The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1930
Page 2
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T PAGE TWO (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1930 Items of Personal Interest SOGIETY-OLUBS Activities and News of Women BRIDGE , Society Calendar Friday ' The Intermediate and Senior OhrlitUu Eitteavcr societies of '.he First Presbyterian church will have f. IJallowe'en patty In the social rooms of tne church. drinks and hard candles, dancing was enjoyed, » • * To Entertain C!ns. Mrs. Ernest Roe, Mrs. Raymond Schmuck, Mrs. George Smith anil Mrs. C. L. Nabors will entertain school class of the First Baptist members of Ihe Fidells afternoon, church. Mrs. Adolph Crafton Is having the Night Bridge club. The Sudbury school is having a Hallowe'en carnival. The Kill Care club Is having a party at the Woman's club house. The Fidells Sunday school class of the First Baptist church will meet at the home of Mrs. Ernest Roe with a business and socin! meeting beginning at 3 o'clock. Have Annual Social JVn afternoon of Hallowe'en frol- iqjand enjoyable program enter- tilr.ed tta women who ntiendec: tKt annual dollar social given bj woman's . mikiona.ry society of tKt tjse All are urged to attend. Eqnui Pay For Equal Work Goal of Women in Industry and Business Says Speaker BY WM. K. McKENNEV Secretary American Bridge League A flr<!SEe should never be reverted to un!e£s there is no oilier possible the declarer Any finesse the Hrst : Methodist church Wcd- nfcdSj'-.'afternooh ij'r.the home of Mrs. rU. v .S. Branion,.,^ •'Corn' stalks,' autumn Uavcs nnd baskets.of fall flowers formed tin, decorations and ' four • ghosts, c •witch and fortune telling baotl: added to the picturesque seen,;. The ghosts wtr'c'Mesdames J. O Siidbury, E- D.,.F;crguson, Charles 5V Wood ari'd'W.' W:"Ho!llpsler am Mrs. O. C. Ganske was the witcli In a contest of guessing their identity Mrs Virgil Greene won the prize. •A piano solo "Dance 1 of the Witches" by Mrs. Charles F. Wood, a leading "The Gypsy Flower Girl" by Mis: Marie Moon in costume, a'- reading "Who Is Afraid?" by Jean Bennett Oarlock, of Sicile, Mo., a vccal number by Miss Mary Ellen Stevens accompanied by Miss Erelyn Harwell and fortune telling by Mrs. M, G. Goodwin, mad? up tile program- In the contest for pinning the tall on the black cat; Mrs. J. E. Crltz was winner of tlvi prize. Ginger bread topped with whip-, piid cream and coffee was served, S«n Born Mr. and Mrs. Sam Orgel, formerly*of here of Et. Louis, nn- liounce the birth of a ion this mor-> ning. Mr. Orgcl Is the: son .of Mr. aiVd Mrs. I.'Roscnthal. Benefit Party Is Attended by Many. The 120 guests who attended the benefit card party given by ihe Jewish Ladies Aid society. Wediles- day evening^St"Uiit h'cmfe .of' Mr. and Mrs. Joe Isaacs played bridge, Lotto, Fan Tan and other cord ggihes. The three rooms used for the 30 tables had Hallowe'en decoration? throughout mingled wilh baskets ol fall flowers. Miss Ruby Blngham ami Mi. Doyle Brown, both of Hcrmondiile, were marr-eii iierc today bv Justice K. L, McKnight. lias Hook Parly. There were .twelve ladles iis ihe Guests of Mrs. K. B. Nolen Wednesday afternoon for :i rook party. Included In these wns an .out of town guest.'Mrs". J. M. Crockett, of Columbia, Mo. Dahlias and chrysanthemums enhanced the attractiveness of ths two rooms with fireplaces as tils backgrounds for the decorations, fruit- sherbert and cake was served after several Interesting games. Given Shower. Mrs. W. M, McParland, whose home and store \viis destroyed by flrc several days ago, was given a miscellaneous sltcmcr Weunesclay afternoon by members o( the woman's missionary society of the Second Baptist church. H was given at Mrs. Flora Dunlap's home. The 30 present gave her nn Interesting nrray of useful gilts tor the home and herself. Later In Ihe afternoon sandwiches, hot chocolate and cake was Pleading I or "equal pay for «qual work" Miss Lullc E. Stearns, speaker of the National Federation of business and nofetslonal Women's cluu, address-id 36 local business women !nst evening In n banquet at the Ooff Hotel. . In speaking of • (he part women should play In obtaining their rights Elie stressed the need of self confidence and courage. ."Fear Is the biggest sin In the world, In my opinion, because It Is the fear complex which causes EO.'raMiy 'othsr sins" she said. If the hundreds ot years old traditions concerning women in business arc broken down It will he through the Business and Professional Women's club . which lias 58.000 members throughout the United States, Miss Stearns believes her ilesire Is to Increase this membership so that tfye alms muy be more 'quickly realized.'' ' Women Workers Have Dependents The history of.wcmen, from the first definition in . an encyclopedia ol the nth century when sfe was listed as "Woman, the female ot man" tu the presnnl day, was out- served. Guests Attend Bridge Chili Tarty. . Mrs. Farnsu'orth Black tntcrlain- cd members dl the Wednesday Bridge club and tour guests, M;s- dames Elton W. Kirby nnd Samuel F. Norris, Miss lintel in the discourse which d:alt with facts interesting to all business women. 'Over 70 percent of women In Industry arc ther,? because of de- | pendents, ytt women aren't paid as I much as men because they don't I have families." "Strapping," wo- I n\in at, 40 ai:d 45 was greatly crltl- i clzed along with the plan offered | for old nge and unemployment In- Mirance. In explaining the statement that everyone should be compelled to favc In prosperity this nnlionnl speaker, who has traveled IhftJughoui United States and Eu- I'Op; in l.?r work, approved these kinds o! Insurance. She criticized national leaders In who make products in "orelgn countries instead ol in the United Slat.;s. This was given ns die of the causes of so much un- i deployment and, business depres- I play. .... would ....... I make in the fcllo',vlivj hand would at lail, hut by correct play, six hearts is still made. K'ORTK S-A-J-8 H-A-K.Q.9-7-6 D-A-J-3 C-4 queen cf clubs frcm dummy, and 1 from dummy, and forcing W:st lo when West does not cover, lie'win with the. ten ot hearth. Ro-• '-. doc? rot- take any chances but IfardhES of what West lcac!=. h: Is V trumps with ihe six of hearts. He' helpless. If the spade is returned, enteis the dummy again by lead-i Hie declarer will win with He nee, i livi the eight of spades and : enter ihe dummy with a diamon-ii . nlnj with the king. The six of I end discard his losing cards 0:1 the I card tricks, opens the bidding with j ch'bs is returned frcm dummy.: good clubs, one club. West pass, North bid West covers with the king and. By setting up a Ion? suit in two hearts which is a lorcisi" bid j declarer trumps with the scv-'n ! dummy zr.A using a:: c:id play ihcwliij at least, fhe hearts and , of h;arts. ,iathcr than take any liiiKst, UK two and one-half high card tricks, i ihc declarer has set three good declarer has made his contract of attempt to south went lo thrafclubs showing ! chilis -least in V/EST M—A-K-Q-3-7-6 EASf S-IO-7- O-A-J-3 s _ Q . g . G-5 c -4 4-2 ll-10-e- H-l-2 5-4 - D—Q-50—10-8 4.2 C—K-5-3 SOUTH—DEALER C—10-8-? S-K-3 H—3 D-X-9-7-6 C-A-0-J.i!-6.2 The lliiHlng ihc dealer, 'holding the two nnd one-half hlgl: Sculh, required .._ .-- dummy, five-card club suit. | ten-pUn? to use NoiUi llicn took the declaration | lead Ills last heart, ihe nine spot, to six hearls which closed the discardlrj ihe three of s').id, contracting. i — '. — The Play ' The play that gives the declarer , (he most trouble is the opEii'.r.g cf! the Jack cf hearts by F.ast which North, the declarer, wins with ihe I ace. Another round of hearts Is taken by the declarer and a dla- i moiyJ discarded from dummy. Etill hoping for a heart break, the. declarer leads the quetn of hearts,' East discardins the deuce of dia- incnds, dummy the seven of dia- mcnds, West follows with the eight of hearts. Declarer's next | lead is the fcur of clues. He re. fuses to finesse going up with the o,co in dummy, returnin/; the but before at- <ix hearls. hem hj must (Copyright, 1930, NEA Service, Inc.) (Jourier N'i'\vs want We have secured the services of Miss Frances Shult P. T. A. .Comedy. To Be Repeated Bits of News Mostly Personal Mr. and Mrs. returned from Miss Hannah Welnberg of Wilson; .Mr. and Mrs. M. Jaff;, Mrs. lj. H. |Howton, Mrs. Crouch, Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Adolph Welnberg, Miss Ra- mclle Weinberg, Miss Hose Rubr.1- j stein, Mrs. Ruth Goldberg. Miss i i Hose Goldberg, Mr. and Mrs. L. K. |Harwarg, James Coslcn, all of O.-H. Fisher havejCeola; Miss Dollie Goswich cf Lux- Paragould where slew" iiut at the same ' time she I they hail a brief visit with Mr. and heartily endorsed the International Mrs. C. D. Vaugi'.n. organization of this group'recently | Mr anil Mvs . w. K. Adams and formed. ,M, S MaUel Walts will have, as An appeal for a "contentment" i tn( , lr g ues ts loniylu Mrs. E. J. wage and not a bare living wage ', Brown and daughter, Miss Margaret for every working woman In the world closed the address. -'. Musical Program Mrs. ll. L. Reynolds, president of the local club, presided for the program. Mrs. Paul L. TIplon sail! i for the usual week. A feature of the affair was 'the lovely flowers, roses, dahlias, chrysanthemums and cosmos • and .owl tallies showed the. Hallowe'en note High score prizes, went-, to Mcs. Running u matrimonial bureau Isn' easy those learned who al- Icndcd Ihe comedy at the city an dltorliim last evening. "Swcellica: For Sale," sponsored by Ihe lial Ward parent-Teacher iissocia- llon, was given by a cast of 40 under the direction of Miss Annabel Ala- i company of Kansas city. The show 111(5 | will be repeated tonight. Izz/.y Thomas, with the uuls support of Harmon Taylor and Joe .Trieschman, was the star of the play, v;llh the trio operating a bureau for tlie lovelorn to find hap- "If I Were a Bird I Would Sing All Day" by Lehman and "Shadow March" by Del Rcgo, accompanied i of Fulton, Mo., who are enroute. to Memphis. Judge C. L. Moore, who has been q'.illc ill for several weeks, is 1:0 belter. U. t. /iikinson has returned from a Uu'.in? ; trip to points of Mlss- ora; Mrs. I. Gctski- sei; all of M'eiHphls, Ell Saphian, kind. Harry M2i- Miss Bernice Saplilan, Nathan Lynch, all of Oarulhersville, Ep'n Lusky of Nashville; Ed Arir. cf Jonesboro; Albert Arnt of St. I/mls; Mr. and Mrs. Maj Barowsky. William Barowsky, Miss Frances Fendler, all of Manila. PLANTS HIS ONLY FRIENDS of Memphis, as a beauty oiieralor. She is a ;;riidnat(! of Kasli-n':! anii has hint iieveral veins exnerieni-c! in sonif of Ihc host shops iri Hit; Iri-statcs. Miss Shults will \;s ploascil to have yon cull on her with your more difficult beauty iii'obk-ni-. She is parficulat'Iy skilled in giving permanent.!, facials, shampoos, manicures and henna packs. Mrs. McAdams Beauty Shop ""' | by* Miss Margaret Merrltt and Mrs. I "•'.'* ,,„, J ni ' ls iLee Medlln and Mlss.Morrltt also I *", L ' 0 , tC u , l ~ ilaved several popular piano sclec- ' »«I...'M- ila.ved several popular piano tlons. Tlu several visitors present | wore In'.roduccd by their hostesses.! Autumn leaves, scattered the E. C. Patton and Mrs. Samuel P. Norris, the club award beiiij;lipb- lery and the guest gift lingerie. The hostess -served n 'plate of pear salad with cream cheese, egg and olive sandwiches Celebrates Birthday. W. A. "Toby" Long was the honored guesl at a "bachelor" dinner party last evening given • by his mother, Mrs. John H. Lang; for his'seventeenth birlhclay. ' , The guest list \vas T. T. Bclole, John Rhodes, Bill S;coy, Sam Johns, George Stilweli, James Edwards, Charles Smith, John T. Long and W. A. Long. After the delicious dinner, served at a table decorated with fall A high score prize for every table tlossoms and Hallowe'en Battles, theie was fortune telling and the cutting of the blrthday;cake. •Mrs. J. H. Fisher assisted Mrs. Long in serving. • o Have Rummage Salt 1 . Students of the hl^li school have ecu asked to bring rummage (o le school Friday for the rummage Saturday lo be siwiisorcil by he High School Pareut-Tcr.cher ssoclation. and numerous awards for low scores made up the 50 lovely gilts donated by local business firms. Hi Saphian, of Caruthersvillc, won the grand bridge prize and M?s. J. Nick Thomas'.was second. Both received prizes for these awards and for hign at their respective tables. Other high bridge awards at dU.-citnt. tables went to Miss Eva Barkowitz of Portageville, Mrs. J. B. Coulter, Mrs. JacK Ap- pfebaum, Mrs. -A. J. Haaga. Miss Fjances Nichols of Osceola, Mrs, Smith of Oiceola, Miss Ernestine Holland, Miss Frances Fcndler of Mknila, Mrs. James Kohn of Kennett, Mrs. H. Saphian, Mrs. L Shainberg of New Madrid, Miss llarsaret Dolan of Wiiscn. |il!ss Nell.Harris' won lowes score in bridge with Mrs. Harry W Hilnes second low. Several othe Idy awards were presented. : Jn Lb'.to Miss Gbraldine Richard son won higb, Mrs. N. Welnbcr second'and-Mis.'-Anna Weinber low. .H. Saphian won the .Fan Ta prize, Kirs. Louis Arnstern of Har riiburg. Pa., was second and Mrs Sun Flourman low in this game, serving cheese waferette Read Courier News want ads. nlness nnd with the hope of securing money for themselves. It was a success, however.- and n wedding climaxed the comedy.-TliL> Kiddies Band, \vlth.25 members led by Sara Lou McCntchen and directed by Mrs. Joe Trieschman, lancing and singing by Harold Nti- han Kosentlml and voice numbers >y Miss Mary Ellen Stevens were given between acts. Included in the eusl, besides the choruses, were also Misses Winnls Turner. Marie Moon, Avis Mller, Dorothy Goodrich, Hilda Hol,and, Frances Milter, Mary Emma Hood, Nollic Kerr, Ntonta Hughes, Mrs. J. Neal Gesell, Mrs. Harvey W. Stewart, Mrs. Joe Trieschman, Mrs. W. M. McKenzIc, Rondel Stephens, Farmer England, George Hunt, John B. Lnnc. George Henry, Sam H. Branch, Slonnc Sleuiut, n. Reid, Wood row Fisher, Sliiii Gv "un, Jack Robinson • and 0. C. B, ^s Ol'KXJNG : ' WOMAN'S EXCHANGE , Saturday at MRS. McADAMS HEAUTY SHOP 101 S. First St. pital yesterday in an ambulance, is ., , , . ,, j .resting very well today. Her father, length ol the "U" shaped tables and | j A B nm| |]er aunt _ Mls - Eliz . background of- leaves and wood- ' nbclh nass of Chlcag0| avc wl ,v, lier. She became quite 111 Tuesday night. Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Lynch are veiling Mr. Lynch's mother in Par- ajoiild today. Among those from out of town \vlio were in the city last night for ihe benefit party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Isaa'ci were: Mr. .and Mrs. Jake Shainberg, Mr. and to -have used his grandfather's Mrs. M. Shainberg, Mr., and Mrs. LANGLADE, Wis. (UP)—Frank Sch'jidfs is monarch of a Ilitlc backwoods farm in the cutover C. l- Andrews, of Little Rock, has ! lands near here where he surveys ; ere for the remainder ot ! hosts of freak plants. Living alone season. I In almost complete solitude-, Sshul-• Miss Mary Lynn Bass, who was des has spent 11 years attempting ; laken to the Memphis Baptist hos- to perfect better varieties of utilit- j arian crops and to create new | Ingram Bldg. Phone 2SS for farms of blossoming plants. a cd embankment made attractive decorations with a'touch of Hallo- we'en seen in the. place cards. The delectable menu.was served In four ; courses- . ', • MARK IORGKKY CHARGED j GOLDSBORO, N. C. (UP)—A charge. of forgery was filed hen 1 ' against .Tinker Blackeman, alleged | . . , ., . checks. The peculiar part of this : Louis Monheimer, Misses Gertrude story.Is (lint neither Blackmail.™: ri]K | Esther Shainberg, all of New h!s grandfather can read or write.'.Madrid; Mrs. Julius Kohn, Mr. and IJlackeman was alleged by otncers Mrs. James Kohn, Mr. and. Mrs. to have asked a friend to witnes; Hymle Kohn and I. Sachs, all of him make his grandfather's mark. Kenr.ett; Miss Margaret Dolan and 500 Beaiitiiul New Fall Btst treated without dosing — Just mb on OVER>?M1LLIOH JAK3 USED YEARLY CHICKEN DINNER Saturday, November 1st. the building formerly oc- uficfl by The Bootcry. 2nd. H.iplist W. M. S. 3eauly Aids to A Veu) Social Season BY LICENSED OPERATORS The social season is upon us. The season when ladies must be feminine. The ravages •tht bj- inMinersun abd jfind on your Complexion »nd hair can be *M1I- fully Cone »way with fcy a few risits to cur Bea ut.v- ghoppe. Scalp Treatments . . . Facial ... . Marcels . . , Finger \Vavc . . '. Manicures' . . . Eyebrow Arching . . . Hair Cutting. Eugtnc Permanent Waves $10 O«r Special Permanent Wave $5.95 ELOIS BEAUTY SHOPPE Horum's Bnlcony. f^fgt 505 For Appoiiitimnl. iamond gift NOW I ,^ A DIAMOND-srxjrUing' wM'n Ihe vsry soirit ol Chrislmos — irroerishablo as the love c- odmirotion wh-ch D'Omols you' giving. Now is the time loseiacl l! Ou r cases gleam wilh aai^cnps of Ihe utmost punly o.-d Tnesl cut n Iho verv latest raouni'"-gs. \Vn'll gladly asvst YOU n niok.rg on aoorooriats seieclior. ana set aside you r choice en cavr'ert u' boi a small deposil. Vi;l us today! Correctly Styled 18 to The models arc those worn by llu: smartest Bought Direct FVOID Manufacturer at n Big Sacrifice. Wcntlers never cease! In thii sroup of tlres:;es are all lh£, cuptivating fashion delailj of an advanced winter season. A matter of boleros and pophims, and yodels anil clustered pleats, and sleeves that do hundreds oj delightful things. Values Up To 825 7 6% il Values Up To $7.95 All . colors and stvles Buy On 0m: Lay- Away Plan dressed boys- a large selee- fine woolens iii lioii 'ol' the newer patterns-all have two pair trousers wilh knickers for ihe-.small boy and long trousers for llie larger 450 Pairs Sample Shoes 12 NEW STYLES Straps, Tics, I'll nips, Oxfords All Leathers and Combinations Aldridge Jewelry Company The New ad Clothini Rollins Kunstop Hosiery $1 to $« in, (lie new dull iin.-e ; smm- vci^hls, ;ill colors Where Values Are Always Be&t. laett 4SR saieacse

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