The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1945 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 16, 1945
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 1C, 1945 BLYTHEVILLB COWUEK NEWS PAGE THREE ' - • .•••*.*'S'i- M ' • BETTER HOMES Firewalls or Compress Are Installed Additional firewalls are Ijeint; reeled at Blytheville Compress at 11 approximate cost of 524,000. A crew of 25 men Is working or A. C. Nation and Son ol Mem- Jhis, contractor, with the e'd'- 1 ' Jr. Nation superintendent of the ob, Each wall, 30 feet in height, is 28 feel long. Started 10 weeks ago, the job s about one-half finished. When ompleled the compress will have dditional protection against fire, t was pointed out, Ashcrafts Buy Residence From Mrs. Smothermon Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Aslicraft have inrchased the house owned by Mrs Margaret Criner Smothermon at 423 North Tenth. The house, known as the former C. V. Sebaugh place. WH.S remodeled several, years a;;o with a playroom, outdoor living room, servants quarters and garage on the rear. The house has two- bedrooms, along with living and dining rooms and kitchen: They plan to take possession when Mrs. Smothermon finds a place. Improvements •. Are Being .Made To Palace Cafe Palace Cafe, recently purchased by starlyn Young, is undergoing Improvements which Is keeping Hie business closed for a short, time. The entire large building Is being redecorated and the kitchen Is being remodeled, with new equipment, added there. Walls of the restaurant arc being redecorated in n paneled effect, stippled. This will carry out a Spanish design in which a light Ivory shade is featured. , Storm doors are being added to the front to keep cold air out during Winter seasons. Tills is one of the more noticeable Improvements. Carry Out American Tradition With Doorway That's Friendly Brogdons Buy House Owned By Harry Brown Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Brogdon have become owners of- the house they recently rented at 1112 West Heavn street. They purchased the four-room house from Harry Drown. Paroles Are Revoked LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 16 .— The paroles of two negro convicts, one sentenced from Mississippi County and the other from Cross County, Saturday were revoked by Parole Officer Jim Pollard. ! Mr. Pollard said he had revoked ' the parole of John Shaw, scn- • tenced from Mississippi Nov. 4, 1036, to 21 years on n murder 'charge, because Hie negro had been found carrying a gun. Shaw was paroled Dec. 3, 1943. McKinley Hicks,'convicted in Cross County of murder and sentenced to five years in February, 1942, will be returned to the peniler.tir.ry because of drunkenness. Hicks was paroled Jan. 6, 1944. "Tills door will open at n touch to welcome every friend," wrote the poet, Henry Van Dyke, in concluding an Inscription for n friend's house. Thus the homey |>oet epitomized the traditional American spirit of lateh-slring hospitality. Americans long have - prided themselves on a heritage of cordial nclghborllness, yet many of us have allowed our doorways to become actually uninviting — mute repudiations of our doormat slogans. Here in California, particularly, we arc breaking faith with the founding fathers, for hospitality and inviting architecture of early California arc legend. .You've never seen an uninviting doorway In a California mission or in one of our the front door early homes. From down the hallway, Heavy smokers arc six times as likely to have bronchial complications following abdominal operations as are non-smokers, according to a Britisli medical report. (lead Courier News Want Ad». from scrap mclal or frien ( | of ours has n, po down potted L ATI ON completely CO mbusiible, odorless. Block- heat or cold from Phone 55! for complete estimate installed. As little as $5.00 per month will pay for Insulation, Weatherstripping and Storm Sash. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Friendly Building Service through the house, across Hie courtyard and even to the old barn door we sec casual, friendly doorways that invite us to linger a while. If you stopped to analyze these doorways you'd discover It is the little things that lend a note of nformal cordiality— a recri-bottom- ed chair placed conveniently neai by, ^a reverent figurine set quietly on a coiner shelf, big hinges boldly embracing a timbered door, a ring of copper keys hunj; carelessly aside, a candle lamp beside the staircase door, dccals, bright panels an entwining plant atop the lintel These are the simple things that extend a welcoming hand HirougV a doorway. A threshold of brick, a cornice of tile or a grouping of pictures across- the archway can often transform the commonplace entrance into the Interesting. No place In the home is there an opportunity for dramatization nnd an emphasis upon our personal whims and hobbies as In our doorways, niid'-.j'ct they are the most abused and neglected portion of mast households. For front ciooi's the possibilities arc limitless. Beginning on the outside, you can add real individuality with some bright paint and a little courage. Paint the panels a daring color, or different colors if you're really a nonconformist. Cut a border stencil or buy one at the dime store and go to work on a fancy border In contrasting colors. Have you thought of the possibility of lettering your initials on the door — the first in the. upper left corner and the other In ihe lower right? Cut the letters out of cardboard first and tack them In place. Trace around them, remove , and cither shade in the letters or paint them solid, i. . - T .. • 4. . Antique lamps hung over or to the side of your front doors, of course, are old stand-bys, as are artistic hingeplates. Tf your door doesn't have big hinges, it Is an easy matter to fashion some fake plates from scrap metal, burnish or paint them and tack them in place. No one can ever tell they aren't the real thing, pr, if you want to take an easier' way out, just paint on some artistic "hingc- Jlatcs. They'll trrale u nice effect, Similarly, bis knobplates can uo 'asnlonvd minted. An iinlstle built .;i sturdy shelf across his doorway, which holds vluc. This'he has trained to dainty latticework on each side of Ihe doorway. The cool, (jreen vine elves the doorway a new interest. Kfnsonry is probably one of the best methods of adding nest to your from, doorway, but scarcity of skilled labor and' materials ' rules this out for Ihe duration, unless you're handy wiin cement. There are several simple entrance pillar and threshold Ideas you can work out with cither bricks or nagstone, but you belter practice on the 8a- rasc or on a garden wall before venturing to .such a conspicuous a spot as the front doorway. It might be :i pcrsonal'pceve, but we think those Illllc peekholcs that embellish most front doors these days arc an affront to good manners. We never use them mid often wonder whnt you do when once you get them open and espy someone you don't want to see. WE admit, though, there really Isn't much you can do about these kickbacks to medieval times, except. Ignore them. Some people we know are plugging lliem up and placing a Gl Joe Wants ' Comfortable Bed When y He Returns One of llio fondest dreams of any O. I. who has luul Ills lurn lit sleep- I"B In foxholes Is a Bood, comfortable bed with snowy while sheets. Making Oils dream come true might be n worthy project for the home- mnkor who has u sou or husband In tile service. '1'ry sleeping hi Ills bed sumo nlgtu. to see whether It yields nmx- Imum comfort. Examine the 111111- Ircss for hollow s|X)ls mid the sprint! [or-snBBlnn, Jf you find Defects, you mayNjc sure Hint Ihe bedding Is worn out nml nerds rcphiring. The only kind of s!ec|- equipment Hint ciin provide llml luxurious reeling or complete re" 'n Is level nnd buoyant, nni Urn Turned Coffee Table ly NKA Srrvlco Yen can turn mi old urn—ono hat you huve or buy from >(ho iunknian and repaint Inln » <h; luxe coffee table by tupping It that Is the kind O. I. Joe Is drciim- in« about. Attractive furnishings will ta i restful change, too, after the bar- rcn barracks. You might, for ex- iimiile, rixlo the walls In a brown yellow nml while plaid pnpcr ami get u yellow sallclolh bedspread. _ . _ , . piped In brown with draperies to iOUHO (JlllCting IS Boon with i\ round nr .'iviil-shnpiHl pli'ci- of I'lit-to-M^c (jlass. And liy Imvlnjj your uliiss-cuttc match. Sec that there arc shelves I C nr r ° r big rustic door knocker over scar.— Aaron Dudley. Hie Conserve Fuel At Home By Using Lower Heat Fuel has gone to war just as certainly us guns, planes and Itinks. Tims, fuel conscrvnllon la the home is n.s Important a contrlbu- tion ns giving blood or rolling bandages. Everyone can save fuel at homo easily If they use porceliiln-on-slcel utensils which conduct heal efficiently an<i thus use only low to moderate heat, chiving cooking. As soon us food comes to n boll, the flame can be lowered under the porcelain enameled utensil, ami food will be cooked evenly throughout. Highly polished surfaces on utensils hem (illicitly, It is true, but • ihcy do not rciuln it. The combination of both porcelain and steel which is found on enameled utensils Is an excellent, heat conductor. wllhln reach or the bed ing material and his radio. If there's any exlra wall space, an extra bookcase might come In luindy for his buttle Jouvcnlrs, Next to seeing yon again, a lusty home-cooked meal served, at itn at- troclivc table nn ( i the prospect of many a night of restful sleep with no reveille to disturb him will be the highlights of his homecoming. ililscl a hole out of tho center ol he iablo top-Mils Iden originates vllh Mnjcskn, clever New York, tecorator—you can cnnihuio lo use .ho urn as a vase for flowers, "I'lnn," she says, "to use a con- .alnrr Inside the urn to hold your posies, so you won't have to' upset voiir table when you clmnitc the Itanl Courier News Want Ads. Robert Grimes j Home Is Sold To Stanfields Mr. mid Mis, Hoberl Grimes have sold their home at 200 East Davis to Mr. and Mrs. otho Stanficld of llermondalc, Mo,, who already' have taken possession. T)ie. ; five-room house of framo construction has been owned'by the' Grimes' a number of years * They have moved to the Ingram apartments. If It's HARDWARE We Have It or Con Get It If It's At All Obtainable! HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. "25 Years'Continuous Scrvico" Wiills and cclllniss finished In In MihiUui; hoard are more resistant to the transfer nf smuul than those of ordinary construction. This advantage is especially di'nlraule for children's rooms mid name rooms. The sound quieting value obtained Is about thill which results from cover- Ihl! a floor with 11 carnoU WAUNING OUDKlt In (tic Clmuccry Coiirl, Chlrkii- , sawlia, District, Mississippi Coini- • ly, Arkansas. Joseph Scdckbrsky (now Joseph J. La Tour), Plaintiff, . vs. No. 80G2 Elizabeth Scdckcrsky, Defendant. Tlie. defendant Elizabeth Sedeker- sky Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In Ihe court named In Ihe caption hereof ami answer the complaint of the plalnllll Joseph Scdckersky (now Joseph J. La Tour). Dated this 15 day of Jan., 1015. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk .By M. Jan-alt, D. 0. Ally, for Pltf. Ed U. (Jook Ally, ad Litem, G. W. Barham. lilfl-23-30-2;G FOR SALE PLUMBING SUPPLIES Wo Have a Complete, Stock. The government will have $100,000,1100,000 worth of surplus property on its hands after the war. Complete Super Service Station! croon GULF GAS AND OILS ... GOODRICH TIRES . . . WASHING . . . MJHKICATION . . . TIRE KEI'.AIR . . . ROAD SERVICE. We are never loo busy to iipi>n!ci;ilc your business. BLAN HEATH Vil W. Main AUTO AND HOME SUPPLY 1'lionc »2S "Something NewinPainf It'i Clean) It'tQutM H'tlmy! • Yci, Pittsburgh Tech!d« i» iom»thlng brand nftw .In wall paint — b«cauM it |lv»i Bicellant result ovtr old wall- pap«r, plaster, brick and many otiitt iurfacci...becnus« ont cent of TVchldt li usually luffidmt , . . beuiUM It U quick mid >asy to apply and drlei In on* hour . . . because U glvei you tao- lUry, wmhabli walls. Doa't mln thli opportunity to cudecoratt your room* •t (mail cent A»k ui about T«diid«. ICONOMICM On* f«IU* *f TKWJ» mokM 1U gallon* •{ paint— vncugh to fo «vff n\i <v MADS IN I COLOR! AMD WHiTX T«chU« CARIM In poit* f»rm. Co* b« mJs«d I* y«ur wallpciptr • mudgtd, fad»d *r »llatbyT Thxt MVM * WM Txhkitl | T«MJ. milt m«y !>• •vttklr w.iM wM »tW M«» end wat«. America's Largest Airline Relies On Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil Exclusively Horc Are A FcW Et SAVERS Asbestos Siding Shingles White .8.50 Pef Square Graytone ...... ,8.00 Per Square ROCK WOOL INSULATION-'6frSg. Ft. BRONZE Weatherstrip Sets - -1.60 up ,'•'•• ; ! Call Us For Free Estimates MISS. COUNTY LUMBER CO. BLYTHEVILLE Telephone 445 ARKANSAS This Is Eric Thompson, itfiranfrjj of American Airline*. Int., uhote ptanei ttte Sinclair I'cnruylfania Motor Oil ciclutitlly. America's largest airline, American Airlines, Inc.., relies on Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil exclusively to lubricate its great fleet of Flagships. Give your car the same protection given costly airplane motors. Ask your Sinclair Dealer for Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil. It lasts so long it saves you money—gives your car safer, quieter lubrication. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. .j. LLEN Pkeia 2115 ~ A| eit _. lljtktvillt, 'Arlu ythevilld ngratulations YCEES On Reaching Your 25th Anniversary! * * Tune In KLCN Each Afternoon at 5:45 for the Jaycee Silver Anniversary Program * * fheville Water Co BERNARD ALLEN, Manager "Water is Your Cheapest Commodity!"

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