The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 6, 1947
Page 3
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J'UKSDAY, MAY G, 1047 aney Delays infmenls RI/iTHICViM-E (AUK.) COURIER NKW S PAGE THR|5E John Bull Okays $30,000 'No Man's Land' Governor Awaits Recommendations From State Agencies UTi'l.K ROCK. May C. :UP)-| Appumlment of 1! ad;liti.j.,:i! im-mif • (t^i- ol 1 (he newly-crcaled S'.;ila Leg- il^iVF- Cuuncil today awaits recom- ii'i'iicl.uions ut ..several slat;>-wi:ie :i}!en< ie.s. Govern,>r Hen L-.meys of- ii^e has announced. AU-mb:>r.sliip of tin? cmn'.cil is c.i.'n- t'li.'rii of 11 ivpi cr^ntauvj.-:, six fen- .'n:> [juvernor. Tils legiii.ilivr members WITC elected phur U; a-.ljynm- m••!>.! of III:- 5SH> lieni'ia! Assembly •>:.ii Ih-j governor's ;i|.[),mi;mc>ms must be mad'j from a liii of lecom- metuUttlons Mibmuiec] >jy Ihese or- Press Association Ijlier- ilf'ti Association, .Stale Bar Asso- clali'ii:, SI me Medical fiiirirl v, AI-!i:! !-'arm linrcan. County J;idg- l:«n a;ul the Arkansas Mwiiciinil League. The governor's office said only I lie coinuy judges and tlio cduc.i- tnr.s hav; 1 tiled i-et-oininend-.itians. Tlic jildiji'-s rccomnieiiil'.'tl Cy Uoncl of Cntli-lulen County,!eiil. of llic assiK-iation. and Clarence Frce/c ol CiaitUiuad. :-eci-etary. Tne EOn- I'iitiou AMiociiiiion ha.s sug";( slcv: lioy NelsiMi and T. M. Hlinnvii, execu- live secretary. R»y .Stnilii. the sovcrnci-'s execu- livo secix-lui 1 ) 1 , said he has \vritt3ll a!! other associations ingini; them to Jile rrcommc-ndatioiu soon. The law creating ill-' ecim.-jil be- foiries cfTec-tive June 12. And although llu: lesislalnio failed to make ;.,: appropt-iatior. to fin- Aiice the agency, th? [jriveuior ha.s ,^ t ' 1Ut ' c ' '"' w '" ^°"°'' v throtiRh in l ^fll hojK 1 tlie me!>ibers conic! v/ork out sonic means of financing the or- CAA Proposes Shift of Costs I o Airlines WASHINGTON. M;,y (i. (Ul'l -"' >'iv» Amnmuh's Ailmlnlslrn- CO.OOO miles H now cmbruces -CI.OIK) 50, al Carpenter Dam lal« yeslcrday. 1 miles of ninln uiid ftvdcr ionics. | filiarpe, a commercial llslierumn, :i. N'lnely per cenl of the recent. ! w " s klll( ' [l llttt '>' he iille^ecMy einnucd declines In ulr U'nvcl cim !»• (rucril lo IncBulnr schedules mill inefficient service anil only 10 per cent lo fern- of ucdili'iils us Mn 1 rc.sull of Hit 1 \vuvc of nil-lino crushes Insl Wlnlcr. •I. Most ol Hie federal money ear- for nlr|>orl Impi'ovcmcnl.s tii,. niitioirs sjmnvllMi; u|r- system to the iivliiltoii Imlus- "'V. It wit..; ilisi-lusal tiiilu.v. Hvit rjiTimsi' df n u , shiiks' [Innn- »'L:il IMSHIOH n| most of (in- coiii- iilhic's, G/\A docs not 1)0- ]i''Vi- lliry can Kivi- uiiy hir^e-walo iiisUiice lu'foiv July I. KI-IH. >:l.sic!u'(> of tin- program was ii by A.vdstiuu Ki'cri'luvy of 'ic'c \v. A. M. Ilimlen Iwloie for in fiscal in-Ill will or liu KIT nirpiul.s. Tills Class -I liccausi iu'lc(| cA/Vs l!)4'l iilrporl funds inlo smaller fii'lds. r>. £ume -1.4:0 iiii'pui'ts si III ni't-i) lo be developed or Improved. C>1', l.lllll are existing public ulr- purls rc.'nulvinn additional Improvement und 't.MO ni-e entirely new Tile i-.sllllliUril cosl Is $9H. r >,SU>lt.UDI> (i. AlUioui;li aviaUm's safety • A|>ii|-()|)|-ii,lions Hlibcommil-'''!" (l Ml " |!i "Unsutisfucloi-y, it Is three Hums fls .siife lo fly In an American ship. TriLHauc gasoline. n' new aviation fuel. S 3 a compound contain- nu; seven carbon moms and lli liydi-o^wi alums per molecule. Screen sl;irs Frai after revamping twin beds were nchot Tone and Lucille Hall demonstrate (lie bedroom scene from "My Awlnl Wife" to please British censors, at S3U,Cl)0 cost for relaUes. in lilin's Aincricnn version, clo^e together. Thirly-ycar-old Uritish regulation foi bids manietl couples heing filmed In hed except in twin beds at least a foot aparl. Marshall's Report on Moscow Conference Arouses Russians MOSCOW. May G. (UP) — The ( were before the session," Izvc.sliiv government newspaper iv.vestia to- said. day disputed the factual accuracy I Marshall now tries to acquit tho of Secretary of State George C- ' American delegation and himself Marshall's radio report on the Mos- . by putting (he blame on .the Ho- cow conference. i viet delegation." "It is evident that this slale- j Izvestin devoted nearly a full mcnl was planned to evoke In wide page of its four pages to the edl- circles of the American people dis- torial captioncd "not in accordance content over the policy'or the So-I with the facts." n was Ihe first viet Union," Izvestia said of the Soviet reference to the Marshall Marshall report. , report except for a two-sentence It said Marshall "contradicted item April 30 with said thai MHI-- the facts" in reporting that it was shall had spoken. Russia which showed no wiling-I -ness to cooperate at the Big Four | Woman Fatally Injured meeting i . . ' Mother's Friend massaging preps- xntj'o/] helps bring case comfort to expectant mothers. , nn exquisitely mollient, la useful in all ccnidLttotis where a hLaat). inlltl nnodyne uii^sjiac medium in. s,l;l;i lubrication Is ilrsirccJ. OLIO condition hi v/hich women Icir more tlmn 70 years have used It Is :m r.ppllcfition l"or iiicis&aulm; the body during prennnncy.. .it Jiclps keen the skin soft ntitl pliable . .. tlma avoldliif? iinitccess^ry dL.rcoiufnrt due to dryness nm! tlj'jhincss. It refrtshw unrl tones the El;ln. An Ideal massayeiiiriilcjitLon for tho Jiitnib. tinglitig or burnlnu sensations of the skin... lor the tired muscles or cranip-Ufccj pains in the legs. Qulck?y absorbed. Delightful to^use. Highly liralseUOjy users, many "-"doctors and nurses. Million.'; of bottles sold. Just nsk any druggist for Mother's Friend—the skin emollient anil lubricant. Do try it Mother's. Friend Mo nopolislic groups, _ "'IIrI urn always reflect a real tendency to create guarantees of sla- bte pence and prevention of German aggression." "Such a position naturally could not lead to successful decisions on many complicated questions which Attack in Tourist Camp Cabin Puzzles Officers LITTLE ROCK. May fi. <UP)-- Puliiski County autlioritios today still had only meagre clues to (he mysterious attack on a Little Hack couple in a tourist court near here early Sunday. William II. Rndd, 52, and Miss Marie Hcntlrickson. 30, tin victims were reported slightly hnnrcteil at a Little Rock hospital fday. They received multiple sknil fractures, severe lacerations and brui;e:i wlien they were brutally attacked in their tourist court cabin. Sheriff Tom Gulley of Pulaski County said intruder entered the cabin afler slashing n window screen, and a large rock found in the blood- spnUcrecl room was believed to ha\-e been the weapon. Mrs. Clewell died at tin- !;om» her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Willi.<m Clemons. several hours nfter th? accident. Sheriff Lloyd Lafarcuc said tlie couple had hiU'h-hikcd a rid" with Louis Wilhelm at the -de^ of Slntl- B«rl nnd that Wilhelm had asived lo take them home. The 'jfliccr said M;-.-,. Oli-well apparently became frightened when Wilhelm ti'ok Highway 30 out of Slultija-- insl.a.l of the Preston's Fen y [-(".Kl. F;'ilm;; to attract the (h'iver's nttel lion she fell or jumped from Ihe moving vehicle. Death For Negro Youths Upheld by Com* WASHINGTON. May I?. (UIM — The United State.s Supreme Court yesteiday leluscd to review murder conviclions against two leen-ai;ecl Mississippi negro boys. -The boys were convicted by a Wilkerson County jury n nrl .sentenced to death for I lie pistol-slayine; ol Harry McKcy. a white Wilkerson County farmer and sawmill op- ci'ntoi-. The slaying occuvfcd Feb IB, 194C. 'the boys are Ki-ycar-old Charles Tiiuxteil and 15-year-old James Lewis, both of Natchez, Miss. The Mississippi Supreme Court upheld Ihe conviction and deiilh sentence. Gov. Fielding I.-. Wright made a personul ln\-estlgalton ol the case, but declined to Intervene. In appealing their case to Ihe higher court, counsel for Ihe boy. 1 said the trial leading to their con- vitlon wus "a mockery of justice.' He claimed Ihe conviclions were obtained by an illegally-impaneled jury, and protested the use ol confessions which he said were Ille- i Truedell and Lewis were origi- i unity scheduled to die in Mississl- i ppi's porlable electric chali Woodvillc on A|>ril Hi. IfMG. Thcil e.xccull(nis. howc^•el•, were stnyec pending oulcome of the appeals. The boys said they killed McKcy father of seven children. Ic- ge his money. They said they tool $64 Off his body. Rend Courier News Wiint Ads IK- a''K«i<i«;"al»oiit your mom. This one day :: ; tell your mother how much you care—send a Hallmark Card that says just what you want to say—the way you wanl Jo say it. 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Mi;i:l Urnl'ii!.- . . . \Vnar Iliiiininiil'i " .-.'.ibromniltlee iitsti was told: Any delay in the improvement ii- nil ways network tor economy "'is "will not only result In a •'> t»ll of hntuiin lives but i.vill) lurllier delay tin- time at hli h the Industry can he fully of the nlrwuys syslrm at shooting mid Oklahoma Man is Held In Death of Fisherman HOTSI'lUNtiS. Ark,, May (i, U (iailund County utdduh iiu\«y holtlinit ,], !•;. Kvcss. Iia-year Tnlsa. DWii., resident. f>ilnuvlii>: I (rcs.s with having given viirden Information :r/>ut him". Kress told Slierifr I. a. Hi-own Hint itirjie advanced upon him with a tnlto and slmnhlcc llrcd n rifle shot Into the ground. \ The bullet entered' \SlmriWK ri«h!; j? ' ''" xhoukler aiid '; ,; ilcmly plefclng the hear;.' ;T "' Durlnu the war .'ye^r dpi motor vehicles hauled 'a.. Just as Kress Imatcly 5,640,COi,C(W toris of -goods.- nf !• ! Mother's Day SPECIAL! 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