The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 23, 1934
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 1&34 ILIfllVILLl. TAKJ CCU1IIR KIWI C. M Bi:-k Will-Deliver Address ;>t Promotion Exercises Tomorrow C. M. Duck. I.T EiiK'ni of HIP local ichcu' tor 1 rJ. will add res' pupils of tl'.o rinlbinv s-liou! if llieir promotion wrc! 1 :'. 1 .") lomorrcv. nlglu. The ixoirr"; v\LI b? Dele' !i> t'io ;:dn;ol au.liuniuiu (it I o'clock. Three ;U'UraK nilnlnrd llv ECniMlor I'D; (ii 1 roll. They fac: Kuthnii Mcciaii-lii-y. Until Kinli- nlaic! nt:d liill)- Woolen. Paul Saiif-id pfU'.bh'liei! a mica :il- tend[UK"> rc-crd. atu-ndin;; srlwl fvetv day during his six verm Of Ol(jr|:i.-H;l) V r cllCCyl. Tlio pro-vain is '>s lollowi: Sow by glee club. "There's Music In the Ai:". "Lovu's Old Su-cei So'.r,' "Lilli? Duslnr.'ii": readm?. "Mi'in- crit'i oT AIIIH Miiini?", Riuh Siillifilnwl: piano solo. "Thnx; Rin 1 -; Cifcus", Dorothy Cto^s; violin KO\V. "Uirds in S'ThiMimc-". liill Ton; Etcwatt; -violin rolo, "Th<! Mcir 1 / Humor". Lcnli llcdviiis; nixapJioar sclo. "HonK' on the R:in;;f", l.ioycl Floiinan: fortune L'.llcr. Mildred Mulr: dance sniie. "A Oiaduatc Croup". Betiy Ewary. pianist; . Introduction of Class. Mr. Charles ) A. Stubbs: prayer. Mrs. J. H. Web•:ter: address to class, Mr. C. M Buck, president of the hoard of i-diicutkm: deslgnntion of honors. Mr. Roscoe Morris; reading, "Goodnight. Friswli". Dorothy Cross. Members of I he class are as follows: Geneva Alexander. Mary Lois Anderson. Irene Anderson, Marion CaUhvell, Dorothy Cross. Irene Dawson, Uctly Jo Essary. Sue Kinif. Kiithryn MeOanghey. Mildred Muir. Helen Stabls. Edna Stalcnp. Hiitli Sutherland. Fay Thome. Olive Wahl. Mary Worseley, Je.ssic Iiynn Wright, Theodore Uaxter, Howard Beshearse, John Blackwctl. Charles Bright. Louis Caik.'Harvey Ed'.vards, Ltoyd F!or- jnan. John Hampton, James Lena. James .Maxwell. Harold Medlin. Charles Purtle, Lee Richardson. Paid Sanfurd, Raymond Saxe. To:n Wheat. Hilly Woolen and Woodrow Clark. if:<:rll r ii'<l J-TOPI Pape One) iiid returned to Waco. The son'.o]!cc was increased to 14 years. Barrow was taken to the Texas jc'iiiiomliiry May 21. 1030. His nothcr appealed to Oov. Ross Sterling for clemency, and Barrow was paroled February 2, 1932. On 'lir release Harrow started out iii"in tin a Jifc of crime. With Hamilton and Bonnie ''arker l:t> allegedly killed n bnleh- ^r in n robbery; killed n' .sherltf •iii'l wounded his deputy al Atoka Okla.: wounded a deputy at Whar- f on. Tex., and killed n yrocer; •lerk at Sherman, Tex. Thei Uiiinlltun ami narrow parted com- •i:iiiy. reportedly In a dispute over Bonnie. Hamilton later was ar- -isied at Bay City. Midi., rcturn- •d lo Texas, and ulvcn sentences totiilins 203 years. He said lie was sorrv lie ever jiartcd company with "^anow. On jinijarv 1C Ian Burrow and Hcnnie led a ihrint; delivery of five convicts from the prison farm near Huntsville. Tex., one of them be- lli!; Hamilton. The state legislature offered Sl.OCO reward for Hie cap- turo of th? "most dangerous desperado i:i Ire middle wesi." Barrow and Bonnie-, surrounded in a farm house at Joplin, Mo., early last year, shot their way out killing two officers. A small arsenal was found in the house as wi>!l us n bit of doggerel verse by Bonnie entitled. "Suicide Sal." describing her life with Barro-.v. Since then she has besr. known as Suicide 3al. Nebraika Pluu R*i« In Teacher's Salaries LINCOLN. Neb, (UP) — School boards of Nebraska have relaxed heir drastic economy programs ol year ago and salaries of school cachers ate on their way back up o pi-e-depresslon levels, according o Male school heads. Tin- general increase.' according lo Ktiue Superliitejuleiu Charles W. Tnylur. will average from el to ten per cent for the ittte, In many oentera the increases will be as high as 15 to 18 per ««t, Taylor Eald. St. Louis Picks Chorus For Annual Opera Season ST. 1.OU1S (DIM — From hundreds of iiiiplk-ams directors ol the Municipal Opera have selected more than 10U piosiwctlve chorus eli's and men lu irjouwi The opera Is to open June 4, p n , ln rw T«v «nd conthiiic until August 2U ml Duller LOuniy 1BX Hie outdoor amplilthealer In I'm cst I'nrk here, When the opevti oimis it will be the IGth season for Cue clnb- unu.' iiresi'titaiions. J. J. ShuLeri of New York Mill tills season Before Pemiscot Court LKHI pruduu- CARUTHEnsvn.u:, I'emlscot county clivml nml Jury \vlll dfcid-. 1 .-: 111.' lllltlcr I; ed to accept tr. • jol K. O. ll:i ' collector. In: MO,! jml' Co'.or blindness aflecls "about 4j c.'.nuji.' of vvi PIT win of males ar..i .-I jw ten'. | Icr rannly. del i u: kinak'S. ; by H.unnions was Kuir.'.e.l llu;- • uljin: in n : .u:t h'.e.l to low at^('i)tiu.i\- of the wtt'.pmont. i ca:c, aiid t^ftt lanycts Illegally re- >. Til; whole matter K the out- l!llllc<1 " &* ° r W.OOO, whereas, ac-.', growth or nu inyolyed lejial matter i ""Ordhig to claim of "Ue Butler :> crlKhntliii; l» Hie ao-ralli'd Darnes coui'.ty co'.irt. they were entitled la- lax,'in which a lintl-.-r eainuy Uerclve only $1,000. t:ixp.ijvr iMinpitnih-'.-il n I iv matlev j 1,-r '••'fflK t'.l!,)-AlM' u :•!.,[;;] )u:'y j Kl , ys nci j )n TrM li:\ .Jllr.i ;in:| ;h:- ::i..'.iLi :.'1:1 u! I TKUMBUU,, Conn. (US')— Utsl :i ii-.iiniiri of CIIIMII: tuii.i :--.i is. fir'(.,;] stc-phrn Ciutow^ki lu;t a buncli HV-A.'.V L. t.v iiu-iii-. . , if ^...y,. ;v ||. ?n rc tt _ ls tiirovn jrinii Kci-crds l:r.l!c.U.'. :i;---ir-'l.'i: la. li:s ntiUiiiioliil? Ill all arcWoni. Near\'.i:< i.-', nir:, c f il'e ciiiii-.iy in:;.-;, ili.ii ly ei';lil momhs later Itey ueie t:i.v ili'::'.' n-.-i n-.uh I i : . ,,-!- S.MHHI 'the !>n^liii< hlsh ill) In a Inr- .seen- 1 of tlie collision. SLfllER III Seoul Trooji 37 Now (lonipN.' Siicccs.sful \ca; TroDp 37 of the local Boy Scouts is closing a year of numerous activities and now boasts the largest and most broadly representative membership it, has had clurin;; its tcven years existence. The trcop has mel each Wednesday n!^i:t daring the school year. Last, fall the boys went 0:1 several hikes to Armorel and Lone Oak. Armistice Day wa-.5 celebrated by the forming of a color company for the large United States flag In the civic parade. As t::e weather became colder other activities interested the boys. With a Inr- kcy given by Roland Wolforl as the chief disli. a Christmas dinner was served and a tree held gilts fcr all. Most of the scouting work was done indcors during the winter time. The boat was repainted and recaulked and the trailer was ro- paired. Members improved their scouting knowledge by pissing tests and qualifying fcr merit bacijes. Patrol lunches, chili and hamburgers added to tlie meetings. Four patrols -had a basketball tournament, with Eddie Saliba captain of the winning team. Scout week was observed in February when bo'.h troops had charge of the city for a day. This gave the boys opportunities for training in practical citizens: ip. Several spring hikes have led the boys to Mill's Bayou. Armorel. and Big Lake, where the tnm was i:;?d Although the policy cf th: lroo;> been lo keep its membership small, a rising demand for scout- Ins; within the community has caused an increase in membership from 20 to 30 during the past, nin-.- months. Boys are admitted to the organization after these requirements have been met: 1.— apply for membership; 2. — promise to refrain from using tobacco, liquor, bid .language. or to do anything unbecoming a sccut- or a gentleman; 2.— receive a favorable vote from every troop member: -t — secure a confer'- ence between nl least one of his parents and Ihe scoutmaster: 5- procure consent fr:m parents to provide him a full uniform; (i— pay SI to trcasurv: 7. pay 50 cents JK: yeir registration fee. Charles I,, stubbs is scoutmaster. The troop committee is made up of n P. Klrshner. chairman Jns L. Guard. Frank C. U-.n;Ias anil Byron Morse. Officers of the troop are: L. O. T.-cmpson jr.. senior pnirol leader: Mo'.'.-e Kochtitrty. scribe: Ralph Williugham. J. H. Husband. Colin Douglas and Homer Smith, patrol. leaders. Other scouts are: Ulho Harnfi. Carl l/»v. RaymoiH Pi-V- er«tiu". Hardy Gray. Joseph Wol- ferl James Crltz. Ewart Terry, Toad Harrison. lificlt Elder. Eujcnj Hcoct, J-e B'.inijilc. Mai McElwain. Robert iferrick. Robert Jonlz. Billy Bre'.vcr. Colemnn Stevens. Marvin Nmm. Llovd Fiorinati. Oarrard Cau;!:ll. Edward Workman. .lames Barnes. John Harp. Irving Oaborne nnet Glen ^Tartln. These boys range from 12 to 20 years of age. Thompson Willinghnm and Barnes have been in the troop more than six Murder Charge Against Parker Morgan Will Be Heard at New Madrid CARUTHERSVILl.E. Mo. _ T:.c trial of Parker Morgan, accused of murder in connection with the fatal Fhcoting ol Carlos Adkins on the street, here last year, will be held Thursday at Ncw~Madrid, Ho . on a chanjc of venue. Motuan. who was at first jointly accusod vita his father. Henry Morgan, was granted a change of venue wh?n his case came up at Ihe March lerai of court here. The elder Morgan was freed at his trial here. Adkins was s'rct while being taken into, thn office of a local justice (o mnire bond on a charge growing out o( a fight in which lie had allegedly participated the night before. Two s'r.oLs were fired at him by the younger Morgan, "one taking effect in the abdomen, causing death later in a Memphis hospital. Al the time the shots were fired the elder Morgan was engaged wit,.Atkins in a fist fight. The (rouble w.ns said ,to have started over a fight between the ycungcr Morgan and Adkins in a rondhouse near this city the night before Adkins "was shot. Find Baby Dead STEELE. Mo.~Threc-months-o!d Chapman E. Noien was found dead his lied early Monday morning by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Nolcn, who live on the Lake farm. The baby had been in |>oor health sir.ce Ills birth. Read Courier News \Vain Ads NON-SKID SPOT PAD TRUSSKS The 1'erlect Rupture Holders! SKK OUR FITTKK NOW Consultation tinu Advice Free. We have a special tyjw for your rupture! Robinson Dnii; Co., Inc. Railroad A Slain St. Read Courier News Want Arts. FOR SALE Laredo Soybeans {2 per bushel Mammoth Brown S1.50 per bushel MooreBros. A SIX CO .. ' '•-'•i\^Jx£--L--:*^ and , . ., . ^.neerlng facts prove it. Experi- --^^^ ence in building nearly ten million cars confirms it. And the record of over 3,000,000 Chevrolet Six owners removes any shadow of doubt about it: The only way (o get real economy in a low-priced car is to insist on SIX cylinders and OVERHEAD valves. v,^ , !SIX cylinders— no more.'—because extra cylinders mean extra cost for gas, oil, upkeep and parts. OVERHEAD valves—nothing else.'—for the same good reason that airplanes use them. And speedboats. And racing cars. They get the MOST power out of the LEAST gas. That's why overhead valves are the choice of leaders—and champions. CHEVROLET MOTOR COMPANY, DETROIT, MICH. Compare Chevrolet's low delivered prices ind e«y C.M.A.C. terms. A Gtncnl Motors Value. m OVERHEAD • • •.%;'.-,<•'! . - * 'v -•; is the most iy| • i "'*{££ economical ^ -«** k ,K car in the world^l six SIX CYLINDERS nothing more OVERHEAD VALVES nothing «lso HORf -ii-SO 1V1JLES PER HOUR never j>e ^atisfied with any other low-priced car FULLY-ENCLOSED KNEE-ACTION WHEELS CABLE-CONTROLLED BRAKES -- - - - - . A/t .SHOCK-PROOF STEERING ' tiODIES BV FISKER SHOUSE-LITTLE CHI Blytheville, Ark.

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