The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 11, 1951 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 11, 1951
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILI.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1951 House Hints Acceptance Of Tax Bill Senate Measure May Be Okayed By Vote Soon WASHINGTON, Sept. 11. t/P)—^ hint reportedly has come from the Hous* that It may accept the Senate's version of the big tax hike bill This would eliminate the need Jar » prolonged conference on the measure which would delay con jrossional adjournment. Word of this development was re- teytd to it reporter by a senator »ho would not permit quotation by The finance committee meek today to finish its works on the bill Chairman George (D-Ga) said -there was-no doubt the group would wind up it* closed-door votes 01 the bill. The remaining to be acted on an icine relief provisions for new bus! nesses and others from the execs. profits tax and some changes l! the' estate tax taw. George told newsmen he though the committee version of the bil would provide almost »6,000,000,0tt in revenue tor a lull fiscal year. I would fall well below this total fo the current fiscal year which begm July 1 ilnce many of the levies, in eluding those on personal Income would b« effective for only a part o th* year. However, some of the committee urperts expect the new revenue un dar the finance group's bill to b closer to $5500.000,000 on an annua basic. The bill the House passe would bring in an estimated »7,2M 000,000 a year. The bill now is expected to co up for Senate debate next Monda or Tuesday, a week behind the orig Inal schedule set by Democrat LMdei McFarland of Arizona. tbituaries .eochville Man )ies in Memphis LEACHVILE, Sept, 11—H. L, ay. 47, Leachville farmer died this orning In the Memphis Eye, Ear, ose and Throat Hospilal after an ness of about six months. Funeral rangements were incomplete this ornlng. A native of fiornersvllle. Mo.. Mr, iay had lived In Lcachvllle almost I of his adult life, He leaves his wife, Mrs. Alma Ray; son, Bute Langlcy Ray; a daugh- Motorcycle Purchased By Policm at Manila MANILA, Sept. 11—Chief of P lice Lee Baker has gone "two-whee •d" In hta enforcement of Man Papagos Retains Lead in Greece Majority Control Appears Uncertain At Venizelos Gains TRUMAN JUMP PAPAGOS RETAIN—34 ATHENS, Greece, Sept. 11. 'API —The Royalist Greek Rally Party of Field Mar.shal Alexander Papa- gos continued to lead today with Just a few precinct* and the military vote missing In Greece's parliament election. But there was uncertainty wheth- r, Ellen Ray; his parents. Mr. and er the military hero would win ma- Oontln««d from Paj» 1 again. It wasn't true when you began to say it, it has not been true as you have repeated It over and over since then, and now It's further from the Iruth than ever. "The country is stronger economically than it has ever been before. Its people are more prosperous, After paying their laxjs, the people have an average per capita income rs. George L. Ray, all of Leach lie; three brothers, Byron Ray, en Ray and Gerald Buie Ray, all ! Kennelt: and a sister, Mrs. Barey Jones of Kemiett. Howard Funeral Home is in harge. • * • Htld lor Infant Graveside services for Paul Brewter Croft, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. aul Brewster Croft, were held at 0 a.m. today at the Dogwood Ridge emetery. The child was dead at rth yesterday. Carole Violator Nabbed On Manila's Main Street MANILA, Sept. 11—A 40-year-old iarole violator was arrested at 6 i.m yesterday on Main Street here y Chief of Police Lee Dnkcr. Chief Baker snid the man was William Arthur Clay of Green County, who was sentenced to the Arkansas prison farm for three years on a charge of forgery am itlerlng. He was picked up* on a warranl Chief Baker snid, and Little Hocl officers were due to return Mti ;here tills morning. Home Invaders The cowblrd carries its eggs the nest of another bird and let th- other bird hatch and raise it young. The females do not hav nests but, during the spring, sli away from their companions, on at a time, to lay their eggs in th nests or other and smaller birds. speeding and traffic laws. Chief Baker acquired n new 14 horsepower motorcycle last wee and has put It into use in unlrolh city traffic. Tity •HISC control of the of parliament late spurt by be- ihe Ird-place Liberal Party of Sophies Venizelos. With only 48 of 3.910 precincts id 200.000 military voles missing, he Interior Ministry said, the Pa- agos group had 34.9 per cent of I'e total vote for a tentative 116 (ats. Gen. N'lcholas Plastiras' cen- ir Progressive Union Party had 1,7 for a tentative 69 seats; and entzelus jumped from 17 to 19.6 or 50 seats. The Communist-back- Iran Oil Ultimatum En Route to Britain TEHRAN. Iran, Iran's ultimatum Sept. U. Wj— giving Britain two weeks to resume talks about their oil dispute Is being forwarded by way of Washington today, a government spokesman said. Premier Mohammed Mossadegh th< ultimatum to London. The opposition deputies signed a communique accusing ^the premier of making enemlee of Britain and that will buy 40 per cent more than was unable to get parliament ap- !t did In ID39, in spite of Increases I prova) of his move. But the premier next :l Democratic front comes •Itli 11.2 per cent. Under Greece's complicated pro- ortionnl election system, Papyos an win parliament control by get- Ing about 35 per cent of the total >te. Papagos, who resigned as com- narulcr-In-chicf in a dispute with <tng Paul, needs possibly 131 seats in prices, Corporations are making more money than they ever did and, even after paying taxes at the new high rates, their profits are running at a higher rate than any year except the record-breaking 1950." The speech was filled with phrases such tut the President frequently uses in conversation with Intimates and the bulk of it apparently was Mr. Truman's handiwork. He sharply defended the federal budget against those who would cut It by 56,000.000.000 and declared the bulk of federal spending Is for defense. ''We don't want to lose a horse through being too stingy to buy a strong enough rope to tie him with." He said he was "proud" of the budgets he has submitted, but, "I would not want anyone to give up his time honored right to complain about taxes." "If people couldn't blow off steam that way sometimes, they might explode." Mr. Trimmn said. "Half if the fun of Ijeing a citizen in this country comes from complaining went ahead with his plan In the face of outspoken opposition by 14 deputies who braved assassination threats to defy his policy and despite British moves to cripple Iran's finances. The plan calls for Britain to resume negotiations on Mossadegh's oil nationalization policies or see the 300 British technicians remaining at the old Anglo-Iranian Company's Abadati Refinery thrown out of the country. Ultimatum Is Routed The ulti'/iatum was routed to Masrollah Entczam, Iran's ambassador In Washington, to turn over to W. Averell Harriman, President Truman's special envoy who tried to mediate the quarrel, The government spokesman Bale Hairlman promised when he left Iran that he would do anything further to help settle the dispute Harrimar will be asked to relay to win a parliament majority. The | "n° ll t th ? w »y we ""> °" r E°vern- upreme court may have to decide whether the new parliament will mve 260 or 250 members. ments— federal, state and local. Dyess Man fined $750 For Taking Automobile MANILA, Sept. 11—Louis Lee of Dyess was fined $150 and costs in Manila court Monday morning for driving a car without the owner's consent and driving while under the nflucnce of liquor. Lee drove a 1946 Plymouth belonging to Mrs. Jim Webster from Its parking place near the Milllgan Ridge Community Sunday afternoon, according to Deputy Sheriff Lee Baker, who arrested Lee two hours after he had driven the car In a ditch near Manila. Lee was also fined $10 for driving without drivers license. Livestock Read Courier News Classified Ads NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111., icpt. II. Ml— (USDAJ—Hogs 13,000; barrows and gilts 35 to mostly 30 lower than Monday; top 20.75 sparingly, which Is new low for year thus far: bulk choice 190-230 Ibs 20.50-65; 170-100 IDS' 20.00-50: 150-170 Ibs 19.00-20.00; bulk 210-210 Ibs 19.75-20.50; few 280-325 Ibs 18.5019.50; sows mostly 25 lower; bulk 400 Ibs down 17.00-18.00; heavier sows 15.00-16.50. Cuttle 5000; calves 1800; vealers 1.00 higher; few loads high gooc to high choice steers 34.00-36.50 odd lots commercial and good steer and heifers 28,00-32.00; utility and commercial cows mostly 23.00-27.00; few to 28.00; canners and cutters larsely 17.00-22.50. Trespasser Stays Put in New York LIBERTY, N.Y. <£>) — Mrs. Pre White, of Cochectoii Center, nearby Sullivan County hamlet, wa picking blueberries on her propert which she has posted against tres passers when she was distrubed b sounds she thought were made b another picker behind the. berr bushes, indignantly, Mrs. White ex claimed: "Can't you read?- Get awa from those bvishes and off my pro] erty!" To make her order more effe live, she moved around to face th violator. She found a good-siz bear standing on its hind legs ea ing berries. Mrs. Wtme hastily T treated, leaving even her own pa of berries for the illiterate tre passer. e U. S. Charge* Are Made It charged him with failing to •ry out promises of riches he ade when he pushed through a w nationalizing the British-owned jiglo-Iranian OH Company instal- tlons four months ago. "Before, we were opposed only by e former oil company," the corn- unique said, "But as a result of all ilj (nationalization) activity we e now opposed by the United :ates and British governments.' CEASE-FIRE (Continued from Pag* W quences." They didn't say what "the consequences'' would be. But it could only mean resumption of full fighting in Korea. The Reds want the Allies to admit that United Nations planes and troops have violated Kaesong's neutrally zone. This the U.K. command has refused to do. The Allied command repeatedly has denied or simply ignored Red charges that its planes bomber and strafed In the Kaesons area and that Allied troops Invaded the neutral zone. The Reels broke off gotiations Aug. 23, charging that an Allied plane bombed the conference site the night before. Tolent Contest Date Is Changed OSCEOLA. S«pt. 11—CXcwla'i Amateur Talent Roundup program* will be held on Tuesday Instead of iaturdaj's, Mitchell Moore, genera! chairman of the series of contents, announced yesterday) The change was made by populur demand, Mr. Moore uid. Tiie next contest will be held ai the Osecola Community House Tuesday Sept. 18. The series of Talent Roundup programs l£ sponsored by (he Osceola Kiwanis and Radio Statii are used for the eged children and playground projects. Winner of Saturday's contest vat Miss Jo Nan Nelson, Osceola soprano who sang "Stardust." Second place went-to the Balch sisters of iccola Kiwanis qjub ion KOSE. Proulj|i i club's underprltjf- Head Courier News Classified Ads. Dycss, a vocal duet. I took the A) • *£* I ^i ll ^ i Blindfold Test -that new Dodge Onflow RiJe sure opened my eyes! Taste it! You'll agree—silken is the word for Wilkens. You'll be glad you, changed to extra-smooth, country-style flavor—silken Milken's flavor. Try a bottle today. It's low in price! THE WILKEN COMPANY, LAWREHCEBURG, INDlftHA . BLENDED WHISKEY - 86 PROOF - 70x GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRIT! Capitalists at play! * J- t/ Says DANIEL F. HOWARD, JR. of New Vork City. "The Hlimlfnlcl Test convinced me! The new Docile Onflow Ride really levels out tiie worst kind of bump* and ruts," continues Mr, I Icnvard. "Xo ride has been 5» smooth." Come in! Try it! FEEL HOW NEW ORIFLOW RIDE MAKES ROUGHEST ROADS BOULEVARD-SMOOTH! Here's something new in riding smoothness! Blindfolded you ride over a bumpy road. You're told the ruts arc Ihcre — but you don't feel them! Cotic is the pitch, bounce and jar you experience in other cars as the new l>odge Onflow Ride levels oat the rough spots. And with blindfold ofi you'll be amazed you traveled over such bumps and chuckliolcs. Words alone can't tell it all! That's why we invite yon to come in and take this daring "Blindfold Test." You Could Pay up to $1,000 More! As yon tlirill to the Bew Onflow Ride, experience Dodge extra roominess . . . "Watchtosver" visibility . . . e.ise of handling. Then you'll know- why yon could pny up to $1.1100 more for .iV.u and ilill m>l get •II the extra-value features Dodge giv« you! In an Ordinary Car without On- flow, blindfolded motorists found ihcv were pitched and bounced as they traveled rough, bumpy raids. In New Dodge With Griflow, (ho same passengers found I lie rido .so smooth they could hardly believe thcv traveled the same road. The big, dependable PODGE Prive it 5minutes...and you'll drive rt for years ( BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. Walnut & First Phone 4422 Capitalists? Why, yes. Fishermen and fiddlers, bridge players and ball players —all kinds of Americans, in fact, are capitalists — because most Americans are owners of the electric light and power companies! It's like this: several million people — from every walk of life - are direct owneri of these companies' securities. And some 75,000,000 are indirect owners — through their life insurance and savings bank accounts! You see, when banks and insurance companies accept your money, they must invest it wisely. That's why so much of it goes into business-managed electria light and power companies. It's fair and fitting, isn't it, that th« companies that §erve nearly everybody are owned by nearly everybody r • "MEET CORLISS ARCHER" Tor delighUul comwlf. Sundij*— CI»S—» F. M-, Cwtn) Tiro*. Ark-Mo Power Co.

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