The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 1934
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Served by the United Prtxx VOL. XXXI—NO. 58 BEFTHEVIELE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAl'KR OK NOKTHEA tfr ARKANSAS ANU BOUTHEAffT 1II88OOBI BlythevlMe Dully News lilythevllle Courier Mississippi Vullcy leader Blytheville Herald lll.YTIIKVII.l.K, ^KKANSAS, TIHWSDAY, MAY 2-1, 1!W SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS IPS FIRE ON STRIKERS AT TOLEDO Sentenced For Aiding Dillinwr Declares Coir;'.ry Is Steadily and Surely Recovering from Depression WASHINGTON. May 24. (UP) — Senate Majority Lender Joseph T. Robinson Unlay entered the Darrow-Johnson dispute with tt senate spcecli in which he declared that umler lh> new deal Hie country "is steadily and surely recovering from the ••Depression." "I want In say that under the NRA or while it ras boen in existence a substantial arid gratifying progress lias h?>"i made by business.' Robinson said. Robinson's s'Kech was made af- ler consultation with Administrator Hugh S. Johnson. It wa» regarded as (he keynote of the ad- J ministration's public defense of NRA titter the criticisms leveled by Clarence narrow's report and in tfe cenate by Senator Gerald P. Nye (Ron., N. TU \Il5s Prances Robinson, John- ion's assistant, was in the gallery as Robinson spoke. Robinson said that "anyone who lias heard the sneeches by the senator from Nortii Dakota. Mr. Nye, and who Ins read the statements by Mr. narrow and Genera Johnson, will accord to those three gentlemen first place among per- j sins able to employ sarcasm and J irony." Darrow and Johnson Confer WASHINGTON. May 24. (UP)— Clarence Darrow and Gen. Hush S. Johnson appeared readv today to call a halt in their two fisted battle of adjectives and attempt to an~ nly Their common energies toward the betterment of the NRA! This was one of several movements lea'ing toward a general overhauling of the NHA under the Inspiration of the ever widening 'l«bate stirred un by the critical report of Darrou' 1 . 1 ; recovery review board on operation of the NRA. narrow and Johnson spent 90 minutes together last evening, ridin? :il>0"t the city in the recovery ad- m'nislrator's expensive limousine. Overtures toward peace were he- H"vpd rmde. altl'ough bnth men returned from the conference tight lipped. A?k rhancips in NRA NKW YOt?K. May 24 I UP)— Re- "alira of the NRA minifum wage •envisions, creation of a federal iihor board to safeguard workers' r'phts, ntul a permanent federal- f'-itp-^jtv relief organization were rn^gnstrd to President Roosevelt tr.riav bv a committee represcnV- ip" 300 rrofersional men. The committee said Us proposals ii'nvldert an "ncid test" of the new rtral. which It said was being u'arrwd and weakened by "inertia, r""»ion. and selfish ranacity." The committee's chairman, Os- "••>'rl Ga-rl-nn Viltard conlributln'i r«iitor of "The Nation," said tile Evelyn Frechette, Jonn Dillinger PISTOL Mint IS Drpnly Shin as Minneapolis Riot Ends nta'ion Manager to IVe Murder Charge (or Killing Calvin Cummings OSCEOLA. Ark., May 24. — A clinrgr "f murdi'r will 'ie nlnrcd against Turner UTiiderdnle. manOT- of ('.!• D?Mi»nch iibuiatt'jii west f Osceoia for i':c fatal sh:n>tin'< f Calvin CiimmiiU'S, who died lust il in a Memphis hospital fol- iii"; n three cornered t)istul baton (he planUUSoti early y.-Uer- ay morning in which Cnlv'n f"m- )in7s, his, Erncsl Cum- lines, anil Landerdale were all ijured. Dcoiity Prcseculin;; Attorney A V. Youni' siild ;liat c'liiixes a'-n he surviving Cnmmlnys brother. vlio is said lo have fired the first hot in the affray. Injuring Laii- dftd:ile in Ihu chest, ar^ held up ponding the outcome of Lander- ale's comlition. Calvin C'.immlngs foiled to vccov- r from an emergency O|>eratlon at .he rospilal yesterday and died ibnnt 8 o'clock last ni?ht. The nev. E. I,. Cole, pastor of the Osceoia Baptist church, will conduct funeral services al the family lome this alternoon at 2:30 o'clock and Interment will follow in Has- ctt cemetery. Tr.e L. B. Switt Un- ilertaklni; company is in charge. .The Cummings and Lnuderdale families live on the DeUigach plan- :ation where Lauderdale succeeded Jim Cummings, father of Calvin and F.rnest, us mana«ur early this year. The Cumminifs accused Laudcrdale of reporting to the FERA board Inat the elder Cummings was f lator agitator, resulting in the entire family being dropped from relief rolls. Early yesterday Calvin Cummings and Laudefdale met al the plantation barn and an .argument lowed Calvin Cummings' insistence Mint Lauderdale go to Osceoia and get the Cummings placed again on the relief rolls. Witnesses said Kev. Alfred Carpenter Called by Baptist Church The Rev. Alfred Cnriwiter, of ,11th! Rock, has been extended u •nil to become pastor of the l-'irsl Ilajitist chinch. The liev. Mr. Car|>cnler. who has spent several days' here, will announce Ills de-1 I'Lslrin within a few days. He WHS invlled to sjU'iik here after delegates to Ihe woman's |<U,]; crs fW \ ROO Strike missionary union convention re . -UKIICfb I H.c I -uw.Jti ir,c iTiilly heard him in Little Hock.I BrCilkct'S I'lclcl A former pustor o( the rison- Ileib'ht.s IlaptLst church of Pimn- mti. Ihe Ri-v. Mr. Cprnentcr is now en the home inlssTuns Iwiml or the Arkiinriis l):i|)'.lit church. crs n Plant TOUlim, O.. May 21. (tiri—An- ml hy rfper-tt'il attacks by rioting strikers al (he plant of the K't'rlrtc Auto'l.lto company, nallon- >iI RUJnlsimTi lirfd a' rifle vullcy in(n llir mob U(<- tKb'ilflcrnooii. One iimn was Iwlievfd ; dyintc. u. bullet : having plercrd his- jugular vein. - - court while on trial for harboring Hie outlaw. Sre declared she loved Ihe bnndi: and that they were to marry as socn as she won her divorce from her convict mate. But a two-year prison sentence put a new crimp in her romance. over tlic head with a hoe he was sharpening after which Ernest Cmnmings. arriving on the scene shot Lauderdale with a pistol. Unn- derdale returned the fire, wounding Ernest Cumminns In the pelvis, and then fired on Calvin, inflicting the \vo;nul wi:ich re.siilt-d ten hours later in the man's dcat'n. Board Contends District Should Share in Refund by Treasurer Contending that commissions of thr county treasurer over and nbove (he $5.000 per year nnd ex- D-^nsp.s cermitled him by the constitution should be apportioned -miong the various taxing units "••nnp. which comprises editors, i from which tlrey are dcrl'.ed. In '•nvvcrs. prlitcnlors. ministers, doc- rlrari of going to the county gen- r -"-s. sorial workers and civic and Ural fund, the board of Blythevlllc ....... i-a-deputy sprawled rtylns In the street while jnvnge 'rioting rages around him. this" remarkable action picture records the dramatic climax of viol nee In the Minneapolis truck drivers' strike. Struck down, fatally injured, in the foreground, is C. Arthur Lyman. vice president of tire American Ball Co., volunteer deputy. He died later In a hospital. One of the combatants is shown making a terrific swing with his club over the prostrate tlSurc, while another rushes to the melee. A moment alter this picture was taken, labor union officials shouted thin a truce had been declared anu umbulancus iL-movtd 45 wounded, 31 of thun .s[jcclul policemen. Denies Dmmhler's Wish (or 'Burial at Side of Clyde Barrow DALLAS, Tex.. May 21. (UP) — Clyde narrow mid his sweetheart, Bonnie Parker, who combined their talents for crime and ran up a tally ot H dozen murders In tl'e southwest, came back home lo Dallas today to be hurled In different Braves. - Tile pair met dentil yesterday as Bonnie had predicted they would. Cruising down a highway near Arcadia, La., they were ambushed by Texas and Louisiana officers. For once Barrow and his fenuile aide were on the receiving end of the. lendcn hail. They died' quickly, Bonnie with her machine gun cud- illed In tier lap. Bonnie, In u rambling poem, had 'expressed the wisri that she and barlow be burled logethe'ffinit tp- cUy'.her mother, Mrs. Emm a Parker, said tlie wish would not be observed. industrial rviK r ts. had a«ked for t u e Interview because of their "nreat fffliiif* of anxiety over cer- l!<in tnnrionrloi! in the administra- »!-•• of the NHA." "We '•rli'-ve." th" statrm"nl read, "ihat higher wnges. higher pur- cha^in^ iiower. higher living stnnd- Snecial School District No. 5 last niRht authorized C. M. Buck, board prudent, to present a claim for Sl.2na.32 against the county ' enernl fund for excess treasurer's commissions for the years 1931, 1W2 and 1D33. Figures presented at last night's meeting hv Crawford Greene, sup- Equal Rights Proposed Opposed at Convention HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. May 24. (UPt—Women workers are not ready for "equal rights" with men. and it is doubtful if they ever will be. Mrs. Jerome E Coak. St. Louis, old the Genera! Federation of Voni"n's clubs today. Speaking in opposition to the 'equal rights" blanket amendment, Mrs. Cook termed the economic con- "prinurilv a struggle between ife and profits, witb the struggle >f ss-i risjl'ts a by-play." If the "equal riyhss" amendment •oiild nut women 0:1 an equal fool- nt; with men. it would not l» a great help, in Mrs. Cook's opinion. Stork NFTW YORK, May Will Seek to Compel Senate Vote on Bonus WASHINGTON. May 24 CUP)— Senator lleinlk. Shi|»teud iFarmer- Brand Whitlock, War Minister to Belgium, Diet R'll Q ~lo Kill Ollpple . , . , dictation, come onlv through the I erlntendcnt of schools! showed that ^™'™1*™™ ?L 1 ". b ? r J?. *: elll for the years In question the coun- organized that it v an effective v^ice in determining working conditions." Ynrk Cotton <UP>- NRW YORK. May 24. Cotton closM steady. on-'n hi^h lo'v M->y .... ira 1123 1117 J"lv 1126 1129 1125 Ort 1I44.1IM IHn DOC llfiO 11(52 11S7 .Ian lllia 1167 Ilfi3 Mar 1174 1177 1173 years In question the coun ty treasurer turned back to the county general fund a total ol $11.533.27. After making proper allowance for the district's share !of the cost of the treasurer's bond |it Is contended, there remilns (UP)... i the district out of this refund the sum of S1.2G832. The board last night approved n number of minor changes In the budget for next year. Including j authorization of the employment I of a Smith-Hughes vocational nuriciiltiiral instructor at the ne- (sro school. Two-thirds of the sal- 1122 1135 lir.l 1173 Spots closed steady at 1140, of! 10. arj' of such a man wo-.ilct be paid bv the state and federal govern- Ncw Prices firmed in thee first hour of trading on the stock exc'-.ange then held steady through the remainder of the day in dull turnover. A. T. and T. -'. in Anaconda Copper 14 1-8 Heth. Steel 32 5-8 Chrysler 38 3-4 Cities Service 25-8 Coca Cola 122 3-4 Ccn. Am. 35 3-4 Gen. E'cctric 19 5-8 Gen. Motcrs 31 5-8 Int. Harvester 31 5-8 Mid-West Utilities 3-1G Montgomery Ward 24 1-4 N. Y. Central 27 5-8 Packard 37-3 Phillips Pet 13 1-4 Radio 7 1-4 Simmons Beds Ifi 1-2 Standard of N. J -"M-a Texas Co 23 1-8 U. S. Steel 40 OHt.EANS, May 24. (UP) -Cotton closed birely steady. ' orpn high low cl^^c Miy .... 1117 1119 1115 1119 july .... 1128 1130 ll« 1125 Oct H45 '1148 1143 1143 Dec 1153 1160 1155 1155 J 3 n 1160 11GO 1160 11(50 Mar 1172 1174 1172 1170b Cotton menls - whlic onc-O^d. almnt .VMO [ per year, would come nut of the treasury of the local district. | Hit bv Lightning While Burying Mother Alive Chicago Corn May July Ooen hieh 50 1-4 51 51 1-4 53 1-4 low 50 1-4 51 1-4 50 7 53 1 Voluntary Acreage Cut ^tV'lh Says Cully Cobb CANNES, Prance, May 24. (UP) —Urand Whitlock, war time mtnls- Laborlti:. Minn.) told tliu United iter to Belgium at the lime of the I Press lodny Hint lie would move,German occupation and famous to discharge the finance commit- i united States diplomat, died today, tee Iran further-consideration of [ whitlock was first popularly the house bill for immediate cash bonus, thus forc- Ing Ihe issue before the senate. WASHINGTON. Mav 24.—The, Names Carolina Man tton acreage adjustment pro- j „ Thorn'* Sllfcesjnr am for 1934 and the BanklioaU! 3S ' nor P S OUCCCSSOF tton control act arc working) WASHINGTON. May 24. (UP) — known and recognized as a foremost American municipal reformer and always was known for his vigorous writings exposing corrupt po- llllcal and unfair economic condt- tlon^. He was four times elected mayor of Toledo and In 1913 was apiwlnlcd minister to Belgium. He achieved notable recognition for his •'*•*?«,\rVottld never con5tnt-to\ner being bsirled?. irith him,"'she' said. "He took her from me wh=n she was alive but I'm going to take her from -tolm now. Sh*'s going to be all mine from now on. "Bonnie wrote that poem a! right, but I talked 'with her after sV.e wrote It. She didn't really want io be buried wllli Clvdc." Tec bit of verse, In which Bonnie predicted that she and Barrow would die at the hands of thi law, ended with the lines: Some day they will go dowr together, And IKcv will bury them sld' by slcle. To a few it means grief. To the law It's relief. But It Is death lo Bonnie am Clyde. TOLEDO, O., May 24. (UP)—the | huqe. Klcctrlc, plant be- cainu an emballled fortress .today while grim youngsters of the' military guarded U with bayonetr, and gas guns against a Jeering, hostile mob of striking workmen. Orvlllc Kane, Iccmotlve nrcman, was lilt In the head with a gas bullet Hied by a soldier while he was watching troops nnd strikers battle m Uin Electric Auto-Utc plant. .'He was taken to a nearby hoirs;. It was feared his eyes were- blasted away by the charge. It was the first major casualty since the troops, arrivul. Gas Turns Back Mob National guardsmen twice were orccd lo loose a barrage ot gas o quell Incipient efforts on Ihe part,.] f the .surly mob to continue riot- whlch turned tV.e area Into a attlegronnd during the nijr.t. Retching anil coughing from cf- ccts of Ihe vicious knocks and gas, J trlkcrs retreated slowly, sullenly, and gathered at a.distance to cream Imprecations at the com-: pany, Its .officers, and trie .-troops.' : -> Battered wall's, broken windows, and charred remains of numerous small fires ..gave, mute- evidence ol :hc wrath" ^hlch ' strikers turned I against the company which has re-, I 'used to recognise their union, the r ;' Si'President Roosevelt tiiaV «ni ' to work In Be^n relief. The funeral ions be- Hie senate the nominaticn of Clan- ," l!1 "" held baturdaj. ind in hand to hold down pro- ] pplv and demand conditio_._ .mr-" normal, according to Cully dhis T. Miirchison, Chapel Hill. N. . Cobb, chief of the cotton pro- C.. to be director of the bureau of Sj a { e Socialist Leader iction section of the Aerlcnltnral foreign and domestic commerce, to diiistment administration. |succeed Willard Thorp, whose nom' inalion was withdrawn under atorial pressure. Exercises Tonight for Nine Yarbro Graduate "There is no conflict between ic 1934 voluntary acreage rcduc- pvog'tim and the Bankhead cl. The Bankhead Act supple- cnts. Instead of supplants, the oluntnry program," Mr. Cobb de- larcd. Heiital irayments to farmers co!«rating in the 1934 cotton ad- Will Speak Here Saturday Fircarms Regulation Wins . . . e ,. TI .. r ,™. / -. K1 .. 0 i WASHINGTON. Ma 2y4 H. L. Mitchell, Tyronza. secretary of the Socialist party organization j in Arkansas, and other leaders of : the party in this stale will speak Rpnnrt Saturday night at a meeting called " c H url ,for 8 o'clock at the courthouse. Mr. Mitchell and his party will The. Yflrbro junior high schoo will have Its commencement ex prelses this evening, 8 o'cloc] when nine graduates will Tecelv certificates from the eighth gradi The Rev. Stuart H. Salmon, pns tor of Ihe First Presbyterla -hiirch. deliver the address. The valedictorian. Georgia Par- rlsh. will speak on "Great Crises nf Todiy." Other numbers on the n r O7rnm will he: TrTvocntlon, Ren Aitkcn: song, glee club: address n/ welcome, Marv Catherine Thompson: sontr. Trccy S'jnders; SOUR. Nadlne Wllks; presentntion of dinlranas, Thomas R. Ivy, sup, .. represent Ihe Arkansas orianization ,., d( , nt of Mhoo , Tlu- house _ ways nnd _ means com- nt t , lc nat t 0 nal convention of the istment program have reached a Two Fin»d at Court's First Manila Session more very day unl 'lent of 50 million dollars has been paid, probably about the lat- part of June. :otton farmers p"^ n feJ°"provides fo? llcemln/oi I CflUft Upholds Order • ni>t mSlall- n vnn vt,\F l..1!lllfoi*[l1T-n*-i; (llT-nnrrK tlln n • H' J L 17 J firearms internal revenue bureau. It is a substitute 1:111 for one introduced .cailicr which provoked opposition The County allotments of tax- of n)! niufactuicrs. \rmpt cotton which may be gin- . led under the Bankhead Act will be announced as soon as complete nluitatiops as to production and winnings by counties during the ".ve-ye:ir period. 1928-32. Inclusive, have been determined and a method of procedure worked out. WASHINGTON, May 24 (UP) — The DMrlcl of Columbia supreme 'court today upheld the govern- j ment's right to deny Ford dealer. 1 I the right lo bid on federal auto| motive contracts because the Ford Checked Improvement ! Motor """P^y hns not complied * ...ftl, VTO \ faniitirlnne GENEVA. (UP)— The civil war last February checked Austria's "We are anxious to announce economic Improvement, according to 'i<e county allotments." said Mr. a L°ague cf Nations report lust Is- Cobb. "but In order to be sure that El]C( ) every county receives Us fair Tlw report, which Is for Ihe flrst portlon of the qur.ntlly of lax- quartcr or ^34, statc s: "Tre gen- rhl5 ;m f 0lmd late yesterday at with NRA regulations. Missing Youth Found James Pittmnn O'Neal, 15, sought n Mississippi county by his foster , exempt baleage allotted to the ern | economic progress noticeable United Automotive Workers. The bi'j plant -was empty of all. I save militiamen, company officials, and a small gang of workmen who strove to repair damage from last nlgtit's fighting. 'Some 1,800 men and women workers, held prisoners In the plant for almost 24 hours'! because thuy worked as strlki I breakers, had been freed by the coming of the national guardsmen. | Many Injuries Bandaged heads were numerous I among strikers and sympathizers u'ro formed the mob. More than a score of persons—strikers, strike breakers and police—were treated for Injuries from flying bricks and | clubs. Guardsmen were equipped with I gas masks and when tr.ey let go.» I ras attack they advanced under Its] cloud, prcdning right and left with] bayonets and battling orders for the mob lo disperse. One 15-year-' I old boy suffered a bayonet wound. I There were many women th, the crowd, most of ttiem not strikers. Troopers pieaded with those who were obviously si«ctators lo leave. The mob grew steadily as m'.d- afternoon au])L'oached. Strikers and liccklcrs refused to disperse. They withdrew when gas was loosed, but si'ovcd quickly forward again. Men swore nt soldiers, called them'"yellow dojs" Mayor Klotz Issued an order banning all auto traffic In the area. 1,1. Col. E. W. Puhr of the national guard could not handle the crowd In flic traffic. Soldiers were given lerse orders to rel;ase gas any time bricks were hurled. Await End of TnKe The first session of Blythevllle MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., May 24. municipal court outside of Ely- t (UP)—Fifty thousand men in two hevllte was held at Manila yesterday when two defendants, a man and a woman, were fined o;i charges of linuor law violations. Bessie Mack Jordan was fined 5200 on a rha/ge of transporting inunr and Hcrschel Clav was fined MOO on a similar charge. The Jordan woman is an old offender having teen fined before In municipal court. jjatiilslon Miss. The youth ran SHANGHAI, China. Mav 24 (UJ P)—While altcmpting to bury his Spots closed quiet at 1135, off 8. | Chicago Wheat ft. Chsng Son, a farm- j i-1 In Klangsu province, was struck and killed by lightning. His tody toppled Into (he open grave lie hart dug for his mother. SI 5"0.00 a month to keep our S14.000.W Rrltef Pay- r~'l goinir. ARK YOU WII.I- IXG TO TONTRIRHTE A I'EW SCRIPT STAMPS PER [quota of tax-exeiT'^t cotton for Foreign trade, says the report. Own liloh low close Residents of the province planned! MONTH TO I'KI.P VOrR each county will be. applied. The fs continuing to Improve, while lin- May W 1-4 907-8 39 1-2 90 3-8^to erect a temple to the thunder! If N FORT UN AT E NEIGH- Idetalls are expected lo be. an-; employment is well below the level July 883-4 89 1-3 M 1-8 88 7-8 god at the'xrave. BORS7 nounced within Hie next few d»ys. of the previous year. ray had bern working on the farm ol D. O. Pennts for the past month. S'ate. a great amount of checking { „, pnn<nK montlis In Austria was nwav tro . n home on Feb. 19. He and rechecklng U necessary, as checked by the political troubles •••nil ns the establishing of a de- | n p e bnnfv. which also had re- finite method of procedure that pcrcnrslons ' on the budget. " will meet satisfactorily all the Tn 0 report states that estimates problems Involved In the admlnls- f or t v c nr6 t quarter of 193* show trn'km of the Act." • & dcfWt p! >H07|.000 schillings. When tabulations arc completed. There was a deficit of 81,057,000 the procedure for determining Ihe scMllinss in 1933. Osceoia o Arrested for Running Liquor The first arrest bv locil officers of a "liquor runner" bringing the roods legal In other states into dry Arkansas occurred last nUht when Buster Walker of Osceoia was taken Into custody and two and a half cases of liquor were Masons Meet Tonight There will be regular communl- cation and work In the P. C. degree at the meeting of the Chlcka- Fawb.i lodge No. 131, P. and A. M. this evening, at the hall. Visiting brothers welcomed. armed camps made Minneapolis a tinder box of guns and clubs -today, as they and national officials attempted to end » strike of 40,000 teamsters and building tradesmen before the end of a 43-hour truce tonight. Three regiments of national guardsmen waited In their armories for orflers that w;uld throw tfcm Into the threatened batUe. Every avialable policeman In the city patrolled the streets. Car lo et strike pickets cruised over tr» city to enforce lerms of a truce which ha^d virtually all truck traffic. The armistice expires at 9 o'clock tonight. At a huge mass meeting last night on the city parade grounds strikers rejected t-?rms of an order by the regional labor board tu end the foi'nd In his car. The bottles bore the labels of! "Paul Jones", "Shipping Port" antl I "Ditto". Walker was arrested by Eddie B. David, deputy sheriff, nnd Warren Wright, highway officer. Trial on a charge of transporting liquor will be held later. strike immediately. WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy and unsettled, probably thundershowers in north portion tonight and Friday. Cooler in northwest portion tonight;

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