The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1939
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 27, 1030 Osccola Socicly — Personal Music Thai And Round Strong Comeback 11V GEQKGE JU1SS NEW YORK, Sfjit. 27,-The imi- >.ic thai fjoe.? 'round and nrouml on phonograph records spins 70 per cent more often than in )9;« when the dcmnnd for wax disc: struck bottom. Tin- "Krnmaphorie' ''•is- c-ome bad: Into its own. Tin l-.ndco Caruso era for the disc "inkers has ucen revived, and the ««e of jitterbugs also has hypoa (lie dormant industry. Vou can gel tonic notion cf UK record i-enaissniifc by the ntiml!c of nlckel-in-flic-slot. phonogrniu machines now installed in the din- ITS, bcaneries, hotel.'; and barbei shops iill over Hie United States A conservative guess puts them a not much less than a half million H takes n deal of wax to feed « many public music boxes. Many mi idolized bandleader o this band-mad moment has re ceived his first jolt into the limelight via ;i "hot plate," as the trade calls a fast-selling disc. Hal Kemp recorded "Got a Date With nn Angel" three, years ago nnd his climb to eminence was rapid, in 1930, nn Jnconsplcuou; lad named Benny Goodman recorded a piece labelled "Slompin at, the Savoy" and Tommy Dorse> made cne called "Song of India. 1 Both have been running neck-and- ncck for fame since then. A year ago. Artie Shaw's "Begin the Beg>'in" sold enough records to make a success of him and currently a bespectacled musician named Glenn Miller is Ihe "hot plate" king QUICK ZVIONGV IN RECORDING The same impetus that the discs can give to a bandleader goes for a song ns well. That current mania "Beer Barrel Polka" is a hit-tune sculptured in was. Composed by wholly unknown Czech Umcsmfth by the name cf Jaromir Vejvoda, it originally was recorded in Prague by an undistinguished brass band led by a fellow named will Glabe. The record war, brought here as a matter of routine, copies made ami sent oat to the drop-a-nickel phonograph operators. In Chicat-o aim Detroit, the song caught on with unprecedented speed. The wtrd was passed around to other cities and there were similar repercussions: "Beer Barrel Polkn" j?has>) outsold 1 .- any other record tins year, has become a hit tme on the etherlanes and has earned n considerable fortune. Unfortunately, the Czech composer and bandleader don't have loo much use for mcney in their homeland at this moment. A lucrative commodity, waxed music brings moncy, v as well as fame, to the orchestras that, play their tunes for it. They say that Benny Goodman spends two or throe hour.s before the recording apparatus, plays four songs, and walks out with gross earnuv,> s cf four thousand dollars -not hay in anyone's pocket. A thousand dollars for a rendition of n swing number is just about lops, but it illustrates how the record mart lias come back into its own. Popular music is the phonographic peak in supply and demand, but the disc-makers here in New Work declare that there lias ben a renaissance ot interest also, around the country in classical music. I can recall when a home was virtually bare without a complete album of Enrico Caruso, Ger- nldinc Furrar ami Galli-curei! WAR .UTTERS I.INGKR OX . I have talked to many refugee Americans who thankfully alight from boats that make port here and their expressing are uniformly those of folk who have been saved from a ghastly, nightmarish ordeal. Here is a melodramatic illustration of it, Among the war fugitives on the S. S. Washington the other toy • were the film actor, Robert Montgomery and the director, Richard Thorpe, Mrs. Th:rpe and their small soil. A few hours later, the Thorpes were comfortably biHetted at the Wai- dorf-Astotia, discussing the scene abroad with friends. On the street, in Park Avenue, a fire engine clanged by and the siren screeched. Almost instinctively, Mrs. Thorpe glanced in alarm at her husband n>K | then her son. and he rose from his chair almost automatically. Tlie jitters are hard to overcome soon after return fvcm the war zone. And yet there are ninny incongruities. A man who awns n famous cafe in London and who came liere before hostilities opened, showed me a telegram the oilier night from his London manager, sent two weeks after the war was declared. "CAPE CROWDED," jaid the cubic, "CAN YOU SUGGEST A NEW BAND—OR BRING ONE OVER FROM NEW YORK " i Just as If nothing had happened! Melhoilisl Circles Meet Seventy member.-,- and guests of the Methodist, Missionary" Society were present In their ihrce circles j Monday .ilUTnooii njr/r-tlii" in the a k i n P ' ho "" 7 -' i of Mfli - A - - s - K°W™, Mrs. » Hoy B. naivson nud Mrs. K R. Drivi'i. Mrs. A. S. Rogers, assisted Mrs. P. O. G«yn, Mrs. Alma Mor- rlsci), Mrs. Clint Caldwell and Mrs, C'rosthwalt, entertained iwciuv- seven In her home, using- vases of iigcratum and rose of Hliaron in decenitiiij! the lower Hear o) hc-i! home. Mrs. John Whiiivortd v,-as' devotional leader with Mrs. C. II. | Wealhrrsby as recreational leader. New member.-; enrolled were Mrs. O. I 1 . Crouch. Mrs. Asliciaft. Mrs. Earl Qtiitui. Mrs. Hen Hargrave. and Mr;;. W, W. WiUscn. Mrs. Springer was a idlest. Circle It, of which Mrs. Roy E. Daw-son is chairman, met. in her home for a combined business ;>:><) social meetinjj. Twenty - (wo were present. Mrs:. Claud l.loyd, finance chairman, announce;! that cnsh pledges wol.ul be received for t!ie present in place of various money-mailing projects for benevolent causes ol the church. Mrs. E. W. Packard led the grnip in games and contests. New members were Mrs, L. A. Mclntosh and Mrs. E. W. Moore. Mrs. Johnson of Washington. D. C., who is the guest of her sisters, Mrs. Mary Spann and Miss Nellie Gray, was the- only guest. N e v.- circle yearbooks were distributed. Standing committees announced by Mrs. Dawson Include-: finance, Mrs. Cliiud Llo.vd. Mrs. G. Hartsill Banks, Mrs. W. D. Kelly, Mrs. Tal Tongate; .secretary, Mrs. Palmer Stanton; treasurer, Mrs. Tal Tongnte; licslcss, Mrs. O.' W. Knight, Mrs. Maggie Barbiers, Mrs. P. J. Semmes: gift, Mrs. Fred Smith, Mrs. Ed Wiseman; social. Mrs. E. W. Packard; custodian ol church building fund, Mrs. W. K. Kelly; telephone, Mrs. George Ab:-<?y, Mrs. O. VV. Knight, Mrs. E. W. Packard, Mrs. Fred Smith, Mrs. P. J. Symmes, Circle c, of which Mrs. S. M. Hedges Is chairman, met with Mrs. E. S. Driver. Co-hostesses with Mrs. Driver were Mrs. Edward Se- jraves and Mrs. Tim Holes. Mrs. W. B. Flannigan conducted the dc- votioiral with the social hour In charge of Mrs. Spcnce Williams. A rummage sale was announced by Mrs. J, L. Ward, finance chairman, for next Saturday. i * * * W. SI. u. Studies Enlistment And Persona! Service Mrs. No-Wav-To-Go. Mrs. Sensitive and Mrs. Tight-Wild ww Mrs •Mile Driver, Mrs, Ituy Bannister, Mr.s. Rodney Ansti'r.s. Mrs. u«y Jones, Mrs. Maude Travis, and Mrs. T. 12. Tompklns. Other numbers on the |iro','iam wero n talk by Mrs. Ilurclil ii. Tillm«n u solo by Mrs. M. E! McDearman. Mrs, Tweedy Foi.sytho acii'd us secretary in the alienee of Mis. Clem lluwcn. Junior ('irci Mrs. K. M. Floti'licr was lli!,|e leader at llic meuiinn of Hie junior Circle of the Wonu-ns Council or by | Hit 1 Christian church Monday afternoon. The i.tudy in (lie book uf Acts was completed. Mrs. Fleieher iiiin-.uncecl Unit (he book of lio- niuir, would he started fit the next me.'tliif. 1'hui:: \vere completed for serving the Rotary Ann dinner Tnr-sdnv Calvary Auxiliary Mrrls A preliminary called mcr-lini; of lite Wome-ns Auxiliary of Culvnry ^Episcopal church was held Monday nJimioon hi the homo of Mrs. Harry Miller w illi Mrs. J. H. Lovewell presiding in the absence of Mrs. Ray Madden, pre.siilcnt. Plans were made for n numnaue '•ale aUtirdny on the Courthouse !a\vu. Studies in the test, "Why lin a Christian," which is- a scrips cf lessons In tile Christian Philosophy of Life published by the Forward Movement Commission of the Kpl.seopal church, idll be resumed nn next Monday in the home of Mis;; Lillian Patterson with Mr.s. W. E. Hunt as teaclu-r. Mrs. C. S. Davis is sccrctnry- trensurcr of the Auxiliary. Holds Revival Mectini; The Rev. Harold n. Tillmnn pastor cf the Baptist Church, left Monday morning for b'[(«lresvlllc, Kentucky, to conduct a ten davs revival with the Baptist church hi that city. Dr. j. n. Gram, president oi Ouacl.ita College, Arkiuleiphia ! ! occupy (he pulpit next Sunday morning and evening Four Ofi-cola students, Pat Moselcy, J. T. Rhodes, Ambrose Tcaford and (' Amf ->' coTmmu NKWS In tries. -1st. . Million, rue slinl Oiinrlilla Collojjo Ilils leiin. Jce IJiwi/Ow-n 'vvl , •• • ' ^"^ '^'' S Pi-pled the position „:, bookkoejiei- llinvkins ' W'llh the idulio Ciiwery Company,' clas-; H-You-lUm Uiir-sett, spent Siuv.hiy with nm •-' - ' ^ ul11 "'!! imuil.s, Mr. and Mrs. )•'. O. GUTII, M)'. nml Mr.':. I'Yed fiuHvlt' of Thomiwlll,., MO., ; UV uri-V , OI . „ V.-CI-KS visit with Mrs. Crockett's mnther nnd brother, Mrs. s tls | e Kd.scr nnd Jolm Keisor. Hoy K. Dawson. Mipi'iiulomlcnt of city schools will |;o to l.illlc Kupk Saturday lo ullend » IHPOI-|' (t . i |. l :';: lsl .;',' i"if of (he roiistltiUlon and by-law; l ' ll<)m - • 1|1<l comuiitlee of the Arkansas Muni- tion Assoclnllon. llr Is <>li!iiniian of the roinniittpp. Tlio Rev. Edgar Cnrney of i;io- wnli hns i-eliu-ned from a trip to nycrs. Texas;, where lie was called on account cf the illness and denlh of Ills fivlber. O. 11. i.'nrney », n,nt city uvo weeks uf;o. .Miss Margaret .loblin of lintos- villi 1 . Ark., is here for several days visit' will) her cousin, .idfa. j' m . Class T. C. n; 3rd, Clyde Mule c«lts— t-~i\i ^vJiijrHo VouiiL'' K^^& |1< "" ; " : £l"™^r^ 11 > Jl : -H-d, H. i,. Cirooms. ° l " S K, l ',r" M """ i '"">' Kl "' "» (l ~ lsl - H. A. CIODIII; ami, ]| A Jim ROM'. -4!;'Vi'"T Mw '""' ^"'"'s <--alt lla..;- -,-;' "'"vklns; 2nd. Carl 1)n1 '", J'd. j. Mi i| OWM . tol , PAGE THRRI J'AIUIIAVKN. Muss. (UI'l-Andell Ainik Jr. wns win i- UK. cjii-1'oa Soldiers nnd Sailors ho.spll,,) for nn opi'i-aUon ivii(.,i | u . Wlls , . , Id build «,, i,, his y ni ,,'Q» Ills return home. Hill lell-v AWI-- ican l^Bloniinin-.s ii.winu.icd i,i die yni'd or lii.s home ( () di'dieate u "l* 1 !!!!^. 11 "' 11 """ ™»sti-,,.ir,l )„ Moiiliriil Cuiiit MONTHRAL ..)!>, ._ , u ., or(lrr , C;uil Is nut Kciliis lo ke<-ii -i „,„,', f««> ni'UMtox. Tlu-eo , ,' "! «»o«'Ml fivedc,,,, „„ (1 |,,,rge s of ,! HH.B when n,,.y p,c,m is; , ( | ^ y wero nulnx '" '••'•• •• uway. ><> Join Ihe :irmy il,j|, t . Women: To Relieve A weak, ilui-down, under nourished condition calls, for nllwillonl Such 11 condllioii ofleii enables fiini'llimal iljsnienoi'i-lica to get Its foothold, 'Hint's one ll,|,, B which cuds to imioi, of wrmien's smrer- Inii Irom lirndnclic.s, ncrvnusne.s.s, those cramn-Hko pains, n nnoil way Th 10 roll sucli pnlii):, U'ii i,y ose ains —~—• (hotisnnds have found, Is by the proper u s e of CAnDUJ. It stlmu- inle.s n lagging apirctile, asslsls di- WsUoii and assimilation; tl,,,, h*l|« build physical resistanec to pei lodic pnln. Taken j 1K t before mid dnrldK "(i.e t )n ,c." i lla ,, y » 0 . also report lhat CAllDUf 1 PS - )nln aml ll)scomto( of IBf «r* <r - r ?' H alc -lJackson \yas;.program lea'de'f' of file monthly missionary meeting of the Ijaptist Woman's Missionary Union at tile church Monday afternoon, when forty-five neinbers were present. During the business session led v Mrs. Dwight H. Blackwood, president, the year's watchwords and hymn were repeated and sung, followed by the devotional lesson :\ Soul Winning by Mrs. E. A. Tcaford. Mrs. Tcaford based the spiritual lesson on Daniel 12:2-3 Proverbs 11:30, and John 1:35-4-1. Mrs. Jackson defined enlistment, ind personal service, two of the :bief aims of W. M. U.. and introduced six cliaracicre who put on n Jlnylct which set forth varied en- isltnent experiences cf any cbris- ian worker. Women who took the parts of Mrs. Indifferent, Mrs, Ig- lor.'int, Mrs. Too Busy, Mrs. Timid, STRONGEST PULLING Oulpiills any Iruclr on wheels 1 Get bcliini! the whoul aad try it yourself 1 MOST SAVING ON GAS We'll haclilliis with annc- CMCs oul snvt- nil otlit-rs! fn .L n n, f owot , ova ;| ob | 0 , ole , LEE MOTOR SALES,"l«c ^ E - Mntu "hone .123 Deserve a Vacation // doesn't mutter bow hug it lasts, or where it is, but how well it relaxes and remakes you... inspires a fresh point of view. When hard work and cares have had their full share of your day, take your daily vacation ... time for your family . . . time for your hobbies or interchange of ideas with understanding companions. Then each day offers precious moments that lend lustre to life. You owe these moments— daily— to yourself. * * & It is in your hours of recreation that BUDWEISER will provc a wdcomc com . panion. Would you like to know why? You'U find the answer in every bottle of BUDWEISER .. . everywhere. Skeletons cf mn creatures arc found in the Himalaya mountains 17,000 feet atove sen level. ANHEUSld-BUSCH Makersofthe World's Mo!t Famuli! Beer Budweiser MAKE THIS TEST • DRINK Budweiser FOR FIVE DAYS. ; i ON THE SIXTH DAYJFRY TO DRINK A SWEET BEER. YOU WIU WANT FLAVOR THEREAFTER. II LFJHKiat Marc and Colt Show Win' nei-s To Also Compete Here Winners ct the l.cachvilic Mure and Colt Show Saturday ims-p ;,,-, rived here with their i.,ilrlp s for -Ihe livestock .show of (he Ml>- s ls- Eipyl County Fair which owned lust night. The show, ,<,|>;;:sore<l Ijy the- vo- calionnl ngriculture tlc-iinrlmcnt of the I-cachvillo school, the county intension agents and the i,« ac h- nn luinunl c-vciu, it hn.s,' been ini- ncunccU. Hill Jjrciich imports I You'll call |.icsc beautiful cotio,, V \ 3 \ i3 ''>'wonder value of the year. Pleat wen| WM|I > „ Wear-well I Save now I ~ ^''3$ For School] PJ. Bright blazer stripes or just striped cuffs to match or contrast with your sport clothes. Fine enrolled cotlon : willi -wide hstcx cuffs — read') for lots of we.irl « Sale! Wamon'i CamhrlaUa Far A Da Sahl i« Value — Irom smart rosette to chronic leather padded solea and leather tip I Blue, brown. 1.9BI ,.,,, cra(cs your arcbl Mctalarsal pads for *'Wor»/ Now, at .-, sav ng| f PAMIi For Girls and Women! Sale! Fall Shoes Regularly L98! Smash feature O f Wards Blne-Pcn- cil Bargain Days! BRAND NEW "GAY MODERN" STVLES, REDUCED at tbc bcBiiming of Fall! rieaiuihi] suede pumps, tics, stcpins —Irimracd with patent and br.iidl ACTUAL 1.29 VALUES! Brown "1 Wonder value) Misses' "Diitcli-hoys" with Icailicr soles. 97 C SALE 13-Thread, All Silk Crape Everything you hunt for shee.s. 1'ino rnsislin. Wear yrs. by actual test. 81x99. Try Colonials for school clothes, and you'll find out how they wash and Colors stay bright. Beautiful designs. Sew with Colonials—save time ani inoneyl Sata! 50c < liild's §!<>»|»(>r . Nursery figured flannel with warm ribhnit ski cuffs, anklets. Elastic easy-help drop scat. 2-8.... Sale! Women's 25<: lH<»ont4>r.s Fino, sturdy cotlon with an attractiverayonstripe. Double gusset'in scat. Full standard sizes Snlv! I So Moil's Socks . . . Clocks! Stripes! Novel weaves! Rayon crepe ttfncs in short and long slylcs. Mercerized tops, toes... Sale! i.'lf) Tntlinii Itinnkoi . Extra large I <72x8'l") Bc.wtiful bright dcsijrns! Soft, strong cotlon. Hemmed. Futl 2ft lbsl..T... Sale! »<• \\ltHe Flaaiiel . . Soft, fleeced on two sides, firmly woven. Grows winter and stronger with each laundering! 27"L. , 69cl Now ' A 12c saving on a pair is NEWS when you get First Quality hose like these ring- less beauties! Sheer as mist, full fashioned, of course I /I/so service weight/ c Solei Sove Extra Hawl Fanc 36" - Regvlorlr lOc Firm, serviceable light and darl striped cotton flannel. Heal fot nightwear; baby things. 100 W. fllain St Phone'670-

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