The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 21, 1931
Page 2
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.BLYtnEVILLB. (ARK.)' COURIER'' NfeWS •ill SATURDAY;;FEBRUARY 21.' Society . -. , The Woman's auxiliary "or . the First Presbyterian church will have a Bible study at th: home ol Mrs. B. R. Allen. Mrs Ira Gray is louder of the Bible' s'.udy at the First Methodist. church. ' . . : Circles of the Woman's Missloii- ary union cf tl'ej ;B|it-. ^Biljilfst church will iraet/m ^h'ese homes: 1. Mrs. J. T. KrUllj-i^'Mr.E.^'tlh; Lindsay; 3. Mrs. J»tm'-&icl)ftiJ«ni Manila wten she w(ft lire! recipient of a number ol ?COurt«sJ£s and In this'-clty.' •}''••'•";': '.'•"(•' •.-••-, Tlie brfdmiwnvMio liis:bei;)i In business ii'uihbci 1 or y-ars, -Is president of the local B'lisl B'rllli and prominent In Jewish circles of the clly. Benefit 1'arly Is Attended Uy-Many. •• Thcfe v.-cru /seventeen tables of Bridge antf 'one of rank ul 1'ic benefit putty spon^.'i'd by ilic J AMeikniv, S/«;!i6n auxiliary l'rltl:o a'Ucrhcxm R 1 . Ill'} Woman's club. 4, Mrs. L. N\ Malhls; 5 v Mrs, Matt | T|lc , uU werc deccnUKl jr. cf. -.3 o clock w Kh Uh Uma , ,„ , ' mfcol-nrr at I'Trt nVlrvl- .. ' . . _ ....... FIRST CHUI-plf OF TIIK NAZARENE 110 Cherry Street A. T, MeAnally, I'astor Sunday school 9:4 • - .. i ijtiiiuay LLEIUUI y:4t> her marriage she was Miss'Eva i star, as (he opening feature oflCobb, Supt, We have Taylor, of this 'city. Hie ^school. Mrs. Floyd White and (wo sons] The ictn | In raragould for the week-end. Mrs. White's brother, Harry Jones, came over for them and Mr. White is motoiliii! there lomorow. Miss Eva Coak. of Luxora, was Ihe guest of h:-r sister, Mrs Clarence Vollmi-r. Friday. R. a. Harris has relumed from business. the gthers'meel'ng at 2:30 o'clock Tlia..missionary, .society .„«!-,.llio Lake ,Streci Methodist cliurch Is 'iv.Seting' with "Mrs. I/. 1 E. Gay. " Mrs. Clyde' Ellis is having Ihe Second bijancil. of Gcorg? Washinetcn's birth anniversary 'arid n, stnf iliar | note was seen In ' the nltrac'.ivc I tallies. Red Carnations nnd blooming plants were nlso used. )la n, m. C. E. class and teacher lo suit.all ages. . recently! lilc P nf >l° r will nnjaclj'nl bath .... .._., .._, moved lino its new homo oil the j morning and cveninj hours, 11 a. second floor at Main and Second streets In Ilic Blatnc building 1:30 p m. The N. Y. p. S, will meet at thc ==WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON ==Jesus Bearing the Good Tidings which has been remodeled with ! Church at 8:3u p, m. Program club rooms adjoining Hie main; "inject. "Stewardship and Tithing," lodge hall ' of all Masonic are Invited to attend thc Chlcka- Kenncth MeAnally, President. Gnr new church building at the ccriKT of Second and Vine streets will be ready for pray«r meeting t T I V, lilt n 1 ^ «« ,>Ill IJl; I tulljr ful UIJJCI llkUCUlltl sawba Lodge No. I'M P. and A. M.,1,,,,,, cholr pr j ctlcc Wednesday evc- missionary unlcn of the Baptist church.: The Business 'and . Professional Womaen's club .will have the imb-i ^•^"aml' coffee" lie speaking class at the Goff held.! ,., , , , •&'•"'< • Tuesday' '' H'«l n EC V rc l' r ' zl; vm wo " y ThV-!iHcrary department o'f;tl»!ft rs ':- "«"? Klrby,ln the bridge WonjafiJ club is meeiiiiB. at'!tl>i 'i£ me A-,._-^" le _ c A"!. n .r "J'.l T At the conclusion of four gumcs delicious refreshments of chicken ralnd. cheese crackers, pickles, hard were served. was Grand LeeUirer Will Hold School for Masons Here There will foe a school of instruction for all Masons o[ the lentil dls'.rict of the state held In this city Tuesday and Wednesday nill'ili with r?piTr,entnllvcs from Dono, jciiuhoru, nraoklnnd, Lake City, Monetle, Nettlelcn, Hnrris- Ijur'g. LeiMiilo..Marked.Tree, Weln- tr, Trumann. 1'yrpnza, Osccola,; Frenchman Bayou,"'Manila, Hntl-j man, Wilson. Leaclivllle' and- ISly- ttccordlng .to Ixiule Waters, sscre lary. e Interesting array of gifts do iul. ulll bevin charge of. the school t^,, 1 Floyd A. -White is having the iTJiesday Ccntnicl club. "" ^^ Wcdncsil.iy j^ " ^ cncsi.iy MrI.';W. H. Mim-ard Is hostess lo ' for the highest scores. The high A spaghetti supper will be scrv- scorcr at each table won a. into, eel Tuesday evening. 0:30 o'clock, jor Lemp Entertains Negro School Students The BlythEvlllc negro school siu- dcnls were entertained yesterday by Major Lemp, corresponding' secretary of the United Christian Volunteers. •' lie led in a drill. • playing 'iie driim, with- thc children waving Uiflr Haas given by Mr. Lemp. •$e also gave each pupil a gijt.'' "Amcrlctl" ivas smiij untl a George Y/ashtngton : program c"fl'rrlc"cl~ out with Mr. Lemp making an 'interesting address. nine at 7:30. This will be the First Service In tlK New Church. Saturday evening at 7:30 p in. the Sath \ve will have Fcbrur with i E.'J, Fleming, General Secretary of athe Church of the Nazafonc, from Kansas Ci'.y, Mo., who will preach Saturday evening at 7:30 p. in. and Sunday at 11 a. in. and at 7:30 p. • The International Uniform Sunday School Lesson for Feb. 22. Je- tus Btsrin* the Gopd Tidlnes. TeU; Luke 8:1-15. ;: • V •••;»_•*'•".»• "'" ' .1 B* W»t' K. GJLKOY, tf.- D.;:' Editor of .The Consrcsatipi This -lessori' throws .'great' upon the methods by which' Jesus did his work and accomplished that ministry which,' In Its brief perloi of probably less than three years,. laid the foundation, not only 'fof ; all that lias the world through an extension -of Christianity,' but for all the' deeper things that have flowed definitely from Christian llfo and influences. The ministry of :Jesus • was }a(i itinerant ministry! In lie very form the new cliurch the R.--V ! Illerc *'*"• something dynamic In it from \hc beginning. There were occasions whSn the people came- to Jesus, when they thronged aboul him by the Sea of Galilee or in the fields or even In the city streets eager to hear his words. But for the most part Jesus .wont abou preaching nnd went about doing good. He did not wait for men anc ;.vomen to come to the. Gospel; he We will aiso have our Arkansas District Superintendent Rev. Jllm W. Oliver, from Little Hock, who will preacli Sunday afternoon at 3'p. Come and hear the toolc Ule G °spel to them. great 1 M»n <T God. Everybody Is invited to attend these services nnd to make this church your church. • , The pincc having the lightest; SECOND BAPTIST E. /. Newsom, 1'astor. rainfall on earth, so far as kno:ui. • s , m j aj , sc i lool 9:45 A M w M selections being made according by the-Welltiestlay Bridge club. to ll " M"™- wltl > ttet ' "celvln'j Thi''-Matinee Brit'TC club !s|fc ltl - s: M™ames L. D. Glllcn, J. meeting' with Mrs. Francis Car-1 W: Williams, R. C. Dent. Jr., J. a. pcnt'er-- * Coulter. Max D. Rcii!, Hunter C. .,''. : : Thursday ! Sims, Everett D. Gee. Max Meyers, Mi%';C. W. AHIiris is entc-rtnii'-! w - D - Clmmblin, Jr., Eugene nicking the' : Thursday Luncheon club, ienson, H. A. Taylor. Mabel Watts, The.';Young Matron? Snck-e clubiA. C. Ward, W. J. Pollard.-Ernest if. ivf.Hing with Mrs. \fox B.~Rcid. Rcc and Samuel F. Norrls. MIT Mre.'.W. -L. Hc,-n«: h h-:<;e=s to C. J. Little won the cut prize, the Mld-Wcck Bridge c!«- the members of Ilic Eastern there In 17 years'. .s Arlca. Chile, with an avcru^- -, Blaylock. superlnicnd .all of only .02 inch a year: O::!y • Preaching 11 A. M. three measurable showers occurml! j,t. by the pastor. ident. nnd 7:15 P. BRIDGE WM. K McKES'XKV i Secretary American Bridge !.ru i Even correct bidding will . , Frifey Tfit' \Sas Nakra nl club >f I ' Want Gccd Allcndancp. _i:e Beta Chi Sunday school r.-.eclin|j: \v1th Mrs. a. ?. Kc'o:^ clnrs of the Firs', Presbyterian Endure. ;T. H. HajTics a: ih;[church, which led all classes of Echpis'h'crm;. ^ •'! - Saturday itho ; chinch In- attendance last TljtreUs.n story iiour at iho lib- rr.ryiioj cliiidren between the ages o; six-intl Xen years. ' " : Boronsky-Shcrman The"wcdding of Miss Pearl Slier- Sunday, is. attempting to Increase this; number, toitiorrow. The class room ,hns recently Iwcn refurnished jmd other attractive features added. 1 •••,•- , • • ( Striving For times get wrecked on the rocks of distribution. Don't become discouraged if you have bid a hand correctly and you are badly defeated. Rather, compliment your opponents on taking advantage of the .situations. ' rr.ari; df-Tulsa; Okla., and Mr. Will- j Aiy.itiirtanrc Goal :..-m .Bcjnowsky, of Manila, was ccle-'j 7rhH Jidilll' dc^ta ' . I«d ' dc^tarlrilmt 'of the evening !il Uie Flfjt Baptist church, of which the B'Xai;aiiu.nah synasrosur- of-Tpl5a|-Ddrcas.cIas.v:is>tt' part,- is striving -.-:th=ai Rev. M. Z. Toniovsky and for an attendance record. The goal Etb!$ O. 2. Fasnian reading Ihelof ioo iiv.'tlie department with 25 -:irrisj? iervice before a large)' O f Mies; In' tlio , Dorcas class was n>-jberiE£. 2i - . ,- , r rEcenUy -readied' but since that A^aLl canopy cf southern I tln!e lllc "llcnciance has fal!.:n off. s--:2B-:&d : :rossi waj erected ovcrj - T - "• Ha >' ncs ' superintendent ol -- WEST S-T-'S H-K.Q- 8-7-5 D—A-tt-4 O-Q-10-5 NORTH S—None H-l-9-6-3 B—K-i- C-R-K-J-7 EH5T S-Q-9-E- 4-3-2 H—Konc D—7-6-3 C-9-3- is-.s LsprGTlsed altar o! palms and K'JtMra srnilax flanked at each fl?eSy? Jail .baskets filled with rests and --spring flowers. Tt-.i color r.cte.-.jsfi turquoise and white fca- lured'in the gown; of ihe maid of hcacir. in the flowers decorating ihe e.-The ccnler aisle was .'white satin ropos, and at evisry other pew slo:d whlt'd candelabrum cnlwincd with clus-. the department, Is urging all members to attend. Harwell Union Will Have Special l'rof;ril:n /The .Harwell 1). Y. P. U. of SOUTH—DEALER S—A-K-1-10-S H-A-10-4-2 D—9-5 lies with the ace, South -plays' Hi? four, telling Ills partner to contlir.u 1 wllh the clubs—that he has ce;i'- tiol of the next trick. North should not piny-the Jacl:.- but shoii'ltl -foi'd t lip , seven of clubs, jvhcih SouUi tr'inrips with the'deuce of hearts. South returns Hie king of spades and-North echoes wllh tho eight of diamonds. , : , 'South can count tiie declarer fcr one more spade, and he can sec no possible chance of tlip declarer getting into the dummy, therefore ! he continues with the aco of. spades.' North completing his diamond cc!::i! by, .discarding thc deuce.-.' Snir.r, j (hen. switches lo Ihe nine of d!?.- n.ionds, the declarer flnesses'-lhji queen, which North -wins with tiie North returns the I Morning subject. The second section of the old Bible History, i "From Abraham lo Mcscs". Evening subject, "Winning the Lost". B. Y. P. U.s, 6:15 P. M. Come to Sunday school Sunday, we 'think we have as good a Sunday school as can be found In town. The devotional services Sunday morning will be in charge ol Mrs. T. Kline's and Mis. Hattie- Smiddy 'a classes. : : : • "Come and help us grow glow." • i and In this there is a great lesson .-for Christians - today—a lesson strong ly enforced by many examples li the history of Christian progress One thinks of thc itinerant preach ers In the days of the Crusades One thinks of the movements o life in thc days'of thc intrepid an> restless Jesuit Fathers, 'explorim. the-woods and wilderness of a new world. One thinks of John Wesley's itinerant preaching,' and the. preaching of the lay preachers whom he Inspired. All through the ages the ministry that goes about has been a very elective ministry. Different Kind of Preaching With Jesus went, the 12 whom he had specially chosen. Whether or not they were with him all the time cr whether lie sent them also . in thc neighborhood of his own preaching is not clear. Some passages would indicate that as they went with him they werc not always listening, but were themselves preaching as members of a I-'IKST .METHODIST CIIUKCII .Main and West Seventh Strecls 1'. (f. Horlc, Pastor preaching company. Perhaps the Master fell, that they could not preacli until ihey had listened, that Worship and sermon 11 A. M.I tlls! y co »ld not minister the Word and 7^30 P. M. until they had received it Into their choir. '"»*« * vesper sown hearts. Morning service broadcast over KLCN. '_• • Sunday school 9:45 A. M. and Senior Leagues • - Tlie Bidding The band was most disappointing to West. South, the dealer, opened the bidding with one spade. There is no question tut what West Deads' the jack of clubs which the . Junior, Hy 6:30 P. M. (. Woman's M diamonds which the declarer "wins i ^ 2;3 ° Pl ,* 1 ' •,•>,> w«h-tlje'ac<S Trying- tb get-n'IMirt'I p P <? yer " lce "" E Wwi '«« d --S' 7:3D lead up to his hand, Ihe declarer' ' ' ' returns-thc fonr.of-diamonds which North wins with tiie ten, South discarding the eight of spades, but North refuses lo lend trump and Is justified In ovcrcalUn; with two do wllh .-/The ..Harwell B. Y. P. U. o wj hearts. What would you Fust Baptist church will have a [ho NoiMl noU1 | 11S!? You racial, program at Ihe meeting lias toU1 ,„„ (llat nc „„, Emioay evening al.Oilo oclcck wil"',,,,,,.!,,,,, trlcks defensively. > two |llul Certaiii- , , . . .... A .strinsed orchestrti played the! monllis. -Brid'al-.Chprus" from "Lohengrin"! A11 numbers are urged lo be lor t!:<i'processional, and the Men-l -'--•-- c j • Club Kiilrrlaincd • Miss Katlicrinc Lasrlcr was hcst- css to members cf the "Entre Nous 1 ' oolssohrij wedding music for the I recessional. Tiie pride was accompanied to the altar by her parents, and the bridegroom"' was attended by Mr.l Bridge club and their husbands nnd Mte; I Becker cf Slkeston Mo. '"t evening at the home of Mrs. Others-in the bridal party were! W. Owen Blue. Miss!Ruth Sherman, a sister ol th. bride.'..who was maid of honor; Miss'-Farmle Bc-cker of Sikcston, bridesnia';d;iand Miss Lillian Mar- In the games Mrs. Tom Healon won Ihe ladies priz?, a pe-llcry vase, and high score pri/o ninr-us the men. hose, went to W. Owen go)in;..jfno f\?as '.he junior brides- Besides the club -mil-.5vs._ Mr. mald/Wri Bpro-,v*ky'E t.?sl man was; and Mrs. G, r. Echoi* were fmtsls. Mr. Ricfiard, Jietlel ft here. ' I Delicious refreshments of chicV:- The r br>de was a radiant in her j en salad, rye bread FitndwichM. bridal gown of ivory falln embody-t coffee and mints were revved. ing the princess silhouette and I - * iiiadiii^ith .long tight sleeves and (-'lass Surprlsrs Trachcr a long.-train. Her wedding veil of-' M-nnbers of the Ever Ilrnriy Sun- tulc.^.'exlcndcd far beyond her!-day school class ol thc Second train,'afid \yas held in place on her] Baptist church surprised tueir head"-by a~: coronet arranged Over I teacher. Mrs. W. M. McFarlantl. n lace.cap. l . ; She •.von' a lace veil j with a fruit shower last evening in whichV.fell' to her knees and-'thei rcincmboring her birthday. The 12 carried'a bouquet of gardenias- j E»"ts played games and contests The'riiaicl of honor wore an old-1 with Miss Susie Richards winmns fashioned bouffant frock of tur-j the prize. quoise "net made with long fuH I- I-'rait and candies \vrrc served tkirfhayins a train in the back, thrcughout thc evening. Her flowvrs^'were Johahnahill roses | arrarifgd'* ill a locse-'Ti b~:quc-t. : '' Ml c s ;I^cker r wore a i:cck of tur-^.' r,uoiss : .cr|pe-,hav!ng a neck line, of; net a'pifl-'rhihestot^s. and she car- j ried RlTiarm boum:ct of Talismau'i rosesy -'The' junior bricicsaiaid's dress''was an exact duplicate o! th; niaid'-'of• honor's gown, she carried a'c'reaiii lace basket Tilled wi'.ii : by n business double than you can by putting in any other suit bid. Therefore, North's proper declarations is to double two hearts. East passes and South must believe in Ills partner and pass. West passes. The Play North has the opening lead ami the proper suit Is chits. The king should be led. dummy plays small nnd South should play Ihe spat, 'preparing hinr.'.'lf to echo out in clubs. When North contln-j "BilsofNews Mostly Personal declarer Is forced to trump with 'ils five of hearts. \ If : only lie knew how thijse hearts were distributed, he might 6»ve an extra trick by leading a small heart, but the declarer by now Is so discouiaged that he plavs thc king of hearts .which South-win with the ace. South returned yip Jack : of spades «''nclr'tte''u&la8i- trumped with the seven of hci, but Norlh overtrumped with the nine ami returned a small heart South ptaycri the ten, forcir.j yie. declarer's queen rind North won the last heart trick with the jack West has only taken throe tricks and" is minus 530 on his two heart bid. Do not become discoursed' If this happens to you on n Fimilai hand. Remember that sound bidding will win in the majority 'oi Rulli as Family Man S. L. Poivtjl hrn relurnod to lib Joharihahiil" and Tr.'i.,.;..i;i roses.', home- in Rlylhrville alter vist;l:ia Mrs. Sherman wr^ a ^rowu of i<r; : -' brolhcrr, sisters 'n Knitucky. | l:eije^crepe and Jace. r'ni Mrs. J. L. Guard an! L. M. P.n:-t will ' Becker u'oie a dress of black chit- 1 r.o t? Equality, 111.. 10:1101 icsv for fon. ' ' • .a brict visit. .- An . informal rcc?plir>n in the Mrs! E. p. Gillen and Mrs. G. G. Sherman hntnc followed the cere- j Caudlll. are in .Memphis today ior many. Baskets of flowers were cm- ; the luncheon giv.-n by the Com J ployed t;/..rlECorat~ 'the rooms. The: nuidorc Perry chapter of the rcfr'.in>nis table held a handsome D.'iiighters cf the Amcr.ran Hi-vol- wcdcSi'igljtakc, at the base of whicli ulic.n lor mcmt?rs cf the William was a. garland of tmilas. Crj-stal Strong chapter. bowls'TtUid Tith Johannahlll rcscs Tom WralgUt will sprnd the and lllllei of the valley anS f;rns. wr-ksnrl In Joncsbovo. ond iybfy tapers otherwise adorned : Mr. and Mrs. George Diiialmnly Ihe table. ; fii\: familv. of Osctola. hav: mnvc-1 Mr.-. and Mrs. Borcwiky left last Mo this city and are now residing evening- for a wedding trip through in the Harvey H. Haley property | the south: They will be at home in . en West Walnut street. Manila; '"after March 15. • \ Charles Cripc-jr returned last The.- bride recently visited at S night from Memphis \\hoc he - — - : - j spent two days with Mrs. Cnegev TMT?TTTPN7 A • l ai - tl ll)eir new s °u. cimics in. 1LM. J^lJijl>/j/i | kcm Thursday night nt thc Met ht % <sPR1? AHTNP l cdist nospilal. Thc bauy weighed -J Ol i\Ljj!-VJJU\V7] eight pounds and nine ounces at once with 6GG] J- \- ward win go to camviiie. , K e 666 Salve for | Memphis, is visiting here. Before Last chapter of the Kmg- om Extension Series and - review if entire book. Choir rehearsal Wednesday 8:15 . Anderson will preac M. Dr. J. larch 1st, at 7:30 P. M. nnd hold he Second Quarterly . Conference. The Missionary Council of the Voinan's Missionary Society of the 1. E. Chnrcli. South, will meet In Memphis March 12th, through to March Ifith. T.Thc Animal Training School of qlirislian Wcrk:rs of. the East lalt'of the Joneshoro District, will it held in First Methodist Church beginning Sunday akernoori March 22nd, and This ministry of Jesus, especially in its preaching, was in some respects very different frcm much of ti'.c'preach'iiitr of today. It was a- preaching 'largely by illustrations and stories. It was. apparently, conversational in style and often conversational in fact. Here in this lesson we .have an example of preaching in the story of tho Parable of the Sower, the teaching of... which is in reality not so much regarding the sowing of the seed' as regarding Its reception. The lesson of the parable is not "Take heed how ye preacli," Text: Luke 8:1-15 And It came to pass afterward, that he went throughout every city and village, preaching and shewing the glad tidings of the kingdom ol God: and tho twelve were with him. And certain women, which had been healed of evil spirits and Infirmities, Mary called Magdalene, out of whom went, seven tleviis. And Joanna, the wife of Cliuza, Herod's steward, and Susanna, and many others, which ministered unto him of their substance. And when nuicri people were gathered together, and wev: conic to him out of every city, he spake by a parable. A tower went out to sow his seed: end as he cowed, some Ml by the way side; arid it was trodden down, and the fowls of the air devoured it. And some fell upon a rock; and as soon as it was sprung up, it withered away, because it lacked moisture. And some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprang up with it, and choked it. And other fell on good • ground, and sprang up, and barD fruit an hundredfold. And when he had said these things, he cried. He that hath cars to hear, let him hear— And his .disciples asked him, saying, What might this parable be? ' i And he said, Unto you it is given to know ihe mysteries of the kingdom" ol God:" but to others in parables; that seeing they n;! not see, and hearing they might not understand. - • Now the parable is this:-.The.seed is. the word of God..,. ..- .. Those by thc way side" are they that hear; then cometh the devil, antl taketh away the word out of their hearts, lest they should believe and be saved. They on the rock -are they, which, when they hear, receive but 'Take heed how ye hear." Interprets Parable the word and these have no root, which for a. while This parable Is notable in that we have the interpretation of it by Jesus himself. It is not always easy to get a minister- to explain his sermon and tell what be means. In tins case, Ihe meaning might easily have been lost or mistaken. In fad-. In spite of the plain in- believe, and in time of temptation fall away. And that which fell among thorns are they, which, when they j have heard, go fonh. and- are choked with cares and ric!ra and pleasures of this life, and bring no fruit to perfection. But that on the good ground ara they, which in • an' honest and gocd heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth frmi with patience. Hearer, or li'.r parable of the various kinds of ground. The mean- March 27tli. Two lesson .periods each evening. This is a Standard School and credit certificates will be granted at the last of the school. tiio night of', '"Prciation of Jesus, there has j ing of the parable is lost to: us Last year obtained credit. It been a tendency to misunderstand' unless we profil by it lo dhcovar the parable. We call it the Par- | what sort of ground is foui able of the Sower, whereas in re-1 our own hearts. - allty it is the Parable of the I The point of the parable is that I realm of grace. God is constantly and everywhere scattering the seeds of trut'.i. but that these seeds take root and grow only in the hearts prepared :iid in i to receive the truth. It Is a law of nature that Jesus applies in th2 is expected that over '100 will re- ; Devotional and Bible Study Wcd- ceiv'c credit this year. i ncsclay at 1:45 P. M. CHRISTIAN SCIENTE CHUItCIl "Mind" is t.ic- subject of the Lesson-Sermon to be held in the Chti5tian Science service on Sunday, February 22nd. The Golden Text is. "The earth shall be fuil of the knowledge ol tile Lord, as the waters cover the sca" (Isaiah 11:9). '• Among the citations from the Bible i? the following. i;p the depth oi t'.ie riches boih : of the wisdom r,nd knowledge of God! how unsearchable are l\|s . judgments, and his ways ;liiidhi' out! For who hath kr.'owri the mind of the Lord? or who; hath been his counsellor?" (Koinans 11: 33, 34>. Tile Lesson-Sermon will also include passages from the Christian Science tost book. "Science and Health with Key to the. Scrip- lures." by Mary Baker Eddy. Services are held at the Hotel i Nobel, Room 104. lo Himself?" is the subject for 10:50 a. m Choir rehearsal Thursday even-] O. C. Barnes will deliver the ing at 7:30 o'clock. Mrs. Paul j n-.essage Sunday evening at 7:30 p. Tipton. Leader. | m. . The two men classes oi oui Sun- j The men and boys will have full •e will i)e solos, ciuarbde and chorus selections of sacra; songs, by the . *..t *.. u ,111.11 i.»io^t;3 ui uui ouu- i iut ;u:u uuii, w ui nii\ day school have gone into one! charge of this service. Tlion class and have reorganized for a great class. It known as the "Business Men's Bible Class". The paslor is the teacher. Pleas Sccoy, president. We invite every man not in Sun- j men and Iwys oniy. Ev ?rytxxly 15 invited to this most helpful nnd inspirinj service. Hi League at 6 o'clock Senior HRST CHRISTIAN* CHURCH E. K. Lalimer, minister Church, schcol, 9:45 a. in. Hoiy communion and r.^rmcn, 11 a. m. Subject: "Stars". Christian Endeavor societies, 0:30 p. m. Evening Praise and sermon, 7:30 p. m-. A cordial welcome to all. day-school to attend our class. League at si:40 Sunday schcol at! LAKE STIIKET METHODIST CHURCH W. J.'oy, I'aslnr "Shall E*i!ry Man Be A Law Un- Tlie-vRuth family has reached' Si. Petersburg. Fi a .. \\herc the mastei'\of the house will go into training lor another major i0.iB«c baseball campaign, his 18th. wi:h t:ic expressed rtcsirc to icg.iln homo run EUiwmacy wrested from him last year by Hack Wilson, Ihe Cubs' strong man. Above, led to right, arc Mrs. Ruth the Babe and Dorothy Ruth, their adopted daughter. nrtsT CHRISTIAN* tinmen Marsh M. Callau.iy, r.istor Sunday schcol. 9:45 n. m Ray \Vorthington, snpermlqrident. Morning worship. 11 a. m. Spc- f,al music. Christian Endeavor i-ociety. 0:30j «. m. Evening church. 7:30 p. m. The pastor will give an :\ccc'.;nt of Uic \\orid conference of minions attended at Cli.iltanoo;a. Trim., this week. The public is cordially invited to nttcnrl. FIRST BAPTIST ClH'ltl'H Corner Walnut and Kigbth Streets Alfred S. Harwell. Taslor . Our graded Sunday school begins at P:45 A. M. U. \V. Miillins, Superintendent. Preaching by the pastor at 11 A. M. and 7:45 p. M. Morning subject: "The Work ol Christ in Establishing the Gospel". Evining subject: "Gcd's Findings and The Sinner's Fears". All B. Y. V. begin at 6:15 P. M. Miss Lima Wilhelm, dlrect- r;ss. Sunday schcol officers and teachers meet Wednesday at 7 P. XL Ll'THKItAN CHUKCii 11. J. Klcindicnst, Pastor Services arc held at tin- St. S'^ ,ihcn Episcopal church at 10 r.'clock 9:4.i. There was a fine attendance tt -j t i, the rhcme for the divine last Sunday, let's double it tomor- worship Sunday. "Victory Over row - . Hie Temptation Of The Devil." Prayer meeting and choir re-1 Sunday school and Bibb class, licarsal Wednesday night. ' 0:15 a. in. Holiday nary 23,1931 closed Monday commemoration of Washington's rthday he ariners Bank & Trust Co» National Bank I

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