The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 1934
Page 2
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THURSDAY, MAY 24, 19S4 ILTTHITILL1. OOU1DB KIWI PXBB nun I H, S. MICE Service to Private Employers Is Goal of New Employment Set-Up The basis for u permanent fcd- eial employment service In Arkansas, designed 10 help loth employers and employes, Is now being bid. according (o Herbert Piyor, Joncsboro. manager of District One. which Includes Clay Cralgliead, Crluvnden. Cross Greene, Lee. Mississippi, Poinseu mvl Si. Francis counties. Tlic organization is now on temporary basis. Uut studies arc LeiiiB innde lookiny to its establishment on a permanent. bnsl.« July 1. J. M. Castleberry, conlac olerk. !s in charge of tlic Mississippi countv office, wliicli is main tnii'ed at Osceola. "Under the old set up, whlcl was disbanded April HO." Mr. Pryo said, "the organization's effort were directed chiefly toward place menu on relief work projects. Til neu - svstem, however,' calls for ai intensive campaign for placement through private industry and es lublislimenl of a immanent plac of registration and classificatio !iir the unemp:oyed. 'Tlie unemployed of the .slat are our products and we have then in unlimited quantities. We mus classify our stock and know on merchandise. We must know tlior uuglily the articles that we plac with the trade. A satisfied custom er is the clieapesl and best ad vertisemenl bo we must know the amount and quality ol the stock or. hand. "The employers of the state are our customers and therefore we must know our customers the same as the employes. We must make it our business to know peisonally every employer in our individual territory; knowing something about his business and his needs. "When an employer spends his money for labor ,he Ls entitled Co the kind of labor he wants and '- he is not going to continue to spend that money for unsatisfactory labor. "Our work must be undertaken in an intelligent manner. We must realize that our problems are chiefly with" the employer. The unemployed will come to us t't we must go to the employer. We do not think that we will do n bij business at first, but wilh persistent and courageous efforts, we unquestionably can build a service that will britis lasting results to . the employment situation in Ark- aasns." arkhurtt Appointed j Westinfhouse Dealer I. E. Parkhurst, operator of the nrkhurst company located In the igrnin Building on East Mnln reet, has been appointed local ealcr for the Wcslliighouse elec- Ic refrigerator. The store will carry n complete no of refrigerators and all sizes id styles manufactured by the ompnny will be available. i Mr. 1'nrkhurst Is,rime of the Demonstration Club News Notes I.uxora Glut, Mrels. The Luxora Community club met May 1C at the home of Mrs. n. J. Hevierc. An Interesting demonstration on making mul testing jellies was given. Mrs. Macon Wherry, Mrs. Her- Splcer. Mrs. Charles Turner ioneer merchants of the city nml •»v.l Mrs. K. J. Revlcrc attended Unas had considerable experience county council meeting at Hlythe- ilh the merchandising of electric efrlgcrators as he handled a 'Puritan Oven Large I Enough for 65 Piei i MARSHFIELD, Mass. (UP)—Th* , Puritans apparently liked their pie. The main oven m it* old John Wlnslow homestead, still standing here, was large enough for the baking of 05 pits at n time. Workmen who recently remodeled t.'.e house noted .thai In some looms there were 31 coals of paint 0:1 the woodwork. umber oi ears. lines in the past live vilk' May 11. The canning iicli. mustard i' M:iv 16. canned spin-1 tin-ill]) greens - | °I br10ok Wi » JP?" oakery and Delicatessen j 'Mounti^' Will Give Arctic Vaudeville Here, O. H. llolbrook, local baker, will ipen a bakery and delicatessen at 9 South Bioadway .unoimced today. The business will Ix? known as Company will be at,the Riln the-j he Home Bakery anil Delicatessen alor for lh " matinee a:id evenhis ind will carry a complete line of Tile Mounted Police are comin't Saturday, he tl) Blyilicvlllo Satnrdny -wlii'n tin- famous Northwest Moimli'd Police puformtnices. j cnkei, pies, pastries etc as '''hey will on-sent llielr Arctic veil as a number of meals nncl "iLKluvllle ihow whleh will be fi\\-} with exiK-rk-::ccs encountered i in i heir darlir; wort. Comedy, melody imi^ic and harmony siny- ir.g. as well ELS history anil iiri-s- , cut aetlvUies uf The Northwest,! delicatessen di:,hcs. Show cases anil <•'<' other equipment for handling '.he U-lle.ilrs.sen will not be installed •jr about 10 days, however. Mr. Kolbrook has been msast-.! M the bakery business licre for Moiintw! Police . are lie |j:isl tbrco years, and lias had "' c llo " r l lr <"'gnm. moro than 20 yr-nrs experience. The tuiiUlii-.i; ha.-> been repainted 'nsUlc and ovens ami oilier bakery •lUipmcnt installed. NON-SKID SPOT PAD TRUSSES The I'l-rlecl Kupture HoWersI SKK 01)K FLTTKK NOW Consiillatiun and Advice free. Wt liuve a siieclal type for your rupture! ' included In i Kdljinson Dru^ Co., Inc. ' KaltrMd & Main St. Marable Cotton Pickers Will Play on President The same band thai played board l!ie new S. S. President at N'cw Orleans will be aboard the big vvondci- s>ii]> when it stops at Os- 'tola. Moni.iv, May i>8, for a star- ght dance. Fate Marab!e and his famous Cotton Pickc-rs not only play marvelous dance programs, but r.ave many novelty stunts that entertain the spectators as well as the danc- Many of ths dancers in the river towns between N'cw Orleaas nntl St. Paul rememter Fate Marabk', for he r,as been playing on Sireck- fus steamers for nr-re than twenty yeari. His orchestra is considered tre best orchestra on :uiy of the six Strcckfus steamers. Eastern Star Lecturer Will Hold School Here Max Reid Will Address Graduates at Jonesboro Max B. Reid, local attorney, will give the commencement address lor the Jonesboro high school graduating class on Friday, June 1. The class, of 91 students, is the largest in the history of the school. Mr. Reid will also address the junior high school graduating class of this city Friday afternoon. Gosnell Club Meets OSCEOLA. Ark.- Mrs Caroline Sopenbarger of Arkansas City, ndj lecturer lor the Order of Eastern star, will hold an all day school'of instruction in Blvthcvi'll' for chapters of t.-.e Fifteenth nis- rict on May 31. it was announced here by Mrs. Frances Began of Lux- 3ra, deputy graiid lecturer for the district. Mrs. Sponenbarger will be assisted by Mrs. Battie Jean Sparks cf DuVails Blufl. past grand matron of the order and member of the proficiency board. Phone 122 for (iRADUATlON GIFTS Say: Aren't you jiroud of all the boys and jjrls who are nulsliiiij high school this year? No doubt you have numerous invitations, bill t un'i let that b: a worry to you—come to Uorum's and Die problem can easily be solved lor v.'e have uiits for everyone, and. too. they are so moderali-ly priced. For Her: Hridic Sets l.rtljc Cards I'crfuine S<t:i Compacts Kodaks rliLt^xr^ Albums Stat.onarv r.iamtur. Stts . Novelty Arrjn^tmrnls linlhfn; Ciij.s Gurlain rtrfumts Helen.i ICubtnstcir Toiletries Kliiabtth Arden Toiletries KIi\V SUCfiKSTlONS: For Him: Tessle Potter was elected vice- president and Joyce Bryeans reporter at a meeting of the Gosnell 4-H club May 18. G. R. I,?dbpttcr and Elizabeth McGhce, sponsors, and 15 members were present. The c!uo Is planning a program for the ni»hi o: July -i. The next meeting i will b:; r.e!d at 7:30 June I. at the' Quakts Inrre:isi-d SlJrinj Fluw MINA. Nsv. (UPt --T.:e Ressler ^prins. proposed source of (his community's" water supply, has increased It.s flow 100 ]>cr cent sine; a series of recent earth shocks. The New Boston spring, also nearby, has an increased flo.v. The Cebfces kingfisher is no larger than a sparrow and can citch no fish l.-irjer than a minnow. Watches Hill Fold (with your name tnjtravrd en it) Mil Kold and Key Hit\; Sets iWith your name on 111 Kazor Srts Shaving Sfts l*ens (407r I'rice Kcducllon) 1 I'm abd Fencil Sets 1407, 1'riic Deduction) Military Sels Brush Sfts .A[arm Clocks Rorum's Now Boast of the Greatest Price Reductions in Klytheuille Ufl'iX'.sli yonrsiiir at lh« mo ; .t ;tntl Iji-iiutil'iilly decorattd Fountain in Arkansas. Week-Hud Fountain Specials Our Delicious Fresh Strawberry Jninbo Soda; lOc Sundae ISe Shtrlwrt Orange Adc lOc Hi'ntj CjniJur rsTWK Want Arts. WASHOUT 15 MILES OF Win B»ck Pep . . . . . . Vitall»j dijc'imroit, |.i MII.K9 ' iTiJttal filhoritire Q^.cs thftt your HiS ciry» cuntiin 15 MILES of titty tuWs o: rlltcr* u'rtich help to purify tie blooi ^nd k«p yc^'-i h«llhy. They ahuulil j--. a r oul thru the th<!Jer 3 pinls of ^-..d a <3»j »hich contains 4 pointds of uaitr ni»Uer. If you have tronUr \ritn too frequent >i!*ifd«T pmsife Inir b'jrnliiir ind of tidnty liiiK-ar . •er iiKim! way W the bo^inniiis of n^ir:'..« tMharbe. Ice pains, loss of 1 cp and vitality, «elttnfi ui> nights. lumlaKn, awollcn fc*l •od ankl«a, rheumnlic fair. a ami ditiir.f-ij. If kidney a ilon't cm ply 3 pinls every dsj •ud m rid of 4 ]Kmnds of wistc mailer, jour body will take up lUae poisons rausi:.. •er(ou3 trouble. It umy knock j'on out and i (•7 you up for many iiKinlrin. Uon't T,'ait. i A«k your dniztfit ftir DOAX*S riLI^? I ... a doctor's j>rescnp!inn . . . wHrh rini ' betnuwd successfully by millions of iLidr.ej r iufferer» [ur over <0 yea/s. They jrive <iuifk , relief arvd will help to wuh out the 15 ' MILES of kidney lubes. Bui don't UV« chances wltli Elronff d: JCT i or to-cillci] "kidney cures" t>i*t claim to fix ycu up i» 1& minutes. 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Promise nothing, sign nothing, pay nothing until you sc« ! -o.v much MORE Weslinghousc o&tft y«v in *v«ry way I /ftM- denier what he will do far you after the first year PAKKFIURST CO. 10!) K. Mnin OA-47J-1IO X x MIM'M COMPARE ALL OUR PRICES LIBERTY CASH GROCERS Specials for Friday, Saturday and Monday FRESH TOMATOES Kxtr p SALAD DRESSING <££, !i inl Quart - - - SPARE RIBS s Small. Strii-tly t'ri'sh I'ouml lOc BROWN SUGAR Hulk I'uu ml Sc ENGLISH PEAS 1'iiuinl LARD liesl hmiul Tie ll-s. - Suiuiwii'h Mm!, li-u/.. Can - - Ilk- Mi-at, '/,'s - - r,i- GREENBEANS I'ottni) 6c YEARS PROTECTION ON THE HERMETICALLY-SEALED MECHANISM ON ALL Westinghouse rfyriqerafon Or Hamburci-r I'ntinil IMii, FOOD All Brando 8 for 25c LEMONS Nice Size Dozen 19c GINGER ALE Liberty Quart BoUte lOc PORK STEAKS Nice and Lean I'uund TUNA FISH Vienna Sausage, Can 5c t'ntted Mtat. 2 Cans - . 5c Kvery Day Brand ('an lie CANTALOUPES Each 74c HAM Suifiir Curect. Rnrl Cuts *t g ,-. n/ilU , pound X9C CRAB MEAT ' 26c 51c. BEAKS Grout Northern or Navy Pnim'l SOAP Camuv or :> IJurs GREEN CABBAGE I'ound 2c I'll Sliced. Armour's or Swift's 4 "f _!_*» 11 I'niind X i '2 \f Calumet l-l.h. Cnn NO' RISK FLOUR S^ ). Sack 85C FRESH ASPARAGUS Hunch 5c CHEESE Wisconsin No. 1 Pound 17ic Liberty. 20(W Sheets ({oil RINSO > Smnll Sizo 8c 22c 1'on ml NECK BONES SI rit-t ly Fri'sh I'oan;! 2 Free with 10 - <l! lU-st -1 Mis. Frc« wilh 'M Us. Si.10 Libby's Sour or Dill, 2(>-«/. jar Me Sweet, 2(i-o/. Jar - - - - 28^ '' * (; - or Crystal Whit* r>Giunt liars VEGETABLE SOUP Sugar l,oaf Tall Can PORK SHOULDERS" or Whole Pound rni i FP,F INN Rice i)inner ° r \jULLllUC Hill hetti a la Mussolini No. 2 Can 1! for Van Camp No. 1 Can No. Zy t Can 8c SALTMEAT lie.sti Itoiling Pound Tie ASPARAGUS Ul)by>s - l * TKe S lc 12c Canova or Sunny Brook l,b. Can 28c JELLC All Flavors ' Package 5c VEAL CHOPS '"" 0 ™ 1 - Sunhrite ,t for 13c APPLE JELLY White House" 2-Lb. Jar LEMONS :t(W Size 23c HENS Milk Ffd. Full Dressed I'mintl, :! - itac 4()c 37c ' 69c BLUE BUNNY FLOUR SO: £2: S GRAPE FRUIT SALT MACKFREL l-arg« Calif. 15c HEBSHEYI^j MILK Van Ciimp or C(itlii};t' It Sni.-il' in :i 'i.-ill I'- 4 ^ g* X i C 2(11) Size Calif. D..-O 25c CTPAKC NIL I K. C. Iteef. lloiinil *1C<* tltflhj. .-1,- i-. Z5C m Liplnn's 1 Lli. - 72r 'i I''f'e Tun 1 IIT:-- '/, I,'-. - lite PORK CHOPS . Maxwell House or Chase & Sanborn. Lb. ^Can B«st End Cuts Pound scon TISSUE 3 Rolls TOMATO JUICE Wilson's Certified 4-Lb. Carton - ;-.-;40c 8-Lb. Carton - -.- 75c LARD SOUR PICKLES I-arge Size" 3 for Philadelphia Cream 2 Packages KI-Lb. Cloth Itags A^f* Each •» 1 C HiiRSHLYS LARD Clioi-nlute liars for Ik'.sl 1'ure Pound lOc 8c "Itnund Up" Brand 3 Cms Liberty Speci:il PlIH-'l BELL PEPPERS 12c CC-RN FLAHS Kc "°" r ^^'"" 8c CRACKERS Alltri !5<>x 10c '? I, 1 -. Hnv 1»c WHITE . 1'iirn'l 5c MATCHES Pet l!r;iri(l Libhy's. (iolilcn Itanium No. 2 {';tn CUCUMBERS , , lie PEANUT BUTTER ™™ K. S: S SALAD DRESSING ^ £'.'::::": EGG PLANT BEANS I'OUPlI Tilythcvillv. Nn. 2 C;m .H for FRUIT IAR* 1 l>ints> Dozen i'RUll JAIlu Quarts. l)<m'n 62c 79c liD KINGS, Double Lip. Dozen CAPS, Dozen 3'/iC 23c LIBBYS PINEAPPLE 5tUX:.::£ (MTC For Jfi'Hy and Preserves Bo'tl? 27 c 100'f Pure I'ork Pound lOc FBUIT COCKTAIL Libby's, No. 2'/ 2 Can 19c iXiss California, No.'2". Can - - - - I5c PL'APUT.C Libhy's, No. 2'/ 2 Can 17c 1 llfltlllli:- MjeiSate. No. Z'/t Can U; 6c Phillip:. Tomato or Vegetable ran 7c EUltirNTT- Urumt-darv 4-Oz. Can - - - rilTSI nil* 7-07. Can - - - lOc BUTIER Itrooklifld Pound 27 c Bunch Sc Larpe Size 12c Small Size Sc

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