The Herald from Crystal Lake, Illinois on April 11, 1977 · Page 3
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The Herald from Crystal Lake, Illinois · Page 3

Crystal Lake, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 11, 1977
Page 3
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Brush pick-up slated Spring brush pickup for Crystal Lake residents will be held from April 18 through May 10. Crystal Lake residents should plan early to dispose of sticks and branches during this period. - Piles of brush and limbs should be stacked at curbside so city crews can gather the refuse and pulverize it for disposal at land-tills. City public works trucks will periodically cover the city streets during the pickup period. "No garbage, grass, or leaves should be included in the brush piles. Since this will be the only brush pickup period until the fall, citizens are urged to make plans for early pickup. Oak Industries. into LA TV market gets 4 9u , ..-A , -- ... J z Oik Industries titcutives Bob Hartnty, left net president corporitt relations, and Werner Xoester, group vice president communications, chick on details on the company's new venture: over-the air broadcast pay TV in Lot Angeles, Calif. Oak formid I joint venture with a California entertainment agency, Chartwell Communications Group, this year to initiate thi protect ZB A okays RDG annexation On Friday, April 1, 500 families sitting In their living rooms in Los Angeles, Calif., saw the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the California Angels on . color TV broadcast from Anaheim Stadium a game that is blacked out for regular viewers In that area but which was seen by the lucky 500 thanks to the recent marriage between a Crystal Lake electronics firm and a California entertainment agency. Oak Industries, Inc., and the Chartwell Communications Group formed the joint venture, National Subscription Television, this year to inaugurate over-the-air pay TV in Los Angeles. Together,, they bought a UHF station, KBSC-52, from Kaiser Broadcasting Co. for 11.2 million and are spending twice that much, 2.5 million, on refurbishing a studio in Glendale and setting up a more powerful transmitter on Mt. Wilson. The Crystal Lake Zoning Board of Appeals recommended approval of R-2 zoning for the 40-acres the Residential Development Group wishes to annex to the city as its April 1 meeting. The Residential Development Group (RDG), successor to Robino-Ladd, is seeking annexation of 40-acres immediately west of Unit 3 of its Four Colonies subdivision. Under Crystal " J it ) a ! 1 V .' J : 1 1 i 1 i . m . i. ii "( 'f,.TA ''",i. ''fv. -1 ';J Lake ordinances, the property would be zoned for residential estates if it is annexed. James Berg, vice president for RDG, presented the petition to the zoning board for the change from residential estate to R-2 zoning if the property is annexed. Berg explained that the plan now calls for 91 single-family lots on about 31.3-acres. The remaining 8.7-acres would be open Space. The average lot size would be about" 9,700 sq. ft.. Berg said, well above the minimum of 8,400 sq. ft The minimum lot size would be-8,700 sq. ft Board member Dick Isenberger commented, "It's nice to see a proposal where every lot isnt one square foot above the minimum." Berg explained that the average was helped by the fact that the northern most tier of lots in the project were very deep. The depth was necessary because uf an Illinois Bell Telephone Co. easement for a buried cable at the northern end of the lots. The 2 lots at the northeastern comer of the property, Berg said, were also very deep to put some space between them and the multiple-family housing in Four Colonies, which will be built up to them eventually. Berg pointed out that Barljna Rd. Would be extended through the acreage, but it would still be about 1,300 feet east of Huntley Rd. The land to the west as well as land to the south of the property under consideration, a total of another 120- acres, is owned by RDG, Berg said; but the company is not proposing the an-' nexation of it as yet. , i' '"We don't have a crystal ball for the .. .rw - ' x Oakwood Hills Village Trustee Bill Demma opened the Silver Lake spillway last week causing the lake level to drop in accordance with the wishes of Village Attorney Bernard Narusis. Demma heads a village citizen conservation committee and represents local fisherman interested in keeping the lake level high. Narusis is a lakeside property owner and threatened to sue Demma for damage to that property if the lake level were not lowered. The situation may be reviewed during tomorrow night's, April 12, regular village board meeting. nM for fiihtOfi tlrjitvtryMal Uk x heel sol'' nu an. CO BUY WITH CASH OR YOUR SPIESS CREDIT CARD Mlttr Chr0f Icnh Amtncrd market," Berg commented explaining that the 91 lots would be built and sold within 2-years; but the entire farm of 160-acres might"take 8 or 9 years. The company did not want to annex the entire parcel and then have to seek changes in a few years if the market clanged in order to make some part of the development impractical, Berg said; neither did they want to annex it with estate zoning which would be changed as the market dictated since the annexation fees would be difficult to compute. Berg reported that he had been discussing the donation of the 8.7-acres uf open space to the Crystal Ike Park .District and he felt the proposal would be accepted. Th? acreage is not suitable for building, he said, and would have an area standing water on it excavated to create a storm water detention area. When asked about population generation figures for the parcel, Berg referred to the city's fiscal impact study which indicated that if the homes were divided evenly between 3 and 4-bedroom units, about 182 adults and 193 children would live there. The company's most recent experience in Four Colonies showed only 3.1 persons per house, less than the study predicted. Berg said.; . The request for zoning to R-2 for the acreage involved no variations from .. the city's ordinance and City Planner James Mann said he had no comments on tiie zoning of the property. The board unanimously recommended approval .of the petition since it was in character with surrounding development and conformed to the city's 1990 land use map. Oak executives Robert J. Hartney, corporate relations vice president and Werner R. Koester, group vice president, communications, art convinced, along with Jerry Perenchio, Chartwell head man, that subscription television or pay-TV is ready for the public now ana the public is ready (or it. Hartney said Channel 52 is offering first run movies, sports events like last Friday's baseball game, and special programs: operas, live stage shows and children's shows all uninterrupted by commercials and uncut in any way. "One thing most people don't realise is that 14-16 minutes in every hour on television is taken up by commercial messages, breaking up the action and .. train of thought," Hartney said. Oak Industries, t local company doing an annual $50 million business, is responsible for the technical side of the business : designing and manufacturing the linkage; , the encoder which -scrambles the transmitted signals appearing on LA television sets; the decoder, which, for a fee NST attaches to TV sets, converting the signal into a recognizable picture complete with sound; and the transmitter design. The entire operation is governed by a computer system. Chartwell, under Perenchio's direction, supplies the entertainment industry connections necessary to present top class spectacles: movies and sports features not available on regular television. Perenchio had a large reputation as a entrepeneur he put together the Muhammed Ali-Joe Frazier title fight on closed circuit television several years ago which reportedly grossed $20 million; and is an associate of Norman Lear, who is one, if not the, most successful commercial television producer these days. Lear handles "All In The Family," "The Jeff ersons," and "Mary , Hartman, Mary Hartman." nan miHtt! nur i mn. iici urn rum nnim copmmtm mi nnm in dm ua it nwu nmt mu. MY RETAILER DISCOUNT KRUSOE& CUMMINS c'oTH.No 20jDFf KONSTANTI NO'S RESTAURANT PU& w. COMET CLEANERS KING'S DEN HAIR STUDIO LTD. VIRGINIA CHICKEN 3 THE VILLAGE SPORT SHOP JrL 3 WEHDE SHOES fV "HIUWJMIinHOM 3 INT'L. PORTS RESTAURANT JCE. JL THQMAS CARPET? io.2ooff 2 C.L. HOME FURNISHINGS 10OFF a CREATIVE CONCEPTS calm' 10-20OFF 1 CRYSTAL IMAGE LTD. S, ioOFF 2 M.J. D. PHOTOGRAPHY poMim'1' JpZZ. 2 JAKE'S PIZZA 5 OFF li , innfita 2 CRYSTAL LAKE RENTAL aoFF-awa '5 OFF miwttirai 2 PRirF'c ADrn freEiwm nivc j m r tAWKiim.tvwii ' REED'S HUTrTB'r.- 20OFF 1 riiMTcnre ""i1 SOFF GUNTcK S CLQTHIMO tnwwowt ' DON &LU,SCHILDREN)'S SHOP 'i.lgJSjf l BETH'S BED & BATH SHOPPE i2f V FOREMOST LIQUORS .EF ' 0AVG . 0AVG $AVG 10 to 25 ON PURCHASES FROM APRIL 'TIL NOVEMBER 1, 1977 0w J300Vi!ui tor 0nr,J15 FOR QUICK FREE DELIVERY CALL (815)459-0333 Hartney said 'the fltarprise was startad In Los Angeles because of its f site more than S I million television 5. viewing horoee in a strong signal area. The Los Angeles area is fiat In all directions except for the east the . signal doesn't run into any interference such as buildings, etc. ' "But other television markets are being Investigated including Chicago, Maimi. Detroit. Minneapolis and the Dallas-Fort W orth area," Hartney said. "In a year, we'll know if we're going to make a in LA; maybe before that." Hartney said the 500 customers already receiving the Channel 53-0 N signal hadn't been recruited by the company, which has rot yet begun its planned vigorous advertising campaign. "What brought customers to us was word of mouth and strong coverage in the newspaper media. All we have is a barker ad on the channel itself it's a regular commercial station during the day describing all the programs a viewer could see from 7:30 p.m. to midnight if he had our service. The newspapers really brought our project to the public eye." Cost is minimal Hartney says: $29.35 for, installation, $25 deposit on the decoder and $17 a month for the program package for a minimum of 3S hours of top entertainment per week. The Federal Communications Commission requires that amount of viewing hours be offered each week. Koester said a great many people at Oak were responsible for the ideas involved in equipment design engineers and designers in Crystal Lake, Madison, Wis., and Dordrecht, Holland. "The manufacture of the equipment itself is done in plants in Elkhom, Wis., and offshore Taiwan," Koester said, "but the design and execution staffs are based in Madison and Crystal Lake." CONSOLIDATED REPORT Of CONDITION OF ; HOME STATE BANK , of Crystal" Lake, Illinois i ' At The Close of Business on March 31, 1977 Published inesponse to Call of the COMMISSIONER OF BANKS AND TRUST COMPANIES of the State of Illinois j ASSETS. . 1. Cash and diisirom banks .', .$ 3,943.000.00 "2. U.S. Treasury securities 5,274,000.00 3. Obligations of other U.S. Government agencies and corporations. ."3,001.000.00 4. Obligations of States and political subdivisions .'. 12,758,000.00 5. Other bonds, notes, and debentures... 2S.000.00 9. a. Loans, Total ...$25,112,000.00 ( excluding unearned income) b. Less: Reserve for possible loan losses. ... .$ 368,000.00 c. Loans, Net v. rr 24,744,000.00 11. Bank premises, furniture and fixtures, and other assets representing bank premises 12. Real estate owned other thac bank premises.. . .. 14. Customers' liability to this bank on acceptances outstanding .... . 15. Other assets (Item 7 of 'other assets' schedule) 16. TOTAL ASSETS ( sum of Items 1 thru 15) 743,000.00 47,000.00 "o ftArt (VI JL,UW,UU 370,000.00 50,907,000.00 UABILTriES 17. Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 18. Time and savings deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 19. Deposits of United States Government 20. Deposits of States and political subdivisions 23. Certified and officers' checks '24. TOTAL DEPOSITS (sum of items 17 thru 23) a. Total demand deposits $16,458,000.00 b. Total time and savings deposits $27,586,000.00 25. Federal funds purchased and securities, sold under agreements to repurchase 1 28. Acceptances executed by or for account of this bank and -outstanding.. 29. Other liabilities ( item 9 of "other liabilities" schedule ) . , . . 30. TOTAL LIABILITIES (excluding subordinated notes and debentures) 13,154,000.00 29.956.000.00 276.000.00 3,185.000.00 473,000.00 44,044,000.00 2.007,000.00 2,000.00 611,000.00 46,664,000 EQUITY CAPITAL 33. Common stock a. No. shares authorized 100,000 . I b. No. shares outstanding 100,000 (par value) 1,000,000.00 34. Surplus 2,000,000.00 35. Undivided profits 1,243,000,00 37. TOTAL EQUITY CAPITAL ( sum of Items 33 thru 36 ) 4,243,000.00 38. TOTAL LIABILITIES AND EQUITY CAPITAL (sum of Items 30 and 37).. 50,907,000.00 I, Charles J. Feck, AssL Vice President of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that this report of condition is true and correct, to the best of my knowledge and belief. . Correct-Attest: Charles J. Feck, Jr. R.P. Rosenthal ) William Heiman ) Directors R.M.Wexelberg ) 4 -State of Illinois, County of McHenry, at: Sworn to and subscribed before me this 7th day of January, 1977. My commission expires September 12, 1979. Susanne K. Pacewict, Notary Public HOME STATE BANK of Crystal-Lake Serving Crystal Lake Since 1915 HAROLD J.BACON Chairman of the Board WILLIAM J. HEIMAN Retired Industrialist PAUL H. FREDERICK Executive Vice President - and Trust Officer EVERITT A. CARTER Chairman of the Board Oak Industries Inc. DIRECTORS UmlmF.D.I.C. ROLAND WEXELBERG President JOSEPH T. MORROW Attorney ARTHUR KUTPER Chairman of Executive Committee ROBERT P. ROSENTHAL President -Rosenthal Co., Inc. em turn I4UJM cmmutt.

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