The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 30, 1936
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JULY 30, IMG :iSLYTlIEViafi. JAKK.) COUlUEK NEWS PAGE "SEVEN WHAT YOU CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dai:j rate per line for coaaecu- 11'3 Insertions: '•nc time pel Mo 100 'f*'o limes per line per day .. >8c Month rate per line ........ «c nilnunum cnnrge 60o Hiree times per Hue p,a d»y . Oft Klx limes per line per daj .. one Aos arflciefl >or three' or sli limes and slopped before expiration will be charged for the dumber of times the ad appeared wid "Ouslment of bill made. ill Classified Advertising copy I ibmitlcd by persons residing out- Ude or me city must be accom- .' (Milled , by cash. Itates may be welly computed from abova table AtmriLnna oraerect lor irregular Inserllons take Ihe one time rate No irspunsiDiiity will be taken lov more than due Incorrect In- lerti&ii of any classified ad. Business Directory For Sale Mrs J.JT.Uavb—Spencer Corstttm Call 421-W for appointments Dance Every Night At the Silver Moon Nightclub Newly Remodeled Good Music Most delightful Night Club between Memphis and St. Lculs. Good Barbecue E. BAILEY, .Mgr. DECORATING Expert Floor Sanding and Finishing JOHN \V. BURTON, C'aruthcrsville Phone CS1 TRANTHAM TRANSFER CO. Moving 50c room up. Pianos $1 up. PHONE 904 from the WANT ADI Real Estate TOR SALK—100 by 3CO ft. lot en Highway 18, small cottage, orchard, shade, city water, $<J(K). TERMS. Thomas Land Co. For Sale: Comer lot E. Kentucky near Park. TERMS. F. T. Elder. % Bell Cafe, West Memphis, Ark. Balii imoi'fi Boss? FOB SAM Several thousand acres southeast Missouri rich alluvial collon As corn lands. Any size tract. TERMS | LIKE RENT. Everett B. Gcc.'• Blymcnm. Oak Flat Top Desk. 7 drawers, chair. Moore's Air-light Healer, all $25. Fiox 74, Blylhcvillc P. O. 29p kl Wardrobe trunk, 4 burner oil slove, kilclicn cabinet, baby bugyy, store show case. Cecil Lowe grocery. Call 117. 23-ck-l Used Niagara COTTON DUSTER. Gcod condition. Peter Shipman, \Valm-t Ridge, Ark., Route 1. •J8p k4 Good Used Trucks 1934-V8, 114 Ion truck 193'1 Chevrolet US Ion Iruck 1A3 Internntiounl Hi toil truck fc trailer 1C35 International 114 ton truck & trailer yj ton International Pick Up TERMS Delta Implements, Inc. Slightly used FACTORY BOAT and "late model Johnson Sea Horse 12 ll. p. OUTBOARD MOTOK, good shape, ?100 cash. Paul Byrum. 0-ck.-lf FOR SALE 5 room house, bath. Large lot. Across from high and grade schools., Cheapest taxes Mil town. ..Coiild be .j.made..,,11110 aparlment. 809 Chickasawb " ' ' dh If Batteries '"> BETTER BATTERY SERVICE Call J. B. Ciune „ At Tom Jackson's Service Station Eggs, Poultry Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eggs & Poultry Jll E. Main Position Wanted EXPERIENCED STENOGRAPHEK nnrl Bookkeeper \vants position Good references. Eleanoi Smi.h 1315 W. Main. Cail 33U-W. 13p k2: Personal DEMOCRATS— Workers, Veterans, Farmers. On Aug 4tr). vote ,for McCoy for congress Not a lawyer or a rubber stamr but a man of your own class. MFiNM « JVI ljj>. Nev) . ostrcx Tonic Tablets contain rn\v oyster invig- oratcrs and other stimulants One cicsc'pCDS up organs, glands It not delighted, maker rcfundf few cents paid. Call, write Kirbj Bros. Drug Store. AUTO LOANS Cash Advanced —Confidential PAYMENTS REDUCED No cc-r.igners. Jus". Tiring car and registration card atony. U. W. MULLINS *'* '^'Ty nlrlp. rhonc 495 for Kent 2 room FURNISHED Apartment E07 Chlckasawba. Cnll 102S. 28c ktf 3 and 4 room cool FURNISHED duplex apartment.'!. Moderate Bess Hall. Phone 280. 27c ktf Modem 3 room unfurnished apartment, Main & 2nd. 4 room & bath unfurnished apartment, 125 \V. Kentucky. Newly decorated. Phone 764. F. Simon. 25-ck-tf 3 room furnished aparlment C05 Fifth St.' Call 142, -24-c-k-lf •f U o o m Furnished Apartment, 1C11 w.yAsli. Vacant Aug. 1. Call -H5W. Mrs. M. O. Goodwin. 22c ktf 3 Room Furnished Apartment, Private bath, garage at 224 Dou- $20 nionlh. Mrs. Wert. 2lcktf COOL bedrooms for psraianent & transient . guests. Fans free. Bess Hull, 611 w. Main, Final Close Out Wall Paper 1936 PATTERNS LOWEST PRICES THEARKMO PHONE 40 Highest Prices Paid For Used Furnhure Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. MAIN WE BUY HIDES & A LI KINDS METALS We Sell Coal, Wood and Kindling Give ,Us a Trial and Be Satisfied Blytheville Fuel Co. 118 S. Railroad Si: mowers sharpened the Meal way on the Ideal Mower grinding machine. Guaranteed job only SI. HIjihcville Machine Shop Keep Kooi . With ' Hunter Electric Fans HubbardJIdw^Co. Ship by .T. W. I'ARKER TRUCK LINE Dependable Daily Service to and? From Memphis Keep Freight Money at Home Call 127 800 W. Ajh St. Survey Shows Accident Toll High On Farms NEW YORK. IUP) — Farming ranks first as a hazardous' occupation with fatal accidents averaging MOO annually, n survey by the Country Life magazine reveals. "In a factory," the farm publication says, "where machines arc Inspected regularly and carefully, accidents arc relatively few. In almost every occupation accidents are foreseen and forestalled. But. recognizing and eliminating potential accident hazards in farming is far more of a job because of their wide variety and their deceptive commonplaccncss. "There, are three major and frequent cimses of farm accidents: poor repair of farm buildings, careless handling of livestock and improper use of farm equipment. And the sa<i part about all these accidents, is that they are unnecessary. They could .easily be prevented." It Is the little things thai cause the most tragedy—loose Itoor- boards, broken stair-treads, defective stepladders, loose matches, improperly marked poisons, improper use ,of kerosene and i;aso- )ine, not keeping a close eye on the bull in the pasture lot, and so forth, the magazine says. And then, of course, there's fire, which last year cost farms and rural towns a quarter of a billion dollars. IJiiHiinorc's ()ririlr.s, out' of (ho ninrc fruitful rhilw in bascljiil! durin;: its ]oii[; [:uid;ina; ^hy John M (Jai'li) Dunn, ;'ij!i>m may IKIVC that family's leadership if Ins \vido\v laltc.s over Ihe club. Ammliiit; In reports,,fifrs. Dunn, native, is In succeed Chrirjcs 11. Knapp. who recent!;' died of » lu-ait 1 );, as prcfl" dcnl of Iho Inlemational Li.*a;Ju^ THIS CURIOUS WORLD BFy , William Ferguson THAT IS COMPOSED OF MATERIAL SO HEAVV THAT A SMALL PINCH OF IT, IF DROPPED ON A MAN, WOULD CKUSH I-IIAA/ Printed sermons, taken from Ihe print shop of Benjamin Franklin, were converted into musket cartridges for (lie battle or Moninouth during the Revolutionary War.} Tolal nitrogen producing c ity of the United States more than 540,000 lens a year. U.S. CONGRESS MAKES A SPECIAL APPRO PRJATION TOR THE CATS WHICH v PROTECT GOVERNMENT MAIL FROM RATS AND MICE. QUILLS OF HEDGEHOGiS ARE USED FOR —ANATOMICAL PINS BV ENGLISH SURGEONS, SINCE THEV ARE Study Is Made of Sea Water As Germ Killer LA JOLLA, Cn'c. cup) _ T| IO ocean Is liot only n powerful antiseptic, but Is the bluest and perhaps the best germ killer In the world, according to the latest I discoveries, of Claude E. Zobcll, of llio slaff of the Scrlpps Iml'llu-' lion of Oceanoornphy. \ I Zobcll'.s report on his findings Is now being studied by (ho Society' for Hxperhncnlrtl .Biology nnd Medicine In an effort to ascertain just what It Is In sen water that tilvcs It Its nnllsepllc qualities. He lias demonstrated lint bacteria of n' public henllh Interest cannot 1 survive long in sen water. On ihc other Imncl. It has been found that marine bacteria have n certain clmnco . of curvlval. " Ainohir Ihc various deductions that have been nindo as to Ihc possible nnllscpllfl" qualities of sen water Is thc'.pnrsencu of predacious protozoa; a poMtblo luck of lutrlcnt.s or the lethal effect of iimllght. One thins Zobell declares to be ccvlalp, l.i uml there Is .winching In sea water besides Us QUM >Y NtABtHVlCE. inc. -J.y 0 The star referred to above is made up of mailer so clensi! that cue uublB Inch of It would weigh about 020 tons.'It is only a small star, not more llian half as large ns the carlh, and Is of thu 3Cth magnitude, far too faint to be seen with the naked eye. iN'KXT: llelwcrn what dales (lots llic sun shine continuously nil United Slates territory? Lightning flashes travel at a speed of approximately 2D.OOO miles n second. About 70 gallons of pure oil arc contained In H!>e body of an clc phant. Wrecker Service - Oai OPEN ALL NIGHT ...PHILLIPS SERVICE CENTER Phones 177 . Bit) ; Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS : Over Joe Isaacs' Btort "WE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone 640 . TT alts which has a potent' bacfcrlal effect. ExpoiJmonls ahcady made have (Icinonstrnted that raw sea water htib n greater health potency from Us bactericidal aspept than either the heated or fllteied »n- ler. ' . . Synthetic sea water also v,as fe.stcd, with the result' thjit It showed lets bactcilal potency > than natural ocean water. Officials of the Institute lire confident Hint It will bo passible eventually lo identify the specific antiseptic element of 6c» w.a.lcr mid possibly extract It for > commercial or sanitary purpose, 1 ;. -• SERVICE STATION"'"" OIl VOUR CONVENIENCE , SINCLAIR GAS: AND LUBRICATION, '"". WHKCKKK SEKVICE; Dii.v 1'honc Ni(,'hU'hone' ' «ss ssa ( ;,;," — BATTEIIY SERVICE' — RADIATOR REPAIR "^ — BOltY WORK •'"' —FENDER WORK '" — OI/A88 INSTALLED' ! —AUTO PARTS '"' W.T.BARNETJ AUTO Uod f e Si Wymoiith Dealer Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor m»*ei oi rebuilt Typewriters, Adding Micnlnei ud on—8ep»lrlnt—l'»rt»—Rlbboni Get the benefit nf summer prices. Fill Up Now My Coal is Black But I Treat Yon White LOCAL HAULING JOHN DUCHAN'AX —PHONE 107 WANTED — AM. KINDS JtTNK Scrap Iron, J3 to $5 ton Aluminum, IDc Ib. Brass, 2c to 4!4o Ib. Copper ",Vlrt, 4c to 5c Ib. Radiators, 414c ib. HIDES & FUR3 WOLF ARIA.N PHONE 170 128 E. MAI* ASHINGTON, D. C., will be the only city in the country in which first day sale of the new Susan B. Anthony stamp will be conducted, on Aug. 26. , To obtain first day covers, send not more than 10 addressed envelopes and U. S postal money order covering the cost of the stamps required, at 3 cents each, lo Ihe Postmaster, Washington, o « a First of the new Army and Navy series of stamps may appear even before the Susan B. Anthony issue, but first day or place of sale has not yet been determined. Decision for release of this stamp may come so suddenly that there may be liltlc or no lime to prepare first day covers. e o * The souvenir sheet of four commemorative stamps, issued recently in connection with the stamp exposition in New Yorl;, may soon be withdrawn from sale at Ihe Philatelic Agency in Washington. 0 $ 0 '.V Ticmaimlers of potato ~, lax stamps, withdrawn from use, are to be sold by the U. S. Treasury Department to the- stamp dealer entering the highest bid. So you mny expect to sec move of these on sale soon, through dealers. Argentina is changing the do-' sign of its man stamp, which incorrectly showed the Falkland Islands as part of its territory. The new stamp will correct this error LOOK WHO'S ON THK KESCUE SQUAD! ._ ', CARDY, OC BOY -WEfVE GOT US A JOB - SCi GRAB UP YER. CLU6,THER£Ol TH' HOB-SUMPIU'S HAPPEMED -TO OOP.' : JUS' WHAT, I DOKJ'T KKJOWv;BUT WE'RE OUT, US BACK TO 7H- PLACE VOU SAW YOUR MASTER'S 0 H3« 01 tX,\ SERVICE. \!K. T. M. BEC. U. S. PAT ANT) HKR KUDUIES - T 1IOI.D KVRYTH INd ! ' _________ BUT, NO OWE CftWc^\_MV- A THtRE VoW'T AWVTH\M& VM f\V\_ TW DERM VftGES OE W-bTORV "WKY'O _BYNt*'SERVICE, INC. T. M. R£C U. sTpArToFflS WASH TUBBS DAISIES WON _. f. r, A WLO AND WOOLV,W-,ESTERN OiLTOV/M ARE ALMO&T UNHEARD OP THERE'S HARDLY A VEGETABLE GARDEN,, x /- —— NOT EVEN ATREE.IM GLI-iOYO. /MRS. E-UN5V V VASSAH, &UT PEY'S A" AND 1 JlST GOTTA GIT SOME WELL,JOE ; \ SHO, I CAN PO ' ~ - . TOILET WATAH, AND ^ WALLI5, / YOU'LL (SMELL JlST LIKE REAL ONES ^' HAFTA GO TO THE H Trr HOTEL. NAMbP MR. C. DEMANDS T «EM USEP TO HAVE ( GU3HA IM HUH BACK A FLOWER:' KVAHO NOW. GARPEN. . _ FRECKLES AND HIS FHIBNDS IF THEY GET GLOSS Eh'OUGH, WE'LL PROBABLY RWD-cur.'.' WELL.THEY'RE UPTOSOME- THIMG! OME OF THEM IS SHOLfnWG FOR US TO SLOW DOWM ' THEY RE FOLLOWING US,'ALL RiGKr.' V/HA1 I ; • f DO YOU SUPPOSE ' ' THEY WASH-? RIVER PIRATES LET THEM GET CLOSE EMOLJGH.... WE'RE WOT THAT CURIOUS, WEI THEY DOWT SEEM TO BE ARMED, BUT THEY'RE RIGHT OM OUR TAIL.... AMD LI5TEMTOTHAT ourBoARO MOTOR ISTTER- ESTED t|J SMALL LIKE US!'

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