The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1938
Page 5
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DU'tillBVlLU') (Ailk.) NttWS cqJirf/lMENTAKY TICKET this Ticket Will Admit bam I'loriiian & Companion IJylhcvillf, Ark. —to Hie— KIT/, THEATER —to see— "ll'<)U> THAT KISS" FLAPPER FANNY Social Calcnclar Fill DAY'S KVENTS Mrs. IJ. A, Lynch 'ciitf'rlaiiiiiig Mid Week hi'idg'c club. Staled meeting of O. E. S. nl hall, 7:30 o'clock. Kriilay lAinclicon club meeting ill. home ol Mrs. Edgar Cherry \vltli Mrs. IJoyce Moore as co- hostess. l.illle Thriller Oroup \Vil: Hoc i'lipppt Sbow Mir; Liura Cain|ib:ll's juniorhljll SL-bdol students will jiresopa a pup- pel i;l w, "I'eler ran" at a mccl- . ing of (lie .Little Theater flayers tonitht Tt 7:30 c'qlo;k at the junior hi'ili school niiclitarium. biir'n;i the biishlc;s mccliug officers will be elected to fill existing vacancies and plans will fce eam- plcfc:! far an informal party lo lie {;ivcii next week. Cotillion Club IVilf Meet Tonight, 'Hie Coli>:Uon club will meet, in (lie Rose roam of Ihc Hotel Noble at 8:00 o':lCL'k tonight to Hiiiko plans for a formal dance lo bp . ,<;ivcn Saturday night, June 4. and I i:' discuss otlier points of business. 'Hie crTicc.s ot Ihc Groro have ui'sccl Hint c\ p ery member be present. I.ililc Sillily Mods. Nine members of the Ladies' 13ible Study of the Chinch ni Christ met at tlic home of Mrs. Bennie Cook yesterday aftcrnonn when Mrs. Harry Eaiisoin concliict cd the lesson from the first and second chapters ol' Luk'c. Prayet was offered by Sirs. Buford Martin. Td He Knli'rtLuhed \VElb Ten Tninnrroiv Members of the cijhtli gra<lc ant! faculty members cf (lie junior high a.iocl arc- to be euesH nt. a tea lo be given at Hie Woman's Club tomorrow- afternoon from 4:00 c'clo:k rinlil 6:00 o'clock. < Hostesses Icr the affair arc: Mrs W. C. Hijuinson. Mrs. John C. Mc;Hancy. i.Mrs. Max 13. ,I?eld, Mrs Marcus-Evrarrt, Mrs. G. G. Hub- tari, Mrs. J. H. Email, jr.. Mrs L. D. Cliamblin and Mrs, Christine VWc'ob Purvis. Club Has Guests Mrs. LeRoy Huddlcston anil Mrs diaries Hoso were guests o! Mrs Ja:ncs II. Dell when she entertained members cf the Wednesday Bridge club at her iicmc yesterday. A bcur.uet of paslcl larkspur ir a b.'uc ITOWI forme:! the centerpiece of the dining table where the Uyo cc'.irse lunch was served. Bouquets ot coreopsis, lagged 1 rabbins .and latkspur decorated the rooms when bridge v.-is p'aycd. In. tlic games Mrs. W. J. Pollard was high, and Mrs. Bell, second high. • * * Club Enlcrlaiiicil at liniiking Parly Mrs. C. W. Kaincy Ic the nine members of tlic S. -5 I). O. club Tuesday nijht when sli cnterlaincd them wtf.i a biinkln varty and wattle breakfast W'cdiies-' day morning. . . . 'the breakfast table \viis decorate 1 in Ihc graduation scheme as the 'inoMbers cf the club arc .11. mcmt:rs of (he senior class. The |ih'..ceards oil which were KTltlsn coinraluljlions were imiLalion,di- plcin_a3 with handkerchiefs rolled ii!r:de (hrm. The centerpiece WHS of s.vec' ro:.fpi)iic l'J:nic The picnic planned by Mrs. Her- Walpole for members, of the .Innicr ID. T. U. originally scheduled lor tcmcrro.v ni^ht has been 111- tlclinilely pri't|K?nc:l, it ivas a'n- noiinccd Icday. Ilinso Parly to Be Hchl Tonight . . , Prc;e-:h from the bitijo. party 'l::ing sponsored by Ihe.local Girl 'Scent .Council which Is lo be held at 8:00 o'olc:k at, Hie Catliol.fe llal! tc;ii[;ht, will go into Ihe sencral Innd of Ihe oreantotioii to be used in carrying on their different ac- I'.vtlles such ar, sending a rcprescn- Uiiivc ta camp this summer. It is hoped lhat a number o By Sylvia '*! 011 £ Bits of News Mostly Poional lonsllcciomy MoiUluy n(. Dr. MUch- ell's c'liiiit, Memphis, was brought Ucnir loiliiy by her \)a'rcm.s, Mr, im'tl Mrs. nnit'cv YTOson. Shi' Is ImpVov- g ni|i(rily. Chillies Oiwiiwi'll and Leo Girnuvrll. n( Louisville, I<y., iirrlv- I'll last nti;lit to orr with their fllther, 'I'. J. OIWUWI'II. SV., WllOSC the linpn; Un> (ireenwoll, nnd fiim- I)lythcv|lle red. WDIle here, i;uet,ls of Ihelr to Icai'li you hpw lo find niut contentment-. Thai Is (lie. real mission o! nil school lilt', nil education and nil civilization—to promote hEipiiliirwi niul conKmlmcnl ainotiK Ilic people of tlic twill ... "Ural. Imppl- .noss tun lU'Vi'i 1 be found $6 I'oiig 'ns yc/ii si'i'li II for yourselll 1 "Oil, he's very sophisticated. Why, he can make n soda last two hours." xople will attend the party as di- cctors of tl>e activity 'have secured naiiy varied prizes, it hns been : ivmcimc'c'd fcj the finance commit- I pt> 1 At lends Events Al Naval At'iul i Meeting Cbangtd lo I'ucsilay Aflernoon The general meeting of the Woman's club which was to lie held ioniorrow will be postponed until Vucsday afternoon when Ihc group ivill 2:30 o'clo-k .it r-ie :!afc hC':ise, \\hen orflcers of the mu- ;ic. literary c.cpartmcnts and of he general club will he installed. Rccilal Program Announced. The program to be presented tonight, by Miss Bonnie Jeanne Buchanan, violin student of Mrs. S. H. .Ealmop, .and Miss Sue Kamey, piano stiidciit of Mi?s Kalh- ryrx-, Grear. In their graduate recital at 8:CO o'clock, rit the Kirst Methodist cliurcli. was announced '.oday. Both girls . are members of this year's graduating cites of the t'ity high school. Miss Ramey will appear iirst on hn program playing a groin) of three selections. They are: "Ga~ vc't'le" by Glu'cTt-Brhlims.. "Varia- 'ions on a Finnish Folk Song. Mcthcr Don't Cry'." by McriVtanla, Miss Tearle Cartwrlght. above. and "Setiuirtilla" by ' Alt 31m. daughter of Mr. nn<l Mrs. Raynnud Miss Buchanan, ivlio will lie ac-' CarUvriffhl, of O.sccola, left yrslcr- companicd by Miss Grear. will Hay for Annapolis. Mel., where she hen play "Hungarian' Dance. No. will be (he guest, of Midshipman •ivc" by Brahma-Joachim. "Liebe- Fred P. Jacobs, jr., for commencc- tVaiirn" by Liszl-Saenger. and menl activities ot June Week nl '.n. Couccii" by Daquiu-Press. i:r. mid M.-.s. i'jui'1 L. 'Upton re- liniircl l-isl nijlit Iroin Monroe, ui., whct<> lli;y vidtcd their son, OliMt, \vlio has been altciidlnj Northeast Coiilrr colleijc. nnd Jlmmie, who Siiiihiiilrtl from Die Unh'orsily of Alibntiri. TiriL'aloosa. They were i au-cmnr.ctvl hour.' by Jlmnitu, who will IK here for severjl weeks. :md l^f. John F. It-imsc-y, ay.islant. pro- i'pf::r ol Ihc hi.-iloiy department of tho rehml. who is t J be their house- i ie:>l t:.'trc he iio-.s lo his home In Loni; Henvh, Calif,, prior to his .selling lor liniapc, where he Is to I .•.::.':ly lor a yc:ir. Dick Tiplon will' not. .':i> h;:ne until August 1 as be is to work in Hie sulphur mines at I ik'e (Jlnrh's. ].•).. imlil I line. Mrs. Earl . Snyiler inul (laujjli- (cr, Mnyli'elle, and Elmer l.iiubcy wcnl to Arkiidclpliln yesterday (or Mrs. SnydiT's son. Earl, u-lio atk'tid.s lUiidmon iliitc col-. Ictc. They will , return home fj-' day and Mr. Snyiler will sp'cml his jmmner vacation v.'ilh li'Li pai'culs. fiiis, jrsKO Kldcmmr left Ihls nltcninon for a week's .visit-with her daughter, Mrs. \V. 1). Wallace, and Mr. Wallace, at fj'luevcporl, La. While ;.hi- is r.iray. her dnugii- ler, Miss Ann. will visit her aunt. Mrs. H. H. Rnlilii'iini. of ICci.'XT. Mrs. Jack Api>!el::\nm nnd son, Jack, and Mis. rmis Ap;:l< bauni arc !.p;-n<;inj; today In Memphis, Mi.-,. 1 . O. rolls, of I,;iv.wiiea- turn, Tenii., will arrive lonffihl 16 ilsil her dair,Wcr. Mrs. L. M mimetic. She Is coming rrpeelul- ly for the i;radii;i|iou of herd 'son, Joe limnetic, who (Inlshrs hif^h school this ycitr. Mrs. Polls has crmo hci : e for iho f,"iatluaiJiji 'c'f (our. Branddaughtns and i;riuid- tons. ijiiguie lllnckH-cll. «!»i atleiifl.'i the University of Alabama al THS- calooHi. arrived home ycalcrdr.y 16 yprnd Ibc .snniinri' mnnths with bis parents, Mr. ruir! Mrs. Co/lnc Blackwell. Kn roule licme he vh- itcd friends in Montgomery. All. lor two clnys. 'fhe Rev. and Mrs. W. W. Ky- ?av and .son, Dil^ fornierly of here iiinl now ill Mcadville, iMi :S., will arrive Friday jiipbt to );.-; giie.'if. 1 of Dr. and Mrs. C. K. Wili;on mid cllier friends. Mrs. Kjvar and-Hill will rcmnin licrs \vhile the Rev Mr. Kyi;ar ccnrlucls a nici'tin^ a rocahontns licginiiliijx Satnrciay, Mr'/i. nrnw'n'is Wilson Story IIIK' Mrs. KiiF-.cll K- Marr lefi, ,thi: iDoniiiiB for Tulsa. O):la.. ivlicK they will visit Mrs. Marvin Chnn- Pell, who will accompany Ihcn licme Wednesday. Mrs. Chnppel lias been there for a month. Jane Wilson, wlio uiiricnvent condition at pll.\l. Is in they will I); lircthcr, Paul ily. Mi,-.. Miitl Mmiiighan nnd daW.h- iM. 1 ,, »<x-,cAinry nnd lliirtara., Iclt Mi!;. mornliiB fur St. IjOiils wlu're llivv will visit for two weeks with Mrs, Moi)!i|!li,ii)'s mutlior, Mrs. A. !.'. Chapman. I". l'.''.tnii Kiev reli'inii'd Ihls inurn- lun from lloslon wlu-vo slit- has fp:'iil H inotilli as one nf ,lhe ussls- l;ii!l physicians ot Or. Sanlon's I'rti-lolo-ilcul Clinic. Mi;. Herman Walpcli; left Ihls iillvimiun ]'<:;• Wliilr Water. Mo. Mis. Will Honuim. Mrs, Morrow. Mi 1 :; May Morro. Miss l.onlsc Mi now and Mrs, Mahan ivln'vn- rd In their home In Muylldil, Ky.. ,l'.i':i.v iiii:r liavlnx been (jiimls «I Mi. and Mis. .1. A. Leech fin- two duvs. lios- Genuine, lusting happiness ciw only Doris iVIiiii' Am! (vcor^r iluhijard A\vanl \VimxT: Tlie. .sccorul group playefl hy Vliss Ra'nicy will feature Debns- •;ey's "Tlie Girl With (lie Golden flair" aiid Meridelssobn's "Hondo 7apriccioso." Folloivinf; Miss Biicliniian's last "iroup Which will include "Caprice ycnnies" by Kreislcr, "Spanish FJancc" by Granados-Kreislcr 'sinrt '.'Minuet" by Mozart, both Miss Buchanan and Miss Rjimey will elnrn lo Ihc stage for the final u'imbcr "Sona'ta, Opus 24, No. 'ive, Allegro" by Bcetlioven. (lie- United States -Naval A?adcmy. Miss CarLwright was accompanied by 'Miss Ruth Spoai's, S. Noel, and Husseli Blair, .ill of Memphis, Miss Sallic Grccr 'J enn. The parly Covin^lon, will rcliirn June 5. ll 'e important citico or have the initial Idler runs second and "IT Fat Women Smother in Tight Girdles cxtr;i-t en tier liasCrics •oii.s Muir air.l Henri rc'-.wd (lie two honor a,s;ird> j;ivci in ];r;Kluit!n • members ol Hi 1 ' junior liiKb school al Ihe cinn- iii-.KTinrnt f.msiam for ll)i> 'Jli M-hiiirs at llir (My ;mdiloiluin ibis a(l:-riu)on when Maivu.s Kvrard, lo,cal atloinc-y sniil falhi'r ot one ;l Ihu ui.iiliiiiii's, spoke lo a group on "Wlial Use AIR You aoliv,' (o Make ot Y;:iir K;ln:.ll!(in?". 'Ihc a'.vai:!-; wjre matte by fi. k. 'Oarrelt, priiicij:al (.1 Ibe junior U : ih ::::l«-ol, Deris, daughter ot Mi 1 , and Mr;. Ci'coi ;'e Mnir. received the iMi^llsh awiiul whltli is ftlvcn this yi .ir for Ih'i: Hrsl time hy Mrs. C. ti. llediiian, who will make Oils .imiid an annual custom. CH*3vi',c Jiu'obavd. sen cl Mr, and Mrs. G. G. Ilutilttrd. wa s : picr.culi 1 :! tho history in'xlil Given b.; the America:! Ujbu. other hi nw .>iu(k'iils «-ei'u nol .selected IV.ln yen- Icr the llrst, lltiic. Tile proces-slotial 'TrochmiMon" In 1 HoltuKl pi'jglc was played by Mis. c. M. Kmnrt.. Following the r.n:::at!c:i by Ihc Key. Kupha D. Hi I'jley, a uhoriis ;,.uij Uickpn's '•'ll'-uit; Be lo Clod". A plami solo. ''Kaiucnot O.itrow" Ijy Hiibeiisfciii pluyid by v;al":i Ktaibls iircjcdc:! Mr. Evrard's aldros; \vhleh (ol- li vi:! );;,- thr presi.'Dlrilicii ."f .nvards l:y Mr. Ciar'rcll and ol (llploimr; by W. U. McOliirkln, .';',ii:?rlnlcr.:!cn( :t schn'-'l-,. Mis. Snrt'rt used H. M •£ltilts' "ifcilicaticn Fctlivhl" for the Mr. Ki'rard in askir-j. the dcnt.s ho\v lliey inl^ndcd lj .the 'Ihiii:;. 1 ! ll»:y \vill lenii! .hi Ilicii future education saltl in pai-l: "Th; real im'rposo 'ol cdmulion fa be found when you Ihul It for youiself while seeking It for .somebody else. As .surely ns you seek linp|ilm-ss 'for soni'e 'other pcvwm. you will llud It, for your- tclf; bul BO loin: us yen .seek It for yau will never lliul it ... "II you weald make your cdiic.i- lllin a ivall .success, you must do by imployinj It lo know us I'll about olbi'i' people- us you can possibly learn. If you learn U) vciiUy know llic-m. you will certainly li'arn to love tlirm, nnd by learn in! lu love clhc. [Myopic an:l loiich- In; (hem (j love you, you will Ibid mew happlni'ss than can possibly Lo i(..ind in any other way In the weil:) . . . "\\Tialcver occupallon or profession you may intend to pursue, rn- inin.-JIT as .vim conUmio your cdu- i cation in prc|:;millon .for It, Hull Vf..i n; ist lo;ii- Icu.'h wllli liiDDan- ity." At the Hospitals Mra. NcVwII llmiiplirey was lakcii (o HIV Hlj-lhevllle hosplliil ycitordny .ill :t!iiu')l;iiu,o. for x-vay anil WHS later ii'lmncd lo her homo. A son «-,i,'i born lo Mr. and Mi's. Hi ward C. Wilson I'Jday at. Iho Wiills, hospital, Tlie bnby, ; who weighs seven artd a half pounds, hn.s been homed Tordl Curtb. Mrs. liuby Vouch, of Manllfi, was dlsililssetl from Ihe Walls hospital loduy. Mrs. C. K. KolwycK wns^aduilttcd lo tho Walls hospital today for trcnlmcnt. Mrs. Llllte I'o'e, o(. Maiillu, was iidmltled (o Dio Blylhevlllc haspltal lodny (or trealinciit. MLsjj Marlba Cinuiiiighain .Is ix patient nl the Memplils Baptist hospital. Krunniy Kohn. of Hayll, hns been nilmltted lo Hie Memphis linpllst hospital. Ixan Crortcy, of Kclser, hns been dismissed from Ihc VVcbb clinic, where he underwent a tonsllcctomy. Dr. Edna Nies Will Discuss "Proctology" l)rs. Carl nnd Ednu Nlos will leave In tile; morning for Uttlo Hock where Dr. Nits will spcnk on the program o( Hie Blnlc Ostco- hlo convpiilloii which convened there, i^jij'ay, : an'd.,Siitufdny.: Hcc' biibject will be "Proctology". JF6l4 ; t'pWliife 'lh6 convention, Ihe'y will drive to, Mot 'Springs and Ve'tunj' here Sunday night. ; 1 OF BACKACHES t!ii« 0!d TreWmeni Of'lVn Brings Happy R«tief Many lulttrni. rcliwp nagainj qntj lli?y dlicovtr tbiv tho rul tTOMaiiiay.Lell Ul llll'lf , Tbok Moil lit •J'fW * ICJ>I4 I^U e pnM ftl . ,. lf I My, o( UUnit " . , wu(« out of (Ue bl 'ul 3 p . or «t>OTl , i.. nnil limning tli tli , T -..,.. .... li'cro [nay lie~Boinotbiij5 ' • «)• 9', P°!»OM to your 'o tloiiBl kltlney ulgcrxlera, ' o cnujo ol nflEKlng bnck&thc: ' 101 . -Hili», nil liJiifi nnftu, Iff n^Irtg, la, Mva >«i W'fi P* »r>Ya, hcAunrlirj niu! tu fjf.f*V •n<i.tiifrwi.««i^- iWfllinK,, pUlintaj under th«' Tn'iM.. :, , ' ;bv (01 SHOUT Private Il 'an ltib ll bbm AnnuMly, 1.800,000 sapphires arc. iscd as main bearings for Plcotrie iictcrs by one electric mamtfacliir- company. « «r In ect - —, lo Ihc oj.iM' "* . We do mil make any <li««no!i« «» tnat u Ihe function of jour i>hy»ici«n. who mus! be consulted for lhat rmpos'. Tht comiiMe Jormulu U included in cvtry PJcVice. l,e< Marmola »l your drusglsl loJav and lend lhat ugly ft! on in way. ALL-DAY Snndity 'Orarige ..l-aycv .'CJi k. ? -:, rrindc <vitii fr'cssh |(|l c orange juice, Ea. . . Iv I'ine'a'pi^c-'Cinriii- l^ c nifin ijtVnt.-, 'tim. .. I* ClU'tNltll Rllttl'V Cc Wa'fcrs, I>0z ....... «l Cherry Kruil "jjCc Slices, )i<>7. ....... 19 French \Vilh V ' [r >\ Rolls, t 0 p i' s: (1 10 loaf of oiir new Biil- ist bread, matlc Tiy a fornnila (cs.'tcd an'd Kplirnvc'd by Ocod llnusrkccpmy. Eirti loaf cnnlains a ptizc Tor tlic BLVTHEVILLE BAKING CO. Phone 110 Whether j'ou are planning to "do over" a single room, or redecorate your entire home, let us help you. We hove everything you need I Our advisory service will lake all the headaches out of painling for you. Simply tcil us the basic color • schemes, and the rooms you *>nt to repaint. We will estimate your require- ' nienls and submit a hargaiii price. 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Satk 20c M SPACHETtL Regular ScStee 2 for 05c CppEE, v Pure Peaberry Fresh Ground t Lbs. for 25c T'oMt .fMUlE' Baby Stuart . . 3 Rolls 19c SOAP, 'Liffe JBiiby, For your Sumrher Bath Each 06c ASPARAGUS, Del MonVe, Picnic Size . . . Per Gah 16c . t t 1 x ' ' '* ' • i.. '" ~.T^~ , ,. TOMATO jlJICE;, Gamfibell's Regiilar Size Can 06c P6E STRING POTATOES, 2% Oi v Can, Rc^y to Eat ..., .„.. IQc "If FLOUR ShiWcy's Vii'st—I'laiti pr ScVf Hisinj; STAR WASHING POWttER, 9 0?.. Box 3 for Iflc pl?VES, 'SpMsh Sl«He^, T..3-4 Oz. Jar Each 19c IPtACHES, Table, In Syrtif>, N6, 2% Ciin , Each 15c IRISH POTATOES, Fancy, Nc<v.N6. 1 Ret! 10 Lbs. 23c COFFEE, MAXWELL HOUSE, Perco'a'or Oaly 1 Lb. 26c TURNIP GREENS, BJythevillc, No..2 Cai> ;, v: ; .,., vrv .. ; ^... jjor 15c FUPGE-PECAN BR'OWNIES . FRUIT WAFERS, per doz ,... s '...'...'.....: {ier Joz. 19c 03c BUTTER KRUST BREAD per Ibaf if) WK Sl'I'X'.IAI-l/K ,1N HI'liClAi, OIUffiRS '"" " " -•--"• '-'- no. Kvcy's : <ir Kwi'l'l's— AVc'ragc M-rG LARD, Loose, Pure, Bring Your. Bucket ................... ....................... .. per lb. ' STEAK, Round nr Loin, Sv/ift's Premium ............... . ......... per lb. 30c HAMS, Picnfc, Bnheless, t'eWde'rrt'e'tl, Krey's, 4 to. 6 Lb. Average per lb. 2Sc BACON, Sliced.. B'a^jfawfc, jper lb. ftoircl % : g7c;,. fiintl off ...... : ............ . ..... . 29c BUTTER, Best Crca'm'er'y per ,lh, 30c OLEO, Dixie or Parkay per lb. 19c BEEF ROAST, Best Cracle per lb. 21c BEEF ROAST, Native B,ceip'cV fe, V5t SALT ' ' STEW. MEAT . BONE'S per »b, 14c per lb, 15c per lb. 1'Oc per lb. 07c S hop with us (his week as you drive toward (he weal, JI'ci'c We'll serve you until the day is done; () nr merchandise; is truly the very best, i' rices within the range of every, one. , CO.VlE TO SEE 'US— '(tit 'GIVE US A RING

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