The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1938
Page 4
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BLIrtltfeVlU.,15 (AUK.)' COWttCk NEWS THE BLYTHteVILLte 'COlMER NEWS THE, COURIER NEWS CO. ; ft. Vy.BAINES, Publisher . . , f. 'ORAiHAM SUDBURY, Editor SAMUEL P. NORRIS, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising ncpreschlalives: Arkansas Dailies, inc.. New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Da!la=, Kansas City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday 'Eiitcr'ed as iedoM class matter at Uic post ofllce. 'at BlytlicVlllc, Arkansas, under net of Es, 'October 9, 1017. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTiON RATES By carrier in Die City ol Blyth'cvlllc, 15o per Beek, or ,65o per month. • , t ,.. By biall, within si ratlins of £0. miles, $3.00 per year.'11.50 for six months, 15c for three months; by riia'U in postal zones two to. six, Inclusive, Jij.M per year;, in epnes seven and eight, $10.00 'iier year, payable in advance. • Just Lv'i'Go Don't set your jaw agaihs'l "l!ic I'orecK t' Intci'i'd to induce yon to loosen up will] yoi'fr change. You'll jusl he liniitf out this muscles of your face. It isn't merely the govei-umenl tlml's pushing Ijcliiiul the spc'nclinj! movement. Just the same sis ever Uic private 'citizens wlio aren't miiluiitf something, to sell are all cillicr selling soniciiiiiig of their own or hulping somebody : else sell something-. A conference o( lighting experts waS field the oilier day for tlie -solo purpose f r(|ucczing n little' more out of the idea of charming a man into spending by playing pretty lights on him. It seems that certain colors bring mil the sp'eiuUlmft in you. . Wearing siuokcd glasses Won't do 'any good. 6y tlie time the news creeps out about ri View sale's tc'duiiq'n'e, you tan bet :i ii'cwer one is already on I lie way. . Very likely the next step after col- Wed lights will be invisible rays, so that a man finally won't ever, ever .kriow.for certain when he's being worked oil. What Matters .Two iicto'6 dispatches luivo arrived on the winic 'day which suggest 'thu difl'cvc'iiccs, 'even 'sinlong peonies speaking the: safne langUfigf^iinHfloficcpUoPfl , of what is .and, not rejill;,', woi'tn while. . v " •••'$.*'.j.'-. -\ '*' The city fathers of Rounicmotiih, England, have built a $306,006 m'miici- pal bath, having bestowed this blessing 'on' the people, what do they do but pass a law forbidding any singing or whistling by the bathers. The notion of being forbidden to sing hi the bath is almost inconceivable to aii American. His bath is nul merely a measure of hygiene, but hi.s inalienable opportunity to develop to his own .satisfaction that secret side of him: the singing, the histrionic, the oratorical side. For such a reason the latest news from the Bureau of Patents is a.s srvuli- fying lo him as the news from Bournc- motilli TH un-imders'landabk. Some thorough American has invented a means of elirYivrialing the steam which a hot tnbfnl gives off. This might suggest nothing to the citizen of Bournemouth, but lo an AmeVic'ah it means the op- OUT OUR WAY porlunity finally of bringing the rile of bathing to its proper conclusion. Now, at long last, a man may step from the I lib at the conclusion of the concert, stride to an unclouded mirror. . and feast his eyes to his heart's content on the clear reflection of thu actual countenance of that golden-voiced baritone whose liquid notes had been charming him for (he preceding hour and a half. Sunshine Once in'a while a person gets a little worried about .the state of things here and there around the world, and iL's always a good idea then to gut a newspaper and discover for one's sell' how wrong it was to worry at all. It's so easy to get the wrong idea. A glance at a recent issue i>f one paper was reassuring no end. T w u prominent news stories in particular served to turn the trick, The (irsl disclosed (hat (here is one busy nation which has nut even been lightly brushed by the world unrest yon hoar so mud) about. The present is tlan;Jy anil the, future loolw belle) 1 . The nation is Liberia, which is almost as big as the whole stale of Pennsylvania, has a population of more than a million and a half, and 20 miles of improved highway. The other story was an interview with a Woman in Bolivar, N. Y. She ila'lc'tt without any hesitation that limes now were riot nearly ;is bad as they wore just after Ihu Civil War. The oVily trouble with people 'is, Iliey just don't read Ih'e right iicw.s. With Uncle Sam laying 'out quite a piece 'of change I'm- :\ TcVmcs'see Valley investigatioii this summer, 'news comes that constitutionality of the whole Tennessee Valley Authority may be reviewed by tlie U. S. Supreme Court next 'fall. Yes, that's 'right: 'next fall. The <lc- 'cisjon last winter merely upheld the fight of TVA In sell power generated; ,at Wilson jJam; this new case would' cover the U'lioje business. This means that while (ho investigation may give TVA .a clean bill, the possibility remains that (he high court will kick the props out from under the entire works. That in turn would mean that a lot of money had been spent on something that was uucoiistitulioiial lo begin with, and that an additional wad of. cash had been unwrapped lo investigate that unconstituUonal project. All of wliieh seems to argue against the present expensive delays in flic American system of judicial review. The TVA litigation has been kicking nVouml in the lower omirt.s for years. The theory that time is needed to gain propel- per.s-|icctiv<> still holds. But most laxpayr'rs arc likely lo think (hat the perspective comes pretty dear. By J. R. Williams SIDE GLANCES By Ge'orge Glaik William Ferguson ''FROM WHAT HOINT ON EARTH CAN A AAAN NA/ALK /OO 'M// f=>=: /OO SOUTH. . '. AND FIND HIMSELF BACK ACT THE v STARTI IM<C-> PLACE: _ SWSWEK TOMOfSKOW. «OP».1»MSIMASSRV|CE.INC. SHAOBUSH GOT IT5 NArAE. PROM THE. S'HAD SW/M (J/p T7-i£ riiAiiA(Ti;n.s JACK IK lir.VV— lu'riiliiri hl |u lly. ]«iia:ii iiiii:n<\i:i!— lien,; i .lmlri] lo 1,-sl Ilir slr;itnsiihfr<, ni;iti i. Mia. HOST;— i> i- ,, i < i, \tjuifci i,. i K ivanlr I Itnir II 11 hUU-lll-llllY. * CHAPTER XXII O OKU may never walk again!" Jackie repealed \vlial 7Jcryl had her slowly, credulously. -"Bid dial can't be!" "1 don'l want lo any il," Heryl returned, her darl; eyes compassionate, "You remember I (old you yesterday 1 v.'nr; (o h:ive ;i conference with Undor Watson? Well, lie (old me Him. 11 KCCIIIS there's something wrong with liofier's ted;." if I won! nv.'ay ... lie would real-' i'/.c (bat lie loves you. "No, don't inleiTiipl!' 1 she said, when liei'yl fried to speak. "Why shouldn't Roger love you, Dcryl? Yon arc ro wonderful, so much bclier Ihan I ;IID. Yon two really ;ire tiuilcd to each olhcr in every way. And I lovt> yon holh, !-:o much thai 1 want you hotb to be hnnpy, .That':; why T (lid what I did. That's away." I wanted to £o "You foolish little girl!" Beryl reproved Bcnlly, but liei 1 dark eyes, looking directly back into Jackie's, loo, Vvci'c EOn'nintf. "llavcn'l you learned yet that yon can't do anything about love'.' You can't plan for il, clianKo it— make it do (he thins;:; you want it lo. I do love Reiser. I atlmil il. I'm not ashamed of it." She threw back her daiic head proudly, her eyes alight v. p ith the acknowledgment of her love now. "lint inv dear"Oh, Beryl!" Jackie bowed her!' 1 K .V°" whom Roger loves. lie Xcad in despair. Her own tremble was foryollen now, the fact that .-•)ic liad been rtinn,inj; away. For who iiraclitally liad been does not love me." Jackio's hrarl leaped liigh, as (honi<h suddenly it luid shed its dull acliinj; weiRlil, found new "gain. Kill only for a orn wilh wings \v!io was only at moment. She shook her head. "No, omc riding the sky, conrmcrinci ?'•„ V ° U1 , fO ''^ 1 ', IR ? ecr , Wn " 1 jierfcctlv willing (hat I break our ic- heavens, to be cavthbound— , dil , eiiKagemcnl, perfectly will- never able fo walk again. Jackie raised her head, stricken by another thought, "Does he know?" for me to go, lo sn "And minded Etiodby." yon forget," Beryl rc- "thal Roger had just only ycsleivlay, that he Ibc love she Mi for Hoger once or twice, now Jackie's love—her very soul—lay revealed lor anyone lo tee. "Yes, Roger !:now.",. lie liad yuessed ;ill along, lie insisted I tell him—yesterday." "Then lhat was why you wore. face with the pain o[ this brought home again. "You mean . . . he hoped if i Icfl then I need never know?" "More Ihnn that. He mnclc nic promise not !o tell you. He doesn't know now lhat I came after you, kneeling at bis side, why you ! lllal - Ilvc to!cl - vou ' Jackie. You see, ' Roger wanted yon to go— thinking be did not care— because only in that way could he give you your freedom from him." Jackie cried out in protest al that. "As though I would want to be free of him! Even if he never FROM OVER.THE V/OEU3 1-1AVE TRAVELJZD THOUSANDS OR MILES TD THE: SOUTH ATLJXKITIC OCEAN FOR. THE f^OLfK.- E TOTAL SOLAR&CU.^SE TO BE STAG ED E ON AAAV 2.C)TH. s _ ?( DUE to the limited from far n'nrl wide lo they may study the sun's Ihc moon. Tlie coining eclipse duration of total eclipses, .scientists iravoi avail themselves of tlie fev.- minutes when corona while its face is blocked out may be nctn in totality only in ilie oujli Orkney and fioulh Georgia, island;;. NEXT: Tfic iiiiiiini'l r'cmimlcrs of Ifallt-y's ii'erc crying!" Jackie spoke without thinking. "You saw us then!" "Ye.s ... I ... i thought you had (old Roger that you loved him. . . ." "Thru that was why you decided lo go home today! That was why you broke youv '.-ngagcincnt!" Beryl exclaimed. •4 v * "PARTLY," Jackie admitted. r; Bul not nil the reasons, Beryl." There must lie nothing Ixil Iriitli now. tier eyes looked directly into Beryl's. "You sec ... lioger^ doesn't love me. He was 0',1'y.i ,1'kiying ;i part, lie had promised to piny that part until Ihc bitter end. I ... I thought if I told him he need not go on playing at it any longer ... I thought walks . thai could not make any difference." "Good girl!" Beryl said. She got (hat fislii victorious. . So you see it w;is really you, Jackie, who saved his life.' 1 « « * "ACKIE gave Beryl's arm a little squeeze. "It's like you to say thai," she said. "Rut it isn't true." But il must bo Irtie that Roger loved her, or he would not havo called her name, Now nolhinrf could stop the lumult of Jackie'a liearl. For beside Ihis, everything ^'" else faded into insignificance. '"" /•£. • / *"i Roger loved her—as she love'l im. "You must tell him. that you changed your mind," Beryl said. 1 1 She hailed a taxi driver, gave him Jackie's hag. "Von must go back to the hospital, Jackie, and tell Honor that you aren't going away. Tell him you changed your mind about the engagement, too. That you still are going to hold him fo it—until Ihe hilier end." Beryl smiled at this last. "I'll loll him," Jackie promised. The golden fires were dancing in her eyes. "Aren't you Retting '.ii? Aren't you coming back with me-, Beryl?" ."No." Beryl shook her head. "Two is company, three's .... well I'm Ihe one wlio is going away," Beryl said. "But you can't, do that'. I shan't let you!" "You can't stop me," Beryl said, slill smiling. "Resides, you won't need me any longer. And I have something very important to attend to. I may bp back, Jad-iioo • But I'm taking another cab to the / hotel. I'm catching the next plane 1 can reach to New York." The driver climbed in the front scat, tinned for instructions. Beryl gave him Ihc hospital ._nddress, stepped back lip lo (he curb. "There's one olhcr thing," she snid to Jackie, leaning toward her before .she closed the door bc j twccn them. "Don'l tell Roger yel lhat I told you the truth about him. Even Ihe truth may bt wrong. We won't accept il until (here is no 'nope left. You must still stand by—and Hope—and pray—with all your heart, Jackie.' 1 "Oh, I will!'- It was not diffi- "Ancl don't forget to .tell him lhat you love him, really love him!" Beryl called, as the car pulled away from (he curb. lo her feet, stood looking down all cult to promise this. Jackie, her lovely face alight with her gentle smile. "I knew it would not make any difference; I knew you'd say that. Now you undev- sland why I've told youl 1 'Why I had lo stop you, come after,you, H wjis yoil-Roger called'" for all during the tnne he was delirious. It was Ihc fact thai he thought I was you, standing by, helping him hold on, light through, that made .... liim—the oh, I will! I'll tell whole world—that!" Jackie'had to lean out- of the" cab window lo call back, ! lo wavo once mnre to Beryl, standing alone now before Ihc little stalioiij {To Be Continued) Tumct. tcr should IK dubbed Ed\ Bita Pie, iiu'inl-crs point out U!al their purpose is a vital and -sober one — eating. OriRinak'd by Lewis Scott, graduate cf Crracclnml (Jolkr.e. tile boarding fraternity boasts 75 mein- tor.s. In addition, there are two other jhaptcrs at Iowa sisto collcRe, \aiis, wilh a roni'oinc;! mcnibcr- ihip of .some 225. Students interested in the novel iohition tor tiie caling problem were "pledged" last fall when Ihe -.cliool year npmcd. I'rospcctivc members pay a pledge fee of 50 cents, entitling Ihrm to :hrcc consecutive meals. Full mrm- pr.-iliip dues arc figured nccordin;; o Ihc number of mcids the individual takes at Scutt's. Conlracls jigiicil by (lie wcrk or ieniester entitle: Ihe member to a reduction iti due:,. Refunds also ire permitted \vht-n -,i member in- The PlacT ol' Fat In I lie Did I KIM SEE NOW WHY THIS RANCH IT TAKES ALL ~. H' COWS TO FURNISH MILK ALL TH PETS.' SAY, ICK, I THINK TUSK'S ONE _ LEFT OKI TH' RAN6E WE KAN BRlMfo M IF TH' CATS WAVE MORE KITTENS E CURLY BRINGS IM A BA3Y DEER, AMTELOPE, ER ELK --ER BEAR OH;WE CAM'T BRIWG IM TMAT COW —WE WON'T HAVE NO WORK AN' WE'LL GIT .LAID OFF, WE'LL HAVE TO HELP BIG FEED PETS' IY I)K. MOUItIS Kililnr, Jnnriial of Ihc American AlrilirM Assnri;'lion. and (if HyRria, the llraldi MaKazinc l-'iil is one of Ihe imporlnnf iu- gvcdicnt.s In our diet, which include:; proteins. <:;u"boliy;lr;dc.s, lals. inlncnil sails and vitamins. Pat:; constitute a concentrated -oiiirr of energy, Ilicy arc liiKh in carbon and li.wlror.on. low in water as compared wilh carlxi- hydialcs and piolrfns, nnd. in ni'i:,l tnslaiiccs, completely discsti- iilc. Tills fact, is iniport^iiU In \vorkiin: out <licUi (or tli?so who can rnly take .small amounts of food. Tats help to slave off hnnccr. It lias also been said ll'.al a diet svliicli is high In carbohydrate and Imv in fat will lend to .excessive halibut liver oil. We choose our fowls for many dillcronl reasons; probably, chiefly beuxu:.! 1 we like them. Komctiincs Ilir: price faclor is important. Some people actually choose foods in relationship to (heir special food \ allies. The choice of food (in tl'.e basis of r.-ilcric:. aionr would be cm error. Fal.s should be chosen not for their caloric:; alone, but for special f[ual- Kic.s which are important in health. Tn choosing materials in the diet for purposes of snp])lylnu fat and r-ncrgy. it is well lo remember l^ol one put. by \vcicUt. of fat equals 2.3 pans, liy wcirjit. cf cither eavhohydralc or protein. The rprcini coinmillre nf Uic Cana<;ian Mc<liral A.sscciation li;us made the fallowing lislinc of foods school. Woman Plane Dispatcher Believes She's First One CONCORD, N. H. (UP) ..... - Mrs. Alice L. Mnrslon chains (o be the first woinnn uirliuu dispatcher in the country. Pince 193H Mrs. Marslon, the moll-rr of a 7 -year-old girl and \vif2 of an airport official, has held lliis position at (he airport here where she is employed by Ihe Boston ft Maine-Vermont Central Airlines. Hlic wears a regulation feliic- Ri'i'-y unifonn. .service cap and at her waist a Iratlier-holslor airtfi- malic. Regulations require thai she be armed to protect the mails. Airmen in nonlierii New England ray she is one of Ihc most cl- automatically closes over a build. A nndttnccfncnis ol dicates his intention nrat. •Scot I conceived Iht: idea of the 'xwidiiiB fraternity while lakiii[; a 'j i fidciil drspalchcr:; in Uic Hast. United .States army inner tube which -Hie Courier News been nu- thorizcd lo make formal announce- niont- of the following candidalea for public office, subject lo the Democratic primary August a. For County Treasurer R. L. (BILLY). OAINES For Sheriff and Collector HALE JACKSON (For He-election) Coiin'ly C'ourt Clerk T. W. POTTER For County Tax Assessor W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON BRYANT STEWART I'or County and Trochaic Judse DOYLE HENDERSON S. lj. GI.ADISII (For He-election) ; 1 Fur Circuit Court Clerk ' HARVEY MORRIS For County Rcpresentatlrci W. W. FOWLER L. II. AUTRY WOODHOW iturroN DUJiBOAKDlNG HOUSE with Major Hooph frnnrtilaliqn in the. Intestines with I i n the dirt lit relationship to Ihe rr:;itll:iul discomfort. utritionlsl.s still differ as lo it should be the optimum. ;imniml of fat in Ire dint. I-'nr tli 1 : n\rr.n;e per:;on, fats should pro- il'l'- onr-llilrd of the lota) inlnke of calories. However, lor penjile with occupations renuhlnij a pr^at. of nju.scular cnci-gy.thi: nnnunt cil lat nrede:! ir, much crratrr Ihan for the office worker or housc- wilc. amount of fats Dial they connln: T,i\v in fat ilc.^ lhn:i V. per ccnO: >TR«ifn!)lrs, most friiils. cereals.) bread, rpi whiles, buttermilk. Medium fat content (2 lo 10 p;'r cent): cream soujx", milk, veal, chicken, tin key, lean, bed. crati meal. . Rich In fat. i.ibovo 10 per ccnti: butter and oilier fats and oils, salmon, tuna, lamb, pork, duel;, BOOM, rgg yolks. Apparently fnls contain r.imc substances, which are niTc.vary for I'.falth. Fills diilrr in thrir c.sncliy as do various pto- Icius. Sonic of the vitamins which we require aro found chiefly In f.if,; no initi.ttinn, no jeweled pin. no namely, vitamins-A, D, and E. But, house mother and no Greek letters certain fate, as. for example, the i attached lo thn newest fraternity fnt of pork awl the veselahlr oils, on Ihc University of Imva campus. Up not contain^these vitamins in! What liol^s the members toseth- Boart'in'g Cliil) Has Chapters As Fraternity IOWA CITY. Ta. (UI'i—There. Is pin. no [ large a'mounls, 'is 'do Uic fish lu : er oils, such as tftc cod liver oil and 'cV is food. To scoflei's who insist the chap- ! .LADS/ AS A HANCMCAPPER OF MAT/OMAL REWOWM -L MUST ADMIT THAT WAR CLOUD VB> A STEEP OF STERL1WG WORTH BUT MO FOR BISCUIT I DON'T MUCH ABOUT HORSES 8- B-&JT I CAW COVER MY EYES LIKE IHIS AMD P-P-F1CK THE WJMM6R T-TlME— I -3-SEE A HORSE COMMQ OUT OP A CLOUD~~W-W-WAR CLOUD \-e> GOIkiG TO W-W-WiM f WAR CLOUD/ WHY THEY SHIPPED BUM LIP OM A RAMP TH' .LAST TIME THEY MET SlSCUtT MUWO-IER WOUUO HAVE WOM BY FIVE AMD WE'LL MAlL.VO MAfVlE O

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