The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1949
Page 8
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BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER KBWg THURSDAY, MAY 19, 1949 Tin BLYTHBV1LLB COUWEK NEWS matter •* the pug- t, 1111 «t Thi Meeclitirt Pr«s» -:•» MRM to ..Sk.r^nr.s^irs. •**•••—»• ^^^r.i^r«iS.^sr *o »*T»»oa Meditations trtsw wfciek »• toMMh re* Hethre-, -ark them which ««trmry to the *oe- »»* •» 0 ** «« Ken's hearU ought oot to be set against one unothtr, but let with one another, and all against to, rriJ thlof Barbs •prlng sales are here and merchants If no lull-ol-buy. the song of the a. M< lllt BMfcand trie* ta make his wife's rela- ttae feei a» hoB» titn when he wishes they were. • • • H UtU« U<U looked before they leaped, "No Swimming" •*» would "P 0 " * tot °' fun - m »5' b<! - Olri |M* Motorist— newi item. A »l« i» *>»• note* fc fcettec thaa one In the tonaeau. • • • Acoardinf to lUtlstlcs, goU Is th« thtrd moal darn«w» sport. ttep over those broken bottles at U» l«h hole, m»ni and macazinet. Moit people who have gone to teach** htvt had such picture taktn, with no mow Ming of tmbamwment than u if •omebody had tak«n their pictuw in a houw dr««« or a pair of orwalls. But apparently the bathing suit is ctill an indecorous and undignified article of apparel in which to be photographed, although it's perfectly all right to wear In public. More than that, it has suddenly developed that a picture of a person in bathing attire can be a matter of national or international significance. We suspected that when some news photographer* ran into trouble alter taking pictures of the President and the Chief Justice from a blimp when the distinguished duo were h> swimming at Key West. The photographers' film was seized, amid complaints of censorship, for reasons of "security." Now all suspicions have been confirmed beyond a doubt. Paris police have confiscated the edition of a weekly magazine, on request of the French Foreign Ministry, because it published a photograph, taken in Italy, of England's Princess Margaret in a swim suit. Police said that the picture "cast aspersions on the royal family of a great, friendly country." We are sure that Margaret's great- grandmother Victoria would have approved the action. Well Worth Special Attention VIEWS OF OTHERS Not Too Bad a Score Enlargement of Boys Town Is Symbol of Faith Our daily diet of news runs heavily to tensions and alarms. This can't be helped. The tensions and crises are there and, as a nation, we have to stay informed to stay alive. Still most of us yearn for a little pleasanter reading now and then. Which brings us to a recent story out of Omaha. It was an account of the dedication 'of 110,000,000 worth of new building! at Boys Town, in the suburbs of the Ne- braika metropolis. It was also a story of how faith can pay off in a tangible 'way in our rather cynical everyday , world. The name of Msgr. Edward J. Flanagan figured prominently in this story, although it was dated almost a year after his death. This was quite natural, of course. For the new building program, like Boys Town .itself, was the fulfillment of Father Flanagan's practical as well as theological faith. As a young man, Father Flanagan came to the conclusion that there was no such thing as a bad boy. He set out to prove his point in 1917. His capital consisted of a "bad boy" on whom he could teat his theory, and a cottage in Omaha to house the experiment. The young priest soon had plenty of material to work with. His experiment outgrew the cottage, and Boys Town was founded. The boys kept on coming. They are still coming, at the rate of BO a month and with a waiting list of 3000. Father Flanagan was not the first person to reason ' that juvenile delinquents and problem children were the products of bad environment and lack of opportunity rather than examples of inate wickedness. But few people ever devoted themselves so patiently, tirelessly and wholeheartedly to the task of proving that decent surroundings and kindly understanding will usually produce honest, useful citizens. It is encouraging to realize that others shared and supported Father Flanagan's faith, and that Boys Town continues to grow and' flourish under his successors. For the new group of buildings is not only a monument to the abiding success of an experiment. It is » mounment to $10,000,000 worth of American citizens' belief in the dignity and decency of human beings. Considering the prize package Congress hand ed him when it passed the new Rent. Control Ac a month ago, Housing Expediter Tlghe E. Wood hu come up with a commendably simple and fair solution. Granted that the task of evolving a workable formula to assure landlords "a fair net operating Income ... so far as Is practicable" is not quit! so formidable as to assun them "a reasonable return upon a reasonable value"—which the House tried to do—still, some ot the same difficulties art Involved. "A fair net operating Income" as a percentag* of iross tncomt instead ot u a percentage ol value or Invtntmtnt has a good many advantage*. It uses a current flsure substantiated bjr Income tax returns. It does not raise such questions as original or replacement cost, or current market value—«11 of them highly debatable polnU. rram the average landlord's standpoint, all he has to do Is show evidence that he Is not able to pocket M much of his total tent receipt! u the regulations allow In order* to secure authorisation for ar Increase to make up thi difference. But an Increase could hardly be Justified for landlords who have not kept their property In decent shape. And here Is where a necessary proviso In the regulations seems likely to snow under the machinery for a time. Landlords must notify tenants when a petition for inorease Is filed. If a tenant feels hie quarters have not received reasonable maintenance, he may protest, and the protest will hold up the Increase until repairs are madi or an Investigation upholds the landlord. \ There may be, of course, some neglectful landlords and some unreasonable tenants to cause uncalled-for delays. But on the whole, thoee landlords who have maintained cordial and understanding relationships with their tenants will gel their increases promptly. Which, under the oir- cumitauKS would not be too bad a score. —CHRISTIAN BOUNCE MONITOR. Washington News Notebook Soviet Strategy Rudely Upset By Election in East Germany Ttt« DOCTOR SAYS By Edwin r. Jordan, M. B. Written for NBA Service The amoun^ of heat produced by the body Is measured In unlU known as calories, Just as distance Is measured by the Inch or the foot, food U changed Into energy which produces heat. Different food* produce different amounts of energy and heat, ror this reason It hu proved convenient to express th value of foods In the amount o heat which they will produce In terms of calories. Fats have the highest calorl value In relation to their bulk. I other words, a pat of butter wi supply more calories than a squar of the same size of lean meat, po tato or bread. Starches or carbo hydrates, such aj sugar, potatoe and most breads, furnish more ca ories In proportion to their bii than the proteins. Proteins 111 lean meat, egss, cheese, and fis supply the least calories for the bulk. Needs Vary It can be calculated very closely how many calories are needed at vaiious ages In the two sexes and for various kinds of occupations. For txamole. the, average boy between 14 and 1(! will require more calories in proportion to the Eire of his body than girls of the same age or than either men or women older than he. By DeWItt Ma*kne«ie AF Foreign Affairs Analyst Tne Kremlin must have b««n «» ocking by the election In thi Soviet one of Eastern Germany, where rror« than a third of the voters alloted against hand-picked, Cora-' umlst-approved candidates for the ew "People's Congress." The Htd command had anticipated the usual favorable Vote of vir- ually 100 per cent In such elections. This was to be a triumph for presentation at the forthcoming meeting ot the Big Four foreign Ministers' Council In Paris. Moscow's strategy was to lay before the council this "Peoples Congress" of 3,000 delegates which would match the Federal Republlo of Western Germany. Not only that, but the congress contains MO delegates specially designed to represent Western Germany. In short, the "People's Congress" was to have been put forward by the Russian* to represent all Germany. What line of strategy the Muscovites will pursue In view of this upset Is a matter of keen speculation In Western Diplomatic circle". Certainly the so-called " people's Coneress" has lost any mngic whH'U it might have held for Western Germany had the election been practically "unanimous" as planned. Communlsim Cannot Deliver Meantime General Lucius D. Clay, retiring American military commander In Germany, returned home to be accorded highest honors Inthe capital. President Truman prw'(p| ented the general with a second Truman's Domestic Program Moves With Less Speed Than Aid Abroad (Last of three dispatches on gist Congress.) WASHINGTON, (NBA) — Presl- ent Truman's program for domes- e legislation is In an even worse ay than his requests to Congress or action in the fields of foreign ffairs and national defense. With four months of the present esslon of congress gone and less nan three months to go, it is important to review this state of af- alrs. It shows how overworked and Hired down Congress has become, t shows how utterly futi'e was the filibuster which tied the 8en«te in mots for several weeks. It shows low wasteful was the House Easter recess of 10 days. It shows how advisable some kind of reorganization of the legislative machinery would be to permit more action on Important matters and less dawdling on inconsetiuentlals. In 13 messsgei to Congress khls year, President Truman has proposed nearly 83 domestic measures of importance. The congress Itself and the executive departments have proposed another 40. Thus far only seven have been acted upon. Honest differences of opinion »re. course, responsible for much of ils lack of action. Many of Present Truman's programs are high- y controversial. When any con- course, desirable. At present a good case can be made that there is too much Inaction on the Important ittonal issues. Eight of the President's recommended programs concern health, welfare and social security. Hearings on all are in progress, but so far none has been passed. Whether any will be passed is doubtful. In the Inventory are found the ninny bills to provide health Insurance, extend social security cover- ase and benefits. Increase unem- derible number of congressmen r« opposed, to any given piece of eglslatlon, they will naturally at- He Who Gets Carried ployment Insurance, construct more hospitals, expand 'medical education, provide more benefits to Indians, Puerto Rlcans and Virgin Islanders, Improve stream pollution contro'.s and make the Federal Security Agency a government department of cabinet rank. There are nine major housinK proposals. Extension of rent control Is the only one passed, though the Senate has put through a new low- rent housing and slum-cle»rance bill. This has been in the works since 1945, Incidentally. That gives some idea of how long It sometimes takes to put a sound ide hrough Congress. The Senate Is far ahead of the Souse on education, having passe< ,ational science foundation and red eral nid to education bills. The have also been in the works fo years. School survey, school con It's a strange combination of people In this country who have to be carried. First it's Scwtll Avery. chairman of the board of Montgomery Ward & Co. Now It's Gerhart Eisler, the Communist bail-Jumper. The extreme ri»ht, and the extreme left, politically. We couldn't help noticing, too, how they differ In the techniques of having to be carried. Mr. Avery s»t proudly erect with his arms crossed, his attitude evidently being that while his body might belong to the two soldiers who were carrying him cat's cradle, his soul belonged to the Constitution. Mr. Eisler, to the contrary, went limp, and had to be carried by his wrists and ankles. Ht abandoned pride with the wholeueartednesi of a small boy who is n»t joinj to take the cajtor oil. Apparently Mr. Eislcr had read somewhere that if you relax completely, nobody can pick you up. It's a fasclnatlni theory, but by some bourgeois trick of nature it doesn't work. What the cases of Messrs. Eisler and Avery go to show, w* don't pretend to understand. Ptr- hsp5 there are Just certain people who gel their heads set. When they don't want to so, they don't, want to go. —ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH. , empt to delay It if they think they annot kill it rutrlght. That's one f the hazards of the democratic irocess. And in the long run. H may >e better to postpone action than o rush in and pnss laws that may X no pood or refinltely harmful Action Should be Taken Now Striking some kind of a balanci between action and inaction Is, o . struction and promotion of highc education bills need action. Farm Programs are Blocked Ten farm legislation proposals o importance are stymied behind Sec retary of Agriculture Brannan's ne plan to stabilize farm income. Th is one that will probably take tim to work out. But it should now be price support law Isn't working. So something should be done before a major break hits the farm economy. A dozen pieces of major labor leg-, islation are also dammed up behind efforts to revise the Taft-Hartley law. Increase of minimum wage, strengthening of the labor Department, an Industrial safety program, regulation of private employment agencies, establishment of a labor extension service and half a dozen measures affecting em- oyment of women are on the leg- ative docket. The President's economic stabi- zatlon program seems sdead. No gislation to promote full employ- ent is at all likely until the more nmediate problems of management-labor relations are fixed. Eleven natural resources mea- ures—none of which seems to stand inch chance at this session—in- lude American. Columbia and MIs- ouri River Valley Authority plans. xtension of reclamation laws to xnilslana and Arkansas, revision of mining laws, development ol ynthetic fuels, reorganization of he National P_r.rk Service. Twenty important bills have' to do with development of transimr- tntion and industry and have little chance for j-,tion: The St. Lawrence Seaway project. Revision of posta rates. Modernization of the Coas Guard. Aviation legislation. Strong er anti-trust laws. Eighteen deal with changes i government, including tax levision Civil Service classification and pa matters. Finally, there are 11 major civil rights measures. If they art ictect However, weight also plays a part In the calory needs. A relatlvr-ly heavy person needs more calories to maintain the weight than a thin prr.son of the same age and sex The amount of fuel needed also increases with physical activity. Calories are also of prime Importance when it comes to gaining or losine weight. By means of certain tests and calculations, the skilled doctor can tell exactly how many calorics per day will be necessary for a person who wishes to lose wcijrh'. or to gain.weieht. Caloric's lire the measure by which accurate calculations of the energy need* Individuals ,and Indeed of whol populations, can be worked out. • • • Note: Dr. Jordan is unable to answer individual questions from readers. However, each day he will answer one of the most freqpently asked questions in his column. QUESmON: Is it harmful to go up and down steps every day dur inp pregnancy? ANSWER. Many obstetricians nd vise else the stairs occasionally would p: ak Leaf cluster. In lieu of a third istlnguished service medal, for serves "of supreme vnlue to his country nd to humanity." Clay had stuck y his post until he had seen th« atsing of the Soviet blockade of lerlin and the creation ot the new ederal republic for Western Germany—a republic which contemplates the Inclusion of Eastern Germany In due course. This revolt of the German voters n the Soviet Zone Is in itself » momentous development, but 11 seems to me to fit into a picture of much broader significance. Last weekend this column analyzed th« statement by Paul G. Hoffman,, director of the Economic Cooperation Administration, that "our wsy of life will be secure if Eurpoe Is strong and free In 1952." What new development could alter the European picture? Well, it would be the failure of Communism to hold the peoples of the various countries which have been absorbed Into the Soviet bloc. That Is. the rejection of Communism by these peoples. ans n Now comes this rebuff to thf • moderate amount of exer- Russians In Eastern Germany which T during pregnancy, Climbing J W as supposed to have been thorou- prob- gh nbly not be harmful unless some hsart disease or other condition were present. upon in the ?0th century tt rtll be fairly obvious that the present farm nothing short of a miracle. IN HOLLYWOOD SO THEY SAY Moral: Don't Cover The Waterfront * Ew sinct the day of Annette Kellerman »nd the Mack Bennett girls, pictures of bathing beauties have been a part of our national culture. And they are an aspect of that culture that the r«at of th« wwtarn world was quick to adopt and call fta own. Soon, by association, bathing suit ' pictures became popular even when the , subjects were not beautiful. They filled I, •sprint •BNOM sad wpwnd in n«ws- The tragic Tact Is that countries like Soviet Russia could achieve 10 times u much for their own people by developing what they already have, than they ever can achlev* bj any process of world conquest.—Henry Ford n. • • • set an objective with a time limit. You reach it. Then you set another objective. You never think about money.—Millionaire Ross David •tracUM, describing his formula, for building > million-dollar bank account. « * • If we could Juat raise the standard ot living ol the people In Asia and Africa and South America, our prosperity could never cease. Jusl two pv cent la all we need to do that .-President Truman. HOLYLWOOD, (NEA1—Fred As- lalre's biography will never reach the screen. M-G-M may be think- about the Idea, but Fred Isn't, hat's more, he has even taken gal steps to prevent It alter his ath. He asked mi. to deny, emphntl- lly. that 'The Fred Astalre Story" on M-G-M's fall production hedulc. then said: "I don't want my life on the rcen—now or ever. There's a ause In my will prohibiting It af- r my death. I'm Just not a Mook- hat-I-dld' type of ellow. 'What has bten Important to me my life wouldn't be box office. . filin blograph hits a few high- gills and the rest Is fiction. I don't •ant It." Fred and Betty Hutton arc rc- icar«ing their dance routines for Little Boy Biue" at Paramount and then Fred goes back to M-Cl-M for three more pictures. Including another with Ginger Rogers. Reunion of Fred and Ginrer In "The Barkleys of Broadway" Is doing bcltfr business in New Vork than "Kanltr P.iradr." Producer Arthur Frfcd Is a happy man. People still kid Astaire about hi "retirement." "nut reslly," he saU, "I needs a mental retirement. Those tw< years were good for me. Then I lot so b\uy with race horses and my dancing ichools tint I came ba'ck to pictures for a vest, But next time when I retire I won't tell anyone." Gratitude on Wax Ring Crosby Is going to thank the people — by transcription. The Groancr has bcim criticized plenty this year 'or not showing up to accept the many awards he was vctH as thi Mreen'i top ken si I Ice By Erskine Johnson NBA Staff Correspondent star. Now he'll make amends. Hell thnnk everybody for all the honors in the last few seconds of his last atrshow of the season. * * • Rud.v Vallcc is objecting to an U A. television show titled, "Val- Itv Video Times." Same sound, different spelling single comer. When »5kcrt why there had been no bids. Mayor Charles Parrell replied: "The tree men tell me there Just aren't any palm tree available In Palm Springs." Niclit club Inisinei In Hollywood is so had, s»ys Martin Kas- away. that one club has cut expenses by putting: in a floor show with n midsel hubMe dancer. She comes out shyly hoMlnj a jrap*. had to prepare a number of-hand-% which were mailed to the various colleges for the purpose of selecting he 16 undergraduate pairs for the hampionship which was played In Chicago. He gives today's hand, which was ne that he had prepared for private Olympic game in Trinidad. It went so far as to say that the contract must be played ab six pades and that West must open the eight of spades. With the spade opening the declarer wins it with the ten spot. You can see that he can ruff only one 'diamond, so he cashes the ace and king of diamonds and ruffs the third diamond. Now he should leac 1 the king of hearts. East must nol make the mistake of playing low. He must f,o with the ace, whicn South t will trump. Three more rounds of trump* are taken. Now the declarer has to think— should he lead toward the queen of clubs. If he does, he will risk losing a diamond and a club. He has only one chance and that Is to nope that the player who has the fourth diamond, also has the king of clubs. He, therefore, should lead the fouvth diamond. West will have to win the trick and lead either a heart or a club which will give the declarer his contract. ghly communized. We see that there is a powerful anti-Communist element in that zone, and that it dares false Its head. Discontent Behind Iron CnrUln Then take a look at Yugoslavia. This Balkan state was supposedly the most thoroughly communized of all the satellite states. It was Communism's forward theatre for training and supply in the "cold war." But Moscow's hold on that state cracked up on the rocks of Yugoslav nationalism. Marshall Tito and his followers subscribed to Com- mulsm, but dogedly clung to nationalism rather than acknowledge Moscow as the seat of sovereignty. The comniform launched See MacKENZIE on Pa»e drive 75 Years Ago (n Bfythevi/Je Marjorie Stevens eight year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Stevens will broadcast over WMC Memphis Saturday between 10 and 11 o'clock. Marjorie, who Is unusually talented in piano will Play "The Butterfly" Lavalee. Since » small child she has played the piano well and Is considered a coming musician of note. Patty Anne Green, small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Green, was admitted to S.t Joseph's Hospital, Memphis, yesterday for an appen-^. dcctomy. She was accompanied by *l her parents. John Bnge and Carl Ganske attended the Cotton Carnival In Memphis Wednesday night. His leud going on at M-O-M over the screen credits for The For- vle Safca." Thirteen writers have irned In 17 complete scripts of the ory over a period of n years. Onlv (hrce. according to the Screen Vritcrs' Guild, can receive film rccli'. Food Fish McKENNEY ON BRIDGE This Select Hand Takes Thinking I have taken today's lesson hand from an article written by Goeffrey Moll-Smith in the April issue Nice line from Larry Sloan: Talk- about • certain actor, Larry said •Sure, he's egotistical, but you'l • ave to admit hr's sincere about it.' Ann Miller Joins Cyd •Jhnrlsse In sarong tor "Tahiti." M-G-M' musical remake of "The Paga Love Song.•'. Moxlern art will tak a terrific ribbing In Ed Gardner first Independent film, "Plgsfcet i Paris," Recommended: Anlt Marlell. the British comedienne, the niltnure Bowl ... Maureen O'Hnra and Will Price will remoflfl i a 100-year-old mansion in Pike' County.' Miss, it's been In the Price tatnllv for years. ' Yoo-hoo. Goldwyn: At a charity drive banquet. Jack Warner fluffed: "And so I hope we will be able to bring Mils year's campaign to a .successful collusion." No C«al In Newca»tlr The city of Palm Springs recent ly voted a bond issue fov the plant- Ins o( palm trees on Palm Canyon Drive. The bids eloeed without a, TKQJ7J • 73 + Q872 t Q106.S 4>K 1043 N W I s Dealer V A943 »J94 *J5 AAKQJ 105 V None • A K I 2 + A9S Lesson Hand—E-W vul. Opening—** 1» of the Bildge World, the title o which Is '•Think! Think! Think! It is a Icwon In Itself. Moll-Smith of the greatest 'U 111 Is probably one of the greatest semblcrs of bridge hands in world. Before the war, when World Bridge Olympics were held it was up to him to select th hands. , _ . New he is in charge of the Inter collegiate ChampioiuMP T?"" 1 ment, once again h« found th»i HORIZONTAL 4 Whirlwind 1,6 Depicted fish 5 Parrot 11 Hansom 6 GoU mound 13 Payment 1 Symbol for deduction rubidium 14 Hail! 8 Cereal grain 15 Mountain spur 9 'deal state 17 Unit of weight 10 Doctrine 18 Symbol for ™ Written form cerium " f Mislr ,'t\ ial!er 13 Route (ab.) 20 Hebrew lelter ls Exclamation 21 Stray 23 Be sealed 24 Snaky fish 26 Indonesian ot Mindanao 27 Italian river 58 Symbol for iridium 29 Rough lav« JO Myself 31 Accomplished 82 Indian weight 34 Courtesy title 35 Beverage 37 105 (Roman) 3« Petition 41 Suo loco (ab.) 42 Disencumber 44 Father {comb, form) 48 Ocean. 31 Celestial 33 Seam anew of inquiry 34 Rawboned 22 Mend person 23 Thoroughfare 36 Poplar 25 Burden 38 Salt 26 Points a . 39 Note in weapon Guido's scale 40 Bitter vetch 43 Noise | 44 Dance step I 45 Belongs to it 4 S Select ion (abj 48 Greek letter 50 Egyptian sun god 49 It likes » freshwater - or like 51,5211 belongi to the - VERTICAL „ 1 Bit-slock 2 Venerate 3 Potm __ _

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