The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 21, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 21, 1944
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21, 1944 BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS County Is Short 18,000 Workers More Than Twice This Number To Be Needed #*..for Harvest in Tall More than 18,000 additional work- HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS Poetry, Gift to Man's Moods, Portrayed In Francis' Book Robert Francis, author of "Stand With Me Here," and "Valhalla and Other Poems," has produced n new is are needed in Mississippi Comi- volume of verse. "The Sound I ly now lo help cultivate full crops, Listened For," (Macmlllan: 52.00), while 40,000 laborers will lie need- which is sheer pleasure to read, crl for Ihe P.ill harvest, It was en- His poems succeed In presenting llninled from the results of a re- Ideas and clear-cut images In an cent survey conducted to determine eccnomy of words, famllnr words labor conditions in this area. which put together In any other Because only 700 farmers return- «'ay would icsiill In the common- ed the 2,000 labor survey cards sent Place. And most forceful of all is by A. C. Owens, assistant labor thai which is implied, and left un- siipervisor for North Mississippi said. Ail example of simple lang- CotuUy. and less than half of the "age which hits the mark Is, "The 850 South Mississippi Countians Mouse Whose Name Is Time:" who received the cards from D, V. Mullock. County Agent, responded, The Mouse whose' name is lime the lotal number of laborers need- Is out of sound and sight, cd could not be accurately estlnmt- He nibbles at Uic day cd. but a fair estimate could be And nibbles at the night. made of (he present acute shortage I of labor In the entire area. He nibbles at the summer The need for labor to help in the '™ all of >t > s none. Fall cotton harvest was stressed by He nibbles at the .seashore. farm leaders who said cotton must,He nibbles at the moon. be gotten out of Ihe fields as' quickly as possible so that Ihe Vet no man not a seer. grade will be higher. Each yrade No woman not a sibyl from middling duwn will sell from Can bear lo hear $10 to $15 per bale less than last Or sec him nibble, nibble. year, so getting middling cotton i will be of major importance, it was . And whence or how he comes pointed out. • (And how or where he goes With 725 German prisoners of, Nobody dead remembers, war in camps at Bassctt and Vic- \ Nobody living knows. loria, and an additional 950 to be brought into South Mississippi County with the completion soon of camps nt Keiser, Luxora, and Csccola, the condition will be slightly alleviated. The Keiser camp has been approved for 300 prisoners, the Lnxora camp, 250, and Ihe Osccola camp, WO. Six hundred prisoners are expected to arrive at the local camp upon its comple- »jinn early next month. Famed Endurance Flier Killed In Plane Crash MEMPHIS, June 21 (UP)— It was announced today that Capt. Forrest O'Brine, who with Dale Jackson established a world record for endurance flying in'1330, has been killed in a plane crash at El Paso, Texas. He was '18 years .ild. O'Brine and Jackson set their record at St. ' Louis when they .stayed in the air M7 hours, 23 minutes and 30 seconds. They refilled their plane in the 'I lie dignity and restraint, the New England selling of mud of Francis' is reminiscent o Robinson Jeffers and Robert Frost or of Heptiles and Amphibians at larvaid University and (or that casou lie has written "Many |lap- y Days l'\ r c Squandered' (Harpers: Loverldgc was an ordinary coun- ry kid—but unlike a lot of niod- rn-day youngsters, his first en- ounler with a snake was one of y, at nn early age, he got Ihe lo become a collector of replies, bullerlies, mastodons, fossil emalns. So he naturally wound up, 2 " becoming n niitiiralist In charge of :nc of the world's biggest collcc- ions of reptilian life. Loverldgc Isn't a staid old col- ege professor; rather lie Is an Interesting guy who writes inlcrcst- iiglv mostly about his experiences is a kid, and ills travels throughout the world lo colled specimens for And nil have not been his iinet'doles, Hither amusingly, tell of his encounters with bees, monkeys, crocodiles, lions, African driver ants, and other oiit-of-lhc-way flora and fauna, To read Ihe book Is a world-wide education, as well as a dish thai .serves up not a few laughs. The German people's fighl ugnliist rase Ism and the grndna acesslon to power through legalistic, means of the National Soclalis parly is Ihe scope of "Prelude to Silence," by Arnold Brecht (Ox ford University Press: $2.00). Dr Brecht, for the past 10 years a Army Air Field At Newport Now Used By Marines NEWPORT, Ark., June 21 (UP)— —The Newport Army Air Field no longer exists. The last training plane nt tho basic school landed Saturday, lluis completing Ihe first major slep in transferring the field from training Army pilots to that of training Marine Corps filers. The first detachment of from 50 to 100 Navy personnel wns expected to arrive todny. And training of Marine piloU Is lo stnii on July 15. Four thousand Army pilots received basic Iralnlng at Ihe Newport field from Dec. 25. 1942, lo this week. Some 425.000 hours were during ihc lime, with only Returning Soldiers Prefer To Plan Their Own Future To sixy that the poems have no I member of the graduate faculty o taint of obscurity does not imply The New School for Social Re that they lack profoundness—nil's search, served In six succcssivi at (lie same lime they are essen- ministries of the Gcmuui govern lially clear in their , meaning, and air. Jackson was killed in a plane crash in 1932 in Miami, Fla. A senior pilot, O'Brine was flying a dive bomber when lie crashed yesterday. Mrs. O'Brine, of St. Louis, was visiting in Memphis when informed of her husband's death. altogether beautiful. JOHNNY DROWN was a trusting soul, a big G. I. Joe from Texas, easy going and kinda slow on the uptake, nut he was a likeable guy, off on a short furlough and ready to lake in the sights of Gotham, especially the subway.. And thereby hands a good tale written by Dorothy E, Hughes — "Johnnie" (Duel, Sloan & Pearce: $2.50) . First thing you know Johnnie gets to following two characters he overhears oil the subway nncl whom he suspects of having Nazi background. He winds up in the screwiest situation you've read about in a long time— he finds' himself play- Ing the part of an escort to a beautiful blond, who has her glimmers on the throne of Rudamia. a fictitious country overridden by the Germans. Johnny falls into a mess of paste and gets all glued up in a situation that involves espionage, deer dnrk plots, romance and two pal: that lie leaves standing in front o Forerunners of our modern glider planes were gliders developed more than 52 years' ago' by tlii "be'r'mari Lllltenthal brothers. the Astor for hours, chuckles. SNAKEY STORY iMnybc you cjon't It's full o like snakes Aftliur' Lov'e'riclge ' does?' And fo that reason he became the Cura Combines to Oklahoma OKLAHOMA CUT. (UP) The Var Food Administration has allo- atcd 1,809 combines to Oklahomi or use In the grain harvest this eason, according to word receivc< iere recently from CoiiRrcssmut Victor Wlckersham, D., Okla., ii Washington, vho is under Ihe impression lha fascism took the German pcopl unaware. His Is a straight i-ccor >f Ihe first organized If Ineffcc. live resistance to a way of thougli that later was lo shake the world Hy KHTJI MIU.I'TT He's In New Guinea now. Hiil his iiolher und father, who me fnrm- rs, have miule certain there will Ix 1 i future walling for him \vheti he gels home. They have Ixmiihl him farm near their own as a sur- irise. That mother and father whn put heir savings Into a farm fur Ihrlr xiy were guided by nothing but ove mid (lie need for nlllnn these. mceilnln days with maklnr. plans 'or a secure (ulurc for their sun. But If their planned i;lft li> Ihrlr joy Is to be n good glfl, they'll liavi o l» wise enough niul Inctful enougli to miike sure the gift need De acce|>lcd only If it Is ivlml tin 1 boy win i Is. A recent War Oepartmenl survey shows (hat '10 per cent »t Ihi 1 discharged veterans now relum- ing to civilian life through ration centers hi Ihe Kast do not want their old Jolts (nick. Nor >li Ihey want to return to Iholr Immi roiumunllie.s. They want lo slrlki out new. Ho the pnrrnls who have a rani on should oiler 11 In him In surl a way Hint he doesn't feel ulill gated through loyalty to his L'um ily lo be a runner—If Ihe war year have changed his thrum of wha he wants lo dn and he, For Ihe Iwy said here recently. vho used to siiy Jin wanted lo be u armer has Iwcn workini: with air(limes [or (wo and n half years. A riH'tor may never Interest him again. The same thing !>; Irue of the atlu-L's who are .saving places In heir businesses for (heir sons ami if the families who huve their K'dils sot on their boys i;olug buck t> (Inlslt their education, or lo spe- 'lalh'.e In a piirllcular Held. The Ixiys may bo through with heir old dreams. And parents nuslu't l>e so KCt on lilt- nld dreams .hat they ellber force their sons to :lo what Ihey no longer wan! lo do .»• make them feel like heels tor not iloing what their parents huvi cmmtcd on. liny the farm Tor your toy, Oi 1 ready to Inko him Into youi business. lUit make Hie olfer such a way Hint he can easily ju\y "No thanks, Dad.". And don't be loo dlsiippolnled It he says just thai : ive Divorce Picas Are honied In Court Here The custody of (he two daugli- ers, one ID and the other 17, was iwardcd to (ho mother in the ill- 'orco decree xrunlcit Nettie While rom Marvin While In Chancery 3unrl recently. In the properly leltlement, the five-room house owned by Mrs, White WHS deeded o the children. The divorce was granted on charges of general In- llgnltles, Four oIlKT divorces were granlet in grounds ol Kencnil ImllKnlll I'hey were J.> W. Mllllgan vs. Mandy Mllllgan; Ijiura Dllghloi '». Steve mlghUm; Kdilh Wilsoi llolkln vs, Olen O. liotkln, aiu Doris Wolsfleld vs. Itiiyinontl Wols Held, Charging desertion, Lucille Vast hinder Morgan was giaiilcd u ell vorcc from Ulmo Murray Morgan. Mlllc I'oe was granted a dtvoro from J. II. I'oc on grounds of thre year separation, and on the sam grounds, any M. 1'hlllliw wu grained a divorce from lillwibet! .Stephens Phillips. Ten suits for divorce hnvo bee filed In chancery Court 111 Ihe lai week. They nro Charley Jones vs corgln Molly Jones; Vettn«->D«rf dson vs, Burl Davidson; Dcvft ciman vs v Corbett,Kornian; H»1I . liurbag^ vs. "Ruby,, Ellen i Burage; LcRoy Carter ,vs, C«rleth» ailer; William Woodhowe *va. Injy Ell/nbeth Woodhome; ROy'C. )cck« vs., Glenda Mae d«k?n Edna Abbott vs," Jiarold , AbbbtU. \udlc Jackson u. Roy D, Jacksop nd J. W, Hogans vs. Naomi Kouns. , I'r.ilsrs L'lanl Cmumlllcrs CUWKI.ANI). (UI'I — Employee management heallli and safely eommitlees In Individual firms and nhuils are I lie best guarantee of succers against absenteeism In In- tlu.sti'j', IVney 8hoshic. eoMstillunt nn induslrhil co-operallun for the Ameili'nu Hncliil Hygiene Assn., pureluViiij iirlco baeli It noisraisfTcJ llOc anil $1.00. Today, buy C-2223. RHEUMATIC PAIN Nil! nil Spill rour Diy—OH illir It K«» Don't put off sotllnt; C-2ffl to re. llcvo pnln of mUHCiilar iliciiniiillan nml other rhounmlle pulns. Caution Use only a« directed. bolll Largest and fastest of the planes' iscd for advanced tralnlhg'ls tWf" Jlywood Fall child AT-21, with a high speed of 210 miles per hour. Uc'nd Courier New» W»nt Ad§; irUhltahettrulimlwTy. % toothing, med 'l°r. Contalittle,anjjlotf »avo lota la l«r(ei SPECIAL For A Few Dmyi 1 GASH COCA-COLA-..'.. And 7!>c HoUle Phillips 66 Furniture Polish—Both 1.39 Brine Your Empty Bottlt* POTTER'S STATELINE HKKV1CK STATION lent, from 1810-1933. H c was re :oved from office at Ihe lime o r on Papen's coup d'elat for de ending the Constitution, and hi ubsen'icnt reinstatement by th Supreme Court was voided by Hlt- ers final dismissal as being "po- itically unreliable." His "in al- ov.'eil him a precise and accurate jicliirc of German democracy and ts final demise, and he presents t here in n detailed, unemotional account. While Dr. nrccht claims that Hitler's final ascendance to supreme i>o\vcr was "accidental," he shows Jic careful maneuvcrlngs of the National Socialist party to keep within Hie law until that day a half year after the final coup when the doctrine* of the National Socialist narty became the law. Sketching In briefly ' the fight against Fascism in the '20s, the book really begins with^thc great Welinnr coalition of the 1928 elections and the subsequent political moves uiade by the German i)cople to retain a Republican form of government. These came to a dead end on July 14,1 when' any organi/.cd opposition to the National Socialist party was declared illegal. Presenting in chronological order a, great mass of hitherto scattered facts, Dr Brcclil has performed a definite service for the lay reader Housewives! Storekeepers! WASTE PAPER URGENTLY NEEDED Clip this and paste it in your window! U.S. Victory WASTE PAPER Campaign Good Pickings in Arkansas AHMED with pick, helmet ami <l§imp, . mjutu's., ,-., tiinc establishing;^ uow, far-rpching prosperity /I. tlu'oughout the state of Arkansas are ex- for her own : people. "• ; • tracting a great wealth of minerals—valued in 1942 at $55,472,084... a gain of more than $8,000,000 over the preceding year. Arkansas produces 35 v important minerals—including xinc, lead, quartz, silver, magnesium, coal—as well as precious bauxite from which aluminum is made. 95% of all domestic bauxite is produced in Arkansas, and the state's two big aluminum plants—recently built—represent an investment of $70,000,000. The dawn of peace will reveal a large part of the world waiting to be rebuilt. This tremendous job will require light, strong metals and minerals in vast quantities. In supplying these materials, Arkansas—and the rest of the South—will perform a real service to humanity ... at the same A Greater South Is In the Making Typical of many progressive Southern industries, Lion Oil Refining Company, through constant research and experimentation, has succeeded in developing and is now producing from Southern crude oil, several components of 100 octane gasoline ... vastly improved lubricants... Butadiene, the basis of Buna-S synthetic rubber ... ingredients for explosives... and other vital materials required for war. i \ . .. From these activities have come increased employment and expanded payrolls! From them will also come post-Victory products destined to contribute materially to the greater industrial and economic advancement of the South! PRESIDEHT Hcocfquorlerj of lion Oi! Refinfng Company, Ef Dorado; Arkansas—naive confer of a far-flung orgam'iolion— wnoro p/an$ offeclfng poslwor opera/ions of fle/d ana refinery forces, IransporJalion efemenli and hvndrfdt of Service Slolions; are now being completed. COMPANY A.RKANSAS TUNE IN "SUNDAY DOWN SOUTH"; radio in tha Southern menner, brought fo you «adi Svndoj* at 5:00 p. n,' ov«r rhi lion Network, 5s« ycvr Lton Dealer for Matjrolibo Motor Oil mi clhir Ita pro<f«ti-Soglh«m Mad* {or Souihim Trod*. | OASOUNE f OWHS fflt ATTACK

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