The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1939
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Pine Bluff Can Use Letterman At Every Post Against Chicks By HARUY YOUNG (Pine Bluff Commercial Sports Editor) PINE BLUFF.—Whether the 1930 Pine RlnfY high school football team will bs able to make any headway through one of .the toughest scheduled in Zebra grid history, which includes nine Arkansas Conference games, will depend ou the performance of the 14 lotternicn and 24 reserves who form the nucleus of the squad Coaches Allen Dimaway and Jefl' Sherman have Ijaen drilling since Sept. 1. There are veterans returning at. every position in the line and five backs will again see acllon tills year, leaving the question mark of the squad m the reserve strength. Three rangy ends, W. s. Lafitte, mcmbjr of last year's nil-slate ieam, Jesse Stalhvoth untl Jarrel Bush, will ftgaia fortify the Zebr.i wing positions. Eddie Atkinson and T. D. Davis are expected to hold clown the guard berths in cnpablc style and Roy Ferguson and Ar- llmr Davis will, be back nt the tackle berths, while Virgil Woodoll and Jim Kennedy, will be called on again for duty at the center position this year. llutson T>viii§ Kettirn Hie Hutson twins, Raymond and Robert, brothers of Don Hulson, former All-American end nl Alabama ami now with the Grjen Buy Packers, nrc ret\irn!i!g to '.he Zebra Uackfield and will likely spark the Red and White's offensive. Other backficld leUcrmen are Robert Wenzel, Tommy Leftwlch and Virgil Meroney. Both Meroney and Leftwich developed rap"idly as first year men in 1938 and will also be heavily counted ou. Reserve Strength Doubtful Reserve strength at tackle and guard is unknown nntl will probably, be one of the weakest links of the team. It is possible thnt Kennedy may be shifted to tackle as Clint Halstead, all-state junior center last year, is being 'geared for senior competition. Halstead is a. scrapping 170 pounder. Fuzzy Watts and Sam Holden, two of last season's reserve guards, may oflen enter the Zebra line-up along with Riisscl) Lambert, giant reserve tackle. The, power of the reserve backs Kill rest with Jack Bodie, Fats Galloway, McEntyre, Mclvin Jov- dan, Alex LefUvich, Charlie Cbw- ers,, Tommy Prine and Clihrles Hart. Bodle, Galloway and McEntyre were 1933 junior letter- meii. Galloway being placed at : fullback on 'the all-state Junior squad. Of the three Galloway \vill likely see the most action. He tips the beam nl 180 and should develop a lot of drive. Hart entered a Zebra uniform [or the first time during spring practice and even though he lacks previous grid experience has .-shown considerable premise. " - The Zebras will again luive one of the lightest teams in the conference, the line averaging around 165 pounds and .the bnckfield from 150 to 155, and will be forced to vise Uie • Dunaway cunning 'considerable extent. Work in Secret to (t The PAYOFF BY HAKKV GKAYSON NEA Sfrvlcc. Sports Editor AD Caruso could do wns sing. All Shakespeare could do wns write. All Rembrandt could do was paint. I'll hear that when 1 reiterate Ilmt nil Joseph Louis Burrow can do is punch, but I repeat Hint you must place n period in writing any descriptive line about the champion alter you say he can hit. Joseph Louis hurl his own future moro Hint of Robert ••\Vhat the Zebras are doing in preparation for .their game with the. Blytheville Chicks at Blytheville Friday night will remain a mystery—for Coach Allen Dumv way's charges wil! practice behind locked gates through Wednesday afternoon, the eve of their departure for the Northeast Arkansas! city. . '- Hailbirds were turned away from Jordan Stadium yesterday ant! will be unable to see the squad work until'.the game Friday night, no, fts was the case last year, the Zebras will battle Coach Joe Dlldy's big Chickasaws with a surprise .it- tack. Fans recall that Dunaway practiced his squad in secret before both the Blytheville and Little Rock games last year and in both instances emerged with several new plays that baffled the heavier Tiger and Chick teams. Dunaway declined to comment on what the Zebras would do in their practice sessions. "The only thing 111 say about the team is that they had. a fair workout yesterday," he said. f> I will say, however, that fans who come out to sec the team , .practice yesterday fount! the stadium gates locked. Tlie gates will be locked again. Wednesday afternoon. What Is going on behind those gates will not be known until Friday night in Blytheville." Pastor, Jr., when he Hastened the New York boy in Detroit the other .light. Who's Joe Louis going to light no iv? Tony Galcnto? Sure. Next June, but no cue will give the now 20- yenr-qm Jersey barkecp a look-in by thnt time, and two years will have elapsed before William Conn if Pittsburgh, will be a full-grown heavyweight. No additional evidence is nec- ?ssai-y to prove that Ihe rest lire n sorry lot after seeing, Dob Pastor :o 10 and a fraction rounds with Louis. Pastor, actually n light-licavy- iveiBhl, spoiled the Negro four knockdowns in Round One antl thereafter might just as well have been lighting In handcuffs, yet it took Loin's quite a spell to belt ilm out. SUPPOSE DEMI'SEY HAD BEEN ON Flit ING LINE? Louis looked like Hoscoe Toles except for n couple of outbursts. He '.vould have been around for the lllh hnd he been fighting a Dcmyi- ey or a Kctohpl. Indeed, one grand old-lime warrior compared him .vith Omtbattt Smith when it was ill over but the shouting. The Gunner could hit a 1)11, too, but until Lonls staggered into the :!irrent crop n heavyweight hnd to :lo a little, more than that. .Louis is only 25, but along about Pastor's big eighth round there were unmistakable signs that Joe Jacobs, manager of the gay Galcn- 'o. is right when he says that Smcky Joe's legs arc gone. As he spoke, Joe Jacobs signed n contract for Signer Galento to make a picture with Mne West and W. C. Fields. They leave lor Hollywood In n month. The Orange Ova! is to get $-1000 n week as muster of ceremonies In a cafe and is down for a radio appearance ov two at $1500 a crack. He can't nil his schedule of personal appearances. Nor could anybody else ... WEDNESDAY, SRPTBAIBER 27, 1939 /"N ' Corner; BY AJRT fiREN2 Will Go After, Pennant Foi- Reds And Viclory No. 28 Yesterday's Results American I.cnfuc Detroit 5-T, St. Louis 4-5. Philadelphia 15, Washington 4. New York at Boston, two, postponed, rain. Only games scheduled. National league Cincinnati 3-0, St. Louis 1-6. New York 9-2, Brooklyn 5-3. scc- cnd called end seventh, darkness. Philadelphia 5. Boston 3. Chicago at Pittsburgh, postponed, cold weather. Tortay'i Game.* Dixie Scries Fort Worth (Texas) at Nashville (Southern). Ing a kangaroo to hitting Bob Feller's fast ball with a left hook . even were he net such a distinctive character as the Round Robin. * • * GAY GALENTO CAN'T BE BOTHERED WITH PASTOR Mike Jacobs now wants to match Tastor and Galento in Madison Square Garden in January, but Joe Jacobs will have none of that. The little man with the big cigar has taken Galcnto a long way on a growl and the growler, and doesn't intend to make tiny mistakes now. The next edition between Louis nnd Galento will be the most sentimental socking party in history. The mob will be there pulling for Galento, the people's choice, although knowing that he 1ms no more chance than the Poles. I doubt that If would have mnde much difference had not Paster got too gay and been clipped in the first heat. He took a million Sunday punches at Louis after his head cleared but had nothing with which to hurt him. The story of the fight was Pastor's flaming courage. It was wortivy of a finer setting. ' j For the time- being, the entire' fight game has been knocked out with Faster, the football player 1 artel manufactured fighter. I But it will bounce back when a big Billy conn comes along. It always has come back. It must be n great <lodgc to have lasted as long as it has . . . ant! with all Its counterfeits. CINCINNATI, Sept. 27. (UP)— Bucky Wallers, Ihe sinker tall nr-1 list who pitched the Cincinnati Reds Into first place on beating the ' St. Louis Cardinals May 26, was nominated l:duy to repeat the trick I nntl brine, CJnciimnti Its first Nn-1 tlonnl League pennant since Pat Moron's 1910 club. Playing Ills cards shrewdly, Dea-' con Bill McKcchnte crossed up cv- ' c-ryone yesterday by keeping Walters! on the bench for one mere day's ! rest before shootln» him at the j Cardinals. Even without Walters, the Reds broke even in yesterday's doubleheader before a paid er;wd lit :M,l'J4 and maintained their V. : i game lead. Gambling on Gene Thompson in yesterday's opener, McKechnic carried off a 3-1 victory nnd Ihus gave Walters three days of rest Instead cf two. Walters' opponent today will be Fiddler Bill McGee, Ihe Cards' hoi- j mid-cold right hnnder who hns n record of 11 and 5. He has pitched twice ngalnst the Reds, winning. 4-0, on Sept. 4 and Using, 7-5, on Aug. 20. Wallers will go after victory No. 20. He K-BS won six straight and lias beaten the Cardinals four out of five limes. Tlie Reds' plot to win both gnmc.s and cinch the pennant yesterday was spoiled by rookie Morton Cooper, who many experts cltiim has the fastest ball in the Nalicnol league. After Thompson, the Reds' prize rookie, hud pitched the Itels lo n 3-1 triumph in the opener, Cooper held the Rhlnelamleis in complete check In the ntghtcitp score his llth victory with a fotir- hit, 6-0 shutout. To put the clincher on the pennant tho Reds need only a victory over the Cardinals today or tomorrow. But If Ihe Cards should sweep Iho two remaining games, then Cincinnati would have to win ,_.. two out of three fran Pittsburgh Red Ruffing, who will pitch" liiej in tlie season's finale providing SI. World Series opener, will get his Louis 'takes Its Ihrec remaining last prep loday in Boston when he games from the Cubs. pitches in the New York Yanks By gaining an even break ycster- doubleheader a«alnst the Red Sox day, the Reds lust about dirt every- with Letly Gomez hospitalized thing but clinch the Ha? because with n strained side muscle, it was they hnvo Walters nnd Paul Der- believed M:nle Pearson would ?et ringer, their two aces who have won the Yanks' No. 2 51 games between them this season, pitching assignment Barnes l ° " >OP " P '" "^ ^° ^^ Most ' of J^ 1 """^ baseball oc- Hay Blades, Cards' manager, led Lejunu; where the Reds le nn'| a c 0n d with his two foremast hurlers yes- spll f n ' c i mlmc . hKu i ev . movlno , ^ '!n'; *r Z | 2 ,"? n ,!"°! clnnatl closcr tD the Pennant." The Giants, and Dodgers also split two games, Carl Hubbell winning his llth game, 9-5. and Luke Hamlin scoring his 19th victory in the seven-Inning nightcap. 3-2 Walter Higbe broke the Phillies' six-game losing streak when lie pitched Die cellarltc.<t to n 5-3 win ever the Bees. Hank Grcenbcrg's 33rd homer with two men on base in the seventh inning of the second game enabled the Tigers to sweep a doubleheader from the Browns, 5-4 and 7-5 (called seventh, darkness). The Bravns surpassed their own record for games lost in one season. The twin defeat made their 109lh loss. 'Jills should 1,-t? n licney of a. free- scoring battle, Vandwbilt travels to Houston to play Rice Inslilule and Commodore hopes ;>re none loo high, what with last week's 13-1,1 tin with little Tenupswe I'oiy and the coincident loss of Captain Ray Amlrus. Ami Rico is reported gunnlm; for Ihe Nfitlcnal Championship c:m- (Jiciacy it didn't make last year. Alabama, ranked with or just a little below Tennessee and Tulane. will wort out on «hat Mississippi Slate left of lloutii-d. Auburn and Georgia likewise expect to ijct by Conference Teams Slart Action, Mostly Against "Warm-Up" Foes HV WILLIAM ,1. TIJCKEK, United I'ress Stan' Corresponded ATLANTA, Ga., Sept, 25 iUP)~- Tlie Southeastern conference v;lrd- cd today for a full week-end of fouball warfare alter a sruUmm> of (ire-view games left optimism at the camps of Ploi-ldft :in<l Mississippi Slnle sncl gloom at Vandr-r- Uilt. This week-end's Jnmpack menu, with every team in action except Georgia Tech, features real tests for die twin titans — Tennessee amt Tutone— and renewal of Ihe Louisiana State-Mississippi grudge series, | Tennessee's Cnfego fc company j , will spring into action against ' MEMPHIS. Sept. 27.— I-Vankie i North Carolina State, and the 'Smith of Blytheville, Ark,, veteran' wolfnack is no mean assignment, heavyweight, will act HE "trial j for Coach Bol> Neylami's ilcteul- horse" for '-Tiger" Beech of Mem- ing Southeastern champions. For I "Ills «l:o forsakes the- amateur one thing, the V throltle the W Fonr in 100,000 Serve For 30 Years in Navy MEMPHIS, Term. IOP) — Every time a mm) leaves the U. 3. navy H'ith 20 years service tie Is one in I,.'i70 men who once hcped to be there ihat Ions, Of 100,000 youiij men who apply ai rcL'ruilmg sliitions, o.'ily four lire accepted and serve 30 years. Seventy-three complete 20 years cf scvrive. These figures were compiled by R. W. G!;i,, chief fji;K-J)ini.'it's MJ> ami Cieoi'fiia lakes on Ilic Oil- I add. Kentucky will unfold its "mystery" team against Virpinia Military, the mystery beint' lio'.v f;ir •jlonff Ab Kir'.vim lias brought his! l':i«' stohomore.i of lOlifl. j Sev.-anec is expected to begin its] customary teuton <>[. reverses at) the hands of Washington ,t Lce.\ Georgia Tech is idle, saving its '•tuff lor din opener against Notre name Oct. 7. Blytheville Fighter To Appear At Memphis ms. r - amaeur ols will have to'™iks fcr the professional ring to- olves' one - man night. «nng—Tackle Ty Coon. TiilniH' by the same to.kfcn may have to reach deep in >(s bag of Blocking Pads Smith is regarded strictly as a lest for Beech in lib oueniuif professional engagement because (he tricks in order to dispose of the Blytheville veteran las been beaten Clcmson Tigers, another tough nut|°y various foes. However he is 33'' Will Probably Pitch Last Game Before World Series Opener NEW YORK, Sept. 27. IUP>- World Series ' . „ i and Curt winner, was knocked out or the box in the first game. Today's lineups: CARDINALS Brown^s Gnttcrklge, 3l> Slaughter, vt Mcdwlck. If Mlzc, ib Padgett, c T, Moore, cf S. Martin, 2lj McOee, p REDS Werber, 3b Frey, '2b Goodman, rf McCormlck, lb Lombnjdl, c Craft, cf Bergcr, If Myers, ss Walters, p i>[olor Sljrn 30 Years Old MARICOPA, Cal. UP)—One of the country's oldest signs giving and is" enforced by Pollcf James Cosens. The sign reads: "Maricopa City Limits, Close Mut- fler." It was erected 30 years as:, probably to prevent, startling of horses and causing them to runaway. Pedestrian deaths (luring tlie week amount to 39 per cent of the total persons killed in traffic ac- cklcnls. On Sundays and holidays the toll drops to 27 per cent. from the next-door Southern conference. Clemson upset the Green Wave last year but Banks McFadden and his mates will have to step some to dump this year's mighty Tulone entry. Mississippi antl L. S. IS., with neither having played yet, look as matched as a pair of peas. i Harry Mehre's Ole Miss Rebels ' cnme from nowhere to first-flight J stature last season but this year the | word is out to watch them. And j.with revenge for the 1938 upset as jjnn" added motive, L.S.U. seems to i j have a psychological edge. ! j Florida pleased followers with n 19 to 7 triumph over Stetson, the team that started the 'Galois oil on n dismal season last year. Out the 'Galors will have to improve by leaps and bounds to match strides with this week's op, ponent—big Texas of (lie Southwest conference. ! Mississippi State, fresh from a 45 j 'a 0 triumph over Howard College of Birmingham, will also go up against a southwest representative, to be ii rough and Ctigh bay with | a liking for standing toe to toe' nnrt snapping blows. BASEBALL STANDINGS American League W. I,. New York 104 43 708 Boston 87 60 .S92 Chicago Cleveland .. Detroit .. Washington . Philadelphia St. Louis .. ..84 C5 .51 .. S3 CB .554 .' .. 79 79 .530 .. 03 86 .423 ..51 95 .302 . . 41 !09 .273 National Cincinnati St. Louis Brooklyn Chicago Ne-,v Ycrfc Pittsburgh Boston 00 85 Philadelphia 45 101 W, L. Pel 04 55 .031 90 58 .008 79 C7 .541 80 CO ,537 14 73 .503 G7 81 .453 .414 .308 "A TIP FROM THS TOP" The Athletics slugged out a 15-4 »'ln over the Senators. With Wnlly Mcscs getting (our hite. the A's collected a total of 1C binglcs oil four Washington liurlers. Yesterday's hero—acne Thompson, Reds' r;okie who pitched his club within one jump of the National League pennant by defeating the Cards, 3-1. Nelson Yard in new blocking pads usccl in Hershcy, Pa., training c.inip of University ot" Pennsylvania football squad. Men i\{ which blocks are, thrown wear equipment. Incubator Baby Now Year Old and Healthy NASHVILLE. III. (UP) — Joan Nierman, who weighed cnc pound and 15 ounces at her birth a year ago and was one of tlie smallest babies in medical records to live, now is a healthy child of m:re than 14 pounds. Physicians at the hospital where the baby wns born at first despaired of saving her life. She responded to treatment, however, nnd alter 14 weeks In an incubat:r was taken to the home of her parents near here where she continued to improve. National Brooklyn at New York. Boston at Philadelphia. Chicago at Pittsburgh. , St. bculs at Cincinnati. American League Detroit at St. Louis. Philadelphia at Washington. New .York at Boston. Cleveland, at Chicago, two, day and hlglit gamer. Woman Lives 30 Years On Barge in Harbor BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (UP) — Here is n woman who hasn't been on land In 30 years — not even when she Is III. Mrs. Margaret Lown, 52, lives on a barge In the city harb:r nnd she claims never to have set root on land since 1909. She recently su(- fered a serious stomach aliment and Dr. Louis Oros, city ambulance surgeon, had It go out to the barge In a mototboal to treat her. Attention-Bargain Hunters Close New 1939 Ford V-8 Cars MUST SELL THIS WEEK TO GET READY FOR THE 1940 MODELS Gooc? Tiade In Allowances Liberal Low-Rate Terms PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th and Walnut Phone 810 meeting Arkansas at Memphis.'17 Some giraffes reach a height of ...prites don't moke whiskies WHEN YOU BUY COTTl.nD IN BOND, ineisure its value by pltauiu, not friff. UNIQUE IN CHARACTER, OU Sclicnlcy is full 100 proof, yet remarkably mild acid delicate. UNKQUALED IN VALUE. Taste them all; prfce them all... then trust \orir Itnltf BOTTLER IS HOSI) OLD SCUMLEY Sttnfg/it' Bottrt/tin ll?iisAei/ . - At your favunu> iiiu-knt:.. store I COPR. 1739. SCHEHLFY DISllLLtTtS CORP.. N.Y.C, S H E f? W I N - W I L L t A M S FAMOUS DECORATIVE ENAMEL QUICK-DRYING! OWE COAT COVERS.' 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