The Daily News from Huntingdon, Pennsylvania on November 26, 1976 · Page 3
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The Daily News from Huntingdon, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 26, 1976
Page 3
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State Takes Another Look Payroll Deduction For Politics Is Possible but was aimed instead at guaranteeing workers prompt and correct payment of wages agreed to. But L&I regulations promulgated later under the 1961 act have legalized payroll deductions for more than a dozen purposes and given secretaries of labor and industry the suddenly controversial authority to legalize still others. HARRISBURG (UPI) Big labor soon may join Pennsylvania's corporate giants in a battle to open up employee payroll deduction lists to political contributions. The goal, already lent support by federal legislation, involves tapping for the political process a rich new source of fiscal punch already enjoyed by health plans, united funds, and banks' Christmas and vacation funds. Labor and Industry Secretary Paul Smith, who used discretionary authority to rule Sept. 7 that payroll deductions to political action committees are illegal, recently agreed to new hearings on the issue. And this week's first new hearing saw United States Steel Corp. attorney Robert E. Hilton produce for the record a letter from United Mine Workers President Arnold Miller supporting the concept of payroll checkoffs for political contributions. On the same day as the Tuesday hearing came published reports the AFL-CIO will urge its unions to seek authority for payroll deductions to political action committees in all new contract negotiations. The UMW already has such a clause in its current agreement with the Bituminous Coal Operators' Association though it has not beeri implemented by coal operators. The Miller letter Hilton gave to Charles Solit, Labor and Industry Department chief counsel, was dated last May 13 and "instructs BCOA and all BCOA members to withhold all voluntary A Thankful Heart Increases One's Blessings Don't forget the Lord On This Sunday 9:30 A.M. Family Bible School (16 classes are available) 10:30 A.M. "God's Process of Sanctification" 7:30 P.M. "The Most Sacred Relationship Known To Mankind" anytime Day or Night Dial-A-'Devotion 643-5559 Calvary Independent Baptist Church 300 Standing Stone Ave. Huntingdon, Pa. Deer Hunters Dance SUNDAY, NOV. 28 8 to 11 "The Country '*"':' Generation" FRANK P. HOMMON POST 24, AMERICAN LEGION, HUNTINGDON /Members and Guests B L ACK' S 421 PENN STREET, HUNTINGDON, PA. employe contributions made payable to (the UMW's political action committee) on May 24 or thereafter." To date the fight to legalize payroll deductions for political purposes has been led by the Sun Co., U.S. Steel, Atlantic Richfield and, more recently, the business-oriented "Pennsylvanians 1 for Effective Government," who successfully sought new hearings. Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Harry Boyer sternly opposed opening the payroll deduction process to political contributions in earlier hearings and warned it "would open the door for a new form of legalized political corruption." A state AFL-CIO executive said this week that legalizing payroll checkoffs for political contributions for both management and unions would "give management leverage that unions wouldn't have. "Management could pressure its people to authorize payroll deductions to a corporate political action committee by the simple use of hiring, firing and promotion — levers unions don't have with their members." Tuesday's L&I hearings before Solit saw Sun Co. and U.S. Steel present list of affidavits from management personnel requesting reversal by Smith of his decision against political gift checkoffs. And Donald A. Tortorice, counsel for the Pennsylvanians for Effective Government, asked and won 60 days in which to poll PEG's 1,500 business members on their views toward political checkoffs. Solit also asked witnesses to submit briefs outlining corporate views on whether Smith has authority to okay or deny payroll deductions for political action committees. Ironically Smith's discretionary authority, used two months ago, is held under a 15-year-old Wage Payment and Collection Law that, when enacted in 1961, did not even mention payroll deductions Mexican Peasants Want Land CULIACAN, Mexico (UPI) — About 20,000 peasants, demanding the title to thousands of acres of rich farmland, gave the government until tonight to expropriate it for them. "We're within the law and we don't want an inch of land to be handed over to us outside the law," AlfonsoGarzonSan- tibanez, leader of the Communist- oriented Independent Peasants Central, said Thursday. Peasants have long been promised agrarian reform as part of the revolutionary concept that each peasant should have the right to a piece of land. But pressure has been building for speedier expropriation because of the imminent departure from office of President Luis Echeverria, who has articulated the government's agrarian reform program. . Peasants appear to fear that the reforms might be played down when Echeverria's successor, Jose Lopez Portillo, takes office next Wednesday. Garzon told reporters Thursday that the 20,000 protesting peasants had been split into 45 groups and "strategically placed" in the areas that will occupy if their demands are not met. "We don't believe there'll be any violence because there's no provocation," Garzon said. The peasants, represented by the Independent Peasants Central and the General Union of Workers and Farmers of Mexico, claim 195,390 acres are liable to expropriation and parceling out to communal or "ejido" farmers. In 1789, the population of New York was 16,000. Generation" SANDWICHES — PIZZA Come Ir Football PROTECT your home! Check your homeowner's insurance policy for adequate coverage. The cost of replacing a house and its contents damaged by smoke and flames has increased over the past few years. Make sure that you have enough insurance to pay for rebuilding your home if it burned down today! MCK H. PORT AGENCY, INC. Opswit* Th* fat Offic* • Opposite Th« Daily News 28 W. MARKET ST. ' 322'/ 2 PENN ST. Mount Union Huntingdon 542-2514 643-6310 Israeli Position Set Forth TEL AVIV, Israel (UPI) Israel has told the United States it will oppose the entry of Syrian police or any foreign force into southern Lebanon. "It is quite logical we would not accept such an idea," a government source said. "Today it's police, tomorrow soldiers in police uniforms, soldiers the next day and then what do we have?" Reports on government radio and television said Ambassador Simcha Dinitz spelled out the Israeli position in a meeting with Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in Washington Thursday. Israel would like to see the Lebanese army or a local paramilitary force become responsible for maintianing order in the only section yet unoccupied by the Syrian peace-keeping troops, government sources said. Kissinger said the Syrians fee) they should move a limited force south of the Litani River since there is no other way to supervise the activity of Palestinian guerrillas in the region, the radio said. "Israel's response was totally negative," the report said. "Opposition was declared to Syrian presence and terrorist activity in the south." Israeli leaders have said the government will not tolerate the entry of any hostile force into a fuzzily defined area south of the Litani, which flows more or less parallel to the border at distances from 18 miles to two miles. In a speech to a convention of American Conservative Jews in Jerusalem, Defense Minister Shimon Peres said Israel saw no need for any foreign force in southern Lebanon. "It is not an empty space, there are forces ready to defend their security and peace," he said, apparently referring to local militias of Christian and Moslem villages. "There is no need for conquering Syrian forces or destructive forces of the Palestine Liberation Organization", he said. Israel recently beefed up troops and armor along the Lebanese border in a well publicized show of force. SOLAR TECHNOLOGY TOKYO (UPI) -- Enough solar radiation falls on the earth every day to supply the world's energy needs for the next 70 years at the current tale of use, according to aJtoney»«U;«]*wM**v,;' , Willtfm -V. McDonnell told Tokyo'buHnenmen thai while solar enerfp is free, "the process of converting il is not. As the amount of energy we provide from traditional sources Rets smaller and (he price rises, the value of developing solar technology becomes more appealing." THE DAILY NEWS, Huntingdon and Mount Union, Pa., November 26, 1976 — PAGE 3 WEAVER THE FLORIST 211 Fifth Si., Huntingdon Phorw 643-0530 DANCE HUNTINGDON V.F.W. Saturday, Nov. 27 "Wicked Truth" In Chinese Communist Party Teng Is Headed Back To Power The Lighter Side HONG KONG (UPI) Teng Hsiao-ping, ousted from powerful positions in the Chinese Communist party, the army and government last April, is likely to be reinstated to a position of power soon, according to diplomatic analysts specializing in Chinese affairs. "The question is no longer whether, but when," one Peking - based analyst said today. Teng, who played host to President Ford Dec. 1-5,1975, has been purged twice in the past 10 years. If he is restored to power, it will be the second time he has been rehabilitated. He was purged during the Cultural Revolution 10 years ago in a campaign led by the widow of former Communist party Chairman Mao Tse-tung, Chiang Ching, and three other radical leaders purged with her last month. In April 1973, Teng was rehabilitated ad reinstated as a vice premier. After that he rose rapidly and was widely expected to replace Chou En-lai as premier when Chou died last January. But he came under attack because of his emphasis on economic development rather than political struggle and was purged in early April. An intensive campaign was waged against Teng until Mao died in early September. The leaders of that campaign were Madame Mao and her associates, Wang Hung • wen, Chang Chun-chiao and Yao Wen-yuan. Diplomatic sources based in Peking said they are convinced that Teng, who retained his party membership, probably played an active role in the power struggle thdt resulted in the purge of Madame Mao and three radicals. Since that purge, the criticism of Teng has declined sharply. This, and the fact that new party Chairman Hua Kuo-feng did not mention the anti Teng campaign in his first public speech Wednesday, has convinced many China analysts that Teng is about to be rehabilitated. D.B. Cooper Is Still A Mystery PORTLAND, Ore. (UPI) The discovery of a tattered pair of pants has failed to generate any more clues to D.B. Cooper who disappeared with $200,000 after the hijacking of a jetliner on Thanksgiving eve 1972. The last that was known of Cooper was when he parachuted from the Boeing 727 during a storm over southwestern Washington. None of the money has shown up, and FBI agents have said they believe Cooper died that night. Several FBI agents spent 3'2 hours Wednesday combing a wooded area near Luke Merwin in southwest Washington in a search prompted by the discovery of the tattered gray plaid pants in a tree. Also on Wednesday a federal grand jury in Portland indicted Cooper on charges of air piracy and, interfering with coinnMrce byvfxioirtlon. Hi* indictin*tit "carried .the name "John Doe. also known a* Dan Cooper.'' The hijacker Wed the name Dan Cooper but has since become known popuarly as "D.B. Cooper." Assistant U.S. Attorney Jack G. Collins said the indictment was sought because there had been some legal decisions that would contend a five-year statute of limitations applies to the case. "It was out of an abundance of caution that the indictment was sought," Collins said. "We have no present knowledge of his whereabouts." The pants were found about a month ago by a hunter, William Lynch, who said he didn't think much about them until he recently began reading stories on the anniversary of the skyjacking. Lynch called the Clark County Sheriff's office last week, and FBI gent Dick Dyer of Vancouver was notified. Dyer and Lynch returned to the area to retrieve the pants Tuesday and the search followed. '' We searched and we didn't find anything else," John Pringle, assistant agent - in- charge of the Seattle FBI office, said. '100 REWARD For information leading to the arrest & conviction of persons responsible for stealing a German Short Hair Dog, five months old, liver colored head & patched body. Stolen on Russell Kerf's Farm, Sat., Nov. 20. Coll Jim Marter 542-8586. Relief *<Cont'd from Page i> -, '^ Throughoutlhe da* Thursday, soldier*, rescue workers and relief teams battled heavy snow and blinding sleet to reach the mountainous ear, thquake zone. Often they were slowed by landslides and gasoline shortages. Turkish air force planes dropped supplies to villages, and a field hospital and 8.000 tents were sent in by the Red Crescent, Turkey's Red Cross. The thousands of homeless victims, meantime, huddled a second night around makeshift fires in below zero temp eralUres. Electricity and water supplies were cut and communications with the outside disrupted. It was the worst temblor to strike Turkey since December, 1939, when 23,000 persons died, and one of the strongest of 15 major quakes registered in the world this year. The most severe — 8.2 on the Richter Scale — hit China's Hopeh province last July, reportedly killing tens of thousands of persons t ° ur Fine Selection Of 4 Floor Coverings Armstrong & Bigelow Many Styles And Colors To Choose From Be A Smart Santa - Order Now And Avoid The Christmas Rush! I Nav« your n»w Armstrong or •I0«(ow Carpet Installed toy factory trained p«rsonn«i SHAPIRO FURNITURE .By DICK WEST. WASHINGTON (UPI) - An organization named American Vegetarians is celebrating Thanksgiving this year by sponsoring "Turkey Liberation" dinners in some SO cities. Additionally, for vegetarians who plan to dine in, it is making available "meatless Thanksgiving recipes" that include such dishes as garbanzo croquettes, lentil tomato loaf and stuffed grape leaves. The grape leaf dish sounded especially good to me, mainly because it is so easy to carve. But I got to thinking there probably are some citizens who are strict meatarians and who would appreciate a "soybean liberation" dinner. Fortunately for them, there are a number of vegetable substitutes available. Certain types of meat prepared in certain ways can be made to simulate both the taste and texture of certain vegetables. Here, for anyone who might be planning an all-turkey dinner, are a few vegetableless Thanksgiving recipes: MASHED TURKEY (potato sHbstltnte) 1 turkey, jived or unjived 13 ozs butter 7 cups warm milk. 4 ozs artificial potato flavoring Boil white meat of turkey until tender (about two days). Mash until all lumps disappear. Add milk, butter and flavoring. Serves 27. . CMANTURKEYSALAD 1 turkey, jived or unjived • 6 tbsps red food coloring 2 cups mayonnaise 4 ozs artificial cranberry flavoring Bone turkey and place meat in blender until thoroughly homogenized. Add coloring and flavoring and heat over low flame. Allow to cool to room temperature. Roll turkey meat into balls about the size of marbles. Top with mayonnaise and put in refrigerator until time for serving. Serves 14. .TURKEY PEAS 1 turkey, jived or unjived 6 tbsps green food coloring 2 Ibs salt pork 4 ozs artificial pea flavoring Run turkey meat through grinder and roll into balls about the size of mistletoe berries. Place in pan with salt pork and cover with water. Add coloring and flavoring and cook at medium heat 5-7 mins. Season to taste. Serves 11. TURKEY GRITS 1 turkey, jived or unjived '/jib butter 4 : os* artificial grit flavoring *, . Griatf white Into l shad flavoring and allow tostanclM mins. Cook over low heat 4 hrs. Add butter and season to taste. Serves 10*. , . atf «**• turkey mMl tal|» about tkV aia* ,«r roc. Place |a> |MM, •*> Strong Quake Recorded Off California GOLDEN, Colo. (UPI) The National Earthquake Information Service said a strong earthquake occurred today off the Californa coast in the Pacific Ocean. An NEIS spokesman said the quake occurred at 6:19 a.m. (EST). about 60 miles west of Crescent City, Calif. The quake measured 6.3 on the Richter scale. The spokesman said shocks from the quake should be felt "only along the coast and we don't expect any damage.'' In Ferndale, Calif., the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office reported the quake occurred on an "intersection" of two major fault lines and had rocked the area but caused little damage. It's center was on one of the most active earthquake areas in the world—at an "intersection" of two major fault lines— the If endocino Escar ptment and the San Andreas Fault, said James Stifler at the UC Berkeley seismographic station. 12 kVtil SF MOUNT UNION i-42 2-4? / TOUR GUIDES NEW YORK (UP!) - Two new tour guides to events and sites of the Revolutionary and Colonial eras combine history and detailed descriptions of historic sites, with suggested walks and car tours. America's Freedom Trail includes sites in MaKachusetls, New York, New Jersjy and Pennsylvania. America's Heritage Trail covers sites in South Carolina, North Carolma and Virginia. The books by M. Victor Alper, published by Collier Bonks, a division of Macmiiian Publishing Company, are available in paperback and hardcover.

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