The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE BIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS II Yvonne Annette Ceclle . Emllte . Marie . THURSDAY, MAY 26, 1933 animals, and nskcd the Quints to'aix! the girls loved the nice, warm they have brought prosperity to' "The Life Hint Counts" Sunday paste them together, the results j piece of wax which he ixipped Into this rculon of the Canadian back- morning at the baccalaureate sec- were aninslnt!, to say the least. Bill| their months, aiul on wiileh tliey j woods In which they were born. vice held at the Methodist Church. DOW windows are on houses Instead i roi;Jd Wlo down hard mid muke I In many ways, they might bc[Tlil.s was the first public apjiear- Continued Irom >«ge 1 amount of gain for (lie last months: * Wt. fiain HI. Gain In. In. 37!', CV, 38 3M 3G'/2 5 38 3>,i 3SVi 4',!, 38 3Vi 35'i 5V, 38 3',v 32 ^i 4% 31',', 3'.'i During the coming year, until they .are 5, nil the girls except Marie should continue at about Hie same rate of weight and height increase. It is interesting to note that Marie, who has always been behind the others, is now growing nt approximately the same rale as Annette and gaining weight, nt n faster rate than Cccilo. So much for the size factor. How ubout their mental development? learning Faster Than Average Beginning at the eleventh month, the babies were given mental tests. Because of the handicap caused by circumstances of their liirth, they ffiowed a lag behind the norm for their ages. But from that point on It was a different story. Scientillc tests showed that their menial development paralleled the usual line In other children, but nt n faster rate. In other words, they have nol only developed along- usual lines, but are making up lost ground. From now on, particularly dining the coming year, the. Quints' rate of development will be greater than ever, and they should overcome in the next 12 mouths whatever is left of the retardation re- suiting from their premature and multiple birth. ' Their vocabularies have lucre-is cd amazingly. They now know between 400 and 500 words and are learning new ones every day. The gfrjs no longer cdnvei-sc in single words, but in sentences. Once, when they saw a horse outside the nursery, they called out merely "cheval." Now it's "Le chevnl cours (the horse is running), and olf they go around the playroom Imitating his gallop. Chimneys Go on Houses Now They are developing swiftly, loo, In such things as the pasting "projects." Previously, when their nurses cut out small pieces of colored paper in the shape of housts roofs, chimneys, windows, trees and —PRESCRIPTIONS — Safe - - Accurate Fowler Drug Co. Your Prescription Druggist Main & First Vhont HI of off in space and cows lie under trees instead of In Ihe brandies. The Quinls. in other words, sire developing n line sense of tlui Illness of tilings. As to dcixntment, the best way to de-scribe Hie Quinls is to say tluu they are tood -— but, mil yooilj'- gooily—K'.ris. Xestful, full ol (lie, mischevious. the sisters avc nt tlie .same lime tutetuljlc, eager to pleiise find ([Hick to co-operate as they go through ihi'lr routine ol play, study, iv!l;;ioux activities unil hciilth cafe, I'lliyinsr at Wijrtl Tile Quims love fiiines. and happy tasks when made to fact more ciiilent t!:an In connection with c:irc' of Ihelr Tlie QiiJiitii|j]'.-I>; an 1 JH;l Dlraid o] their demist. Dr. A i iiul -.1 1). Mason, Dean ol the Toronto University Deiitnl wh'en In? cairn- to tin 1 hospital re- ceiHty to lake the Quints' auiuial dental impte;.sions. lit.- nuule a game of tlii* losk ol looking into their mouths- with his little minor, themselves look puffy and horrible I considered Calender's "basic in- ance of the graduates, who wore in th« minor. dustry," for most of the town is; the formal caps and gowi>,s. Music The Quints' teeth are how per-! dependent In one way or another i for the program was under the directly sound, wlt.i not n single trace } upon their existence. Lumber used I'fcllon of Miss Mary Syjnomls, who if decay In liny of them. Cecile , to lie Callantlc-i-'.-i main business, played "l.icbestiaum" on the organ mid ICmilie have a slight narrow-i but the limber Is cut, over and the during Olfertory nnd the trio, coin- 'po.sed of Mnry 11111. llnvei'lyn'Clay- Ion and Ixits Jean Clrcer slnirlni; in (he dentai nrch, but this sav.'miils have moved away, i.s being coiTectcil by oral exercises, j Now the population drives taxis, All of this emphasis on the euro j works- in rc.staurant.s or operates ol Hie Qnlnl.s' hcnllli docs nol tourist cabins for the thousands of mean Dint their financial nllnlrs vivitois U'lio couie lo see the me bclm,' neglected. Tlie girls' quints. Home c-rtlmutc that as much I'Male now amount;; to about $M)0,- ;is $rtO,M)0,COO i.s left in Canada 111:1,. all of which !•-, being guarded ] every year by visitors. with inmost cau> tn Insure future - — (Inaticlitl Kccurily. | __ '1 he Quinls' income, coining !M;iin]y in r<-vi-mi<! Ir'om movies, u' vs iiii-liire.s nnd advertising en- (lnraiiirnl.'i. Is nil invested In C'cm- hcinds. The in- Irojn (in- InveslnH'Jit.'i I.s iiwi tin 1 extensive estuiJlislj- Holy Hour." Forma! Tea .Mrs. mini;, and Mrs. John A. Merrell, In (lowered black and while crepe, all wearing shoulder corsages of lav- endar orchids. Assistini; the hostesses were Mrs. W, 1'. Wilson. Mrs. Chns. Lane. Mrs. Clias. Lowram-e, jr., and Mrs. John H. Knochs. A large silver Ijowl of delphinium, Day lilies and Queen's Ann lace foruied U)e tcnU-i-plece for Ihe lace draped tea table, at which Mrs. Joe Cramer and Mrs, Douglas KIIer, of Osceola. presided, ns.sis.t- 'ed by Mrs. K. P. Cullom. Tlie cn- | tire house, which mis thrown open : to the guests, was decorated with Wilson Society—Personal Over Iwo hundred giicsls from j profusions of sprint' (lowers in pas- Wilfion, Osceolu, Blytheville nnd j tel shades. South Mississippi Comity vm'e In-1 > viti-d to the formal tea given Wed- j T):iiifc Itecilal iK-sdity from lour until six, at "Oak .! Miss lintl) Williams of Driver Mnulow'. the piilutliil new home; dancing Instructor, prett-nlr-d her |(il Mr. and Mrs. ,1. H. Grain near ! |)ii|iil;; in n-ciu) Tuesday evening ; Wilson, with Mrs. J. II. Grain, Mrs. , at ilic. .schwil auditorium before a ;.«ilin K Ci'Kln and,, John A. Mcr- : la, !; e aiidienoe from Wil.son andlola is here |l,i s week vi-JliiiL- Miss : ci-ll, hostesses, 1,01,0,,'UK Mrs. I Keiser. About thirty boys and v; i, Is. I ii lth , ,)" vls Gulio, (litorhim on Wcouesoay night. Mrs. Frank Wesson of Springfield, Muss., arrived by plane Tuesday for n visit with her mother, Mrs. Lee Wilson and son, Lee Wesson. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Sharon, returned home Monday nflev an absence of almost four weeks- touring tlie northern and western states, Including St. Louis, Chicago .-mil St. Joseph. Mich. Mrs. Sclba Stnrr of Pine Blu/f. i.s a guest in the homo of her daughter, Mrs. II. W. Allen. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Turner, sr., of Memphis, • were guests In the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Turner, jr., Tuesday evening, and attended the dance recital i;Iven at ti-c school auditorium, in which Miss June Turner dfuiced. Miss Karhara Clinton of tended n meeting of the Rnlnbotf Girls, nnd Installation of officers In Osccola Monday flight-. •• Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Johnson Ufl Memphis, enroutc lo Chicago by motor, stopped here for a 1 brief visit with old friends on Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Clovls Crockett left Saturday for a two weeks vacation, tominfj In Virginia and other eastern states. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Goldman and daughter, Hetty, accompanied Mrs. Goldman's mother, Mrs, M. S. Holmes, who hns spent the past two weeks here, to Michigan City, Miss., Sunday, where she will visit her sister. J. 1). Drynn taken to a Memphis hospital Monday, where he uuilrrwi'iil. a mastoicl operation. Holland News Mr. and Mrs. lleti Bailey left this morning lor Dallas, Tex,, wl tlic-y will atleivl the yrnduation/*'' u Kclj'iu] male ol Mr. ISailcy. TlVji will lie gone fcr several. days us; limy will visit. Ciiillmist Military Academy Lit (Jiillport, Miss., and fiiL-nds in Ujuisi:\nu. Mr. and Mrs. Hniley an: n:;,v nt ho:iie in Holland where Mi 1 . Halley is In business witli liis father. Harry Bailey. CTsanaroafaaaaiaamagrmrj. enable y° u to get 03 much as 25% more suio mileage irom your preseni tires, LifeGuards can be used in more than, one set of tires . . . they can be used in any brand of fires—on any car. LIFEGUARDS SAVE MORE THAN THEY COST! COME'IN AND LET us SHOW YOU HOW YOU ARE ACTUALLY PAYING FOR LIFCGUARDS WHETHER YOU HAVE THEIR PROTECTION OH NOTI 6' ; GOODYEAR SERVICE 410 West Main //<>/, 'ft JAMES (,ll I Shoes IMl.l, BOYD Assist an I Alanitg'cr The I10SS hns liirncil Ilic entire store over In us for one week . . - The folks lichhul Hie counters lire ninnitif; the store MS \\'e would our own for the next six days ... In mriicirmtion of this event we ])iifcliase(i ninny items to feature ;it slardiiiifly low prices . . . We've burned the bridges lichmil us—oi' niiiny items we've done some PRICK CUTTIN fi . . . Needless to say, there's goinjf to In?' snnic liil! cxpliiiniiiff to do unless we yet results . . . Wli'VK FIXED 'KM TO GKT URSUl/TS . . . Space is too limited lo advertise all Ihe features, Inil each salesperson has his own feature; nnd, if yon want to SAVK \SOMK MONKY, ask lo see all llu- SI'UCIAl.S in each department. Bill &QU.A "^fe^W^*^** »^ MISS WEBB Piece Goods Men's Ventilated U. J. SAN FORD Work ('InHiing Ymi'tt uinil 1 tic tu For uuvk, rani|-1UK. nl iumu 1 uftur, lols of 0(IUT USf'S! \\V\\\\ II liMlltlT ll[l- rcrs. pcrforalt'tl for Ntmrincr fnnl ooiiiFnvt' 1. fa OUT sulcs. $' Pr Men'.s Hoavy, Hl Overalls • Snnfnriw!! I-'xtra Saving 1 HOYS' Dress l^ari; a i n li u y si Sturdy fabrics, fast euliir |i:il- ttrns;! CANIMJ^VICK nraulifnlly I lifted tlrsigns on serviceable .sheeting. I-A- ceiJtional buys. HTHO HARNBS Men's K u rui stunts Cool! Plallcrinc;! Tulifasl (,'nHon Slide listener front styles with swi-cpinj;' skirts. full pnlVetl »h-c\es! l-Vaillreil at M 7>1K,S. SANDKRS Home Furnishings Men's' A Boys' SHORTS Tast colors, full cut. Short lengths of high e r priced Muslins and other white fabrics. A wonderful value! !'KI{ VI) Mon's I.eiKlicr MISS FKATHHUSTON Ciishiev Itulilior lipcls. li^ilhrr soles, Mc- K:l\ writ! STORES I'liimc SDH $^S00 .Pr Dress Lace and Sheers A whole talile full of Istees :uul lieatili- ftil sheer faln-it'S. Heprireil! l'F,l{ YIX A Clean-Up of Ladies' 'White, fabric gloves Ladies' TUR FAST You rouUln'i slsirt lo make onf; for si> TUtlc inonrr! .Assorted colors in (his unusual bargain. A special feature. H<:u YARD MISS AIJ.KY Hosiery and Lingerie '^ A<3 A « !& >» i >\ rpp aMOf(nirui rtf mrn*!! •tt's^ ninl cliilfln n's hi-Ur 33 Children's Rayon ily :ll this imnj ly low plirc. lili.ll- Women's Rayon Panties N'ovclty knif! At- Iraelive styles! Sbrs 1 (o C in as- totted prhils, sulitl colors, uml sror- Mickcrs. A Clear-Away <if Ladies' C.'rcpe One. group picked from liiglier frice dresses. Quantity is Mm ilnl—«hilc tliry hisi MUS. WILSON Ready lo Wear N NET'S EY , C 0 M P ANY,-Tnco,torated MRS. STOVALL Rcaclv to Wear

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