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Courier-Post from Camden, New Jersey • Page 32
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Courier-Post from Camden, New Jersey • Page 32

Camden, New Jersey
Issue Date:

BIELICKI SPEAKER CLINIC IN SCHOOL The clinic for Pine Hill Bor 32 Camosi, N. il.Mldoy, April 7, 1966 tor inson: It Happened Last Night Police Plan Is Set in Lawnsidc Regional Board Seeks Nov School Approval Henry Ringling North told her: "Better you than me!" SECRET STUFF: An East Stephen Bielicki of the Cam- den Lions Club spoke on the "Millennium of Polish Christianity" at the luncheon meeting yesterday in Kenney's Restaurant. He was introduced by Ralph Scian, chairman of the programs committee. If ynu demand ccurate. ihle, ohln-tlve reporllnn Ih Courier-Post every dav. denend read jAmwmmmwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwmummi. $200,000 in federal aid for the vocational program. Moffa said the changes were minor, involving only the location of equipment and mechanical, electrical and plumbing changes. He said the physical structure of the proposed facility is unchanged. The school board applied March 22 to the State Board of Education for federal aid. Highland Regional High School will be built on a 3.15 acre site south of Rlackwood-C'lementon Road in the township. The school is scheduled to open in September, 19fi7. according to Moffa. Henry W. Petty of Moorestown is the architect. -7 ill JiJffJt 4 i fa FEATURE 2:20, 4:50, 7:20, 9:55 The breath-taking race for Hollywood's highest award! THE OSCAR IV ough chitoren 10 mv. POllO, Iliuiu10uv1.11. vaccinations will be held Wed- nesday in the basement of the 6th Avenue School, io ii a.m. The charge is nominal. The life of a deer ranges from 3 to 15 years, depending on the species. 1st RUN SHOWING IN COLOR Sommer Milton Berle FREE PARKING 854-6100 Feature! 7:15, 9:45 NOMINATED FOR 3 ACADEMY AWARDS including BEST ACTOR CIGIlflRD DUM1 CLfllOE "TIIE0F7 i I.J A HARTIK RITT PR00UCTIOM ELEC. IN-CAR HEATERS Children Under 12 Free Continuou From 7 P.M. Box Office Opens 6:30 P.M. BIG HOLIDAY EASTER SHOW ADVENTURE Revised buildinc plans for a $2.7 million regional high school to be built in Gloucester Town- ship are scheduled to be sent tomorrow to the State Board of Education for approval. Joseph R. Moffa. president of the Black Horse Tike Regional High School Roard of Education, said plans for a vocational program in the new Highland Regional High School were revised to conform with federal specifications. oMffa said Hie changes were necessary so the school hoard would qualify for approximately SHUBERT TONIGHT 8:30 ISO S. I -ootl St. Ph. PE 5-4761 Watt. Tottay Sal. 2 UNSEUKV MIA Ml IE a new musical WALNUT LIST 3 8:30 P.M. 9th 1 Walnut Sli Phont WA 3 1515 MATS today A SAT. 2 Pl 1114 Walnut Phone WA Milt FORREST TONITE 8:30 P.M. MAT. WEO, 2 P.M. IN Pt.NbON WFF.KS ONLY I HlLiARD fcLKINS prints The Wortds Greatest Entertainer ill' 1 NKH YORK There was great excitement, at Arthur yestciday. Even in that din, you could hear the rumor that Maureen O'Sullivan, Mia Farrow's mother, had secretly married Henri So-bell, French-born writer and Columbia University student whom she met at a recent party. Maureen twice denied it to me don't think I'll ever marry curiously her dir. Prudence, 19, said it is true she, Mia and the other four "love Henri" (their "instant stepfather," according to her) They're so much in love Mother's only about 20, emotionally." Maureen laughed and said. "I'll wring her neck." And added, "She's seen us together so much we've gone dancing. Rut there are too many problems." I'm accepting Maureen's version. If I gel scooped, it's because I'm a 100 per cent gent who cannot believe a lady can lie. I CAUGHT Rob Hope and film tycoon Joseph Levine having a light lunch at 21 (probably about $30, with coffee extra) later Hope and Levine, two advocates of physical fitness, walked all the way to Levine's offices at Embassy to discuss a production deal (the distance was half a block, at least). A titanic collaboration is sure to be announced Levine, who picked up the check, has got to justify it to his controller. IIOPK, who used to be a theater usher in Cleveland, reminded Johnny Meyer, who was once a skating instructor in Cleveland, how as a kid he would somehow sneak into the rink "and then break a window so all the other kids could get in." "Ohioans are all around me in Hollywood," Hope said. "Jonathan Winter's house is right be hind me. That's like living next to a zoo." Hope said LRJ's one of the best audiences today. The President has been retelling some of Hope's lines in Washington: fom Adams in '2nd BEST StCRET AGENT' STARRING Stephen Boyd Elke NOW 1st RUN SHOWING NOW 1st AREA SHOWING A HEARTWARMING Plus 2nd Hit In Color JAMES STEWART in "SHENANDOAH" MAUREEN O'SULLIVAN secret marriage? "It's good to be back here in Byrdland" and "The President gave up a lot to be here tonight. He could have been home watching a George Hamilton movie." THEY TELL ME Mayor Lindsay with a phone call cleared away the obstacles, and the $2-3 million Sandy Dennis "Up the Down Staircase" movie, which was about to go to Philly or Chicago, will be made here Sean Conncry ducked photogs at Lee Remick's "Wait Until Dark" show Harold Lie-berman, former exec vice prez of the M' Beach Fontainbleau, huddled at his new offices at 400 Madison Ave. with Bob Hope on a deal One medicine maker claims women get twice as many colds as men, and those in love get fewer colds than anyone. RARBKA STREISAND' LL get "over $1 million" for a 17-city concert tour starting in. October "the biggest fee ever" for such a tour according to pro ducers Alan King and Walter Hyman who'll spend $500,000 for production. Singer January Jones, who was to have opened at the Latin 14 went instead (as a guest) to the Basin St. opening of Belle Rarth and Michael Allen Gwen Verdon rode an elephant al the circus premier, and boss NOrmandy Disney's 2 -00 70 1 SpMY fhat's All cajuuuyu TECHNICOLOR M-G-M and FIUNMYJ prutnt MARTIN RANSOHOFf'S PRODUCTION Tle Loved ffciie ST in CHERRY HILL MALL VM ROBERT MORSE JONATHAN WINTERS VANJANETTE COMER Adult, only ii I 'FilledTtf with FUN, MUSIC, Kfi DRAMA! Mi I anil rag Walt 3) 12) Added WALT DISNEY'S Daily a 1:00, 3:10, Wilt Dun TECHNICOLOR Side Discotheque's been busted. up three times by hoods wanting some of it The Henry Fords are back at the Regency penthouse Lisa Kirk's in Midtown Hospital: strep throat. AUTHOR Truman Capote frugged with two partners, alternately, at Trude Heller's Astronaut Alan Shcpard bought season tickets to the Houston Astrodome (in the Sky Box, naturally). Sophia Loren'll wear a Dior gown at the Oscar awards. WISH I'D SAID THAT: Shelby Friedman described greasy hamburgers cooking on a luncheonette grill: "Unidentified Frying Objects." REMEMBERED QUOTE: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one pace. Lao-Eze. I'HIL HARRIS, hosting a wood Palace TV er. was asked how he liked Dean Martin. "How do I like him?" Phil echoed. "Listen 25 years ago I was him! That's Earl, Brother JFK Memento Aids Retarded WASHINGTON (UPI) Candles symbolizing the "Eternal Flame" that burns at the grave of John F. Kennedy are being produced in 12 workshops across the nation as part of a training program for the mentally retarded. The program was described yesterday by Mrs. Eunice Shriv-er, sister of the late president. She conceived the idea to provide useful employment for the retarded. The project was given a boost when the Department of Health, Education and Welfare announced a grant of $148,000 to am me jonn r. renneay Flame of Hope Candle Theater Guide ARLO-Spy With My Face; 7, 10:10: To Tran a Spy: 8:40 p.m. BLACK HOUSE PIKK DRIVE-IN The Chase: Queen of Blood: Blood Bath; coit 7 p.m. Mll)WAY-To Trap a Spy; Spy With My Face; cont. 1:30 p.m. WALT WHITMAN The Chase; 7. 9:25 p.m. SUBURBAN ABSECON (Absecon Drive-In) The Ugly Dachshund; Winnie the Pooh; Town Tamer; cont. I p.m, ATCO (Atco Drive-In) Spy With My Face; To Trap a Spy; Johnny Cool; cont. 7 p.m AUDUBON (Century)-The Chase: 7:10, p.m. BKACH HAVEN (Colonll)-Trouble With Anizels; 7. 9 pm. BLACKWOOD (Blackwood) Those Man- nifuent Men In Their Flying Machines; 8 p.m BORDKNTOWN Dlx Drlve-In) The Great Race; Ready for the People; cont. 7 p.m, BRIDUKTON (Lurel)-My Fair Lady; 7:30 p.m. BRIlKiKTON (Brldgetnii Drive-In) That Man in Istanbul: Boeing, Boeing; cont. HILL (Garden State Drtve-In)-Spy With My Face: To Trap Spy; Johnny Cool; cont. 7 p.m. GLASSHORO (Glassboro) The Chase: 7. GLOUCESTER (Klng)-The Chase; 7, 9:20 GLOUCESTER (Starllte Drlve-ln) Spy Will- My Face; To Trap a Spy; Johnny Cool: cont 7 nv LAWNSIDE (White Horse Pike Drlve-In) Nanea prey: Town lamer; viva Maria: co it. 7 p.m. MAPLE SHADE (Circle Drlve-ln) Bambl; Ta tooed Police Horse; Shenandoah; cont. 7 p.m. MOORESTOWN (Plaa) The Oscar; 2:20. 4:50. 7:20. 9:55 p.m. MOUNT EPHRAIM (Mount Ephralm) My Fair Lady; 8:05 m. MOUNT HOLLY (Mount Holly)-Harum Scarttm: 7. 9 m. OAKLYN (Rlti) Life at the Top; 7:25, 9:40 m. PALMYRA (Broadway) Judith; 7, 9:15 PALMYRA (Taconv-Palmvra I I Drlve-ln) spy who came in Krom tne Cold; Robin and the 7 Hoods; cont PKWSAUKKN (Pennsauken Drlve-In) Dm TnunnerDaii: ecco: cont. 7 p.m. PENNS GROVE (Grove)-My Fair Lady: om. PL VILLE (Penn) Our Man Flint: 7. ti p.m. PITMAN (Rroadway) My Fair Lady: 1:30. 7:45 o.m THOROKARE (Parkway Drive-In) Life at he Ton: The Chase: cont. 7 o.m WEST COLLINGSWOOD (Crescent) Spy with My Face: 7, io; to Trap a spy; om WESTMONT (Wentmont) The Spy Who Came in From the Cold; 7:15, 9:45 W'MAMSTOWV (Grand) The Oulck Dm Gun Plus State Show: 2nd Best Secret Agent 7. m. (Fox)-My Fair Lady; 1 m. WiM INGBORO (Suner 131) Drive-in) Promise Her Anything; Marriage on the Rocks; cont. 7 p.m. WOODBt'RY (Wood) My Fair Lady 1:311. 7:30 m. (Programs suhlect to change) TODAY 8:00 P.M. ONLY AT SPECIAL POPULAR PRICES KOiV EVERYGHE CAN SEE THE MOST LOVERLY KOTICJI PICTUKE OF JU1 TirEI Winner of 8 A 6YlTr Academy Best Ptetore. iiHW-illl 1 ii TODAY 1:00 P.M. ONLY AT SPECIAL POPULAR PRICES Mth-CENTURY FOX priwnU Evsry Thursday Nit "The Over 29ers" Dance Club TONITE EDDIE SHAW Tun. Frl Over a ten Thurs. Over 2 9rs Sat. II to Twentysoma I COLOli BY ITO CiNFM ASCQPE A Selected Clientele Always at Lawnside Borough Council last night introduced a salary ordinance providing for a full time chief of police and expanding the present force. Floard Catlett acting chief for; the past three years will go on full time if the ordinance is adopted. A public hearing is slated for May 5 in borough hall. The measure provides for a starting salary of $6,000 annual ly for the chief, with yearly increments of $200, to a maxi mum of $7,000. The police sergeant's pay would be $3,570, leveling off at $5,000. The posi tion of corporal would be part time and pay $1,100 with 5 increases yearly. Patrolmen, part time, would be paid $1,000 yearly. Five are expected to be appointed. The ordinance also provides for a part-time dispatcher-matron who will work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights only for $1,000 yearly. Mayor Hilliard T. Moore an nounced a large area adjacent to borough hall will be devel oped into a sports area. Completion is expected during May. Basketball and tennis courts are planned with provisions for ice skating in winter months Moore said Lawnside Business' men Association will install lighting and equipment. Democrats to Meet At Motel April 14 Cherry Hill Democratic Club will meet April 14 at 9 p.m. in the Country Squire Motel, Route 70. Vivian Hendrickson, R.N., superintendent of Camden County Psychiatric Hospital, Lakeland, will speak on "A Day in the Life of a Patient." Progress reports will be pre spniPH hv Mirhanl Mrw7Pk vice DrGsident. and James Greenberg, special projects chairman. SUN. SOPHIA LOREN In "THE GREAT SPY MISSION" plus JERRY LEWIS in "THE FAMILY JEWELS" 4 MM tJmX WMl. Hr Pike Oaklyn, N. J. Ul 1-3331 "One of the Year's 10 Beit" Saturday fftview uororeILET rw Minim JEAN Snrnnvnf MiauaKrlS Feature at 7.20 9.40 Coming "Sallah" May 4th U.N.C.L.E.' Biggest Double Adventure Conl. 1 :30 In Coor "TO TRAP A SPY" "SPY WITH MY FACE" DAVID McCALLUM ROBT. VAUGHN MARLON BRANDO 47th WESTFIEID PH. NO 2-9834 IN "THE CHASE" in Color with Jon FONDA E. 6. Marshall Feature Time 7:00 9:30 WHITE HORS PIKE I KINGS HIGHWAY PH. II 7-974 FREE PARKING KING AND SOMERSET STS. GLOUCESTER, N. i. PH. GL 6-9733 FREE PARKING EASTER DINNER (Includ! Dinntr Appttlur, Dilttrt end Stvtragt) HICKORY SMOKED HAM Roiiin Sauc Condild Swttt Potatoil Criamtd Chopptd Broccoli Dinntr Solod with Chaict ef Drininj Ajiorttd Breads and lutlcr 2.95 COMPLETE CHILDREN'S DINNER ROAST YOUNG TURKEY or EAKED HICKORY SMOKED HAM HOWARD I ft jOHn5on "Landmark for Hungry Amtritom" ROUTE 73 AND 38, MAPLE SHADE fit fheS lop T.I. WO 3-4700 I KKIK NOMINATED NOW 1st AREA SHOWING AT THESE 3 THEATRES CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE CONTINUOUS FROM 7 P.M. COME SPY WrniYOURFAWMTE mmo smtBMGhvwimES FOR 1 rj ac ACADEMY AWARDS Chivalry Dead? Wrong! Those who claim chivalry is dead are wrong, according to a Delran woman, Mrs. Al Ro-vito of 41 Cornell Drive. Mrs. Rovito recently lost a shopping bag containing $13 worth of merchandise from the roof of her car. She placed the package there while opening the car door, she explained. Neglecting to remove the parcel, she drove off, ignoring the honking horn of a car behind her. Later Mrs. Rovito received a call from a Courier-Post circulation department employe, Leo Domanski, who had recovered the package. The woman said Domanski, who lives in Beach Haven, brought the package to her home and refused to lake a reward. Domanski traced the woman's name and address through a charge slip in the shopping bag. FIRST AREA SHOWING TDfJH EWDMTff V.KC.L.E. TWO SUM BAMB ADVENTURES THBSPy WiTH HOI! IIWTA DAVfD KOSMT DAVID vauchn berser mccailum mm mam TWO UMimt ItNUlH HIM FMM THI TV HOW Continuoui From 2:15 Feature 2:25 ACRES OF FREE PARKING 3 dNP THb 7 HOODS WHIII se TMC WNITI NMM NM MltT LAWNSIDE -m w. THE OSCAR MASTROIANNI LISI I lill.MIIIWlll Color Fried Scallops Fried Fiilet if Flounder French Fries Homemade Salads Cherrystone Clams I mmrvn 1 hI 4 i MARYLAND CRASS COOKED or ALIVE including 1 Special Added WALT DISNEY'S "THE TATTOOED POLICE HORSE" Preterits AN ARENA PRODUCTION 70 TRAP ASPB vV'ROBEIT Co lHrjing BAVIB Htttv mr vun PALUZZI SfXcill GuMt Star LUCUNA COOL" RICHARD rt I (N the big screem 0 1-w I'M Btbl 11 ACTOR! 1 "BEAVER VALLEY" 5:10, 7:10, 9: TWO BIG FEATURES COLUMBIA PICTUREt MARLON BRANDO. SAMSPIEGEL'S production of 099 myw mum. TECHNICOLOR PANA VISION WARREN LESLIE EATTY CARON "PROMISE HER ANYTHING" FRANK SINATRA DEAN MARTIN "MARRIAGE ON THE ROCKS" ITI 91 AHO FINAL WttKI REGULAR PRICES, $1.25 PER PERSON color :10 ill TBFffWvvvv" ELECTRIC IN-CA HEATERS children" undeimj free uurerceMY junSBS honor BUCKMAJi MICHAEL CRAffi ft- 4 A 4- HELD OVERI 2ND BIO WEEK! TONIGHT I P.M. ONLY REX AUDREY HARRISON HEPBURN "MY FAIR LADY" HURRY HURRY! DON'T MISS FIRST TIME AT 1 mmrm i 9 1 IE Cont. From 7 P.M. and wtumn Nil mm S1HATRA MARTIN ROBl KTIANtl ON I IT- IX ft 1l MT. tmtliM an untoochiibl" thme VViTHl JoiPEN Your Favorite U.N.C.L.E.s 2 Slam-Bant; Adventures VAUGHN DAVID McCALLUM WITH "TO TRAP FACE" A SPY" SEAFJCONNEOT Mimmm FAMILY S-Tv Served from ifl M-S mints AN ARENA PRODUCTION THE SPy WITH MiYFACE SENT DAVID ROBERT unm Co-itvring U06. Plus Hit I 3 HENRY SILVA SAMMY DAVIS, S3 27th Westfield WO 4-2660 BOBBY SARGEANT kzTxl WAVJ Now Playing In ROBERT "THE SPY MY JOti EASTER PLUS HIT a "ECCO" DINNER FRIED and RAW OYSTERS TV FUNNYMAN MILT MOSS WAGIC AT ITS BIST KARDWELLS HOISI lUANDOS QUETS with CYEKYTHIKt Fried Fishsticks Clam Chowder Fried I Cooked Shrimp Deviled Crabs Deviled Clam Littleneck Clams Codfish Cake; Tiki ml COOkH 5 'Mr lndiiUvjl twte. HEMEY'S llvii'uts at I P.M. FULL COURSE DINNERS nm.inti:vs I fiims AN mm mr I Mr- UrUDVlC HADDONFIELD RO CHAPEL AVE. nClVK I CHERRY HILL. J. THEATRE RESTAURANT RT. 38, CHERRY HILL, NJ. 609-663-S000

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