The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 21, 1931
Page 4
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fAGE FOUR THE BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS TEE COURIER NEWS CO, PUBLISHERS C, B. EABCOCK, Editor ' •- B. W. HA1NE8, AOYertain$ Manager Bole NiUonil AdWtuiiiiRepresentative*: . , Tie Tbomu f, Clark Co. Inc., New York, FhtUdelphlo, Atltnta, Dullu, Bui Antonio, Saa ?rancisco. Chicago, St. Louis. Published Every AlUrnoon Except Sunday. Entered u second elu* nutter et the port office at Blythevllle, Arkamas, under act of Congress October 8, 1917. 8enred by tbe UtJtM press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier la the city of Blytheville, Ibfl per *ecx or W.50 per year In advance. By mall rithln > radius of 60 miles, $3.00 per year, 11.50 for she months, 85c for three monlhi; oy mail In pcttal zones tiro to six, Inclutlre, 73.50 per y«ar, ID rones icven «i elghl, 110.00 per year, payable in Our Exports and Prosperity An excellent, common-sense view of the relationship of export tviidt to the current business depression is to be found in remarks made recently to tlic Cleveland Chamber of Commerce by John McHugh, cliniiinan of the executive committee of the Chase National Bank of New York, the world's largest bank. After remarking thai tlu foreign customer cannot possibly buy from us unless lip can somehow get the necessary dollars, Mr. McHugh pointed out: "We intensified his difficulty in this matter by raising our tariff in 1930. The tim?j has surely come to forget whether we are Democrats or Republicans and think of this mutter in business terms. This is no time to advocate free trade nor to advocate the sweeping away of the whole protective tariff system to which we have so long been accustomed. But it is time to consider downward adjustments designed to permit the foreigner to sell enough goods in our market to put him in possession of dollars that in turn will enable him to carry out the volume of exports which is necessary to keep a balanced situation in the United States." The remark is commended to all who would like to sos good times return. The Least That Can Be Done It is hard, to quarrel very much with ) the University of Michigan';-; decision to "padlock," temporarily at least, the five fraternity houses in which considerable quantities of liquor were seized by police in recent raids. Students who go to colleges and universities arc more or less entrusted by their parents to the care of the school authorities. It is up to these authorities, to see to it that (lift young people are given wholesome surroundings and a proper environment during their leisure hours. Parents could hardly be blamed for feeling that the authorities were fflll- . ing down on their jobs if student fraternity houses were permitted to keep large stores of liquor on hand. We do not see 1 how the University of Michigan officials could have done other than • they did. OIJTOUU WAY Dancing Prince There is some compensation in belonging to the great commonplace. Its members may dunce with whom tlicy please and nobody knows or cares. But every lime the Prince of Waits asks u girl for a fox trot or a walU the fact is broadcast around the world, and tho maiden is asked just how it felt to have the manly arm of the heir apparent to the liritish throne encircle her waist. Miss Eleanor Nichols, daughter of Naval Commander Newton Lord Nichols, is the latest girl to have IK.TII interviewed on , the subject. With splendid judgment she told the <|iics- tioners that the Prince is a very likeable, human .vouny man. She enjoyed her dance with him. She probably never even t'avc a thought to the lilazonod heraldry Dial belongs to a prince's train, and he didn't, cillicr. llciii},' a prince today, except on state occasions, isn't much different than being a banker or lawyer. Except on Urn (ianec floor. (AKK.) COU1UEK NEWS SIDE GLANCES By George Clark What Would They Say to a 6c Gas Fax? While n bill jicnds In the Arkansas Icylsluliirc to raise the ensollne tax from live cents lo six cents, lion's conies from Topckn Hint Iwlli branches or tho Kansas Itglslnturc have passed n measure providing for Ir-.e coiUimi;ince of Cic present three-cent tax, Ami this action was tnkcn only lifter a member had ur(;ed his colleagues to keep a promise miule to the people ol Knnsas two years ago, that the tax should bo reduced lo two cents a gallon. In Oklahoma there lias been a movement, with Oic present status of which the Candle Is not Informed, lo reduce the gasoline lax from four ccnls (o threo' cents. Doth Kansas and Oklahoma arc considerably wealthier states than Arkansas In normal times, nnd limes for their iwoplc are more nearly normal at present limn they nre for the jwoplo of Hie worst drouth-stricken state In Ihc Union. Yet It Is proposed to make the Arkansas caso- lino tnx. twice that which the ixoplc ol Oklahoma and 'Knnsns eeom lo regard ns a reasonable levy. —Arkansas Unzctle. I pain concerned In such "caiilctiza-1 lion. I If it Is not certain that the animal tt-hich did the biting Is rabid, the anlmnl should be confined to tee whether or not symptoms of madness will develop. If these symptoms do not develop within to clays, It is probable that the animal did not have rabies at the lime It bit Ihc human being. However, ihe beginning of Ihe Pasteur trealmenl should never wait until tlie animal has died or been killed and. the ncgri bodies, which nre significant of rabies, are found In Its brain. Persons bitten by dogs which have symptoms similar lo rabies should take the Pas- leur treatment even though, all laboratory reports are negative. LJeath from rabies, either In man or in arlmal, Involves so much suffering lhat it should not lie imposed on the animal, and if the animal shows signs of madness it should be killed immediately. Animals which havo been exposed to rabies by having been bitten by other rabid animals should be held confined for at least three monllis or should be killed immediately. The question has arisen as to whether or not {>ct dogs should be immediately innoculstcd against rubles by the preventive melhod. i Physicians nre not convinced lhat | ! this is desirable any more than it " i ib recommended by physicians today lhat all people by routinely innoculated against scarlet fever or lock-jaw. Thcs. measures are to be held available in times of serious epidemic or of threatened danger because of wound or f: bite, but their rontln? Administration Is nob lo b5 practiced. A pel dog that is nol allowed to run free and is not, therefore, likely to be bitten by aj SATURDAY, FEBRUARY' 21, 1931 SURE YOU'RE RIGHT-/ twBiday is cbseivoi Vib.Y), te really , 1752. Tke dale rot VAC ii«st to use liquid, five irlAto Qu "When the boys laugh, just ask them if their father could ''" bw dog Ilet ' d noi . " EcfsSBril y b = do half so well. given - the preventive against hydrophobia. treatment WASHINGTON LETTER III" RODNEY DUTCilEll NEA Service Writer WASHINGTON—The Senate, which never really did do very much for the unemployed j uei-n shortened by it, for the pen-. ; a:ty is paid by those most faithful! in attendance and a premium ui placed on dtoence. Since 1 have' licui in (he scnnte( 36 or 37 scna- A scientist says Hint a man's energy is worth n cent an hour. That's what wo thought alter we Jaw our first heavyweight fight. CARDINAL NEWMAN'S BIRTH On Feb. 21, !80l. Cardinal John Henry Newman, an Enclish i eligions leader, first in the dronghl &u.-;erers dcsplle frequent' lors have (lied. IfTremcmbcrTor-' Chllrch of England and later in prcm'.ws la fight Ihe House av.sli r.:-ctiy." cCrpcland came here in I, Uoman Catholic Church, was Ihe administration to a finish on! 1923.1 i "°'' n ; " London, the son of a that issue, was more lor less i-:::i. ' Says He Can Stand It : banker. Elslent wbjr. It refused to spend. The senator explained that he' He graduated with honors from $5CQ,COO for the purpose of letting! himself had been blessed "by r:o-| Tlinil >' Cc| lege, Oxford, in 1320 Iho bhsscrt sunshine Into the £"."-, rcdity and kind providence with a! f 0>lr , ^ an la ' e r lie was ordained ato chamber. strong, vigorous body" and was; 10 ''"-p ministry of the Anglican was a proposition to move' capable nf resisting (he evil physi- c '" :rc ' 1 - Fcr writing p. tract con- bodily lo Hie «••'• Influences as well as any, but! ce , rnin ? Catholic doctrines in the the country wanted senators: Church of England he wa.- severely condemned by officials of the Anglican Church. CHURCH EXCUSES George W. Barham= "But the seventh day is the Sabbath of. the Lord ihy God; in it Uiou shall not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy antes:" Exodus 20:10 "I will pay my vows unto the Lord, now in the pre'sence ol all His people." Psalm 116:8 ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY the Anglicans, the etfect of this step was great. He went to Rome and was ordained a prisst. . In 1877 Newman was e:ected an honorary fellow of Trinity Col- Oxford, and revisited his Pehr Ei'lnd Svinliuvud lias been elected president ol Finland, And there, as the Fins are saying, Is u name, to conjure with. The stock of the Dosion Bruins, champion hockey team, is up to S300. Here's one Instance . where stocks have risen on n "Bear" market. S'thc present chamber __ _ ..._ ! north wall of the capital's Senate t!lat i wing, so the sun could get In. Audi make their bcdies healthy bod.'es the money had t.^en appropriaied.| niafo? tre;i' Indies healthy bodies Amazingly enough, the Senate do-jind their thinking clear thinking."! After three years of r=tirf>rrpnr ' cidcd to liirn the half million rbl-1 Ashurst ol Arizona insisted thatj Nev.mar became a convert in ilV^ lars back 111(0 the treasury. . But I everyone knew senators who had •Roman -Catholic, 'church A I, debate on the! "rved for 30 y:a rs cr more, years] had exerted ercat m",rL. ,1^1 when the chamber was rxsorly vcn- tilated. Recently one had been j g^FSRi burled who had served 35 years.i^" 1 -"^'No man, Aslmrst said, had ever ~"~~ (o lege. Alma Mater for the first time 22 years. L-eo XIII created him cardinal in 187B. allowing himj i still to rciid= in England. He died at Birmingham, Enjland, in " Announcements The Courier Nev;s has been authorized to make the following announcements, subject to the will of the people at the municipal election to be held April 7: A. B. FAIRFIELD NEILL REED . (Re-Election, 2nd Term! only after extensive ! question whether the present j chamber might be considered a ' deathtrap r.r a peasant phce where old gents might prolong ii-air yjart. Some of Ihc windiest boys in IV.e Senate were at their best in this nrcutnenl. Hindus fall into the,dust whon they meet their superior. For City Treasurer ROSS BEAVERS (re-election, 2nd term) A writer asks what the scrawls on a telephone pad mean. Probably that the operator is. having- dllllculty getting the number. unown (o refuse election to the! Senate because he thought tl:e! chamber was an unhealthy piucc.l More than 1000 men working on two big liners in New Jersey were laid olf. So now the men are at sea. Silver is said to be at its lowest value in years. This seems to be the right lime to reline those clouds. i\ group of physicians gave an annual art exhibition in New Yoik recently. Did the art- miring spectators open their mouths Instinctively and say "Ah"? By Williams Senator Royal S. Coprfand. who! And in the chamber's 70-year Ills- used to be hcallli commiss'rner of tory the:? had been nn fire of con- New York City and is now tl ; self- sequenc:. Way worry? appointed unofficial health com- Heflin of Alabama declared he mlssioncr of the Senate. \vns en- had seen "men come 'rT« who weri' dorsing in appropiialion bill • frail and thin and in a liltle while amendment which would keep tn3|fiflcr laboring in Ibis invigorating half million, appropriated in '1B29 and health-restoring atmosphere for the reconstruction cf the Sen- a'e wing, available until spent- Dale Reed of Pennsylvania objected that the present chamber was adequate in all respects—acoustics, vc-ntilation and charm—and that Ihe- Iveasury needed the money worse ihan the Senalc needed a change. I'oinls (o Dealli Jlalr H!ra;n IMnghaam of Connecticut disbuted thai, referring to the chamber as "a bomb-proof cellar dcviccd at a time w'len .'cn.Uors wer.'! nfraid somebody might Ihrow a bimb inlo this b:dy." He complained cf the high scnatorinl dealh rale, doclarlni; thai Tor A Mf\M SHOULD OP <,\jiTH \NoT4 GoiM' OM <vj -SVV WORLO. BOLL o ' 30&T r-AE&S — AM' \TS A GOV.F •veil or '.he M L-,?ccn-.c vincroiis anci strong." Al! nroiind him lie saw fine, robust, wicieaulike senators enjoying the best o( hcr.llh. He hud ask.?d FCV- cral if tluy planned lo resign bn- caiue they uvjven't getting any sun! and they all denied it. i Defends Present Arrnn^cmcnl 1 111 fact, nearly every member j[ th? House yearned fcr a Senate! seat and when a senator dies, "lo, around his empty shoes ihe'liun- sary lesions swarm" Naturally, senators died, ofton i:i their '80-. Everboiiy dies. Said Heflin: -Siich! i 1 . cliavminy. fascinating place EIS[ this ought not to be mutilated and I changed." | Rrod p-inied o;n lhat Thccdore P. Shiiey. veteran chief reporter of 1h Senate, was 80 years old. hact i:ic Senate for 03 years. I s slill going strong and j probably spent more time per day! in Hi!.' chamber than any senator. No Semite:- or aiiyr.c elm ever d:d a better job. MrKrllar nf Tenncs- sc added, wishing Shroy ."many. man>-. many. :nnny more days in this r.o:ty." Claude Swanson of Virginia the; arc:.e ns me whc had conferred eight years about three of Dcnators had died annually. Cope'iind ccnnilainr-d thnt rnly were senators bclni; deprived j l'?cn I cf ti'o violet rays which would j and i icacli them if they fat with the j sun streaming through windows. I but that tho slo)ii\ii: \rocdcn floors . of 'he Senate ar,:l Hcuse c'r..imbcrs'.T firclraps of the big hi:b. with carelessness or electric v.iring bo- iiealli likely to start a blaze any 'lime. "If we wei.? to uakc up in ii>tri;ing ar.d rend lhat this beauti-j wilh cxperis. Th-: air pumped into fill structure had been cr! the chanitcr. he ;a:d, <vas laricn t!:c buildi:i[T had been mulil.itcd w,-;l wilh vio'.et rays from the sun to could hardly face rur comiltucnlsj which it hac» ueen exposed. Any or the public." he said. ; lime senators wanted sunshine, he' ••N-thinr: can be more insanitary! "tided, they could .-.tep right out' and unheaitlifnl than ti> live in n' nn< ' Eet it. rccm c'-vo:d rf natural l^'at. Just I " II ls vcl - v . evkinit." said Cope- a little suniirht fllKers tlii-ou«li two! laiu1 - finally., "that this imp^rtanl ! of the entrances. Wo wi-.rk in ar-i matter is going to b? laughed out of! i tif.cial and the rituation is'' ccurt. (inn«erous ti health. The life o'., "Go ahead. I will outlive a lol ! nniny a faithful senator must havo of you unyhcAv." 'Pasteur Treatment Is Best i For Prevention of Typhoid r.n. Mor.ris nsiiur.i.v , Jturnn! of tbc Amrriran' ra' .Assrtirtlnn. snfl of '. tlvpri.i. (he !!<-.iith M:ir.-7inr i i'.c i:;-.,-,r nni; of cxp; cpnswntly ; ic.:>'<l:i: [i -,- rvidrni ':™:Hir. i - i-.-.C!h:-:i:e ,< q i-.:'.'. •!'.>• .-:-,:KU lo prove that j is b~j;un (o vr*:i.rji:i :u of '-.::-.'. r.i a pvevtn- us; I tivo nicssnr^ is a:, strong. If no'' much f.tronccr. tnriay Man v.hen| PCatrnr fir:', mads Ins iiiudnmcn-1 : la! invfr-thallon. ! I The :.tldilio:i i:f ne-" knowlcdce I haf. ••morcincr. (ended lo»arri ti-.c ur.rirr siMh c:r,-ii-,ii:tanc,-.;. In Call- i fcrn:o. tl-.c- stale dopaiiment ol! he. 1 !;!! rci'y:Vii-.^n^s as soon as ! .-...-^ii;':; Hi- v.o;:nd -:lio;iid Ue cin-' leviix-il v;Ui ,i i.f.-cr.j nitric acid.' ihls .-:co,-fi;;L'0 brin: nad.-i ;,-.k< n by I a p'ny;-ic:i!i f.imi!:.>r viih t:ie use, (.1 UK- urn.;, il may I.-) i!iH-pssar> in. anesthetic !::t;i'-;? cf tlie THIS PAPER HAS SOME INTERESTING NEWS ABOUT OLD FRIENDS OF YOURS Whenever you find an item about one you used to know, 01- see the picture of a once-familiar place, there's an extra thrill In the news of the day. Fading memories grow bright... in a flash you begin to "remember when—" Actually every newspaper you read is full of good news about friends of yours... friends that come into your home every day to help get the work done... iriends you take-with you when you go out.. . friends tnat make life easier, brighter, richer. These friends arc the foods, the clothes, the fur- msnings—the many modrn comforts you meet in the advertisements. You know them well... know how they look and what they can do. Naturally you like to read all the news about tl\cm, for even old friends are constantly changing, growing more interesting, of- icnng new ideas. Advertisements bring you L'resh and reliable news of tmngs you could hardly do without. Form the good habit of reading them thoroughly every day Watch them for news of your friends-old and new

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