The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1939
Page 7
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WKDKKSDAV. SKP'l'tiMHKU 27, 1<J39 HLY'1'llIiiVll.LB. (AUK.) COUIUUK NEWS A .Rambling; For tress Commander (mans antiaircraft gun) Porthole for hand weapons Nice Way To Go To Wat,. Unless Enemy Artillery I Gets Range fly MBA Service WASHINGTON, Sept. 27.—Tin- inside of a tank, dcnth bpiUint; m:nstcr of machine warfare, K eilher the safest place a soldier can fuiil In battle—or the most danger 0115. It Is safe because the lank is in itself a mobile fortress; dangerous became (he right defense can turn it into a holcciuisl of death from K'liich thcro b no escape. Snfe or dangerous, it is uncoin fortablc. 'Hie average lo-loti light tanV is half as to;my as an apartment kitchenette, wilh a. ceiling too low to stand upright, it is occupied by four men. wilh guns, instru ments and supplies for a <la> Slightly heavier medium tanks carry five men. The men Inside—n commander cperator, gunner nnd rnillo man- wear gear akin to football helmets as protection front the bounces. The tankman's life is tar from happy. He knows effective antitank wcap:ns have been devised. Shells from , 37-millimeter antitank guns, now widely used, easily pierce one-inch armor. On direct, close hits 20 millimeter shells will slop a lank. More deadly arc mine fields. If a lank strikes a ground mine, there will lie nothing left but small bits. A bundle cf a. dozen hand grenades exploded simul- . taneoiisly, will demolish a lank. During the Spanish Civil war defense forces found an even more ghastly anli-tank weapon. "Gasoline bombs"—tollies o[ gasoline —were hurled at the tanks. The gasoline ignited as it struck, dooming the lank crew lo agonizing death. STOPPING TANKS BY HANI) Even a crowbar, pried into the runners cf the tank, will" stop it— provided an enemy infantryman can get close enough. Light tanks carry one 37-inilh- mcler gim, four ' 30-culibcr machine guns. The crew operates the radio, drives the lank and mans the guns through remote control, making il .possible for one or two men to handle all the tank's artillery Most, incdern armies also use :i medium tank, weighing about 16 tons. This _tank, uses only one ad dilional crew" member. It has (\vt • cxtrr. machine-gun's? The rrie'diinn lank can tackle rough terrain more easily; but military men arc still debating its advantages. The light tank is cheaper, mere agile can travel faster—usually about 40 miles per hour ever roads. Taiilu heavier than is tons, used io .some degree in IflH-tg, have licen abandoned for the mcst part. The united states has none. Tlic sphere of operation!; of a heavy tank is strictly limited to trench . warfare. The French arc using some 70-tcn monsters on the Western front. The heavy Ian): can cross wide trenches to follow up mi enemy retreat. But it is slow, costs more, requires greater stores cf supplies Tank barriers, designed to snag a tank's undercarriage, protect European frontiers. )f a tank is caught iti one ol these, the crew must abandon ihc tank, set up .portable machine Elms. If Ihc leiriUry is not lost to the enemy, repair 'crews, which are never more than 1000 yards behind the line, will free the tanks. Ttie business of keeping supplies and ammunition available- lo fi<>ht- mg troops is .still the army'.-, greatest problem. For every man in a tank, llicic is at least cue more just behind the lines, ready to move up supplies and ammunition or waiting to make repairs on the tank. HALF .1IKN FlfjflT, A light tank regiment Includes' 'fi'-\ tanks and 1887 men. Aboiil. noil i " Ihe mm go Observer's slots (shatter proof glass) Cu|)L Cusliing Defies Death I'AGli SEVK» Construction and operating details of the lank inli-aircraft gun. which shoves up through tower, crew. The radio man docs double duty as gunner. The commander In conning tower alsn operates Usually four, aimi'tltucs live, men comprise tank Adequate bibor Assured As Urge Plaiiis Speed Up FHKOKR1CTON, N. 11 (Ul>>~ Scpl 21. lUi-l-ThLw will be no !hcrlng(- C [ cmplo.vtiirnt in thfl woods i,f N ew Hrmiswick as Ions «s II" 1 war Is on, Hon. )•'. W, plrlc. i ilHlMi-r of lands uud mines, has prouii.s('(|. Wilh Kuroiicnii pulp producers icicrd to cancel conli'ncl.i with firms m i| le u,i|| vl i a ,, Ul , s mU>| . s for finished pulp arc In-nliming 1.0 pour Into the province once mor" he suld, For .several years the big mills scnttcicil about the province have been virtually idle ,|iio lo competition from overseas. !>>«• men hnvf liccu n(. work cuttlnij inilii- wocrt, ii'itd ui| ih,.y produced movingly directly lo Germany for iw- Out ti> wlvicli lip BRUCE CATION'S AMERICAN ROUNDUP I'}' liltUC'K CATTON Courier News Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON. Sept. 28. — the neltirallty bill is passed, with the idea (hat the neutrality issue can be handled most intelligently • if Congress rust makes It clear lo all parties thai war would not mean profit (3 any American MS1S l-'ftOFlT" -MOTiyK'ufcMOVEW ' :. "WrCrc nut,in a fair position-lo deal -»Hh Oils niiestlon (neutrality) until we remove the motive of self interest," says ScmxUr Lee. "With these two bills enacted, that would be notice to the United States I hut Is a good chance that it w m i m .,, Housc scrum attention to the proposition ! that uar and profits 'ought to be divorced. Pending on ihc calendar- as carry-overs from the last session nrc two bills designed tj achieve that end—the famous war-taxation bill, introduced by senator Bone of Just incidentally, IL mit;hl lie remembered thill the none bill was formally .sponsored by 50 scna- Al- 'i tors, a clear majority—so that un- support \:\ the Washington am! sponscred by other sennlors, and a war fina bill b.-ouglit in ijy senator u>e Oklahoma. Senator Lor. says Dally Hint he pr: poses lo brinir Ihese" two ; Die .Senate's attention before SSL 11 b f k nelumlttv bll i tl1 .? ws al :i Diplomat As 'Rib' In '14 SEATTLE, Wash. (UP)—Joichlm von Ribbenlrop, who as German foreign minister played an outstanding role in concluding the jNazi-S:vict non-aggression pact, once played—divinely—on n violin in a Montreal boarding house. Then, before the World War, he \vas a bank clerk and he bumped l:rtl'iiiE house table icellany of' boarders, in- •iQhn P. Kennedy, STORIES IN STAMPS brnrders. .she .said, and he spent Europe Was Trembling On the Brink—in 1802 "UNHAPPY Kurope! Tlic judgment of God rests hard upon ||, C o. Thy siifTcr- mgs,would deserve an anncl's Pity if nn angel's tears couhl wash away |],y crimes! "The Kastprn Continent seems trembling on.(he brink oC some cnlaslrophc. Convulsions sliako and terrors alarm il. Ancient systems are falling- e aes ut • -- ' ••—••" we'd have no opportimity to nrofl- aftlllllr; v '"h the scri;iis Ocvman. leer in time cf war Then r think Kennedy said Ribbcntrop we could approach the question of ! atc ^, lcfl to ltll:fi nnother position i" Ottawa, where he was located >vas known'... as a "nice | '"^ desolation may never reach .. own"—he was 2't years old llle shores oLouv native land then—but native Canadians and j bui lct "s devoutly inakc up our French and Sc'ous rarely became | »>inds lo do our duly in cvcnls Uial inny happen lo us. , t ." neutrality wilhout ihc profit motive entering our considcrali:ji." Senator Lcc -supports f'resi'.icnt Jioosevclt's plan for removing the arms embargo; but i lc says he is , when the World War broke out. " la>:illt: I;rc "" ct al PARTICULARLY appropriate in today's international crisis ,-ire these ringing words of D.-iiiiel gettint; enti many letters ,, from people ,hc want the embargo removed on the ground that the re- oittmrr t,-.,,-^ !.„ , , . The Bone bill is a cirasU „.,tire which would apply steeply graduated income taxes in limn of war. These would start at three per cent on ?2COl) of net in- c;uiR and v.ould run up to 83!) per cent on S10.000.000 incomes. It i;; ha.',cd [iretty largely on Ihc revclntlons the famous Henatc nunilions committee made a lew vrars ago about We rid War profite Senator Mye. who had a hand in Hilling il. together, admits that it s an extremely diastic bill and says grimly, "We intended il to bp." In ellect, Its aim would be to confiscate all war i>r;!H:;. Senator Lee's bill, commonly calico the "draft capital bill." would pick up any loose change •hut Ihc Hone bill chanced lo miss. In it. 1 , essentials, it wculd c!o these lliese ringing words of D; in Ottawa'when ii'leleilram ' a Fourth of j'u'y orario^"al'FiTc- s haiHlcd Him," Mrs. Kennedy burg, Me. Although Webster v-as d. "He dropped the mallet and ul llial time but M ycvl of • ,^' i for the house. The telegram i he already showed promise of'the ml Hn" lif., 60 '" 5 l °, te do- oraloi-ieal uonius and slatcsman- "•-!. _Hc didnt even stop for ship thai was lo make him one o£ America's immortals. The manuscript of lliis 1-Yyc- ;s was discovered 70 Once ' slic K Von Ribbenlrop -..v.., o..,. .,„„.,, YVIU niuuvnirop j ne marui leaned across the table and said: I burg a ,| f |re., "You Americans children—}-.;u don't you arc being led." the .ivst. are just like i years «flcr his death, among know when other Webster papers in a Boston junk shop. oT~El7~ founrircl 1 . WL ' bslcr is *l'o«'» on (he If. S. "' *-*'j t lUUUClCtl 1ft r^lll l!n^i< 1 i a Cambridge i» L°ued Fob 5 •-"" * ' i cnia. - , in the tanks. The remaining COO ^""'e showing how much wealth include headquarters staffs unin I'n-'.es.seti. When ihc B ovcriim«nl tctiailcc companies, reserves -um " ie " l)e °'"" ' isl "" s l)ontls lo (in «»™ niMlical men. all close bi-hliui \\^ lts war "='""("«• ''• wouW <telcr- men.' all close behind iiic Decile of operations. An average of nearly one truck per lank mcvcs with the battalion, carrying food, ammunition, baggage and repair equipment.. There arc 54 tanks in a battalion mine Irun llu-sr nrhrdiucs, exactly how ninny bontl.s each iniliviiiual sboiilil buy—and c.ich individual would buy that amount, with no ifs, ands or huts atom it. The honds v.culd not be tax- exempt, and would pay 1 per cent vii-^iu <ILU at laiiKs in a ixittaiion f -u..,,. ..--^..v, .,^ v ML , 1,1^and these ore followed up by 25 . CXCI11 P 1 . "i«l ^'O" 1 '' pay 1 per cent I!i t:n trucks and 21 a!-', ton lntcre:it ' Senator Loo remarks that trucks. " 'ho Hone bill v.ould take tlic pro- The su])ply convoys set up mo- r ' !s ln:>c!t; >» uni ' ' lm c ( Jy commerce bile bases as close lo the (rout ,13 llllt! industry, and that his bill possible—usually about, 1000 yards woulti lake the profits frrinerly back. They "maintaiu csutinual ln;ltic ''>' Ihiancicrs. c.-ntiicl with supply trains which 1!0 - Vf '' Btl.b follow the advancing army at. .•< r "'''' u '•">' RKSEKVK distance ol fouf miles. While Senator l-cc prepares lo When a tank crca tcls oul, i' is] '"'"3 both measures to liio Sen- 1'ijiiippcd for a lull day. 'die tiink' 8 '-' 5 aitention. the .Senate isoln- iwcs about a gallon of gas:llncj " 0 "'sl« wlu arc (iiluing the I'rcs- cvcry two miles. It canic.s CO gal-1 'dent's ncutrnlHy program are rc- lons. -giving a cruisintr range of "(20! serving their lire—with Ihc Bone tulles, 'lliis is considerably more!'-'" I't-ltl in rewi vc. /MAG/NE KSEP/NG COOL W/TH A HEATER! Mi« Middni iinswliit: "i u fhorl time after rcops began lo move into Poland, the bin plant of Ihe Port Koyul I'ulp it Pnpur Co., Mel., in Fulnillo, on the oiil.<tklii» of SI John, im.s {.one on n 2-l-liour basis' I lint mill hnil been virtually clcsrd fur several years. Wlwii demnml fo,- blc-achi'd ..snlphile \vaii(\l, the mil] bccim r.\i»ri- nienlinu \vllh rnyon pulp for Japan. An<\ then (he bottom f P n out <Jl Hie miirkct (here when hostilities with China Urcame serious, op- almost Io ;i and cut through Ihe province, promptly m-rc shipped to u ready Ocjiuan market and pl|int ma- elilmry was shut down. War Makeup • Appears-- -; I'ARIS (UP) _ A new make-up which •allows Parjslwines to look their ijejt wnUcr the strongest of. Wu« A.K.P. Hghli, is 'becprolng fashionable here. Raige and lipstick arc purpllsli-rcd and Hatter the luce under a blue •Hie iivw-nitc hcelilve contains Between M.CCO iind 15,000 workers, a fciv liuiidicd (tidies, ilnd 'one - . u ,, ly which will B | VT iKMronnunccs at the MIsslsMppI c.mnly F ,,j m .,,. « lonuxm ond njghi. ,,ml Sunday nHamimi, Is show,, ah uw In '(,w ol . his •™!!!!L!! C voii:> a r " r c "" ° mi cn>i ^ "'"''i'''"'^''"!^'^'^'^'^!",",'. OCek Hinds Io Obtain probably he l>cdrlil:1i>i) for life u Trno(r..«.,t P M <'crtaln Irciiliuciil fannoi be ol)- l refitment hor Man tamed, a is ™id. immediate con- trlliiitlon us urucd In view of thi; necessity for tranr.fcirlnu Pry from « local hospital lo the clinic by I'mmis fiHcre:,l«l In Ivciitmral needed Immediately for -..,.,,.. v.n. 'it vutAi nil i lie i nil I (.Jy 101 l( UTHI i Willliim Fry W | 10 wns (.•fHii-Hiiy I,,. | Sahmlny. Jurcd while unlciidlni: IOKS about l«'u \vcks iifjo Issued nn appeal today for funds so that he cuuHl tic luhntlled lo u Memphis clinic (.•rations slackened standstill Thousands upon thousands of fo l 6 " ccl111 "™">"<>I. cords of nulpwood. In mill ponds , fc - "• ''-<ddiel Kord Mvid he luul -"-• - ... . iH'i'ii infoinu'd Hint. It would be nrco.Kary to obtain $150 for trcnl- menl ami care at flu- (; ii,,i c ,,,, ( | lie had raise;| 5%'.70 of this The fact tlml the U, 8. dollni- 1s al a premium of 8 or 0 cents favors ihc pulpmen. wns (.'.xpiesv.'d Coullilcncc also by Ihc minister thm would react favorably tressed Atlantic fibhcrle.- the on timoiiut for .wiicllalion. He salil Hint Mrs. William Malhi. city clerk ' has mjvced la acl as cuslDiliaii of funds mid Hint, money to provide; Ilii! remainder of the money needed lo be sent to her. Fry 1ms a crushed back and will GUARANTEED SATISFACTION ON Stove (JU Dlrtol Furl R.C rimncs: liny |',IW, js'l s ht 218 DKIrlbiiiiir of I'lHI.I.M'.S "(il! 11 I'llOMJCTS WHISKEY "Tin: King af-Bluwls" • 'JO I'nxif — ftV;;, gr-Mti nai\r:i\ spirin s Cotf)., N. V. C. Be Our Guest at the Special ..,..^". *>,,.* ,,> VI^K.^JUVI;i'.'iy more Ihan n fo:t, force can tuovr in one day: about <••• f ar as a iiKtlianizcd army can move if resistance advance Is light. lu (he . Each lank stocks ',m>U round, of ammunition pec g W . considered in: re Ulan cnoiigli for a uonnal day's fighting, Principal functions of the |;mk arc lo demoralize Ihe enemy. ; ,ud lo wipe out machine gun np, s (.s- Wlial would happen if two batteries of tanks met in a tiehl cl battle? Army men don't like lo think about it. But it isn't very If it develops Hit; neutrality revision mi;ccf by the PicsWcnt, . , dw.>; pass, -then Ihr plan now Is t,; push for passaw of the Hutic Ijill— en Ilic theory that, if sclliuj nnmi- tuins tc Krmicc and Enjlmirt sh:u!d make American entrance into the war more likely, this measure would make war so obviously unprofitable that the danger wculd decrease. Imagine a keep you cool with an-hour breeze in summer! Coils no more IhorT older Tliat's whal you get in the new hooters ... yet you get advan- Duo-Therm Power-Air! And lagcs only Duo-Tlicrm offers, you can get it right now for as Patented Bias-Baffle Burner lilllc as 10% down—with no fcivcs clean, silent, cfficiciilly 1'iorc lo pay until Octobci I regulated heal. Saves oil . . . '•'i winlor, Ihis <m«zmg new S'vcs jusl llic lic.'il you want. fcaliuc puls an cud lo liol Muny boautiful models for ceilings and told lloors. Power- l-lo-fi rouni homes. Sec them todayI with the lEW FULL T IIK niinnlc you set eyes on Ihc new I'jiij Uoiige Liixuiy Liner, •you'll know lhu( somctliiii" ncv/ Hiitl different hus hapiwned ii, the uiilomobilc induslryl For this new I>xlgc is tnorc llian a new model —it is Mil entirely new automobile (com slcm to sic; n! Wider, Roomier! K.VCII bigger and rrwinicr llian last year — with :t longer whcclhasc, longer hood and wider seals — the new 1910 Dodge brings you a new kind of beauty, plus more new ideas than you ever dreamed possible in n car ;il anywhere, near the. price! On top of all this, Dodge offers one of Ihc greatest engineering advances of the pas! 25 years! It's Hie new J'ull-rioaling Khlc— wicof the most uiixirUiiil ;uul f(iii(J;iuiciilal mulor- cxtriiuiirovcmcnlssiiiicLhcAH-Slccl Body amt Hytlrtmlic Brakes! We taunol begin to tell you in words just wlial tlic l'ull-l-'loatm Kiiic rcully means! You've f;ot t ycmally experience it for yourself! You've got to sit bac!; in those big', luxurious cushions iinil let this new kind of ride tell its own wonderful story I Take a Ride Today! That's why we urje you lo come in lo-.lay and be among the first to see the new Dix^c Luxury Liner and to experience first-hand Iheihrill of tlic new Full-Float ins Ride! We have u nc\v 1910 Dodge ready for you lo drive! No obligation! Tune in M.ijor Dowcs, C.R.S. Notwork Thursdays, 9-10 p, M,, E. D,S. T. Air drives heat lo every corner! likely lo happenp. Because tlic bcit' dclense against charging tanks is' 5t|, stationary artillery, J. W. ADAMS, M«r. iiJaiti Open L-vcniiigs 'Ull S:S(J H7-113 liivl Main St J'liunc SSS NEVER BErORE a ,ijc like ihis in ., « r t.rkol M !„«— the „.„ , l-iill-FJoal,,,g K,,ic in iho new 1940 DoJr.e l.usiny Liner. li' 5 , ->-yoar en^uicciifg dieatii conic tiuei Wiicclbaso is IO:IB=T v/hcch »,', h,""' 1 ,*^ i "'? rt/ '.f a " for ™' d - Nl ' vv "" l^»c,, S c, 5 .idc in tlic t)uuyaul"CuinfoH <Ci>nc"0':livccji il.o axles! OLD WAY (tort). Say rrnnil-hyc lo ihc nlil- Mylo "iltjR-lci^" tear i\u<ji llial',- ctttti,' HEW WAY (rrii/if). new D t> il j: n rear dtK»r, yuii ill; lighl in a»rl out, asier lhan ever before f

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