The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1930
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W'<V'-';. ' Served by the United Press VOL. XXVII—NO. 10! BLYTHEVILE1 COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blythevllle Courier, Biyllicvllle Dally News, i>i vpui'vn i M IUUAMGIG »rin -licTi, , ,, '/•W-.-IWIUM, . Blyt;.«vi!!» Herald. Mississippi Valley Leader. M -' 1 lll'.V ll.LH, ARKANSAS, .'J III ItSIMY. OCIOMKU :',(). l'J;!l) HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO SUSPECT IN GALVA KIDNAPING In the Nation's Spotlight in Next Tuesday's Elections Voters of 47 American States Will Go to Polls Next Tuesday. 11Y KODNEV niiTCUKIl XKA Srrvicc M'ritrr Seven hundred arid Ninety-two candidates for Congress, 78 candidates for the United Stales Sen- i [lie and 11 candidates for governor. In srlrliiicm. to a hast, of minor local of/icials. face the voter: 1 , of Hie nation Tuefdny, Nov. 4, in the most important elections inlerven- ! Intj celween tlie 1828 nniul 1932 presidential campaigns. Thirty-two states will elect governors. Thirty-four of the %' seats in the Senate, which are for six-year terms. are at stake. Four hundred and Ihirty-one of the 435 wat.-. In (he House of Representatives are to be filled, as an .entire new Congress is ctecled every two years. < Maine held its election early, on Sept. 8. electing its four congressmen, a senator ana a governor, all Republican!:, at that- Urn?.) Of great importance perhaps, is the fact that (he Republican ad-ministration must lace a grave problem caused by widespread business depiessnn under its tenure — probably the first lime it has ever had to face such a problem. From Referendum* tn Three Stales Prohibition refercndums are to be held in three states, questions for the voters to answer appear\as on the ballots. Several other states — notably Ohio, Montana and Pennsylvania ' —arc holding elections tha resemble prohibition refei 115 the wet and dry issues are so clcsely drawn. In Ohi-, Robert J. Bulkley. Democrat, is running for the Senate on a we', platform agaiti-t Senator Roscoc McCulloch. dry Republican. Prohibition is the onl- • standing issue. In Montana, Senator Thomas J. Walsh, dry Democrat, is opposed for re-election by Alfred J. Galen, j KTH KAHW WCOWCK J HA rtlLTOM Li'. V:'j IUIHOIS ILLINOIS Bank Teller Confesses His Identity I.OS ANCIELES, Oct. 30. lUI') — Edward Jackson, former olllcer oi the First, National bank of Lam;! Miss., today admitted his Ulcnlils In the United Stales commls'iion- er's olthe here und was ordered removed to Mississippi to face fed- em! trial en a charge of embezzling 512.000 in bank funds. The dapper young man. am-sl- cd in one of Hollywood's most fashionable liotels. where he live;! a. r H. 1C. Edward', ol Georgia . was traced by Hollywood detectives, federal actnls anil private operatives because lie was it was sntd. a "free spender,' Until this morning Jnekson. arrested Tuesday, denied he wns the ml.ssfng bank teller. DW'.GHTWMORRO.V KSUJSFKS Here are the outstanding figures in governor who seeks another term.' Ilemplnll, Democrat, below. Mrs-ITeapc". Dome expose. Is opposed likewise in Massachusetts. Senator some of the mosi interesting of uften mentioned as- presidential Ruth Hanna McCormick, Illinois: lor re-election by Albert- J. Galen, Tom llcflin. ousted from his parly the nation's political races that possibilities, are shown at the Republican, will be the first woman | nil exliemely wet Republican, for, opposition to Al Smith In I02B, come to their close with Tuesday's ends la tnc ccn t e r is ex-Oover- • PVi - r elected 10 the Senate if she is | Robert J Bnlkley Democrat runs is nmnlng as an Independent in elections- Dwighl W. Morrow, He- r.iflnrd S Pinchot Heoublicin i rl!ns0 '" OVC1 ' ller DemocriUic oppon- | for (i ^ , ol , d , , Alabama. Two veterans. Senator publican candidate for the Senate " 01 Glflord s ; F " 1 ™ ct ' Republican { m Jomcs HaniiRoil Lcwis- sen- 1 , mc W1 ' III(; '" umo °" " aup Morris. Republican, and ex-Senator while , in New Jersey, and Franklin D. of Pennsylvania, who is running for ; alor Tj., omr . s j .Walsh of Montann, ! P ln 8 ™ platorm, -- er . cicc Rocsevelt. New York's Democratic that office again, opposed by Je!:n ;a dry Democrat and hero of the j Ccolidge. also a Democrat, is doing ! other ill Nebraska Gilbert M. Hilcliccck, oppose each sams It's the Slowest Speeder the Cop Catc.hcs EVANSTON, 111., Oct. 30. isyuama i/ p^ \v; \v/'i I livttrioiuiN, in., uci. ju. iurj— t closely j iOUng Denver Woman Wit- MJ-S. Charles F. Bunle was out 61 •rencuims - naffar \ nic.^ool ~f I ™™ ^^'- the total ° f ' a S5 and costs nessed Disposal of Leona O'Lougriliri's Remains.. . DENVER, Col.. Oct. 30 lUPJ — Finding of an eye witness to the disposing of ihc body of 10-year- old Leona O'Loughlin ill Lake Berkeley was claimed today by police. was awaited today for the start of her arrest was unfair. "There were three other cars in a line," she said. "I was lasl." "The only two were going faster than I was, but they only arrested oV Tte'gWirnitng' Huge Airplane Mdy Start First Leg of Flight to America Gambler Wears High Hat After "It" Girls -Visit ;HLUES-FOITII][ SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 30. .(.UT» ! - onn !• itrtriuiauu, uct. w. kUl'J 'IT 'T • S I [' t '-Clara Bow. movie nclress, is not Utilities Assessments Hlgh- " Tc IS .the only one to get a lul.of "swell publicity" out. of tier gambling fling at' Lake Tahoc recently. \ • '•"'f Elmer F. Remmcr. manager of I FHIEDfilCHSHAPEN. Germany. the . Calneva lodge, Clara's clearins I Oct. 30. (UP)—favorable weather j house, where the episode took place. cr But Down. LITTLE HOCK, Oct. 30 lUl') — estimated Sil.OOO.COO decrease- in BM SIREtl Chicago Gangsters In Bold Attack on W i t n c s f Againsl Alleged Killer. DO-X. first The account which described the ""policeman Elmer Rademacher Republican ,v;ho beasts that he is dripping wet. Both men are Catholics. Practically no other iisue is invr.lved. In Pennsylvania, Ex-Governor Gifford S. Pinchot, driest of the drys, runs as both the Republican and the Prohibition party candidate against John Hemphill, we'. Democrat. The lizht against Pir.chot. however, is ir.t based on prohibition alar,? as many prominent Republicans have rtc:erted him because of his opposition to ultra-conserv .v.ive Republican policies. Roosevelt and Morrow In Nation's Spotlight Greatest in national Interest, I perhaps, are the gubernatorial races in New York and the senatorial me? in New Jersey, for thsic involve two party leaders who . have been spoken of repeatedly as I do-.rV.ed por Incident in fetail. police said, was made the arrest, .explained. siven by Miss Carlo Alessandro, 21. "it wa s because you were last you heavier than air machine believed able to maintain a schedule carrying a profitable load and fly with Europe and as you ,,„.,„:.,,.. .„,,,.,„,, The woman told p-lice she was In Bot arrested," he said. "I couldn't j Mn r T n i m (-rl"i • an automobile parked near the ca tch biit one of you and I got ""' ul «'"<-"-•>• lake when the child's body was to you first. You were just the fall ! Mur!CC Dornier, tossed inta the water. Miss Ales- guy, that's nil." iandro told Captain of Detectives A T. Clark that while she was seated in the automobile another machine crove up, stopping not .,«^ t , „..,..,_ v.,,. ,. F .3v™. 1U ^ j/.u<-t, ftj, estimated sii.uuu.i'uu decrease in has received a bit of publicity, him- I lhe nS j CS5c ,| property valuation of self and may. if he's not careful, get . Arklulsns r or 1930 ns compared a divorce'to boot. ! Mill latt year has been reported by Divorce proceedings were iiutl- I the slate tax coaiuiission with ass- tuted here yesterday by Returner's. r.'sors' abstracts filed from till but wife and part;of the blame is nl- four counties, leged al Miss Bow's 'door. The total "I got. so much publicity out of state* with assessments for Dcslia. Clara Bow's bum check that nowj st . Francis, Sevicr and Criltenden The total valuations from the far distant. Two people, a man ,ind a woman, then got out and carried a heavy bundle to the bean, she said. At th.? end of the lake the wrman wrapped her clothes about her waist and waded cut in the water, carrying the bun- a director of' 1 knov ever 5'one and am hobnob- 1 counties based on last year's fig- Ihe company which built the DO-| binB wit . h lnc elite," Remmer told j , ]rc5i is $015,302,721. compared X. said it was hop-id to stait tin ! hls w . lfe - slle c 1 """ 5 m ll " suit. | witn JC24.32-I,850 in 1020. Might to Lisbon Friday or Sauir- I " Yolt are-no. help to me now. just Thc p , lbt | c militic ., Rsressmcn ts : day. a detriment." i The flying boat will be shown to .j other European nations en route to ] CanithersviHc Rotes 'Portugal, for it will fly to North r ™-ll n- U T • Lt Will Dine Here. Tonight CHICAGO. Ocl. 30. (OP)-Gun- tnen drove alongside n Maywood sjrcet car today and fired a saw ed-ofl shot gun at Police Sergeanl James Me Bride, the slate's princi- pay witness against William "Thre" Fingered Jack" White, seriously wounding the officer. Thc gunmen raced away.- Passengers on the street bus were thrown into a panic ns McBrlde fell. The blast from the shot tore away most of his teeth and his condition was said to be critical. The sergeant had just returned from a trip ol investigation to Wisconsin in connection with the murder of Patrolman. K P. Flaume In a gun battle-in 1925 which r«iilt«' also In the deaih of James Johmon a gangster. "Three Fingered .Jack," a notor- ous hoodlum, was tried as the alleged slayer of the policeman and convicted. The supreme court later reversed the decision. McBrlih had to confer with an assistant state's attorney in regard to reopening the case against White who was arrested recently under the vagrancy act. Exlorlionists, Cornered at Night, in Farm House Elude Officers. KEWAUNEE. 111.. Ocl. 30. (UP) —Verne Aleron. alleged to have conducted negotiations for the kidnapers of Earl' L. Yociun, 'Galva, III., banker, was captured today In-. n farm house, by members ot the posse seeking the extortionists. The tnrm house Is on the Westrand farm on the Longtree road five miles from the cornfield \yher? three men believed to have been the kidnapers, wrecked their auto and escaped early, today. Chief of Police John T. Krumtinger and Policeman Frank- Schlindyeln of Kewaunr-e and J. A. Noel, the Bunkers Detective .association oiwvalive, made the arrest, The three were pursued today by* posse of fifty officers over the corn fields of the fanning area from which Earl L. Yocnni. Oatva, millionaire banker, wns kidnaped. The trio, surrounded in a farm house early today after Yo- cuni was reported to have been threatened for failure to pay another Installment ol the ransorti that freed him. left valuable ev'l- - dence behind nnd fled afoot. F.ludcd Deputies While an airplane circled overhead, Its pilot scanning the farm land below, the searchers, believing the kidnapers unarmed, spread out fanwlse. undlscouragcd by their temporary failure. . : The hunted men broke away' from deputy sheriffs who cornered them In a farm house . today and Amsterdam and then turn south to visit England and France before landing in Lisbon harbor. The red tiles of the roofs of Lis: bon will be left behind as the gre.v. declared she heard a small splash after which ihc woman relumed ; and the two drove away. i Man )ied Here Yes- Buried in Alabama The itory Captain Clark said. \ Thp remolns "7 Mrs. C. C/Han- officers until the son co who died at (hc BIythevlUe Membcrs oi the Caruthersville. for this year showed an Increase of $0.403,237 over 1929, but other property was assessed at 15.365.308 Icis than a year ago, comprising a net decrease of nearly S8.OCO.fioo. The decrease in real estate values due, according to members of fled into field from which a starch at dawn revenlcd they es- D. --------- _ --------------- . >rsible presidential candidates | woman d;rected thtin to the .spot i, ospita | yesterday afternoon were Tn New York. Governor Franklin | frr.m which she assertedly saw the senl (0 El ,f aula ; A i a . i asl ' nit , n , . Roosevelt. Democrat, is running •• crim,?. and b ,. ri;ll made ,., crc lo .] ay ^ r ,.' for re-electrn. He is opposed by ilu case is expected to go to Hanson, who moved to this city Charles H. Tuttle. Republican, a trial early next month. Frank r rcm Memphis n month sijo. was former district attorney. [ OTxjughlin, brother of Mrs. O'- taken seriously ill Tuesday night! In New Jersey. Dwight W. Jtor- j Loughiin's husband and uncle of al i n( , ] Iol |,t N 0 i,i e where she and i row, former ambaisador to Mexico, is making his first political race as a Republican candidate for the Senate. He Is cpjiosed by Alex Simpson, Democrat, famed as the prosecutor in the noted Hall-Mills murder case. Below Is n complete list by ttates. naming the candidates for senate and governor and str.ting the initn- ter of congressmen to be elected in the dead girl will be tried Novem- Mr. Hanson made their home. Shr bcr 12. He is charged with first had been in failing health for _=. degree murder in connection with Pra i months, the little girl's'dcatth. i ^^ Mr a ,, d Ntrs HanS3n nre ~~ well known in Memphis where the -•• n r 1 j n deceased had resided for 20 years. i'lVC UamagCS Lard Well She was a member of the Calvary • Firprmn Inini-prl E P'scopal church and the Ninc- , rireman injured tconth Cpnturv c!l ,b. Befon Mo., Rotary club will be guests of I'he commission, to the sa!e of ap-j._ ; . . _. . , ni t the local club for a dinner meet- | proslmately 60,000 acres of west- WlVCS 01 UKlahOina DlDSl Victims Cannot Recover Under Insurance Act. ing tonight at the Hotel Noble be- em Arkansas land to the govern- ginning at 7 o'clock. Coxey ing here they made their home at -- „ CARDWELL, Mo.—The home of the Hotel Claridge. each and the parly status of the I Monroe Bishop in the central part j[ r . Hanson is owner of the Coast Cities Badly Shaken This Morning: Troops Bring Aid. SINIGAGLIA. Italy, Oct. 30 lUP) —An earthquake which was accom- present concessional delegations Hcfllu Running as Independent in Alabama ALABAMA—John H. Bankheaci. Birmingham lawyer, is Democratic nominee for senate, opposing Sen. Ton Heflln, who is running for re- oi 1 Carducll caught fire about noon stcele.'Mo., compress. Wednesday, aparently the result of, _! a defective flue. ; , . i All lurnture except that in one '. JOC 1S33CS room upstairs was saved. The | house suffered serious damage but j quick a;id efficient work prevented | electicn as Independent, having! a tctal loss. ; A spark from been o-.iited from party for oppos- ] Will Cunningham, a member of "eved lo have ignited the roct of | ing Al Smith In 1928; Hugh Locke ! the fire department, was knocked • ll >e Joe Isaacs residence, 504 West is the Hellin candidate for govern- I unconscious when he fell from the Walnut street, about noon today. or, opposing Judge B. M. Miller. 1 r.Tcf of the porch while fighting the • resulting in considerable damage to panied by loud rumblings shook this region shortly aft*r 8 a. m. today, caused .wide damage, and the I less of a scoro or more lives. City officials' estimated 20 dead I and 50 to GO injured seriously. , n J L ni Goverment authorities took} IS Uamageu by Blaze charge of relief measures and a i brigade of infantry from ancona; chimney is be- w 'as installed. | The fact th? quake occurred j Democratic nominee; 10 congress-I fire, men are to to elected, all present \ members being Democrats. ARIZONA—Qov. John C. Phillips. Republican, is opposed for rc- elcoj'on by George W- P. Hunt. Democrat. Lewis W. Douglas, Democrat, state's sole congressman, unopposed fcr re-election. He was treated for bruises, ithe roof of the residence before i firemen brought the flames nnd5r ! control. I The fire damage was aggravated :by water damage as the firemer. Nashville Bank Loses $2,000 to Bandit Pair ! «ere forced to "train two lines of hose on the roof to halt the flames.! cial advlccsl when the population was astir rather than at night was believed to: have prevented a larger daath toll. A total of 30 persons wjsrc killed In the coastal towns of Slnlgaglla. Ancona. Cacsaro and Fornetto and ab-ul 200 Injured in the area where the quake was most severe according to authoritative unoffi NASHVILLE. Tenn.. Oct. 30 (UP) —Two unmasked ARKANSAS—Sen. Jos. T. Rob-1 whom apparently iton. Democratic vice presidential ! sauntered into th< In; nominee in 1928 G.n " i bandits, one of! "Civil War"May Be Banned ? was unarmed. unarmed, the South Kashvlllc MEMPHIS. Tenn., (UP) — The is unopposed, 'branch of the Fouith and First Na- ! November meeting of the United Official messages placed the dead at 23. Last Livery Stable Quits I ment for park purposes, thereby [making it tax exempt, and ID large I tracts of land being forfeited to ' the state after having become devalues declined approximately 4.IHXWOO as compared with last year. Mississippian Runs On Gunless Platform TYLERTrjWN, Miss. (UI'l—Now I the gunless sheriff. J. M.'Blluo. brother of Mississippi's governor, has announced ins ! candidacy for sheriff of WaUhall j county. Miss., on a Rimless platform. Not, he explains, that he w-ould throw a gun away, but be would not carry It when discharging the usual duties of his office. | His Idea of a sheri!T. he says, is j a "peacemaker." McALliSTER, Okla.. Ocl. 30 (UP) —As individual funeral services were held today for 20 men who were killed when an explosion wrecked the number four Wheatley coal mine. Red Cross officials started a campaign to raise S25.COO to care lor the families of ttic victims. The relatives were not eligible to compensation from the Oklahoma industrial commission be-cause cf a flaw in the industrial insurance act, state officials held The bodies of the victims were indistinguishable • when carried from the mine last night. They were Identified by mental disks carried in their pockets. Rescue workers broke through the last barriers of the debris late yesterday to reach the victims entombed Leading the posse were .20 state highway policemen, a group of ino- 1 /crime' ; fightera, Rpiuy shertft.s~-i.nd .-, nolice from two counties and Amer- • lean Legion volunteers. Yocuni was safe at hi3 estate nt Galva 20 miles away after a night, of eNcitemeiit there which was explained only by one of the guards' announcement. Hint "something hsnitoned." The banker dented he had violated one of the conditions of his release by assisting authorities. He would not comment on reports he had withheld a second ransom payment of $10,000. Abandon Automobile. . . The automobile which the suspects abandoned at the fftrrn house where they^ engaged in a brief gun battle with' officers carried Iowa license. The same license wns seen on an automobile -that passed thru Princeton at- 4 a. m. yesterday, t\yo hours before Yocum was released at Atkinson. Use of an airplane in the search was decided upon by officers when dawn disclosed the four men had escaped from the field over which the i»sse watched for four hours. Slain Theatre Bandit Identified as Kentuckian MEMPHIS. Oct. 30. (UP)—The name of J. Wales of Paducah, Ky., was given a dead bandit here today who was shot and killed by an automobile driver in downtown Memphis after robbing the Orpheum theatre of S95 some days ago. Identification was made by a prisoner In the workhouse here who said the slain man had asked him to take part In the theatre holdup. The automobile driver killed the bandit when he demanded lie drive him from the scene of the holdup. I BlTbolays elected he will leave 2 ' 5M '«* under McAtelcrt resi- jhis gun In his offlre or m ills auto- : " nlm sc , ctlon ' Th = fP 1 "' 0 " ;" s mobile where it uiU be readily ac- I ? ausK l whc " ., i ccsslble: but that his experience lgm [ cd ' Pro^ly when one of the 'of 25 years in operating sawmills ^"s struck a spark with his j and handling many men. both bbck p ° • 1 and white, has convinced him i that mediation ar.d rcnjonin? arc I T , - . IP- i mightier than th« ;!x-.-!io='. i. | I TUCk Driver IS Fined Walnut Ridge Suffers j Epidemic of Burglaries WALNUT RIDGE. Ark.. Oct. (UP)—An epidemic o! 30. f==i I swept over Walr.ut Ridge rnesday o enter six other for Illegal Parking Eddie Rich, transit showman, parked his truck on Main stuet last night nnd the rear of th? truck with several poles extending out of It was so far out in the Luxora School Pupils Hurt at Play Tuesday LUXORA. Ark—Tuesday afternoon two Luxora school children were severely injured in play. William Lynch, the 16-year-old son of Mrs. Walter Lynch, had his left shoulder dislocated and was painfully bruited over the chest during a practice football game when he was tackled from the back by a team mate and thrown to the- ground with the other boy's whola weight on his shoulder ar.d chest. street that several cars struck it. I Sarnie, ,o auxin .v. 1 . . ,. . ,. p p Rnm |_ „ night when four ftcnus .ere on- ™^™«>**- considerably. tUnt In Htghtower school, fell errt and «,,!! M rr. S o: money '^J^ ^ j frora , see saw on Hie playground, Unsuccessful ,(ior., -.-«• made! "'led one dollar for violating traf- j fr«turingJieMen_Min_ 0 omcersin^les. „ ! park their machines in line ith | WEATHER n ~ , .Ola Hoodoo Broken (Continued «irw ° r . 1( « , or boarded each daj.j plan for aiding the unemployed, j Hag rush. ! other vehicles in the parking spac- i ARKANSAS— Fair, cold:-r, heavy • C3 on Main street or expect a court i to killing (rest tonight: Friday summons. The alleys are for deliv- fair, not so cold in western portion. ierlng freight, declares the chief. According to the official wattle: MACON', Oa.. iUP'-T-.: it" first | Shirley Yarbro admitted slapping ! observer, diaries Phillips, the lem- s - 0 ' l ' s i lime In 25 years Hie M > r fresh- |a girl— to which the girl objected |rerature hpre yesterday was 40 for printed his men this year won :!•.• .^or-cUss | -and was fined five dollars for dis- a minimum and 68 for a maximum. turbine the peace. There *as * lidht frost.

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