Clarion-Ledger from Jackson, Mississippi on September 6, 1976 · Page 16
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Clarion-Ledger from Jackson, Mississippi · Page 16

Jackson, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Monday, September 6, 1976
Page 16
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,16 C()C ClatiOnCcDgCt Monday, September 6, 1976 Elvis - Continued from Page 1 "Of course just the women come," said the married daughter, Frances Knight. "The men don't care about Elvis." But Mrs. Knight still cares. "If he was 80 and in a wheelchair, I'd come to see him." NOT BECAUSE of what Elvis was then, when Mrs. Knight was Frances Todd and wore white socks. "He's right now," she says. -"He's beautiful, he's gorgeous, he's all those things rolled into one. He's better than Robert Redford." Costs UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. -Unite manufacturing costs, a mix of wage and productivity comparisons, are surprising. Germany in 1970 produced at 60 per cent of U.S. costs, but in 1975 German costs crept past America's. , Japan's manufacturers turned out goods at 51 per cent of U.S. costs in 1970 and at 93 per cent in 1975. In 1970 Britain was at 94 per cent of U.S. costs and in 1975 at 147 per cent. Cards Continued from Page 1 : BARNES ADDED that in early 1970 only about 50 jurisdictions were using punch cards. About 350 jurisdictions currently are using the CES system, he said, and the company is adding 35 to 50 new clients each year. Another company manufacturing punch-card devices, Diamond International Corp. of San Francisco, serves about 50 jurisdictions, company officials say. One industry leader estimates 19 or 20 per cent of the U.S. electorate now votes on punch-card devices, compared to five or" six per cent in 1970. ' Among the jurisdictions contacted by the The Clarion-Ledger, the most commonly cited reason for changing to punch cards was the expense of maintaining and storing automatic machines and transporting them to and from polling places. SHELBY COUNTY (Memphis, Tenn.) officials also are considering replacing the county's 1,260 automatic voting machines with punch cards. Shelby County election commission chairman Ann Weldon said the heavy machines damage floors and carpets in homes and schools and, therefore, have limited the number of available polling places. r Shelby officials said their machines weigh about 1.200 pounds each and take up 40,000 sq.ft. of storage space. It also takes about seven days to move the machines to the county's 218 polling places, officials say, and another week to return them. : BY USING punch-card devices, Weldon said, Shelby County could expect to save about $200,000 in big election years and about $165,000 in less-active years. - Weldon added that Shelby tested the new devices in 30 precincts in an August primary and that 80 per cent of the voters responded favorably to a questionnaire on the new system. WKIGl 1T& RiRGUSON FUNERAL DIRECTORS HIGH AT NORTH WEST STREET MR. HAROLD R. DEVER North Hill Square Apts. 2 p.m. Monday St. Andrew's Cathedral Lakewood Memorial Park MR. HAROLD M. (HAL) BARKLEY 517 Terry Lane, Pearl, Miss. 10 a.m. Tuesday Pearl Presbyterian Church Spence Cemetery Near Tylertown, Miss. Body to Church at 9 a.m. MRS. DAISY P. HARDY 517 West Silas Brown 9 30 a m. Tuesday Wright & Ferguson Chapel Greenwood Cemetery ha mm SlllCTIO MEMBf" BV INVITATION uonncitus 'eenotecK I MAIN OFFICE 705 NORTH STATE 948-2351 Your Phone Is Your & Charge Account. W Flowtrs For All Occasions X' Telephone aaw 352-3632 They make no pretense, these women. "We like his music, sure," Mrs. Knight says. "But mostly it's him." She's an attractive woman, short dark hair, sparkling eyes, nicely dressed. "I told my husband," said her friend, Kathy Allen, "not to expect me home tonight... I just wish there was some way we could get up to meet him." They never will, they know. They'll never meet this man, this Elvis Presley. But, oh, if she ever could, says Mrs. Todd. "I'D JUST like to meet him one time so I could ask him something. A long time ago my sister and her husband were driving an apple truck in Georgia, and they picked him up hitchhiking with his guitar. I'd sure like to ask him if he remembers my sister. I bet he does." They bought Elvis posters, Elvis buttons. "Get your mirrored Elvis buttons," the man said from the platform. "All the women will want to have one in their purse." "Twenty-five pages of Elvis," the At present, however, the Shelby County Quarterly Court, which controls the county's budget, is approaching the issue cautiously. The size of the devices which fold up to suitcase-size and their cost are "very appealing," Court chairman Charles R. Perkins said. "BUT WE WOULD be spending a ton of money ($800,000 to $1.5 million) to change the voting system," he added. "We're not rushing into it." Because of problems Hinds County has experience with its present punch-card system, however, officials here are not considering other punch-card systems. In May, a study committee headed by Circuit Clerk Bill McKinley recommended the supervisors purchase 350 mechanical voting machines as soon as possible. Cost estimates range from 5600,000 to $800,000. THE COST for the entire CES system for Hinds County including 800 voting devices and a minicomputer vote counter for each of the county's 112 precincts would be about $245,000, company officials say. John Davi, manager of the elections services division of Diamond International Corp., said the company's system, with 800 devices and a program for the county's computer, would run about $159,000. - But McKinley's study committee did not explore the punch-card market.- "The feeling of the committee was that anything connected with punch-cards would have difficulty attaining credibility with the voters," McKinley said. EVERY TIME the county's present punch-card devices have been used, there have been problems which delayed the certification of vote returns, he said. Last November, 4.000 ballots had to be counted by hand because the computerized vote reader rejected them, McKinley said, either be- DOUGLAS FOUNDATION 6 REPAIR - 25 yrs. Exp. Bonded, Slab ft Conventional, Jacking Pads. Stabilizint Pads ft piling - Firm Commitments Anywhere in Ms. 982-4351 FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION FREE DELIVERY IN JACKSON IRE GREEN OAK FLORIST DOWNTOWN MM w NORTH IM-M17 "oV30 TAX FREE INCOME Alamanct County, NX. Health Cart Corp., First Mortgage Revenue, Series A. 50M, Dut 4194, Coupon .so BUCHANAN & CO. ... If. hn. .. .Vt.'l)-, UIH-IIIMI J.M. FLY RENT-ALL JACKSON VICKS8UR6 "THt WHEELCHAIR STORE" WHEELCHAIRS IT. RENTALS SALES M REPAIRS vendor yelled. "Elvis posters, Elvis buttons, Elvis, Elvis, Elvis!" . Kacy Ritter and Vonnie Bush-miaer of Jackson came together, dressed as though for church. "I saw him the first time on the Ed Sullivan Show," Mrs. Bushmiaer said. "He was fantastic; he was so wicked no, not wicked. But he was horrible. All the older folks couldn't stand him." He's okay now with those folks, "us older folks," as Mrs. Estelle Wicker of Natchez said. It means she's a mother. She and her husband brought their children this time, their children eight and nine. "THE KIDS love him," Mrs. Wicker said. "We've come the last two times he's been here, and we promised the kids we'd bring them this time." This man, this Elvis Presley, who can still bring married women out of the home without their husbands, he's for the whole family now. cause they were wet, mutilated or not cleanly punched. The results of the election were delayed 30 days. McKinley concedes, however, that the county's 'Seiscore' is a "first generation" system and that the punch-card concept has been "improved on considerably" in recent years. HE ADDED that the system's manufacturer "got out of the voting machine business." McKinley said he does not know if newer systems would eliminate Hinds County's problems. "Those I've talked to say 'yes'," he said. "There probably would be less problems with a new system, but even less with automatic voting machines," McKinley said. But Cook County (Chicago, 111.) officials would disagree. Cook County tried a new punch-card system in four precincts in the 1974 general election. "THE FINDINGS of the sample were very favorable," said Sidney Chambless, personal assistant to Stanley T. Kusper Jr., Cook County clerk. He said that "was was one of the major reasons for switching." The county has purchased the system for 2,300 precincts and 1.2 million registered voters outside Chicago and will be using it this fall in place of automatic voting machines. The county hopes to save $600,000 per election year as a result. Mount Vernon MOUNT VERNON, Va. - Mount Vernon. Washington's home, was one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Washington area in 1975, drawing 1.1 million visitors. Many more are expected this year. GOLD & SILVER COINS High Prices Paid For Silver Coins BYRON W. COOK 355-7331 1717 Deposit Guaranty Bank Building P O Bo HI, Jackson, Wist moi CITIZENS OF JACKSON CALL 366-1567 FOR INFORMATION ON CHANGING OUR FORM OF CITY GOVERNMENT Breeland FUNERAL HOMES 3580 Robinson St. Jackson 922-1071 221 South Liberty St. Canton 859-3661 I QUIET SERVICE WITH DIGNITY) DANKS, CRAIG & MOSS Attorneys at Law are pleased to announce the association of Benjamin Joseph Piazza, Jr. in the general practice of law Dale Danks, Jr. C. York Craig, Jr. Joseph Benjamin Moss Benjamin Joseph Piazza, Jr. , jT,,m. Q&JM'' KfeS ' ...share giggle over Elvis program before concert The Voice Is Still Strong, But The Elvis Energy Is Gone By JOE LEYDON Clarion-Ledger Entertainment Editor At 9:45 Sunday night, the people in Mississippi Coliseum went a little crazy. Screams pierced the air. Flashbulbs exploded like mortar fire, lending an almost psychedelic glow to the arena. On stage, the band struck up the opening notes of "Thus Spake Zarathustra." And right on cue, Elvis Presley bounded on stage. It was one of the few times all evening that Elvis showed much energy. Not that the enthusiastic fans seemed to mind. Even his beer-barrel physique didn't faze the faithful. Elvis was there, and they were happy. The shrieks began with his first Law Continued from Page 1 1 Still, the report said that, especially in New York City, it took a long time to process cases. This was partly the result of having more trials since plea bargaining was restricted, the study said. The severity of sentences under the new law has increased, the LEAA said. "While in 1973 and 1974 old law cases, minimum sentences of over one year were rare. ..a third of the new law offenders in 1974 received sentences with minimum of MOTOROLA CB Sites Service Statewide Communioation Ine. Phone 355-1782 20 Veorj Professional Service Choose a fitting floral tribute from the exclusive Remembrance Collection. Call or visit your FTD Florist today. He'll send your selection anywhere. mmmn Your Extra Touch Florist i 416 East Amite Street Jackson, Mississippi August 24, 1976 948-2318 Mrs. Tommy Mize And Dr. Barbara song "C.C. Rider" and reverberated every time he so much as growled. The King clearly enjoyed the adulation, but he played it cool. Maybe a little too cool. There can be no denying that the man still has his voice. In fact, on tunes like "And I Love Her So," he sounds even better than he did back in the days of "Hound Dog" and "Jailhouse Rock." And how many performers can get a standing ovation after singing "America the Beautiful?" But for Presley, it all seems to be a chore. He hands out his scarves to the clutching females near the stage with all the animation of a man handing out handbills announcing a supermarket opening. His self-indulgence has grown over one year. "These sentences are for indeterminate periods and no reliable information is currently available regarding the length of time those sentenced to prison will actually serve." OUTSIDE of New York City, the report said, courts generally have been able to manage new law drug cases without an increase in the average time it takes to process a case. DELIVERY ANYWHERE IN MISSISSIPPI SUNSHINE SHOP 366-1479 3013V1 N. STATE ST. MATERNITY junior i miitet t 0t LINGERIE also , TALL GIRL 40S Clinton Blvd. 924-4362 brqant IT Onrnfl 948-7415 mm EMI j PERFECT GIFTS FOR MEDICAL STUDENTS ft NURSES i Professional SPHYGMOMANOMETER EimOwI ttiM. Eittt rtHrMP JM ul luraatMa) accartto to lw ion ) Mnriet. Cm-iMt mm Vatcra off, iifUtiM iyitt kmteM "The Gat Well Store" MISS. REHABILITATION PRODUCTS 3. JACKSON TUPELO HATTIESBUK LOCdllOnS MOO . $Wt St. 103 S. Glosttr J'03 H.rdy W 36? 0573 811-305? 58? 9174 Staff Photo by Ann Ballle Boatright along with his waistline. He talks to the band during numbers, slurs lyrics, and lethargically wiggles his hips, resembling a dinosaur in a tar pit. None of this, of course, made any difference to The King's more vocal subjects. For them, the mere presence of Elvis in their midst is a cause for jubilation. ' But for the less frenzied fans, Sunday night's concert was somewhat disappointing. Like Burt Reynolds, Elvis Presley is in danger of carrying self-parody to a tedious extreme. The pity is, he may now be at his peak and not really care. Robinson at Raymond RaV PHONE 372-5623 mrs. j. d. Mcdonald 307 East College Street 10:00 a.m. Monday Baldwin Chapel Interment: Clinton Cemetery MR. DEMPSEY RAY MILLER . 2925 Tara Road . 11:30 a.m. Monday Baldwin Chapel Graveside: 3:30 p.m. New Augusta Cemetery New Augusta, Mississippi MR. J. ARCHIE FIELDS, JR. 3524 Corey Drive 2:00 p.m. Monday Baldwin Chapel Interment: Jackson Memorial Gardens MR. JAMES B. JORDAN 3311 North State Street 2:00 p.m. Monday Harlands Creek Baptist Church Interment: Church Cemetery Near Lexington, Mississippi MR. PERCY HERRIN (PETE) MATTHEWS 1014 East Fortification Street 11:00 a.m. Tuesday Baldwin Chapel Lakewood Memorial Park 4080 Highway 80 East PHONE 939.6110 MR. JAMES H. YELVERTON, SR. 2001 West Capitol Street 10:00 a.m. Monday Baldwin Chapel Graveside: 12:30 p.m. Mt. Zion Cemetery Smith County, Mississippi MR. JULIUS P LEMON ALFORD Barnett Reservoir 2:00 p.m. Monday Baldwin Chapel Florence Cemetery Lightweight STETHOSCOPE Tht vftinuli Ms hM. hfMvtigM tWhttMfti. MmI faY Ut Wf MfMt fltfclf ajffJtMMMlt. Sa pviw MfJHkjttM ll burl m4 tjmt ma)a, Cm-pftM witk djuiUHa, limaract, mm smm matnf Minf. aJKT I

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