The most common methods are to use structural materials of high insulating value or to fill spaces between tile exterior wall and roof studs with an insulatlngi material. The structural insulating materials nre the various insulating, board producls. They liieludc, sheathing, lath, building board ami* interior finishes. They replace other structural materials and make it l>ossible to provide insulation at little or no additional cost. Applied Directly to Studs Tnsulating board sheathing is nailed directly to the outside of studs. Siding materials, such as wood siding, shingles, brick or stone veneer or stucco, then are applied over it to complete the exterior wall. Unlike ordinary lath, Insulating board lath is attached to the inside of the framework in large sheets which completely enclose the wall and ceiling areas. This supplies a' continuous even surface for the application of plaster. The danger of | Blaster cracks is minimized and lath marks are eliniinaled. The rise of insulating hoard sheathing on the outside of the framework and Insulating board lath on the Inside is a modern type Huffmans Move Into New Home On West Walnut Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Huffman .Jr., ecuntly moved into their new ome at the rear of 1411 West Walnut. When materials arc available, a argcr house will be built on the •ont of the lot with the house, in hich they are now living, lo be onverted into a two-ear garage nd servants quarters. Twenty-two miles from home and just three cily blocks from championship competition, this Maxwell beauty, vintage 1908, broke down in Cleveland. While his wife looked on in dismay and neighboring bus passengers guflawed, S. J. Hippie (back to camera) of Lorain, Ohio, worked over the car, with the aid of E. \V. Gaull, Lorain garage-ov.'ner. The Maxwell finally roared its defiance of modern ridicule and was off again for the oldest- car contest held at Cleveland's Mid-America Exposition. Leachville News Miss Joyce Rcc(i o: I.carihville, student at Arkansas State College, 4onesb(>fO, has received the Uc?lta Beta Chi language award. Mrs. Carl L. Mason of Greenville, Miss., spent last week in Leachville with her purcnts, Mr. and Mrs. E. 13. Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. Orland MruUson and daughter, Norma Joyce, have gone to St. Louis to make their home. Leroy Carter, .J. Bearden and Bill Urowu are at Norfolk Ham, near Mountain Home, this week on a fishing trip. Jerry D. Hnbbard, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Hubbard of Leachville, H You Plan to Build or Remodel Call us fur your 1'lumbinK Needs. \Vu stock and install all I'lumbinj; Fixtures. JESSE W. PROVENCE 127 Thotie 2719 Kast Vine Street was a member of this year's prtp oratory school graduating class a Wcnlworlh Military Academy, Lex iiu;ton, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Cummins of Springfield, Mo., are guests of Mr and Mrs. Taylor Davis and fani'h Population of Nova Scotia 1945 was 021.000 an increase 4-1,038 over the 10-11 figure. Winds carried $25.000,000 worth or fertile soil from Texas to Nc- brnskn In one yeiir. Read Courier News Want Ads. Read Courier News Want Ads. -W BPlTOH WILLIAMS - Head Courier News Want Ads. tttntiat FARM LOANS of construction recommended by ninny lending architects. Refrigerator Service OF ALL KINDS—CALL W. Q. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2642 F ARMERS arc thinking up new jobs for their tractors c\ery day to increase tbe use cf this expensive piece' of liiachinery anu decrease labor costs. But. trie light tractor trfat won't "stay piit" when it is being -used for belt work can be the source of a great deal of irritation and extra work to the farVnef who, has to stop frequently to itightcn the belt and get tha tractor back in line. Even on firm giound a light tractor of.teirniqves fronl vibration and a heayy load. And on inuddy giound it may do a lot of slipping and sliding around. This proble Manila News Mr. nncl Mrs. Bob Pooley of Ksm- sns City, Mo., have been the guests n few days of Mrs. W. S. Stnlllon and other relatives. Miss Doris White, who has beei attending Southern Baptist College in' "Pocahontns, has returned Home to spend the Summer, . -Mrs. Ortha Fleeman of Pontlac. Mich., and Mrs. Carl Southard of Flint, left Saturday for a visit with relatives before returning to tlxir homes. They were accompanied by Mackey and Paul Fleeman, wild vv;ll nd several weeks In Flint. Mrs. J. C. Story is visiting IIIT daughters, Mrs. Ruth Mediord, l.i Cincinnati, Ohio, and Mrs. Margaret Keniper in Lcnilsville, Ky. Floors Refinished New Floors Laid and Finished Malic Your Old Floors look New— Modern Sumling Equipment Used. Call 46D for Free Estimate. s Paint & Wallpaper Store Paints, Wallpaper, S/ats-O-Wood Awnings 1M So. First "We Clean and War FVton* Deal 4 Tills girl didn't have time to (ell her employers her iinnie. If IT'S r 2311 jam be tenons enough to disco\ir»(re •oat of the tractor on some btlt f ' If yon »re having si"-h "jitUr!* ttiwoWej with your tractor, here's «f tip from » MonUr,* f»rmeT 'which may help m»ke jour tasks 'fit »»sl*V. S«t » "h««vv 'sUke .tct poit firmly in the ground nut 10 f«ct bdiind the spot when tractor • to U pliktd. Then n tMU« Uodt or » -win " the For Cowpkle Protection ACCroraT & HEALTH •' HOStTTAUZATlON • FIRE • AUTOMOBILE • LIABILITY -•BURGLARY • PLATE GLASS >TORNADO • SURETY BONDS "• AVIATION / Low Ink /Lon«T. < •/ Fall ApprmlHd J Prompt Svrloa RAY WORTH1NGTON Serving This Section for 21 Years 115 So. 3rd, Wjthevillc, Ark. Tune in Prudential Program, •Sunday al 3 p.m. 'over WKMC We Furnish Everything COMPLETE For tlie ISalhroom and Kitchen PLUMBING ELECTRIC PUMPS SEPTIC TANKS WATER HEATERS LET MONTGOMERY WARD INSULATE YOUR HOME! Experts with modern equipment will do the job the right way! No dirt or work for you. Rock Wool is blown in under the proper pressure to give the most efficient insulation. And the price is low . . . insulating an attic (ventilating louvres are included) .in an -average 6-room home costs so little! Get your order in today... have a cooler home this summer . . . warmer home next winter! FHA OR WARDS TIME PAYMENT PIAN There's no need to wait! You can have your home insulated right now, and spread the payment out for months. Get detailed information at Wards. PHOHE, OR SEND THIS COUPON :- MONTGOMERY WAfiD & CO. Blytheville, Arkansas I would like c free estimate of the eort of insulating my horn*. I wfl be at home a»..._._ _ _ „ „ o'dodc Name... _. ._'_T_ _ _ _, Addresi. M ontgomery Ward BRIGHTEN THEM UP! UT WSURAMCE AGENCY 1MN ' CHAB. Bill HER Valuables should be insured against burglary OUSE PAINT Don't rely on a strong-box alonp, for suro safe- guarding. Insurance is the answer for Pr°~ lection of your jewelry, bonds, etc. For protcc- lion insure today. Consult , . . General Insurance Agency Phone 2611 "Everything Fn Insurance" F. W. \VH1TNKR First Nation*! Bank Bldg. SHtRWIN-WlLUAMS ENAMELOID Treat your furniture, walls, woodwork, lawn and porch furniture to new life, gorgeous color, lasting beauty! Anyone can npply this hard- drying, decorative enamel..!Resists heat, water, alcohol! WE SELL MIRACLE WALL FINISH M 98 GAL. PLANTERS HARDWARE CO., Inc. at w. MAC* raoNE tie i\Iarfe of the ]?esl Materials by 'The Oldest Taint House in America" for (hose who believe in the HKST. Also Varnish Stain Enamel Floor Paint Flat Wall We Have Points for Every Purpose E. C. Robinson Lumber Co, 319 W. Ash Phone 551 I

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