Courier-Post from Camden, New Jersey on January 3, 1959 · Page 22
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Courier-Post from Camden, New Jersey · Page 22

Camden, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 3, 1959
Page 22
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Sunday Radio, Jan. 4 MORNING 6.00 A. M. WIF-Start th Day R!(t WCAU-Sunday UunUivi Symptwmy WRCV-News: Musical alastArpteoes 7.00 A. M. WIBO-The Chrlatuphers HWU-Nm; Weatner; P'pe Concert WRCV-News; Why 7.15 A. M. WIDO-Himr of St. Francis WKUN-Rellglaua Musicals H KCV-Carulval of Bouts 7.30 A. M. WlltO-Radio Bible Class H (A I' -John Trent WKUN-OI4 Fashioned Revival WKivCalvary Hour . 00 A. M. WIP-News; Start the Day Right WIIU.-Amerlra For Cod V. t lL-Mman of Ianul I'L'-Nfi; Pop Cuncert WRI'V-Revival Tim WKDN-Chrlstlan Voice Wrfc.N-Jack O'KelUey 8.30 A. M. Wrif.-Frorn the Cholrtolt WKIN-Rev. Ruasell Smltb WKCV-Dr. Barnbouae; Bible Study 9.00 A. M. WIHG-Old Fashioned Revival WKIL-PmlMUnt Hour WWV-Ward of Life WPKN-Sunday Breakfast Asaoclatlnn WKDN-News; Radio Bible .15 A. M. WCAP-Pops Coooert SO A. M. Wfflfl-ChoiMi People HKllM-Kmlnw Royal Slnrers WRrV-Volee of Prophecy WKIL-Philadelphia Catholic Hour 43 A. M. WIBO-Oral Roberta 10.00 A. M. WmO-Oalvary Memorial church WCU'-Nnn; Career Forum WFIL-Weather; Thanks for the Ride WPKV-Newi: Red Benson WKIN-News: Sour Shop WRCV-NatUnal Radio PulpH 10.30 A. M. WIP-News; Start the Day Right WCAl'-Invitation to Learning . WRCV-Chlldren's Churcb of the Air 11.00 A. M. WIP-Hily Trinity turdi WIFia-St. Paul i Church WCAI'-Ojarles CWhngroo4 WtM V-.Newa; Ask Urn Doctor 11.15 A. M. WCAC-Al Other! See tl WBCV-Let'a Visit the Zoo 11.30 A. M. WCAC-SaU Lake Tabernacle Cliolr WRCV-Newi; Philadelphia Monitor 11.55 A. M. WKDN-Sociai Security AFTERNOON NOOJf WIP-Runday Iriver HKIL-Newi, Thanks for the Ride WCAl'-News: Symphonette WKDN-Courler-Putt flews; Voire Track! WRt'V-Newa; Philadelphia Monitor 12.13 F. M. WIBfl-Governor Mall Baf WKDN-Catholic Program 12.30 P. M. WIBO-Report to Uie People WKDN-Biahop Sheen W t'A M -1 taliaa-American Program WRCV-Eternal Urht 12.45 P. M. WIBQ-Manion Forum 1.00 P. M. WIBO-Tell the World WCAl'-News: BUI Branson WKDM-Poltsh Varieties WPKW-News; Mac McGulre 950 Club WRCV-Back to Cod Hour 1.30 P. M. WKDV-German Hour WRCV-Lutheran Hour 2.00 P. M. WIBO-Tell the World WCAC-News; All Star Variety Show WKDN-Pan Hellenic Hour WBCV-Hour of Decision 2.30 P M WKnv.Radio Bible' Hour WRCV-Cathoiie Hour 3.00 P. M. WIBO-The Bif Hiu; Art lAne WCAl'-News Kliv-Nei; Hour of Truth WRCV-News: Monitor WPKN-News; Mac McGuire's 950 dub 3.30 P. M. WOAC-CorneU University Glee Club WKDN-Wllcy Mission 5.00 P. M. WIP-Reportert Roundup WFIL-Thanks for the Ride WCAt'-Newi; Johnny Dollar 8.30 P. M. WIBd-tlarold B. Koblnaoa WCAU-Sutpentw EVENING 00 P. M. WrP-Waltor WlncHeM WIBO-Campya Curner; The Big Hita WC'-Ar-News: Hare Cun Will Travel WKCV-Alex Drier: America on the Go 6.15 F. M. . WfP-News; Sunday Driver WPKN-Newr. Mac McGuire 950 Club WBCV-Philadelphia Monitor 6.30 P. M. WCATJ-Gunsmoke WKIL-Thanas for the Ride WRCV-Newa; Meet the rreaa 7.00 F. M. WIBO-Newi: The Blr Hit WCAl'-News: Analysis; Indictment WRCV-News; Monitor HPtN-Bob Mitchell Show 7.30 P. M. WIF-Search f'Jr Peace WC'AU-Ses Who 8.00 P. M. WIP-Bob Menefee WCAl'-News; Mitch Miller WCAM-Mlseion Beam 9.00 P. M. WCATJ-News; World Tonight H.SO F. M. WCAV-Faee the Nation WR('V-On the Lint With Conaidine 9.45 F. M. WRCV-Art of Llv1n 10 00 P. M. WIBO-News: Hy Lit WCAU-News; John Edward Present! WFIL-Neara; Dimension la Sound WRCV-Hnur of Decision W PfcN-News: Bob Mitchel 10.30 P. M. WCATT-Church of the" Air HRCV-Chrlatlan Bualnessmen 11. on F. M. WIF-Nlght Beat WIBO-News: The Big Hit WCAl'-News wril.-Thanlct for the Ride WPEW-Newt; Prank Ford WRCV-News; Cospei Disc Jockey 1145 F. M. WRCY-Report to the People MIDNIOHT WIF-Dawn Patrol wrAl'-News; Nocturne WR V-News; Philadelphia Monitor 12.30 A. M. WBCV-News: American Rescue Mission Barber Happy Longhairs Back Holrywood, Jan. 3 (UPI) The longhairs are back in the saddle again, and Ralph Trejo, a Hollywood barber, couldn't be happier. "This sort of thing will put me in tlie upper brackets," he said. "Ah, I should have such a wonderful chance to know how it is to suffer because of wealth." Trejo's personal recession ended when westerns began cluttering up TV screens. Long may they clutter, as far as Trejo is concerned. "These cowboy actors must have hair which is considerably longer than most guys' hair," he said. "But that doesn't mean fewer haircuts far from it. It means more haircuts. They have to keep it at the same length, and that means each guy has to get a haircut about every two weeks. Time w-as when a guy could go for three weeks, and it wouldn't look too bad. "It's much more noticeable, too not just because of the length but also because of the bleaching effect. Many actors in westerns are out in the sun longer than other people. Their hair starts to lighten on the ends. Then they come to me for haircuts." EYED TIDE OrEKA Johnny Gilbert, emcee of ABC-TV's new "Music Bingo," was once a choir singer with operatic ambitions before he became a successful nightclub and TV performer. Tuesday Radio, Jan. 6 MORNING 00 A. M. WlP-Joe AUCauley WltMi-BiU Wright's Top Of ot the Morning W'AU-Rural Ouert WriL-Rue and Shine WKCV-Grady and Hurst. wrtN-Nm; Jack o RMlley WCAM-Hrr. Thee. Junta A. M. WCATJ-News: Ed Harvey 6.20 A. M. WCAM-Clock of the Jslomlnx 7.15 A. M. WKDN-Pete Taylor Show 00 A. M. WKDN-Nem: Arte CaUery 8 00 A. M. WIF-News; Jve McCauley WKDN-News; Arts ;aUer WPKN-News: Pat and Jack W CAM -on the Local Scene .13 A. M. WIP-Quaker Gueation Mike WCAM-Husewivea Serenade 0.30 A. M. WCATJ-Be My Cwst 9.43 A. M. WCATJ-Mornlnr Mrlodlef 10.00 A. M. WIP-Keve to HapplneM WIBO-Doui Arthur WC A V-Arthur Godfrey writr-Breakfast Club WKCV-Newt; My True Story WPtN-Neirt; Red Benson WK UN-News; Talk of the Town 10.30 A. M. WIF-News: Carlton Fredericks 11.00 A. M. WIF-News: Jack Prle aaihg-Nfws: lkiui Arthur WKIL-Stu Wayne Shew VVt'AU-News; Whlipcriiif Street WK UN-News; Talk ot the Town WBCV-News: Bert Parka' Bandstand 11.45 A. M. WlP-In Person; Jack Pyle Ht-AU-Howard MiUer Show AFTERNOON NOOJf WIF-News: Jac Pyle WCAU-News; Peter and Mary show WFllNews; Sta Wayne WRCV-Ted Jackson Show WCAM-Newa; Uuujewlvea Serenade IH. 15 P. M. VTVAV-Tcr Women only WKDN-Whaia On Your Mind? II. 30 P. M. WIF-News: Weather WCAU-Heten Trent 1.43 P. M. WCAr-Our Gal Sunday HKDN-Karm and e'amilp Time 1.00 P. If. WIP-Keys to Happlnese) WIHU-Harotd B. Robinaoa HPIL-News; Stu Wayue WCAl'-Nora Drake WKON-News; Oscar IMiMont WCAM-Newa: Clyde Jay . 1.15 P. M. WCAU-Ma Perklna 1.30 P. M. WCAU-Young Dr. Malone 1.43 P. M. WCAl'-Backstare Wife VIIICVG-Ted Jackson Z 00 P. M. WIBO-News; Tom Drniahue WCAU-News; Right to Happinesa WKl'V-iNews; Dorr Ameche'e Real Life stories WKDN-News; Johnnyl Comer 2.15 P. M. WCAU-Second Mrs. Burton .S0 P. M. ItC A r -Couple Neat Door HKCV-One Man Family WCAr-r Womtn' Only MK(V-Atfalr ol Dr. gentry 3.00 P. M, WlP-Bob Menefee Wt'AU-Houseparty HHI.-Spws: Will Webber WBt'V-Flve Star Matinee HKlN-News: Art's Gallery 3.30 P. M. WIBO-Joe Niaeara M'CAi'-pat Buttram WlltV-Woman in My House 3 43 P. M. WCAr-Ed Randall Show WH( V-Pepper Young a r'amily 4.00 P. M. WIP-News; Bob Menefee WCAl'-Hi Nelchbor WrlL-News: Will Webber HKCV-News: Rattlgang Raacala 4.30 P. M. LTA('- J,r. Trent HKHN-News; Sporta: Weather 3.0O P. M. wrAr-Harry Prime Slow W itt V-Nevrs: Vince Lee WCAM-News: Clyde Jay 3.15 P. M. WRCV-BIg Band Revue 5.45 P. M. HCAU-Ed RandaU Show EVENING 00 P. M. WtF-Nlrht Beat tiU 7.00 UIIKi Dour Arthur Wt Ai'-News; Sporta; Weather WFIITonlirnt W( AM-Ncwa. Ask Yow Paator 8 15 P. M. WFIL-Baclie Report; Sports 8.20 P. U. WCAM-Roaary Program 0 25 P. M. WCAU-Harry Pruue Show a. 30 P. M. WFIL-BUI Bransome Show .43 P. M. WCAr-Lowell Thomas WRCV-Tlin'e Star Extra 7.00 P. M. WIP-FuIton Lewis Jr. HIHG-Doug Arthur V AL-tapmU. "A I See It" WHI.-Edward P. Morgan Wltt V-News; Frank Sinatra WCAM-News; Spiritual &lup 7.13 P. M. WlP-Hotpoint Hot Sea WCAL'-Bill Show MUL-llul Uarvey; John 7.30 P. M. WIP-GabritH Heatter; Frank Brookhouser vibi.-Jx Niagara WCAU-Todavs Buslneas WUL-Bill Webber Show 7.43 P. M. WC.Alt-Kdwaj-d R. Murrow WKCV-I.lte and the World 8.00 P. M. WTII.-News: Alan Scott Wl AU-Robert Q. lwia WlttV-News: Nierhtllne 8.13 P. M. WIP-Dan Curtla Show 9.00 P. M. W'CAIT-Nows: Anwia V Andy Music Hall Wl'AM-Niws; Voice ot the Caribbean 9 30 P. M. WCAU-Laat Word 10 00 P. H. WIP-I.P Tlieatre WIBO-Kllsht 99 Hy Lit WX At -News; Starlight Salute WPIL-John Vandercook; Alan Scott W Kl V-News: Music HaH 10.35 P. M. WIF-Capltal Asstenment 11.00 P. M. WlP-Nletlt Beat WC AU-Regloual Rounduo WFII.-News; Alan Sctt WP'N-Newg; Frank Ford EVhow 11.13 P. M. WCAU-Wonderful Town 11.30 P. M. WIP-On the Town MIDNU.UT WIP-Dawn Patrol W IB;-Might fl9 Ft TJt WCl'-AU Nlfht Watch WCAM-News; Swinging Affair 12.35 A. M. WBfw-SatellltM and Science Monday Radio, Jan. 5 Wednesday Radio, Jan. 7 MORNING OO A. M. WIF-Joe McCauley WIIUl-BiH Wrmht'l top ot tte Momlne WPIL-Rate and SMne WCAtt-Rural Dlreat WKCV-Orady and Hurst 20 A M WCAM-Clock of'the Mominc 7.00 A. M. WCAU-News; Bd Harvey 7 15 A. M. WKDN-Pete Taytur Show ft 00 A. M. WKDN-Newa; Art Gallery 9 00 A. M. WIP-News: Joe McCauley WKDN-Newt: Art s Gallery WPKN-Newa: pat and Jex WCAM-On the Local Scene 15 A. M. WCATf-Good Morning Show WCAM-Houaewlvea Serenade 9.45 A. M. ' WCA If-Morning Melodiee 10.00 A. M. WIP-Keye to Happtneaa WIBO-Douc Artrtur WCAU-Arthur Godfrey WPII.-Break-faM Club WWV-Newrs; My True Story . WKDN-Talk or the Town 10.30 A. M. WIP-New: Carlton Fredericks WM'V-r Amecne'g Real LUe Storlea 1 1.00 A. M. WIP-News; Jack Pyle Wr-IL-Stu Wayne Show WCAi:-New; Whisper! nasi reeta W V-News: Bert Parte' BandMand 1145 A. M. WIP-In Person; Jack Pyle Wt At' -Howard Miller Shew AFTERNOON NOON WCtr-News; Peter and Mary Hhow WBCV-Ted Jackson Show 12.15 P. M. WIP-Quaker Question Mike HKON-What, on Your Mind? WCAU-For Women Only 12.30 P. M. WIP-News; Weather; Jack Prle WCAU-Helen Trent 12 45 P M. WCAC-Our Gal Sunday 1.0O P. M. WIP-Keys to Happlne HIIKi-Harold B. Robinson WIAU-Nors. Drake WTIL-News: Sto Wayne WKDN-News: Oscar DuMont WfKN-News; 50 Club WCAM-News; Clyde Jay 1.15 P. M. WIP-Jack Pyle WCAl-ila Perklna 1.30 P. M. WOAO-Younf Dr. Malone 1.43 P. M. WIP-In Person: Jack Pyle WCAU-Sackatage Wile 2.00 F. M. WIBO-News; Tom Donehvt WCAL'-News: Right to Happiness WFIL-Newa; Stu Wayne Show WKDN-News; Johnnys Comer WRCV-Don Amechc'i Real Lite Storks 2 13 P. M. WCAU-Second Mrs. Burton 2.30 P. M. WCAC-Couple Next Door WBCV-One Man s Family 2.45 P. M. WCAC-For Women Only WKCV-AITairs ot Dr. Gentry S.00 P. M. WlP-Bob Menefee Show WC'Al'-Houseparty WPII.-News: BUI Webber WKDN-News: Art's Gallery WBCV-Flve Star Matinee 3 SO p. M, WIBO-Joe Niagara WCAl'-Pat Buttram Show WBCV-WotiMn In My House 3.43 P. M. WTAl'-Ed Randall show WR V-Pepper Young Family 4.00 F. M. WCAC-HI Neighbor WFIL-Newa: Bill Webber WRCV-News; Rattigan s . Rascals 4.30 F. M. WCr-John Trent WKDN-Newa; Sports; Weather 5.00 P. M. WIP-News: Be Menefee WCAl'-News: Harry Prime WCAM-News; Clyde Jay 5.13 P. M. WRCT-BIg Band Revue 5.30 P. M. WRCV-News: Almanac; Rattigan 's Rascals 5 45 P. M. WC.AU-Kd RandaU Show EVENING U.OO P. M. WIP-NlBht Beat till 7.00 wmo-Doue Arthur WFIL-Tontirht WCAU-News; Sporta; Weatlier 10 P. M WBCT-Rattigan s Rascals 15 P. M. WFIL-Sports; B1U Webber 11.20 P. M. WCAM-Roaary Program 11.25 P. M. WCAU-Harry Prime Show e 43 p. M. WRcr-Three Star Extra WCAU-LoweU Thomas 7.00 P. M. WIF-FuHon Lewis Jr. WCAU-SporU; "As 2 See It." WFIIEdward P. Morgan WRCV-News; Frank Sinatra WCAM-News: Spiritual Ship 7.15 P. M. WIP-Hotpotnt Hot Seat WCAU-Spuru; Bill Bran- WFIL-Paul Harvey 7.20 P. M. WFIL-Bache Report 7.30 P. M. WIP-CabrM Heatter; Frank Brookhouaer WFIL-BW Webber Show WIBU-Joe Niagara WR V-News; Uie and the World 7 45 P. M WCAVJ-Edward R. Murrow 8.00 P. M. WCAIT-Rnbert Q. Lewis WFII.-News: Alan Scott WRCV-News: Groucno Marx .15 p. M. WIP-Dan Curtla Srtow 30 P. M. WCAl'-News: Bill Brsnansae WKC V-NirhtUne-Conceru 0 00 P. M. WCAfJ-News: Amos 'n' And Music Hall WCAM-News; Voice of the Caribbean 0.30 P. M. WC'AU-Capltal Cloakrooia 9 43 F. M. WBCV-Voice of Temperance 10 00 P. M. WIBO-Flight 09. Hy Lit WKII.-Jorm Vandercook; Alan Scott WCAl'-News; Starlight Salute WBCV-News: Music HaH 10.30 P. M. WIF-News; Capital Assignment WCAl'-News; Regional Roundup 1 1.00 F. M. WIP-News: Nlrht till IS 00 11.15 P. M. WCAU-Wonderful Town MIDNNillT WIP-Dawn Patrol WIBfl-News: Hy Lit Wt'A V-News; All Night Watch WFIL-News; Alan Scott Jolley of 'Cheyenne' Born "Amid Qrcus I. Stanford Jolley, who is seen as Stover in "Brand of Courage," a Warner Bros. "Cheyenne" drama for ABC-TV, is one person wiio was really born inlo show business. His birth occurred at the turn of the century in a horse-drawTi circus trailer, in which his parents lived, while the bio; top show was in full swing. His father owned and operated the circus which was making a three-day stop at Elizabeth, N. J., when Jolley was born. Red Skelton has installed a niren in his refrigerator to alert the household to midnight raids by the family. TLANS BAR REPLICA Amanda Blake, featured as Kitty Russell, owner of the "Long Branch Saloon" on "Gunsmoke" series, is considering building her own "Long Branch" in Holly-wood. She'd like it to be an exact CUpuCatt uf Uie 01e nil tlie bJioW, and the shrewd Miss Blake intends to ask the Marshal (James Arness) to drop in the see that everyone complies with the house rules! GOLD-TIPrED CANE The bat which earned Bat Mas-terson his nickname is a gold-tipped walking cane which star Gene Barry uses as a formidable weapon. -"I may not be the fastest gun in Hollywood, but I know I'm the fastest cane," says Barry with pride. MORNING 6.00 A. M. WIP Joe McCauley W1HO-B1U Wright's Top of the Morning WFIL-Rise and Shone WC.AU-Rural Direst WRCV-Grady and Hurst WCAM-Rev. Thea Jonca 6.15 A. M. WCAU-Ed Harvey Show 6.20 A. M. WC AM -dock of the Morning 7.15 A. M. WKDN-Pete Taylor Show 00 A. at. WKDN-News; Art e Gallery 6.15 A. M. WIP-Quaker Question Mike; Joe McCauley WCAU-Cood Morramr Show WCAM-Housrwlvas Serenade 45 A. M. WCAC-Mornlng Melodies WFIL-Studio Schoolhouae 10.00 A. M. WIP-Keys to Happiness WIRO-Dnag Arthur W'CAW-Arther Godfrey WRCV-News: My True Story -!.. Breakfast Club WKDN-Talk of the Town 10.30 A. M. WIP-News: Carlton Fredericks 11.00 A. M. WIP-Newg; Jack Pyle WIHO-News; Doug Arthur WFIL-News: Bttt Wayne WCAU-News; WhUperinc Streets WKDN-Newt Talk of the Town W m V-Newr Bert Parks' Bandstand 11.45 A. M. WCAD-Howard Miller Show AFTERNOON NOON WIF-News; Jack Pyle WCAU-News: Petes and . Mary Show WFIL-News; Stw Wayne WBCV-Ted Jackson Know WCAM-News; Housewives Serenade 12.15 P. M. WC.ATJ-For Women Only WKDN-Whata On Your Mind? 12.30 P. M. WIP-News: Jack Pyle WKDN-Farm and Family Tune 1.00 P. M. WIP-Keys te Happiness WlrMi-Harold B. Robiosei WCAV-Nora Drake WKDN-Newa; oeoar DuMont WPCN-News; 950 Club. 1.15 P. M. WCAU-Ma Perkins 1.30 P. M. WCAU-Younr Dr. Malone 1.43 P. If. WCAC-Backatage Wife z.uu Torn Donahue Right te Don Amechc'i Stories Jotanny'i WIIWl.Newi WCAl'-News; Happiness WRCV-News: Real Life WKDN-News; Corner 2.15 P. M. WCAU-Second Mrs. 2.30 P. M. WCAU-Couple Next Dnor WRCV-One Man's Family 2.45 P. M. WCATJ-For Women Only WBCV-Artairs o Dr. CenCry 3.00 P. M. wip-News: Bon Menefee W c A U - H ousepsu-1 y WFIL-News: Bill Webber WKDN-Newa: Art's Gallery WRCV-Flve Star Matinee 3.30 P. M. WIIKl-Joe Niagara WCAir.pat Buttram Show WRCV-Woman, kn My House 3.45 P. M. WCAC-Ed Randall Show WKCV-Peppsr Youngs Family 4.00 P. M. WCAO-HI Nelrhbor WKIL Nrws: Bill Webber WBt V-News; Rattigan Rascals 4.30 P. M. WCAU-Joha Trent WKDN-Newt; Sports; Weather 5.00 P. M. WlP-Bob Menefee Show WCAV-Newt: Harry pruae 5.13 P. M. WBCV-Btg Band Revue 5.26 P. M. WCAC-Today't Big Story 5.40 P. M. WCAU-Wealher; d Randall EVENING 6 00 P. M. WIP-Nlrht Beat win; -Doug Arthur WCAU-News; Starts; Weather WFII.-Tonlght WPF.N-News: 950 Club WCAM-News; Ask Your Pastor 6.20 P. M. WFIL-BI1I Webber Show 6.23 P. M. WCAD-Harry Prime Show 6.45 P. M. WOAC-Lowell Thomas WKCV-Three Star Extra, 7.00 P. M. WiF-Fulron Lewis Jr. WFIL-Edward P. Morgan wrcAn-SportiT "At T See n" WWV-Ncsi; Frank Sinatra 7.15 F. af. WIP-Tb point Hot Seat WCAU-Blll Branatxne Show WFIL-Paul Harvey. John Daly 7.30 P. M. WIM-Joe Niagara Show WtlL-Lawrence Welk Show WPKM-Newa; Bud Brees 7 45 P. W. WCAIT-tViward R. Murrow WBCV-Llfe and the World 6.00 P. M. WCAtf-Rooert Q. Lewis WFIL-News: Alan Scott WsU'V-Peorrfe Are Furmy S.36 P. M. WCAU-News.' Bill Bransome WBCV-NirMline OO P. M. WCAr-Amna 'n' Andy Music Hall 30 P. M. WCAC-The Leading Quest km WatCV-Famllv Mvlnc '53 10 00 P. M. WIM-Pllght 99 Hp Ut WFIL-Pre. Kisenhowtr's Press Conference WBC V-News: Music HaH 10.30 P. M. WFIL-Alan Scott Show 10.43 P. M. WIP-Dan Curtis 11.00 P. M. WIP-Night Beat till H OW WCAU-Regloaal Roudup WPKN-Newa; Frank Ford Show 11.15 P. M. WCAtT-Wonderhrl Town MIDNIGHT WfP-Dawn Patrol WIBO-Fllght 9 Hy Lit wriL-cub uto WF:N-Newt: Frank Fwd WCAl'-All Night Watch WRCV-News; Music Hall Art Linklctter Holds Title as Long Gabber Art Linkletter, star of "People Are Furmy" on NBC-TV Saturday nights, estimates he has done more than 2000 shows and in that time has talked with more than 50,000 people- "That's the trouble with a talker like me," grins Art "He talks so much he forgets how much talking he is doing." Lucille Ball was told at tlie age of 16, after completing a year of dramatic school, that she'd be better off applying her energies to some other field. EX-SUBMARINER Harvey Lembeck, seen as Cpl. Barbella on the Phil Silvers Show is trying to get the writers to build one of their plots around a submarine. Harvey feels he'd be very much at home In that show because he actually spent two and a half years in the sub service, ending it out on the old S. 34 in the South Pacific when Japan capitulated. hollyvood bed group Hi Wailing al M Service! KOOACHSXIM OVERNIGHT MOVIES V-rJ." Kodak Prices 24 Hr. frrcmlnf of Undue,, or ihnb. Licensed by Eutnin Kedafc) Machron A Aniechrome Slides CAMERA and SHAVER SEE VIC swUalaa4alanaaaw Innaripnng Muiliett Box Spring Headboard Set of Ugi Regular $59.00 $M88 twin or full Silt I Schick tsmlrnlon tenssw Swnbeam I Opposite Pott Offics WO 4-6370 j, Opwi Daily Is 5.30 PM. Frt. to i.M PM J ... jjj ymy furniture young & son 1001 WHITE HORSE PIKE OAKLYN

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