Courier-Post from Camden, New Jersey on July 1, 1959 · Page 30
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Courier-Post from Camden, New Jersey · Page 30

Camden, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1959
Page 30
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P 8 30 COURIER-POST, Comd.n, N. J Wa-drmday, July T, 1959 Ha?: WALTER WINCIIELL ON BROADWAY Mcnaslia Skulnik, Music Fair Star,! Admits He's Been on Stajrc 50 Years "People sea my napie on starred on Broadway in "The theatre marquee and say, 'Men- Fifth Season," "Uncle Willie' HI IAJ EARL AVILSON , It Happened Last Night . l mi ..i i i it.'. .:it !..-' m. t-i- : r. . t ,. ,1 Jiai Mri;n wm a oiu-a.-Mi jut wnni jit- cup. jua jj.jj-4itj jiutmt una ''IC uJ?"" oA' Iplcn' anu,took over the Henry Fonda-Dana Andrews role in 'Two for the K 1 1 I 1 1 1 K flll-W M I 1 1 11 1 N I'll. I S I FT I fV IT" .II VI'HII WM IMS WTVii ' , . .. " , - Broadway , Beatrice Lillie, snubbing the 9G degree infmn, wearing a woolj preen beret, amonc other arrarel . . . Constance Bennett, In slacks,: strolling Rwanky Park ave. with her pooch . . , Newlyweds Tommy Leonetti and actress Pat Qmnn swapping baby talk . . . Patti rage ; Old j arrii jmt tnat 0,j rm not!" drawing a crowd around the panti counter in a store . . . Ethel j juit the famed stage star ad-Merman bowing to large applause as she enters the stage door . . .! mj(, nP ar),i jaek Benny are Marlon Brando. Monty Cuift anI Miirry lioiwan, tea-ior-inreeing ,,tout the same age . . . "over at a club . . . Maurice Evans, the Shakespearean star, admiring 30." t , . And he's been on tlx: the classic lines ol the show girl aept . . . Joanna nut ana a ino stae -a while." L,,mZ Z Zwii 7Z hi. rt 1 ,7 v m1 iC,irl Tie "rJawv oiipnmte Lee Grant. Customers even screamed "Bravo" ltd?.T vtLl uVZ$& thatre!I m thr the ref'Wd quizmaster. It was his first appearance before . i 1 m muT tin ,tm "r u-Z,a VvV. wJa legit theatre aiKiience although he was on B way once 11 years a little old lady, maybe W), say 1 would copy a Joke from ;, ,;.u i,j,r.i .t thptmH t.vj r,Xr..,i tn me. 'I used to see vou on the English to Yidd h.' Skulnik em. a- act w 10 Jack Carson at the Strand. Folks are congratu- .,u,. t . iit.i o-iH' t,,. Mil, ,m lating him on "going irom tne 10 me xxjuui . Lily Pons, looking ' like a trirl with her white platinum lionalre Harold Strauss (of the ... I Ou C I !,,.. '1 . t f , COuIUre, jrijtu,s oiuiiT; uujjr: j n-i (late husband's song hits includ- Knilir In Our Alley: Two of ed "Bedelia" and "Rockabye- Tha Hie Street's better known bfibv" . . . Broad whv bow tunes KUirroii In chorus girl dops were reading haven't been in the Top Ten .simon," at the Camden County the paiers. tXie remarKea; since iviy rair iy . . .1 Music J- air. J7ie piny ts setiei 1 loin s "a u4iMo'" "A while," conceded Menasna, "is mayl)e wer 50 years. Listen, a Tab Hunter I'm not." The fumed actor is currently Dip Iaw and Mr. dish and think he had new ma- 1THd"e- 0 t 0 tfr.'?''" . , ,. . , We anked French beauty My- .Menashas been living in an i,.n r.r,w,r,ivrf,ri. uUwtnp apartment in Foret Hills N. Y.jher new pirture, "Women Are for 11 years. 'My landlord loves, Weak"-what she tfiouimt of the me. By now, I ve paid for the ouilomg. American Bikinis. "Ohhh, cheri,' she sue;iled, ' they re so beeg- tV 1 RJaeV u,n" ', Wlcl they ewer you all up!" What philosophical and serious. atx.ut B;,r(i(,t-g 1-- headline? lo make jeorle laujrh Is a tt miht heIo hcr at home." not too pop-know." in , " "i-J'-et might help he very serious business with me,"sne id. "Bardot is he pointed it. I m a comeflian.ju;ir jn France, you That ua wimc fleht between ' Smnd-alike : "Five Pennies Johansson and Patterson" . . .! 'from that film) and "This Little Piggie Went to Market." To be a good com Hi an, one mast And acting is uled to open on Broadway in thc:be a good actor fall. j serious. Television ami stage actress! Anna Roman has come out of,!,";. rlf r;,.l W.,llla urt'ii 1 im n tvji" 111 i" I"" J "So who should kn'W Ijetter a!xut Ix'ing my wife than Anna?" Skulnik shrugged. "After nil, in private life she's Mix .Skulnik." "YeHh?" inauircd Die oUkt. "Over who?" . . . Jackie (ilea- non siinooses you've heard about ( W of tiara-trr: P.illv Har the American Indian family swl- ycy, one of tiie female imperson-ing their kids to Camp Shapiro .,t0rs in the "(Jay Deceivers" for the summer. i Revue U 8 auto me-hanic by , l fj.y flt R yir(mx garage . . . Jaek Broadway Vlgfietle. He was. (Jieasoti's agent. Bullets Durgom, a young theatre manager. She wanted to get rid of Gleason wa.s a chorine. They fell in love! Mm seasons airo. He asked . .. But her parents opposed the j comerlian for $12W (duej English and Yiddish stage, Skul match religions riifferences . . . him) and (Jleason didn't have it.lnik isn t thinking of retiring. Today, 40 years later, sho calls; so Durgorn had to stay as his! "It's an unsteady, peculiar him twice a week from her pala-j aKent, lie wound up making a business," Menasha shrugged, tiai home in Hollywood . . . Just ; nujlion dollars in commissions! "So. maybe I'll stay In the the-to talk ... He is Al Rosen, man-), , , jack Dernrwy, wtio is miffed; aire another 2r years then go ager of "The Music Man, a big i with his ghost writer. Allegedly bit show . . . She Ijecnme one of, tolls pals he made him switch Lenc for Itoundup Mooresfown, July 1 piijjht senior Cirl Scwuts representing the Burlington County Coundi Gwen Verdon's East Side apt. Irvliana says: "I am the elk"st Negro girl of a family of five children, ages ranging from 1 to 18. My parents are divorced. My mother has been our sole support until last September when 1 got a job ... I want more than anything in this world to be able to graduate from college. No one in my family ever has and no one in my family is financially able to send mo to school full time. Maybe you know of someone who might want to help me. After I graduate and start working, I'd Dickie Dawson, arrive mis w-Fron Unit Sponsors end from Europe to play Las p"1"" r . Vegas act in "The . . . r.rinin unit ijiiu""" om Europe to play Las r'rilu" , " , , after breaking in theirl July 4th Celebration Washington . . . Bravo toi" J Tuv .4 Little World of Stanton Delaware Township 1 July 4 ViAnrAam " hv th 5lan Fran- ri sco-based columnist who travels 8 months a year and knows more cab drivers in Tokyo than in California. Tntlav'a RmiI 1 .nntrh Pom cm. ber, asks Lisa Kirk, wien the celebration will be sponsored by the Erlton Fathers Association and include a parage and events at the Erlton School. The parade will begin at 10 a. m. and go through Erlton to biggest danger a housewife faced 'the school. Veterans units, Jscoui in the kitchen was burns, instead croups and members ana eqmp . s .. . . ment of the Erlton ana x-eer Disk Park Fire Companies will be m !of frostbite? nh I'd Said That: jockey Ray Carroll claims the guest who keeps saying he must be going doesn't mean it any more than the host who asks, w nai s your nurry r w m w ThM nuf f-n r are Jilmrbct mm. pletdy automatic, reports Lionel Hampton, leaving your mina tree to worry about how to meet the payments. That's Earl, brother. the line in addition to costumed children and motorized floats. Prizes will be awarded for tha best fancy, comic, original and impersonation costumes, and tha best wagon and babv eoacn. Events at the school will include the raising of the American Flag and games for children and adults. j has been burglarized twice so; pay them back, honest I would she's moving over to the West ! Please, Air. Wilson, help me .. Side where even the thieves are honest . . . Arthur Garten says since that lire at tne ice cream Bill Gaxton'n back from Hong Kong, where he slipped over to -n",-r- Mint ill r- (i Kinz nu V.i train , ti l ry t v , ., stand, all they're serving is burnt tne Zo"e- JI? rfpoi't mn:lh' almond r1 K torced to surrender Ormu-ha Marx' closest friend !elr ffio the State at the in N. Y. Ls Goodman Ace-and ; ?,01.3 month? ?m!,as.' What Desfiite his half century on the jleft Tuesday for the 195S Senior j' atuJated him on of a world is this?" liilv ' V 19 ' quitting as head writer for Perry '11m r,J,n,l I. ,, .111 I F1""'4C ami WJHTT UIP . ..... , ,, ui uit- wiKMnew l'i-hr. Revlon all-star show. husband, est teenage gatherings ever held In tins country with Kcouts in at-tend;uM-e from the United States, its territories, and 20 other coun the big names in sex appeal Mae West. Memos of a MidnlKhtcr: Queen Elizabeth's roughest moments, they say, were while flancing with Montreal's Mayor Foumicr , . . Big pressure plus legal threats from Teamsters Union chiel.s canceled Knopf's planned book on Hoffa . . . Henry I). BbcK-K Jr. of the Social Regltrr and Natalie PiriTef"nt of Hie ditto (she makes her debut soon) are a big deal . . . Geralilme Page's linflerstudy In "Sweet Bird" (Mel I)owd, who also looks like the star) nnd Ron Harper of that hit are . , . Inn Part-mouth Club may be the Stork Club's new neighbor . . . Former Champ Jake LaMotta and modH Sallv Carlton are expected to blend soon. , Mldlown Novelette: She is, perhaps, the rrot )Mpiilar hofitws on (he restaurant, scene ... A pleasant per-wm in her (0s , , . All the theatre and newspaper people like her very much . . . One of the elderly patrons kept asking her for a diniMT date . . . She finally nccepled ... He selected a swank hotel's dining room . . . Aflir the feast he invited her to his suite upstairs . . . "What Is this?" she wild . . . "Oh, don't be alarmed," he cooed, "I may even marry you!" . . , She gave him n glare nnd left him standing-there , , , At home she told her grown son a hoi it It . . , She thought he'd go looking for the cur nnd avenge the pass , . , Instead, her n chuckled and said: "Oh, Mom,' you should've lcen flattered!" fiis choice from Johansson to Patterson . . , Laurence Hnrvey, star of "Room at the Top," who reportedly has a chauffer driving him Indon on his scooter. into a leuitirnale business." " "7- V'"!' ? I'liciieii on me ni The comedian with hunched jt'rJc I""n helow Pikes Peak. sh'ulders, liftwl eyebrows, and Lff"! gi''s vho left from the nasal voir started in the theatrc'"" headquarters here are in Korone n an er-ranft tw flwlln' J- McUlUghlin, Blanche uniformed, a lew years all over "case" actor. later became aMonhof Betty J. Naisby, Pal- Sounds In the NIkM: "71iings "Jn case anyone Kot sick, I went on." On Stage, Skulnik frequently (days a sehlemiei; A myra; Carol S. Lufz. Gladys En- sign, Maple Shade: Vircrinia Johnson, Janice Linaberry and 1 ' . JJ(i.. rwl. CmO, f. a sort or ,.jhum, iijM-ftumn, 'sU-ould lie worse vou know. I.ikeiJewish Casfier Milquetoast. "! Monday nights in Beverly Hill"i ' schlemiel ' .,e explains, is a I never thaw t I d read K"y w"" i"" nVirtit a fvfte w in wan more f,f,nieHKS rilK dom-. a knockout than Ekberg" . . . "He was dropfwd so many times by JohansHon they're calling him Flrxned Pattersm" , . . "The It s just the kind of show you ought to do," Grotieho said. "It has great potentialities. What time are you on the air?" "Thursday nights on NBC from 9.30 to 11," Ace answered. "What! I'm on CBS at 10 o'clock Thursday nights!" Groiieho said. "Don't worry," said Ace. "I'll throw that half-hour segment of my show." A touching letter from a girl in AT THK FOLLOWING THEATRES WALT WHITMAN RITZ ADULTS 85c CHILDREN KING 35e STARTS TONITE FEATURE SHOWN AT 8 P. M. Cecil B. de Mille's STARTS TONITE Kent Woman in a Park ave apartment Is at her happiest in 'Hie sad-faced comic blinked his eyes find threw up hi hands in feigned dismay. "1 can t tin derstand it. I'm such a serious feller. I just go up on stage, open mv mouth and for what the corner bar" , . . "Save your! comes out I'm not responsible ' v fir i.) vivii h i' pitiveu uim-m- David on '"Hie Goldbergs" radio show; won acclaim when he money, on Jsroadway, irierut ain't what they used 1o be when you run t what you used lo be. Stale m enl Issued by 'Cheer' Head The Rev. George A. Palmer, former pastor of the Haddon Heights Baptist Church, asked The Courier Post Inday to inform the public that be has no connection with any other organization operating In South Jersey, His statement follows: "Morning Cheep Inc., of Pliila delphia Is In no way associated with n New Jersey welfare organization cifrrently the subject iff news stories in the Camden area, "Under Ihe direction of the pastor, George A. Palmer, D.D 'Morning Cheer' has conducted a dally radio broadcast In this area Klaen Door! The Geoffrey Homes (Nancy Berg), still In love, signed to appear In "Close Relations" nt the John Prew Theatre, Easlhnmpfon . . . Sid-...... m..,.i, i iii.. ...... ItiiH" um n Kommor (l,,.,l,-ei fl,r fer 11 yeilfS In Hinsdale, III. He produces, directs nnd cast bv phone from N. V. City . . . Poim-es Ix'igh Is rated one of the "hottest" ca naries in tne t atskills. Never "Morning Cheer Inc.. runs a camp for boys and girls, a ranch for young intuits and a Bible con forence near North Hast, Md, "Pastor George A, Palmer has Then I res Tonight AIIIJI CAMOKN -W'irld, th Mh tM tin Vurj. I 10 7. 2H, ..0 V m. had a hit record . . . Sandra . " "'"' worimg Church, who scored large n,:vWcr 'V Idephone or from d(r-"Gypsy," tol.J AbKinthe IloUNej,0'l:,K,r' , ., churns she Im just beginning to , J hl' I',"r" Ib'ilils paslor believe she's mad.' it. "'nie',,NO "I'erales a book store at prices on menus," she said. "no: Walnut si., Philadelphia, longer throw me" . . . Itrenda I'1 Morning Cheer program Is Iiewis musl qui I the cast of "Song; hroadeast over stations WJMJ. of Norway'' in August. Thei Philadelphia, and WWII In ground she has to cover nt JoneKjCliesler, Pa, Bench Is loo much for an ex- The Rev, Geoi-ge A. Palmer's pedant niolher . . . Greta All resignation ns pastor of the Had has been cast for "Five Gates to don Heights Baptist Church was 1 loll." Audrey Hepburn dis- accepted hy the congregation In covered hef in Switzerland , , . April, 1M0, nfler he had served Kvclyn Pain, Photoplay edilor.jthe ministry for seven years, Al is po pretty, she oughts be iu'that time, the Rev. Mr. palmer movies, instead of editing news said lie wanted to devote his lime about them. to evangelistic work. His reslg t, nation became effective July 1, ,'"", f",r 1','n,,mila: l!M0. His Haddon Heights' ad Mould is the reason !!,,,.,. s m (1V1, ljiwrenee i arr s Rolls-ltivcej has that permanent fragrance She's usually in it . , , Gem MIDWAY Wmiwn ( kiwI rtrt StP liwii If, '' cotit, rinon. rAHKMIIK Ai'u4 lil W'Ulil in 10 lli,V, I TO, M p. m IIOXI- Tlx" Trn Curnnandmmti, 1, I JJ, I) n in Rio Klil nl Kr, t 0: Th Wild nf! t(i jmuKi-tit, 7. ti a p. m. IIAVAIl - - linltatlini nt 13)9. i tn, a. i ,3o, (t p. m. HMMfV llrrrulM, 11 n', 195, i f.'. is fs fv . 7 r,s, io p m Wl.r Will i MAN 'Hi Ten Crimn4- iiu'iit. A p. in. NI HI IUIA A ICO (lirlfi- lnl II tliipprnH l .ln, 0 in Hido lim-ii, JI 0 4 ft p, m AIIM'IION KViilurrl VVorW. tli Khitli nrt Ilia 1U, 1.50, 7.30, M m, HI.M KWIMIII (lllai-kwimll- Bomt I.Ik II I lot, 7 I US p. m HOHIO SI OWN (l)lt lrl. In)-HnuM ui llsuritr.l H, g, JJ; Gtmnnlit t 1k,kp I'lty, 1 1 1 h p m. nonet MOWS lh.ri emml Youf Hlimiiiiir 7 7 1 I p. m HHIIKOIIIS I lr lv I n I III Ywiif I'lilU.lrll.lilmu mid iuindlt of 7-lvitw, i-iiftt rtiik. HIlllK.I ION (Unnll Armmil tht Wi.rlil Hi nn InV. 1 0. 7 .10 p. m. ni KI.INOION IHIiiKI -'I'liundrr In tilt Hun 7 I ft, 0 'm p m (LI Ml-N KIN (( lontrntsni Al Ci(ion, 7 a i , ii :i l r ni t'OI.I.IMOHWOOK lColllnfl1) Yiiiiik I'lilIniHiiblmia, 7.10, t 40 p rn l LAW ARK TWI (OnH Sll IWl- lnl Tini OiiihriMiMlinrnU, 9 IB fllJirrrSTfa (Hint) Th Twi Com- nwiniliiiMil . H rn Olinrliini murtu nrlm.ln) Aliiiiiid Hi' Worlit In 0 l'T. II SO t m . Wntinl, I 'X )n tn Hll'li: RIIMX (Clrrla llrlr.n) Aioiiixt Hi WorM In An Iwyi, 10 p ni ; WnIihI, 1 f . in MACI.I- HIMMK (Hnfl lilitfft, T; llainHt nl lKh. N :in t m Ml II-IIIIAIM (Ml. tphrurn) At C- )lif 7, M Oft p rn Ml' IIOM.r I Ml. HoIIt 1 FlrMTtan r-itv Mr flillil ni1 l.llii aimht, 3; llltlir'fl Inri-nm, mvt lofliA (lr, x an, n in p m. OAKI.VM 'Him--Tin Trn 0tinind- mt-itt., n ii m I.M I H A lltrnatilwatr " Til WIM n4 I hi' iimm-iii, 7; Th IjkI M)jnll a .in n in rAi i.hnoim (iimi iiit cop iiim, t 0 p III WNNH (lltovr: irm) Amiini tb In n Pr. 3. 7 .10 p m, niMAv ini.4iiri . vvm-iii th Kl"ili uri.t Hi Ivvll. T 5ft, 0 .In p m, Tieomv 1'AI.mvka nmiMiK lunvK. ii .-.Annum Ilia World. In AO ly. ii I ft VIH.NI lllrl.r tlrlrr-lnl xitn I.IKo It Itnl nnd Bm-n Hm-klixHi. omt. dtiitt viM i.ANii lunmiii rk mnn iim, ! !1 II IB i m Witt' COI.I.INOHWOon M'rmrml) 'riii- Yi'iuni I,i(ilili-l.liln(i, 7, 3l p in W SI MONT llmnnl)AI Cupnn. '.I T 'i ft 4 n n m WOOIIIII KY i l-arhn ar lrl . In I ""iml lh win lit In 0 lnijr, eml, i1uk WoomuKr MVmiiI) Arniiml th Win Id in An I ww. I .14. 7 .14 p. m. I'll 1 1, ft )l I I'M I aoi i ll cu r Iiiiivi -IN- sinirrv rv.r, U. lift Mn In III NM. t I I ft p. m. ll'riMrmna lulilr.t In rhamrl m Schwartz's widow niaified mil- 1111 II 14 rfl'nfral'y Jr la. 70 end t 41 nar HnHWnnliald NOW THRU THIS SAT. Mcnasha Skulnik "THE LAW AND MR. SIMON" IM i HAm 9000 r willa l- 11, HnrtHonli.ld, N. i. ChIM odmlllad Ira wilh amh II, k. I chntad hy ortull lor Snl. A P. M. il.ow. OI'KNS JI I V V Mint, itiirc i': ' I'.M. JOKl" i (.IT CASH AW AIIIIS I'sler, Pa., .July 1 Two South Jersey residenls, Charles Harmon, of yrS Lansing dr., Mantua, and Kobert Arm, of lf ' - .iim Muitns in., KiiniHUiKNie, wire w iiinong 'l.'l employes of the West- l cash for suggest a. i:,s lo the firm i "YOUNG during June. An a received $."! i. . . . and Jlarmon shared wilh another cmploe in a $ii't award. "Around the World In 80 Days" i Vfto. 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J. niEr. 27th t Hirer Road Clnamcncep A Color ai dik Mi Rriir - aandra nrc "THE WILD AND THE INNOCENT" J ".T"4 "FLOODS OF FEAR' EMM Haddon lLeett. PAI L MtVMVV . KARRARA RUSH "THE YOUNG PHIUDELPHURS" hsoook ivr. The World's Most Honored Show ADULTS 99c CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE AT SHOWING NIGHTLY 9:00 aaw It Jtif- ttil! I MICHAEL TODD'S Added Feariire-"WATUSI"shown ai i2:30 E 82 BEST PICTURE AWARDS and WORLD-WIDE HONORS Rod Atrlrrr I Fa Spain in 'AL CAPONE" Nlf'HIM I ROD STEIGER in "AL CAPONE" Uynmnnrntra- 35 THRILL RIDES FREE PICNIC CROVES FREE 200 Ml 1 WFIl-TV Star Will ftrt Yo In rrten at SALLY STARR'S FBONTIERLANO m IAY CRUISE SAILS DAILY 10 A. M. CHESTNUT ST. riER Aiilo or Una limit l.To Hnulh II rrTTTTTI TTTTTTTTTT TTTTT GALA t JULY 4th OUTING Sailinq Timt Dally 10 A.M. 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