Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota on April 5, 1913 · Page 10
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Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota · Page 10

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 5, 1913
Page 10
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io Till; MiXXK.U'OLlH iVUDA V AiiaL : 1013 lilknescta Legislature Dunn Roads Bill Up to Governor Eberhart Senate Passed Dunn Measure , With but Three Dissent - ' . mg Votes, Ciague Amendment Attached Wednesday Has Been S Withdrawn. (Principal Objections Due to Splitting of Fund 86 ; Different Ways. The Dunn roads bill was passed by the senate yesterday with but three dissenting votes. Only a few minor amendments were attacnea to tne urn. Uiol." l)iin)i.jBlJhfl-JiItMMisy4 the house would concur in' thes-a 'slight chungcs. The lill, therefore, lacks only the governor's signature to become a law. Senators James T. Elwell of Minneapolis, Ole Ha(fcng.of Otter Tail coun-tv and Hanson of Norman voted apainso the bill. Senator Elwell, in f xplaoin? his vote, said he could not erree with, the general policy oft. the kill. , The bill is a direct result of a 1-mill toad tax voted on by the people at the last election, "Bob" Dunn was the author of the 1-mill tax amendment to the constitution. Amendment Withdrawn, The Clague amendment, which, was tacked onto the bill on Wednesday, providing that the cost of maintaining the state highways department bo taken out f the 1-mill tax levy, was withdrawn this morning. The principal obiec-tious to the bill mere that the fund, which will be in the neighborhood of a million end a knlf each year for the next two years, .Will be split' 86 differont ways. Also the spending , of the money will be principally under direction of the county .commissioners, rather than tinier the state highways commission. The bill provided that not less than 1 per cent go to anyone .-county and ot. more than 3. It is understood that tinder the agreements necessary to get the bill through, the fund already has ibeen cut up aud that no county is o get more than 2 per cent. One Feature Astounding. The state constitution provides that 4b splitting a fund of this kind not teas than half of 1 per cent should go fo any one county. Koad builders thought this a serious enough, handier, andi were astounded when the Imnn bill raised this minimum to 1 jier cent. vKoad men argued th.t the fund, fcf'Tit among the 60 counties and spent wnder the direction of the commissioners, would result only in a patch-Work of roads, beginning nowhere and ending nowhere. They wanted a bill - w hi chLwould permit. Jthe construction, f high-class highways which would atari somewhere and "end somewhere. 1'iiey claim that expenditure of the pood roads fund in the manner provided will kill any further good roads appropriation. State Business Costs $5 : Per Capita, Says Expert J.' W. Bennett Repeats Assertion Disputed by State Auditor Iverson. State Official Says the Cost to Each Taxpayer ; : ' Is $3'. "" " ' " J. W. Bennett, special investigator f the house committee on public accounts and expenditure, has issued a Statement to furtner substantiate his tlaim that the per capita cost of run- fing the state government increased rom 2.05 in 1902 to $5 in 1912. The State auditor denie.l these figures in a ftiiteuient issued Wednesday, declaring that the per capita cost was slightly more than $3. Mr. Bennett's statement follows: "With an approach to scientific accuracy the Minnesota tax commission "has worked out figures of absolute and yw capita cost of state government. Three t-ets - of figures are given lor 1911. "1. Total 'payments, $10,598,809.98: P bill provided that saloons could not open until 7 a. m. and mut close at f p. m. in the state, excelling in fcSt. 1'mpI. Minneapolis and Ihtluth. 11. H. Harrison of Stibwater, led the fipht. against, the measure, declaring that it was unfair to have it apply to all the state except, the three- largest cities. He said that the country pco- as the city pie had the same inclination people, and that if they wanted a (lrink after 9 p. m. they had just as much right to get it as a city resident. Dance Hall Bill Passes House, 3 Votes Against No Moonlight Dances in Public Halls Under New Measure. Pass-Out Checks Barred, and Liquor Clause Is Stringent. The Lundeeu bill providing a stringent regulation of dance halls has been passed by the lower house. There were only three dissenting votes. Moonlight dances and shadow glides in publio dance halls are for-btddtm by the tlauto whkfo prohibits turning ' clown or dimming of the lights. The bill prohibits (the sale of liquor in auy building adjoining dance halls, prohibits bringing liquor into halls, prohibits adjoining furnished rooms and prohibits pass-out checks except in case of necessity. The latter provision is intended to firohibit patrons of dance halls from eaving to get liquor without paying the full admission price to re-enter. Amendments were adopted so that the bill will not interfere with lodge dances or those given in villages where the hall i owned by the village itself. . How to Reform Drinking Men Bend Them to the Minneapolis Gatlin Institute for Throe Days. Reforming drinking men is not accomplished Dy fines or imprisonment. When the craving for liquor becomes stronger than the will-power, have him take the Gatlin Treatment. In three days ail appetite, craving and physical necessity for alcoholic stimulants will be gone, and he will not drink nor want to drink. The Gatlin Treatment is a harmless, vegetable remedy always administered internally no hypodermic injection which will never fall to give satisfactory results. It quickly and safely eliminates all alcohol and neutralises its functional effect upon the body tissues. When this is accomplished all craving and necessity for drink is gone. For full information call at the Gatlin Institute, Minneapolis, Minn., 403 Bouth 7th street. Both phones. Advertisement. payments, $10,91 1,G79.82; m nniiitn 1 U "H. Cost to tsxnavers (total coercive revenues), $9,315,350.29; per capita, $4.42. "The second figure is the significant figure. It represents with reasonable siinrat-y the burden of etute govPrn-itent uf'On the people of the state." "iStatw Auditor Iverson has included in his official report to tha legislature for ltill-lyiL a report required by law fur the information of the legislature. It is given under the general caption Inert-mo in the Cost of Mate Government' eiul the nubhi.-ud 'Main items of jMjbnriM'iiients From Revenue Fund for istiue Government All Purposes.' "Its figure for 1PU2 is $3,734,310.08 ud for 1812, 110,733,703.74. 'This means a pet capita charge of fi. 05 for 1902 and of almost $5 in 3112. "While the figures are not absolutely- accurate, some of the items being understated and some included which should not be, they reflect pretty closely the correct per capita fiaure and agree substantially with the per cap ita figure or the tax commission, it i not bo important to trv to reach bolute figures in coin pari sons of this fort as it is to include the same or similar items for' each year compared tt rm-h state. I "The figures (.bow that the state, government has increased about, two hmi one-naif times in cost in 10 rears!. . It has increased thus rapidly in the! The old eyln wht Is horns without Jare of an increase in population of a mother hould add "Mother's Friend, but ly.4 and an increase in aewi , In thousands of American homes there valuation of but about 79 por cent. I'os- Is s bottle of this splendid and famous rem- wJjIv Hiieii iacrene is instilled, but the edr that has ldel many a woman tnrougtj A Reply to "The Meaning of Modern Socialism" The Minneapolis Sun-' day Tribune of January 5 contained an article on "The Meaning of Modern Socialism,'" by Allen D. Albert. Scores of requests to answer it were received by The Tribune almost immediately from Socialists all over the United States. The Tribune has now received an answer from Kate Richards-O 'Hare, associate editor of the Socialist organ, "The National Rip Saw," and international secretary of the Socialist movement. This article; displayed in the same manner as "The Meaning of Modern Socialism," will appear in The Minneapolis Sunday Tribune of April 6. The Minneapolis Sunday Tribune A new achievement in Sunday newspapers in the Northwest. 1 1 Mother's Friend in Every Homa Comfort and Safety Assured Before the Arrival of the Stork. Lower House Had Hatchet Out to Chop Everything It Voted to Increase Fees for Hprseshcers Board, Then Abolished Board. Tcstiness Over Hearing Long Speeches Shown ami Mill Is Kept Xirinding'.. Members of the lower house were in an ugly mood ester, lay. Measures coming up fo,r consideration were given close scrutiny, the general attitude being to kill everything possible. TnP first evidence of tha temper of the house came when it passed a provision increasing tlie fees of members of the state horseslioers' board from $2 to $5 and then abolished the board, leaving no one to whom the fees could be paid. Frank Hopkins succeeded in securing the passage of an amendment repealing the low creating ibi t',au' board. W. A. Campbell of Minneapolis was laughed out of court, when ho attempted ta oppose the Hopkins amendment. ne. cepan. with -a storv to union- the point. Cries of "Sit down' came from all parts of the house. nfln the Hennepin county member attempted to proceed he was applauded at every word and could not make himself "heard. Others who attempted to talk received similar treatment. Referendum to Governor Measure Awaits Signature Before Becoming Amendment for Expression From Voters. The initiative and referendum bill now only 1,-icks the governor's signature to become one of the amendments to be. submitted to the people at the next general election. The senate yesterday followed the lead' of the house in adoDtinor tho reoort of the special conference committee which smothered out the differences in the bill passed bv tim senato aud lie one pese-1 by the house. The bill will be engrossed find likely will be signed by the governor iu Monday. The conference wimmittee was dead locked for several days over the ques tion of the percentage of votes necessary to pass a- constitutional amendment. JOINT FISHINa BILL IN SENATE Minnesota-Wisconsin Measure the Re sult of Conferences. The hill, drafted bv the attorneys general of the states of Minnesota aud Wisconsin, to provide tor uniform lisn-ing laws in boundary waters, was introduced in tho senate yesterday. The bill is the result of a series of hearings held by the special committees from the leislatures of tho two states. The' bill provides for the size oi fishing nets to be used, the open season for rough and came fish, etc JSo license will be charged for hook and line fishing in boundary water. Licenses must be issued to residents. Same fees are to be charged by each state. Oamo wardens of one state may be made game wardens by the other states. Under the bill, a violator can .be arrested without a warrant. Vtesfer rocers mmi Fooas Sale ! Come in see th3 unusual dispiay-taste samples. gQSSIC BQUTELL-S GOOD FURNITURE id SaturdayWSfgjO Bouteirs for jj" I pi :tt , l Boutell M 11 YOU 1 MM 31 BUY THIS LARGE SIZE, OVER STUFFED, ALL COVERED GENUINE HOCCOLIE LEATHER HOCHER Spring seat, high back and very comfortable It's the greatest bargain you ever purchased, and we say to you that it's Worth $18 Purchases of $25 or more worth of goods (cash or credit), upon which there is paid $3 down, balance $4 per month, can secure this, wonderful bargain -for PINEAPPLE SALE! Hawaiian Kipe Pineapple. Monarch, Sliced, tin 25 V dozen $2.75. Mon. Crushed, tin 20, dozen $2.25. Thomas Sliced, tin 20, dozen $2.25. Queen Grated, tin 18, dozen $2,00. WAX AND STRING BEANS!' Eelndeer Brand, cut lieaim Tin 10c Tin Dozen $1.10. (A saving of 509e.) W 29c Ayrlcms, Monarch heavy sj'rupj 35c tin .... Apricots, Biviera, sliced, doz. $1.35, 1 O tin 12C Apricots, Ilemet Calif. Dozen $1.65, ' tin 15c irrles and, doz- 18c THIS GRAND OFFER GOOD SATURDAY ONLY FRFF 3(1 FUTM ;5' ?' ' ' A Coupon liko this will 'll- - ' "j3- ' our Friday eight ard Saturday moru;):g id to fhs Tt irtilar nmouht if presumed A'f THE advertiatnif tits nd ia gooi tot SO tAiKA tecuiinr btamp in ooitoa TIME PURCHASE IS H5AQEAMD POSITIVELY WOT OTHERWISE, wixfa cash puichae amounting to f 1.00 or more. If this connon ia presemed AT TEE TIME, (AND NOT OTHERWISE) n ia.otllment purchaio is mule, Security Stomps wUJ be rivoo on the first c3fa payment and Jo S9,ESTRA STAMPS. t' x?. li ft M , I A. GOOD WELL MADE ROCKEE 1 i Wood seat, polished finish, In either J the fumed or golden oak Largi O i0EaleSe.a.".:h6..$5.00 o Black Easpberrlea White Horse brand, doz en JiJ.OO, large tin Pitted Cherries, Monarch, heavy syrup, red cherries; doz. $3.00, tin .,,.' OC Pitted Cherries, Bein-deer, heavy ayrup; dozen $2.40, ftn tin C Peaches, Monarch, 35e tin, upecual at Peaches, Del lemon cling; 35c tin , , . . , Plums, Monarch, tin .... Pears, Reindeer, impeded, in IP. syrup, tin . XJV FRESH FRUITS. Oranges, Lemons, Bananas, Tangerines, Co-coanuts. Fresh Limes, Orapo Fruit,' Fancy Apples, etc. Delicious Ap- in j-ptes; dnsen rTt w W- Plpe Pineapples, each . Cranberries, quart Delicious Apples, 10 lbs... ..29c Monte, 25c 25c Sofa Bed, $37.50 A PIECE OF USEFUL FURNITURE Takea some less than 5 feet when in use as a sofa and when opened and used for bed, 4 feet wide and 6 feet 22 1 tt... . c i 1 i ... J . in.. r .. n,... W"l frame is finished in mahogany or golden oak and covered with genuine Moroccoline leather, which we guarantee. Adapted for a medium size room. Will be useful every hour of the day or night. Has place for holding the bedding also. Special ........ 35.00 Down and $5.00 Per Month, public has a riirht to hav that justi jicatiou demonstrated. the trying ordeal, ssved ln-r from ii(fcrin and pain, kept her In health of mind and butty in advance of tbj's coming and had HOUSE ' PASSES HARBOR BILL a most wonderful Influence In developing a healthy, loely disposition In the child. There Is no other remedy ao truly t help to nature en Mother's Friend. It relieve cauocd by the makes pliant those i nature Is expand.. Vmds for the acquirinif of property j inc and soothes the inflammation of breast Mini inr wuii'iiiiH mi irv,-p hu1 flOfKfi j giaiins. rilouB the river. The 1..11 i Mother's Prlonfl la an external remedy. leisure Authorizes $300,000 for Municipal Docks and Levees. '"The house has passed the Kneeland the pain and discomfort ?H, authoriziiiK the city council of i atraln on the llprsmonti. ma J.lJiiincspoli to issue 3oO,OO0 worth of , fibres and mnacles which HEYWOOD AND WAKEFIELD BABY CARRIAGES and Sidway's Collapsible do-Carts. Priced at $5, $0, $7, $8, $9, $10, $12. $15, $20 and $25. Special Easy Terms of $3 Down and $4 per Month on Baby Carriages Sat urday. Drapery Department Beginning SATURDAY, we shall have on salo several special lines of Lace, Scrim and Voile Curtains at GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. New designs and patterns, and, in most cases, as many pair as you want. Following are a few items selected at random, to- give an idea of the remarkable saving to those who avail themselves of this opportunity BrTCHKKS 1.ACB (X'RTAINH, Here 5, now $15. 1MTIII1SS I.A K f't'RTAlMij, ere 1H..W, now 12.50. 1RINI! POIST riftTAINS, wer .S0, uw $12. 50. 1IMS1T I-OINT ClRTAI?iS, were fl'J.50, now $8.00. I.AC HT ARABIAN CTRTAIN8, were $30.00, now $20.00. 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Full nickel trimmed, nickel base and legs; white enamel door panels, thermometer, etc. The . most attractive as well as durable and economical stove on -the mar- P ket. $38.00, $3 down and U per month. Vas j'ltheied hv the park board and tbe Miiineapolin Civic anil Commerce ta quickly and not only banishes all d;a- trpi In advance, but aasurea a apecdy and n-.M.e1;ition, arid i in preimrat.on for i mnrntet reener foe th' mother.' Than Tne oi-eninff tip of navigation to Min- ! ehe becomes a healthy woman with all her v.aT,(,!if4 when the government high utrcngth preserved to thoroughly enjoy the fttHIO lit i:UOIJJflK(,l. The Leittion bill, ant hori zifip: theeitv civiii i to iwiip .1511,01111 worth of bund for the building i sewers at street in-tewctions wan ftlno pa-teed. ' . DAYLIGHT BIIL DEFEATED Measure Aimed at Saloon Loses House by One Vote. The Fink" dBvliKM sttluon bill wan de J-Mtcd in the lower Loune of tho lt-u - fy tatorw ekti-r-lav by 11 vote of o I L) In I. t-iit) -one vi.ti-s ' ere nt't'eKHsrv to i i rearlnif of her child. Mother' Friend ran bt had at any drug atore at ft.00 a bottle, and ia really one of the greatest b!en!nJ ever discovered for expectant mothers. Write to Bradfletd Regulator Co., 128 ' amar Bldg., Atlanta, tia., f'or their free took. 'Write to-day. It Is moat Instructive. I Advertisement. i;iirter the action, but an ad lonrn Jieiit vioi. l(:oiii;ht Mbnut iiv Frni M;n-tt . to iiilo a meetir-' of thr, a (pro jfiiittiji! riiiiimittee. Kffoit to recon-ider will ,". "ontinucd todav. Tb MOTHER CRAY'5 SWEET POWDERS FOR CHILDREN. A Crtt-R-if ( Keverl-hneita, ohbik ymi ioii St o ax tii h Trai it 1 o i d f r Hi Ifiiror "prrai, 10 aires h n i i ennfttpat inn If e n t a r h t ' . 5 Don't accept huiyit mi!.tl FKHK. "rtililw. . .n,.ul...Hl. A. . LMSTtP. U Re, fi,Y, Housefurnishing Dept. 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Soda CWort, lo-pound'- ' v r box,-70c Seeded Raltdus, 1 pacliagsh Prunes, 15 f hi.c, pound ... IUC Silver Prunes, i.jumlwj), 'L $1 .00 Ital. Prunes fi 1 ' f" 10 lb. box D I O0 Seedless Muscatel ft Raisins, lb. iC Strawberry and Rasp, berry Jam, t r j- tall jar ... ... OC Maraschino Cherries, regular $1.00 f( bottlo ........ D7C Jelly and Jam, t o 25e jar ........ IOC BarleDuc, 1Q 25c jar ....... X 7 V Mon. Catsup,. OQl 2 25c bottles.. OOC. French Olive y r" Oil, $1 bot...... OC' Orange Marma- ft ft lade, jar . . . . . . iC Guldln Prep. 1 C " Mustard, jar IOC. We handle no storage poultry. , Export Beef Roast, lb '.; Rcilod Roast Beef, lb , . .20-25 Beef Pot, Roasi,.lb..,.:...lS-lT? Rib Boiling Beef, lb,,..y.,,...10f Lamb Chops, lb, . . . , ,20?-25 Little Pib Sausage, lb 20 1 Sausage Meat, pound ...... 1 g Bhoidder Steak, pouud .. Ii3 1,

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