The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 30, 1936
Page 8
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;PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIBJR NEWS 'Louisianans Jeer Claim He ,- ' Can Swing Mi'lions of A; ,Votes . NEW CLEANS—Resentment Ls ,Mjo3liinfng to displace mild ainn-«- 'mml in Icmslam at the picture of Ihe Rev Gerald. Lyman Kcn- v PCth Smith gradually edging his V'ay tovvurd the driver's seat of the• Tmvnspnd tandwngon. •At first, people here were mildly .iislcnlshcd at (ho Idea of the fcr- miji Long ntgnnlier nUirlnnj -lilihsslf to Dr. Townscnd nnd scll-'s'lhc old age pension lender on ,,t'.ie idea dirt he Smith, cvuld suing C.OCOCOO (0105 lo i> Town _ scnc! : Cou?hlln coalition. ,_ Now Smith's c'nims are luinj nn.iljrtd Eaile J Chilblcnbeir.v. for m.i:iy ycnrs secretary (o Mi- Jate Hucy 10113. Ins bltteily al-j tacked Smith's pretensions in n! ^ndlo '1.11k. Mrs. L^nf.-u. S. wu-j ..ntp'r nnd. widow of the late Uuev, I *V\«« r'iie?.tedl/ plvcii nsst ranco ~l|mt liei husbind neiei Incticnt ~ed that Smith wns.lo be his sue-i r ctSM>r ^"Tho 'Amoilcni f'o-Mcss' o!r- ,'fhl "c«spaiiei (ifan of tip ,1'Sliaie-Oiir- Wealth" move m e u i, ^hns uigcd Its rcidcrs to |nj no .attention to such claimants as Smith pointing out that HU"y '1'lmself repeatedly assailed the To«nsenri movement nhlle In (lie 31 S s-nntc -LACKS OFFICIAL STANDING v ~Most observers here admit 'Dint ignilUv whose flnti's In the Shurc- •DurrWraltl) movement u n tl e r Long uab tlint of n paid orgnnl/i'i, i claim some ucrsorml fcllcmlnj .;iri.thc state. Unt this has no ctpn- : hecllon with the Sharc-oiir Wealth organization which was HUOJ Long's legiicj to Amciicim politics ~Siicilly after the death of Hue/ Long, Chiistcnbenj .copjrl^hlcrt .the nnmv trademark, nixl all 'other data connected with |he _Sliaie - Our - Wealth oiganl/jitlou nnd turntxl them ovei to Rose McConnell Long, the widow, who took Hiiy's scat in the -senate " Mis Long, commenting on Smith's connection wltli the Slmre-Ow- Wealth hi o v c m e n I, sold, 'Tin; Re\ Mr Smith was not, designated by Senatoi Lonij as ..his .successor • and he Is not now. a Share-Our-Wealth organizer He may still take Interest, In Ihe organisation, but his activities are not authorised by the organization." AUTHORITY IS MNltl) Chrislenberry was even more emphatic in his radio denial that Smith/had any standing with the present Share-bur-Wealth movement. In. Louisiana. 'He referred to Smith as "a politically : ambitious windbag," anci prodiced a string of receipts foi the $650-a-wfck safarj which Smith was paid as Htiej's organizer, 'The only pitd orgnnUer," Chrjstenberry pointed out. Long's former secretary bitterly nmusscl Smith of betrajing Longs principles and ideas and ' them for his own benefit" The American Pi ogress, ill; widely circulated newspaper which Hnty long ised to consolidate nnd extend his Share-Our-Wealth movement, expressed mild stir- prise recently that anyone claiming to be Huey's successor in the Share-Our-Wealth , movement should be found ip alongside the driver's seat in the Townseud movement. "Louisiana was surprised rc- centlj," said the Progress, 'to learn that Gerald Smith 'hat! joined Ihe forces of 'Seml-Me-a- Quarter' Townscnd, the California .pension advocate 'whose scheme was-openly denounced by the late Hitey P Long, both on the flcor of .the senate and in letters mailed, to thoi tands of followers throiijh-I out the nation "Look out, Gerald, don't lei those fellows make a sap out of you. Don't forget, Hucy Long denounced the Townscnd Plan, and Coughlin threw cut Share-Our- Wealth ' The same paper followed later With on appeal to readers not to follow "self-stjled friends of Senator Lang who have aligned them- selies Tilth a two-bits a-month scheme. "Smith's . repeated claims that Aims For Lcadership ning it ' 8hare : Oiir'-Wcalth'"ticket. About' 500,000 votes were cast. Of these the Long and Slmrc-Our- Wealth forces got about 350000 leaving 150,000 for Hie opposition. There Is no known way to tell what support for the Sharc-Our- Wcallh Idea may have been gar- The Editor's Letter Box The Devil (To the Editor:) power never exceeded 2,000 COtf CAN'T DEI.IVEIt VOTES Even Louisiana's votes tire by no menus tlcllrerable to Lcmkc's Union Party by Smith or anybody else, When Oov. Richard w. Leche recently made his political peace with Jim Farley, he gave nEsrrance that the state beer, shoot .dice, and play cards, arc all In the same lake. The first time the devil went fishing iras when he tempted Adam nnd Eve in the garden of Eden. Tnat mis Just the starting point He knows the .weak spot of every ("ting the people Is by getting them | interesting in other things Instead of coming to church on Sundays. For Instance going to the Legion Hut on Sunday nights Instead of going to church, some go to the swimming pools or elsewhere, .In Exodus 20:8 you will find: "Remember the" Sabbat'n day, to keep ii holy." Now get your Bible and turn to Col. 3:2: "Sst, your' affection on things above, not on things on the earth." Matt. 1:14 — "Because | . THURSDAY, JULY 30| 1936 . ' '' lo 100 per cent for Roosevelt,. The present state organization Is not quite .synonymous • wllli the Slmrc-Oui'-Wcalth jroup, b u t Leche has been most declarations mith undoubtedly personal following poslllve • ', ,' • '.'u....;? 'Sunday iem If he can. It Is liiiougn,uie weak spot t'nat lie Is going to throw his temptations The devil uses the following things for bulls: dancing, whisky dice . card playing, mixed swimming, and that "though still } t ns some In Louisiana," i'novvs. .There arc many his personal Influence could possibly effect Ihc result In coming election. Color Is lent lo Lcche's assertion by the fact that there; are 25 members of the state * legislature cleclcd on the Share-biir-WcaUh program, some of them even' In cppcslllon to the slate administration. Every one of diem participated In a junket to the Texas Centennial to greet President Roosevelt, and many of them have repeatedly taken the floor to pledge i their support to Roosevelt. I'AH) OKGANlZKIl ONLY Smith cnmc Into the Huey Loti'j camp originally as a paid organizer hired by Long because <if his record as nn aggressive 'and '' „ , , oratorical preacher - in Shrcveport ullsave(1 1>co " le When, he drat, attached himself to 1.0113, he was so little known Hint newspapermen mistook him for one of Long's bodyguards. Smith sued newspapers that so referred to him. V Smith's opportunity crime when he «us chosen to preach the ftm- eral oration over Long's -body. He made no secret of his effort lo emulate Marc Anthony. Immediately thereafter he fcc- . in an aggressive speaking campaign aimed at establishing himself ns heir to Lon<!. He started cut In support of James A. Noc political successor to Long. — others that I dltl not mention There are many who are .sc their souls lo the devil Just for ' •ir%i ."<m3 iw inv uvYii just ior a »°- drink of whisky.' Just look at the people who are killed day by day, cil'her by people who are -drunk or by being drunk themselves In Proverbs 23:21 Is found: "For the dnmknnl shall, come to poverty and drowsiness shall clothe a man 'with rag.-,," There are some who are baited who do not bile.' Joseph was baited but he did not Mtc: The Hebrew children and Daniel didn't bite either when tiiey were olfcred the king's meats nnd wine In the palace of Babylon. Tncre arc very few of God's best people who do not bll e at something sometime. K God's best people are in danger.- what are the people go!n 3 to do? Another way the devil has of get- and we hkl as,It were our faces from Mm; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.' r In Lsalah 53:5—"But He was wounded fo rour transgressions, lie was bruised for our Iniquities' the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we are healed." Friends. I don't want you to just take what I have told you, but I want yon lo take your Bible down and read it until you can mider- ' it. You will not hito the . a. ; —-Because . o w not bite the straight i s the gate and narrow is I devil's 'hook If you understand the the way, and few t'ncre are that) Bible nnd read It like you should ""-' "" """ " ' find It." Matt. 7:21— "Not every 0113 . . that saith unto shall enter Into me, the Lord, Lord, kingdom of Edgtng his way lo leadership in Ihe Townscnd organization, amrclnim- ing that 0,000,000 people will follow wherever he leads, Gerald Lyman Kenneth Smith, shown above In four pcses, Is under fire in ills own bailiwick of Louisiana, where Huey Long's Share-Our-Wealth societies say he docs not speak jfor them. O.OOO.CCO people Imve written him and acknowledged him as leader since Huey Long's death, Imve raised many a smile In Louisiana. In the first place, the entire popi'latloh of Louisiana, man, woman nnd child. Is little above 2,000,CCO; The only accurate esti- mate of Ihc number of voters adhering to the Sharc-Onr-Wealth banner In Louisiana may be made from the last clccllon of a governor. The lines were definitely drawn between Long nnd forces, wit]) the Long antlrLon;! forces run- Bakery Specials ALL HAY - . FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY Orange Sherbet Cake, each 19c Fruit Filled Stollen, each 8c Cherry Nut Gems, dozen lOc Chocolate Creme Rolls, each 8c Coconut Wafers, dozen 5c (Limit 5 Dozen To A Customer) Special for Butcrcg Hour, 5 to 6 p. m. only, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Fruit Rolls, doz, ...10c Hot Donuli, doz. , \\ c Coconut Pies, each 3 C Pineapple Wafers, doz 3 C Hot Plain Rolls, doz IIII.'Z.'.II' 5c Sjiocla! Attention Given All Special Orders Blytheville Baking Co. stand an:t but repudiated t'.ils Ittor backed Leche. , Keen political observers Emilh was certain to go wiirie ns won ns the-Long chine kissi-.l ami ma de up = ihc national , Dumccrnllc ' admin- Istrntlmi. F ..r. !!. was onlv l,v Mlnckitv; Roosevelt that he could i,.iin the prominence needed lor 1.1:, am!)ii',y:is to be a leadiv In Ihr- natio 1 ] .1 Hold. Ei'. as to the' extent of his national following ditside Louh' : ,iu, lliero Is abtoluii'ly no way to i peck, yn-.tli; MVS It is c,ooa:« heaven; but he that dpcth file will of my Falher which Is 'In Heaven " Matt. 16:33—"But whosoever shall deny me before men, Mm also will I deny before my Father which Is in Heaven." Luke 16:13—"No servant can serve two musters; for cither he will hat ethe one and love the other; or else p ne will hold to the one and despise the -other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon." Are you biting the devil's bait? If so why can't you stop right now before It is too late? In Matt, 25:13_"Watch therefore, for ye know not the day nor Ihe hour when the Son of man conieth." •Probably you are a sinner who has never given your life to Christ If .so why not give your life to him before it is too late. Oartst stif- | fcred on the cross : for a world of sinners. How He had to suffer for you and for me. 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