The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 29, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 29, 1930
Page 6
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PACK SIX' BRUSHING UP SPORTS lu.ymmLLK. By La ufer Paragould Team Pointing .for Contest Here; Dogs Undefeated. PARAOOULD, Ark.—Tlie Para- goukl High school's undefeated Bulldogs are preparing for a big battle Friday afternoon at Blythe- vllle when the'local-squad iii»ei« | tlie tougti BlyUievlUe Chlckasaws on 1 the Intter's gridiron. •Hie Bulldogs are settling dowi« to work In earnest this week for if tlie local team' 'Is able to lianr' Blylheville a defeat In this week's eiicounter, thk Bulldogs have liter hopes of going Into the Parusould- JoSesboro Thanks jrlvlng slruggl? undefeated .to do 1 "tntile with the Hurricane for the cliamplonshH o' this section. Tr.b gjiine would be n cjlnux ot the football season an'' the' center of' interest for toolbar fins over' the entire state. .The Parsgould squad came out of the game with the. Osceoli Sem- inbles, resulting In a 52 to n wv-- for the Bulldogs Friday afternoon nt Harmon field, In excellent pnv skal condition. BJllv Justice, bit tering ram and consistent gainer at fullback, Is suffering. from an In jiiry. to Ills stomach, which wns r" celved hi the game with the Pig gptt. Hohawks, ; Justice was greatly by the Injury In ine Oseeolsi nrkl. It seems doubtful ot nr«ei that he will be In shape for tv BljrtheviUe Iray. The rest of tlr Bulldbg snuad should be in the nenl- of condition to stop Pete Cral- and company. It Is likely that &if' Earav>art will b» shifted to fulibac v position with Benny Rosentlml tak- Ipc Eirhhart's place at half—tha' to, 11 Justice is unable to make It. • A large delegation of the Pars- gould cheering section is sure t- ircotzimriv. thi locM e ouad on th' 1 - trlp-and a large following of loco' downtoitn boosters have exore.w' I t keen desire .to witness the null : <Sogs in 'ac'tlon against the chick- j asawK. one of the • strongest teaur I in this section of tho state. . I Whirlwinds; of jonesboro Play Here |Torinorrow T\*e • ht»hlv touted Jonesbor' Junior high Whirl winds'and Blyth" ville Junior high grid squad wll' dash .'In a football game at Hnley Weid -Thursday afternoon. - The visitors- will be top-heavy [ favorites t° defeat the local boy? j The Jonesijoro Juniors have los 1 I only-one gairie (Ms season snd that ! to" the varsity .-eleven-of Pocahon- j t».^ -h'inh Khool..- Last year the; WixJrlTthds were.- the outstaiidln^ jlirilqr^ in-the state. ^.- . ,-.. j Although rated -as-the underdog' l?y-iXb£/.wargto.-the/ -- NOTtCE- OF ' ;..->v ; .--. ! .iv x 'BAtE •;-•.." • ••• I'NpUoe l li hereby ';glven that.. b" virtue of 'tKe terras of a decree of the Cliiincery-'CoUTt ^>f. Mlsslwlppi (KToiiKH :!!). l!i:in OST BKWSE A THROWS A HEAWLINE Fair Turn Dead Rats Into Potatoes and Eggs collected l!ic-ir left. sweet potatoes nnit DID YOU KNOW THAT— The deal whereby the Cub-, acquired Bob Smith, the Brims' p:tcbcr, wiis R iyroe't • nc for the Hornsby club . . . Smith Is a pretty like pitcher Ihoueh he was Inlielder when he cnine to the majors. . . . Smith won 11 mid lost 14 during 1030 for the smith-place Eostoninns . . .Dob Is trom RogerEvllls, Tenn., »nd Is 32 years rid ... Quite a few of the lads>are iiredlctlng that the rttal whereby the Robins acquired Lclty O'Doul and Fresco Thompson from the Phils will brlir =r [he iXMinant to Flutbush next year .. . . terrlflo outfield hire. O'Doul, Frederick and look at that VnnderbUt f-otball Herman . . . But Ifit'a take a mam'. '. '.' they lire already bc- Ifig consldprpd ns fl Tournaiiiciil ot Ho_c3 contender this yeftr. Kansas Gridiron Star Is Declared Eligible UAWRENCE, Kans., Oct. 29. (UP —Jim Bausch. star back ot the Uiil- verslly of Kansas football team, v,-aa declared eligible to play In Big Six athletics by. tho Kansas ath- leOc board today. All oUier members of the squad-also were held eligible. ' I The other members of the Bi,j Six conference had challenged th , ] eligibility of Bausch because et. i monthly payments he receives from mi Insurance company find had declined to schedule further conlests 'with . boys ' - , ., try lo.stop the . • - - RITZ THEATRE Last Time Today .! See ' tlic- Best .Picture Joan ,.. , .- - -- . -- . ^ windi. Tl\e.garie'wUl be 'called'at! CmWtord Over 'made. 3-in nVlnrlr '. • ' • <• , . •'..-. o'clock. , District},''entered on the 22nd -day « -S«rx«nb«r,--.'.' 19JO,. In a cause *h«fto".The. Union Central .Lif« fcaurinci .•Comrjpny; et al w-er* Bltlrltllrsl end 'liwrence M. Ro'.' ?t: <<i:,Vwere vdefendank. No. Vltf as;-'Qoniinlsslo,ner aptiointed in' sal'' cause..I-.wUt.on Tuesday, Novembr- 4th; 1B30. .ofler for sale and sell tr the-highest and best bidder, al tr- front door of the Court House 1" the 1 town of Blrthevllle, Mlislsslo pi County.. Arkansas, within th- hours-prescribed by law for Jitd'- cial sales, the follouln? describe-* situated in the Count- ! of. Missls'Inpi and State of Arkan- sas/.-to-wlt:— . ., •'- Lote Three «rd Four. Block Nine. Owls Third Addition to • the TOTO of Blytheville. as per plat of record in Piqt B-yik at •page 8, more pirtlcularly de: scribed as follows:— Beginning at a point In the- .south.line of Davis Street. 100 . feet esst of the enst line of First. Street; thence enst with th«.<o»th line ol Davis Street • 100 Jeet; thence s->uth. parallel with First Street. 159 (eel to an : alley: thence west with said alley JOO feet; thence north 150 • fett :to the oolnt of be?innln?. ; 8»3d sale will be made on a cred It of .three months. Any purchaser c«: -purchasers other than The Un ion ;Oehtral Life ' Insurance Coir)' pariy will be required to execute r. note with personal endorsement be approved by me, and a lien orj ! the property sold will be retained - the payment of said not' ; In full. Wltnew my signature, this 14th day of October, 1930. ! W. W. HOLLTPETER. Commissioner. 15-22-M Read Courier News Want Ads The Cuinmmbl I'laytrs Hcd Grnngi'. Hie c-isnvlii 1 ^ Sllth- crint' Spook ff thu Brldiron. comes dashing around cud with a serious c-liiirge. and rjr'rlians siinetlilni; out ' done :iboi;l it. "On/.' of the ihiniis I c:in't iinder- st;in<l." say 6 die Wliralon leo pod- (l!c-r. v.-ho now Ls playlni; halfback for the profcssloiial Clilcatjo Benrs, "Is why anyune sh-iild say thai don't can 1 -.vcilier thc-v win or lo.w. TJyjre'K nothing tlmt makes ii fellow /eel uijr-.e (linn gi'ltin'i llrkrrt. It's In your blond thc--thc i desire to Kin—itiul >cu t-an'l get i.'.way from it." i It L-; 11 subject Umt conki be- ar- ifi:i?d p:-o mid con far. lar into the nlKhl. * • » The l)lf(pn-ur>-? by tlie number o( stars produced every year by the col- cires. It, occuis to us as stranjo that, tliere are n-t rnnny mere profftslonol tenra.s ihnn there ure. Why do iwop!.? refuse to get hcntcit up about pro teams which art coiniKiscd uf the best college playon>? D'es llic answer lie In R'litiinenUil dlrK.tlons? Tradition and emotion? When Red Orange was playing nt Illinois he vras playing for Illinois. Now he Is playing for R'.-d Grange fi Co- )s that, the distinction between varsity and pro fcot- ball? Perlmps, but If you advance that reason, somebody In the third row Is i.ure to get up and ask, "Well, how about the baseball Mars? Juu who are they playing for?" fientlnurilal Reaions the Carnegie's Foundation's tome of last year, charjlng the overcommercUUiiation of the i;a:u.?. foatball retains Us Intensely sentimental appeal. Dear old SmnckH'haven may give Black- N. C., i OP)-Thomas J. White, lawyer, and Ray linr- bre, who hunt rats nt riisht with wiiall lines and Iliulilfghu for tlie i tin ol it, were pronuwd an C-BB lor i every rodent shot o:r.a Lenolr couti My fanii. They are dead shots. KO an hour or two after starting to work on Ihe farm they hail'killed 70 rats. Tho fann.-i- begged,to be released from his promise. He handed the hunters VO eggs and''said the few that were left would : be needed by Hie family. "We'll lake sweet ixHntocs instead," he was tojd. lie agree<l. Uftrbe and White shot 30 more rats. AND UJHEN MOU GO To THE R>LL9 nnith Chester Splvins a scholarship bc-CHtise rf the strength of hh good right arm around a liajfback's hip,';, or his bulk and power In there at mekle, but the di'.ir public doesn't seem to carc ( a whit about tlmt. The footboll appeal remains the fame as It was yearc and years a?o when the Big Thrc? ruled OK gridiron \vnrld, and when young men first expressed Hie passion to IxjrMi for beloved Rutgers. : Glorious enmities und bitter rivalries have nirvlved through all the clinuges thst hnve been-mat:. In the game Itself. There protracted mates, carried on in a sports- maaililcc way (and sometimes n-:t Umt way at all) are-one of the as- JX'Ls of varsity football that football doe:n't have. I do not dsny pr-- football men have, the desire to win. But there Isn't- the background, H.irold. nnd In foot football that seems to be pretty Important. pro Ifs the way its made counts! WARNING ORDER J. K. Russell Is warned to appear In the Chancery Court for thr Cblctajarta District of Mlssltslo- pl County, Arkansas, within thlrtv fl*y», and answer tho complaint of Use plaintiff In the cause ther pending wherein Peoples Bulldlns t Loan Association Is plaintiff aryl J. M. Russell and Pauline Russell *re defendants. Wltam my hand as clerk of s court, and the seal thereof, on this 16th day of October, 1930. W. W. HOLLtPETER. Clerk. Sy Harvey Morris, D. O Retd,-ftrr»rd A Henderson, Attoreera lor-rr'-.'-"^. • HOME THEATRE; Wednesday and Thursday Jewels! The flrrj ot Uirty) tea of today) c«ons, jS^ Robert Montgom- cry, Anlla I 'age, Dorothy Sebas- iian, Raymond HarkHt; A Harry Beaumont i'roduction . Comedy and Ne\v». BOAD MAPS AND INFORMATION FREE — Whmo«r you flan o trip, let "Standard" Ttwrint Soviet, 2134 St. Charla A»mur. New Orleara, La., hrlp 70* fick the ktst nnat. Just writ* "Standard" Touring Serv- ic£,6nd advise iihcrt you «tuh to fa. \iapsandlaiatnodinfonna* (tonuill bf stntyou frezcf cluir^c* BETTER STICK TO "STANDARD" The performance of any motor oil depends on the technical knowledge, skill, and standards of quality of its makers You buy a radio for its tone and selectivity, or a particular kind of clothing for iu comfort, appearance and wear. You buy motor oil for its lubricating and compression-holding qualities. What you get in both instances depends mostly on the design and the skill with which the product is made. Back of every quart of "Standard" Motor Oil is one of the world's largest research staffs, and an organi:ation experienced in the design and manufacture of lubricating oils for every type of modern motor. The dependable quality of "Standard" Motor Oil ha» been proved in thousands of carj under every operating condition. This popular oil is used by more motorists in the state than any other motor oil. Give it a fair trial and you, too, will realize that it pay* to stick to "Standard." "Standard" Motor Oi! costs but 2?c a quart. It is sold by "Standard" Dealers and Agencies, whenever you tec the "Standard" Sign*. Comedy attf Review. Matines and Night— 10 and 26c. STAN DARDT MOTOR OIL COMING All Next Week 10 andl 30c. Night— 15 and -lOc, Stock Co. Thursday and Friday Richard Arlen in 'Santa Fe Trail' STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA WE SELL "STANDARD" PKODUCTS 777 T!PE & BATTERY STATION Huge Sugar Beet Exhibited MOOnilEAD, Mini,., ,UP,_The larficM sugar beet ever rafed here was on i-xlublt recently, it weighed 12', po'.mds. Tlie" beet was raised by H St-?ven>:ou. CONSTAHLK FOK 30 VKAKS KNOXVIU.E. Tejui. (UP)—After 18 years of sen-Ice as constable in the same office. W. A. Chaii!i)jcrry, 15, has jus', moved into utwer quarters. He has served altogeth- ;er for 30 years, and each successive announcement that he will r|in U regularly renanleJ ing the matter. ns iiillfi CORNER WALNUT AND F1FTO SliRETS THESE 1 WILL PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS AS A CITIZEN AND TAXPAYER They Are Numbered as They Will Appear on the Ballot November 4 Scratch Ballot This Way i .Proposed Amendment No. 21 to the .-•: '• - • Constitution The purpose of this Amendment to the Constitution is to prohibit the General Assembly from increasing present rates for Statfe property taxes or increasing any other State tax, except after a favorable vote of the qualified electors of the State. FOR AMENDMENT No. 21 — AGAINST AMENDMENT No. SI Proposed Amendment No. 22 to the Constitution The purpose of this amendment to the Constitution is to provide that the Governor, Treasurer and Auditor shall ascertain the State revenue available for appropriations and prohibiting the Legislature from making appropriations in excess of such revenues and limiting the expenses of sessions of the Legislature and making the Treasurer and sureties on his official bond liable for any payment from the Treasury .in excess of such limits. FOR AMENDMENT No. 22 SNT No. SB . Proposed Amendment No. 23 to the • . ' • Constitution . . The.purpose of this'amendmcnt to the Constitution is to provide that no Bill passed by fhe Legislature .-shall- become a law unless the journal entries showing its passage have been made arid-reported to each House and filed with the.Secretary of State before adjournment of the session at-which the biil'is enacted und pro- vidimj-that. within thirty .days after the Legislature adjourns a citizen or tcx-payer may bring suit and show by proof that uny supposed act was not validly passed.-. ' ' ' .. ...j'FOU "AMENDMENT No. 23 "'AGAINST.AMENDMENTXa. aa— Proposed Amendment No. 24 to the Constitution The purpose of this amendment to the Constitution is to provide that the Governor shall call special elections on referendum petition on bills enacted by the Legislature when petitioned for, and to fill vacancies in offices provided for by Article VH of the Constitution, required by the Constitution to be filled by special eleclion, and shall not be exempt from mandamus to compel the performance of these'duties. FOR AMENDMENT No. 2-1 AGAINST AME?.'P-«B?. :; $-Sor-a.i— Proposed Amendment No. 25 to the Consfitution "The purpose.of this amendment to the Constitution is to prohibit reduction in the compensation of the Judges of the Supreme Court except by amendment to the Constitution. FOR AMENDMENT No. 25 . AGAINST AMENDMENT XB. 25 Proposed Amendment No, 26 .to the Constitution The purpose, of this amendment to the Con- stUilipn is ,'tp prohibit inhcritnr.oc or dcalii tnxes in excess of the ampnnt of the Stale tux levied by thi United Stales Government. FOR AMENDMENT No. 2G • AGAINST AMENDMENT Xq-sc— Proposed Amendment No. 27 to the Constitution The purpose of this amendment to the Constitution is to prohibit proceedings for the re-assessment of values on which full payment of taxes has been made, except for the actual fraud of the taxpayer. FOR AMENDMENT No. 27 - AGAINST AMENDMENT Nu.-g?-. KEEP THIS LIST FOR REFERRNCE IN MARKING YOUR BALLOT ARKANSAS TAXPAYERS' ASSOCIATION

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