The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1949
Page 9
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THURSDAY, MAY 19,1949 BLYTHEVTU.E (AHK.) NEWS FAGB HIN1 Baptists Seeking New Seminaries School* in Cast And Wtit Advocated A At Southern Muting • r Howard C*w»n OKLAHOMA CITY, Iffy 19. (IT) —Eitibllihment ol two new theological seminaries—nne 1 the east one in the west—was recommended today to the Southern Baptist convention. A committee on theological edn cation reported tint thi new sem Inarles and a drive to finance then are necessary to meet • crying nee< for more ptltors. Tlie convention, ill ittendinc swelled, near the 1,000 mirk In 1U Funeral Directors ' Open Convention MEMPHIS. May 19. (Ti-Hownd 0. fuethei, executive secretary ot he National rvner*! Directors Association of America, addressed the opening session here yesterday ot lh« Mlssn,sln.p| Valley Funeral Director! Association Mayor WatHns Overtoil welcomed Hit group to • .eniplil* Some 800 delegates (rom Tennessee, Ai-'tunsa.s, Mississippi and Louisiana attended Hie npenlng ol the three-day convention. Florida I- a plslul-slinpetl peninsula extending out into the Allan- lie ocean and the Gulf ot Mexico, with a •hordine ol 37SO miles. 102.Year.Old Civil War Vet Get* Eviction Notice HOLLYWOOD, May 18. (*) — William A. Magee saw military service In three wars, ataitiiu with the Civil, uut lod»y Ls In a toucher spot than kl any lime during his 102 yeavs, ' Ttie retired master aernrint, wlio beqtn 34 year* of service. M a 13- year old drummer bay undc-r Grn. William T. Sherman din'lni: the Civil W;ir, aays he ha« received >n eviction notice. He and Ills sister, Miss Isabel!? have lived In the apartment lor 13 years. MaRee, who "Iso snw action in thr Indian and Spiinl.ih- rican \var, hop<>s tn find a nc-A- omn before hi-s 103rd birthday, hree month" licnce. Gome'/ Cub Scout Pock is Postponed A meeting for a nnvly-jHunnlrrd Boy Scout Cub pack til Oosncll, scheduled for touli;hl. has been postponed unlll next week, the liev. I*ee Anderson announced ttulny. The met'thig was In i-onflirl with hlfih school oommenromrnt exer- sos at Gomel!, and will be con- icted next week. The md'tmt! wns lied so that Rduit leaders and eub outs not previously registered uld be rORl.stered. The puck is spon.sorecl by Mu 1 Oos- ell MiHliiicllsl ChuiTh. where, the ev. Mr. Anderson Is pastor. Ntgro M/nistcrtaf Group E/tctj New President llev. J. S. MoPmlrtrn h»s beon elected iirt.Mrient of lti« Nearo In- tmlciiomltitillonal Ministerial Al- Only by Christ, accepted and enthroned." According to custom, w» » ex- second day, will consider the recom mendation later in the afternoon The 92nd annual gathering opened with a blast at "th« Catholic hierarchy"—painted by Dr. Joseph H, Dswson Washington, O, C.. as « "vast totalitarian power atlempt- ing to control our education, politics and our foreign policy." "We do not Intend to exchange our free American lile for totalitarian dictatorship from the V»tl- can." he s,ald, touching off a chorMs of "amen's" and a rare outburst of Bantist applause The Rev Oscar Gibson. Louisville, Ky.. stirred a bvlcf flurry by demanding a probe of reports that modernism exists among the faculty Mf Southern Bantist Theological "emlnary, Louisville. ir.y. Complaint Referred "Modernists," he said, "are those who question the word o God." The convention referred his complaint to the seminary's board of trustee*. Gibson did not appear at an advertised night session to "expose five modernists" at Louisville. Instead Dr. J. Prank Morris, Fort Worth, Tex., preached one hour and ten minuted to about 300 persons, some wearing Baptist convention badges. Meanwhile. Dr. Robert O. Lee. Memphis, Tenn., president of the convention, delivered the keynote address to nearly 7.000 Baptists who packed municipal auditorium. "To offer Communism as a sustaining gospel for mankind." he said, "is to offer swill aaturated with poison. 1 "The United Stale* will not be naved by production, commerce, armies, navlei, gold supplier Nor England by her utalecratt, socialism politics. Nor Russia by communism pecttd to be re-elected to his sec- term at th station. afternoon business Dial ««1 Bin Olfice Opens at 7:00 Show Starts at 7:31) Last Time Today Walt Disney'! Greill Musical Comedy "MELODY TIME" (IN TECHNICOLOR) Also Short! Read Courier Newi Want Aria BLYTHEVILLES ONLY ALL WHITt THEATRE Shu» SUrls Weekdays l:lMt p.m •ulurday »nd Sunday: Conlinuou shutting from ItW* |l.m. I.Hst Time Today (DOUBLE FKATURE) "HOLLYWOOD BARN DANCE" with Krnesl Tubb, Lori Talbotl, and Helen Bojce THEATER LEACHVU.I.E , ARKANSAS. STAK'I'INCi TIME VVii'k(l.i>s: 1:UU & U:IHI I' M. Sulunhiy £ Suiuliiv: I I' M. With Conllimuus ShuuhiK RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark I.list Time Today "TUNA CLIPPER" wltli It.i.ldy ,Mrl)»»«ll News A Shurl liaiire, l t »'n« announcM today. Te nronlotlon W«A fnrmed iboiit f. year ARO to uMist In splrltunl »nd fh'ic (rowth of Negroe* in Hlyllie- vllle. Other officer* named In serve with R«v. MeFariritn include: Rev. lj. D. rHvenpoit, vlct- president; Kev. J, W. Knowlet, aecrelary; R«v. J. H. Onthinis, tr«a.nirer; Rev. D. O. Harbor, critic; n«v. J. 1C. Robinson, dem, and Rev, T. J. Brown, reporter. Rev. Davenport Is the rftlilnj president. Rend Courier News Want Ad.i fcotulUm rtpetUdly h*» traced to uome-r«nB«d f«oe) m- .-fd In mountain rectotu wh*r* the boiling point is tow, to th« Cne.yclep*41s\ The span wa« about 23 year* in anclMit JUMM. : ' ' Last Time Today "SOFIA" with Cene ItriyniDiid ami SlKilil Curie Carluun * News "TAKE ME BACK TO OKLAHOMA" willi Tes Hlllrr C:uloiui A Serial "NOCTURNE" with Omrie Raft and Lynn Rari Also Short PAL NIGHT i Inr the 1'rlce ul 1 'YOU GOTTA STAY HAPPY" .lamr.s Stewart Joan Konl;ilnc Cnmeily Short Friday & Saturday "PARTNERS OF THE SUNSET" Jimm; Wakrly "Cann»nbaH" Taylor Serial: Chapter 10 of "REX & RINTV" & Saturday (DOUBLE FEATURE) "TERROR TRAIL" with Charlet Starrett and Smllry Burnelte "FLIGHT to NOWHERE" Serial: "Chick Carter, llet«o(lve." N<|. M A|M Carlmn NEW KIIN Opens Wrek »>yi 7:1X1 n.m. Matiner Saliirduy A Sunday .Sat.-Sun 1 |i.m Cant, Showing Manila, Ark. Sliows KVKKV NKillT Saturday (Dt)UBl.K "BUFFALO BILL RIDES AGAIN" Arlr Last Time Today "ROGUE'S REGIMENT" with Dirk rowdl ami Mirta Torrn Also Short* Fridajr "THE FAR FRONTIER" with Hay R0|Cr* and Andy Divlna Aim ghorla "WHO KILLED DOC ROBBINS?" A Hul Rnarli Comrilr Serial: '.Tunjlr. <;irl" Also Cartoon Saturday "PRINCE OF THE PLAINS" with HaU Al.n Short. Five-Foot Shelf of Good looks GOOD/YEAR TIRES HOWOHLY... 12.9S PRIOR TO APRIL 1st Yes, it's th« famous MARATHON T? GOOD/YEAR H The tin that RUNS and RUNS and RUNS.' ' A TOUCH on the handle—and a wide front door swings open on » pioipcct full of invitation. There's a wheel that sctmj actually eager for th* touch of your hand. There's * broad 63-inch seat cushion, comfortably angled, soft and inviting, and only a hand's width narrower than a full-size parlor sofa. There are narrower corner posts hardly wider than the space between your eyes, so plenty easy to see around—and there's a broad, sweeping, full-curved windshield spreading a horizon-wide yiew before your eyes. 1 here's a gas treadle that flicks into instant life the great power of a big, full-throated Fireball power plant. Under the* wheel there can be * Dynaflowt selector lever you set once and then forget through all your normal forward driving. And wrapping it all up in one stunningly beautiful picture of top-drawer travel is modern \DynafUv Drfo it fp//«M/ ft txH* ittl tit fit Kyttk SUPER mn"ttt, a**<U»l HMifmnl « ill KCMDMASTEKS. styling in the good Buick manner—sleek lines, bright chrome, the instant identification of gleaming Ventiports. .Here's five-feet-plus of deep-seated comfort—an outlook that brings the whole landscape indoors — handsome lines that draw admiring glances anywhere—what else is needed to settle your mind on this one? Two things, probably. A little spin with yourself behind the wheel just to take this honey's measure. A look at the price tags and a hit of menial comparisons just to prove how big a buy it is. JCor both you have only to see your Btiick dealer — who will be pleased 10 demonstrate, pleased to talk price—and pleased to take your order for surprisingly early delivery. HfJMCK alamm has all thene teuturtm SiUc-iflioel* DYNAFtOWDI'VI* • FUU-V VISION Iron •nlarged glou area • f WIN9- CASr DOO*» and «o, x • "UWrJ* SPACE" IWri«IO*3 with DMJI Crnrflt tuMmm QUADHUfUX COIL iftltKIHO lively FI*»AU SnAIGHT-UOHT POWB wM sar-ftniNG VALVE unats p-'u. HI-KHOD (NCIME MOUNTINGS • tow pmwm tit»t o* SAFFTY-JtlDf «)MI • Croi.«,.tiM VlMHH*n OURIX HAtlNCS, mo.n and co»[»jH>g ro* •oor *t nwat •Slondvrd on XOAO'/A5lf:C. of.lionof at •^Ira WIJ vi WHX irrHtth. MORe UeMLY THAN £V€K Whem tmtter •re hulll BVICM. teill *Mtf«f lh*nt For 10 Days Only GOOD YEAR TRUCK TIRES Cut your ti re costs two ways! 1. Save on this sale price' 2. Save on the longer mileage you'll get with genuine Goodyear Truck Tires. Quantity Limited Come in NOW! 95 Plus tax j 600x16 6 Ply Reg. 19.85 Heavy Duty Airwheel BIG SAVINGS ON THESE SIZES, TOO! Tuni In HENSY ;. tmot. ttC N<l~o,l, .,.:, Alo«rfo, •..»!«(. 6.50x115 6-pty Heavy Duty All-wheel regularly 2<.i)0 now I.OOxIfi 6-piy Hf-avy Duty Airwheel rcRiiLnrly 2R,fiO now 6.50x20 6-ply HI-Miler Rth gulai-ly 30.15 now 19 23 24 ,05 Plus 1,00x20 10-ply HI-Mller Hlb TRX regularly 51.05 now 15 Plus 7.50 8-ply Hl-Mller Rib Tax regularly 50.85 now 10 Plus 8.25x20 10-ply HI-Mtler Rib Tax regularly 6130 now 1 \ U Hus 41 Tax a j t* Plus 41 Tax MM this Tax 54* LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut & Broadway Telephone 555 GOOD,-YEAR ^ .TIRES, -' GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 410 W. Main Phen* 2492

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