The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 6, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE TWO Officers Sfyroied In Kidnap Case 10- Year Old Girl Has -Been pissing Since FT. A1K1NSON. Wis.. Mhy 0. Five More Babies Die of Dreaded Infant Diarrhea liLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Eyes and Grip of Phillies'-Dp!! Ennls TUKSDAY, MAY 0, PHILADELPHIA. May B. —The death toll fro'ii u:i clcmlc of Infant, diairhm ed to 25 today v.iih'tho that five babies had tticd Somcrville, N. J., hospit M mysterious ailment. Twenty babies have died said today llicy disease at 1'hilade'phK and wall in running town, !'a. All '.he victims from AHentown \vli(i''~ l ill.? broke out in Hie irmte.mity of Sacred Henri Hospital in on th. Physicians said the epidi'init among the Allent-;w:i V^bies whi were transferred lo I'hiladulijliui. •appeared to he under control. —Nineteen babies' infected \\ilh faced: .a- .btailk down --clues to Hie kidnaping , cigh"£yea'r-6ia Georgia Jean Weckler flye'tfays aso. , Tiiey.,: feared that her sobbing fp.lher'l^rfidiped appeal to the flb- ductor* tjb" "have unoygb of a covi- '.sc!ence to-bring lier back safely" \vculd go unanswered. George \V. WeckJer, a well-to-do farmer, brojfe. down "in tears .as be (hc ^ease appeu lo be M.IWHT mnnc the. appeal over a Chicago ,, encm lml , m > fmln i., ,,h«irains radio f tatton in n special broadcast ^j^ ' • from Fi. Atkinson .yesterday. ' ' "There .'.avo" no iiot leads," said Superintendent Florence mini? The sharp i-yes :uul linn Kripof PlnllU' former PluliKk-lpliia sanciluUiT litk- of last y "' Soniemlle. H.-.-ip-ta) Undersherlff Gsorgo Schrciber. "All '•ve iS'-rt do is wait lor a 'new lead " ind'lfen'nm it down." I and a posse of neighbors :itul iv<Dist; •• Ally. • r-T'.-.ncis Gavlly said irtents had com-inml him the KM he Teared " the child had been was not within 10 miles of the takei'i'fby a sex maniac because no farm from which she (lls.i;ipe;<red ransom note has- teen received. A last Thursday. total 'of. $6580 has been offered for "The ground lifis ueen pretty '.vi"i information leading to the arrest searched." Schrelber Miid. cl tffe.tliDasper. . ) - In his ;ii>peal lor liis daui;hlerv. ! Still "sought as n suspect was a safe return, Wert'K-r told t>! wliat I blond 'youth, aged 20 to 25, who a fine daughter Cieorpia Jean had | was reported scon ilriviui; a blabu been. ] sedan near the girl's home at the He broke into .solis and :i i:ul:') lime of her disappearance last announced from WI.S. (he Chi- Tiiursclay. A man answering the cago station wliicti arrsngrrt Ihc .same description ransacked the hv^adcast. look over until hi- »•home of Mvs. G. II- Packer yesterday and escaped without taking any loot. I sSchrelber said searches by city nnri comity authorities, Boy Scouts eeling fiafnecl control. Week Icr s;\ii| thr lic:i!th of his wife depended on th<* child's s.ifo return." He r.uid his 85-.vonv-olil father was too ill J» a Pi. Aikhi- .°,on iiospila] to be loU! of C5e<»i*:',i:i Joan's Jibtlnt;(ion. "All we pray," he said, "is ^'^ our girl b? rotunicii safcOy," TEEN-AGER Remember the time when you could eat likd a hor.Kf. butablcil-oviT with energy, It-It happy as a lark? V.'BS 1 1 not ticcausa you liked to cat— didn't know \vlint ln- cJi^p:nioii'Iel't strong'as iui ox? As or;.'.' ndvnncrs the "old stomach nnd the < vov-c"tia.n(.-Vn[: b'.ooti" i^tttl l lie\]i. 'Mov.' ' vau may &^^ n rc iEasc vibrant energy to- pviiiV nniEcle.'flOre, cell. elvury day — every hour — millions oC tiny red-blood-cells must pour forth from the marrow of your bones to re- r.i?cc those that arc worn-out, A low Vild6ti count may nflect yo\i in severai H'pva; HO ^ppCtltC, Underweight. 11Q criETEty. ii r\;n-do\vn condition, lack of t-, -'I-'P .a-;c to infection and dlr.ense, To fa-t rer.l rt-llef you must keep up voiij- hlotKl slrnugtli. MMlcnl authorities, ov pnnK'.sJs of the Ijlood, have by positive proof Sihown that SSS Tonic Is pmarln*;ty efftctivc in hulldlug up low blcod rtrengtli tn non-orcnnlc nitlrl- LloA^l ancmin. This is duo to the SSS 'I'oiiic forr.uilft \vlilch coninlns special r.r.rf potent acltviitUig IneredletitR. A)so, SSS Tonic helps you enjoy the , rood you eat by Increasing thtj gastric tittrcslivc Juice when It fcs non-or^ani- * iiiiy too little or scanty — tl\\is the stom- ccli; will have little cause to yet bnll:y v.'iih cas, bloat and fjlve oil that sour fo^d taste. Jtoii't waltl Eneifjlze your body with rich, red-blocci. SU\rt on ESS Tonic now. As ,\ I»orous blood surges th ro\i ghou t your r/holc body, greater freshness and rtren&th shouid make you eat hcttcr. rslec'ij better. leel better, work better. •play better, have a hcaltliy color* (-tow in you) v £,klii— -firm flesh (111 out, hollow l)l^ccs. Minions of bottlrs sold. Get a bottle from your drug store. SSS Tonic Helps liuUcl Sturdy Health, *• ining for the- 22-year-oM r.i^c Tor seuson was .1313. Chicks Battle For Tie With Manila Lions The second - place Blythevilte Chicks and Ihc league-leadii\g Manila Lions will witness their final meeting of (he season this afternoon at the 'Ah 1 Base diamond I in a Mississippi County High School Baseball League game. Blythevllle will need a win from the Manila nine to move Into a first-place lie. Manila defeated the Chicks in their first encounter several weeks ago. The league-leading Liens will be Arkansas Slat? College at Jones- l;oro and holds a BSE degree. To Coach At Luxor a 'l~v Adams, who has Ijeen ar-li at IMrai;oii!il llii;h MJ: i lie past two years, an- l i.otlay I bill he had nc- i i.iiuilat' position at. Lnxora noon. Coach Cliarlcs Jolliff Kill pin Manila's hopes on his w pitcher, J. T. Harris, who has nc- counted for all five of the Lion's wins. Coach Joe whltley stated thnl lie would probably ^ive I.eon \v:<i- den. Ulytheville'.s ace leftliander, the slartiiig noi; in today's game. Waldcn pitched three Innings a- nainst the Lions in the livo team*' j lirst- garni-, allowing them only one hlu it was a home run. This will be the first stnrt for the big southpaw. He was slated to start against the Slmvnec In- i dlans last mrk but wrenched his back during liis wnrm-up tusst-s and was forced to ^ivc way in another hurler. Other mi'inbers of the Chicks lA'obable line-up '.\ill be Dudley seeking their sixth win when they i »iirdy, lirsl base; p. D. Foster, ye- langle with the Chiclis this alter- i contl ""se; T3U1 Wixson. short st.\ ', Dan Caldwell, third base; Bill Lon;;. left field;, Bob Mullen, center lield: Jack Duclos, right field and Lloyd Koontu, catcher. Startinc time for the crucial contest is 3:30 . ""•pt satf Hii4li scho (Hei\t]y (r'ndered Ills re- :i1 Mir t'ai ai'.tmkl school cfici-tive ill, the end of l ytai' lie will assume tius a--; physical director lliijh Eel ..... 1. Sept. 1, Il;intJ nl Ictt poinlis lo V>nbjj cunary, born in nc?A iiMulc in IVie of a ViHiconvci 1 , B. C., dcparlniciil sloi'i 1 tluminy, while li;iru! at, right liolcls Iho momn bii^t Site \vns one ol ¥£ riuiai'ios used in an Easter fashion display window in March. Nineteen or ihom \veve females and they laid 20 eggs. Pongborn's Candy For Mother's Day BARNEY'S DRUGSTRE to bi'iom Ibis :elltvil his in '•'•• di of i.nxura he >i::iii. The l.nxora school will re-instate I rc-ctiliiiiiui ll-niun f<M)tball this Pail i f(ji liiv lirst tune in several years. i I,asi sc:\snii Luxura was a member 01 the Northeast Arkansas .six- man football league. CiMrii Adams is ii graduate of Notice is lii'icby «lven that Ih" uu.'i isi;.;Lii'tt will xvilhin the time fixed by law apply l'> Ih'.' t:r>mmis- .sioner of Revenues of the vSUite of Arkansas lor a perniU Lo .sc?U beer ;u ivitnl :\( irj: N. and. Blytlievi I.?, Mi.s.'ii^ipin County. I'he utidersiKoed sta'es Ihtit he is a eili/rn (it Avk;in:;ais. *)i ;i'j.>il tnoial fhal )ir- lins ni'ver been i>! a ii-lon\' .u 1 -ither crime i«"i-a! tnrpitiid' 1 . lliai ,KI '. h:-ej) revnkiMl within live n>.U aiul l':i:i'. the under- K never been e'.ni.-jcti'd of I IK- hiv.'.s ol" Lln:i stale, or • 'tther sl:tl:\ relrituit; to the sale o'f aU-nh'ihi: UciilorH. it 10 babies HIT s thert\ i i^•e bnb'f ; .'ii: April 2-1 and Mly X. had lui-n iinab 1 ^ t<i somcc of the dls-vis*.-. : I'Ue disease, eir^R'.ii T-entetitiS 4 is called ileh has not been i.^< ill -<| or trace the te said. | i:;vs-1 vii us phy- ; (Seal i My bcfor? Noi.iry Public. commission expires -I-'JfJ-50. bv Similni- outl>reaks Jiavi- i;i i>r totleil dni'in;; ih" past yeai 1 >ther sections of the umnlry ihnarcl one of the miVM'vv <, Iji'lngins; war bri-li'S anil I thildvrii lo the United £t:il'.-s. re- i Memphis, for- H]y;)ieville and who be- !.'iin l}is cart-er in radio here nt KLCN. was presented as one of the DI isonnlilie.- 1 of tlie \veek in the '"fhis Week in Memphis" iiiisKa^ine hip-nest Wi-iuhf.s colimin. '•Tiinin' • HJ'idse," (old of liis .scli ou lin^7 Na "vy "' j [jfievvitCianrt stdvnnccineiit in radio Mr. !In((i;e. W.Mc aniioiiiKoi' k- < Mr s . Tlodsc is the former Miss since last Atinust. war, an aiuioun- j Dorothy McKav of Blytheville cer in liii thevilli. iw nine inonlhs. ' <l:m<;hit'i- n! Mr.'and Mrs. .1. ..\. Me- 'Ilve sluiy, with a picture of Mr. ' Kay. Former Blythfivi^sc Man Wins Honors in Memphis Rnsseil Hodyc announcer • Cl m The following Furniture Stores will be dosed \ Wednesday afternoon of each week during /!/«}/, June and July, in order to give employees ci half-dai/ vacation through the summer months. This procedure was adopted in accordance the majority of the Blythcville Retail Merchant Association. Uniform Weekdays—5:30 R. m Saturdays—9 p. Hubbard Furniture Company Alvin Hardy Furniture Company Jimmie Edwards Furniture Company Charles S, Lemons, Furniture Starnes Furniture Company SPRINGTIME is GROWING time! TIME for NEW... arrot ARC YOUR CH/LO'J WINTER SHOES SIJLL LARGE CHOUGH? Poll-Parrots take Iho worry out of now-shoe- time. Tlioir tasting fit, sturdy build asid long went help yon cut budgets %vhile you* younq- sler cuts copers. May \ve help you with that Spring check-up...SOON? JUST RECEIVED — Shipment Children's DRESS OXFORDS if, \VhUo, Red and Black Patents— opfin and closed toes. FAMILY ;HOE STORE •..Every Sliclf ci Freezer Shelf O Convenient Upright Fashion Saf» Zero Storage D e s r n foods all jeti 'round. 80 conTenicnt and economical too -with a home troezer. Upright — easier to locate and rearrange icod. Inside doovs are hin^d End form shelve* to aid In shifting food around. One-piece steel cabinet. BTuart Bur»lui fininii. Acld-ieslsting porcelain interior. Large non-refrigerated, civj tushel dry stor»ge Mn. EASY BUDGET TERMS Remember Mother With Her Favorite Gifts A Pretty Housecoat How Mollicr will welcome one in a gay floral print, wilh three full yards of skirt lo swisli gracefully about her! In her favorite coiion seersucker lhal's so easy to launder, so cool ami crisp for summer. In sizes from 3!i lo '11. 4.98 Dainty Slippers} You'll please licr'witli a pair of these lovely slippers! In luslrous rayon salins willi gay ctnliroiilrry or smooth leathers! Choose, from a wide, variety of ilrcssy or tailored styles., All_willi_dural>lc soles. 4-9.

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