The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 6, 1947
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BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS TEK DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AVO „„,,.„,„„ .,..„ ^-«-« » » P>S-f VOI,. XI,IV—NO. 38 Blythevllle Dnilj Bljrthevllle Courier Rlytlievlltc Herald Mississippi Valley Leader Bids to Be Asked *|or Fairground Improvements Plans Call for Extra Lighting in Park; To Spend Large Sum The Board of Directors of Ihe Mississippi county Pair Association at their monthly meeting last night voted to accept bids for fairgrounds construction to cost approximately $28.000. This work is slated [or completion by the (late of the 1947 Northeast Arkansas District Fair, announced today as the week or Sept. 22. Construction for which bids will be advertised includes a new Negro exhibit building to replace the structure destroyed by fire three years ago. n quonsct-lypc hog barn. black-lopping O f all Walker Park roads and filling and concreting of the front of the grandstand. • Also included is construction of a concrete midsi.ay [or carnivals Mayor E. R. Jackson said today that when w ork on the park facilities Ls finished, "we will have as nice a park us any small town in the country and we will try to keep it that way." Tliis- year's fair which begins jA Sept. 22 will have an operating ^. ImilKi-l of $10.475, a n increase (if ti> $7000 over the 104B . District, Fair legislation by the General Assembly at its last session provided financial aid for both the fairgrounds construction and the increased budget. The Icglsli- tion provided annual aid for premiums and the 1947 fnir will feature for premiums for exhibit entrants from Southeast Missour. Present plans of the Fair Board also include the erection of about 20 lipht pole.s throughout the park and fairgrounds. These lights will burn each night in an effort to avoid vandalism to park property- To Be District Event With the city's concurrence, tho Bo,ir c | hopes to arrange for all carnivals appearing here to be held at the fairgrounds. This is primarily 11 sanitation measure, it was pointed out. as there are no sanitation facilities on lots in the citv noiv generally used by carnivals. A circus is planned to highlight entertainment at this year's fair. II w.-s announced at a n:cet-;ii? of the Board early last month that Itapsnmiai fair here would hence[•%Kli be known as the Northeast Arkansas District Fair. Acceptance of biii.s for falrgroud construction will marke the first notion toward long-discussed Improvement of facilities there which have deteriorated during the past few years. Blythcville Is the permanent site of the Northeast Arkansas District- Fair. Egyptian UN Delegates Aid Cause of Arabs I/AKE SUCCESS, N. Y., May 6. (UP)— Egypt today threatened to take a "legal walkout" from the United Nations debate on Palestine unless the General Assembly agrees to hear the views of the Arab Higher Committee for Palestine ^IK well as the Jewish Agency. "We will not be able to take part in thc discussions.'' Egyptian delegate Malimoud Hassan Pasha told the Oencral Assembly's E'olitical Cou(.Swlee as it plunged in'.o the question of wliieh groups it should hear on Palestine. "This is not a withdrawal from I his Assembly." Hassan Pasha said. "but for all legal purposes it Is" "We are unable to discuss any vote because our government docs not recognize either the Balfour declaration or thc Palestine mandate but if lhj s position | s altered. then we will participate." The Arab Higher Committee for Palestine withdrew its request, for a hearing after the assembly directed the Political Committee lo hear thc Jewish Agency and such o.Vcr groups as it should decide upon The Arab committee's withdrawal put thc committee in a delicate position. It was committed lo bear tlie Jewish side of the Palestine rase but could not hear the Arabs unless tlicy asked to be heard. A crowing movement developed among delegates, led by the Latin- American bloc lo invite the Arab committee to appear in spile or its withdrawal, but the instructions from the assembly to the committee did not include any provision for such invitations. Egypt tossed its bombshell Into Ihr-jt^imniHtCf: meeting after the UnfSd States offered a resolution which would Rive Britain a veto over which groups should b c heard. Sympathy Note Sent to Texas City by Japanese TOKYO. May 6. (UP)— The Japanese Congress of Industrial Unions, an organization of 1,750,00!) workers, expressed its sympathy today lor the victims of the Texas City. Tex., disaster. The CIU said its membership would hold a silent prayer of mouniinc for the victims. Stores to Begin Summer Tomorrow NOOJI To give employes a half-holiday each week diiriiij. (he .stimriu". . months, 09 Ulylhevillc retail stores I will close each Wednesday noon beginning tomorrow and t-oiitliiiilna: through August.. ' According lo a uniform closing schedule, rclail firms oilier drm grocery stores will close nl 5:30 P.m. on other weekdays and at. i):CO p.m. on Saturdays. Detail ;;r<i.vry stores will at (i; p.m on weekdays and at 9:30 p.m. u n Saturdays. Red Cross Assists Victims of Storm Disaster Relief Office Set up in Stecle, Mo., To Aid Missourians A Ee<| Cross disaster relief office lo handle requests for aid Irom families affected by the windstorm there last week will be opened in the city Hall at Steete. Mo . Thursday, it was announced yesterday afternoon by Eddie Knapp. Kenevil field representative from Die American Red Cross area office in St. Loui.s. Mr. Knapp has been assigned by the area office to Southeast Missouri to -assist the P-Minrcnt County Red Crass .chapter in providing relief to persons who suftcr- cd losses in the tornadic storm. The disaster relief office will bc open from 9:00 am. to 5:00 p.m. each day beginning Thursday. Applications for assistance from those who suffered losses win he as it-pled from (hen until May 11, Mr Knapp said. The Red Cross is meeting emergency needs of stricken familit-; in PemiEcot County and will continue to meet them as they arise he sjated. 200 Families Suffer tosses Insurance men inspecting dumal,"- in that area have estimated Dial 200 families suffered losses in 'he windstorm. Mr. Knapp pointed 'out. "The Red Cross is in a position to do a total rehabilitation job r.nd families without resources wi'l be assisted," he said. "All of their needs will be met," he added. -Families in need of assistance will be provided chiefly with lioirce- liold furnishings, clothing and food, he explained. Also, he said, costs of those brought here with injuries received in the storm will be paid by the Red Cross if ''n persons arc without resources, Mr Knapp pointed out. Charles Watson of Caruthersville is disaster chairman for Pomiscol County and E. G. Roland, n/o of Caruthersville. is chapter chairman. Tm_DOMlNAKT«BWBPAPKB OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND BOUTHEABT MISBOUIH HI.VTHKVILUO. ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, MAY 0, 1017 They Quelled Fort Leavenworth Riot SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS RFC Financing Of Ra if roads Under WASHINGTON. May G. (UP) — Tiic Senate Banking Committee promised "surprise developments" today In its investigation of tho Reconslriiclion Finance Corporation's iniilti-million-dotlnr dealings with the Baltimore <Ss Ohio Rail- roarl. Two H .t o oilicials — president Hoy B. While- and Vice-President Russell I,. Snodyrass — were lold to be on hand for questioning. At issue is the B ft O's 1<MS bankruptcy and subsequent reorganization. whereby the RFC extended iinill ines :-.n ^SOOOOUGO loan to llic B & o. A. T. & f „ Submitt &crnfcer's To* MAW \A/a«A nif ^ ?fs Attention New Wage Oki-/ nV VosWfigton V, i '*>,"• : - *' Kircmen U-r. stand by with hi,;,, pressure noses ,s military police Irnie7wl.h clubs, («,i, n ,s rllm ,u „.,* masks take a moment's rest In rotunda of u. s. Army nisclplinaiy liarrack., Kor I o-m vo,,h ,- durm, ,,-o-day race riot, ,,li, K ed by Wa of th,- Army's (onghcsl prisoners. On,- in, uuU vt s l" i ,'V prisoners and guards were injired. INKA 'IVIopliolii . "' Marsha!! Asks Okay of Treaty Senote Committee Urged to Approve Pact With Italians Mexico's Chief Executive Sees TV A as Magnificent Experiment CHATTANOOGA, Tctm., May (i. (UIM-l'rcs«l,.iU. Ali'iimii visited the luiKi! Chii'knitiiuiir,, i) am ,,, n -l In.Mo.s.seo- V ;l ||ey Authority, tixiay and ( |i'«,'nl',«.<| it ot the ii* "ii .. MH Kliowwl ,|, !t .|, interest it, l| u: ( |,vr-l,,|>,m'nl, nn.l nskctl many (iiiralmiis ol (.Ordon C|mii> clfiinii-ri , r n,,. TU v ^WASHINGTON., M-,y 8 . -UP, board, w l.o o.s w ,rl«l tlu- Mcxit' Pros , i « ,-.'Iin- rrendent Truman and Secretary of President Alcimin s!( , ll( . rt the*. •*'"<•-"*• "" <l U'lll. State Gwrse C. Mandrill today isucstbaok at, the dam -ind In- told tlie Senate that ratification ot, spcclcd the lni|>c power ccne.rntors the Italian peace treaty was "vilaF 1 at close rangi;. lie repeatedly said "niacniriccnt" as he viewed the dum anil power generating equipment. •Hi- wa ;L driven to th c diim after i rousing welcome In Police estimated that to slu-icss of U, s. foreign poliry. 'Marshall read to the Senate F'jr- eiyn relations Committee a note Irom Prc.-.idcnt Truman backing Iho. Secretary's conlcnlion that unless being given 'he Italian (realy is promptly ra;i- | Chattanooga . lied, this country's diplomatic !»•;- 5".C«0 persons cheered the Mcxic'-in T'I "''n " n ' lerm " 1<> "- president. TI,. leave-, tomorrow for The President in his note lo Mexico City Marshall warned that it would he lAlcnmn. who lias been visHiiiR "I . •' --- i 'abraul President. Tr p.'ane,- the sacred Cow.' ' Italian and Balkan tre.'ltie.s had taken IS months to draft Marshall.-speaking 'for himself, told thc committee thai failure to ratify tl^e treaties would "practically dissolve" his efforts for :i general European peace settlement. President Truman's note disclosed that he had conferred with the secretary nljonl thc treaties and had authorized Marshall to say tiiat the President concurred whole- nciirtcdlv in hi 1 ; stand for early action. Truman Urges Italificalion Mr. Tinman v.rotc that "it is vi- 'al to our foreign policy that, these; treaties be tjiumplly 'ratified. He' Aleniai ;:ointed out that Ihe pacts rr-siilleil! :1 , )rcss ,,,„„ •io,nmonths of effort and that; New' Y o,k and cau.-ied Si^p""^ "trT'' aC '- if lilP Un , H< :''| li " Ki "'re "lore llian He was a r;uest at en 'by the .city. -He describing the TVA as an tiou to democracies" in (heir economic development. Oiivc A'iio. tho Mexican minister of water rcsomecs who is in charge of M.xieo's vast electrification program, arcoiiipanied Alcman on the TVA tour. Albe iirrived here Bunday nt^lit. Alpinan's first, slop today was Hie Chickisnumija Dam. one of the larcc.s:, in the TVA. •After that lie "ill visit Muscle Shoals. ll'rc.>idi-nl Truman's plane got, ihrongh s bad weather that roundcd ", e s in to hour" cur leadership. "I don't think w Hint," ],e s aid. iVIar.shall appeared fo ati-;wer tes 1 - f. , " imcny ol witnesses who m«cd Mini. UOCtOr Asserts jthi; It»!l:in treaty be shelved until British People Starvina ' Malsfmil is :lljlc l » reaei. «gree- A j c j ii . r> r- ,' ln<1|lt Vi '"' R"ssia on a gencr:il Ana rood Must Be round i European settlement. It: answer to Ciesc rlaims. Iliilian pi'-ctj Miyor H:,;;l, WnKwui. -,vho though i n not iin-.AIcmiin wa. ; tin- :i r ^t lorci.'n i-nv-l lies for Austria and' c'rmanv ~i i,™' 1 ,nrit^ f'' l ""/ ly - H"' The secretary said ,,,e Unite. ] !ve:'• me ' e M "aiile'idel'"^ J ^sv.^,^;y^ 1,-r^';;;,;^,- r m ^ ™ " ie - wny." in il.s treaty negotiations i ^r ic K '' t ' al """""-''•-=--<"<»=' -!i>r n «» t- s « ^ 'and to inspect the TVA which' lie aiioriij ri ,.]]i-d a "wonctertnl experiment" "srucs ar, an inspiration lo Ihv d"mor-r:»:i(-; ot (lie viorld." He which follows closely along LONDON. May G. (UPI— England is starving to death. Dr. Franklin liiat greater difficulty" "<.Mcaii-r L'ould bc HID prmciphs of TVA. Kicknell, prominent London phj - countered in his di)i!omnlii: neso- sician. said today. liations the longer the treaties rc- Thc food rationing has reduced] "laineri unratilicd the country lo .starvation level,' he said, and thc British will "literally perish" unless a remedy is found quickly. "Everyone in England is suffering from prolonged chronic malnutrition." was the wa.v Dr. Bick- r.ell put it in an article written for a medical journal. The only answer he could sec was for England lo grow more food nnd spend all available foreign credits on food. He ridiculed the lood ministry's claim that the ration level, supplemented with o!f- ralion foods, provided sufficient calorics to maintain health. Hirohito Calls on General TOKYO, May ij. (UP ;-Km(-,,-roi Hirohito paid a call on Gen. D.VL'B- las MacArUntr today ai Hie American embassy, presumably to discuss the new Japanese cou.-litiition. It was the! emperor's fourth visit to thc supreme commando". A spokesman for MacAitbur said the men talked for an hour on "routine matters." N. Y. Cotton NEW YORK. May 6. 'UP).-Cotton closed March May .. July .. Oct. .. Dec. .. very steady: open hign lo>.v .. 21(50 2732 2760 • 3524 3S3S 3Gl,i • 3-118 3428 3301 • 2902 2D28 2DCO 2«0" 2838 2807 Spots closed MI)D, up )-,. 2774 3025 3-113 2913 282S Rites Tomorrow For R. N. Church, 70, of Lohe Oak fi Ft. N. Church. 70. died las; o'clock, at his homo no i\ mi . r . t ] M .,- V ii, .Musi Not P.iilure of thc Senate to act. Marshall .said, would be "rv very grave error," He said 'it would start a backtracking" so lor as thc United Stall's was concerned. He said it '.vou'.d put tin's cotmlrv on the same roaii toward isolationism as followed in iMo ami 1S2 i. i „,,,,,, ^,jj" roll -,;™;;;-Ki;; nv ;;;;! l c':,^: "Mj view nt the present time is tcry. more emphatic than ever that, the! treaties should be ralihed :is quick- ,tte, -„„„„. 2 „•. ,, : k . MelhodtM Church with Ih V. M. Sweel. iissiMe-l bv Hie l,vnn Robinson, oifii- ,ii '' l y a-s- iiossioIA." M.'irsiinll said. Emiih;isi7ini; repcati-dlv that would bc "a most serious affair" if the United Sl.'Uc.; failed i'» ratify the treaties alter Inking a Icadin:: role in drattint; tl-.em. ATnrsllnll snid be did not kr.c/w ho.v I'o would proceed with future negotiations in such a •Former Secretary of Slnte James F. Byrnes also was expected to urso ratifir?.tio:i. Marshall aim Byrnes, hi,-, immediate- predecessor, were called before tlie Senate Foreign Relations Committee to answer demands from fome quarters Hint action on tlie treaty be postponed until Russia agrees to peace terms for Austria and Germany. Local Option Election Called in Lincoln County f STAR C1TV. ^rk \;,iv r,. <upi —Lincoln County vvili lioM n local option Liquor elc~!.ion M-xy 17. The dale was set vcsierdny by I Connly .TudRO J. \y. iMltm.-,. Mr. Chiiieli w:i:; birn at Col'iin- l;lii. Trim. lie is survived by |,j. s wife Mrs. i>rm.illa Church, a diiu/htor] Mrs. r?, t-:. Davis, a r ;ran<iso:i and four Ki'i'iH-grandchildren. Coljb r'uneral H'ime is in cliiti^i- Lawmakers Meet MONTf.OMERV. Ala . May G. HIP)--Alabama's legislature met, at noon today !o consider what, some polilieal leaders cotisideroil the most, serious problems in state history, wilh (lie question of relief from the educational , scheduled to receive early aUdition. Doctors to Elect Mississippi county Medical Society meeting tomorrow night. 7:30 pin., at Hotel Noble for clcr'ion of officers. Debate is Limited On Aid to Greeks House Members Agree To Vote After Nine Hours of Discussion WASHINGTON. May '-, UJPI- 'J'lie ^-!OO.noo,flOn Oveck -Turkish bill Vtidiiy Miccessfullv hurdled Us nr-ii *lsia,:l,. in the House. | >v : , .;,•,„,,. •I'JB vole of IBB to 22. tilt' Iloll-e asrred tn a rule |iciluiltliv. ni<;, hours uciieriil dclxilc on I hi- mei- slire. Ttie niciistire was cliured for lull discussion by the House :l f(er opp-i- nenls bc«nii n free-swinKi,,,; ,,tii u -k on it In preliminary debate-. IIi'p. Clarence ,1. Riown. H. ollir declared thai of I hi- i,,";i- snre would bvpiiss (he United Nations nod "<|,ive a daiMiv Into ilie '•i-ry heart of (IN." ot, \--; i)p|x,| lc)1 (,, chai'Ked (hat Ilie bill would M, 1Mm r( conupt and l.ynnmi L -:il Bovernm -,n- in Cin-ece nnd Turkey. Opponents of the "hilt (:n,k ; d- vnnliiKc of the opportunity i.Jcord- cd any member to spen',:' for oiie tnlnntc on any subjeei before lln- House begins its scheduli-d bti-l- nc-sr,. They staged n vlrliijil pa vatic to tlie niieroplione lo deipmid n-vi- EIOII of Ihe measure. All this preceded n speet „ by Ullilnmin Chiilllleri A. Kul,,,. „, ,],'. : 1'VirelKii Alia Irs Cnmmjitoe'in he formally opened deliate rn Die proBmin t'> i|iinr.inl I,,,- Coin- mumstii in tlie Middle Knsl. Tnt/m said the Communia'.s iilreridy are hoverlny on the Greek and Trui/Kh borders, awailini; a cliaree |,, (,]•<over those coiuitrics. Katon Ilt-Rcs I'iivsapt- Kalon decliiretl that If, •« '•pennltleii lo take Greece and Turkey. her next . ArBhiinlst!1 "- would a and I.e<.i«ff man ,„ tin- preiiminn,v iissaiilt. berorc Eaton sp-,ki' was Rep. Thomas I,. Owens. It. I'D H,. dcmin.ded tlml "we end Uif.. s ,. ,-ia s to pcrpcluatc Ilrilish <-m|iir,- p.,it cicr. nnd lo protect, oil IKIIOH;" 10.- mui 000 Diiltsh troops in c 100.000 in Palestine Oh s;iid. Great Britjiln con- estlne more Important. Hi "Sonicljody is ,,„ me tvi short biJ] of K'«Hi; " On-i,, 'And I think it's Urn.].- «.„„. flrp. Robert P. Rid,. It p., , , 1 ii. the Ullt Ihe "most nisurnrefid'pr,,,,,-, silion this HIIIIM- hn.s evei h.-e iiskcd to npproi-e." He :iln,.-r| h "re at the "insolent TuihHi ,i;,i,-i torshlp." Weather AFlKAN.-5AS--P;ir'ly clr.iriy ;'lid little lemperatur.' crumue ti ,::nnt and Wednesday. Sc.itu-r-M inun- der.showers in north porin; 1 :, lo- dny. In Phone Strike Earlier Proposal Rejected by Union in 30-D«y Old Wafkows WAH'IXGION. May (i. iUI>> >A <•«• w:i(i« oficr wits mrulc by ilie Martial Law Declared NANKING, May (i. (UP;-MrnM:il law has been declared In three of China's major cities in ai: cf irt. i.n halt thc wrecking and looting of I Ice and flour .shops by drmonslia- lor.s protesting the consc'titly skyrocketing prices, according to rc- l>orls received here. A siieecli liishiUK )nby:- mihiM made by II. A. f.ynch, president ol the Farmei'K Bniih und Trusi Co. of Illythcvllle, Ix-fme the Holnry Oliib 11 ii^imirMiiK April 3 has been en- ConBreMloiuil Record C. aathlng-i of West o. liuluy in tin effort lo settle (- Jii.v Jong lilies pluiM- or (i u . ;|'j. iv-dld trleplione strike, The imrlti's lerc-jsed until :| p n .ST when the Aim-dean Dillon of o!, phono Workers, i.; expected to April :it). It covered about nil a hulf c>( the Record. lull!) Bomb Explodes in Cairo Theater; Many Injured CAIRO. May e (UPI--A Ij.imlj went off in i| lc Metro Theater in downtown Cairo tonight <-..llap.-.inii its roof, and lh c first, police re- j Port said four persons were killed.' Mornings Continue Cool Balmy weather continued vi s- tcrday as the mcrrtiry ctimb"a to Robert K. Blaylcck."o:fichu"we;'ilh- er observer. Low during last ing-it, was 56 degrees. 'H,', itn- •rstniid to lie hiiihei than the Me it made last lor an uv- :M'e weekly |',:iy ol <:).. r >o plus 1 ernls tor lrln t ;e ndjuslnieiils. The union. ITplVM-nilni! '.ilS.WW nil! lines wo'tl-.i'i'ii. iTjected ill-it Ililll's Ofll'l-. On (he SIHTI-.-,-! o[ key nt":<itla:!tm. ; i're. nppart-nlly, depe-idei! thf!'e|- •c 1 llvene;,s of a rcitlnn-il in;i"i-- U'l-nt eoveriiH; n.OOO NortlmeMern ti'li'pliiiiii. worker;;, Fnlci'nl conciliators Poter M rin-i vi ml Willium Mill-Bolls resinned M ••;• •ilnn.'i with the Ameiie.m Ti leplione *. Teleiiinpll Co.. nn<l it:; lo,].-. hlli-s emplHyes. Tliey hnprd an IIRU-"- ini-nt would be forllirnmu,. d.-splle •hi- iinlon's rejeeiion y,-:,i, n'iay ,,| i new A. T. A-. T. W ii K e ,,n>r. nn iivn-eineiit cullin,; [,,,- |)ay «l«ii'.'d by thc Nnrlhwe-,lein Hell li'li'Phone Co.. ;n,,l tt,«, NinthweM UJUoj.1 of Tcli'iilumc Wu'tt-i-i ll-it union olildals nl .SI, Caul K ,iid II- iii"int]i-r,-i in Miniii-scii.i, i||.- UIIK i- ins, (own mil) Nebnisnii would ,'e- •ipei't jili-km. lines of .,it;i-MiiVini: Meimv.'hile, mi early l,,v,-o( to end 'he strike of .'111,Dot) fin telephone workers was prn;ii-t,-d ,,'s nc-Kcitlatlon.!: lo se(|| ( . n M1 ,,],.,„. of "»' nntlnnwldr lle-itp were Irnns- ferrrd fioii, \r:i;ihln«t;i i k, [;t. ^Diilliivesli't'ii lo Aliikc Offer I'f-dirul ennrlllulor:i announced Itiul Ilie iioulhwi-Mern Hell '['r.V- phom- Co. imti Us d•'- "inixl lhal waui'S be arnllrt.leil and (iiomhed to make n ca.^i wajje i n . i:reu:ie olVcr before, the end i>[ the week In St. Louis. They said the, union lini' iii»(Hfli»l ils orlBln;i| denmiid f,,,- ., $ u >Yec |.|j, men-use. They declined V ' ''"'" . lm<J: rnodiRed .,,;,-,- :m «w much the union .Is demand. 'n Nebraska, ncm-l.v all riflO mi-in-' uers of Ih,. fv'oKliwi-sl. Union em "Icyed onlaldi- Omaha went hick owurkbi-eaurett,,-,., vvei • no pi; kel DH-S In I!,,. ..,-, m ,|| ( , r ,„„„... „, Oj ,, u nn. however, most of the I mem- be rn slaved ],„„„,. .!•„,. MUl .,, |(in Wn.'i .silllllHi- in |,HVII. in New .ii-i-sev, howi-viv. some l..iH!) member,; ol II,,. !„,,,, 1Ul , m CoimneiTliilT,-!,-,.!,,,,,,. w ,,, kl . ;,,,. Ion ivtiirni'd In eri-iisr-s of $:i to In Riilelgh, I l'n» ^;.|X''il'''m i ;yi l '',n''.en,v' > 'vote yesterday lo May „„ .„.,.,„;• ,„„„ "iilioiiiil setlleinenl i; iriiehed In Miillinmr,-, Ihe Chesiipeuke '.v Puloniiii: Ti-li-phi)ni. Cn aiinr-uiie'.tl |l- Wiiiild start hirln,. ,, : ,' w n]i;- r; ,to|->, -Uiliortou to n-jjiace Ilios; v/tio rc- insc in cross picket llnc-i. The Miiltiinore r,]icrni.-ir:; vn|.-d <]•)'{ " '-»'•> lust nl^lit lo honor |m , k ' c | '»<•• "I .'-till -•illikin,; no iMnnno .mil Mm Ktili.'; l>e,;iin lodiiv's nctoliiilions hen- by m,-. (r tii. r „,. j ( ;. s ' t sejiurnlcly will, Ihe (\vo (-"'tips Tlic llvo coneiltiitor.s s.iId t-jrhy's ' ' would In- the -mosi. h,,,,,,-'- . , •'">« ••"' far" an dthiila "self I- ((lllti; |io.'i.',ib!e." •mimt Clcve Who Lived Hear Burdeffe, Dscs Clrve 'Williams. f,7. ,,f ,„...,- n,,,, del c. ,,,„ lalo v ,, t ,,, x| ., v ,, f( ,,,, n , m| .'I Ins h.,n,e. Cliins lor li,,.,-,-;,, . rrv . II'''-. ii-hi'-h W ill be neli] al _Uld«:- lliipllM. Chureti. |i;, vi , '„„ Mrs. delli-; X "" •)'s. Mrs. Or.i I). Mii-n.. and Vir- Four Sentenced in U. S Court at Joncsboro May fi. lered In tlu bv Rep. ! Memphis. Kcprcscnliillvc OathliiK-, hud tlie speed), which Hayed ilie "nionopo- -r~ ParadefoLaunch Drive for Funds to Buy School Site BIytheviHe Residents Asked to Contribute $50,000 in Campaign reud Into Ihe Congressional Kee-rd a page Wnpaigll lu obtain 550,000 for UlC ]Hll'chnse of a row l,j K |, SC | 10O | KJU ' ir li-glsliition be miul" of luem- "f Onniireas by llic nation's I'lrclors with emphasis on messages Arkansas' senators anil "e|)i-es- I'lilnlives. II,- decried public iipn- liy tovviiril niaindilning contiict with s repi L-scnliitlves In W.i»iiiii-,n,)n Mr. l.yneh also bliistuil the eios'.d sli»P nnd numerous union strike iii'tlc.s nnd said thnl while the t)iib- lic'K poi'.UIon wns dlfll'-uU, It was not Iji.'cniis'j It Is the isroiip that rliniiKoti the liiws. McGelian Asks Closed Shop Ban Right-to-Work Clause Sought in Labor Bill Pending in Senate •WASHINGTON. May fj. (UP, H'n. John I;. McCli'llan, D., Art., 'Id loilay he would push an 'lueiuliiK-nl [o [i m Senate's liibtir rrqiilro ttic federal govern- School (^omt'.littae with drive workers and siolicitntion tuam tciim mcnibci's last nicht iu City Hall. ; The drive will get underway ut 9:EO Tliursdny morning >wrtl) a pa- rude Inc'.uding the High School Hand, the ctco c;ub, football tcamg In iinlform and other school groups, W. II. Nicholson, superintendent of schools and publicity, chairman for the campaign, tcld the committee. All :;cht.'0l.-i will ba dtsmlmssert for (lie piirnde mid ivl.'i reconvene 1m- meOiiitely tollcwlni; the parade, he BHlfi. Drive workers will begin their ftollcltiilkms after tho parade. Checks for contributions to tlic rtrlvo should be made out to "Bly- IhevlJIa School District No. 5," Rosco Crnfton, drive chairman, said. Contributions may bo mailed and should 1) 0 addressed to Post Office Box No. 130, Blythevillc,' he lidded. It was pointed out that doim- i<> llic school llrivc may be dcdiu-ldt fnnn the donor's income lax. Air. Crufton nupealcH lodny to nil heads of busincs-i firms to cooperate with drive workers in making It ptjj-'slble to them to contact ' f »*gr h, K rr,: R ±; sr^" " roini)tiy -"^^ 'S £'? i^?", """"'"T w ^™^' "Satsr^ss •1°" -ilon , 'i,m ,"" ° " llcl " »' lll "-lo»^l solicitation team t; r2r r :: -r-"" ; - ^s a »^ 0 3*™ ±H I LF r - - ^^K^ •:="';;;; r«,^jr,'» ^°^-^ K ^ J ]z: ™4',„ uvoK 1 n on W bl^; ';f»-l fohnso,,. Do Van Hoo.s-. •late unit federal Inws Tl.o Inlior T' r,"' J ?? nat ' T ' J ' Bukl!r ' WH recently approved by the Ho, "e o^es ^,m ^'7" r'^^n' ' B3 '° 11 tied u similar nrnuicfm, urinics, bum Noj i Is, Lynn Drown. 1( . M r- „ "™ vlsi0 "' iloyd WhlUikcr,, Max Logan and 'nn.Ji l n i ,;", n °"""" : " t WJ " UI farmer England: . ' WW wo ,,1'" v'Z !e any ££' •^"•"en^rita.. wore; 8l ,p. g ,^ i^rid-rS^ 1 ^™^ ^ <-tr rt cts re,,,,,ri,! g .mion ' Z,r m S; ^ T%. ^"£ condition or cm- llioui;lit Hint j.ented memliership ploynient. 'Mi-Clellnn said 12 slnle«, besides Arkansas^ Imd inch laws In force. Oruaniz-d liilwr 'in.s rlmllcngcd th, ; validity of those 'nws |n the conrl.s. The Arkansas scnnlor h:is drafle.d : > Kerlc-i of auieiidineiiLs b;used on 'ii'ovislnns In the housc-iipprovcil ull that are l|;niircd or trcjitcri dif- '••rently In tlm pcnilinir Senate measure. Tall Ansvvcib Union Leaders le.fcndlnn the Senate bill against 'iibor attacks. Chiilrmr.n Robert A. Tall, R.. O, of thc 8cnulc I.nlior C'cmmlttce. struck back against a ••»n:p:ii«n ljcim< conducted by the ATI,. He issued a statement rcflly- liift to AMj advertiscmcnls in yesterday's iicwFpipers which asked "Is this true. Senator Tall?" The advertisements carried n newipapcr excerpt quoting Tart as ^J'lUR the Senate bill covered nhoiit (lircc-fnurths of the matters urtied on Congress by employers. Taffs statement said that tho "three-quarters" Included "ftinda- mentiil reforms" demanded bv the people of the country nnd many iinJon members. Tlmse reforms, lie said, involved the correction of i:l- Jir.-tici's nnd giving unions responsibility equivalent i-7 llieir power. He said the one-fourth of employer proposals Ignored In the bill were <>l the type designed to destroy unions. But the three-fourths accepted in Ilie bill; lie said, were rewritten by Die rornmitlee to insure complete rtiimtil.y between employers and unions and between union- ar.d their members. "They will not prevent the legit.- erowlli and expansion of !a.'.",' in lions." Tuft said. "They arc punitive. They are not anil-labor any more than the anll-lrusl laws were anli-indli.sJry.' 1 Hie said tlie labor committee liad met unniiiilifU'il opj>nsilion from all labor Ic.iders allliough public opinion surveys showed lhat tlie people favored changes in labor ..- of the schoof district 'nre,\ outsid" of lilylheville: Mrs. William Wyatl, Yarbro;' Mrs. Tim fetes. First Ward; Mrs. Ruy ilall. Second Ward; nnd Mrs. Charles Penn and Mrs. Dob Van H'wsier, Third Ward 1 and pride .Addition. They will sc- iect block captains who will assist In the housc-to-housc solicitations. French Look To U. S. for Another Loan PARIS. May 1. i'UT.)—A government crisis which iluvatonrd to lay franco ' apcn to Communist domination .ind s nit. off any fi;r- Ihcr United Gtatcs econcimie nr- Kistiiuce neavcd a shuwdown today. • • -•• Soclullst Parly b-idcrs met lo decide whether lo siring along with Premier Paul Rnr.iadu-r iu his effort to keep his wobbly coalition government"on its feet' in (he. face of CommunKt cppasilinn. If the Socialist i decide to slay In Ihe coalition from which Ramadter ousted tho communists, he will have " chance to ciiry on. -JONKSIlouo, .\ Four Aikar.'.iis r linrinc I', .-.(.'til "•rms l.uiay fr,l|,, lenrcs In Untied Court Jim; • Kirhard Aimer ivreivcd I've V'-irs to,- Iniiisi,,,!;,,. il rlolen ( '-'i from (;in iniriu (,; ,7'>?n'-'l-ofo - when- h,. sold it Ir, ;t m.. ( i ,, ar ' 1 Amrr Tobacco dealer. Tialph I,. Kvy received two " '" "licpublicans last November pic issue squarely to thc country and were elected." he said. N. Y. Stocks 165 1-8 M, from Poplar Hluff Mo.. (,. Osocola. Alfre Von I.oe was s,.•ntencul to: one year for drivjii K ii sirlfn curl from St. Louis lo Jmicsborn and James V. Kd'.viird.; w:,s plucee: on Probation nr two yoar.< for slral- ini; !\ cur in Mississinp! and iliiv- Ing it in nell. 84 3-4 Anaconda Copjier Beth Steel , Chrysler : Gen Electric .... Gen Motors Montgomery Ward 533-4 .... 1C2 If they pull out, his c-.ibhietT be doomed. One of thc nm' Kamndlcr's Wi»s a conviction l'h crisis ending in group would mca.i desperately needed reasons lor to liane; on . .1 full Wown. l Con: n in nisi, 'he end of as- sisti'.nce from Ihr;' Un't.-d stales. The $1.370,000.000 »aii oblamixl by l*on niiim Insl yeur was almost gone, and Kamad'.er receully disclosed that l-Ynncc soon would need another $700,OOO.OOCi to Ii- >iancc even Uic minimum lotjiiirc- ments in food and r.i\v malerinl. So fur, n-ance has made no formal approach lo tin United States for aiUltlo-iul aid. False Fire Alarm Sends Plane Back to Airport BOSTON, May 6. (UPJ— An American Overseas Airlines plane, bound from New York to London with 39 Passengers and 10 crew members, Invned back to Boston today and 35 3-1 ma dc an emergency landing as result of a false fire signal. Legion Meeting Tonight Members of Dud Caso l Pn*l "4 of tlic Amer'can Lfumn Will liul.l their weekly mce'irv.; ,,t 3 o'clock- tonifllil at Ilie I.eivoa Hut. . N y central Int Harvester North Am Aviation Republic steel — Radio Socony Vacuum .. Studebakcr ' Standard of N J Texas Corp ... '. Packard |U s Steel 53 i-s Plumbers Return to Work 53 3-4 14 1--2 TEXARKANA. May 6. lUP.'i— 82 1-8, Plumbers and stsimtit'.eri in the 8 1-a four-state area a-c bnck u*, work 24 3-4 today, following a compiamise 8 I agreement between thc union Mid 15 3-3 contractors late,ye.stcrdny 13 1-3 69 60 Both sides assorted were "satisfactory " Union men were puiled. 6 1-4 projects in tho puyin 69 1-8 than $a ( jier.hour last Frida Ilial terms olf ot less

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