The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 21, 1931
Page 5
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1931 BIA'THEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEffS PAGE CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word tor first insertion and one c«nt a word 'or each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken for less than oOc. Count Hie words and send the cash. 1'hone 30G -. FOR SALE FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. All varieties. Custom hatching solicited Marilyn Hatchery, BlyUievillc. i 20-CK-TF WE HAVE discontinued our form operations and have a number ot mules, horses and farm tools we will sell cheap. Call 7ii, Browne and Billings. 18C-K25 FOR SALE—For ciulck sale a nice up to the. minute corner Grocery,! complete stock and flxiurcs, con-1 Eldcrably less than invoice cost.j Address "B", Courier News. 19H-K23 FOR SALE—Reasonable—3 Chinchilla rabbits and ccop. 535 N T . Sixth St. 21P-K25 FOR SALE—Lunch room ana gio- cory stock and fixtures, cheap for . cash. 424 West Ash St. 21P-K25 RENT FOB RENT--Furnished roo:n with bath p.nd furnace heat. NO. 111C Chiefcasawba Avc., Phone No. 645. FOR RENT — Bedroom, privale balh, close in. Phone 185J. Mrs. Belle M. Wood. 18C-TF FOR RENT—Nice front bedrooms, convenient to bath, excellent meals, reasonable rent. Mrs. I.aush- lin. HIS Main, Phone 319. 19P-K2 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, 108 \V. Kentucky. Phone 683. 1DP-K20 FOR RENT—CHEAP—Two bungalows. 101-105 West Cherry. Apply 800 W. Ash. 19P-K26 FOR RENT—120 acres 1 mile north of Luxora. Cash or crop rent. A. G Little, First National Bank. 21C-K28 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown. 104 S. Lake St. 11CK-TF POULTRY WANTED—Market pri- crs, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TF AND FOUND ' LOST: Female fox terrier. Re- .ward. Call 505 before 6 o'clock or return to 113 East Kentucky. c-k-23 Coats Relined— Dresses Remodeled— Everything Cleaned. RE-NU CLEANERS Phone 119 [AUTOGREASINCT WCAT SERVICE. Gulf Service Station Bryant Stewart, Mjr. Local and long distance hauling. Special rates on carload lots. Team for local hauling. V. R. WASH AM 1 TRANSFER 1400 Cliickasawba Phone 851 JACK DELK I'adiator Esperi, Is now with us. New and Used Radiators For AH Cars Jnckson Auto I'arts 2020 W. Main—Phone 66 HAY One baio or a train load. EAR CORK, shuck on, 88c bu. Shuck off, 8Gc per bu., in car lots.' Colton Stnles Sales Co., Inc. Blythcville, Avk. Phone 174 or LD 1808. FOR SALE Stoncvillc No. 1 planting seed inch nnd .sixteenth sl;tplo, saved btfore any rain.", ')ig boll, easy picking. turns out well at gin. Price §50.00 per Inn. Less than ton §3.00 IjL-r hundved or will exchange ono for two for pood prime seed. , Smart, Sr. 112,'i West Main I'hone 551 IIEfin HEBE TODAX | I'll C:r?i> \lte from Krmvlnic (on dull In iced Tfcrnih. lo\vn, 01N- iu:u KI.I.A TOI.I.IVI:II. iinusiiur nf TI intiilKlrr nnd • IciidntiKMrr nl Ihr nenhbr nod Inlularnl Mrmrr rilU. VAN nOORN, orgnnlieil n Junhir Country Clol»« II.UUI ', it jrniins nriUl irhd n.i* linttnlii^ IKriiimli (hf rrunlry, «lnp;iril In lU-ll Thru,I. AKrnrtrtt li; rilnu'r, lie /lErecil to «la> nnd pnlnl iiiiTtrnita mirt ilrrftrnlf 1li«- clunbouae-. llr FURfcrntril urnillnr 10 Oilman fnr ,\"irOr.(l ('AI.l.HN'O, *vlm could riinlt 111111 *I»K nnO •Irinu n Kiillnr. Eiul Nlriilu fnuld not rurnr. In M* iihiee cnnip thrfr nf hi* (•minimum. AXUnr.O touM ntiiyi I'H'.Tll'n could conlll IIKMTO rn-,|T,| tin*. Glnsrr look ll:rni on. flPKinnlne to rs-nltite ho vvn« In Inv \\llh r.tnvrr, JJnril aiiccr-ntoil IrnvliiK. Ilill I'iill iirrMtmlpil till" In ntnr 1'ittrirr n« Ilic-lr KHf«t. nnil (.lie uriilr In Sl'KKI) IIOM'.V. n fornirr Ctlcnd nl alnmr'JK nnil lit- vltnl him, Shr fell lie- vrnuld ulvr ilnrd name cnmvedllon. Cil'KI-r met tW» i»">»» In luvlt- tp~ 1'MTV STAKS lo l:ll(p rnrr nt s-uTii. WEsen Spred tylrrA tli.Tf hp n;n lirln^lnr til" xltl'T *£u- nlan |irrmi»«lr"l HIIIIV JACKSON In rninr. nnd ndilr (IrrtdPd M Imll Ihli-n" ui' li? lin-plnc fJllisrr nnd Ituril Ki'lirr.-ltrd. Till* IIP tlM.'i liflPv's nlfknnsnc <vn« c-n-rni.v. i:J<iy licvlltiMr m^- Irlii-:! lt> l-ooji ln-r anil llyrU In- Ki'lhi-r uHIi- IIP MllH'k to tan?rrr mid (irlcril I'ntly "IT ^vllli Sliced. I'irrj-oiip nnd n nit-iprnlilc limp. 'Ip:unvliirp, llpnlfo lind niiijp n • trip Hi Clilc-aeo nnil rtlnrnod Mllh prpnt-nln for nU mil n ulnn to kidnap CInSPr nnil hDld her tnr ranKnttl. H<- ItltieA hln llnl? nul :il Mill ITn.«ll, lite uf Illf olllli. <uiil i\nl|rd fur lii* ouiiurlunllv. \\li.--n Slieeil llonpj-, n»t l;nn«- InB lin\r ninltrr* tinoj. Inld Har.1 tbnr GltlKPr null Eddy Jnck«nn wrro m^ncred. nnrcl Oplrrnilti'.'d In Icnvo. And nt thai imtnt oj HIP prDpcrLiliiuf Clngrr iH^nLlt>pnn-il. ShnTllj- nf|pr«nri! n nnlc M:i« fotinil, cnnlnintni; lnHlriiclli>nM mill II ilriiinr.J fur Sm.'inu. Dill Imiiip. Jlnlcly wired In ChtcnKn for Ihp ninnL-y and n tmlr of private dp- tpcllvn. SOW r.O ON WITH Till: ST011V CHAPTER XXXIV ;4fT seems weeks," said Pally faiiitly. "And it was only this morning." ' ."Lota can happen In a day." said Phi) drearily, but she added at once brlg'iitls 1 . "and lots can happen in a night, too. Perhaps sUo will be with us for breakfast." Afler what seemed Interminable walling, II was time to drive in to the station to meet Ills r train, and Phil decided that she and -Mr. Tolllver should go alone, lo Rive their first instructions to tho detectives and niake clear their de termination lo accede lo the de mauds ot the abductors. Huddled in an anxious group, Ih others watched them driving ••My doivn the lane and then lurne nervously back to the brightness o tlio big room. "We seem so—few—wllhcut Gin- • Both Phil nud Mr. Tolllvcr wcvo avorably impressed by tlio delcc- vcs, Marker ami Holt. Tliey were ulet In inaiiiier, ralher unobtrusive hau olHerwlso, cxlroinely business- Ike. Marker said they would Ilko r.s nucli ailvauce inforiiialiou as POJ- ;lblo before nieclliit; Iho olhers of he household, nud llioy drovo oul ;o Doorudee for a conferenco. Pliil gave a brief account of wfcn had liaiipencil, described the KOI eral layoul of Ibe osU'.ullslnncnt nl Mill Hush, uiul, at Mnrkor'a rcum gave liiiu n written list ot (ilnger'3 guesle. names and addresses, anil ot Ibe servants. VV/IT1I '* i hi- ils ruhtnilitu. Ilo skill. ml^lit I'll 11 catch was the Pal nnil Kddy, known lo criminals It he could, slio Etild, but ,cr ouo liueresl was to yet Glncgr jack uuinjured. Thcso vrclliulnarics atteuileti lo, Murker said lie would like lu hurry ant lo iho sceno of opernllons ami they got nt onco Into llio car. On llio way. however, lie asked her 10 slop at tho telegraph ofllco, wliorc they wore obliged to wait for 50 ctlmucs while ho wrote ami ilia- patched a dozen or more U'lenvnms Tho KI-OUII at Mill Hush was 1m lallenlly nivr.Ulnii lliolr arrival tnul will) Ihoiii Iho thvec llallaiis llmlil. 111 al cane, liumUtalPi! by ill ubvin-.H Busiilclons- agalusl Uictn but nervously auxloua for liuiuoi but >!lck avounii. .I've tot a lot if questions lo got oh my cliest niul 'II want nil ol yon. Yon, loe," ho im-.c'J tu iho Ilnllnna with n eud- i!e:incs3 Unit scut a cup spinning re-in ibo nervons baud ot litllo Anselo. "1 wanl all of yon." Hurriedly they flntslicd llielr coffee. fcellni; Hist something gravely I'orlcntouB by Just ahead for Iho 'lolecllvc's uuniicr Indicated pun down," snlil Marker. uneasy. \\Vvo die Tolllvers from childboncl. he was quickly BaliaHcd, atid showed liltle Inlcrcit lu blind lieu- uy ami his wife, but of all iliul slraugtrs, Ruests aa well us serv-1 anls, he asked searching lucsllons and too!c the names of every one. 1'bll's efficient hnbils proved useful Ilicn, for sl:e \vr.s quickly able lo obllBiJ lilin, Kiviug Speed's f.illier In MassadiuseUs and lite references Hard bad given wben lie first came, which she had uol bothered to Investigate. Slw turned over to him, with the references of the Kalians, the n:\swcrs rho had received to her letlcrs of inquiry. Marker was frank to say that his offhand suspicious lay wilb Uenllo. companloiislilii. "Just "Don'l long rlginnrolo lo go Ihrougli, nud it'll Inko lime. All il[-,bt, you liral," IT said briskly, luriilnK lo Sliced, "^'liat tlo you pay your luunc Is?" "Honey." tinlil Siieetl |inuii|itly. "Lane Honey. They call me U|iecil." Marker spoke lo each of Ihcn,! 0( , * ou k[|ow Mm ,., and bad a brief rccilal of Ihe ,l:iy s 1 (Hnici| (<l Mr _ To| , lv( , r Ilo events ns concerned t-ach one, wiien last lie liuil seen liliiRc'V. what he hail liccn uccupleil wllli at llic llmu of her disappearance, how iho In- ic-ivcnlni; hours hail been fineut. In the 1C iiccounls there was uo( one word ot dlLsenl or dlbnyrcomcnl. "Woll." he fiilil briskly, "why don't yon all t'o lo bod now? lloll ami 1 will have a <iulet look around by ourselves, and you will need some rest. There's nothing to be tlonc loiilshl. l!\it we'll keep watch ami If anything turns up we'll call you. Anil It yon hear any noises. don't be scared. We'll just do Ho \viis out OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern A MiriiLiTe r TRAMp STEAMER! - ALL COALEP UP TOR A JlilGriTS CRUlSEr Er< 2 ***- WELL T -31IST AMP WAiT UMTlL. L GET PRESSEJP —"-^00^5 Wl'TH ME > OVER "To -THE 5AT?MUM'S 1 -foWlSrlTi -—- AMP BETTER WEAR ShftJkl GUARDS, I'LL BE POIMO fiF KICKING UMPER CARP TABLE,IF 2 ~ HMF ABEP MlM "We t VJOLlLP CQUS'IDBR A , PLEASURE , COMPARER TO WITH -WeM> He wrrH His BRAY 1 UAU<3H, AMD .' -wUMPy WHAT A BOUMDER .' -~~ IF rie BR/AJGS GUT. TrfAT Angelo and Piclro. "I regret to say that we suspoct tbein. Ico," admillcd Phil reluctantly, "but it Is only because Ihey are foreigners. Tlioy ave- devoted to Engcr, they love their work, and re heartbroken at our suspicions." "Also," added Mr. Tolllvtr fairly, ix-memhcr that they have been urrounded all llio lime by live, vide-awakc young people, and have llltle private exploring." 1EIITA1NLY Ihcy ha<! sllfiht (n- J filiation for sleep, liul 113 .Will joined ber adrftc lo Ibe ileli'Clives', tbey rialrcu off reluctantly to scna rule rooms. Pally nnd Cotlon Bbar IIIR cue loscllicr. Almost Iwfore Hie break o[ day Marker called ICilily Jiic'.ison nnc askinl blm lo drive In lo town am "0' the three, I suppose Pietro is tad no chance to make trouble.' 1 Ibrini, out the ifu-sw-ern to bis tele "Accomplices, likely," said Mark- gram?, and a few minnles lale^.dis turlicil by Ibe •confusion of Tolce and Ihe slarling of tho motor, Hi to be suspected." said I'lill. je'H'™ croup reassembled dowr •He is a sullen, taciturn perioii. j stali ' s . Peering out Into tho misl and Ihe boys havo had to waich|i;ray lunrnlng. wondering wlier him incessantly to restrain litni ^'-"i-cr had lain her bead Ilia htm from turning the club Into a speakeasy." ARKER vois annoyed thai Phil insisted upon keeping Ihe S:;o,- fKIO available for instant payment. M nisbt. Piclro liaEleiicd to serve lliei ivUlt Elrong hoi coffee and HE! rolls, Angelo assisting, while. Den to, eriiicnily wounded lo Ihe hear brooded alone and would iicllhc "ll'5 really llonoy, is II? Yru can positively Identify lilm^' "Why. of cour?£>," cluiruscd halt en volrcfi. "We've Immvn Sjlm r yoars. Of i-;r.ivse lt> Hiipcil." He turned with srcat binldcniii&s inu Cotton. "You're bis slsler?" "Wby-yes." "What's your nninc?" "Colton—Kouey." Collon was ilo but coni[K}seil. "Why did you liosllate lietween ;e words?" "Did 1—hesltnlc?" Speed spraus to his feet. "Sll down," ordered the delec- ive. "Stay awuy from her. Aro on his sislcr?" "Why—yes," she whispered. "Do you know her, too?" naked !ar!;or curtly ot Mr. Tolllvcr. Phil crossed quickly nnil ntooil slile Cotlon. She. look her band Jntlly wilhiii her own. "We have 101 known Cotton long," she said tly.' "She came hero last week vitb her hrolhor, nnd has boon our guesl since Ihcn. We like her very much Indeed, and trust her implicitly." "Well, I wouldn't trust her too far," emiled the dclc-ctlvo. "You really arc his sislcr?" he repented. ger," said Patty tlmtdlj-. and lual she adhered to her de-l™' "° r a " llk - lerminalion to pay it over on de-! When Eddy came Ijnck with tl maud without a moment's deb)-. | fheat of telegrams Marker wci He cxiiiained in vain that it uasjoff by himself lo look them nvo his policy ns a goad detect!^ to,There wr-.s an air of salisfactlo calch the criminals first anil get] about him when he rejoined the Ihe victim afterward, this allowing jut the tsbie. more pTay—and", more credit—lor I "Finish your coffee," ho sal BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martiij "Y-yes— No." she Ealil suddenly. "I'm nnl hta sislcr." She covered her white face willi one hand. me loll the triilli, Speed. I'm not his sislcr." Tho dcleclive lauglied. "So ! heard. T\'o. Mrs. Tolllvcr. she Is not Ihe. young man's sislcr, Tim youny mnn's sister is at homo In Mnssachusetla. This woman is an impostor." (To Bo Coullmirt) IDRSTOCI be v.-ays of preparing orik-nokcs. One ' delectable method is to prubull (Continued from page one) venture collapsed, hawever. and in next four years Harvey was an influential member cf the Democratic party. In 1900. however, it became apparent that the free silver issue was definitely dead. Harvey thero- U[»n droppd out of politics and moved down neve to a remote hamlet in the Ozarks. He planned to develop a. center here where the leading thinkers of the world could '.(jme and rest and think in peace and he spent a good deal of money eft buildings.cvcn building a branch railroad lino to make the place accessible to the outside world. This venture collapsed, however, and in recent yoars Harvey has devoted j himself to his pyramid. ! !ie is not seeking to perpetuate I his own name.' He will not teave I any mark or inscription on or in! ! the pyramid to show who built it- ] He will net sign any of the records in the scaled chambers. All he, ! wants to do is point out. for future , I generations, the seeds of decay that j ' the succulent morsel In the heari' \vater for 30 to 40 minutes. Drain | of the. flower, is available in cars. | and terve as preferred. Cook ar- This is also used uncooked ns a' lichokcs uncovered and do not add salad when the flowc-r is very if nit until Ihey are half cooked, young and tender. This spiky top The Italians have many delicious known as the "choke" must pulled off before serving. The choke is of ten-left in while, the Mowers and then bake with a cooking but is always removed be-; mixture of olive oil and grated fore serving. After it is cooked, il' d'.ccte. Segments 01 lemon piillr, out easily nnd it keeps the served utth this dish, globe in shape during toe ccokin;^. * * " process. If removed before cook- Daily Menu ing, cut away with a sharp knife! BREAKFAST — Stewed rl'.'.ibnrb. and tie the choke with a soft cord'cereal, cream, baked French tcasl, New York Cotton NEW YORK, Feb. 21 (UP)—Cot- Icn closed very steady. cpc-n high low close To so O&OWSY S'AOT WrfTTA SWELV VARM \1 VX. .Mar May July Oct Dec Jnu Spots 10M 1110 1141 1108 HIM 1193 1097 1125 114!) 1175 1194 1204 1094 1123 1147 1194 1204 lo keep its shape. To prepare fcr rooking, through several waters and cut oft stem clo?e lo leaves. Pull off '_ byrup. milk, coflec. wash LUNCHEON — Corn souffle. .stEivert tomruoes, rye bread, chcco- ln'.o sponge pudding, milk, tea. ;'.oady al 1105, up 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Feb. 21 lUPJ — Colton ciowd ftcudy. hard outer leaves and cut off lop i DINNER — Chili con carne, May about 3-4 inch down. L*t stand | boiled artichokes with hot mayon-1 July in cold water nnd vinegar lo cover, naisc, apricot wjlip, plain cake,i Oct Use 1 tablespoon vinsgar to one- milk, coffee. D pc quart waler. Let sland one hour. • Jan Drain and cook in boiling salted l Read Courier News want adp- oprn high low close Mar 108C 1033 lOSfi 1033 1117 1123 1115 1123 1142 1149 1133 1148 1111 1174 1107 1174 1188 1191 1185 1191-2b 1198 1202 1195 1202 Spots steady nt 1068, unchanged. FRECiaKS AND HIS FRIENDS THAT'S It" &JEIT/ FEU.A DO His PAST AWD VIE'UU soon •<ZL UUP/ oM ills WY i TO 7°-*J!J AWO ^KLU ' 3S& IP 'K. ho has observed in the Ainercan civilization of today. Greed, once said, explains it all. he SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN Articliokcs gr;c; the house- 1 v.ifc when siic socs n-niarsct-: ing Ihesc day?, and at this season i of' the year when o'.iicr fresh vegetables arc rallier scarce they offer a delightful change. There are two common varieties the globe, or French, an3 lliei . Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Is a, iluber and very rlillcrenl Iran the French artichoke, which Is really! a flower bud. I When marketing lor arlic'.iokcs.; choose fresh green plobcs from' which a leaf will pull easily. This I ! usually Indicates excellent quality! and arsnres tenderness and deli-; cncy of flavor. One artichoke isj generally calculated as a "scrx- ling," although the globes may uc ; | halved - or even cuinrtcvcd if thsy [ I are very large. They should be. ! cooked whole and divided just l«-'| i fere serving. • i i The artichoke hoUom. w'.ilch is v^JJATCUA SimU"W£26 I roR f oscAR? vivjy i* AREUT VxJour. M1EU-.SO.'J.S8<WS' GOT To BE WM6 To TELL THEM IEPE To POT TW BOARDS AiJ' BUSY 1JEES! ' FOR. TO 9\04. OUT EASitrSTJOB-IF-jtiL) DOfJT WSLP,->t>0 CAK'T RIDE BAOi To T04H4 STAKT IVA TH1WUIH IT'S TO BE SCf.sE JOB GETT'.!!' OfJ TVAT SLED,VJITi( Hi OF US CAM RIDS...GEE.. L'.WOY'LL TAXS 0? AU- Tll£ (300,'A OSJ TU6 SLED... v*J£ IS 66TT1KJ6 ALOIJ6 OJER weue... LBAUNING THK TRUTH By Cram S.HSVM Kl s\ WE SEEK Tut fVRfiEST OF ft SwilHDttB, SIR, NAMED IV'MJ YOLSKY, A.U\S FRMJ2 OllOPPV, FOR DEFRAUOIHG THE P^CJOTS ; SOCIETY OF INDlfr. COT Of $212,OCX). ^^ MM 1 t€G!M 10 , . £NT TROOPS TO PAID M3UR ROOMS-.WT To Rccov:eE-me HONEY, ^voo SUPPOSED SOT To seue otOE OF T.JE ptioregsoR's • *

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