The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1939
Page 8
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PAGE RIGHT BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COUKTTiJR .NEWS Improved But Not New Predicted Mysterious And Deadly Weapons Still Seem Only Ficlion )))' FAVi, MAN'NINfi NBA Service Stuff Corrcsjiemlfnt NEW YORK, Sept, 25,—During ihe 21 years since Versailles, counties,? rumors linve circulated nliotit wonder weapons which 1 were being developed in (lie military laboratories of me wsriil. Ilicsc modern wonder weapons included .sucli old .favorite of the (•Dime slrip ns the r:bot bomber and the death ray wlileli, reports slated, had finally been jwrfecled and now are ready to annihilate .soldier aw! civilian alike. And !io«- comes ReiclisfueJu-er Hitler to hint In his Danzig speech that- he may use a new and terrible weapon if the war continues. Yel today, as the French and English slowly move forward into German territory under the clear- Ing bombardment or their own artillery, it is murderous machine 'Sim fire, concrete pill-boxes containing anti-tank guns, Inn): trans and regulation big guns-mot death rays and bombs of deadly bacilli—that bur their way, BETTER; WEAPONS, BUT MUCH THE SAME For actually- extremely few new' weapons-hove been developed since 18)8. Improvements have been vlr- ' tually the only change. The field guns used by the French army In their current battle of the .Sum- are still, for example, the 75 and 155 millimeter guns used-21 years ago. All that has happened Is that their ranges nrc Icngcr, their fire- control instruments more accurate, •Uielr: lateral angle.; of fire wider. HID explosions slightly bigger, and their speed over roads in go:d weather greater. The new German howitzers hnve many advantages over similar guns used in Die inst war, but- the advance made has not been sufficient to overcome France's 155 millimeter gun which—like the cue recently developed by the 0. S. Army at FOJ t Bragg, N. C.—hurls n 100-pound shell close to 15 miles. Contrasted to the cumbersome 155 millimeter gun used in the last World War, Hip present gun, weighing .30,765 rounds, is mounted on k ten-wheel pneumatic-tired carriage which makes possible a speed of 12 miles nn hour, THE KIU.F.U MACHINE GUN But, the one weapon which' in 191?,\vns.ktng of the battlellctd and which still lives up to 1(5 title todav. is the' machine gun. Yet the only essential difference is Umt It is slightly mere accurate, fires a heavier projectile a greater distance, and is more widely used. The big 8, 12 and 14-inch guns which dot the terrain behind the western front forts are virtually seacoast defenses moved to the interior. Yet they are little different tKm the seige guns which battered emplacements and trenches to pieces in the last war. About .the only great change in artillery tire along the western front today is (lie German reluctance to squander millions of d:llnrs on an artillery luxury like the 75:mi!e Blj Berthas of 1918. Those Big Berthas were not without value, however, for they taught Germany, ns well as France, hot to invest in great super-cannons of an unorthodox caliber which cculd. not be moved from one sector to another to bolster a weakening defense. Great U-lnc» gn.w like this one shown firing <mrin S u. s. army maneuvers in Aberdeen Md away behind French and German linr.s on the western front. They differ little from the giant Biins 0! 1914-1918. This German erenadc thrower with its crew of three, except for re. rmements and greater efficiency, is essentially the same weapon uswl In the first World War. Erie's Neutrality Makes .' British Navy's Task Hard Scientist Offers Theory To Explain Apparitions CLEVELAND. O. <UP)-Ghosllj- voices nnd apparllUn; tire not messages from a spirit, world but are "uncanny prolongations of some human faculties/' believes Dr. Louts K. Anspaclier. \vli- is n member of the American so-ieiy for Psychical Research ami on the lecture staff of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts nnd Sciences' "The great b;dy of psychi- research is independent of the "nhe nomer.a of mediumship," Dr An. He said that he builds his oan presentation on cases of multiple personality and of infant pr;dl- It Is estimated that the motor vehicle traffic accidents happening during 1S38 cost the motorists o"f the United states $750,000.000 in wage loss, medical expense and overhead cost C f insurance, plus damage. " 50 ' 000 ' OW "> r .P™PMy Road Courier News Want A<Js. By ItEUKI, S. MOOUE United I'ICM sua Corrcsiionaoul DUBLIN, Sept. 25.—Eire is so close to the stark realities of war that it lias called out reserve forces and introduced numerous defense measures ranging from blackouts to fo:d control, hut the country Is determined if possible to keep'out of the European .conflict. Eire is commuted tj ii policy of strict neutrality which the German government has acknowledged nnd agreed to respect. Responsible officials Insist, that the country will abandon the neutral position only if forced to do so, but the fact that defense measures are proceeding in s o thorough u fashion indicates that there Is iome apprehension. Britain will feel Ireland's ab- ;encc from the Empire lineup ngainst Germany iii vnrl:ns ways, although Eire's neutral position can hardly be expected to affect tile conflict in a major way. Britain will not be able to maintain naval bnscs In Eire. During the last war the British had an anti-submarine base at Bantry while the u. S. navy was bused at Qucciutown (new Cobh). The areas served by these bases two decades ago will have to be patrolled now by fleets based considerably farther away, with attending disadvantages. Biitxln ol course, still will be able to operate the fleet from Lame, in North Ireland. Manpower Not Available Britain likewise «m n:t be able to call on Irish manpower at will However, numerous Irish were serving in Britain's regular forces when (lie war broke out and numerous Irish were in the British reserve forces and responded to summons. Britain also may require the services <f Irish living in Britain. Ireland's neutral status will not nfTcct the supplying of foodstuffs to Britain. Thus frish resources will serve Britain ns well as though it were a participant in the Mar. Whal little trade Ireland had with Germany probably will di s . appear. Irish exports I: Germany were mostly horses, livestock aivl meat. There Is no legal reason why German merchant vessels could not call at Irish ports r r cargoes, but any attempt to do so would invite' almost certain capture by British warships. Therefore It is nnltirnl to expect. Hint Irish products which formerly went to Oonnnny henceforth will lie diverted to Britain to assist the latter in prosecuting the war. Trade with Germany was never large. For the first, si.v months. „ f 1939 total Eire exports amounted to approximately $2,000,000. DC Vul'ei-.t Defines Stains Eire's neutral slnlii.s wns define;! by Eamon de •Valern before the Eire pnrlimnciil which met In nn emergency sessLn on (lie ove oC Britain's declaration of «ar. He said he wns aware tlicre were strong sympathies In Eire regard- Ing the wnr, bill he did not think tlmt miyoiie. no matter what his feelings might be. would feel that the policy should lie anything than what the government, hits decided. Guardsmen Directing Traffic At Fairgrounds Traffic nt the Mississippi County Fair Is being directed by six members of Company M. Mississippi County's National Guard unit. Cars which enter en Davi:; avenue may park inside the fnlr grounds free. Only pedestrians nrc udmttlcd at th(> Kentucky avenue entrance but pedestrians arc also admitted on Davis. Trucks make deliveries on Missouri avenue. Walnut Tree Dispute Nut for Judge to Crack MODESTO, Cnl. <UP)—Here is n to»B)i nut for a judge to crnck: John Jacobs asked the court, (n n suit ngalnst Joe Anderson, to determine his slinrc of the crop from 21 walnut trees standing on or neni- the line dividing plats of liinil owned by Anderson and himself, If Hie trunks are on the boundary, Jacobs argued, each owner is entitled to nn equal share of the walnuts, regardless cf w)mt proportions of the trunk or ,tree may be on the other's Innd. However, if It Is found that the trunks me wholly cti Anderson's land nnd he Is entitled lo nil the nuts, Jacobs wanted the court to give him permission lo cut off any j branches overhanging his land'and any rcols protruding into his property. Orlando, F!a., Adds Second Scenic Drive ORLANDO, Pin. (UI'l — A 25- mllc scenic driveway circling 18 of tills city's freshwater lakes will be dedicated In October. ' It will loop the city and on the north side will connect with a similar scenic roadway in Winter park. To the south it runs into marked highways which carry visitors through the orange grove find truck gardening sections of Orange county. j Sixty-six iwiiits or interest have | been marked en the drive. I Meanwhile preparations for the | winter season aro being made, Scheduled events Include the Mid- Florida Women's Golf tournament, the Florida Tennis championships, (he Orlnndo Horse show nml (lie Central Florida Exposition. areas of windows in relation (o floor areas. Hcasonable reciulremenls arc included nic 0 to safeguard ), ra ilh through a supply of pure water sifo sewage disposal, nnd sufficient plumbing fixtures properly lii'-tnll- od. Compact Units For Windows Available For iliose who to install cat;w>)C)it) wlmlow.s in tiidr homes jiicdels arc now arallable that combine wcnlhwjiirlpnliig, screen double Kin?Ing liiwl, nnd hardware In one compact unit. The frames arc said to be suitable for any type of van and me i-iiMly inserted. Funds can be obtained from qunlffie'd lending institutions under the M:<lenilziition Credit man of die j-vderal Hous- ins Adjiiinlslrntioii for Installation of these (ttscj)ionl windows in existing homes. Floor Bricks Good For Patio, Porch Bricks, set In either sand cr mortar, make attractive lloors for outdoor patios or porches. Special [l-.or bricks, which may be installed under the Modcrnl/ntiou Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration, arc now being made for that purpose. These flocr bricks, wiihh, like fire bricks are different from those generally used in construction, are manufactured by an improved pio-, vitrilicd in kilnr, at a temperature of 2,100 degrees, and iirc resistant to wear and severe c:n- dilions.' Ready If War Comes to Paris _ WTONESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, W<5<] A "Cub" :,port))lanc is now on the market as n pontoon seaplane. The ship is a tic luxe, two-passen- tjcr plane selling for less than 52000, nnd is powered willi a 05 horsepower motor. Radio waves only 17 Inches Ions now form a .straight slide path for ««<! liy planes In blind landings. When three lighted dots In a dashboard cathode-ray tube are lined up horizontally, with tlio middle (lot centered, the plane is on course and in a proper landing position. During 1938, federal, stale nnd local automotive taxes in the. United States «sl American motorists $1.507,582,000. This figure Is $57400,000 less limn the tax bill for A newly developed Air Corps plnnc is reported 10 be callable of climbiiifv 5000 fefil in l.C minutes. The ship is known as the CW-'l nnd cruises at n speed of move HIBII 300 miles nn hour at 17,500 Icet, It has been fount! thni ti le majority of the pedestrians killed nrc elderly people who have never driven an automobile nnd therefore lire unaware of the problems of the driver. Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and. Cleaning Service A man of God equipped for \vnr- A Ciipucinc monk, with HHS innsk attached to bandolier, strolls along u Paris street. Read Ccurier News want arts. Property Standards Aid Home Conditions The property standards required by tiie Federal Housing Administration on homes with insured mortgages provide minimums which assure to eac'h properly adequate light and air' and safe sanitary conditions. Natural light ami vcn- Ulatkn of dwellings are stated in terms of minimum glass and vcnli- A new light plane has a tricycle type landing gear; the front wheel ol which is stcerable. The plane Is of all metal construction except for tabrtc en the outer wing panels, The ship carries two passengers at a top speed of 101 miles an hour. While there is only one-third ns much truffle on the hignwnys after dark, two-thirds of all fiUiU accidents occur at night. APPY GRO.& H OUR MKT. FREE DELIVERY IOD W. Main SI. Phone 15 We won't hurry] Nature while she! mellows our U S whisky £» P. VOUttTSEN Prasfctoof Idon'l ttiink anybody is sman enough to improve on this Kcntuiky hill clifflACO for -aging j whisky. The sun heals j doivn in the day time— 1 a;i<J the cool breezes | freshen evcrytlnnp up at I nijilit. Jusrfhr thing to | age our \vhisky. IMIiko [ to have you try it! GREEN HOLLO KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY Thlswlitslcy (j Sycorjotd — 90 proof THE K.TAYMU* DISTILLING CO. rry. ll, biand, • ftT THE Wednesday & Thursday Nights See Your Pino Hidjfo Favnriles on (lie Stage. raiiRii With and at Them. Bnjoy Their Music, Songs and Jokes, All Under l!u- Porsonnl Direction ol' Vaughn Richardson. BIG WHO WEST Direct front (lie Michigan Stale Fair Also Balloon Ascension CAMIMI MY & mm Adults 25c at Gates—Children Free at Gates BOSTONIAN TWEEDS We've yet to find a leather quite equal to Tiwvrf. .. culled Tweed because it packs all the rugged individuality of that famous handloomed cloth, its springy shapeholding qualifies and soft friendly feel. \Valk-niiti BOSTOHZANS STf.SO England, Scotland, Mexico — from many a far come the custom-made shoes after which your Crosby Squares were fashioned. You vear Crosby Squares \vilh the assurance iiial ever)' detail is "right," and that you enjoy the same smart comfort demanded, by (he knowing European. I 7 or long and happy wear, select your handsome Crosby Squares today, No.«5-The Snob Tyrolean walled list. English "Mudguard." Ricii Ian, antique (inijJv, Cicpc sole. AIL csosn SQUARFJi AK UNION MAD -ti 'riVrTf ' TT^ ndvertiied in Cs^ufro and Tho Saturday Evening ?os? As usual the best is always at MAIN DONT FAIL TO SEE At The Fair Grounds DAY & NIGHT 5th and Walnut Phone 810

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