The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 23, 1934
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 23, 1934 •LTTH1VJLL1, (UK.)] gXXJUBB HH f AGK €t Affiii ED SECTION - s Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D«lly rat* per .me ror consecutive Insertions: (Five *vera«e words to a Hue) One time per line l'.)c T»o times per line per itoy .. OUc Three times per llm per day .. 06c tlx times por line per day .. »6< Month rate per Une «0c 1 Minimum charge 50c SEKUS & PLANTS WJir.ipooruill IVas fur Sale Drive across (he river (or Hit Illi- it \VhipJiooriUll rcas in West Tennessee. 1'riccs KciuHinable. William Vurki-r & C'o., .liipley, Trim. 28-ck5-2i KOK KKNT or three before explra- t'on »111 be cliarsuo [or the number ol Unies the ad appeared ano Rdjiistment ol bill made. All Classified Acivcriistng copy mibmitted by persofis residing out- li'do or '.'he city nust be accompanied by eosli. Rates may be cmily computed from above table. No rcBponsiDllltv will be taicen mi morn than one incorrect Insertion of any classincd ad. UNFURNISHED 5 room apartment, 1013 W. Wulnut. Call 30a. SO.-kll 2 OR. 3 ROOM rURNISlllil) ujiarlineiii with bath. Mis. Sisk. 203 W. Kentucky. Call 110. M-ck-l! sal 4 room house with liath. Nicely Iiir- ' ™° I. ,11 l* Paris Planning Center ior ^ Intellectuals of World] movement. u"k"(a be°"called tiic • Cite dcs Arts el do In IVnsec, und theatrical, artistic, political u ndj construction ot the city some- Rules Announced for fclentilie circles are ngllating the where between the Cite Unlvevsi- ™i« ivf IIlL ' 1>01Hl "' PAULS. iUl>)— Purls is plannine j j^ i inU'inalionnl center of the col iiines ol' lt:e Klvsian oily will be i tliliiii Avis ami Thought, lor the benc- . ^ ... , ' ' fit of all intellectual workers. M»bonilci Ics, A Broiip of promlnejil pailan-1 !t ' J ' sdlouls ' tliropUis and leaders In literary,' Tentative OTjlTBOAHMN^rKTlJSE lalie and the Montparuasse qiuir- utid | tcr. the buildings to covi'r a kilo- ISe cmsadc b> Jcani meter of ground Mr a width of 'J50 writer, within ttiel meters. Here will be round cvcry- to faclliliite the life of the ml museums, llbnir : | aitisv mid Intellectual. lhe:itcT.s and sarilc'ns. plans call for Hie' Head Com lor News Wiuit Aus. Mexican Scliolarsliip AUSTIN. Ti-s. (UP) --liulra for the E. U. l-'nrinor Svholai shl]i In the National University ol Mexico have been umioimi'Ml by the Unl-|Forl Worth verslly of Texas Iiiculty commit- repivscnliUtve tee, prcpanitery lo receiving up-1 for training plications. These must be In be- lore Oct. I. 'IT.c Farmer Scholarship is to tlic Southwest what llu: Cecil lihodi's Sdiolurahlp is lo llio I'ounlry at law. It was eslnb- i ILshfd by tl:c lale K. 1). tVriner, cattleman, [o send to Mexico! llit'ix 1 , which sends s correspond- thi? University of Texas. Candidates ure selected by n incuHy Ing nunilx'r of Mexican youlte w ccinnilllcc. Crude weighing machines based on the balance were used In Egypt 5000 yean; Ix-rore tlie Nk . c]y fl , rnisll( ,,| cool a . ro , jn , APARTMENT. Mrs. umicau. 719 Wiickasawba. ckG-17 COOL BEDROOMS. ItEASONABM-: / MHS. WERT, 212 W. MAIN. Advcrltsinii oroou-n lor ir *r Uuertioiu tati> th« one rate. lime USED CARS Why %V.llk When Y<iu Can Buy A Good Used Car On Our Easy Payment Plan >33 V-8 Ut I.UXt FOKD TUDOR SEDAN ........ '..-. $369 •33 CHEVROLET SKDAN TUHOK M I'ONTIAC COACH. A Heal Bargain .................. SI .M. •29 BUICK. COUI'K .......... S12 TIlAlMilt HAK<JAINS TRUCK & TON '.12 Dsal Runs l-Tlim TRUCK. Wheels, Looks ard '30 DODC.E PANEL K«l Delivery i Truck lltUCK. r Bread S1J NABOKS TKA1LEK, Pole Type S NABOKS TRAILER, Pole Type S 6 with Large Body Many Ollu-rs To Choose. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY USKD CAB LOT Curner 1st <fc Walnut Vhonc 810 - 811 Room Furnished Apartment 110 West A-sli, Mrs. Iteslin Mick. lOc k2(i UKNISHEU apartment, LS05 Duncan. 1'lione 870-J. 18-ck-2j NOOM UNTIL TOUR, THE INFLUENCE OF WILL. PREDOMINATE AVOID ANY IMPORTANT -DECISIONS, AW EXERTION- FINANCIAL EXPECTATIONS •<, W^LL BE 'DISAPPOINTING)> -*~ UrA-fvV \M -m^T CASE, ( THE MORROW IS SET ^-^ "FOR ME—I WILL GO TISHING, room FURNISHED and narayi'. Cool, tiOl W. A-s!i. Apartiucnt reasonable. lit; U(j-ll URNrSHED bedroom, 1017 W. Walnut, Mrs. Ed Hnrdin, after 5 . M. le klfj icely I-lirnUhcd BED ROOM. Mrs. Nolen, 310 West Walnut, aoc 1:5-30 CLEANERS, TAILORS Ve ckan anrt siorr winter elotlicii and bed covers. JInth-iiroof, llrc- iroof vaults. Fay next lall. Unicjuc Cleaninit Service FEEDS FOR SALE: HAY and CORN at | bargain. S. B. Rozelle, Lus- ura, Ark. Sly-fc5-2-l HELP WANTED MAN and team to haul dirt. Inquire at Fisk Service Station. Slate Line. 18p M WANTED TO BUY We buy Chickens and EBBS, liis'i- cst prices iuid. UIlu Prii-e Grocery, 1'honc 231. Ill E. Main. OK Itooms with or without hoard, steam hrvit, hot water, reasonable rales, Phone 231, Itilu Price Gro. 29c k5-25 BUSINESS 1HUKCTORY Ilcady-Madc Slip I'ovtrs Approved .by Ooud Housckct-iiiiif. Choice of KiKirt materials. Fit GnaninlCMl—V 2 Usual Trice Mrs. C. M. Gray, agent I'OULTKY is. EGGS Sell us your poultry. We iiaj csl pfiecs for liens & fryers. II. T. Worthy :J15 E. Main. Ilrkll-H Milk irri FRYERS for sale.' PICK- AHD'S Store. 1044 Chickas n-ck-o-n l.liAIHER HIGHEST Cash 1'rices paid tor' brass, aluminum, copper, zinc. New Deal Trading Post, 120 W. Main. - 8c_ke-8 EXPERT Typc»Titer and Addinc Machine Repairing U- S. Blaiik- inshiu, 116 E. JKose. Call 1C5-J. 22ck6-22 Furniture KepairinR— Upholstering Also automobile upholstering. We will be glad to refer you lo customers as to quality and workmanship. Complete line samples. New Loiation 118 No. Second JENKINS & SON a-ck-G-5 FOR SALE—Cypress Lumber, thousard. In- run. .lim Drisliill uxora, Ark., K. F. 1). 1. Kip k¥ Ask us about the Haficn Hones Center Golf Kalis. They're n ter. Hufobard llirdwarc CD. Sek6-5 WHEN you arc fish hungry come lo McFall Fish Market, 415 W Ash. Fresh At All Times. Ic kG-1 Afain Knrke Sets llic Piiii Boilerl Linseed Oil 0-ic gal Tnrpcntine 75c gal Aladdcn Ijmp I'arls SOc each BURKE HAKDWAKE CO. The. one price store 28cl:5-2t Mrs. .1. J. Davis, Phone Spencer C'orsellcre 421 AUTOMOTIVE Auto < All Kinds Installed The ArK-Mo Lumber Co. lOc kG-1 ROOM & BO A KD Twmicrs aril Boarders— lloinc-litf .iliunsplicrc. 1'rlccs rcasiiuable. Mrs. J. F. Sanders, 510 W. Slain, lall 278-J. "- Lr -' FOR SALE OR TRADE GARAGE doing good business. Good location, excellent equipment. Will sell cheap or what lave yon? J. C. CHAl'lN, Manila. Ark. - jH-Pk-30 National Cash ilegislcr. New Deal Trading Post. 120 W. Main. 8 ckG-fc MALE HEM' WANTED MAN wanted to supply customer: wit^ famniis Walkins Hrexluct: in Blythevillc. Business established carniiics average $25 weekly. ]i:>> flail--, immediately. Write J. Walkins Company. 70-88 W. Avc., McmiiliLs, Tcnn. WANTED RAGS. XU:sl b^ clean and free from billions. No pants accepted. Tn: Courier Kews. REAL KSTATE Start A Savings Accnunl With Us On Cverjlhlnc for the Automobile llubljard Hdw^ Automotive DcpL rhonc 476 rhonr. FOR SAJ>E BARGAINS in good, clean, ii.scd ice boxes. Kverctl B. Crn Sales Co. 21>c!c6-22 CHEAP— 2"> actrs growinc alfalfa near' Blyllievillc. Everett n. Gee 22ck6-22 ... 1'ecds. Mrwir, Grucciics & Mc»ls nl I!cst Trices. We Uclivcr. rhow 9^1 Kile Price Grocery. Oc kff-D Kor Silo—I good used Dclco light plant. 1 batlery radio -set. 1 used eleclric refrigerator, new & used electric laus. Everett B. Gee Sales Co 22 ck 6-22 For S^lc or Trade III arrcs well" improved in iir:iutiful section if (Hirks. minutes from dandy toun, minutes from best fishinf in GWH! inu^c. iitcnly fruil. Will MC- rifirr for SToO. part cash, halanri- easy. Will consider trading for lock of mercliandbc. J. C. CHAPIN, Manila. Ark. NOTICE Annual meeting of stockholders nf niythcville Cotton Oi! Mill held at 10:30 A. M.. Tuesday, June 12, ISM. at oflicn of Gasc ft Company, l-'alls Ruildins!. Mcmpiiis. Tcnn. Ainons nlhcr iiiiit- ter.i to be considered will he pro- po;ifd chance of Hy-Law piovldina for nincntlinriiis 'if By-l,avv.-, hy c!imliialin5 therefrom necessity lor notice ol proposea enangc. W. K. Gage. President I. II. Flcmlnj:, As>is!anl, Hecictary. Be kG-12 FOR SAL-E—Public Auction Thursday, May 24. All equipment of Stceie Theater, Sleele, Mo. 21p k2 Old Gray .Mare's C'omeliark OGDIiN. 'Ulab. (Ul'l —The gray marc is all thai s'.'C u?cd to be, if a recent hcr«! sale here Is any indication. Top prices rauzed twar $167^0 each, while the team prices averaged $240, university!Christian crn. TMKSrKlN« OM'HH YBAK! \nt ! BErofd VJl TRV TO 'IANTA GM TO/ VIM.W WsCXJtW, I'D HAVE WHERE TOO 1 .? i l\ MftN CUHB A TREE, TOSCF. now .- lONG 1HI 1 TIUNG EVENING, OOMSULTS HrS OLD HOROSCOPEJJ 10, WE'LL IIWTA flNO NOTHING TH'BOOK THAT COVERS TH % PLANETS WW CAN'ICMA SEE -OR OON'TCHA KNOW AMD OMEN BOOK! SAYS HE "BEEN •BY TVA % STARS TOR "3B YEARS f <SOES OUT WITH EVEN IMS A«OUNPTII',5 CHAW? IWINKV-t PARS. UNDER THE OP TAURUS, THE- UOOTS AND HER BUDDIES .00. MfiBBE HE OTOKiT WM4T WVlOBKtt TO -bit TO VM> MOVOM 1 CROWDS ^V\^*i Ott WHY, DADDy! WRCN6? J.J. IWB LEANS FORWARD, LOOKING A TRIFLE MLE. A PAPER, EASY BETUHKB TO Tim STORV? PRISON WALL •DYNAMITED- FOUR GUARDS '; KILLED- AND THREE KIOTOCIOUS IRON-JAVJ LflDRONI, OANO LEADER, AMD- LET'S SEEA FELLA NAMED MLI5H /i'nr I /IRC THEIR •V NAMES? GAMGSTERS ESCAPED. ,-J ^j i SAI.KSMAN SAM «• l: <ews.h r^* r[ oOHOLe. fsFFfMR |\S1CKEMSI /. . Boss, i SURE, f ££!_ weuL.-iER. Rt&HT fvDOUT IT. OM SOUR. P.CCOUMT— A tF «*tf OOU&K . TOO!, t THOU&HT w c-\e. P. SUJ&uU RfMSE OUT TH' FROsiT DOOR.— OW eusi( eno OP <x wo. 11 SHO& ! By' Ulosse ' HE FIMALLY COT WiSE V.'AS KJLLOWIhC UlM^TrlS 1 -] HE \'& ~o LU«:H... AND ABOUT ALl. I 6OT OLir OF HlM.i'.R.-MASOM, 'CftUSG HE GMG ME THE SLIP WHILE HE WAS PAYING THE CHECK DIRK'S TOO CI.KVKH! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS I FOLLOWED HIM ALLRIC\Mtf HE DCWM CAK STREET— STOPPED IN A STORE FOR A CIGAR— PATTED A PCQ - GOT HIS SHOES SHINED-AMD THSM WEIGHED HIMSfTLF ON A IF We CAM PROVE THAT 15 A CROOk . HIS CASE WILL BE T-'HOWfO, CXIT OF COURT ! FOLLOV/ HIM...AVATCH EVERY MCVE ME MASSES ANlP REPORT To KE .' MAN, I y.UCVJ •ffcxJ'RE FOLLOWING ME y so v/o : JLDN'T IT SIMPLIFY twos.IF WE WALKED TOGETHER? I V/OUI.DHT t/IIMD IT IM THE LEAST.... I'M . 7 liOT A Btr FUS v.

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