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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, August 15, 1949
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. XLV—NO. 122 Blytheville Daily Ned Blythevill* Courier BlythevlU* Henld Mississippi v&lley Leader THZ DOMINANT HEWSPAPER or NOBTBIA8T AP»*»"^> AMD SOUTHEAST MISSOURI BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, AUGUST 15, 1949 TWELVE PAGES Blythev'dle Retail Sales Soar Above Average NEW YORK, Aug. 15.—Business activity in Blytheville hit a liijrli figure during the past year, with retail sales well ahead of its quota among the cities of the United States. The findings are contained in Sales Management's copyrighted survey of buying power, a 600-page study just completed, covering every community of over 10,000 population Blj-theville accounted (or retail* TOP ARMY MEN GET TOGETHER—Gen. Omar N. Bradley, Secretary of the Army Gordon Gray and Gen. Joseph Law ton Collins (left to right) pose together at the Pentagon, in Washington. The Senate today confirmed the nominations of Gen. Bradley to be chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and Gen. Collins to succeed Bradley as Army chief of staff. (AP Wire-photo). 1949 Assess me ntMcMath Arrives Figures in County ToAddressCo-Op Show Large Gains Assessment totals for Mississippi County for 1949 show substantial gains over the previous year, according to comparison ol" figures for the two years. + Totals on valuations for the Smuggling Cited In Percent Probe Employe of Firm Giving Freezer 'Gifts' Accused by Senator WASHINGTON, Aug. lo. UPl — Senator McCarthy (R-Wis) said today an employee of the company reported lo have paid for deep freezes sent to Mrs.- Harrv S. Truiiiah and ». "Kiircibe'r of oiKei notables had engaged In "attempted smuggling activities." McCarthy emphasized that he does not think there was anything "even remotely improper" on Mrs. Trumai.'s part. - The Wisconsin senator made his statement at the opening of today's five-percenter hearing. The Senate Investigating Committee is trv- ing to find out whether improper influence with government officials figures in the activities of persons who charge fees for help in landing government contracts. Admits "Gifts" Albert J. Gross, a Milwaukee manufacturer, told the committee last week that his" company sent deep freezers to Ma]. Gen. Harry H. Vaughan, President Truman's military aide, ami a number of other prominent Washingtoninns. He said the units were paid for by the Albert Verley Company, a Chicago perfume house. In a statement to newsmen Saturday. Vaughan said two old friends of his—one of whom Is associated with the Verley company and the olher reported to have been associated with it formerly— gave him seven freezers in 1915. and that he in turn made gifts of them to friends. Vaughan said he had one of the freezers sent to the "Little While House" at Independence. Mo A committee member has snid he WAS told ^ that Mrs. Truman sent a rcezcr to Chickasawba and Osceola districts have been compiled by Herbert Shippen of Osceola. assessor, and P. E. Cooley of Blytheville, auditor for the county. Personal properly assessments for 1949, on which Uies will'be paid in 1950, show a total of 55,757,930. which is an Increase of slightly more than 18 p*r cent over the 1918 total of 51,873,075. City real estate, which was assessed this year for a t%vo-yeat period in each of the municipalities in the county, shows a total of $3.267,570. This is a gain oi nearly 13 per cent over the $2,892,300 reported for 1948. Of the S375,- 270 increase, approximately $250,000 \va5* in the towns in the Chickasawba District, and $125,000 in the Osceola District. Rural real estate was not assessed this year, except to include 1m- irovements which wefe added dur- ng the past year.r These improvements were listed at $15.000 for the "ihlcknsawbji District, and $58.935 for the Osceola District. An increase of $1,331.060 in assessments on both real estate and personal properly will hring the county's total (o a record hi)fh, anil above Ihe S20.WO.OOO mark fnr the first time. Consistent gains have been noted in recent years and the 1949 total, when valuations on public utilities are received from the Arkansas Public Service Commission, may go above $ZI,000,{:00 Personal property assessments In the south half of the county were greater than for the r.ortn half. In the Osecola District the total was S'J.952,285 for an increase of 8450,230 over the 1948 total. In the Chickasawba District, the total this year is $2,805.645, for a gain of S434,625, the figures from the as- Governor is Guest Of Missco Leaders At Luncheon Meeting Governor Sidney McMath arrived in Blytheville today to address members of the Misslssipp County Electric Cooperative Inc. at that, group's annual meeting a Walker Park. H. C. Knnppenberger, managci of the organization, said 1.000 o the 3.600 members are expected to be on hand lo hear the governo: and to attend the business meeting which will get underway a 1 1:15. The business session will includi election of officers and member: to the board of directors. This will mark Ihe ninth annua meeting of the cooperative which is serving more farm houses In on county than any other utility li the nation. Mr. Knappenocrger saio me co operative's 800 miles of lines which serve more than 3.600 customers represents an "Investment of ap- . t thank-yon note for this fr o f Gross, thinking he was "ic donor. today's session McCarthy there is nothing In the record suggesting that there was anything even remotely improper on the part of Mr.=. Trtiman She is the tvne of Inrtv who I. inr-in^lc Sec SMUOCLIXU on 1'agc 12 At said: "I feel Weother Arkansas forecast: Partly cloudy this afternoon tonight and Tuesday. A few afternoon or evening thun- dcrshowers. Not much change In temperatures. Missouri forecast: Partly cloudy, warm and humid through Tuesday except scattered thundershowers south this afternoon or tonight. Minimum this morning—74. Maximum yesterday—97. Minimum Sun. morning—13. Maximum Saturday—96. Sunset today—6:48. tomorrow--5:21 Precipitation 48 hours lo 7 a.m. I today—none. Total since Jan. 1—37.44. Mean temperature (midway between high and low)—85.5. Normal mean for August—80:2. N. O. Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 15 fAP>— Closing cotton quotations: High Lo W close °cl 3000 2989 2998-99 sessor disclosed. Many Tractors and Trucks A total of U2S horses was listed U.S. Girl May Attempt Channel Swim Tonight Dec. Mch. May Jiy. . 2993 2933 2980 2969 2012 2837 2989 2977B 2910 Automobiles, trucks, tractors and other farm equipment account for approximately half of the personal assessments in the county. The assessor listed 5.888 cars and trucks valued at $746,020 in the north half of the county, and 6.933 vallued at 5917,150 for the south half. Tractors arid farm equipment added S947.370 to the personal assessment total. Horses and other livestock o Mississippi County farms accounted for only a comparatively small part of the personal assessment total. In the south half of the county, 6.182 mules were assessed for $154.110. This compares with 2.383 mules In the north half. They were valued at S46.680, making the averag for the county about $24 each. and the average per animal wa., slightly In excess of S24. In the north half of the county 2.503 head of cattle were listed with a valuation of S40.6-S5. while In the south half there were 4.273 head valued at S72.070. A total of 8.375 hogs was listed for the south half compared to 3,053 in the north half with a combined valuation of 455,120. Merchandise Slocks Listed Household goods added $769.470 to the assessment total with the greater portion listed for the north half of the county. Merchants and manufacturers stocks of merchandise added tl.474,594 to the assessment total. Personal property assessments against banks showed a total of $132,500. Members of Ihe equalization board held their first meeting for 1949 this morning In Osceola. w. W. Prcwctt of Osceola Is chairman, The board will be In session In Osceola again tomorrow, and will be in Blytheville Wednesday and Thursday. | They will review the assessment i figures and send out notices to taxpayers whose assessments have been increased and later give them an opportunity to meet with the Committee Okays Full Amount for Arms Aid .ales of $27,796,000, an increase over the $26,092,000 done by the local itores the previous year. Thus the :ity did .0213 per cent of the na- ion's business with but .0122 per ! cent of the national population. II also was ahead on a statewide basis, doing 2.360 per cent of Arkansas' business although it has only .924 per cent of the population of the state. How well Blytheville families fared is shown by their effective income— t'he amount available to them for spending after payment of |>ersonal taxes. With net earnings of 15,535,000 for the 5,500 families in Dl.vtheville the average was $2,825 per family last year. The fact that retail sales were greater In volume than local income indicates that the city Is the hub of a large trading area. Per Individual in the city, the average available after taxes was S873. Blythevllle's strong buying .power and consequent Importance as a trading center are indicated by the "quality of market" index of 106 assigned to It. the report indicated. This shows its proportionate pur- chasing power compared with thai of the nation, which has a base of 100. President of Syria And Premier Slain; New Cabinet Selected By the Associated Press A new cabinet was named In Syria Uxley following a lightning military coup in which the president ami premier ot the Middle East country were slain. President Husni Zayim, who had seized power only four and a half months ago, fell before a firing squad at the Mnzza military barracks yesterday. Premier Muh- sen Bey lierazi, generally considered the bialns of the regime, died with him. The coup was carried out by a group af senior army officers led by Col Siimi Hennawi, 51, Syrian hero of the Palestine war. Hennawi told Syrian political leaders last night that Zayini was guilty of ''conceit and depotlsm". Rightists Win Mandate To Rule West Germany SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS B.v Brack Curry FRANKFURT, Germany, Aug. 15. (/!>)—Western Germany has handed ite right-wing parties a mandate to direct the new federal republic Nine Killed, 49 Rescued proximately $1,000.000. Gov. McMath was entertained with a luncheon at the Noble Hotel prior to the cooperative's meeting. He was scheduled to leave later this afternoon for Memphis where a reception and dinner honoring him and Tennessee's Governor Browning are to be held by the Memphis Atlantic Union Committee. Pedestrian Is Injured Near Osceola Bill Hunt of Gould, Ark., was Injured yesterday afternoon on Highway 40, about six mile.s from Osceo- for the crucial next four years. More than 24,000.000 Germans swai-mea to the polls yesterday, in their first free election since Hitler to* over in 1933. They handed Communism its fourth major defeat in Western Europe since the war. France. Italy and West Berlin said 'no" to the Reds in earlier elections. Western Germany's rebuff marks the retreat of Communism to the River Elbe where the Red army stands euaid. West German voters also rejected socialism and extreme right pro- N.-.zi groups, giving control of the _..», T ,..^, %^ $?£"%£ "p^ „««* ?-4- *™.^n«««« have the confidence jjjfr American tional oJIicinls. - | A B in bright, hot weather, the peo- dent of „,,. „„,„ „„ Bnnolmcea pie strolled to the heavily-policed M r. Jones comes to the Blythe- polls in sober family groups. There vllle bank from Manila where he were a few street fights in some was vice president and cashier of cities but for the most part voting the Merchants and Planters Bank „.„ .. jM i., i •--"-•- Dyeraburg . Tem,.. he TESTIMONY FROM HUNT'S SKCUICTAHV-Mlldied Ortmeyer secretary to James V. Hunt, watches William Itoacr. chief counsel lor Senate Investigating committee, check a point In a transcript ot testimony she gave July 7 to committee and Army Investlgiitor-s. Rogers read the transcript at the "five percenters" probe session. Miss Ortmeyer said she delivered to the office of MaJ. Gen. Harry Vaughan. picsldcntia aide. In the White House last spring a memorandum from MaJ. Gen Aldcn H. Waltt on the fitness of certain Army officers to succeed Waltt as army chemical corps chief. (AP Wlrephoto). ia, when he struck by an auto. Deputy Sheriff Dave Young of Osceola said a car driven by Rev. D. P. Watts was hit from the rear as it attempted to make a left turn from the highway. Hunt, Mr. Young said, was standing or walking beside the highway Airliner Crash-Lands in Ocean Manila Banker Accepts Post m _^ Iff of the First Na•B«a«k -here on August 24. vice presi- GALWAY, Ireland, Aug. 15.+ (AP)—Its fuel exhausted, an ! American four-engined airliner bellied into tlie Atlantic off western Ireland in darkness early today. Nina of its. 58 occupants were killed and i-lie rest were saved in a dramatic sea-air rescue. * orderly. __ ^ j v-i Christian Democrats Lead j began his banking career ir Topping the popular vote with 7,- when h e was associated wit 356,025 were the conservative Chris- Farmers Bank and Trust Coi tian Democrats. j here. Close behind with 8.932,303 were I He was made assistant cashier the Social Democrats who want to of that company shortly after corn- nationalize big Industries. They 'ng here and remained In that closely resemble Britain's ruling Labor Party. The free Democrats, who favor the free enterprise system with no and was Dwayne Couchman of Osceola .truck the rear of car driven reservatior-s. surged into third place with 2,827.948 votes. By Joining with the Christian Democrats they can assure a controlling bloc in parliament and will be able to form a conservative cabinet. Trailing the field of the major parties were the communists who Cr cent ,°' the state elections Rev. Mr.. Watts. ,, P°P ular vote in by to aboul slx | ] f cent-1 ,360.469 * of the Communist Party In West Sank there and also organized the Manila Insurance Agency In 1945 ath O. B. Snider. Mr. Jones has iperated the insurance company as manager since that time. He Is a member of the Methodist ihurch, Lions Club and Blytheville Country Club. lie is muc-rled to the former Weymuth Card, of Wilson. .. . Mr. Young said the Watt.s car went into a ditch after being hit, but that, no one in the car was injured. Hunt, he said, was taken to Methodist Hospital in Memphis, Mrs. Watts and J. M. Harvin. of Blytheville. Rt. 2. were in the car with Rev. Mr. Watt.s. Drivers of both cars said they did not see Hunt until after he was hit. Mr. Young said no arrests have been made. votes. Even Max Reimann, fiery chief Germany, was spurned by his home district. Rejected by the voters, Relmann , nevertheless probably DC named to the parliament as a member for North Rhine-Westphalia under I the proportional representation sys- board and discuss they desire. the figures, if DOVER. England, Aug. 15. W>)— Shirley May France expects to start her channel swim late tonight or early tomorrow. Harry Boudakian. coach of the 17-year-old Massachusetts mermaid, said she might cross tonight to Cape Gris Ncz. France, and start the battle with the swift waters of the English channel on the first good tide about midnight. The sae was dead fain- this morning. Conditions looked ideal for Shirley May's attempt to conquer the treacherous 21 milts separating England from the continent. Catholic Church Defies Czech Reds' Orders TRMAVA, Czechoslcvakia. Aug 15—Wi—The Ro m E.n catholic Church defied an ordtr by Czcco- slovakia's Communist government and consecrated two new bishops yesterday. The government otticr prohibits such ceremonies unless prior government approval is obtained. It also prohibits pilgrinages to the ceremonies. A large crowd attended however, despite a government transport blockade. Garden Web Worms Cause Undue Alarm For Cotton Growers Dr. Charles Lincoln, University of Arkansas extension entomologist eased the fear of some Mississippi County farmers by declaring what some had thought to be cotton leal worms to be garden web worms. Dr. Lincoln told Keither J. Bll- trcy. North Mississippi County agent, that the leaf worms were not known to be anywhere In Arkansas and that all Indications were that there would be none in the United States this ye»r. Since the worms follow wind currents, he said that it would tftke winds of terrific force to bring them in from Mexico In dangerous num- >>ers. Margaret Mitchell Better But Remains 'Critical' ATLANTA. Aug. 15. «V-NoVcllst Margaret Mitchell appeared today to be "somewhat better, though still in critical condition," *. member of the family reported. The spokesman said the author of "Gone With the Wind" had been given a blood transfusion »nd was being fed through a tube. X-rays yesterday showed the 43- year-old writer received a fractured skull and pelvis when struck down by an nutomoblle Thursday night. in 1925 :lth the impany opacity until 1945 when he was selected cashier of the Merchants ind planters Exchange In Manila. He was instrumental In organi?.- the Merchants and Planters those saved was Ruth Nichols, 48, noted American aviatrix. The big Skymaster. bound from Rome to New York with 47 Italian emigrants to Venezuela and 11 Americans aboard, overshot Shannon Airport. Another American airliner tried to e.scort it back to Shannon, but the Skyin:wtcr's gasoline gave out and it plopped Into the calm sea 15 miles off the Irish coast. BrilLsh and American transport planes guided surface vesel.s in the Health Agency Lists 137 Polio Cases in County Frances Kay Possey, eight-month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fo.ssey of Blytheville. Route 3. was returned to her home yesterday after hospital attendants at the University Hospital in Little Rock said she did not have pollomelytls. Health authorities, here, however, are carrying her name on the list of viclims, since she had all the symptoms of the disease, and physicians here have given a positive diagnosis of polio. This brings the number of cases to 137. Two other cases were reported last week and returned home. Including Miss Martha Asque. 27, frym Barfleld, who was taken to Little Rock Friday, but they ere still being termed as polio victims by local officials. Miss Asque still has severe rigidity of the spine and neck, combined with the other symptoms of poliomyelitis. pulled Into Oalway harbor with .„ survivors. The Irish steamer Lrma- horne had helped her in the rescue work. Miss Nichols, famed avlatrix of the 1920s, was aboard the pi n nc ns a stewardess, she sent tills message at once to her mother, Mrs. E. W. Nichols Greenwich, Conn.: "1 am feeling fine. Buck home soon. Ruth." There were eiKht olher Americans In the crew. TWO more Arncri- j No New F»l»mif« LfTTLE ROCK, Aug. 15—«P|— Arkansas eased through the weekend with no polio fatalities reported, the State Health Department, said today. The total number of cases reported for the year rose to 612. A definite "slowdown" still was In progress as the disease hospitalized only 55 persons last week. There have been 33 deaths from searched the area tor pcr.wn.s --• ' polio In Arkansas this year. Soybeans CHICAGO. Aug. 15— Wj-Soybean quotations: Nov Dec Mar May High Low Close 237?. 234U 537'i 237 234 236 «i 236'i 233 23S 232 230',-. rescue operation, 1 ;. Nine of the Americans Of Wins Praise Fifty-nine enlisted men and three officers from Company M, of the 153 Infantry ol the 3rd Bat- of the Arkansas National returned yesterday from talfon Guard _. ^ j Camp Polk, Ln., after being ijy officers of the training cnrnp as one of the outstanding companies participating In the event. Cnptaln James H. Recder, commanding officer of the Blythevllle Rirnrd milt, said that the rating of company was higher than It ever been, and that the train- improvement was noted by ... ........ wc:e crew members and two were employes ol Transoccan Airlines. owners of the plane. this had ing _ ^^ it Battalion Commander Col. Julian A. Hrakley and the executive officer. Maior Angelo. Ose of the various type of weapons used hy Infantry regiments [ featured the training program aboard i which also Included blvaouc train- in p;. . „„:,,, , t „, Ten hours after the plane drop- the camp Part of the group from the Bly- thevllle unit convoyed vehicles to — -• -•••** )'•" •••- ttiuji- • -.I.-, (.11 mi/ locution, niicl rclurncd pen through a cloudbank into the . by truck InM night but the mnnnr- -sea .the British trawler Stalbcrg j ily of them returned from the Louisiana post by train yc-.terday : unds Are Divided Between Cash and Contract Authority WASHINGTON, Aug. 15, (AI')—The House Foreign Af"airs Committee today ap- n-oved the full amount asked jy President Trurrmn for Western Kuropo anus aid. ']'} T committee, however, split it up Ijelwccn cash and contract iinthoi'ity. The committee also refused to Include any authorization for an urns-aid program for non-Communist China. It split the Western Europe fund Into two allotments, one to be used up lo next March 31 and the other to finance the program between March 31 and June 30, 1950. Tlic President had requested $1 160,990,000 to help Atlantic Pact nations arm against aggression. He wanted it all In cash. The committee decided to give it (his way: Cash: 5408,130,000 to be used up to next March 31 and $157,710,000 to )» used between March 31 and June 30. Contract authorization: $128.100- OCO up to March 31 and $77,050.000 from March 31 to June 30. The House committee acted shortly after Senators Vandcnherg (R- Mlch) and Dulles (R-NY) had moved to shave $160.990,000 off the European arms program-. The two senators also proposed a scries of amendments aimed at meshing the program into a North Atlantic Defense plan to be drafted under terms of the recently- unnroved security treaty. Sought Recapture Vandenlierg told a news conference the amendments he and Dulles have drafted would permit recapture of any equipment furnished by this country "if the program goes sour." They also would permit Congress, "cling ^by concurrent, .resolution v,':L-';i (Men ry,! fi;;\ij;J/a: preside!!, -i:U<.lc:iutui«,' l to EDjliiVd to any nation at any time. Vandenbei-g and Dulles proposed lo limit aid to Western European countries to $1,000.000.000 Instead of the $1,160.900,000 proposed In ths pending bill. Of this amount they proposed that $500,000,000 be made available In cash to be spent In the year ending next June 30. A like amount would be In contract authority, to be paid for In cash outlays in the fiscal year beginning July I, 1950. Vandcnberg and Dulles said their amendments would make the present arms program only a stop-gap nctlon, subordinating It to any program developed by the North Atlantic Defense Council. To reduce the over-all total, Van- denuerg and Dulles moved to strike out of the program an item of $155 000.000 to encourage the production ot military supplies abroad. They said a policy of aiding In foreign munitions manufacture should come only alter it had been agreed upon by the North Atlantic Council. They made the trip to Joneshoro with units from Joncsboro. Poplar Bluff and Ptaiott. and continued by Ims to Illvlheville. The Eronp left ni.vthevllTn July 30. arrived In Louisiana the day previous to beginning of training on Aug. I. Thi- nfiirf-rs at cnmn nthcr than Caprnin Recder, Inrluclrd r.t James N. Parks and Lt. George Ford. cans ahoard were Trans-Ocean Airlines. employes owners o plane, which was on ihed'jifd flisht. All \Ynmen S.ivcrt Gal a way police said all four of rf M"C ! Bant<s and County Offices regularly C/OSC for Hew Holiday The two banks In Ulytheville and mt..M of the county offices were the women aboard the plane were saved. Miss Nichols was the second wo- msn to be licensed by the U.S. government to Ily an airplane. She has. been a pilot since 1922. She set a. women's transcontinental record from New York to Lo.< An erics, a women's altitude record of 28,7-13 feet, and a speed record for which she raced a high-wine at 210.6 miles an hour. She left the s Top Public Enemy Is Captured After Killing Policeman LOUISVILLE, Ky.. Aug. 15. r/P)_ A man tabbed by the FBI as "Public Enemy No. 1" was held here today In connection with the fatal shooting of one policeman and the wounding of another last night Police Chief Carl Heustls identified the man as Earl D. Bircham, 45, and said he was charged with murder and malicious shooting. A woman identified by Heustls as I!:rshnm's wife— Mrs. June Dir- cham, 26— was held without charge. An Fill circular said Bircliam was wanted for fleeing Kansas to avoid confinement for robbery and lutd been convicted in Tennessee on bank robbery charges. BIrcham was captured 15 minutes after the officers were fired upon as they approached an auto- United States July 9 on n rour.d- , the-world flight in connection with j the OS. Committee International j rema ,, OTl n Children's Emergency Fund. | _ Some of the passensers dived into j the sea and began to swim when the bl? four-eneined Srtymaster plopped down through a heavy closed tod.ny in observance of World War I; Memorial Day. yesterday was the official date ;n Arkansas for ob.^rvance oi the first World War II Memorial date, bui. br-rausc It fell on Sunday the offices and banks arc having a Monday hcllilay. Olher bu.sinc.'ccs continued as us,,„> , ... , , I- ' JVIIIIK.U .L-, U.I- .,.*,.,,„.,,, OUIH, rl . ILJIIJI>MH1. .ij, u.U but only two or three offices died .shortly after beina taken to In the Court House, including the j General Hospital Patrolman John county agent's office and the Mis- I A. Doss, 22. was reported (n a crlt- mobile they had chased speeder. Pntroman John H. Tennyson. 32, County Tuberculosis - ciation ami the Chlcka.sawba District of the American Red Cross cloudbank. Others put off from the New York Stocks Closing Quotations: plane found in lite rails. The Sfilberg the .survivors scattered over a quarter mile square of .*ea. Many of them s.u!fered from shock. The Royal Air Force Air-Sea Rescue Wing and .surface vessels missing. Capt. Edward Bc.sscy, pilot ol the big plane, lost and nearly two and a half overdue, had been trying to nurse his meager gasoline supply until he reached land under the escort of another American air l:n- er. His engines started cutting out A T fc T ........ Amer Tobacco Anaconria Copper Beth Hlcel ...... Chry.slr-r ......... '. Coc.i Cnla ........ Geri Electric ...... Gen Motors ...... N Y Central ____ Int Harvester National Distillers Republic Steel Radio ............ Socony Vacuum .. 27 :i- 50 3-4 139 36 condition at the hospital today. He was shot twice under the heart. The policemen were cut down when they exchanced shots with the gunman. The gunman was not hurt In the shooting. Fred Hatlford. special aeent In charge of the Louisville office of the FBI, said Birchnm is "rccog- I nlzed by the FBI as Public Enemy No. 1." and he Informed his escort he | j c would have to ditch the plane in u S the Studcbaker Standard of N J Texas Corp cnney Co. .. ......... - Mlnnt [Southern Pacific .......... 39 5-8 | Union. *-_* \ Reds Label Bradley, 7-8 I Rep. Cannon 'Cannibals' 01 1-4 [ BUCHAREST. Hungary. Aucr. 15. 10 5-8 i (..!•(_The current issue of the Com-S | inform bulletin, out today, calls •20 8-8 Gen. Omar Bradley. U.S. Army 19 3-4 chief of staff, and Rep. Cannon 10 3-4 (D-Mo.) "American cannibals." 15 3-4 The journal of the Moscow-led 22 3-4 Communist International Informn- 67 1-8 tion Hureau snid Bradley and Can- 57 3-8 non want to send thp unemployed 50 3-8 youth of Europe to tight for the 22 5-R Atlantic Pact again* the Soviet

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