The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MAY 26, 1938 Joncsboi'o And Blylhcviilc Open Two-Game Series Toni^hl Tramback Hits Homer and Two Bagger As Giants Split Series CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Mny 26.—The Blythevllle Giants defeated the CnruLhercyllle Pilols here last night, 9 to 4. The victory came atter Mnungei Herschel Bobo of the Giants and Acting Manager Wilson Koeivlng of the Pilots had "gone technical" in the keen rivalry between tlic two clubs. First Bobo objected lo thr muchly taped glove used by Gililig, Pilot third sacker, and forced Oil- dip to use another glove. (He retaliated liy turning In probably his best fielding gnme of the year Here.) Then Koewlng filed n protest with the umpires because Bly- tbeville, he charged, had too many men In uniform. Von Armen, Blythevillc iiurler, 1iad the game pretty well In hand throughout, after his team had scored four runs In the nrst nnd one In the second to send htm off to n flying start. Tramback. Giant right fielder led, the visitors with a home run mid a two base hit while Dvorak, shortstop, drove In three runs. Leonhardt and Lowery of Caruth- ersvllle and Pavich of Blythcville got two hits each. "Red" Raster, who has been one of i the principle contenders in thr rivalry between the two cluus was the losing hurler, giving up nine hits. Von Ahnen limited Caraih- crsvllle to six hits nnd struck out II to Raster's 10. Von Almen issued 10 bases on balls. The box score follows: BIiYTHEVILLE AB R II O A Barker, 3b 4 1 0 0 1 Tramback, rf 5 3 4 2 0 Pnvicli, 2b 3 1 2 4 Aragon, c 4 1 in o Harrington, 11) 0 0 Bobo. Ib 5 Jnekson, cf 3 Webb, If 5 I 0 0 0 Dvorak, ss 4 0 1 o 1 Von Ahnen, p 4 o 1 0 3 liV .!. V. FIHKNf) H.tT)1-Mei;hfn in liifir two ,. .... scries ullli tlic le.iiue K-.tihni; 1'ihii:;, v (lie lilytliei'ilu' tiianls in.;jve l!i>- i. Joncstxuu C-iiants in a p:ur o! c games at Wuikcr I'.uk, loniu'ii. tomorrow nif-lit. ICach will scut it U pill. I'ac:. 1 :! by .Steve Trumback wiili ('our hl:s. OMI; it home rm?, lh>' llt'!l Snapped {.".It OJ Old!' lifting Iclhurgy to defeat (he luidi-r:;, 9-1. l.isl nijilit anil remain gami'S behind tin-in in s"<-on«l plu .-iu'.vevei 1 , ill;- vaiiiir may be- or<lei .•epl;i>i;<i. MUJIUJI .-• Hoiijiy Snniju.n annoimL-(\l lliroirili Acting M,inu j ' i Wilton KtH'wiiiB that HID tame \v:ir pl.'t/i'il nntli i primal. .Simmon.'. «!• ies (hi- Outni': iuid ilHi-cii iiii'H liform. Johnny Suln. rrslwhili' Osci'O'a trier, makin,; Ills iliibnt willi Hie '•Ajiorl C'arumals follo.vliw las rc- ISC 1IO!11 llOt SplUj^S, M'.-Jijji-cl ill id stopped tin- Jouii.sLoHJ < lian 1 .';' nth liming rally after four runs ad .scored. the Cants wimihi; Uielr liltli triumph <»f thf on. In wins and lr>s>:i's the iants linvc a. tv.'o i;juiH' r-d^e IB Cialalteadci'K. HJytlicvilli- on 12 and lost 8. while Jimesboio a.s broken even in (-iElilci'i) ii:uni:'i ooe.sboro'.s in fourth pJ.'ice, t.v, o amc'.s behind I'ar.vsould. The Kcb- !s are right on the liouiellngs' coil 0 1 o 0 0 7 £ 2 0 2 •Totals 37 D 0 27 s CARUTHERSVILLE AB R H O A Stanton, 2b 5 0 0 4 Saceman, cf 4 2 0 0 0 Glldlg, 3b 3 0 1 1 4 Leonhardt, Ib 5 1 2 11 i Rhoach, If 5 0 0 0 0 Lowery, rf 4 Cornish, ss 1 2 o 1001 Fllo. c 4 o p 10 Kaster, p 3 o 1 o ITolols 34 4 6 27 1* BJytheville '. 410 031 000—!) . Caruthersville 001002001 Summary: Errors — Cornish 2 Uhoach, Pavich 2. Runs batted i —Jackson, Dvorak, 3, Tramback Von Ahnen 2. Aragon. ICnste Leonhnrdt, Lowery. Two-base hit • —Von Ahnen, Tramback. Aragoi Three-base lilt—Leonhardt. Hon run—Tramback. Sacrifice — Pavicl Left on bases—Blytheville 8. Car vttliersville 13. Base on balls—O Raster 6, oft Von Ahucn 10. Struc out—By Kaster 10. by Von Aline 11. Wild pitch—Von Ahueii. Pnxsw ball — Aragon. winning pitchen- Von Ahnen. Losing pitcher—Knste Umpires — Lyons and Council Time—2:28. Yates Only American Left In British Mee , TROON, Scotland. May 26 (Ul -Charley Yates of Atlanta a< vanced through the lointh m filth rounds of the British amate' golf championship todi-y while i his fellow connlry men were elin inatcd. Chuck Kocsis of Detroit. Johnny Goodman of Omaha, and Freddie Haas of New-Orleans, were the losing Americans. Yates had two one sided victories. He beat Andrew McClure, seven nnd five, and W. M. Hobb, six and five. I'avkili ii»:l Norbwl Barkw their hutiu: appi-aranM: (uit.;lit, iMvicli. 'cl' (.1 Noi'Uii-UM 1 in '37, : l'V;lt Kinltll last lilt local' mill-Id • slllllCll 10 KC.'dlKl I Ji) t'.io f;;tJ;vt.s :tt CiinHtif-J'.s-j In' v.'.rs iinliu-d with thri-e! mil ol la rlimu::::,. Ik' CM". Un' flint' JlH L ; (;1J J.fujl "H*::!" r ;r;t iii^lit iiul v.'i'::'., hitit~-Vi i r.-. liar!!!-!- |,i iyi-(l li-!i i Hi ;lil tjilt v.';l-i shnl- i l:i" i nniil. tii: \ i'.her b-X'ltachcs and )uM;lri(jh| went rltjhl on playing. Alter nil. the Yankees wouldn't l;e tile Yankees unless Gehrig went, il.jhl on piaviii;;. f/'.deed. 'Iiio-Otin Leu grew; a inllo touchy jibaut v.'hat lie siispi-cts i;n: rollttllons on lu.s durability, lie Arkansas CVirutliersvlIlR liljtlievllle ., I'ani"ouId .. League W. L. Pet. Roars On, In Band I'lasters, Splints I, "'till: ll'xs Sllid o! '.'Tit, Ol' i'.'Ul.ll :.[ii(l Hie fiiiii:c>; ,. • IJiiKtsville Sain Effective And Cards Beat Jonesboro JONESBOKO. Ark., May 28.— Jor.nny Sain hurled effectively and the Newport Cardinals defeated the Jonejiljoro Olnnls, 7 to 5, here last night. Score by innings: U. 11. E. Paragould Wins Over Batesville, 8 To 6< .682 .GOO .521 .500 .3501 Newport .250 Jonesboro ol )20 100 030 -V 100 010 1)04-5 Siiullii'ni MM an Braces an [ion Man I.mi I'llito i\'li'.«. it can't \»; kept u Mi-i-i-t Hut (lie ailm-nit which, In \WA, taiin! i.-luscsl to endiii's bis • :n-:tX, bobbta 1 up sv.iltly and v.itlj- i:Ml «ariiin<; in C'lfvclaiid lu rtrike l:itn liitrd si'iiiln. Ill' liad to i|iiit in tin' .sixth iiiinntj anil :,uu:nii id D,,c I ain Jiii:v I. WJ.a, that llir ">. njiin';1r;i(iij)>.'., No Ciiiiinii>n AJIiui'iit U'ill <J>'I I.mi Out "i"' M.Ji-r ini'.i'ins bi'iK-lii'd tin: j /jllai: 1 /. j>ri;jpc!i| (j'jhrjy JM:;(. nlif-r velcran Wally I'lpi), and urdi't'i-d liv li;»l p(,li-:i a nii'-hly blu'.v lo l.'.u Gi'hrii; In Jij;si IKIW. I M hi ri:nii.|- mi which lie nuuic i:ei:- Iron Man, lin:; bfrn : uul l;:isi- v.illi pnhiltil aiv.l lalwrud ()«• ils, only nine hem. points ,s<-'{jar.Uin!; Manager Herschel! Hollo will Uil'.e lie \vrajls olf his glgantb yoitiiy •oitthpaw, Tommy Gorman, lo- ilglit. The New yorker lost n six lit pcrlonnnncc ill Jouesboro in his rst .slarl and .since tlien has rokeii eren In t\vo g.nura. His lust .ppe.irance was Newport,, cing bralen in fourteen iiniin»s. received a bruised JltUc l\ngft n liis ri^ht hiind wliilo hatting ',vn a drive through the box. but - has lienlrd. On Mny II he sub- .ucd Ncw]>ort for his only triumph. Pete Cooper, the Joupsboro cliii-f- ain. lias indicated Hint 1-t'slnr fowling, a curve ball iirtlsl. will oe the slab for (iie visitors. Howl- iY£, a lioldover from last year, lins mide but one start fur the Giants Ills season and he wns a winner. He Inirlc:! only S '1-3 innings -., _, Piiragould but lie received rcdtt for the (rlumiili when Bur- Ur.',lr; i', ! 0f;ti Jja 1 ; .'.upphllltHi ] ••!::> .ioiniMi:i In li-ii. lii'ld. Lil.t-:-ti>. win) tmcl a tiinl ti;i.s :tl:i<j Ijceu rc- ILIKJ i.v.'u ijttciii'r.s, I/-fLy ; und liiil i'felicr, silit-rnuti! in ls::iir Marlin h:vi Mljiplii-.l |:li'llly Of l/lllit'll «) uilatk. lialtiur, -!'':"> Ihrmii!!! Tin-Sit'iy's v.-'iil*'. hi' ha. k ; ilri^'cil in (hill runs willi i:! liil.s. He h:i.s |i!;u'cd in (In; tViird .sht in tin' biilt.i!:;; order. Ills entry into ,., t .(•utjiK- iv.'i.'i u rousing home run. He slammed out anotlicr in Tue.s- day'.s sunn.' with N'osv]iarl. Tin- tJifuit BmldleK will bt 'lhi> tucsl.s of thf club tomorrow night in I lie series llnalc. The Ghints yo to Newport for two games, Kuiulay anil Mor.iLiy, tind (hence to liaLes- villt 1 , Mny 31, .lime 1. anil back to Newport., .lime 2 anil X l'ar.i»ould c[jens an ri^ht. »;unc lumii' st.iy. Today's Games Nilrlli ?» si Arl<ansa'; I.caf Joueslioro at Hlylltuvillc. I'ai'iiBdiiid :il H.'iK.'.svilk'. C'arutliersville at Newiiorl Sniitlimi League Memphis at Chattanooga. Little l?(wlt ill Atlanta. New Orleans at Knoxville. liinningluiii at Nashville. 1 tiiiTc ever is ab'j.H to play his v.'hicli i <ii Mi only er r>! aiiiaxinK rcc:- Ijy tin; n inurkiibii: sldc'V/alks of New i fluil. llobljhni; ID hi si liai-,!.', roiind- i:j,'; (lie l.av, ,-uul liuniieijn'.; aNui^ l.ou appeared t-> J.iltle nock .. Atlanta .. .. Chattanooga . Memphis .. Nashville Ni'w Orleans Hii inin^hain Now York Clilcavo IJoslon .. Ciii'.-iiniati I'itlsburgl) l.i'ngue W. L. Pet. 2a IS .579 22 17 .5(i4 20 l(i .558 1U l(i 1U 18 1B 22 15 22 i:j 21 .543; .1514 .450 I ri; li:is siiflored from Jiun- (liiiir; hi.-: Ion* ;,ireak ol dill./, lie lias luid rlir-u- luiuoli- v;iiii:li Mieins chroni':. . 1 , Ijad brii^i'ii On^i'r:i . , . i. He luis had pulled a cliartey liorsu. He MIC; bent KL <,.<•>• juiii !;n|)|>in;,' his riijln tliwh Jlrooklyn .. . n-. hn ran. l'hiladi!lphi:; With d:;.;isc'd dtterinlnfction, he !.ui-:lieil me innin;,', .scoreil on jiill : K-iiivktrboj-'Kn'':;!jle. and Uien (iiiit in lavor o! liab? nahl^ten, | I :ili-r [.on explained that lie hail |' lR ™aiv.! ' Koslon .. New York League W. L. 'i'i (I 21 13 Iti 12 17 16' If) 15 12 18 12 -a <J 18 .1(82 ! Pet, .710 .Iil8 .571 .515 .BOO .400 Yesterday's Results Northeast Arkansas League I'arasould 8. Batcsvillc G. Hlylhcvlllo !>, Cttruthersvllle 4. Newport 7, Jcncsboro 3. Southern taiigur A(.'nnlii I. iMnmplas 0. Chattanooga 5, JJtlle Rock •). Biimitriliain G. Knoxvllli 1 !> Naslwille 2. New Orltans 0. PARACOULD, May McLcndon llnillcd the 20.—Prank Batcsville White Sox to five hlt-s while ^hlr, tcsnunatcs pounded three pteliera fcr nine to give the Paragould Rebels an 8-lo-(i victory yesterday, Alex Hodt'J), While .Sox catcher, hit fl hiiiner In the ninth. Kirchoff tripled, Krcevlch anil Sparr doubled and Zarilhi hit a single olf Mc- l.endon. Jim Walker, willi a double and two singles, nncl Uricie l-^owlci', with three singles, )>aced the Rebels. liatcsville .... 110003001-6 5 f. Pjiragould ... 030 410 OOx—8 U -1 llulina. F'ranchetli, Young and lioiteti; Mel.endon and Marlin. l?ues will keep heller if .stored ll) with the small ends down. OF National League N'e',v York :i, St. Ixiuis I. Chicago 7- Brooklyn 2. lioston 2, Cincinnati 1 i ningsi. l-iiiladelphhi 2. l j ittsbur ; ?h ,! America n League W. £,. Pet. to hold, tils thigh wliile nmirinu lo keep from falling. When he get.s •played attacks they lake his bieatt,! W»*"i<iaton • anay, und lie lias sliarp ])ains i-"' Cil S! a • • • through tin; siiuill <;l his back. Jle , , !' olt . " • I'hlladelphw HI. Louis ... h;i'J o:ie ):}.st .si Ijioken (ne.s. lie ha iianda:;es and .splint;; . ami braces. In l!);i'2. Oi'lirli! was hit on the j can't, .slrainten up. but lie nettles liead by Kivl Whiteliill in ItettoU. | when anyone KUB-CSLS that lie ha.s 11 was a close call, but Ol' Raw- : lumlj:igo, or .somelhinc; else that is hide cnmc l»c\ .strong the next ] chronic. <lri 5'. I Just the same, (he opinion o! In 1935, fichrij vvns Iril on the 1 itir,se closest to the situiUion is drat, head by Uay White in a. Norfolk | l.ou Gehrig lias some sort of an j c.xlilbilion. Jle was rushed to « i altniciit which is differi'iit from' hospital . . . reported dead. j any common cold. I Hut the next, day lite Washington; And it will take an uncommon ; Nationals discovered that the report '• ailment lo get him out of (lie line- was ur«.«!y exaggerated. Gehrig! up. belted oul three straight, triples, j lie's more proud of Unit, endur- only to lose credit for fhejn when ; aiit'B record than any ol his rc- a tornado blew up in the fourth j markalilc bailing feats. inning-. For Die Nak, it was a. (or- j undo in timo. Hack Trouble. Bubs Up Again Latest challenge (o the perpetuation of Gchri'j's consecutive game f.lriiak finds him snorting dellnnce at a lame back, and lul-lulllng Uielcliiinncy to make llicir nests for suugcslion thai his precious record j the summer, were killed in a soot is auoiil to \)K .smashed. He says lie;explosion. When a Tire was built in will lick this latest attack of him- ! the furnace the large number of it is. and go j swifts choked the draft, just, as he brat*the soot, to backflre. 22 10 18 12 Hi 12 18 n 12 12 14 1C 10 19 9 20 .638 .con .571 .514 .500 .4CT .345 .310 Amcriean League Detroit 7. New York 3. Cleveland (i. Boston 4. Chicago 1, Philadelphia 4. St. Louis 4, Washington 'J (13 hi- llings. The United State.'; purchased Alaska from the Russians on March 30, 1807. for tin; sum of $7,200.000. Fll.lNCJ OJ' Al'Pl,!' .FOK UQUOK Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned Has filed villi ibe Commissioner of State Revenues jf the State of Arkansas application for permit to sell and dis]>ei)sL' vinous or spirituous liquors for Beverage at retail on the premises us described n.s Main Street, Luxora. Ark. Application is for permit to Iw Issued for operation beginning on the first clay ol July, 1M8 and to expire on the Mill day of Jimi', 1039. T. B. DUDNEY, 5-2C Applicant, baao. or whateve right on phiyiii". i Hints HI-IIIB Own Deaths j JRKFERSON. O. (UP>—One Illlll- lili-ed four ehinmey swifts, which had collected in the r ami house musing i • ' : * ,"'''' . • i- • . _ is protected by Gray Palm Beach Suits «/ c Take the Spotlight Clipper Gray Toivn Gray BUY NOW AND SAVE! U. S. Offers You Three Great Tires 1. THE ROYAL SIASTER A Deluxe Premium Tire 2. THR U. S. ROYAL More New Cars come equipped with this famous Tire than with any other kind. 3. A NEW U. S. TIRB (Guard Standard). You will have to see this new tire to appreciate the rugged construction, the beauty, the extra mileage .' . . nnd Ihe price is so low you will be astonished. ALL THREE ARE BACKED BY THE NEW U. S. LIFETIME GUARANTEE (without limit as to time or mileage) Ask us about 11. This Is National Tire Satet Month . Special prices on complete sets. ' Station Never Closes TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. and here's what this means to YOU! 1. When the Government grants a patent tt indicates that the product has new, useful and improved characteristics. 2» No one can lawfully duplicate Essolene's formula. 3. No other gasoline can duplicate the performance of Essolene. 4.' In Essolene you get an exclusive paientnd solvent that dissolves gum and fights carbon. You have the word of the world's leading peuolcum or&inlzatlon that I'.ssolenc Is unexcelled. 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