The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 23, 1934
Page 4
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BLYTTHEVILLE, (AllK.); COURIER NEWB WKDNKSDAV, MAY 23, 1934 THE BLYTHEVHXK COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUHLlSUHia 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor I S. W. HAINES, Adrertlsimt lftn««er Sole National Advertising Reprtfciitatlves: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, • -it, St. Louis, Dallas, XOVSDS City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Exec:;! Sundrjy. Entered us second matter al llic |X>st cfiico at l):yllicvlllc, Arkansas, under net ot Congress, Oc- (olx-r 0, 1917. DV tnc un'.tcri Press SUBSCRIPTION KATES By cnrrier In me city o: Ulvir.cvlllo, 15c per wwk or $050 per year fn advance. By mntl within a radius of 50 rolles, fci.OO per yenr. $1.50 for six months. 85;: fcr ll.rcc months; by mail In postal /ones two to six, Inclusive, KM por year. In ?ones seven anrf eight, $10.00 per year, payable In ndvimcc. Blame. Local Politics for Federal Control • The t'n-st thought Unit hit* yw when you look ;it the now ci'inio iirt-vcnlion jiroKvnin passud by Congress ' s t' lc f acl that il j,'ivc>s (ho fwU-nil Bovtminent a gre:U new oxleiisiun of jtower. The second is that we lisivo hroiujlil it on oui^olves Ijy pennittiuic our slain ami city governments, esiieeiiilly lln: latter, to sink into plain ini-uiniiiilency in llm Ijusiiicss of iluuling with crime. Putting extra power to handle crooks into the hands of Uncle Sam. is a move which takes us I'aiiher than ever away from the old theory Uial stales and cities are .sell'-snll'icient political units. The whole inhT-relalion ol' onr J'cderal and local novemmciits |ioints in the oppusile dircdion. Antl vet, it is equally dear that the step is a necessary one. » « ; The (lepreilaliiiiis of organi/cd giinti.-i of kiilnapers have erealed a situation that is .simply intnlcraMi'... Soinethiiif,' has to l)c done; Hie only Hi inn Hull can he'(lone, immediately, is to strengthen the hand of Undo Sam anil call on him to do what lota) authorities cannot do. As we do il, it is important that - wo rctneniher why we are doing it. Primarily, it is hecaiisc the average American police force is an inell'icient and graft-ridden iiiillil which simply can't do the job. itself. And it is what it is because our local politics is what it i.s. Jn other words, we are just paying the price for the slipshod way we have chosen to govern ourselves. ¥ ¥ 7 The average city government is a product of old-line political machines. Such machines exist by I'avors—the favors thai their leaders can do for people outside of the machine, and the favors which the leaders in turn pass on down to their subordinates: The logical result is that the cily governments themselves operate for the sake of the political machines and not for the interests of (he people. And, fince. they are like that, the p<i- licc departments suffer in exactly llm same way. Because of all this, Ihe average police department is unable (<> light crime effectively. Now, because of that fact, we are about lo give the federal govern- ment powers that traditionally hdong lo local authorilifis. It is essential for us not lo forget why we are compelled to do il. —Urnce Calton. OUT OUR WAY We. Must Know All J'ro.-'iilent lloo.scvfll'.s .slini'p jiUack tin tljo iiiiconU'olled tnill'ic in niunilion^ strikes it responsive cliunl in llic ljrc;isl of every man who liypes lo .sto lliu world tontinue at jjuncc. So IOIIK »s privtitc individuals sliind In make millions upon millions of dnl- hirs mil of proparatioiiK i'or \v;ir, K»Vi> ni i in; n Is every whure wilt lie under tmnendous pressure' to cdiiliiuie witli .sucli prepurntions—anil sinci- liuniaii nature i.s what it is, Dial means I he creation of rivalries, fears, and sii.-'pic- ions which make war more and more likely. The president, endorses the Nyc committee's plan to investigate Ilie wliok' trad'if in nnmitions, and it is to be lio]H.-il thai the investiyalion will be as thorough and as far-rcadihiK as the senators can possibly make it. liefore wo can deal with the problem properly, \vu shall need all the information about it Hint wi; win K L 'l- Type's Prank The IvjiOKraphical error is nne "1 tluise jierversc ami impish pranks of fate which all'licL itll nnmlrieK alike. Kvery etlitor has sullei'ed from it; the latent is the. German editor in lessen, whose paper recently reported <i lele- lfr:un of hirlInlay greetings sent to Miller by President Ilindenliuri;. The president closefi I his telegram with an expression mil unlike Hie Ktii;- lish "Hear, hoar!" Anil seme luckless printer inserted a question mark instead of an exclamation point after il, which NO changed the sense of it thai it became a cynical, "Oh. yeah?" Well, the printer went to jail for a while, and the editor snllVral vast mental stress. Alul anyone who ever worked on the produrtion of the printed word will sympathize with both of them. The lyiwjiraphical error will happen, no matter how careful yon are; and it has a fiendish way of happening at the worst times and places. It's .just one of those things that put jrray hairs on the heads of men who work in newspaper shops. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark m ^: '--- ^M£i:**f:v' XV' Hx''4 ^7'i^^-" M .'fe^mii^^. Z?]^-..^' -\ >-.r--.^-: < -'-4.N\^ A^V^&VV^ h~--\ ;••/. / "Reincml)tr, we're calling un Ihe Conwiiys this evcriiiiff: s(i ddii'l order ;inythtn^ thiil will ui;ike you hiccup." Various Remedies Are Useful in Combatting Tuberculosis So ninny iinil \\iiicil are llic > (o;l ILVIT is bslicvcil r,n be prol rnni'cik's iiropdscd i'«r cure of j iiblj to any of the o[ \]\? (ulHTriilnsLS that ;i review «T ! viUsnins. tlu-m mislit liL-l|) ytin determine l-'nr ycitrs crecsnte mul ftiuiiiico their rttVc'livmi-ss untlrr certain^. cronsitlerod lo be .spt-'cilk 1 rt'in c'titidltiniLs. Dr. risti^icin gives yim lr:lu':i in UibiTCLilosh;. ;uui they nri this review in Uif follo\v i inp nrll- ji-.till »sc<l in .soinu caws lo procinc ', Ihe; flrsl uf two en UiK snb- Jccl KY DR. MOUKIS K1SHBEIN Kditnr, Jnurnal nT (lit; AiiK*ric;ui Alediral Assuciiitinn, :i«rt of ily- gci:i, Hie Jlcullh Mngaxtnc I-'or ninny yean; ;U] -sorts of specific rcmcilics have been irictE on CHURCH EXCUSES liy Gco. W. My .v:n In law and hiredman are :ke a lol of pcyplc. Thuy reail 50 inuc-ii that they ^t-t \vhal r \v<nil:l nil iniidillvtl minded and claim to :nu;v a little about most cverythlti" and as a result they are not sure about anylliiiift. When Hity s;ut .ui/./.lud about hojn-j oi' Ihu .simple IhiiiBS of life they find II rather convenient to sco me and of course wit It my knowledge and ability 1 am able to sec the answer to their :y.\' without itivin^ it a sinxle ii'^ln. Tiic-y now have an n;ji- InU'd mind ab"ut \viiit. they call on; fuii.-i and one baptism. They x'eni lo '.li:nk Uial they will live oiii; ciKiiuh lo S3i.' all religions bn- <li'..> or faiths united under one ;anni'r as they call II. 1 sMdcin "Iiend my liniir talking to llicm but I did lell tlieni thai, so iom; ».s t::e church overlooked the fact that a man of my knowing? and ability and b.'uik'i.shiii is available and the clinrrXi fails to i:ike advantage of the opportunity 13 live me take chartu- [hero will be ni> union ami I u-ouUI not sanction union unless 1 co-.iicl make lU'in all see that all churches .s'.'ould close and al come- to rny church and accept my lend- ership. (Copyrighted.) System Makes Sun Dial Reading Accurate STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (UP)-A simple syr.lsm lor making Ihe idin'js of an ordinary sun dial as accurate as tticse of a synchro- niH-d clock has been perfected by I'rsf. L'.-laiHl 3. Rhodes. Deparl- mcnt of Kn'-jmeeriii!:, Pcnnsylvii- nia State College. Tr> eliminate Ihe sun dial error, liich mny Ix- as much as 50 minutes. -Professor Hlisdos inscribed .'evcral hall circles on the dial in- stetul rf i:-.i- cu.s'.unuiry one, ipac: them I:ir Hi? diiferent srasons of til'. 1 ye:u-. Across the entls of thr- Itulf ciri-ks 113 marked the months and tla'.cs lo w.'.ich several iiicircio.s iipply in computing the shadi)',v re-idiiig in terms cf slantl- iird lime on a sivcn ;lav. THIS CURIOUS WORLD B C OR. P6CCIVAL. LOWELL., ASTRONOMER., DIED IN 19(6, FOURTEEN YEARS BEFORE THE DISCOVERY OF THE PLANET Pturo, V.'HICM HE KNOW EXISTED, AND TOP. WHICH ME SEARCHED DILIGENTLY THE LAST YEARS OF HIS LIFE. THE PLANET WAS FOUWO ONLY A FEW DLGHClRCr PRO.'A WHERE lit tO/.\PUTCD IT TO EG.. ASHOE WORN u-rn-iF. 14 TH CEKTUR1J HAD TOES SO I.OM'i THAT THEY HAD TO B'r Tirt) C WEAKER.'!? KNET WALK ON THEIR. TOfS QA/£V/ \\T-IATV--ecALLTHE LEG OF A filRn 15.. REALLY 'TS FC Dr. Lo'.vel! knav llml another planet existed because of the apparent '. misbehavior of the piaiii-l Uranus. Thu planet, by its actions, showed | that there was another body somewhere near its path which was cans- I mi; it to deviate slightly from its course. PUito proved lo be the cause. I .NKXT: Wliy wore queues cncc llic of Clilivi? I Buttermilk lujutrri Man I shot Wolf From rianir i WILDER, Idaho I.U1')—James G. i XIACOMB. III. (UP)—Claim to I IScvy was thrown lo the uiound, Ibeing the first person" to shoot a • sustained a deep cut on his upper jv.-oll from an airplane Is made by i lip and several painful bruises | \Valtcr Zetile of MaLOinb. Zettle v.hen u can of buUcrmilk cxpkxt- .ul. Si'vy was nttrmming lo loosen ; the lid. The can of buttermilk hail Ibc-en standing in the sun. killed a huge Bray wolf reccnlly with buckshot while shooting from I a piano piloted by Harry Clugslon, also of Macomb. I guerv 1 ; the Mintch racket is not Midi :i pay- Ing proposilion us we thought. —Roy A. Williams, convicted kidnaper. T » * It is possible to immniiiw llic minds of tlin ina. L ^cs aRalnst tribal lea'ctions. —Rev. Kvuielt H. Clinchy. director of the National Conference ot Jews anil Christians. V • V I've kiuuvn ihr iiresiticnt .since 1 was a and he u'.is 1.1. anil T'v^ nevrr talked iiulitics or business will) Into nor made any recommendations (or Joh-. --Vincent Aslor. the tubm'iiloiis. an:l millions n£ dollars have hpen inulelcd fr-om these people fi»r pateni medicines. Among Ilie first of the new scientific remedies to be announced was Kocii'r; lulHTculin. •wrtich wasl dcve!cp?il in i:-.nn. Thi^ is nnt a sp?- cinc remedy, and there are many •xixrrls who feel that il is worthless. M[)'.V'.'Y(T, .snmc doctors who use It very carefully, and who siutly their iialieius. find it uieiiil in inic caws. A number of remedies !:ave iii-:-n Introduced, consisting of couibina- ttons of copper, of j;ol;l, anrf of o;li- er itictaK All these remedies are experimental anil, although th-jv have been re|)0itcd as i-llcclivir in some ea-.-.c.s, tin- va.sL majority of the evidence <loos not seem to indicate iniy social value for any of them. Became Ir.c lesions of tub-.T- cnlosis hoal by calcification, it has been ciiM<i:uary with many physicians to prescribe a great of calcium. In facl. il ii coauncnly bflicvcd (hat \\orkiMs in hmo dust do not, have tuberculosis, yel Ihe evidence for ihis fncL :.s no'. ptirlicularly convincing. expectoration, lessening of lightiie: in Ihe throat, and for trte relief of coughing. 1'eojile with luberculcsL; suffe'v fri'liicnlly from fever and sweatiir-; .{•. nij-hl. when these symptoms t;coi:ie oppressive, the doctor can inscribe <lrugs v.Tnch will control i them. An alcoho: rub at bedtime or a sporn;i.' b.itli with lukewarm water containing ubo-.ii one yrani of alum to tin- oiinc.. is lielpfiil In preventing ni^ht sweai.s. Cnv y[ t'lie niiut severe sym];- toais that may occur in a person with [uberculuiis i.s ble-jding irotn the. luns-i. IT.e appearance of this EJinp'.om is a il:'.n-.;er signal which f'rculd rau.s? t:i.^ patic-nt to lie down inimcdiatHv and ia .j^i medical at- Icntion al cm-;. In .sanatoria \vltcrc IIJI-SOHS are trealed for tub:-ri-ii-o-iis. one of U:e most ii.-rfnl rriiicriifs thus far dc- veioped' is nrtilinai pneimio'.harax. This Im-oives U'.L- injection oi air into th? ciii't.1 cavity, which serves to put tile Inn.; a; vest. T.'o sami- efTiH-t is also aclneveri by culling t;-.u nerve which leads to Ihc (liaphr.iam. or bv performing a stiisical oporation on Hi? ribs. | Hclto AlalUdc. "Someone separate ' tllCm - C011 Wl]l ki!1 him '" A HUSKY workman jumped for ward and tore the animal train- line stammered. "i dou'L see why. 8ho 0*0073 you as well as she docs m?, and tha only difference will bo in having an audience behind the. ropes la- slc-iil of the gang looking on." or from TrafTord's writhing btnly. I "Uut I'm rervous aud — oh, not Bv Williams .V, THE \ BUMP OM \ THftC SIDE BUSTED OPEN, OVER HERE.' The more recent, studies indicate U'al some chana>' m lake place in Ilie tnucrcuk.-l.-; i 1 before c.ilrificalioiT can bc^in. , that in i!tc vast majority of i. there is plenty of calcium ::i body for Hi? nerds of the when the nieci'.anitm of Marls. Cod hv.T ri; has hern u--.-J tuberciiloM; [or ;'^veral ccntur.' has thr adv.minsi. of fi;rni-lit:-. larctc amount oi la', und ah-> : vidcs vitamin., which ;ir<- c; ,:. mportam-r ;o ti-.r body. If co.-l ;;'...T oil is "lo b* i -.; il Ls im.i;:>- i:cs! in cln = r, i>; lo tr.rce <,r.i\-r--, alter ,i snetil the case o: ; : ;fcercii!c,si5, the v. ANNOUNCEMENTS 11 Courts N'CA'S hns b:en Uioru.-d f. ar.nnunct the !o::«: a« cai-.ihda',--.- tor public j'.ct lo th" Uei.-.pciallc ptl !; August: County .ImUe El. HARRISON K W. BARHAM N! ; .X'r: Dirls fnr the liihcrclilons MIIS. I'l.A.VTKII. Mailclinc, shivcriu^ and >«•' | hudillcd a^ai[l=t a pole. Traffori] i r , ! stumblcil to his feel, muttering "I"' I maledictions under Ms breath, nnil 1IC i slasgered thimisli tbo crowd and out of the tern. tonight, Con!" "Yes, tonislit. Renfroo is sore about that fracas this afternoon aud we've gol to do something' to mako him forget it." Con's eyes, always hypnotic, held hers. "U'tal li.i|!|:cn«l?" shrilled ouej "I tec," slip Eaid, whitc-lippeil. of tl:o women. "This is the. way you arc going to "Mone of your tuisinc-ss," Con re-1 pay UIG back for what happened." tortetl. Ho bnijhcd the sawdust | "If I wanted lo iKty you back," r- j from his costume of yellow eatin ! and purple velvet, caught his vrife .vow en ON WITH TIII-: STOIIV ClIAPTEK XXIV the arm and almost dragged her i back to his dressing room. Vf/Ilfl.H Madeline was trying lo i There he flung her int. summon Ihe co:ir:iso to pa,si a nd faced her. his eye Tr.'ifford nail, if possible, lo ignore i w hb and loathing. Con drawled, "f'd find some other way llian to have you do nn act that's going to put us on velvet on tlie big ESn:c. Come on—let's sec what sort of mood Lucy's in and es blazing I I'll tell ROnfrcc lie can annoanco to a chair him. Con appeared in liie. cnrrirte.r. The former boss caavasman Mopne:! toward the animal Iralaer. Mii'lcline saw her hiii-tiamrs slcnler y mess!" be cried, pacing the Eloor. "And (he damnaule iiait of if. is. il's true!" "It isn't!" Madeline prolcslcd. "I body slitfen and Ills dark eyes dash I swear to Qoil it isn't true. Con! ; I ilid meet Trarford down town. live. New Jersey Plans Memorial for Slave Site "What are you doing here?" he! 1 " 11 was tll:it m y fault? I hale demanded. Tin waitin!; to see Madeline. U'hat did you su;ipc*e?" "Then brat Slic's my wife THE OF ETIME, -;'S OMLV E. HOUGH MERVE. ALL RIGHT. ^ , HOW MUCH WOULD VOU 'SAY i THE DAMAGE \ AMOUMTEDTO? I I'LL V;RIT& VOU OUT A CHECK, / RI6HT NOW. J THIS FEMDER!! MAYS LANDING;. .\. j. iui>'— Inii^ arc under way to clear Ihe, :l ' debris from historical Shurr Uotia | •'"' Ccmelcry, the flrt.1 slave Imrying >rs uroimd in NV\v .Jersey. ' lae j Histnrira: toci?!l»s hope to clear :1 "ji:te wild ;iro»lli from I lie i->me• r -5jtery and mark it. appropriately. | The only utentifirati'-.n no-,c 0:1 I! M Ihe urinmiis is a plain nnrii'e slab 1-1 bearing Ihe in ; :rip'.ioii "Antii'lim A i Taylor, rhrd Septentbcr .i. \F,~ : 1. ay.i . :r: ;,8;i years.' H:-ito:ic3l w.-i:i;^-, frc-j '''qucntly iTlerio;! tr> Ihc (teir.cwry. | which maikrci t!io first footl-.oio cf •' n -' ?lavcry in l':c .^tate. 1: " 1 1 A high p-i-eoiitaE<-. o! Quaitcr.i !:t ; amcnc the i.nly sett^-fs in this ••=•01 vicinity prevenlcd yrca'. mtmtors of sV.uc.i a; any tini n . A; or.o lime there were ' 12.K.) shu-ts in the state, however, mo.S'.iy ;n liu ncrthern ^^^^-^ HEROES ARE MADH-Vor BORM I'or Shrriif am! Colin l-,r Cl ARKNCI; n. WII.RO;; Tor Kc-Mccf.on for 'j I'or ( fninly Ttra'-nrrr JOK S. 1)11,1. AIIUN'IY IIOLANU GHI-;KN l-nr ( -rirt ( icil^ HUGH CRAIG ArejISOX SM1T :I U. ISKEET) S'l'OL'l lor Cnnnly Conrl (In;, I-'UKl) FLEEMAX !(c-V::cctlon (or 2nd Ti.- l-'nr Assessor II- '.- UlIU,Yv OAINiW V. U. (HtK) UUD30.V V"i Cmv-lnWr ff Cllirk.lMwha Tnnnislilp JACK UOUiUTSO.N now and s!io hasn't any limo Tor you." "Is Hint so?" TrnfTflrrt lurched forwnrd itriLil lie towcreil over the sinnllcr 1:1:111. "Is ifnt so? Well. ?tifi fn<l time for me down town today, nidifl Plio icll y\ja site KIW nn? nidn'i -lie tell you [ was ro:>nn:4 oiil lierc tin's a^tertioon? h?t sh-: c!iil:rt! Well. I'm n^ around 11:11'! 1 r^ce Tier." "Cict oi:[|" C«>::'= vijcc hnd ihlck-'. Wit "Yoii'rc iiiin! Yon know what, reason I linvo to hnto him! He wna the cause ot Donna's tallins! lie tried ED kill nic—" "Yes -because you played fast t 1 a s s i o n. a gnoil-tor-aolhing hum. the nev.- turn." "No." Madeline protested. ".\"o!" But she follo'iTed him from tbo mesa tent to the animal cages ami. because her will melted like wax against his, she stepped Into 1-ucy's cage, spoke to her and even Etrokeil the coarse brilliant coat on her back. "Like a kitten," Con cln:cMc>l. "When Lucy gave In s!ie gave m with a venscanco. Take n IKI^ walk and make up your mioil I* and loose with him. A canvas I knock 'em colil tonight." man! .My Clod. a. star performer ' "Jndas!" Madeline muttered tft mixed up wllh a canvas manl And | herself as lln kissed her iu parlin;:. I had to soil my hands valli his dirty hide! What did he call you, 'the crews' s w cc III c a r t'! If I K were suicidal Ihoughts In her minrt as she n-alinl alonK thought there was any truth in ( the counlty road vmt n row of that, so helj) me, J'rt take your , ^lmnLiL-3 where groups of lie throat hct\vcc:i my two tiantls and choko Ihc lite out ot yon!" children player]. Hoyond the prcat I>Ucs of sandlia^s that (ormo': ini "H::m. nn! I? 11^!,! So 1'ra a !)t;:n: \Vc:;. ll;o litlie Miss I'nrity who's your wire didu'i think I was a hum w: : c:i she palled around *vitli me. Site didn't think I was n bum ivhon she used to kiss mo her 'bis red-headed "There, isn't any irulli in it! I . lovce was the river. If she t swear there i?n't! And I never , fiin^ her body Inn its m-KMy. was his sweetheart! Xcver! Me' turbid water Con \voi:lfln't rarr. ' wanted to marry inc. but i ciuMjft ; N'o o:ic wonkl mi35 ht/. I,f?- I help thai!" Madeline throw her-. of all, the man to \vhnm she ha I self on her kneo?. clin^in:: with \ si"en her deepest devotion, botli arms lo his b:vly." You've i She reached the levee anrl mount- sol. lo Relieve nic^ Con! You've' ed it. Suddenly, looking down at Sot to." j the water, darkening with nteht- "Oh. Ftap Uio meiodrama! 1 ! f^H. rieath became more repellent wouldn't rieiiov? you 0:1 oatii. than life. .itori. of snesr to o L\_ r^ ^ orr? ^South Carolina -becomes %&\. Stale to ratify constitution- p.iid tioincorne tax in- 193! a«d 1932. and call hov or--" (Jo:i's fvn f::-' sliot _ .. r;!:!2li: Trurrord o"i Iho ja-v before I Hiccou^hii^ wiin so!^. she ro5« do a^ siie liri'l plannr.4. jiini; the ho CT.;}>) comptcie l!ic sentence.' :::H ' r-'F^^erJ the d:i:nni'i done lo: show, liid Con fnrcwM!. rorpet hUn "'- n:i:uite.-' -n-l find pcaco on th« farm. I- tlic arc^i hor rolur:\ liu'rl Donm — weil. H up and fix yo'.ir make-up and yoi:r | N'o, she would not die. Xi man it and| llnir - Yon lool; .1 fri-^hc." . should ruin her career: Klic n-nnlci before I Iliccoiishhi; wilh S^IN-. s)ie roi(! do as siio ha'l plannr.'i. jmu; the mcn r c .! and r-paiieil Ibo d:iaiai'< done to '. show, hirt Con fnrcwr-ll. f-ufret hl:n a for- her lips and c!-.csk=. Kii-; n:i:iute.> ' ,-n.l Hud peace on the farm. I^ ........... ......... canvas- lrllor whca sll ° t'l'-^eil tlic arcaa her rclura hurt Donm-weil. It ma:i. s'tri^icred by the unosnectc'l | n:1 a ' K '" tlic i">'licnci w.v;:,] !nve : was just too barl. Madeline couldn't Mow. f.iiinMcd aKainst the frail ilreiinoil that Die s:i:;!;:i; ^irl In liclp it now. - - aiiolhie sc:can-.c.-l Just as t!i<! former canvas- w.-.lls of tl-.o pnss.-.-;eway. yellow salin trousc-rs fin I -.i "lie's lyln:, Con!" Mi-Wine ' hroiiiercd velvet cotst li-:-! '•;-: wailcrt. "Me'= lying. 1 dida'l— " i Ibrousii an cmolionnl t.:\--.-. "I woul'hi'l p':t it past yo-.i," Con ! ' r.Tfprd. I'UShinR her a;i le. |TIADH1.IXK. h.v.-.c-. Tiafl'oril rub'.icil tht: li'oo.l from'' sullen Ttaff'Vl lio Jr-rne in I? I don't have to li--l Kvcryone Tiie oilierj who l:.i-l The nislit air was fille-l with Ihe hwiy swcNner-s of fcial-tropif-'' 1 ' - f hlossoa'.s. stronger l>eraiisc of l!io j heavy dew. Madeline turned an- 1 , ?. walkerl awny qnickly. In lilt «li=- . v t^ace sbn cn:ild seo tho licltt? nf j [H^ circus train on Ihe sldinc a"d rose from ilia. an-1 t!-i '.i ;:i!i; i rc'l 1 ruii'Miy. !i;*.-.^i) il the lint in,(lie circus knows a!nni. her and ; e:a~^d il from tiieir ;:i;:r;;. j ground?. '• mo. Kvoryono knows stic was tlie Hocan 11 *" 1 I lie circus sr->:r;<l~ were Drawing nciror. Ihe r an e 011 3. crows' swccthenrt. Hho played yon so far frcm i!ic bu?:::<•.-;3 di.-irict, i voices o£ the "barkers" and billy-, for a EueUor aud only a—" j Cfin and Mndelin--? at? dinner in | boo m?n nnd Hie blatant ni'i?ic ct "You ray thai a^.iin anil I'll wipe j (lie mesa lent. IJiirnu Iho meal , the stenni caliope Informed her j up (ho gronnrt.'i with you!" Con • Con had ^.otSitn^ to fiy. but after ' t-he nrj;t htirry or she wou'.rt tniss , cried. He leaped forward and, with | iio had ;ini?hed liis coRto he turnctl ' il-.e opening of tho nertormanre. Ihe asUHy that many Hints had [to her. ( And. because she wss so acri]?- maile it possible for him to ovoid "How about Ukin;; Lucy through . tnnicd to the routine that &he could :lealh thr.t seemed lr.e?capable, he ber paces tnutghi?" he a^l»etl. j not i-csist U. Madeline hurried. "You mean—without ynu? 1 ' ' Once more h^r decision to live li^r "Vcs. There- aX.iys hi« to he r,wo Uffi went for KJucht and sh'! .? nr;-T 'imp, nud tl:ij i^ as *:••..A • hf^A^'l T-> (h? stronger Mil of the it" any." ";\in ^-• l lin<1 nr*rrlod. "But you.kcd'* l'::i not ready!! (To Re t'ominiK'd) "\Vi;».!'.= tbf ma'tcr? Klnl'5 so- ' In: on.'" la.-Mnlly thi luuw.iy <ia.- j llircugcd with rerformcrs In tarl-1

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