The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 30, 1936
Page 6
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J i IN EflSI STILE >* H u g h e s Shoi l-Circuits ' t ' Aik-Mo Hopes; Cow- ^...iboys Tiim East Aik. " -R. D. Hughes' Clothiers defeated *"the: Arkansas-Missouri Power coiri- 'Jiany Hotpoints, 12 to C, and Robinson Drug company Cowboys de- Ifeated East Arkansas Builders, 12 to '4, In Commercial soft, ball league- games at Haley FieM last night ,'^Talmadgo Huev and Leo Ste- ^phens • went, the route for tlie • 'Clothiers and Hotpolnts, Stephens ,,;weakening In the sixth and scv- ', enlh Innings when tlic Clothiers *' Ecorcd eight runs -' Odom, Steele hurler, made hfs t debut, for. Robinson but wns re- BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.). COURIER NEWS The for nine Innings) Now you them'.'Start walking out In "•>.fifth Inning' pf. the second gome | of a double-header. They gel loo much baseball. Games last too' long and a>e too one-sided, "The kind of games they usco" to like, nnd the kind I believe they still like better than 14 to 8| (slugging matches, are the kind. • we played the Yankees In the first two of our last series, 5 lo Atlanta 07 1 and C to 5, wilh the result in Neville ....' doiibt right up to Ine Inst oul. i Chalttinooga . "With the ball deadened, there Birmingham . Is greater variety lo the game, New Orleans and n smart manager or a smart Lilttle Hock player can do better than a fel- Knoxvllle Southern League W. 38 02 4'i 52 49 53 DO 4D 53 L. Pet. .638 .590 .515 .513 .480 low who doesn't try to Improve Memphis himself." Hornsby slicks to the opinion National that Joe DlMagglo, lhe Yankees' I prize recruit, can be- pitched to; Chicago that he has some weaknesses al "' ' ""'' .450 .403 Spurting to .481, R. D. Hughes Outfielder . Back On Top Is BY J. P. FRIEND T °""" y B " ms ' «• "• 4 02 MS : sll| KBl»B outfielder, who led the • OJO jlcop earlier In lhe season, has ro- I gained lhe balling lead among ' Vf I Pet ' thc ro >i ulai1 lierfonncrs who have • ' ' appeared In at least one half thch Louis New York Pittsburgh Cincinnati , lioston asserts Philadelphia the Rajah. "Of al) the players Brooklyn who came Inlo the American I League this season, DIMagijIo Is the best. He can hit, run, field,! and think, but 1 still stick to N . Cw the plalc. * » « No I'licliers lo I'llch 'Don'l get me wrong," 57 35 50 38 52 44 40 4G 45 4G 45 50 3li .50 . 35 CO .020 .590 clubs games In the Commercial , Softball League, according [o the •' official averages of games through """ July 24 as compiled bv .1 P .391 In 24 us compiled by league statistician, seven of his team's twelve secon and have a 25 point lead In fielding, .613 to .888 for the Cowboys In second place. Others In their THURSDAY, JULY 30, 1936 order are: Hughes, .318. .850; Me- iier' HunlW Ififi- fin'-n- Mullln, ,302, .874; PiTllllps ' Motor, 1 .304 ; Bert) 83-' "' lie. Hughes, .378; Wall, Famous' r i J j i • store, .318; samford, McMuiiin.i &"Jarged and Improved .378 ' H If* Inn rifcXif i ill!,, <j/?/i. **FJ .» A »• . _ _ • — •- p ~«>i»u>M r «j*..inuiim. •378; Hlgdon, McMuilln, .300; Wid- Eas t 852 Dan Warrlnglon, elongated Pas- lime righthander, has lhe best winning average among lhe regular pitchers, He has pitched every Inning of his fifteen games, winning 12 and losing 3. John Holland, Famous Store, has copped 9 verdicts, and has been on lhe losing end of 5. Jimmy Smotlieumm, Phillips Motor, has 0-iind 2; Verne Rimer, Robinson Drug, C and 4; Kermlt Copcland Robinson Drug, 2 and 2; Tal- madsje Hucy, K. D. Hughes, (i and 7; Everett Eubanks, McMuilln, Arena Nearing Completion Earring unforseen accidents or . .--., .„. „, ..„, , inclement weather, lhe open air Dick Burns, Hughes 350- c ' arena ttt tllc American Legion Bunch, Hughes, .348; dallies.'Me- "'" " ~ Mullln, .346; Young, Huphcs, .344; Cheatham, Ark-Mo Power, ,344- Oanske, Ark-Mo Power, .340- and 5. VVftirlngton also has th» Mosley, Pastime, .333; w!' Burns! Ark-Mo Power, .333; Halscl), Me-,— ........... =— Mullln, .333; Guard, Famous Store ' ling U(!e ' w " .333; Moody, Famous Store, .333- llc: >der card, a Wilson Easl Arkansas, ,133- B V nounccmcnt o ' ""•'""" ------ ' , , Brogdon, Robinson, .325; noberls' Phillips, .317; G. Whittle, Phillips'! .310; Chltmon. East Arkansas, .314; Bevil, Piillllps, .308; C. Ledbetter, Pastime, .302. Hut on North Second street, will l)c completed for the weekly wrestling show, Monday night, when Johnny Mnrr, purported to be a recent winner of the s3-cal!ed southern light heavyweight wrcst- ..... II liead lhe triple iccordlng lo an aii- of Clarence Holder, athletic committee chairman. Wickel Signs to Pilot Pilots Again in 1937 CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Jul,. 33 -Harrison wiekel, playcr-maniUer of the Cnrutliersrllle Pilots, has signed, a 1937 contract to m'ana"e the club at an Increase in salary Wid Matthews, club official, has announced. Bill pavellge. hurler, has been released by Ciirutiu-rsvillc to make way for Ed Amehmg and has been taken on by Paragould. The bowl will be 70 x 70, and! Wilson Plavfr vlll have a scatine eamd v „} " 1ISO » r layer what 1 'snld after my first look Cleveland nt him. . "If 1 had some pitchers on my Chicago ....... 'lleved by Manager Dick Potter who got credit for lhe victory. * Clarence Webb started on the mound for East Arkansas i!aye. way to Eddie Snllba first inning and the latte .charged Mil. lhe defeat | |)UcllQ1 . coul(1 wo ; k -„„' ^ m l^. l,M Bn nfrL"",^ "^'But there aren't any on my lioston American League W. L. 64 33 55 43 5:i 45 50 45 50 47 ..jyj r ..-.. 308 • ™ntcsls. Hums has collected 13 I hits In 27 times at bat ! phcnomlnal .481 I Included In his '" 'he dub I believe he could be slowed Detroit 50 « as but (i own nt Ule p | at Om . , )Uchcl . s WasYUneton 50 47 ln th «icairt pilch to anybody In tht way. *>r., Ij °" ls 32 S3 • r wns .I mean. I believe thai a good W>"«<lel|>hia 32 G4 ! nitchei- could wnrk on nlNfnyoln ' .000 I ' .501 .Ml .52G fo'r .. bulling average record arc •* .^^",». ,m; mi,; arc hitting .300 anil better The four triples, two home olllcl '5 Include: Morse, East' Artis, eight rims scored nnd twelve n "sa*. .450; Brooks, Roblnso'n - '• Drug, .430; Applcbaum, Famous more driven In. " eW first Innln Muglies spurted in front again in the third with two more and the Hotpolnts again countered . with Northeast Arkansas — Jnine.s Ace Puckctl, who does .521 the shortfieldlng and n bit of first .515 basing for "Tiny" Glover's Pas- .337 'line Billiard Parlor crow, Is' run- .333 ncrup with .472 In 11 games Ace i has 17 hits in 38 times at bat. has can, as he provd, Hornsby has come to the contusion that there Just aren't any pitchers. If there were, he rea- homei featuring the Inn Ing The fifth was scored but Hughes broke through with Ihrcc in .the slxtt in the seventh, getting four ...„ In each Inning Ark-Mo counted two in a desperate seventh Imi- Ing rally that fell for short li^tcli team caincd only fnur runs Aik-Mo the fourth, the resl of fashion, Terry and Whltley making three errors apiece. Robinson had n comparatively easy lime with the East Arkansas Builders Supplj Thc Druggists scored three in the first, rue In the third, tao in the fourth and three each In the fifth nntl fKth. The Builders made one In tlie /-first nnd tluee in getting goose eggs thc way. f Blackard and Wldncr conlrlbut- ' ed good catches while Vli-gll Fisher turned in a pah of fine catches In succession for the Builders. By Harry Grayson Red Sox, with n million dollars lo spend, and the Cardinals, with .-,- ••- a million players In llielr chain, ^ndded me more vaM dig them up. "What do you think Yawkcy ould have paid for two good pitchers Just, before June 15?" he asks. The Red Sox offered lhe Cleveland club $30,000 for Willis bull - - --- W ti.* L,i(iiku i,iuu ^oij.uvu ii>r i In listless Hiidlia, a frequenter of the ]en. The powers look the insld'c"out of baseball by loading it with lackrabblt as a means of creating synthetic Babe Rulhs. But now lhat thc hlttcra have run away with thc game, Honisby would jven things up and keep tlic business nlive by deadening the ball. • Rogers Hornsby contends that the slugging gnme has had a bad -effect on ball players In general. - Too many pitchers have Just about guen up the almost hopeless task of keeping the score down with the lively ball 'rUnnelders and outfielders no tonger work for hours every day trying to overcome weaknesses It _ isn't worth the trouble An in- nelder seldom can get a ball hit 1 _lilpre than t»o or three st-ps to - Sillier side of him Ply chasers 'hjue to pla\ deep for ordinary hitters , . •' Nowaday too many plajeis are not as good the seco.-d year In the majors as they were the first They find hitting easy and take it for granted that they are WE leaguers after a good first jear Any fellow who could hit 215 jears ago ought to hit more thai! 300 now without any difficulty." KIJS Hornsby, manager of the SI Louis Browns and one of the great hitters of all time With the outfielders playing ns oeep as they do now, Ty Cobb would take two bases almost cv- — * • * Deadened Baseball Means Greater Variety of pi aj ''They say the fans unit more baseball Thai's all right But why not ghe them the kind o baseball thai keeps them on edge Noted Rector Disputes Idea oi Evolution W. I,. I'ct. 14 fi .700 13 li .OS4 Joncsboro D 10 Carutheisville 10 n liatcsvlllc g 12 Parngouid '. 7 15 .318 Baseball Results Southern League Birmingham' S. Memphis 3 (nigh! Allanla 8, 'Chattanooga 3. Only games. National League 'New York 7. Chicago 2. Brooklyn 22-4, St. Louis 7-5, Boston 4-4, Pittsburgh 1-10 Cincinnati at Piilladclphln, rain. American League New York 13, Delroit 3. Chicago 7, Philadelphia 5. Cleveland 11-5. Washington fi-B St. Units g, Boston 3. MONTREAL," (UP)—The theory of evolution was denounced as n "vile conspiracy to rob the world of its faith in God" by Ucv. Dr. D. E. Hart-Davtcs, noted Scottish rector, In a l(?cture here. Dr. Hart-Davies. who Is rector of St. Thomas Episcopal church In Edinburgh, declared that pithecanthropus was .only created out of the crown of a skull and bones I that might easily have belonged to another creature altogether. "It is a rotlcn philosophical Ihe- Ory;.without any real foundation." he said. "No scientist dare attempt to demonstrate evolution' by acliml experiment. "If Ihene were any truth In that theory the world would be full of creatures one-fifth man and four- chimpanzee." Northeast Arkansas I.rafr Paragould 7, Joncsboro 5. Today's Games Southern League Atlanta at Chattanooga. Knoxvllte at Nashville. New Orleans at Little Rock. Rend Courier News Want Ads. ' National League Chicago at New York. St. Louis at Brooklyn. Pittsburgh nt Boston. Cincinnati al Phllndclphln, games. American League New York at Dclroit. Washington at Clcvc-fand Philadelphia at Chicago, noston at SI. Louis. Northeast Arkansas League Joncsboro at Osceola. Newport nt Paragould. Batesville at Carulhcrsville. crossed lh e plnte H times, and nas sent a dozen more across SliiKlcss Hits Sna» After setting a torrid pace for .474 n long spell. "Shoeless" Ulh Qod- .470 win, also a Pustltner, went Inlo .429 n lailspln. For a while it seemed as If he just couldn't connect safely, though he hit the ball linrd. He has 21 hits in 45 trips lo the plate, with 15 vims scored and responsible for 13 more, for third place. Ralph "Tuffy" Rushing, R D Hughes. Is fourth just four percentage points behind the Pastime slugger, allowed by Prank Whlt- wortli. Pastime, with .451. There nrc several others with better averages, but because they have participated In but a few Barnes, or haven't plnycd for some, lime, they lire not considered for Hie leadership, included in this group arc: "Dutch" Welch McMullin, .GG7, Jack Rushing R D Hughes, .000; Emory Glover Pastime, .514; "Fatty" Fry, McMuilln. 500; nnd Abe Klinmig!iam Phillips Motor, .500. Familiar as well ns new faces bobble up for individual batthi" departmental honors. Marshal") ninckard, Robinson's slnr fielder nnd Pete Burnlmm, who has shown brilliantly for Phillips Motor, nrc tied- in runs scored, each having 22. Dick Potter, Robinson skipper, and Frank Whitworth, Pnstlme infichler who has been hitting at a terrific pace lately have clubbed 23 hits apiece Puckclt and, "Tiny" Glover have five doubles; Potter leads in triples with S, and thc Pastime nianagcr lias clouted o home run?. Potter's . 12 singles, one double, six trloles and four home runs total 48 bases,: two ahead of Glover. "Tiny" is far out In fronl In runs baited In wilh .28. Dual Club Leader Club averages revcnl lhe inside story of why Robinson Drug and Pastime arc fighting H out for Ihe championship. The cue artists lead in batting with .337 to .325 two A GREASE HOIST - - Kno\vs nothing abou t lubiication— Nor do half the hoys who operate them— Equipment is essential but understanding operators r are vital—and OUR MEN (not boys) know your car's every lubrication need PHILLIPS Service Center COMHSEE! -AND YOU'LL Largest selling tire in the world at any price — standard on the new cars—famous for its 43% LONGER NON-SKID MILEAGE Proved by G-3 Users Here in OUR TOWN kv ALL-WEATHER See the G-3 tread-prints we've taken of tires still in service — evidence that G-3 gives LONGEST WEAR, SAFEST MILEAGE, LOWEST COST satisfaction per mile. See the GOODYEAR MARGIN OF SAFETY demonstration-shows why G-3's tough, sure-grippinjt Center Traction Ail-Wealher Tread slop* your car the quickest of any tires. See the SUPBRTWIST Cord demonstration convincing proof of the way Ihis patented Ooodyear feature in every ply gives vcu the SWATH! BLOWOUT PROTECTION. . S«v» moftty Mf>ly-g«t «r«» you can trust-t^t *K G««tfr«*r BLUE RIBBON VALUES for 1936 We have the Prize Values at every price. Husky, big Goodyearsaslowas SI A WEEK Ask to see Goodyear Speedway-world's greatest low price tire DOUBLE UG1E 3 3 »U- WAINtt FATKriHOOl and Huey third with ii 3,(JG. Fifty Amoii(f Select even half hundred TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Blytheville, Ark. .420; Potter, Robinson. .426; Taylor, Robinson, .414; Taylor Ark- Mo Power, .408; Glover, Pastime .407; Gray, Famous, .405; Johnson' .400; lilti'i-kurd,' Uobiu Warrlnglon, Pemiscot Eight, Is Easy - Winner CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., July 30 —Winning fourteen consecutive games, Number Eight has been de-1 dared winner of the first half In the Pemiscot county eight-team league race. James store and Dixie Park tied for second' eacli winning ten games. Number Eight went through tlie entire season without a loss, and will have a seating carne.'ty of 1500. Work began today for the laying of (he concrete floor, made possible through an agreement with W. W. Shaver, It Is understood. Ofliclats believe it will be one of the finest in the state. Dining the fall and winter it W 1H be converted Into a closed arena where lhe programs will be held By Jonesboro Giants Coiner, an infieldcr from Wilson, has been signed by the Jonesboro Giants nnd will probably get into action soon. Release of Louie Grahova ond baseman wnere mo programs will be held the Wilson ov Instead of at tile Armory. | _^>YIIM)II j)oy. make way for ddltlon tho follrtccn ° ' Ci>m also wo " Courier News classified Ads Pay ELECTRIC A ACETYLENE WELDING \T BEST PRICES ->ROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. Hcforc You Boy Any Outboard - Sec the NEPTUNE 2 H. I>. <ra < r Single Cyl. ST-M (Oilier Sizes lo 10 H. P.) HUB1SARD TIHB & HATTBRY CO. Attend The Big Stale-Wide Cook Rally. Little Rock, Sunday, 2 P. M. Second & L ouisiana Sis. The News Is Out! The Answer Is Plain! Every Thinking Voter Knows Now-It's JUDGE R. A. "BOB" COOK FOR GOVERNOR OR ELSE-The Bailey-Blackwood-Duty Crowd History repeats itself! THE BLACKWOOD bttncli, with its unsavory political record of not KO long u'sro, is again snilVing around the State Houss doors. But they've' donned a new face, so that you'd scarcely know them. With reams and i-c<inis of highly cot- ore;! "publicity" as bait, they' have lured and pushed and wheedled and pulled their star performer Bailey right lip-into the front row, while they hide behind and shout "B for BAILEY" but whisper -"BET on BLACKWOOD!" Such maneuvering . . . such camouflage smells to high heaven and is an insult lo the taxpayers whoso homes and incomes are mortgaged for years and ^ears to come with the staggering State debt amounting: to ON'K HUNDRED A N D SIXTY-THREE MILLIONS OP UOLLAIIS placed there by the same BLACKWOOD crowd now behind Bailey. An indignant, thoroughly aroused public from one boundary of the State to the other is determined that— f 'They Shall Not Pass!" It's the same old story! The old familiar crowd of "onts" trying 'to go,t "in" again! And the worried, heavily assessed crowd of "ins" trying to stave off the inevitable "out"! That's why there's but one real issue in this campaign . . . it's elect R. A. (Bob) COOK or the BAILEY - BLACKWOOD-DUTY crowd will be back in the saddle for another spending spree lo put another "money-millstone" around the necks of our heavily burdened people. Remember . . . Judge COOK is neither an "in" nor an "out" . . . he is neither for nor against any group, cli(|iie or faction KXCEPT the machine politicians. lie has no political henchmen ... he has made no promises and is not ruled or run by any private corporations or political cliques. He owes his success ... he owes his allegiance alone to the PEOPLE. For SAFETY'S sake, it's just plain, comiivfn sense to elect Boh Cook as Governor, nothing less will do! Judge Cook through his BUSINESS ntlmin- istraUon of Pulaski county converted Its 5222,500.00 DEFICIT into n cash SURPLUS of $211,000.00 in three depression years and .secured a * 50% REDUCTION IN COUNTY TAX KATE It Is reasonable to assume he CAN- ami WILL- make similar savings in our State Government when lie is elected our next Governor! Judge Cook has pledged lo put flie Slate Farm on n paying basis or serve as your Governor without pay until the Farm hns made sufficient profit over and above expenses to pay liis salary. This is the same pledge he made to Pulaski county about its Farm . . . and he made good his prom' isc! Judge Cook has pledged PAVED HIGHWAYS lo cilies and towns on main arteries that have so far been denied the road development made In other sections of lhe state. Judge Cook is running on his record of accomplishment . . . not just political promises. Save The State From The Politicians Your Vote For BOB COOK Is the Only Way! JUDGE R. A. [BOB] COOK FOR GOVERNOR .'- _.. Th) 3 Art Paid Kpr Bjr Piiljtski Goiiiily C/wk-For-GoYerndr ci,,],j

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