The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 4, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 4, 1946
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JUNK 4, 19-16 BLITHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Ford To Construct New Research And Engineering Center PAGEFITI WARNING OKlkl-K In the Chancery t'imrt, <'hirk«- nawta DUtrlcl, Mtaimippl Covnly, Arkahui. John W. Burton . vs. No. 9594 Anna Irfc Burton Defendant. Tlio defciuliitit Autm I«e Burton Is hereby warned to «p|*nr within thirty days In tint court noined In the ranttoii liereof utul iimwcr the it o( the plaintiff Juhn W. Burton. Dated thU 24 d«y of Mar, 1M8. HARVEY MORRIS, Ckrk •By Mary K* Jarratt, D. 0. Percy Wright, Ally, for Pit. 5|28-6;4-ll-18 VUhJtbnur TOO <T bears, and" Aiette to IMA •*!• ud polar DEARBORN, Mich. The following .stntcmcnt by Henry Forrt II, president of the Font Motor Company, \vas released jit Dearborn today: We propose to start construction, as soon n.s regulations permit, on a new Research and Engineering Center here in Dearborn which, to the best O I our knowledge, will be one of tlie largest developments ol its kind in industry. The? project will take eight yeai'-s to complete. We estimate a total in construction und equipment of $50,000,000. It will lie located on a Qc;o-acre tract west of Dearborn Inn. It will comprise a primary group of eight buildings :uul will brills into close geographical relationship all research, development and engineering activities for the company's Ford, Mercury and Lincoln divisions. These eight buildings will be grouped around an artificial lake 800 Jcet long and 350 feet wide. The buildings will be of modern design featuring steel and concrete construction and limestone facings throughout. The Center will be dedicated to my grandfather, Henry Ford, who Architect's sketch of (he proposed Ford Research and Engineering Center at Dearborn, Michigan. nass production and mass dlstrl-1 nition. In commenting on-one of he most important'of those areas it the annual meetings of the S6-- ciety of Automotive Engineers early thus year,-I said: .' : '•'Hie mechanics of mass production can still be greatly improved,' nncl they can be more widely adnpt- cd. . . . "But there is a whole vast nrc-i in which we are only beginning to make significant progress—what we might call the field of huinnli engineering. Machines alone do not give us mass production, Mass production i s achieved by both machines and men. And'while.we have gone n very long way. toward perfecting our mechanical operations we have not successfully written into our equations whatever complex factor represents man, the human element. .:'.'-•:" "I am suggesting,,therefore,' that we try-to re-write tjic equations' to take into account the human' factor. If »e can .solve . the problem of human relations in industrial production;'I'• believe, we can make as much' r>p6er):ss 'toward lower costs during 10 years equation" in making things as well, as the "human equation" in buying things, ,'(. I hope that this nctibii by* the Ford Motor Company at this time will attest our own unlimited Jalth in the future of a flee America and our belief that there nrc no problems ahead which cannot lie solved by the hard work of a free people. as we madc.during;tlje past.quarter, century through the-development of the machinery of mass, produc- This is on,e of ,the many impor- 4 fifty years ago;, today .drove ,tho first Ford car through downtown Detroit, iincl to tlie memory ol mi father. Eclscl B. Ford. Behind this large expenditure is our determination to use every nid | tnnt problems we hope to 1 tackle which science and research can give ! at our new Research Ccrrter. It us in our job. That job, as we :»:e I is n problem for. research. We need it. is to make more and better cars I to know more about'the ."human at prices that more and more peo-1 — : — . . i _ ; ' — pie can afford. We already have gone far In this direction—through tile excellent wr)rk of-^the; research and engineer- irig^'statfs fir Jjnany company de- p;!rtnjcnts. 33iit:;4r 0 propose greatly to; expand past .efforts and to co- oreunitd. jthem';lijfcre effectively. Research ! hiid-< engineering work on the mechanical problems of the . automobile business will absorb the largest, portions of space and budget in ihe ne\- Center. But there are many other areas upon which the spotlight of scientific research must be turned in the constant ai- tcmpt to increase the efficiency of FOR SALE Fresh River Call prices to Cafes a| Cafe and large :or4fet*;ftgrfc MAC FISH MARKET Photic 673 OsceoU; Ark. Prosecutor Raps Jap War Leaders Statement-is Made Before Tribunal To Try Hidcki Tojo. TOKYO, June 4. (UP)—The rape, the pillage and the murder of innocents in Japan's "war against civilisation" must be blamed personally on her leaders who sought .world domination,,Chief Prosecutor Joseph B. s Keenah charged today, before the international crimes tribunal. Keenan's 15,000 word opening .statement blamed former Premier Ilideki Tojo nncl 27 other former members of the government ,for callously und miully conducting war to satisfy their impcriiilist'am- bitions. That war for world clomlnntloi included personal gain for the (tu ffendants through brutalities, ra|w and pillage of entire towns and til use of opium ugainst the Chlncsi to weaken tliclr will to fight, h charged. Kecnan spent nearly three hour listing specific charges the prose cation would prove In UK fight 1 convict the defendants of consplr ] ing U> smash the peace of Asia, an seek world domination through igantic plot. 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So, if you Busj.cct Pin-Worms in rour ChiTtl or yourself, net n IKJK <iT JAYNE'S r-W riuht Mway, and foLItm the directions. A»V jour druzglst; P-W for Pin-Worma I Sxpectinqa Jlfotfter's; Friend massaging ^__ helps bring case and comfort ?'.:' ! ('to\lexpectant mothers. JTHER'S FRIEND, nn cxfiulsllcly prepared eidplllent; la ui>clul iri «J| "•'— i vhcre »t>l*n4, mild aiiodyn* ".uSkVkiLttcliL'luT -•'-•' • •ortttltktti tn wh^-. -' — .Jear* -iwivc'urtjl ;.:r:ffpf'^^ skin soft and iillnhto thus avoldlnj imiiccciisary discomfort duo to drynes.i nnd tightness. It refreshes antl tones tha | skin. An Ideal massage application for tha numb, tingling or burning BciiKattons of the skin ... for tho tired brick musclH or cramp-like pntiiB In tho legs. QnlcVlf nbsorhcd. Delightful to iiao. Highly prnlscd by users, mnny doctors and nurses. Millions of Imttlea Bold. Just ask any druggist for Mother's Friend—tha ekln emollient and lubricant. Do try It. Mother's Friend T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. f. Mni.v r.c 212>, Refrigeration Air Conditioning The Ultimate in Mechanical Ability and System Designing M. D.TULLOS Telephone 22GO CASK BUYERS for YOUR PROPERTY! For a quick sale sec me. I have buyers for homes. List your property with me. My commission is 5%. I have no sidelines. H. C. CAMPBELL Office 120 So. Second Phonea 416 or MM Terry Abstract & Realty Co. Abstracts of Title — Lands — Loans 213 W. Walnut Phone 2381 Need 24-hr. Service TAXI!! Call 968 Bonded and Insured Bill Wunderlich Here comes the bride! ii lias, swung.wotjnJ. again, and i lliis inonlli brides Ijy the thousands '.i.will stnrt ]>ouscl<ccpiiig^—-if ihey can .find u house 16-keep.) . •.''-fHX W ,' ". ' | . *'. I 1 In idays soda to ctime, li^hl liopse \ ^.I<Qeping.-will-he cvcii'-^ghfer witkh^ . 'ele'cirical sfer'yantk rcad^ toi^v»sh ana M ,' wpiV, cleaij Sind cook,at the flip of .•'iwitch. And some day there will be ,trtany new electric aids <—> air conditioners, food freezers, electric "hlan .kels, television sets* and all the M'ondcrs of the era of electric living which lies ahead. The electric service which powers these time-saving and labor-saving appliances \vill continue. t lo inexpensive, friendly, dependable-—'. ready around the clock and calendar, •—just as it has been in the past * - ~nr' ~^ ^ Maybe 1946 brides wdl take *" of electric service JTh* men and women in this company worked hard to make electricity cheap and dependable. They'll work even harder^ ta keep it that way. f»i<>r "TMB necrmc HOUR" tntf jintdoy •Hlitt**, MO, OUT. RED RYDER YF.6. LITUE BEAVER- .w r VJKK AMD RED RYDER ARE / 1AKW W GUESTS A1 THE A HOR<3ES,lAOT Hoswcll Has Plans BY FRRD HVUtMAM l'\ I*3T TOf* V.OW JniGGY'Ojeof / THESE t>AfS ! ruovwrK* WASH TURKS REMW, \VERy WEIL,,.,,.,,,-,, u .,..,.,.,= MR.ISH.Ka.VSEE XHWEABsOlUrEcJUIEnWASE.' IF VOUB. GADSEf 'Cm TELL M * Verv Mystifvine By T,ESLIE TURNER r? MPReS 5 [Vttf. F. )UCXM»M ttH TiWIHS H« fctno CTJiiWrX*! f /" |r r kirr" V • "MM/' V Dnuun WC L - - • " OK E*CH OF TUB flttr FTVE-3ARS! UNO SHAKES HIS HMD..?Htii- • ' T CA f T .-\ _. **" t BBNNO VMJ, BEES UJCW /W. 9t. »»* COBaeTUY*

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