The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1930
Page 3
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TI1U1ISDAV, (JCTOUGU HTPBEPM01B Skill in Food Preparation Is Aid to Domestic Economy Uil;in NEWS Many and v;ir;r:i i):ivo l);e iieins offered to an <;|)lrurc.i:i England. Inspire:! hi< Moyiil ly to such n peak i:f ale as delicacies beyond price, that lie declared such a dish wcr.iiy Court Is Making Slow Pro r> i • I prcine. H was 1111 f.'l'e3S 111 KedUCltlji LOIlglfolc- gras should Criminal Docket. Criminal court ccntlniifd la 0.11- slowly through its routine K-:!T with numerous delays \vlnl; repDtt from the ^rand jury which ; 'a i j ii' ready retf.rned 47 indictments in dit-atetl that th? irnmd jun- woulcl halt their investigation:: thl- alteinoon and adjourn cvu- un' 1 next week. With about 18 or 20 jail i.U"<; a] icady ."jt for trial and prc':) 1 )! six or seven more t!i be 1>-.™U';1) before t'ne conn hue '.his uft-'i'no^- the tstk of giving <•.!! prisciien. no' including the many under indie: inent, and out on bcn:l. trials s' the present term Icon:ed as pi'ioii cally an unpsssibility today. The uig part of IcdavS s»i = i'i- was taken up with the trial o! R" Hawkins en charge* of^lar- and grand larceny. !fawkin< is ae cijA-d of the theft cf a \va'?ou v;liee' from a competitor in th.e ice crev ueddilnf business. The ' case wei 1 to the jury just before neoik anil • verdict had not been returned ear ly this afternoon. £.1111 j.owe. alle£?d lo have sti' en a pig. was acaultted or t b charge by a jury this niorninq. Th case wus tried late yfiir:i-1->v. Several long drawn out trirls I- theft cast"; appeared c-i-tairj tt>- afternoon when counsel f-r the d" fciiKC in the cases of '-ob'>«- asainst Zetia Gaines. ,1. T. Lvi' and Mrs. Mvrile Lytle, and th picsccutor failed to reach nn atr-e'" ment to.try t'^.e companion cis- together and it was rmnoun™ that each defendant would b? tri--' separately as indicted. AIi"!i"icl"' and Cooper repre'-ent th? defend ants. ' Two young; men. Walter ini" 1 and Rivers Tea«uc, ulesded uu'l- to charges of ijrand lareenv tH 1 ' afternoon and were meted out =c c pentlcd sentences of, a year eac 1 by Judge w. w. Bandy. Clarence Doran, indicted for rob licry. is slaled to face trial lomo"- row as is Henry Kin?, aied ue-.'rr accuscd of the th-fr. ef n 1102. Judge Fianrtv hinted 'his n[!ry- noon t!:at Friday would bo C.-.P sumed in the trial of felonv c^ r "Friday, hod been more or le^, r~ served for trial of cit-v an-i^il r"- e.s but Judge Hnndy stnt^rV thit h 1 court would not be "fiolin" wit' the city" as lone as the jnil rp maned overcrowded and it is tremely doubtful if a single c" appeal cas? will be tried at tV session. ••- - ! Some of there liavc achieved I or loss extended iiopularity. Pal. 1 de foic gins and triiiries. hav? l-.i;; been heralded as menu Iterm supreme. H was natural that Pdt3 d:- foie gras should carry a (J?ruKin label of origin, although the 11:11111- is Frencli. In Germany, the I-JA-IV reaches his highest :l?velb]}- nient as a table delicacy. In the valleys around SliassburR Hie fields are while with geese ready to be taken lo tlie yen, wlieie. ,-ihia off from water, and through iiuc-n- of nit-inl;t'r5-hip in thr nobih'ty, anil knlglitr.1 H— tipcl-n-iiit in the 'future it should be referred t» as Sirloin ol lieef. Peculiar sausage compilation: of two Gentian ciiic-v that at cue titne were coiHldeied more or less rare, have become liousvholcl \vor3i; in America—Frankfurter and Hamburger. Southern bUciiits. Vcrm-jiit maple syrup, the corn dn-l-'tr ' . the middle wrst. arc delicacies 'rniiully as iinrignlni; to the ap|>c- tue as Russian cam;-. slvc rccditi ff .aii eiilargenicnt of the [lnctlvc Amevlcan «mnbui:u!..s to , liver is secured, free Irom strong lhl , cu li n ary vc K ct:<blB urcau fni- j taint cr toughness, which provides tolnato aml Jrlsh pj-.a^.-b-n', .,„, ! the backBroinxl for a «-orld v.ij- . sl ,c ct pii b | e lo scoa , s O f ni!ri|'ui.i|! jdelicacy. : recipes of preparatlnn. Trunics ate hunted industrious- , T he housewife who co-.ifrcnti the ly in the leafy ausfo of the Ger- c!crns , qllest i 0 ,-, O f -what snail I man forests, iviih the at doi ho,{n. • S[ ,,. v . c [0 . lny " , 1CC( | Ol ,. y hrr'u-x- especially trained for ii !c purpose. 1;P1 . K[m , 0 ^, of ,. C cipes withoul in her pantry Items' which she re- iili/'es are bi-yon dihc family purse Mrs. Myni Dougan, fumuus home- economist nnd lecturer on c'jokcry. who will appear In Blytheville No- 18 to 21, as the result (if them o'.a for their masters. lu America Terrapin ala Muiylantl. ha.s been renowned since an:c- bellum days. Frcys of Alsace fiir- nished an entire nntb:i v;ith :i characterizing epttlicl. On the other hand, so commrin an item as loin of heel, when attractively served lo C.iarleb II ol the efforts ff the Courier Nc^s. !& siron^' exponent of a more thor- e-ii|;h uiuicrsuiniiing uf the |>otbi- bllltlcs lu tlio simpler nnd cheaper Items ot diet. Approaching her subject with the confidence of a master, she will explain to the throngs of women w:io attend he fvco lectures nl the city auditorium, the methods and means by whlcli they may transloim r,:i olh- erwlse soggy meal into « dc:e-t:ible Kroup of appetixiiuj unit CAjjtivatin? dishes, without ndilbK cue extra l>enny to ;hc cost. The hundreds of sianllnj and ama?.in(; sui;i;estlons Ktio will make royardinj; the preparation ol new dishes, as well as o'.d di<hrs In a new way. will prove a rvehuian to her listeners. Presiding at a model kitchen, j which will be installed for her use, the actual nnd practical demonstration of the i>:i-|nratioii of mcak by this nitiioiinlly known ;x- j:?rt. will bea]' a far reaching iti- I'.nence In Blythevllle and lllyl'V.e- ville trade territory, i "K-nowlwlge of lx>'.v to cook and i wlwt to cook is an exact nnd re- 1 cognized science, clotiely related to ; a happier life and longer life." <tc- clnres Mrs. t)ougan. "There are reasons why a meal is unsatisfactory, as well as why it Ls appetizing. The .theme of my li-aures IK to demonstrate by simple, practical solutions the problem of .serving varied and tasteful meals without increasing 1 the expenditure tor fceil. ; The Courier News wishes to svanx ; its women readers of the necessity of plar.imiK in advance to attend all of these lectures, since they ; constitut" a logical serie.s of de- PACK THREE workii! C '.i; ns lm | (Si The uds of happy liousi".\ivei iiod Stales that atlrsi to ';iti'. s wonderful ns.slslanr". i'maikablo L-nckgroiind ns il.ii | U (i)| S rh.irminc; \\- a . , s d ov ollu![ her lite jo- ward rr.ilnu: in the solntmn of culinary p|.')l t .j|i S . of over ii,t Mrs. l) lorm .1 a te.-.'.::i man •• Popular Stock to y Coining Smith-Willis stock . Mr. and Mrs. nerd and,- Lloyd CM- tort. Heed Dan?, John Coup, Ralph Sakcr, ami "Doc" Willis. , Their Una orchestra and specinl- I.M have drawn more than their ! iliare of comment ntid pr»l««. 'rhu "•'•rnoimlar blues singer, Mrs Jnrk Woods is back this year, »nd ,Mr. . i'«<l Mr.«. Arthur Bertram, native j "iistralliins. who do fivnsatloniil ; nance numbers, continue (o M fuv- """ \s of the audience. SWEKTLV SAIH I'msr TUAMP: After I iiad glv- P" her back the lost pur«, elio put her hand in her pocket and stiid: | Take this for a cup of '~ " '<«« "">««'« house Mil us opened, tables" are borrowed for Iralnln*' nulhoritles anomicwl. -Practice purtiovs UQrrolM:a Ior lminln " • ; one ' rU:* be. 1 -! Xnowu Ihcatvical orBn:ii«,uons iilayiitg thlr, p:irt cf the (uiiiitry, «i!i open a week's cn- B»Kwr,' in HI iho Home llieatre iMonil.iv night, wiili -Tho It Clirl," | a IUK- .ut couwdy dramn. i Th' Kmith-Willis company Ims 1 loni: l.Yin a favorite In the Mid- Soutl-.. ami reports ihlu year are Hint boiii in iK'rsonnel mid in ro- por:mr,, l( K ^renter tlmn in past f>l :i i-iahy numbjrs arc ulven br- tweei; the acts at every pcrlorm- IMo :H-W mt-inlicrs are with the company u,r s yoari u ame i y !lnrry JIo(ia:i ami Herd Dare, and W. O. Bred,', who was with them the i«.s; HVO^HMJOIIS, recently rejnlne<l them. Tilt leadinj roles are carried by Mr. Hiigan and Mis Frank Smith. They me supported by Prnnk Bmith. Mr. and Mrs. Hay Thorv.-cll, I'ivc yo;i? *>•' ik vuj/ \ji yunci', TItAMP: W>:at did sir TRAMP: Two lumps t -••E,... . —* .tsslin; Hhosv. I Co-eds Like Houieketping i KNOXVIM.K-, Tonn. (Up)-Bcn- jrr co-rife in the Home Economics priinrdneiii. of University of Tcim- I rsEi'c Imvc become so Interested In the "piactlcc house" Wen Etnrlfd In'it year Unit u(i/>r lh c prc-Ciit Scene in Italy This is n picture—if you'll brtieve Inc. Italian correspondent who sen' It—«f Ihc tu-rival of Slgnorina'Ma- laMA Moriottino in cienw aflet in\°n Bended, as Miss Itcly of 1330. iii c intornnttonal beantjr pageant in south America. She mny imvc been prepared for any eventuality M,eh as [he sinking of the snip. Or else .she knew that hamy is iw own excuse for being pli;f.' grapnel in a one-piece bnlin? suit Accordin B to the 1929 prelimin- niyreiwrt ti lcrc nre 717MD K[ ,^ of sugar bcols („ lllc Vn i M stale-.. I More tlmn 7.620.000 short tons of ' beets nrc praluccd frnm these ncres. 6 Relieves » Hradac.Tic or Ncnrat^a in 30 mhiB(es. checks a Cold' thii HTS! day, and checks Malaria In three il-ivs. GENIUS V HALTED MILK Here'; a and new better confection Our delicious malted milk tablets are more than just sweets. Concentrated food, they bring quick relief from fatigue to golfers, shoppers, travelers and children. Sold at better drug stores everywhere. .HORLICK'SJ N^ RACINE. WISCONSIN ///f Says GEORGE S. PARKER President of The Parker Pen Company Pioneer in the manufacture of the famous Parker Fountain Pens and Pencils About LUCKY STRIKE'S Famous Toasting Process which includes the use of the Ultra Violet Ray "People arc eager for products of fine quality—and to satisfy this need every business leader must devote all his time and resourcefulness to developing an even finer his product. You have recognised this great demand by your use of the Ultra Violet Ray in the 'Toasting' of the LUCKY STRIKE tobaccos —it is a stroke of modern business genius." ' Week of November 2nd Program Ritz & Home Theatre SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd Everyone knows that sunshine meHows—that's why TOASTING includes the use of the Ultra Violet Ray. LUCKY STRIKE—the finest cigarette you ever smoked, made of the finest tobaccos —the Cream of the Crop—THEN—"IT'S TOASTED." Everyone knows that heat purifies and so TOASTING removes harmful irritants that cause throat irritation and coughing. No wonder 20,679 physicians have stated LUCKIES to be less irritating! Your Throat Protectron "-agcnnst irritation- against cough Consistent with its po'.icy of Ir^vinK th» facts hc-fpro I he prfolic, The American Tobacco Compury ha* invited Mr George b.i arltcr to review the re ; »rij cf Hie j:.-i:r,f iiislic.1 men who have v/itnossco 1 LUCKY STRIKE'S fanwJi Toasting Process. 1 he statement of ^:r. I'-rkcr o.i \h\; page. ' RITZ Sunday-??onday i § Her beauty -™v. :..t3lis <rifccss ^4;;r ."•• lo her hcsban'l '' rlic wants lovu! RUTH CHATIERTON JCLIVE BROOK in Tablets HOME unday- l nc r av O 1 Year's Most Start ling All-Talking Drnma WIFC G Gbramijum CfictUK Th.D Korgcoua stiir of "Channing- Sinner.-!," "JMndamo X," "Sarah and .Son" and her greatest role. This picture, was held'over in Little Rock for an extended run owing to public demand. Comedy and News. Adm. Adults—iOc. School Children — J0-25c. Nifflit—15 iiiul 40c. Time: Sr-lft nnd 10. Powcr.'ul, . moving story that hits at the heart : of every home! .with • CONRAD IVAGELand L.J;A LEE „ Study, of second love . .-•;. what' it holds for .'every man : and wo-'i man'. . . •• and Novelty Reel Coming AD Week Beginning Monday Smith-Willis Stock Co. Ritz Theatre Tuesday-Wednesday Constance Bennett and Lew Ayer.s in "Common Clay" Does on slip make a had womnn ? alao Comedy and Novcty. Adm, Matinee—10-;«k. JJight—I5-IOc. Ritz Theatre Thursday-Friday Raniou .Navarro iu 'Call Of The Flesh' with Dorothy Gordon, Renee Adorec and Ernest Tor- r:nce. He dreamed of the love I'.e hncl won and lo;t. Hear Navarro sing in this truly great singing romance. Comedy and News. A'rfm.—10 and 30e. Nifrht—10 arid 35c. Ritz Theatre Saturday—One Day Only Richard Aden and Fay Wray in "The Sea Cor! M The greatest outdoor talking melodrama of dar:- devil adventure and flaming love ever seen! Comedy and Fables. Matinee—10 and 30e. Night—10 and 35c. Home Theatre-Week of Nov. 3td Smith-Willis Stock Co. .Monday Nighl: "Tho It Girl", A •! Act Comedy Drama-with Feature Vaude \il!e Between (he Acls. I-ndtes Admitted KKKH with Gentlemen. Adm. 23c and 50<\ ..1

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